Watch: The Fiat End Game: “Our Nation Is In Crisis” (Micro-Documentary)

by | May 25, 2013 | Entertainment, Precious Metals | 273 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Our fiat currency system is terminal, nations around the world are dropping the U.S. dollar as a medium of exchange, central banks are buying gold, and Americans are seeing price inflation during an economic downturn.

    The Fiat End Game explains how we got here and our only way out.

    This is all leading to a collapse in our global fiat currency system.

    The first nation to return to a gold standard, or change their laws to allow competing currencies, will lead the way to a thriving sustainable recovery.

    Just as the Founders started the Declaration of Independence with “We the People,” we need to demand from our Congress and President that we the people want honest money, not worthless paper currency created by the Federal Reserve that has an inherent value of zero.

    The waste, fraud, and abuse starts with an endless supply of money going to D.C.

    If we don’t make the necessary changes now, the alternative will be disastrous.

    Produced by The Sound Money Campaign:

    (Watch at Youtube)



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      1. 1st!!!!

        • We stopped this crap didn’t we.

          • The first nation t0 re-introduce the gold standard will find their gold sucked out of their country like a giant hoover. All they will hear is a giant sucking sound.

            Its everyone, or no one.

            And it is a VERY bad idea for America as long as the current Free Trade dynamic is in place via NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO. If you think America is broke now, demand a new gold standard.

            If Americans learned one thing from Watergate, it was “follow the money”. The fastest way to impoverish this nation is to return to the gold standard.

            If you do not understand the economics of the situation and the consequences of such an action, you would be a big a fucking moron as Schiff.

            • My Peeps, don’t believe the propaganda pushed by this film. While I understand the perils of fiat money, the Global GB’s control the precious metals, and when they re-establish metal backed money it will mean the end of YOUR freedom.

              It will mean that the NWO has established control over all metal and all money. Your assets, if you have any, will be digitized, the grazers exorcised by war, famine, and disease, and your productivity (or lack of it) will be reflected in YOUR ability (or in-ability) to purchase anything.

              Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. BTW the narrator talks about “US” and “OUR money”; but I have never heard a native born American speak in such a heavy British accent.

              The dollar IS under siege by many OUTSIDE forces who call for its demise and hope that YOU will join in their chorus. Why? Why do they want to end the dominance of the Dollar?

              Its just another attempt to reduce America to third world status, destroy the Constitution, destroy OUR dollar and implement the North American Union under UN auspices after DISSOLVING the US Constitution.

              You are smarter than that. Don’t fall for the propaganda.

              • The US is ALREADY a 3rd world, banana republic, police state. Maybe you don’t notice it in your back-woods neighborhood, but those of us outside it’s borders do.

                It is a dying nation, reverting to wars to keep it alive, but it cannot even win those anymore and with 3rd world, poor countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Now the US is facing world war with the big boys and is backing down because those in power know that it would destroy what is left of the US.

                • You live in a cesspool like the Philippines, and you call the USA a 3rd world nation?

                  LMFAO!!! 🙂

                  • credit has falsely made us to appear above a third world status…However, we are a third world debtor, and they are discarding our dollars…we borrow about 6 billion dollars from Chinese banks a day to finance big brothers spending..It is only a matter of a short time remaining. Meanwhile people still have the American Dream…The dollars collapse will make this all monoply money and the houses we buy a worthless nightmare. You need a home to live in, so to speak,it takes a lot of brainstorming and smart people thing together to stay level today. Most meanwhile continue to be puzzled. Listening to the mainstream media, and basing poor decisions one after another

                  • Marylander: WE are a third world debtor, and the individuals. corporations, and nations that have OUR debt, LOVE OUR debt. Demand for OUR debt is high, which is why the dollar is strong.

                    Corporations, nations, and individuals, park their excess wealth into OUR treasuries. They are an essential financial tool for the Crony Capitalists.

                    That said, Congress wastes OUR money when they spend it, and transfers OUR wealth to third world (under-developed) nations as part of Agenda 21 and the NWO Plan to destroy America; while they (the Global Investment Class) profit handsomely under Free Trade at OUR expense.

                    Free Trade has real costs and you can measure that cost by the $350 Billion trade deficit WE run with China, and the $100 Billion deficit WE run with Mexico. Include the $300 Billion that Illegals cost the American Taxpayer every year and you can see how OUR annual Trillion Dollar Deficit develops so quickly.

                    The media would like us to believe that Americans are living beyond their means, but the truth is that wasteful spending and the subsiding of the Free World (through OUR defense spending) and the transfer of the American means of production to China represents the brunt of OUR costs.

                    Everyone should understand that the Hydrocarbon Industry receives a Trillion Dollar subsidy EVERY year, while oil is close to $100 per barrel. WTF?

                    Engage your employees or be enslaved and impoverished by them. Remember in November.

              • you should learn of the basel accords. all of what is happening is planned by the BIS years ago. the first 2 basel accords already in place and the third is right around the corner.

              • The Constitution for all realistic purposes is dead. Only the third amendment stands unperverted by Supreme Court decree. Do you really want the dollar? I don’t, but I have no choice. I convert them soon after I recieve them. The dollar is as good as dead. We are currnetly living under the tyranny of the two party system of elections. There is no separation of powers. Congress writes the law, the president aproves it and the Supreme Court rubber stamps it. Welcome to warrantless searches, indefinite detention and assination by drone prior to trial. Shall I continue? Do you really expect me to fight FOR this? Poppycock.

                • Stalinist commies run it, grossyi. Commies haven’t started shooting big time, yet. Convert a big part of your fiat paper into all things 2nd Amendment.

              • most will continue to drink the Kool Aid

              • Here in Australia, I thought I’d update.

                Our currency is down 10% in 1 month.

                George Soros has made tens of millions on a $1 billion bet.

                My home value is down 10% in 1 month.

                Fuel, supplies, food, and medicines are more expensive.

                Once a strong currency, the Gangster Banksters are destroying it!

                Thanks for nothing to those hopeless mountebanks.

              • @ BurpMan……..CBS just reported that O’Bummer is wanting to PULL TROOPS from Afghanistan and Mid-East,and send them toward the PACIFIC OCEAN !! (conflict with CHINA ?? Who KNOWS!??)

            • Right on Kid

            • The gold standard will work for an export economy. For USA in it’s current state, not so much.

              • Fish hooks would work, or maybe buttons.

            • @Durango Kidd. Schiff is no moron.

              He is PROFITING from the morons.

              • Exactly Jack! His father was a GB before him. Like father, like son! And at OUR expense!

                Yeah, that’s right My Peeps, take your cue from a third generation GB!

                LMFAO!!! 🙂

                • DK: Is shiff the grandson or great grandson of Jacob Shiff (JP Morgan) who in 1917,new york, Gave Trotsky $20 Million in Gold bars to finance the russian revolt that caused the deaths of a hundred million white christian folks? I always wondered if he is or not. Thanks if you can provide the answer.

                  • I am not sure of his exact status, but I am confident that he is of that lineage.

            • Sorry DK but you are sooooo wrong. A gold standard would keep the Govt from printing recklessly and inflating away YOUR money. The dollar has already lost 98% of it’s purchasing power (inflation). This is theft, plain and simple. The dollar is doomed, 100%. It’s days are numbered in months, not years. What happens to your savings when the dollar collapses? Theft. This is going to be the biggest “Wealth Transfer” in the history of the world. If you are invested in paper money (bonds, cash, etc) you will be wiped out. So, it seems that YOU are the moron.

              • SHTFfan: While your statements are correct, they are only part of the equation and your conclusion is wrong. For example, the great wealth transfer has ALREADY occurred.

                In 2007, before the crash, a study by the FED revealed that 90% of the wealth in America was held by 10% of the population. After the crash, the middle class had lost 40% of their remaining wealth.

                Post crash, only the 10% has profited by the stock market run up while the bottom 90%, including the savaged middle class, continued to lose wealth. The dollar is NOT “doomed”. It is in great demand which accounts for its continuing strength; if you bother to read the charts.

                I am not in paper. I am in tangibles, and the only stock I own is in my own companies.

                Whose the moron now? 🙂

                • Are you under the illusion that the dollar will be in great demand in the near future is delusionary. As we speak the world is starting to dump the dollar which is the prelude to further erosion of monetary value and increased debt. The bankers are laughing because they know the end is near with the fake crap that they print and are using it to buy as much as they can before the headstone is set in place. Yes it is a great wealth transfer and that’s why their corporate media pundits will laugh at you for thinking pm’s are an asset.
                  It is good that you are in tangibles but the taxes will still be due and the government ain’t going to take a can of beans on what you owe. However they will take your property as payment if you cannot come up with the metal (that can be exchanged) that has always held it’s value for the past 6,000 years.

                  • MqG25: While the dollar will decline in value, must decline in value if jobs are ever to be created in this country again under the Free Trade dynamic under which WE live; it will become another currency in a basket of currencies that will be underpinned by metals.

                    Historically, the US Dollar has accounted for between 55 to 65% of all global trade. It is still currently at the lower of that range. It would be naive to think that in a multi polar, global economy that the NWO is building, that other global currencies like the Pound, Yuan, Rupee, Euro, and Roble, would not eventually share the status of global currency in a basket of currencies defined and supported by metals.

                    The living standard of most Americans will decline.Like always, some Americans will do quite well. The dollar will continue to lose value and anyone who doesn’t want to be counted among the depressed, dissolusioned , and disenfranchised; and who are young enough and so inclined, ought to return to school by borrowing what they need to achieve a much better education and the economic status it will generate.

