Ron Paul: The Market Correction Could Make Things ‘Worse Than 1929’

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Ron Paul | 32 comments

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    Former presidential candidate, Dr. Ron Paul says that the current market conditions are ripe for a correction of 50% and Wall Street is vulnerable to depression-like conditions in the next year. “It could be worse than 1929,” Dr. Paul said recently in an interview.

    Paul said Thursday on CNBC‘sFutures Now that “Once this volatility shows that we’re not going to resume the bull market, then people are going to rush for the exits.”  Paul added that “it could be worse than 1929.”  He was referencing the fateful day in October of 1929 when the stock market crashed, and the United States was flung into the Great Depression that lasted ten years. During that year, a worldwide depression was ignited because of the U.S.’s market crash.  The stock market began hemorrhaging and after falling almost 90 percent, sent the U.S. economy crashing a burning.

    And of course, no one believes it could happen again. But Dr. Paul is continuously warning against the media’s constant optimism. As well-known Libertarian, Paul has been warning Wall Street that a massive market plunge is inevitable for years. He’s currently projecting a 50 percent decline from current levels as his base case, citing the ongoing U.S.-China trade war as a growing risk factor. “I’m not optimistic that all of the sudden, you’re going to eliminate the tariff problem. I think that’s here to stay,” he said. “Tariffs are taxes.”  And these tariffs are a direct tax on the American economy and consumer.

    Paul places the blame for the inevitable future crash on the Federal Reserve’s “easy money policies” also known as quantitative easing.  He contended the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing has caused the “biggest bubble in the history of mankind.” And this time, it’s an everything bubble.

    Soon, investors will be forced to reconcile a massive expansion of debt and falling productivity and growth with a host of potentially disruptive crises: The advent of government-sponsored cyber-warfare, followed by the collapse of the global dollar-based monetary system. Whereas the last crisis trigger massive devaluations in the real estate and stock markets, the next crash will be the result of a triple bubble in stocks, real estate and bonds as investors bail out of traditional assets in favor of the safety of gold, silver and – perhaps – cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. –Tyler Durden,

    Unlike the Great Depression, however, Paul said the next historic downturn doesn’t have to last a decade. “If you allow the liquidation, it doesn’t last long,” De. Paul said, according to CNBC.

    Paul also stated that Washington lawmakers, aka. the political elitists, do not have an ability to effectively fix the debt problem, nor will they be able to fix the next Great Depression, which along with the Federal Reserve, is mostly their fault.  and he’s been highly critical of the 2017 Trump tax cuts for creating a dire debt situation. “It’s so important to understand the original cause of the problem, and that is the Federal Reserve running up debt and letting politicians spend money,” he added. Anyone with even the smallest amount of sense can figure that out though.  So why won’t mainstream media blame the government and the Federal Reserve? We believe you know the answer to that question…



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      2. Trump will be removed from office soon and then things will start improving.

        • “the things will really start devolving” fify

        • Wrong ding-dong. Don’t forget to let your clutch out.

        • Anonymous troll. If assholes had wings you would be a jumbo jet. Keep dreaming.

        • Really Anonymous, you think The liberal socialists commies can fix any problem, they are the cause of all issues in America. What a great job that commie Barack Obama did for our country, divided all Americans, helped Muslims not blacks, doubled our national debt. gave free healthcare to people who could not afford it, and took Health insurance away from people who could with the ACA. What in Gods name is Affordable with Obama Care. (NOTHING YOU DUMB ASS)

      3. But but wait.. They can just keep printing money and everything it fine right?

        Got Physical Silver in your hand?

        • But get more food and water because you can’t eat silver

      4. I had a rather lengthy talk about the depression with my late grandmother. She was born in 1914 and was in her 20s throughout the depression.

        Her father was the head of the Federal Meat Inspectors (USDA) in Kansas City and had a doctor’s of veterinary medicine.

        Needless to say, they lived in high cotton through out the depression. The father had a great paying job.

        If you had money, things were really cheap and the buying power was a lot.

        That is not what is going to happen here. We are going to have inflation, not a depression.

        • Shrinking the money supply makes money worth more, not less, since there is less of it to make purchases with (and less of it to pay off your debts which remain the same whether the supply increases or decreases).

          This is what caused the depression, the Fed shrinking the money supply (twice) and bankrupting people and companies in the process.

          FWIW, the “just getting by” poor working man who was heavily indebted and the one who was debt free were in about the same shape a year after the crash, their former debt status being relatively unimportant.

