Paul Introduces “A Very Simple Piece of Legislation” to Repeal Unconstitutional Sections of NDAA *Video* (Updated)

by | Jan 20, 2012 | Ron Paul | 69 comments

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    Some may not want him to be President, but for those concerned about provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act which allow for the detention of American citizens without trial, consider supporting Ron Paul’s latest legislation. Maybe even contact your favorite Republican primary candidate(s) and see if they’ll support it too.

    Mr. Speaker, I rise today to introduce a very simple piece of legislation to repeal the infamous Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act, quietly signed into law by the president on New Year’s Day. 

    What A Way To Usher In the New Year.

    Section 1021 essentially codifies into law the very dubious claim of presidential authority under the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force to indefinitely detain American citizens without access to legal representation or due process of law. Section 1021 provides for the possibility of the US military acting as a kind of police force on US soil, apprehending terror suspects – including Americans — and whisking them off to an undisclosed location indefinitely. No right to attorney, no right to trial, no day in court.

    Mr. Speaker, I recognize how critical it is that we identify and apprehend those who are suspected of plotting attacks against Americans. But why do we have so little faith in our judicial system? Have we not tried, in civilian court, and won convictions against hundreds of individuals for terrorist, or related activities. I fully support continuing to do so.

    But let us not abandon what is so unique and special about our system of government in the process.

    I hope my colleagues will join my effort to overturn this shameful section, 1021, of the National Defense Authorization Act.

    -Ron Paul – January 18, 2012
    (Full Statement, Video Below)  

    UPDATE January 20, 2012 @ 10:30AM

    Text of Legislation:


    January 18, 2012

    Mr. PAUL introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and in addition to the Committee on Armed Services, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned

    A BILL

    To repeal section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


    Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (Public Law 112-81) is hereby repealed.

    Legislation: H. R. 3785: To repeal section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.

    Follow the bill’s progress at Gov Track 

    Resources: Stan Deyo, Infowars, Steve Quayle


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      1. We will know where elected officals really stand when we see how they vote on this bill.

        • WHAT? Do you really need any more evidence of where THEY stand???? after Patriot Act, after DHS, after assassination of that american terror suspect (whatever his name) after NDAA????
          sorry to be so rude, but, Red Leader, how much more do you need to see that Palpatine is already entrenched in the throne?
          You’re one of those who are supposed to be awake!!! Come on man! will you be still saying “let’s see where they stand” when hauled to FEMA camp?
          sorry for the rant, but admit it – it was called for…

          • Giurza, Good points but the sheeple still have no clue. This bill, writen by a presdential hopeful running on a platform of freedom, will get lots of press. It essentially frames the question, “Is the Constitution still valid”. There are a bunch of so called “Constitutional Conservatives” and “Freedon Loving Liberals” out there and this bill has the potential to expose them in a way that even the sheeple will see who they really are. It really boxes them into a corner in a very public way.

            • true! but here is another ponder for you – how much presstitutes wrote about Dr RP prior to this? do you think they will change it now? it will be hushed as anything RP does. your republic is dead dead dead! there are still freedom loving people and patriots, and even half awake sheople as evidenced by Stop SOPA protest and OWS (let’s not get into discussion whether they were truly what they claimed they were)
              but despite all that, republic is dead. and not only in USA, but all throughout Western world. Behold your unelected rulers as they swing public opinion this way and that. what did all the protests do against war in Iraq/Afghanistan/on Terror, what has 9/11 truth movement accomplished? nill zero, zippo, zix, nix, nada, jack$hit…
              republic is dead and every day that patriots are doing nothing is only nearing the point when NOTHING can revert the transition. the critical mass is already on the side of pseudopatriotism. critical mass already wants to bomb the shit out of Iran, critical mass is cheering Obummer to spit on the constitution (in a somewhat covert way I admit)
              read and reread history of Roman republic and Roman Empire. You as a nation are now ready for Ceasar. after him you might get some “benevolent” Augustus Octavian who would make your empire “great”, but inevitably you will end up with Tiberiuses, Neros, Caligulas and Caracalas…
              I’m in no position to advise you on anything, besides rules here prevent me to incite violence. however, I see no other way out. many of you here already quoted this:
              “those who make peaceful change impossible render bloody revolution inevitable” (or something along those lines)
              if you say that peaceful change along the rules now firmly established is still possible, I will rest my case, because I know that it just isn’t so.
              you all think that Lithuania and other post soviet republics have accomplished democratic revolution and changed the system. I can tell you as a witness – all the post in our countries are occupied by former aparatchiki or their accolades… power hungry people do not relinquish their positions unless Dr Guillotin shortens them a bit…

            • Just look at this shit:
              it is completely unfathomable that this kind of crap propaganda could be aired, yet it is! and RP is blacked out! what does that tell you about the republic?