                    Those dollars will be well spent if you have half a brain and any initiative at all. I understand that an education costs ten times more now than it did when I got mine, but you can roll over and die or you can grab your ass and get moving.

                    There are always opportunities with change if you are smart enough to see them and game enough to engage. There will be winners and losers of course, there always are; but you can’t take it with you so concentrate on how you play the game.


              • The dollar was doomed on Wilson’s watch. Months after Wilson came the 1913 federal reserve funny money unconstitutional racket. The progressive commies led to FDR and his commie gold confiscation and then nixon stuck a fork in silver.
                Now it’s worldwide ass wipe.
                Who owns this shithole?
                Commies everywhere.

          • Naw, I guess not……!

          • @page

            Nope, you still post 🙂 (take a chill pill in place of your meds, I am just kidding)

            @DK- Hey bro, I had personal interactions with Erwin many times. (back in the day) I was working in FL, my $10 phone card drained talking to him, he called me back on his dime and we talked another hour and a half, then I met him in person a few times when I got home. (no, I never bought ANY of his products, and I borrowed one of his books from him)

            Our discussions changed my outlook on this country and the constitution. @Erwin- Thank you!

            He is in JAIL for his beliefs (and many truths).

            As many of us will probably be one day.

            Mrs. Jackson
            Mr. Bannister
            Mr. Schiff

            Old hero’s (to me) and in the anti-tax movement. These are people who took the battle to the enemy, without fully understanding their foe, and have paid the price.

            Remember who owns the courts. (same people who count the votes)

            Remember who brings up charges.(the same people with the blind eyes)

            The blind fold of justice has been used as an a$$ rag for decades now.

            On the frn deal, remember who emits the bills of credit (the same people who collect the illegal income taxes).

            @them guys- Hope you don’t mind if I comment on the question you asked DK.

            Erwin has a little different belief system then ole Jacob (who knows if they are related)

            I am related to people who fought on both sides of the (so called) civil war. So do I believe in states rights(slavery hahaha, what a bull$hit story) or do I believe in the tyranny of a centralized government (preserving the union, hahahah)

            We (the us) invaded many countries to get Mexican pecos (silver coins) because of Jacob schiffs a$$. (his treachery started way before 1917)

            I believe he started the weeds to grow around the tree of liberty, and has sucked all the water, from the roots of that tree, so we have what we have now.

            less rights, endless wars, and paper money.

            May he (Jacob) burn in hell with the rest of them.

          • Stop being such a baby!

        • Been lurking on the sute for a few years but only recently started to comment. There are so many great people with so much to contribute I agree with FB, thought that 1st crap was over with. Slim, you can do better that.

          I think Japan will be the one to win the race to the bottom. As Japan goes so goes the U.S. just with a time delay fuse. It will be interesting to see at what point the Japanese bonds start to puke. U.S. bonds have defied logic staying in a bubble as long as they have. So have Japanese bonds. But once they start to crack U.S. won’t be far behind.

          • To be 1st you gotta be fast – I for one understand you can’t take the time to make some rambling post about mundane bullshit when time is of the essence. Slim’s post has more truth to it than any of the others so give the man a break.

            • I think it’s funny how some get upset over the, “I’m first” thing. It’s just not worth bitchin’ about.

              Heck, this might be Slim’s only time at getting lucky at anything. We all know it’s just luck that one gets to post first anyway.

              Let Slim have his “moment” of basking in his day of luck and sunshine.

              I got lucky and picked the winner of the Preakness last week. The sad part was i didn’t have a dime in the pot to back it up. I did bask in victory over the little woman’s pick, for about 30 minutes.

              Her horse pick got the D.A.L. award = dead ass last.

              • Don’t Tread,
                You are correct on all counts!! Let the man have a moment, who does it hurt? Way to stay positive!!

              • Have you watched ‘Secretariat’?
                Great movie.

                • Yep, good flick!

          • Japan’s bonds have already started to puke. They have had to stop trading a few times in the last week because of selloffs. It wont be long for them, especially after they blow themselves up with the nuclear power plants they have over there. Grin. And before everyone starts commenting, that was a joke. You can’t blow up a nuclear power plant without outside help

            • 6th 🙂

              • I can’t afford gold, but I can afford to stockpile food and other provisions…so that is what I focus on. That also avoids the, “How will I use gold to buy a loaf of bread” issue. Answer: I won’t…I’ll just grind my wheat and make bread.

                • You need to be fully prepared. That includes storing at least a year’s supply of food and water. You also need guns and ammo. A way to cook your food and heat your home. I prefer kerosene stoves and heaters. For toilets we’ll use 5 gallon buckets with snap-on toilet seat lids and kitty litter to cover the smell. After you’re fully prepared then you should keep some of your savings in gold and silver.

                  • That would require A LOT of kitty litter, Barn Cat. Paper helps it to decompose properly… be sure to keep all your newspapers! Also, be sure to research the topic of sanitation…if you dump it at the wrong place, you could end up contaminating your water supply and end up with a lot of health problems!

                  • But don’t forget to get food you will eat long term as well, rice and beans are great extenders but having food you enjoy helps too. I am a big fan of pastas myself and I buy a ton of canned pastas like spaghetti and ravioli.

                  • Hey, Barn Kitty. I’ll try looking for these snap-on toilet lids you mention. I didn’t know about those.

                    If the kitty litter runs out, try adding brown matter–unintended joke, sorry–as you would to compost– slower decomposing things like pine needles or twigs, etc. When it’s filled up you can let it sit covered for a couple of years and then you have fertilizer. It’s probably safest to not use it on root vegetables or on things like lettuce where the edible parts might touch the ground. You can find the Humanure Handbook online for free.

                    Another possibility, which I have NOT tried yet but am researching– is letting it rot anaerobically–basically covering it in water and sealing off access to air. Usually people have a rubber lid that balloons outward on top so the methane has somewhere to go. The methane can be used for a stove or just released. It’s called a biodigester system and there are designs and instructions on the web. They look a little complex, but mostly that’s because of the methane-capture feature. I’m sure it could be done with a simple bucket and lid stem with a very small escape hole for methane that would minimize contact with outside air.

                    The rotted fluid or “biogested” fluid can be used as a fertilizer with some care that it is a couple steps removed from food you will be eating. It can fertilize a duckweed pond, which I have going already. The duckweed can be used as chicken feed or as a green manure.

                  • Kitty litter would only be practical for short term as it would require a lot of space and expense. Stocking more TP would probably be better. But if you put away some litter for the short term try “Swheat”. It is light weight and made from wheat plants. It is scoopable so it is easliy compostable. You should compost for 2 years when using human manure as you can not be sure about getting the compost pile hot enough to kill pathogens completely. The 2 years time will ensure safety.
                    A cheaper system would be to get a couple bales of wood shavings(not cedar if you plan to use the compost in your garden) and use that to cover the bucket after each use. They come plastic wrapped and in large bales which are compressed so they contain quite a bit of product. You could also go with grass clippings or dry leaves or chopped up weeds , all of which are free but have a higher moisture content. Just some thoughts.

                  • C says..
                    I get my kitty litter @ Dollar Tree and DG for $1.
                    Have lots of it and it stacks nicely.

                  • Ya dont need kitty litter and 5 gal buckets. We still have a Privy or out house. In very cold weather crap in a bucket lined with newspaper. and just incenrate it in the wood stove. pee in a thunder pot and dump it ouside.

                • We are still a great nation…..

                  It’s only our government that went to shit

                  • I would be glad to agree with you, OutWest, in another day and time, previously.

                    However; there is no government without the people, and now it is relevant that the vast majority of the people have become weak and too worldly to stand up to politicians/governments, for the sake of God’s laws and statutes.

                    If 75% of the population of America is “true” Christian, then why is it legal to “kill/abort” the, alive but unborn babies? Why has Homosexuality become acceptable/legal/promoted in America, when it is still an abomination to God?

                    So just on those two arguments I say; “We are no longer a great Nation. We are a “doomed” nation/society.

                    We “are” a nation in crisis. I think we are no longer seen by God as a nation of light, but a nation slipping into darkness and His saving light toward us is getting dimmer by the day.

                    In other words His hands of mercy and protection are just about removed, because we seek our own way and have taken God out of every equation possible. I see a whipping/chastisement coming upon our “once” great nation. It will lead to the rule of the Antichrist/Satan.

                    Things will continue to get worse, because people either look to themselves, their ancestors, or to the government for their protection and salvation. God did it before and He will do it again. That is, He gives the warnings and then sits back and watches as things go all to hell in a handbasket.

                    The dire warnings began on 9-11, and then again on 9-2008. I think we will see the big finale about 9-2015. Anything happening before that time will be little spankings in comparison.

                    To all “True Christians”, that have prepared, the spankings won’t hurt them. The promises are in the Book.
                    Have we read them?
                    What does it profit a man to gain the world by riches/gold/silver; if he looses his soul? Just asking?

                    Today’s sermon brought to you by dt and Slavo’s site. LOL
                    Send donations/tithes to this site to keep it up and running. Thks.

                  • The politicians have worked on conditioning the American People for this moment in time where tyranny rules and the masses are docile and passive and uninterested to want to do anything about it. It took over 50 years to get here but we have arrived.

                    Look no further than what recently happened in Boston as proof that the American People will allow tyranny to rule.