          Only the rich weather the storm or prosper, so make it a point to be one of the rich instead of one of the poor.

        • JS, it’s funny how all during 8 years of the Obamanation being POTUS that the Fed didn’t raise interest rates at all. It stayed at 0 all that time. Ever since Trump became POTUS the Fed has raised rates 7 times and plans to raise them 5 more times before Election Day 2020. They intend to crash the economy sometime between now and then so Trump can be blamed. Of course we all know it’s the damn banksters.

          • How right you are DR. Every one of these Deep State Denizens should be stood against a wall. Their Hatred of Trump will be matched by my/our loyalty to Trump. I’m sorry, but it’s to the point that if Trump shot someone in broad daylight I would still support him, hide the gun for him, I’d do anything to oppose the Marxists.

            Fellow Patriots, Buy high Cap Mags and 223/556ammo and AR Parts, it’s the items the Left will IMMEDIATELY try and ban. They will non-stop attack our president, and he needs our commiserate support.

            Democrats and CNN are the Enemies of the People.

            • Son Of Patriot, good points. Trump could look at the libturds cross-eyed and they’d still cry impeachment. OT, I went to a gun show yesterday and bought a new Ruger Security-Nine with 2 15-ROUND MAGS for only $300. I bought 2 extra 15-round mags for $30 each so with sales tax and all I walked out with everything for around $425. THAT was a deal I just couldn’t pass up. Not even counting the extra ammo I bought, LOL. Then I have 2 more gun shows in my area in Jan. and Feb.

      5. The difference now would be all of the brakes, stops, and other magic devices the Wall Street Banksters(as in Gangsters), and their lapdogs at the SEC have. It is true that stocks are way overvalued, and the smoke and mirrors we see on the MSM “Business Channels” do not, as a rule talk about the Big Casino fraud which is the NYSE.
        After taking a bath on our IRAs in 2008, my wife and I licked our wounds, and pulled what was left of our honest earned wealth out of our IRAs(were both over 62). It went into tangibles such as precious metals and other needful things. If it all collapses tomorrow, we could feed ourselves for a year and defend our property against all comers. We have other tribe members close by, and most importantly, WE HAVE A PLAN! I would recommend to my fellow readers to have a plan also.

      6. Be out of debt. Have the broad based skill of being able to fix things from appliances to automobiles. Tell everybody your poor, “can you help me”.

        • You Tube. When ever something doesn’t work at my house, I look on YT to see how to fix it myself. Fixed noise in the dishwasher, fixed TV when it went dark, use it to fix computer problems. Cost? Free.

          I’m cheap as heck and in my area it is gonna cost me at least $200 to have anyone even bother to show up at my house to do something.

          I did call a plumber when outflow pipe on hot water heater sprang a leak. Turned it off on Saturday and made due until someone could come out on Tuesday. Cost was $187.

          Popped a capacitor a few Julys back, week of the fourth. Again, on a Saturday! Made due until Monday or Tuesday and had a repair tech come out and replace it. I did look up how to do it on YT, but I don’t mess with 240 voltage. I am fine with 120 voltage for lights and stuff but I don’t touch the other. That cost almost $350. What are you going to do in July without A/C?

          • P.D.

            If you knew fer sure that your cap failed, you could open the breaker for the outdoor A/C unit, check for voltage at the appropriate places with your meter as a safety check, short across the existing cap terminals w/ a screw driver just to be sure, and replace the cap yourself, if you can get the part.

            Zero volts/amps won’t hurt you.


            • A lot of outdoor units have a plug disconnect located near the unit that you could pull out and put in your pocket. You don’t even have to go to the panel board if you don’t want to.


        • I’ll have a lemonade stand with some hot looking babes in catholic school uniforms.
          Thats the ticket.

      7. Kevin2, agreed, especially about being debt-free which I already am. Certain items I can repair myself except for autos. As far as being poor is concerned, I already have a partial lifetime of experience under my belt with that particular item. I can do that in my sleep.

      8. KEVIN

        To be out of debt do not give the wife your credit card……..

        • To be out of debt, don’t even have a credit card. The debt club will charge you to even be a member.

          Go cash only or at least its equivalent such as checks. I’ve walked out of many stores that only accept plastic and many times found better goods and services elsewhere.

          It’s not always easy to make-do until there is ready cash. However, along the way a person can learn some new things and find skills they didn’t know they had.

      9. “It’s Going To Be Explosive” The Hottest Investments Going Into 2019
        This article did not allow comments. I comment here.