            • 5 Million watched the Republican Debate

              6.2 Million Watched Jersey Shore

              18 Million watched American Idol

              I rest my case.

            • Exactly Red leader… sad truth…

            • Our founding fathers saw the independent media as the unofficial fourth leg on the stool of protection along with Congress, the Judiciary and the Administrative branches. A free and independent press stays in business by ferreting out info and presenting it to the public who then votes.
              But the american press is not free. All the major media outlets are owned by the far left. That is why the Feds are now talking about limiting internet media. That is the only place to get actual news. But most americans don’t get this and many will tell you the just don’t care. They will.

        • Have we not already seen where they stand by their vote for the NDAA???

      2. This is a bill all Americans must get behind. The NDAA is an abomination. The Constitution is the law.

        • >>> “The Constitution is the law” … FOR We the People TO ENFORCE AGAINST TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT!!!!



      3. I could not find where he actually introduced any legislation. Is there an actual bill number that we can call our representatives and ask them to vote for or is this just rhetoric?

        • Not yet Pastor… Govtrack doesn’t have it up yet. Will update this post if/when it gets online…. Or, maybe we have to vote for the bill first, before we can see what’s in it 🙂

          • You are obviously not a Nancy Pelosi follower.

          • UPDATE: Text of Legislation Now Available:

            H. R. 3785: To repeal section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.


            It’s really is very simple:

            A BILL

            To repeal section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.

            Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

            Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (Public Law 112-81) is hereby repealed.

            • Can’t call my representative, she got shot in the head & my district has no representation! Sadly, she was the final vote for Obamacare and thus probably would not vote for the repeal of section 1021 of the NDAA. What if anything can any of us in Gabbi’s district do?

        • The bill is NDAA section 1020.the video I saw is over six minutes long.

      4. Red Leader- absolutely right. It will be interesting to see how the zombies in congress vote on this. The good thing is, it removes any excuse they may have for voting for NDAA as if it was only about military funding. With Dr Paul’s bill, we can see clearly where they stand on turning American citizens into subjects.

        Jerry Clower: Knock him out, Johhhnnn!
        John:(up a tree, fighting a wildcat)Aaaawww! Shoot this thang! This thang is killin’ me! Shoot this thang!
        Mr. Barron: John, I can’t shoot up there. I might hit you.
        John: Just shoot up in here amongst us. One of us got to have some relief!

        • You’re killing us Okie. Quit using your credit card as an ice scraper. We are having difficulty when you swipe card. This is your last warning.

      5. Ron Paul doesn’t really belong on the Presidential Ticket. His ideas have too much common sense. There’s Ron Paul, then there’s everyone else. Like Seasame Street, One of these kids is doing his own thing.
        Somebody soon will try and discredit him, much like Herman Cain. Either that or shoot him.

        • Bingo Snake! just what I’ve said – he will be either trampled to mud (which might prove to be too hard) or, more likely, assassinated (or murdered to be more exact)

          • maybe its time we patriots guard him so he doesnt get shot

            • well… finally some good notion! just one problem – how to implement that? you know, apart from open insurrection and a new Civil War, there is nothing that even most determined patriot can do against a well oiled Federalist machine. they have thousands of agents, UAV, UGV, smart missiles, satellite surveillance etc…
              If I had that many likeminded awake people in Lithuania as you have here on your site alone, I would start organizing…
              just saying, and now, NSA/CIA/whatever you can launch your missiles against me 🙂

          • We saw anonymous show up again for the Commies taking down Megaupload. Ron Paul has a HUGE following by the young people of this country( and everyone else too). If RP gets assassinated, I think people will finally take to the streets. I have been afraid for his safety because I really do love Ron Paul. He is really the only chance we have. But as wise as he is, I’m sure they are taking extra precautions with his safety.

            p.s. when you see a huge flaming ball coming down from the sky, don’t be alarmed…it will only be Newts campaign. Your safe unless he lands on you.