                  • Amen OutWest

                • Just for thought…Flat of peanut butter…Roll of silver dines…Flat of peanut butter…Roll of silver dimes…Baby steps I know but most learn to walk better using BOTH feet…Give it a shot…Got a hunch it will work…

                  Fed Guy 20002

                  • Flat of PB, Flat of Jelly, Bucket of wheat, 10# of sugar, bottle of vitamins, roll of dimes, Your way gets him 12 jars of P-nut butter and over $110 of silver. Love silver, but you must eat first. If not, you are going to have to sell your silver first thing, bad idea. Go to the Mormon site. You can get a year of food (Poor, but you won’t starve) for about what the dimes will cost. Start small, a $100 .22 isn’t a major battle rifle. But it isn’t $1000 either. Over all it’s more useful. Does not take much to be ahead of 90% or more of the people.

                • You go Leslie; for me and mine, it’ll have to be fried cornbread.
                  Got powdered buttermilk for just that.

                  • JayJay, I triple grind field corn. It makes great cornbread with the usual receipt. I like fried corn meal mush topped with butter and honey, or syrup. Johnny Reb liked that and he was my brother.

          • 5th!!!!

        • I hate to say it, but this comment,stupid as it is; is more valuable than the film. Perhaps I missed the good parts because I quit listening after 2/3 over. Bunch of rehashed tripe, No one here will learn anything.

        • Delete this Slim comment please.

        • Great Job! I was also FIRST once.

      2. There’s still gold and silver to be had. Get it while it’s cheap, cuz one day it won’t be.

        • I was wondering how the change-over would work. For example, If my rent is $600 a month and my landlord will accept PMs, will I have to give up a quarter ounce gold coin and a half, at $1600 per oz?

          Or will the value be more like when gold was the standard, when rent was more like $20 a month and gold was less than $100 oz. I just don’t want to get ripped off because I didn’t know any better.

          Any suggestions?

          • The interesting point is we are all conditioned from birth to value everything in $Dollars. At some point, that relationship will be severed. I don’t profess to know how it will play out, but at a certain point, you would not part with an ounce of gold for a fistfull of $100.00 notes. Oh, this should be fun!

            • Good point Rick. Gold was first given a specific weight and measure to get the label “1 dollar”. Conversely, a dollar was determined by a specific weight of gold. Today we determine the worth of gold’s weight by what the FED has determined the value purchasing worth of their fiat dollar. So as the dollar inflates, it looks like gold is going up (and I’m sure it is based on supply and demand) but using the FRN as the gauge of gold’s worth is just silly.

              • My precious metals are lead, brass, and copper. I’ve read about all sorts of SHTF situations around the world and ammunition is always worth it’s weight in gold. As Selco said in one of his stories about Bosnia, we traded all the gold in the house for ammo.

            • Rick, you’ll be using your dollars for a long time… don’t worry!

              Or, if you don’t want them you can send them to me.

          • We’re going to have an economic collapse that will kill at least 250 million Americans. Most likely you won’t have a landlord in a year or two or three.

          • better learn how to negotiate because you are thinking in terms of the dollar.

            The dollar is gone…one oz of gold in the Weimar Republic bought a man a hotel.

            Metals are so abused right now that one must look at where they all came from…in a world without fuel, electricity, etc. The metals will be king.

            • lastmanstanding says: …in a world without fuel, electricity, etc. The metals will be king.

              Yeah, in particular, lead.

              Ammo, seeds, water. Not necessarily in that order as all 3 are equally important. If we do have a true SHTF event and the world economy collapses or if there is an EMP or CME, you could bring a truck load of precious metal up to my house and I won’t give you a can of soup for it. Ammo, seeds, water.

              • Newbie Tom in Mississippi…free up your mind and your ass will follow…what a simple response.

                Apparently, you no absolutely nothing about negotiating. Perhaps that you could trade that can of soup for that truckload of pm’s and trade it for a truckload of food.

                don’t be so close minded…

                btw…most of us here have plenty of the 3 items that you mentioned.

              • Amen Tom. And now since I have a raised bed garden, and another on the way, I am definitely aiming for seeds to store.
                ON the list.

            • In a wold of hunger food will be king

              • VRF

                That statement has so much relevance, it can be
                considered biblical.
                There is historical reason for Famine being one
                of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
                Americans have yet to feel it’s unmerciful wrath,
                but we should wonder what’s just around the bend.

          • NO, No, no. It works this way: They grab you by the balls, shake you down for every thing you have , strip you naked, throw you out. Then they blame it all on you. At this point you go get the smallest gold coin you have and a bit of silver, (That you hid in the deepest place you knew of)and look for shelter and food pretending the tiny amount you have is all you have. You will almost surely get mugged, but you should find out how the new system works.

        • I agree with this. The recent decline in PMs has made buying good again.

          Now I will get blasted for this, but as I look at the heading here I see unsubstantiated claims.

          1. Central Banks are buying PMs. I would like to see proof of that claim?
          2. Nations around world are dropping the dollar again please prove this?

          While I agree our fiat is destined to fail these claims don’t ring true. They strike me as marketing for someone bailing on PMs.

          • Are you kidding me? You’re either a troll or just completely oblivious to the world around you.




            Found these by copying and pasting your key phrases. Maybe next time you can use that new and amazing technology that just came out yesterday, called a SEARCH ENGINE. Sorry, but you don’t strike me as ringing true.


            this will link you to an excellent article from April 1, 2013 on the fact that Australia, Japan, Brazil, India, and Russia have all made deals with China to cut out the U.S. dollar in bilateral trade.

            And the BRICS nations have set up development for a bank to directly compete with the IMF (international monetary fund).

            Clearly other nations are feeling the pain of trying to compete with a monetary system that prints currency out of thin air.

            It’s not right, and it’s not fair…

          • @Jim,
            I believe if you follow the Chi-com’s you will have your answer. The most recent country to agree to accept the “Yuan” in direct currency swap, was Australia a few weeks back.

            The “Dollar’s” day as the world reserve currency is definitely coming to a close. The BRIC’s have already dumped the “U.S. PetroDollar”. And in all honesty who can blame them. Any country that is willing to devalue their currency in what Peter Schiff refers to as the great : “race to the bottom”, deserves what they get. “Helicopter Ben” and the Fed are managing the greatest wealth transfer in recorded history. The U.S.A. middle class will never shed the shackles of indentured servitude. Eventually you are looking at a currency default, reset, false flag, WW3 (call it when you see it)Because the Idea that you can “BORROW YOUR WAY TO PROSPERITY” was f-ing retarded yesterday, and will be just as f-ing retarded tomorrow. We sure know how to elect them.

            We as a country are to far in debt to ever recover; closing in on 17 trillion (that they admit to, I have seen numbers ten X that amount tossed around when unfunded off book liabilities are considered).

            If this somehow does not “ring true” I would love to hear your take on it. I personally believe hard assets like tin cans filled with food, and lead, will more valuable than gold or silver; but hey, for the time being it’s still a free choice.

            Potato out

            • Today’s national Debt Clock:


              Trillions of dollars can be added to the debt to fight endless illegal, and un-necessary wars, but this country can’t afford to repair it’s failing infrastructure, and collapsing bridges.The unfunded liabilities are in the hundreds of trillions…

              This con-game can go on and on and on, as long as Jane and Joe DF continue to believe msm’s propaganda organs.

          • Here’s this link from Bloomberg:


            Gold rose the most since June following purchases by central banks and signs of increasing investor demand on the heels of last week’s biggest plunge in three decades.

            Russia and Kazakhstan expanded gold reserves in March for the sixth straight month, International Monetary Fund data show. The volume for the Shanghai Gold Exchange’s benchmark contract has been more than four times last year’s daily average every day since April 16, while monthly coin sales by the U.S. Mint are heading for the highest since December 2009.

            • Aren’t bloomberg and wall street journal part of the MSM’s? With such huge demands to buy gold, why isn’t “supply & demand” rules causing prices to Rise massivly? Supply verses demand is a religious belief to some folks. What went wrong? Gold has dropped alot. It should have gone UP alot based on supply vs demand right?

              Unless the banksters also rig gold prices too. Then whats to stop them from dropping gold prices way more?

              And if you believe in biblical stuff such as four horsemen etc, then you likly also believe in the 666 mark stuff too right. Well if that stuff becomes Fact and true, it says folks CAN BUY or sell as long as they accept that “mark 666″ right. So That means there WONT be anything such as unavalability to buy things. As long as you take that mark of course. But not any Lack in stuff to buy.(how can they entice folks to accept their Mark 666 unless there is something They offer? as in Stuff avail to Buy).

              Also how can any such 666 system operate in halting folks from buying or selling stuff without that 666 mark..”IF” things such as Cash and gold are allowed still?

              Nobody can ever control all worlds folks from buying or selling of anything unless they also totally control the “unit” used to buy with. Only One thing we know of is possible= Cashless debits. And even That fails to halt buying or selling unless all OTHER forms of cash etc and gold are banned or made Useless totally. Think about it all. What other posibility exists.

              My belief is yes I agree with the biblical versions. Weather or not you do matters not if TPTB use that method to control ALL forms buying and selling. If they do go to cashless and debits(computers debits) Nothing else will matter. That includes GOLD too as well as Silver.

              One fed law or Worldwide Law that Bans all forms barter too and with severe prison or Death penalty attached and good luck with barter too. Barter will then Only function with Close Known pals and in Close to You areas.

              Good luck getting stuff shipped across the nation or from Other nations by use of Barter or Gold or Cash if such a cashless world bank system becomes operational aka 666 Mark system. I am jusy saying is all. Think of whats written and How can it come to pass? There are Not a hundred different methods to make such system work right?