        Why does this shtfplan website continue promoting investment in marijuana peddlers? Why?
        Just because some well dressed low IQ idiot politician criminal COMMIES in suites make something “legal”. Does not mean it is moral. Does NOT mean it is a good idea.

        Marijuana is a DANGEROUS Gateway drug that introduces young people to the drug counter culture. Those harder drugs will DESTROY anyone that is Foolish enough to play around with them.

        Portland, Oregon has a special purpose “meat” wagon that collects corpses from public areas DAILY.
        That is the “glamour” of drugs. Or go to San Francisco to see the politician created drug utopia, people passed out, piles of needles, druggies pooing in the street and on sidewalks. * * * * Most of those druggies started out with marijuana.

        Marijuana lulls young people into believing that other drugs are like pot. They are NOT.

        I would advise you to spread this message to anyone younger than 30. You might save a life and lives of gullible youngsters.

        Politicians thrive on theft and Criminal activities. Politicians have violent henchmen called Police, that enforce the will of criminal politicians. Politicians will steal, kill, destroy lives, so as they can take even more of your money. Pot is just another tax they can steal from you. These politicians do not care that they are promoting a lifestyle that leads to DEATH. They are exactly like cartels that will do anything for a dollar.

        These politicians legalising a dangerous gateway drug just want more money.

        Why would this website SHTFplan continue promoting investments in a life destroying product?

        Many things in this world are profitable. Just because you can make a profitable dollar, does not mean you should have anything to do with it.

        I am asking this website to STOP promoting pot.

        Today I am a customer of many advertisers and metals dealers that advertise. But I will have Nothing to do with dope peddlers for the above reasons and because, Drugs are DEATH. Again, Drugs are DEATH. And Pot leads young people to those hard drugs.

        Decriminalization and legalisation are different.
        Politicians have profited by the so called “war” on drugs. By investing in private Prison companies and having a “legal” excuse to steal confiscate your property. Now with legalisation they are playing the other side by tax theft. Politicians are now stealing and destroying lives playing both sides.

        Is anyone paying attention to these criminals in suits? Their evil and greed knows no boundry.

        This web site should stop pushing pot investments. Rise above the poo, piss, needles, DEATH, like COMMIE San Francisco politicians promoted.

        • Meh, so is alcohol, salt, and fats. Cannabis oils have proven to help children with seizures. A lot of plants on this planet have many good traits. So get off that high horse you’re riding before you get bucked off.

        • Or the government could legalize it and then tax the snot out of it. Politicians are quick to recognize a cash cow.

      10. Anonymous…The majority of Americans want cannabis legalized across the nation. Most all of the people I know who use cannabis have never used hard drugs. Gateway drug? More reefer madness BS. Big pharma and big government are the hard drug pushers. The real reason to attack Afghanistan was to rebuild the poppy crop that the “Taliban” had eliminated as that nation had nothing to do with 9-11. Cannabis is beneficial to mankind in a thousand ways.

        • Ive used CBD oil, it is helpful and has NO THC, used orally and rubbed onto a painful sholder etc it did reduce the pain in my joints etc

          • I tried that stuff once for pain relief in my hands, fingers, and wrists and for its claimed aid in reducing blood sugar and lowering of blood pressure..

            Did absolutely nothing, no results of any kind. Pain may be subjective but blood pressure and blood sugar are not, they are measured and there is no subjective guesswork with them.

            An expensive mistake (that stuff isn’t cheap).

          • I like the hot pepper cream for sore muscles. Or soaking with Epsom salts in a hot bath.

            Tens device works great on lower back! They have little ones you can stick on that are cheap, OTC, adjustable.

            Tylenol and acetaminophen should both be used with caution. I keep some on hand for headaches or a fever and use as little as possible.

      11. Ron Paul, the decades-long congressman & medical doctor, has been highly critical of the Federal Reserve. The idea that the USA would cede its management (coining, printing, etc.) of money to an independent (of the USA) organization is against the wisdom of the Founding Fathers. He attempted a move in congress to audit the Federal Reserve but failed. The Federal Reserve caused the 1929 depression & at some point will cause the coming depression.

      12. Near-sighted gynecologist said, “it’s an everything bubble.”

        You’re telling us that everything is backed by hot air.

        Hot air is backed by everything.

        Why don’t you repudiate, instead of trying to settle an odious debt.

      13. And today, the day this article was posted, the stock market was down 500 AGAIN.

        Here we go to below 10,000.

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