            • sure, they’ll ‘kennedy’ him. that’ll kick riots into gear, thus filling the FEMA camps. joy.

              disengage from this election sewage.

            • Newts a 100 ibs overweight and calls himself a conservative? Your absolutely right about Dr. Ron Paul! In my book he is already a martyr, doing what he is doing in the face of the Military Industrial Complex, Mega Corps, and the Banking enslavement cabal! Dr. Ron Paul isn’t fearful of them cutting short his young life, He stands proudly for Freedom and the Constitution. They are not just ready to roll out the next Holocost yet, and so Dr. Paul still breathes! How much longer is the only question?

            • As a 76-y/o Viet-Vet and Ron Paul constituent I have personal concerns for the man’s safety, but sitting here with stage 4 emphysema, there’s little I can physically do in a protective sense, albeit; Perhaps some of these returning Vets, whose financial support Dr Paul is receiving so well, can see fit to form a “Bodyguard Protection” phalanx – at least around his campaign efforts – for which I’d be glad to contribute funds to such an organization.

        • RP is already pretty old, so I don’t think they will bother with shooting him. If they did, it could martyr him enough to elect Rand as POTUS and they sure don’t want that.

        • That is what I fear, if he were to be the GOP candidate, the RINO faction would be racing the “Regressives” to bump him off.

      6. At least we still have one voice in the congress that stands up for us. I hope he actually introduces a bill.

        As a presidential candidate I would have thought that anything he did would be scrutinized buy the lame stream media, yet no coverage of this on anything I’ve seen. I certainly don’t recall BO introducing any legislation while he was campaigning. Ron Paul can campaign and live up to his obligation to his current office.
        I’ve seen John Stewart of The Daily Show make comedy over the signing of the NDAA and the in particular the detainment clauses written there in. I wonder if he will bring to light the fact that Ron Paul has made these statements in the house floor.
        We should be in the streets demanding that this legislation be reversed yet the sheeple do nothing. I remain ready to uphold my oath to defend the Constitution; I know others feel the same. We need to organize and make our lawmakers understand that the systematic dismantling of our guaranties is not going to be tolerated.

        • The reason you don’t see the sheeple rallying in the streets over this is because the lame stream media is not talking about it so much. Hell, if it wasn’t for the web blackouts to protest SOPA, most people in our country would probably have no idea what was it entailed aside from hearing something about stopping internet piracy. Part of being a sheeple, aside from the lack of common sense, is having your head in the sand and your open palm extended towards Uncle Sucker.

        • Your “guaranties” have already been dismantled. Bend over and grab your ankles. The next “kiss” is already coming your way. Carefully read over the list of Czars in the Administration of the Bastard Kenyon and then wonder how all the Marxist Communists got control of your life and country. Good-bye Amerika! You WERE a beautiful thing.

      7. Watch this 30 mins. vid. If you don`t like Mr. Paul then maybe this is the guy you want to be your president:

        Ron Paul 2012 !

      8. REPEAL NDAA

      9. RON PAUL 2012

        • 20 years ago, If you told me that I would be watching russia today videos, getting real news, and calling cbsnbcabcpbsfox provada, I would of slapped you silly, now I pinch myself seeing if I am dreaming about the destruction of our nation in front of my eyes. It is scary RP flies commercial. Man, those 1st class tickets are SUCH a wast of tax money, Pelosi’s $100,000 liquor bill in 1 year when she was speaker of the house on that jet was well spent!(wonder how much she spent on fuel, food and farm animals)!

          • Kevin, I am with you. RT actually lets people say what they want to say without talking over them or cutting them off. The best interviews of Celente and Keiser are on RT.

            I saw that Max Keiser and Mike Ruppert will be on RT together on Monday. That should be a hoot!

          • RP flies commercial?? TPTB killed 3000 in 9/11 attacks..what’s a few passengers in collateral damage to the evil cabal??
            Like in Korea Airline 707.
            These corrupt power grabbers don’t care about innocent passengers–they have sold their souls.

            • … that was Korean Airlines Flt. 007 — a 350 pax Boeing 747!!!

      10. Thank you for your words Mr. President.

      11. I saw this yesterday and wondered how many of those criminals up there are going to step on this bill? After all, these same criminals just took orders from their mob bosses to push this legislation 2 months ago. I’m glad Ron Paul is standing up and trying to make a difference, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath on the DC mafia repealing this one.