      3. Beans, Beer, Bullets. Land, PM’s, other real tangible assets. Anything the Fed cannot destroy thru inflation. It is simple arithmetic. 17 Trillion and counting to the tune of 85 Billion per month. Unpayable, Unsustainable, Unforgiving. Plan, Prepare, Prevail!

        • peter- land is a great investment, but be careful .
          remember Agenda 21 ? dont buy more than you can handle because the plan will be to tax you off it .

          • or regulate you off it.

            especially if it has ‘wetlands’ or a body of water on it.

            although they will fabricate one, if it doesn’t.

            • My land is my life. If anyone wants to regulate me off it they must pay dearly for it… in blood.

          • Once the dollar is gone, enough will have woken up to the bullshit that has been going on for 240 years that agenda 21 will be fucking finished.

        • You don’t own land in the US! Stop paying taxes and you will see who owns it. In the USC it has the eminent domain clause. The gov can take your land at any time so someone tell me about “buying” land again?

          • There are numerous stories, if one searches for them, of people who had their land stolen by “immanent domain”, or taken by taxation, or by declaring their land to be “blighted”, or anything other reason they can invent. Have a large puddle of water after a rain?; you may have a “wetland”…

          • For now they do, but that is going to change.

          • We Own? considerable acreage. Now My wife who is 1/4 native american has ben telling me for 40+ years. You dont really own the land. If its yours why do you keep having to pay rent(taxes) every year and someone else gets to decide how much the yearly rent will be? She believes that the forced removal of the five civilized tribes happened because the people wherent paying real propery taxes. If they could remove them they back then can just as easily remove anyone anytime for any reason.

      4. We can hope but until there is a complete reset gold or any standard is not coming back.

        • If the Bible and christianity are correct, there will Not be any so called re set untill Christ returns and it will be He who Re sets it all. It wont matter how many folks go hide in some cave or hiddy holes in the woods or mountains waiting to emerge and re set it all. That will simply be a huge wasted effort. There are also verses describing those type folks and what will happen to them. Look it up you may find it interesting perspectives.

      5. “If we don’t make the necessary changes now, the alternative will be disastrous.”

        The alternative has already started.

        The only thing left to do now, is as individuals to figure out what we need to do in our own situations to survive the decline of our society.

      6. Confiscation of all assets is the next NWO step. It will most likely start will a devalued dollar, followed by bank troubles, stock declines, and then the Big Crunch….

        No one can truly prepare for what is ahead. The ultra rich can move their assets overseas. What can we do?

        The New Govt will own water, food, seeds, land, air, earth, PMs, etc.

        How will one buy and sell in future?

        • Ugly

          I am not a practicing religious man ,though I do “believe”.

          That being said..

          How will one buy and sell?

          Mark of the beast..


          • Possee….

            I know this is not a religious website. And it is only 8:30 am in Idaho, thus I have not touched any oly yet. But this should give some comfort in the tribulation coming forth.

            The Lord knows exactly how each one of us will die.

            This should give each of us comfort until that day comes. When morning comes, get out and work and prepare. Work to pay debt down, or even be debt free. Also, learn your food and water supply. Perenials are at the top of my list to learn.

            Also work to share. Sharing now will make it easier to share later. When sharing, I don’t mean to the freeloader, I mean to people whom are trying as well.

            Why is it when I think of Central Bankers and the NWO leaders I always visualize Austin Power’s The Fat Bastard?

            • Oly!? OMG!!! you don’t actually drink that do you!?

              • @JustMe….


                Back in the 1970s, Oly was the Man’s Beer. Oly helped build America. Look what change has done to us today. Don’t we wished the Oly days were back?

                • why does everyone else in Idaho drink Keystone light? Are you in Northern panhandle ID?

                  • Dave….

                    I use to live in Northern Idaho long ago. Lived in Moscow in early years and went back to get BS and MS degrees at University of Idaho. Yes I am a Vandal (Boise State Who?)….

                    Now in Pocatello. A college town and railroad community. Life is good. It is just changing and we know we cannot stop it. I guess that is why we blog. We blog to get what we know is going to happen off our chests. Wish other USA sheeples could see this immediate future ahead. Hopefully we can help others? But I am starting to lose hope.

                    Oly. and Maranatha! Not in that order and not in that importance though….

                • Hefeweizen is REAL beer 😉

          • What you referring to is Revelation 13:16-18 A world religeous/political/military/financial World government/dictatorship that will cause all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to recieve a mark IN their right hand or in their foreheads 13:17 and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, You know about 300-500 years ago millions of Christians died under the popes inquisition because they refused to acknowledge his authority on earth (antichrist). These christians that were martyred trusted in Christs merits alone for salvation (forgiveness from all unrighteousness & the guilt of past sin) because a sinner can only be saved by grace through faith Ephesians 2:8 not by religeous works or popish indulgences. So the most important PREP you can make is to receive this free grace by confessing your sins to God and to ask him to cleanse you by the blood of Jesus Christ his only begotten Son. All those who have not done so & survive what I believe will be the greatest series of cataclysmic events since the flood will somehow eventually be won over to recieve a digital implant IN the right hand or imprisoned with a digital implant IN the forehead only true christians who are written in the book of life with the help of God alone will overcome Ex 33:16 For wherein shall it be known here that I and thy people have found grace in thy sight? is it not in that thou goest with us? so whall we be separated, I and thy people, from all the people that are upon the face of the earth. Read Matthew chpt 24

          • barter.

          • Ah, yes, the Mark of the Beast.

            I’m not super religious either–mostly because I can’t sit still like that in church– but this prophesy stuck with me and there are plenty of indicators that this is where we are heading. It is clearly what corporations want and what our security state apparatus would like.

            If this is how things do play out, then it would have to be a controlled or orchestrated type of collapse. Scary enough to cause mass panic, but not the kind of chaos that would prevent the organization of the new microchip control system.

            There is a lot to consider here if one does believe this prophesy. You can be as prepped as you want to be, but how can you pay your property taxes and stay on the homestead if you are not part of the system? That’s the one that has me wondering most. But then there is a question of whether the US is part of the prophesy, which opens a big can o worms which we probably don’t need to get into here…

            • This has been mentioned here twice; losing your property or home to taxes.
              I guarantee there aren’t enough LEO, rebels, sheriffs, etc. to evict all of us.
              A few in the beginning, maybe, but after the word is spread, folks will ban together and I feel that will be the end of that NWO grab.

              • Little more than a hundred years ago the British empire under the persuasion of the internationalist Cecil Rhodes invaded the Boer republics who were minding their own business. The +- 50000 boers stood no chance against the 1/2 million men of the Queens colonies in conventional warfare so the Boers resorted guerrila warfare in response the British surrounded the boer farms one by one & burnt them down throwing the women & children into concentration camps so denying the bitterenders resupply .in the future they will use exactly the same tactic & actualy they are already as witnessed on videos on this web site, they will overwhelm one homestead at a time with a large numbers then move on to the next, where there is to much resistence they will pocket them & then grid/quarantine the surrounding area intersting from 2nd minute

                • It’s called stalinist communism.

        • Learn to negotiate with what you have or have access to.

          The nwo ain’t gonna happen brother. When the shit starts flying, these bastards will be drug from their fucking holes just like saddam.

          Ugly and all…everyone will be on the playing field.

          God will see to it that there will be no place to hide.

          That is how the planet works.

          ps…I like cold Oly on a hot day…

      7. Peter Parker is corect. Read the newest post on Rawls web site. Land, Livestock, guns, your own power, your own water, your own septic. Be as dept free as posible. Buy cars and trucks that YOU can fix. Stock up on everything. Some gold and silver is good. I have chickens (layers and meat), a trade deal for meat and milk (cow), fishing gear out the wazoo (I am near multiple world class fisseries). Elk and dear wondering through my yard…mmmm tastey. Seven different types of fruit growing on my property in abondance. A hudge heirloom garden. Part way off the grid. Tons of firewood. Guns and bullets. Honeybee hives. These will be tangable when the fiat money colapses. Also have freinds and neighbors to help you protect it…. (did I mention guns and bullets). Learn how to weld, garden, do pluming, mechanics, first aid at an EMT level, bow hunt, fish, forage, work with wood, and so on. Be a value to your comunity when it colapses. It is coming…. I give it 18 to 24 months… Pleeeeeaaasssseee get ready.

      8. Off topic again but I just can’t hold it in, don’t know if you would call it hypocrisy or exactly what you would call it. But I live in what would be called a Coservative State and as many States it has an open carry law, which I do, I open carry 7 days a week and carry in all locations that are legal. But to make a short story long, I went to a gun show today and they brought my blood to a full boil at the door, fist thing they did was have me remove the magazine and unload the gun, which is a 1911 and they placed a zig seal through the action and placed a sticker on the grip to show it was sealed. I carry this weapon into Wal Mart, Mickey D’s even in to the Bank where I live, I even wore it when I went to vote against Obammy, and I have wore it around all the LE where I live, and never once have I been asked to unload it, and now of all places, a gun show no less, I’m not trusted to carry a loaded weapon. I can understand why they would check guns that were being carried in for show or sale, for safty sake, but not one being worn for personal protection. I’m sure I’ll hear all the reasons such as liabilty, but all of the other places that I named could use the same excuse. Still Burning! Trekker Out.

        • Why didn’t your refuse? And then leave??

          I would have.

          • Believe me JayJay that was my thought! And I’m normally pretty hard line, but after you drive 150 miles to go to the gun show, and I was primarly looking for some PM so I complyed but not without making my voice heard. They said they had security personnel so I didn’t have to worry, and I told them, that yes there was security personnel on the street also that we call LE but I still carry for my own protection. Trekker Out.

            • So M Trekker, did you walk around the gun show with a 1911 with a zip tie through the action a sticker on the grip? Why not leave it in the truck? ( you do drive a truck,right?) . Count your blessings. Here in Commyland, er, Maryland, no concealed carry unless you have a good reason. ( and trust me, you don’t according to these fuckers). The law says you can carry a long gun open, but I call that ” suicide by cop”. Currently , background checks are 60-90 days plus( they have just went de-facto gun ban). And in Sept or October, you’ll need a special license to purchase. This should be fun. The only reason I don’t leave this godforsaken shithole of a state,is I want a front row seat when SHTF. This state is either government or welfare. And lookout, that pointy eared piece of shit , Martin O’malley, our fine pinko governor , wants to run for president.

              • Its true about Maryland. I’ve got a Utah CCW that allows me to carry in approx. thirty-some states but my home (sorry assed) state.

        • There has been many discharges at show from carried weapons. Usally someone showing off or looking at holster. Remember most gun owner are not safe with their weapon. That’s just honest truth.

          • “most” are not safe?

          • FBP,

            I don’t know if you’re mistaken or lying. Either way, you’re wrong. There are few ADs at gun shows. VERY VERY VERY VERY few.

            Now, if you consider parking lots and dumbass inspectors, yeah, it happens occasionally. But, a gun show, as far as getting shot, IS THE SAFEST PLACE ON PLANET EARTH.

            Don’t BS us here. You may have an opinion but that needs to be based in fact. Please, show me links to articles about discharges at gun shows? I only know of 3 within the last year. Those have been mainly due to the buying frenzy of new gun owners. Before Sandy Hoax, it was much lower. Inexperienced gun owners are a little less careful.

            Everyone talks about discharges but nobody can ever come up with any. They’re all just in your mind.

        • Old man,

          In Maryland you can’t even have a gun outside your own home. Carry that bastard everywhere.

          • Eisenshitz, does being as dumb as a bag full of hammers come natural for you, or do you have to work at it? You’d make a fine Maryland governmental employee. You have the mentality and personality of a “piss clam”.

            • What is the purpose of your comment?

              • Lies and krap. I think his point was to call you a dumb ass. Just guessing.

          • Why would anyone want to live in a place called Mary land. Sounds too much like fairy. What, exactly is a Mary?

            • ha,ha,ha! there’s Eisenkrout! I thought he had died from old age!! Ha, ha, ha, ha!! : )

            • Mary Queen of Scotland

        • I pack concealed, and I never tell em I have it on me,, see another benifit to CC?

          also I dont have to worry about being first target when some punk wants to rob a place, when you OC you show the perp who to shoot first, and if they dont know you have it they cant conspire to take it away.

          Hey Dont get me wrong I think its great you excercize your right to OC..I just like the opsec CC affords me..think about the risks of OC is all im saying

          • Its funny, though, when you think about it: the CC gives you an advantage against what most people consider “The Good Guys”. In reality, those “Good Guys” are the ones that are the problem.

            There is a time and a place of CC and a time and a place for OC. The thing that irritates me are those that never concede that fact.

            I love CC! I do it all the time in places I am not supposed to be “C” at all! My argument: Police kill and injure more people than murderers. They can carry openly, everywhere. Why again is their self defense more important than my own? There are so very few private citizens that CC or OC that accidently or inappropriately hurt or kill someone that the statistic is virtually non-existent.

            …yet, cops murder, kill, injure and terrorize people all day long. And still, the laws are for me, not them.

            Huh? Am I living in backards world? Apparently so.

            If you REALLY want to reduce gun deaths, take them away from the police. You’ll find that a lot of crime goes away *AND* a lot less people are injured or dead from cowards with guns shooting people and pets for no reason.

            I’d put a few links in to prove my point, however, once I get started, I can’t stop and I’d piss off everyone because the link list would go on FOR-FUCKING-EVER.

            • Revoke all gun laws starting with the 1934 National Firearms Act.
              Dismantle the Police State. Remove all surveillance cameras. Lock up all commie lawyers.
              None of this is going to happen, commies everywhere.

        • Trecker, Trecker, Trecker: Shame one you, You don’t understand? At your age you should have come to know the term “Asshole” by now. You were dealing with a bunch of Ahos. Think about it. Simple.

          • Para as you may know,I live in Wyoming and this gun show was in Riverton, Wy. As I often hear people say they carry concealed because they don’t want to be a target. Well I have no problem with carring concealed if that is your choice, but many states have open carry laws and very few people carry open, which seems to say there is no reason to allow open carry because no one does it. This is one of the reasons, they can pass restrictive laws. I’m old enough to remember when the big push was on to ban hand guns, because few people owned hand guns. Well you don’t hear that so much now because many people have hand guns. Now they’re primarly after hi cap mags and so-called assualt weapons. They always take one step at a time! As for being safe with a gun, I guess if your unsafe at a gun show your unsafe everywhere. So what do you think, maybe we should take peoples guns? As for leaving it in the truck, it ain’t gonna happen!Rick,I can sure break the zip tie and put in a magazine alot faster than I can get to the truck. And on a sorry note, I’m with Eisenkraut, carry it everywhere or quit talking about how tough your gonna be when they come for your guns. One more point before I shut up, with open carry I have had the opportunity to discuss the 2nd Amend with a number of people including some youngsters. I’ll still fight to protect gunshows, even if they’re assine.I know, that was two more points.Trekker Out.

            • Trekker….

              On your way back thru Thermopolis, pick me up some dinosaur fossils.

            • All gun shows that I have been to do that. Partly to show that you didnt pick it off a table and then pretend it was yours to begin with.

            • or if your in the neighborhood of the Lander bar, have a beer and a burger for me…

              • Lastman, I know the spot, but them big cities just kinda make me nervous. if you know what I mean. Trekker Out.

                • copy that Trekker…any place that borders the Wind River range is calming. Especially the “little places”

                  lastmanstanding by in the mountains of Mt. bro.

                  To the end or to the other side…

              • And if you’re on the Seeds-ke-Dee I’ll trade you a beaver plew for a pound of lead.

            • I live in Casper, so if Riverton is 150 miles from you. Likely you live about 26 miles from me. (Or you are real rich and live in Jackson.) I always carry CCW. Once in awhile open. I’ve got a Utah permit. Going to get a Wy also. Gain about 6 more states.

              • Paranoid….

                Not exactly. He could live by Pinedale or Afton. Or possibly Tensleep. But lets hope and pray not Wamsutter. If he lives in Wamsutter, then he is goofy. (Just joking).

                I say Wamsutter cause of old days. Back when I was 19-23 I travelled those areas and I had to stop at Wamsutter several times for gas. Back in those days, it was just billion miles of sagebrush and then finally this damn gas-station in middle of nowhere. Who the hell would live there? Friends, Wamsutter was only a gas-station. That was it!

                This guy was funny. He charged heftily for gas cause you could walk miles to Rawlins or miles to Rock Springs, or you could buy gas from him and travel on. He was an onry old-fart. But I did stop and had a beer or a fresca, as Fresca was popular in those days. When you approached Wamsutter, you sweared it was a mirage because who in heck would have a stand in this area. He did.

                I cannot remember his name, but when I drove passed that area about 5 years ago it was boarded up and totally deserted. It kind of reminded me about the ‘olds’ of Route 66.

                • Nobody LIVES in Wamsutter. If they by a gun it’s to shoot themselves

                  • I may be a little paranoid. That 150 miles may be round trip or maybe I drive serpentine. Jackson, pretty country but to Liberal. Trekker Out. Immoral And Free,Can Never Be!

              • Casper’s a shithole and everyone there should move to MA, or Ut. (Strike that Ut, too close to the Winds.

        • People who insist on OC are a special breed. A good breed. A necessary breed.

          Now, at this gunshow, you have been taught the value of CC. I’m a big OC advocate but I see the value in CC when necessary.

          But, realize this: it is within the property rights of the show organizers to bar the carrying of weapons. They’re not like when you are on your own land (Yes, the streets and public property are *OUR* own land) and your own government restricts your rights, that runs afoul of the 2A.

          So, they really said “They have security personnel” for that? Really? Wow! I would have said, “Oh, you mean like the cops that take 20 minutes to show up after you’re dead?” In reality, many pro-gun people are not any smarter or have thought through more these issues than their anti-gun counterparts, they just don’t have the psychological problems dealing with guns that the anti-gun people do. They’ve never really “thought” about it, they just aren’t scared of guns.

          I just don’t like people that break the law. The biggest breakers of the spirit and letter of the law are the ones that supposedly write and enforce the color of law they pass off as law. They break it with impunity and reqularity. Your gun show organizers were simply thinking of safety. I don’t have a problem with what they required you to do. You must also realize there is no way the organizer has any way to know or control the safety aspect of your loaded weapon. So, again, it really all boils down to control and the show organizer demanded it. It was, however, at least, lawful for him to do so.

          Were I you, I would have said, “Oh, sorry, I’ll go put it in the truck.” and stuffed it under the seat and stuck my LC9 in my jacket pocket and headed back in. I carry, chambered and ready, at all gun shows just like I do in all places. My life and my safety is more important than anyone’s color of law firearms prohibitions. The best agent for my security and safety is me.