        Seriously, you think they’re going to all go, “Oops, my bad, can I get a do over?”. Hell no, their “unter dem tisch” bonuses might get a recall. I agree with every fiber of my being with Ron Paul on repealing this Constitution killing bill, but I don’t think we’ll see any positive results. Just saying.

      12. it ill die in committee…or col west (fl) will explain it he does with 1021 on video…If they take out RP it will be time for the talkin to stop…or do we keep awaitin to see…long live the Republic and Dr RP

        • AMEN!!!!!

      13. You have to love Congressmen Paul taking time out of his campaign to fight for what is right. This guy truly cares and is SO different than the run of the mill politicians.

        Too bad the media is ignoring him.

      14. Mac: two thumbs up on this one! 🙂

        I likEEEE!!!! LOL

      15. Mac,

        Could you please e-mail me early before the next new article posts so I can be first.



      16. Man, Last nights debate was such a f^cking joke. The 3 establishment candidates wasted so much time debating about nothing, then trying to skip Ron Paul on answers and leaving him out of the screen all the time. I forced myself to watch it, wanted to see what mittens,newtered, and senttowreckhim had to say. They said nothing, and the debate was all about them. What happened to those a$$ clowns call for war! war! war? mittens can’t send HIS kids, noooo! they have families, newtered can’t go, he had wife and child, RON PAUL? 2 KIDS AND WIFE, heard the call and went! I then hear dumb a$$es say “RP wants to legalize heroin, I can’t vote for him” NEWS FLASH A$$ HOLES, OUR GOVERNMENT GUARDS THE POPI!!! Google heraldo troops guarding heroin! They can’t just install a technocrat here like they did in europe(without general elections) so they are going to force mittens down our throates! Think about it, he specializes in bankrupt corporations and selling off the pieces, perfect for the collapse and sell off of our government properties, land, and resources! You think any of the 3 of a kind would’nt sighn sopa? lets see, so much past dirt on newtered comes out on the net, A 200 page dirt file wqas released on the web about mittens, believe me, these a$$ clowns would sighn it in a heart beat!!

      17. Ron Paul is brilliant for bringing this up. To me this works on two fronts. One in congress, where those won’t have the typical excuse of voting for the bill because there are so many good things for soldiers. The other and more important one is I think he wants to bring this out on the presidential forum. I think he wants all the candidates to have to talk about it on sunday morning talk shows. He wants the public to atleast be well aware of what could happen to them.

        He and alot of people here have more faith in people than I do. I think most will cheer for it, thinking this will be a safety mechanism for themselves. They will cheerfully accept it, until they are on that bus going someplace for interrigation.

        We will watch how this plays out. There will be no excuse for people for not knowing about the ndaa act. Everyone I ask about the ndaa look at me like I am making it up. At some point I have to conclude that most are happy being ignorant, and want to be that way.

        • It’s been “referred to committee(s)”, so it will never be voted upon.

          • In the House, for a bill like this one, it DOESN’T MATTER if the committees release it. The issue is, who will co-sponsor the bill? Co-sponsoring in the House is a simply a declaration of intent to vote for the bill. And if a majority co-sponsor it, it comes out of committee.

            So contact your congresscritter. But don’t just ask for “support”. Ask them to co-sponsor the bill.

      18. If this is right, they repealed the part of ndaa that legalizes beastiality, but watch, RP’s bill will be dead on arrival. They care about animals more then us. Why would they legalize beastiality in the first place? A sick joke? mocking us to prove they can pass what ever they want? Most of congress likes sheep? Wich one is it?

      19. It is the SACRED DUTY and historical responsibility of the Merkin “people” to educate themselves about Ron Paul and the life-and-death issues at stake in this campaign.

        I spoke with a local yesterday who had absolutely NO idea that a man named Ron Paul was even running for president, OR what it is that he stands for. All I got in response to my having informed this person about Ron Paul’s campaign was “they are all no good.” The 100 KOSHER “mainstream” media blackout is working wonders on at least some part of the idiotic Merkin masses, it would seem.

        God is giving the Merkins ONE LAST CHANCE in the shape of Ron Paul. If Merkins continue to embrace their LONG tradition of being malevolently stupid and lazy, uniformed brain dead twits, addicted to TV, junk food and yahoo “religion,” they will share FULLY in the GUILT for the crimes that the Ziofascist Merkin Regime is about to unleash on the WORLD.