          I’m glad you made your voice heard. Maybe the organizer will take notice. I doubt it. Like I said above, the difference between pro-gun and anti-gun is in the unreasonable fears about guns. It does not guarantee an IQ bump or any distinct amount of thoughtfulness about the subject. Maybe you planted a seed. Thanks!

      9. If Mother Nature doesn’t beat humans to the punch, the more I watch the debacle about the world and U.S. finances, the more convinced I am that a major false flag is coming. These suckers know full well that nothing is a better distraction and a better nationalist feeling than a huge instigated tragedy. There is so much deception right now, you don’t know what to believe that comes out. The economy could be right on the brink and we would not know it until the fall hit critical. I still think that a physical events needs to happen to trigger it, of course your “friend” the government and BO could easily bring this physical event about any day, any week, any month. All they have to do is make it believable. This is how rotten times have become and will only get worse.

        • I totally agree with you B.I. So many professional, intelligent people have absolutely no clue with what is going on with the Fed, QE, Bond buying, and all the things leading up to the devaluation of the dollar. Most have no idea that we are the world reserve currency, and the role that plays in world markets. I get treated like I’m full of shit, and talking out of my ass…

          And that right there is why it is going to be so easy for the government to cover it up with a horrific f.f. event. And the sheep will swallow the lies, and beg to be lead to safety by Father Government… giving up what rights we have left for a tent behind barbwire fences, a glass of water and piece of (gmo) bread.

          We’ve seen the f.f. events that they can throw… with the magnitude of fake dollars and b.s. to cover up, you better believe the next distraction is gonna be huge…

          A lot of good human beings on this site…be excellent to each other… best of luck to all…


          • In reading all of these messages I’m reminded of an observation an old timer described a long time ago: “This country was once referred to as a melting pot, then it became a stew pot, and now I fear it is rapidly becoming a chamber pot.” By Jove, I do believe the old-timer was onto something.

            • The astronomer’s comment was heinous:

              “Though I’ve made a career out of Venus, my dear, I’m tempted to switch to Ur anus.

        • The weekend is not over.

        • Actually BI, judging by the recent events, they don’t even need to worry about it being ‘believable’ to be effective…just saying.

        • Treat every day as if the fiat collapse begins tomorrow. Make sure you have your gear with you, or very near by.

          While I have my .54 percussion, #4 double springs and a pound of black for fun and games my M1 Garand is always in the shadows.

      10. I don’t care what any one says! No precious metal will be more valuable than copper and brass in a shtf scenario. The more bullets the better. I’d say 1000rds per rifle, 250rds per shotty and, 150rds per pistol and that’s the minimum. More is always better. Honestly I’d say the hell with gold and silver. In a shtf situation it will not do any good. It’s more to worry about and people get wind of it you may waste precious rounds on stupid thieves and be really up the creek when a true threat or threats come a knocking. If you can afford gold you can afford more ammo. Go with the ammo. Stay alive out!

        • I agree, but problem I have is availability… I’m smack dab in the mid-west, and our shelves are bare… and if you are lucky to stumble into a delivery window, we’re limited to 3 boxes or one “value pack”.

          So… rather than keep my spare money in toilet paper fiat money, or in a bailed out, crook run bank, I think pm’s are a safe alternative. And if I need emergency cash, I run down to the local coin shop, and he trades me fair market value back to green tissue paper.

          But you are right, in a Mad Max scenerio, bullets, beans, and a whole lotta praying will serve ya better.

          • You need to look around more. My store has most ammo, most of the time now. They had 40 & 38 all week, Still short 22 & 223. but everyone in line, plus, when they unloaded the weekly truck could get a brick of 22. Manager said he had had AR”S for sale every day for the last 4 weeks and his supply of guns was close to normal. Still low on reloading stuff.

        • * you need to X4 quadripple those ammo stock estimates per year you expect survive a SHTF society collapse event .

          ‘ the faster long range the caliber is the better ‘

          no b.s. , a typical modern gun fight shoot-out average # of bullets fired is 50 rounds per shooter .

          Some gun fights in the 1000’s of rounds .

          if you run out of ammo first , guess what happens to you and your children … ?

          BUY MORE AMMO !!!


          • Sound advice, 3n3my. Only question is- what comes first? The return of ammo to the store shelves…or the crash? I hope it’s the ammo. I’m down to 7500 rounds of plinking stuff. (seriously, and that ain’t nearly enough)

            • @SmokinOkie … Respect !

              my observation from investigating it as i have for the last 4 years is it is to be Slow Decade Long – Deteriorating Economic Collapse here in ZOG AMERIKA …

              they’ve plans for ZOG AMERIKA to be at WAR till the year 2050 … even if the dollar suddenly croaked from global refusal to use it anymore as a viable currency … the Feds would install fixed prices on all goods for sale in ZOG AMERIKA to ensure mass riots don’t start .

              thats their biggest fear that the riots would become so large they’d lose control of whole cities and eventually states .

              so i’m pretty sure the ammo will return first ;0) .

              it may cost $5.00 bucks a round but it will return first .

              HYPERINFLATION IS COMING ONE WAY OR ANOTHER they can no longer avoid it , only try and postpone it !



            • The mosin Nagants and crates of ammo are still reasonable on the net. Not as cheap as they were but nothing is. I’d rather have ten people in my group with mosins and a lot of ammo than one ultra fancy AR 15 and a few rounds.

          • anyone who fires/wastes 1000 rounds in gun fight is an idiot.

            • How many gun fights have you been in. In one I was I personally went though the 360 RDS I was carrying in a few minutes just to get to a 50. Then I went though everything in the hole.

              • Armies are not the same. How much would you have had to shoot if, you opposition and you had not had a resupply operation, and if the villages you went into decided they didn’t like the bad guys and simply walked out the front door and shot them. Lastly, How many did you hit with that 300 rds? NO ONE! The US Army is the most wasteful of ammo in the history of the world. Ask your snipers how many they shoot, in combat, in a day. Any civilian that sets up to fight army style is dead.

              • FB…was never in military…see my reply to Nina below.

                Glad you survived and are here today…I realize that you and 3n3my piss back and forth at one another but I am glad you men survived your ordeals and share your stuff here.

                Thank you also for your service and have a peaceful Memorial Day.

                I’m all about covering other patriots asses.

              • @Facebook… No, he is talking REAL gun fights.

                Not Call Of Duty Video Game.

            • @lms … if you’re defending your under duress family and stockaded home during a SHTF scenario , with the Local criminal druggy scum running around the neighborhood in armed wolf packs preying upon those weaker and under armed for their food alcohol drugs and women … YOU ARE GOING TO NEED THAT 1000 ROUNDS TO KEEP THEM AT BAY !

              i speak from personal experience dealing with criminal Local gangs and ‘gang stalking’ harassment from just typical Local druggy trash and bully boys … you are going to need the extra ammo dealing with organized raiders operating as a team on your property .

              it is the only way to force multiply , give you a fighting chance against them .

              i would go with a heavier faster bullet than a .22lr for one reason , it defeats barricades and kills those on the other side .

              if your attacker is hiding behind a car or brick wall you want to be able to shoot through it , kill them quickly before your over whelmed by their shear numbers or caught trapped in a crossfire .

              spend your dime as you will its your life … how ever short it may be …


              • 3…I thought of that scenario just as I posted…should have added that…I will throw down 1000’s in that scenario if necessary.

                have followed your posts…realize that you were (are) a Marine…my father (is) a Marine (Korea 50-52.) Tank commander, sharpshooter at MCRM’s in Quantico. Cousin also, VN…have another cousin remembered on the wall…Army door gunner. Lots of other military in family…son was in Iraq (Army)…I did not serve…Dad persuaded us to do other things due to the things he did and saw.

                Thank you for your service this Memorial Day. Semper Fi

                My plan is to be calm and as overfuckinwhelming as necessary. Whatever it takes to keep my family and friends safe.

                Taught me how to shoot…wisely. My firearms are all zeroed and will perform if necessary.

                My Navy SEAL buddy says it best…

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

              • We get it. You’re tough.

              • If you’re defending your fortress/home in this manner, you have already lost. It’s a matter of time till you get popped. I have my doubts about you exchanging gunfire with “druggy scum” at al, let alone on a regular basis.

          • Sorry I disagree. I have that much ammo, but I’m nuts. As I have said before everyone shoots 5 people, the country is down to about 10 million, These huge firefights are not going to happen. To much TV, The whole Indian wars didn’t have a dozen major battles. The people who might come after you, in your home, have 6 rounds, plus what they steal from you. You start shooting, they go away. Find something easier. Almost nobody will shoot 50 rds in combat conditions. In the whole country we don’t hear of one or two fights that big in a year. Shooting starts, people run, especially when they know even a small wound is likely deadly. If you are sleeping at the switch you won’t get to shoot, If you are ready and careful, 5 rds is plenty. Doesn’t mean I don’t have 30 rd mags up the wazoo. But do the math these big ongoing firefights cannot last even weeks.

            • If things go to a shooting stage here, it will likely end up like the Balkan war. It seemed to be one long running gun battle that is fought between small groups of people running into each other, some on purpose, some by accident. Not major long engagements, except by existing military units fighting on either side.

              • @jm … Respect !

                you need to revisit the reports on Sarajevo from the survivors women and men stories … roving gangs and lone wolfs would assault the weak and stronger homes to rape and pillage … the only thing that stopped them was a wall of bullets !!!


                • Yes, is part of what I was mentioning. Selco’s site is most informative about that.

                • And all sides were being supplied by the US, Russia, old Yugo army stuff(Almost all in Serbian hands) etc. and they all were trying for political power. They weren’t roving bands, most of them were Either Serbian army, or people we supported pretending to be some kind of local group.

            • I think you and 3n3my both have very good points and it’s hard to know what will happen. There probably won’t be ongoing onslaughts of armed gangs with unlimited ammo because, eventually, enough people die. But, there will be some firefights. How many people in rural areas have guns and are buying up ammo but haven’t actually prepped? I think there’s a lot. And they can replenish their stock or expand their power base whenever they take over someone’s homestead and weapons. These people could be causing problems for a long time and they could actually win, forming little fiefdoms of thuggery. In which case, the only way to make it in the long run against that is to go along and pay one’s tribute.

              But, if roving gangs are not able to consolidate power, I look around where I live and I still see there will be an ongoing problem with the “druggy trash” boys as 3nemy3 calls them. They might not starve here right away because there’s enough pilfering to keep them going a very long time. I’m in an agricultural area in Hawaii. Pilfering and agricultural theft already happen. The thieves have a place to live. They’re mooching from their grandparents because they’re addicts or mom and dad are addicts, and they just steal sh*t from their neighbors and pay for groceries with their welfare debit cards. So, more of the same when the welfare stops, with home invasions increasing as things get worse. If they get caught, they’ll get shot, but a lot of these druggies are practiced thieves and if they are a different racial background from you, it complicates things. Bullies bully and control everyone around them so you don’t just go up against the one or two little thugs, you go up against all of their families and friends. It could be nice to have a lot of rounds for defensive purposes to last a long time in this case.

              • @DK … well said !


        • For whatever my opinion is worth =), I concur. I’d squirrel away as much ammo as you can find once the above numbers are met, and remember the humble .22lr. It’s a very solid rounds for shtf, and good as a backup caliber.

      11. Too flashy if you ask me. Needs to have a few graphs showing how bad off we are.

        Also explain that when these foreign countries stop using the Dollar. It could cause hyperinflation as the money comes home. Or the Dollar tanks as no one will accept them.

      12. I’m not so worried about the SHTF anymore and you can’t be either or I wouldn’t be seeing adds for 15 AWSOME PICTURES OF DEREK JETERS GIRL or some such crap the site has turned into another money maker. Well Done

      13. ZOG AMERIKA – Fiat End Game is to just ‘ KILL THE FIAT DOLLAR !’

        as long as your lifestyle is ‘low income poor’

        you’ll survive

        the ZOG wont risk nation wide food riots

        they’ll keep the prices in ZOG AMERIKA low for basic goods foods as long as possible to save their own skins from hanging .

        so just live ‘poor’ .

        Save where you can and stock up on long term foods and life necessities when you have extra cash .

        whether you like it or not inevitably there will be a ZOG AMERIKA currency Crash and Financial Market Reset .

        there is no avoiding it …

        Most of you will lose your pensions and 40-60% of your life savings value and purchasing power .

        prepare now …

        6 p’s piss poor planning piss poor performance .

        ‘ Think Thrifty !’


        • 6 P’s:

          Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance


          • ;0p

        • at the rate they are going we will all be low income!

      14. Let’s put on the thinking cap (7 1/4, tinfoil) and see if we can figure this out. Suppose you were a NWO commie bankster thug, and you wanted to squeeze all that wealth (created and held by the middle class) back into your own pockets, where, of course, you know it rightfully belongs.
        You could keep a few wars going constantly. Wars are always good for cranking more wealth back to the top, since you already own all the munitions corporations. Plus, the only people who die in your wars are the sons of poor white people and the darker shaded sons from various uninteresting places on the globe. In other words, NOT your own spawn (you’re saving them to take over the family business of running the world) So, constant wars…check.
        You could weasel your way into permanent political power, simply by owning the rotten souls of the peon political class. That’s easy enough, considering the stupidity and ego of the wanna-be politicians. All you gotta do for them is let them dress up in suits and sit around in fancy buildings, calling each other ‘My esteemed colleague’ or ‘Mr. President’, ‘Mr. Prime Minister’ and such. And give them a jet to fly around in (paid for by the serfs), and the occasional intern to diddle, and they’re happy. It don’t take much to satisfy the political class. So, eternal political power…. check.
        Then, with that power, you could counterfeit as much fiat currency as you want. And it’d be LEGAL! And, best of all, the serfs are willing to work for the useless stuff! How cool is that!? Counterfeiting apparatus…check.
        Also, with your store-bought political power, you can pretty much control all other aspects of the serf’s lives. Just keep the masses supplied with television, (sports and porno are useful), drugs, and junk food and they’re mostly docile.
        The rowdier ones you’ll have to pay off with free cocopuffs and free fiat to purchase crack with. Here’s the genius of this part- The serfs are the ones paying for the cocopuffs and the crack money! Awesome! No coin out of your pocket! Oh, and throw in a few things like letting the serfs kill their unborn babies, worship trees, and sleep with goats (or whatever) and almost all of them are quite co-operative. So, control of masses…check.
        Of course, you’ll also have to keep them brainwashed. But, since you OWN the airwaves (by virtue of your politicians), and you OWN all the media outlets and schools, that’s easy as pie! Propaganda and Brainwashing…check.
        Of course, there may be a few disgruntled sheep who wake up enough to see a bit of what’s being done to them. And they might even become violent. So, once again, you use your purchased legislative power, along with the propaganda arm. You turn all gun owners into pariahs and lunatics with the media. And use your gestapo to make a public example of the few who do turn violent. Eventually, you’ll need to disarm them all, but that’s easy too. The media will brainwash almost all of the people to insist on gun confiscation. And, they’ll gladly turn in their neighbors who don’t disarm. Control of the use of force…check.
        Looks like your little world utopia is going well. But wait. There’s still millions of serfs who keep working their butts off, or inventing a popular product, and creating (and hogging to themselves) more wealth than they should. The danged middle class is still there! It’s shrinking, but not nearly fast enough. What are you going to do?
        Here’s an idea- All the third world countries have been absorbed into your empire. Some cultures just seem to be easier pickings than others. But those western Europeans, the cranky Australians, Canadians, and, worst of all, the Americans, just keep finding ways to earn and keep more than the daily minimum survival in wealth. Some of them even have the audacity to buy gold and silver! And the damned Americans; they still think they should own guns! How dare they?!
        Here’s a plan that might work; lets bring the third world to them! Yeah, that’s it! We’ll just import enough third world immigrants to water down their numbers. A quarter million a year into Canada, twice that into most western European countries, and maybe 5 or 10 times as many into America! We’ll have the natives outnumbered in no time! They’ll ALL be third world nations. Then, it’s simply the same plan as elsewhere. Rinse, repeat. Before the decade is out….there won’t BE a middle class anywhere on the planet! Whee! This world conquering stuff is fun!

        • Okie, that’s not funny.

          • I know, Rick. The whole comment was a bit depressing, but I figured it ought to be said. It seems to me that every nation that has (or had) a thriving middle class, was also a little slower to be taken over by the Globalists. The propaganda had to be done more slowly. And those developed prosperous countries would’ve been much harder to take by force than, say, Uganda or Laos.
            The prosperous cultures had better communications, transportation, and (to some degree) an idea of self-determination among the populace, that the poorer countries didn’t.
            Just a hunch, but I think the NWO boys were tired of waiting and wanted to speed up the plan. Mass immigration serves that purpose in several ways. It creates friction between the natives and the newbies. That provides the excuse for greater government control to maintain ‘law and order.’
            Plus, the huge influx of refugees/immigrants drives down the cost of labor. Hence the lower standard of living for everyone, which is exactly what the gangsters want.
            And, in the past 20 yrs there’s been a massive shuffling of peoples around the world. Refugees by the millions have changed the very cultures into which they’ve been injected.
            Not trying to insult the migrants, but, when they arrive in large numbers in a short amount of time, they tend to pull the host nation down toward the living standard of their former homes.
            When they trickle in over time, they assimilate and join the higher standard of their new home nation. Faster is better, if you look at it from the globalists point of view.
            Another benefit (for the NWO) is the ability to spread diseases to any and all points on the planet. That’ll come in handy when they decide to thin the herd. Not saying any of this is right or good, of course. It’s just the way I see it.
            There is one other point, and it relates to the article above. (imagine that, okie saying anything on topic 🙂 )
            Another version of the evil plan, which doesn’t require immigrants or mixing of cultures, is to simply impoverish the masses by inflation and engineered economic crashes. This basically returns most of the wealth held by the middle class, back to the gangsters on top. I believe that is what we are already seeing, it just hasn’t hit high gear yet.
            I’m beginning to think the globalists are getting tired of the bubble/crash routine, and are designing a future where that won’t be needed. That future is a world where every nation is third-world status. The saddest part of that, is that every one of us, native or newbie, basically loses our cultural identity…. 🙁

            • Great Words of Wisdom Smokin!!! It must have taken a lot of road miles and age to see the truth? I only wish a lot more people could see, what you and most of older posters on this site see! And the only way out of this mess is to withdraw from it!

              Thanks to you smokin,bi,jog and all the other posters on this great site that help me stay focused on the task at hand!!!!!

              See you on a new day!

              • Withdraw…to where?

            • Right on the money. It’s too late to turn back now. The immigrants, legal or not, are here by the millions. Some say the total of illegals/non-citizens, now stands about 50 million and most of those are sucking the bottom out of the taxpayer’s nest egg.