        The Merkin “people” will fully deserve the degrading torments that their Talmudic dictators Levin, Lieberman, Feinstein, Schumer et al have prepared for them in the prison hell-hole that used to be called AMERICA. If, through sins of omission or commission, the Merkins turn their backs on GOOD in favor of EVIL, God may eventually show them mercy by terminating their blank and futile existences through some natural agency — but the survivors (in other countries) of the World War that the Merkins are about to unleash in the service of a certain satanic, shitty little country will NOT. And YES, that country also considers its Merkin servants to be SCUM like ALL others NOT of its TRIBE.

        The Merkins must STOP being “Merkins” addicted to stupidity, cruelty and Zionist vomit as entertainment, and start being AMERICANS, like Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and James Madison.

        Only ONE candidate has the “radical” idea once advocated by THESE men, namely that it is the CONSTITUTION should prevail in America, and NOT its foreign entanglements.

        Only ONE candidate wants to declare PEACE and deal with Amerika’s REAL problems, rather than use “our” troops as hit-men for bankers and narcissistic, gential-mutilating whack jobs with NUKES who feel that they are “G-d’s” chosen ones.

        Ron Paul — after him, there will be NOBODY to advocate for the cause of sanity.

        This is your LAST chance, Amerika.

        • Yes, Ron Paul is no doubt the unblemished patriot. As far as the anti-Semitic stuff, there’s a difference between the backslidden Jew and Israel. Remember Christ was born a Jew. God says in the Bible that he will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. He will also deal with back slidden Christians and Jews… as his judgement will come upon atheists and pagans like the Muslims.

      20. Ron Paul 2012

      21. seeing as the original bill was passed in the senate with a vote of 97-3 I highly doubt the bill will move at all. on the same thread, what do the 97% who voted yes see that scares them so bad they are willing to gut the constitution. this is a very telling vote. this bill will crush any chance of an uprising. these folks are scared, and will do anything to insure the continuation of their own power. The revolution will not be televised.

      22. I have been impressed with everything Ron Paul has done in his campaign. He has been a gentleman and a patriot throughout, no matter how the media and the GOP have treated him.

        This bill is brilliant in its simplicity – there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for anyone to vote against it. It will just be a very public reinforcement of the personal corruption of anyone who does vote against it.

      23. Send a message to your congressman and tell him to pass this bill or you’ll vote them out, then vote them out anyway we don’t need non-patriotic politicians in office.

      24. God Bless the very few Ron Paul’s who still exist.

      25. Ron Paul 2012

      26. The FEMA camps are “not” going to hold dissendents! Thats where the select few who agree or support the coming dictatorship (mostly political insiders), will be gathered to protect them from the violant social meltdown when the monetary system collapses. From these collection points, they can be more easily defended and ultimately relocated to “safe” communities being set up to ride out the collapse. The language in the NDAA will be used to “disappear” leaders of any organized resistance that may attempt to interfere with the protection/relocation program for these select few families.

      27. i dont know that ron paul is electable or not..but i am hoping that the other candidates take note and give serious thought to the things that ron paul has suggested…perhaps the things ron paul has come up with could be tweaked a little more but he ain’t stupid and he has some remarkable ideas to get this country back on track in a relatively shorter period of time than the others do.

      28. I will admit to being born & bred an Englishman,and on the principle of whatever happens in the USA will surely follow in the UK, I am totally dumbstruck by the ability of the major media outlets,around the world, to almost, turn Ron Paul into the,”Invisible Man”.
        I`ve seen more reporting of Ron Paul on RT news than on all the rest put together, TPTB must be so scared of the man,I suspect, they would never let him, get as far as,President anyway.The sooner the constitution is put first again the better for all of us.

      29. There are volumes of laws that are unconstitutional that need to be repealed. That is why, in my humble opinion, that the courts are the most corrupt branch of government. Without their acquiescence none of the socialism / fascism / Nazism would be possible.

      30. People who do not travel may not realize just how dangerous this bill is. Any American in a foreign country who refuses to pay a bribe to a corrupt official, or makes a local angry for any reason can now be easily “set up.”
        He or she may linger in jail for years for doing what is
        fair and just like refusing to pay a bribe.
        Ron Paul does care about people and his caring is evident but it seems the Republican Party is ignoring him and
        limiting the choices to Romney and Gingrich. This can eventually limit Americans in November to the choice of the least worst instead of the best.

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