              It’s not just Mexicans. If it were, we could possibly put the lid on the big Genie bottle and move along. It’s the others that come here to do harm and get a free ride. Hence muslim extremists coming from all parts of the world.

              as a side note: For some curious reason, I tuned into the
              China News channel yesterday. It seems as though the Chinese powers are working overtime to bring Germany and Sweden on as major trading paetners. Japan is investing heavily into the Burma Myanmar economy.
              Burma is a country rich in precious stones, oil, natural gas and other mineral resources. In 2011, its GDP stood at US$82.7 billion and was estimated as growing at an annual rate of 5.5%
              Are the Asians getting ready for a decline in the North American market? Seems to me they are already looking elsewhere.

              • I wish the Chinese all the luck in the world in that venture.Anything that helps bring down this festering stinkhole gubmint here in the good ole’ussa is ok by me.

                • Anonymous— and you live here why?

            • Smokin Oakie, you have managed to state in your two posts an amazingly insightful, thorough, and horrifying scenario of what seems to be taking place under our noses. There is only one minor thing that I would quibble with. You mention the spread of disease to intentionally “thin the herd”. Thinning the herd implies that most of us except for some unfortunate souls, will make it through. My crystal ball tells me it will be more like a massive crisis of eugenics where the majority will be “selectively reduced”.

              There are too many people that don’t contribute to the bounty the NWO wants to keep for itself. Young able-bodied slaves will be saved but older people (like 79 million aging baby boomers) present too many problems. They expect a good income, a nice lifestyle, and will soon be retiring. What possible good are they to the NWO? How about the sick, elderly, and anyone in need of special resources such as soldiers wounded in action?

              The Georgia Guidestones tell us the capacity of the world is a 1/2 billion, so 93% of us have to go. How will they do this? Agenda 21, weaponized vaccines, fluoridated water, GMO foods, depleted soil, extinction of the bees, peak oil, the dwindling supply of fresh drinking water, chem trails, HAARP, EMP, Carrington Event; there are many ways to deal with the 93%.

              Those of us living in remote self sufficient communities won’t be depriving the NWO of anything, so I think they might be OK. On the other hand, these communities won’t be providing anything to the NWO so they might not be OK. Either way the prospects for those living in cities and suburbs don’t look so good in a grid down situation.

              Smokin Oakie, thank you for your extremely insightful comments. When we’re rounded up and sent to FEMA camps, I’ll be looking for the guy with size 7 1/4 tin foil hat and an Oakie accent. See you there.

              • All you dudes, you have to remember why Smokin wrote that about a third world country. He did that thru experience in trucking. He just came back from California.

                I’m sure trucking goods to WallyWorld in Stockton and Riverside is just like going to Disneyland….

                • I retired from the city of stockton and moved to Moyie Springs. Stockton is a Zoo.

            • That appears to be the plan, alright.

              What never made sense to me, though, is this: Just WHO is going to buy all the crap that keeps them rich when everyone is dirt poor?

              Is it possible they are just stupid with greed and hubris and that there is no grand plan? Or, is there a bigger driver than greed, for example, a managed die-off and scale back due to resource problems (peak everything) which could not be managed unless everyone was brow-beaten into submission first?

              An aside: Respectfully, allowing abortion and gay rights is not how they stay in power. Getting people all emotional over it is how they cause people to strongly identify with one or the other political parties and vote for that party (rather than revolting). I’m sure 98% of us, me included, have been suckered into this scheme. Meanwhile, both parties manage to get past these differences and act together to pass NAFTA and Patriot Act, etc., on a Friday night before Christmas recess.

              • The real globalist elites already have more wealth than they can possibly spend in several lifetimes, so I don’t think getting more money is the real goal… THEY DON’T NEED OUR PENNIES.

                What they DO need, is to satisfy their desire for complete power by means of complete control…they think they should be the new gods and we have to accept them as such.

                They need to break our wills to achieve that end, and as long as we have one leg to stand on, one thought that is still our own and one bullet left to challenge them with, OUR WILL IS NOT BROKEN and OUR SPIRIT IS STILL FREE.

                Remember that.

                Not One More Inch.

                • That makes sense, guys. Sixpack, you should be the new Thomas Paine.

                  • Thanks, Daddy K, but I can find little wrong with the old/original Thomas Paine.

              • ~~What never made sense to me, though, is this: Just WHO is going to buy all the crap that keeps them rich when everyone is dirt poor?~~

                TPTB are already so rich and have such wealth, this question is not even on their minds.
                They’ve used fraud, theft, some corrupt laws and many legal ways to steal from us for decades.
                Jamie Diamond comes to mind.

            • It goes beyond that. The plan is to level the playing field globally. Average monthly income down to a few dollars but everyone around the globe equal except for the elite. Allow a few people to make it big and move up (then steal their money back) to keep the illusion that it isn’t all determined ahead of time.

            • Okie how true. If they can’t rub us out, they’ll breed us out.

          • Maybe not funny, but on the mark, well said Okie.

      15. It’s too late. The government not only has a $1 trillion official deficit but unfunded liabilities for pensions, social security, medicare, and obamacare are at least $5 trillion a year. The government takes in $2 trillion in taxes and is committed to spending $7 trillion a year. The Republicans refuse to stand up to Obama on anything. The Federal Reserve will continue to destroy the dollar until $100 bills are used as toilet paper.

      16. Indulge me for a moment while I share a nightmare I had last night. Southern California was invaded, immediately following a tsunami-like event (we weren’t home on the east coast with all our supplies) and something was sprayed that immediately killed every single person who was outdoors. There were also Chinese on our handheld radios. When I stepped outside, saw the dead bodies and smelled the agent used – BAMM! I woke right up.

        Although I’ve always known it, I immediately internalized how easy it would be to eliminate a ton of people without having to fight… It’s a much easier order to follow by pilots spraying above (or drones) than for boots on the ground to shoot Americans, as long as they’re spraying far from their home towns (if it’s even American soldiers doing the spraying).

        p.s. Really weird: I’ve had multiple dreams throughout my life that have come true. The details were somewhat different but the outcome was the same. Four examples: I dreamt years ago about the drones over our cities; about microphones along the strip in Vegas before they actually planned and announced them; decades ago I dreamt about carbon monoxide filters being used in public places like they’re now doing in Mexico City and other places; and I’ve dreamt about the microwave-type weapon they now have, about six months before it was made public.

        It was just a dream… but I’m going to make sure our masks/respirators are in excellent condition and that we’re skilled at sealing our location.

        • GV,
          Funny you should mention a dream like that…

          Here’s one that I have with minor variation…

          I’m part of a “detail” that is providing security for a burial detail, hundreds to thousands of bodies…
          In these dreams I’ve lost quite a bit of weight…I wake up in a cold sweat…
          This has been going on for the past 6-7 years, few times a year.
          Everybody looks gaunt…malnourished.

          • GV and Jerry, funny you mentioned dreams. I had the same dream over and over every night for a week. I kept dreaming about TeePee’s and WigWams, so I finally went to the Doctor, I would have said Psychiatrist, but then I wouldn’t be able to own a gun, any way after he gave it a little thought, he said I figured out what your problem is, Your to tents. Trekker Out.

            • That gets an up vote for being so awful.

        • GV,you may be on to something here. When I was growing up in central California, my father had his own flying business. He was a crop duster. He told me once that another pilot had crashed. The pilot survived the crash, walked away from the plane but then fell over dead. The spray tank had ruptured and the pilot was soaked in the spray up to his waist. The spray entered the body through his skin and killed him. If there were some sort of disease going around, the gov could say that the insects were spreading it and we need to do spraying – like California use to do the mosquito abatement spraying – don’t know if they still do as I don’t live there anymore. Anyway, the population might even accept the spraying as a help, not knowing that it would kill them in mass numbers.

          • GV, Larry, & LSB….

            I am not Daniel, but I will take a shot at your dreams.

            Those dreams have some reality in them. Nerve gas sprayed aerially can take out millions in a hurry and then dissipate. By dissipate, I mean it is a very lethal gas, does its job in about an hour and then becomes environmental friendly.

            That type of technology is cost effective. It saves tax-payers monies as drones, civil war, and ground troops cost trillions. Just pray, spray, and then play–you can do all of that in just one day.

            Drone spots an American Bugging-out, thus sprays. Then flies to another locale and sprays some more.

            The dreams are terrible ones, but probabilistic. Who knows what the future holds, but your dreams may hold some of those keys.

            But lets have better dreams, such as those of Peace and also of America becoming strong economically again. We can only dream.

        • The gas that was used against the Kurds was heavier than air. It would sink into low lying places, like basements and cellars, and poison the people hiding there. Just something to take into account when planning a safe location.

          • Howdy Merree!

            At one point Saddam used something that was refered to as ‘Aflotoxin’…I take it that THAT is something derived from a fungal origin..Do you kmow anyhting thereon! the results were rather ‘hideous’ per the press release at the time…


            • Not uncommon mold on p-nuts I think you have an odd spelling (not that I can spell) and yes it is ugly stuff. If you can work on spelling should be in Wickop.

      17. The activity on the Nazca plate has been so intense on the western borders, yet still nothing in South America or Central America. This morning yet another one southeast of Easter Island. This is a strange one in that every earthquake after this one has lead to ONLY two areas that have been hit multiple times. Southwest China to Burma/Nicobar Islands, Banda Sea to Soloman Islands. These areas are extremely suspect for something in the range of 6.8-7.8. A couple of other areas that could hit once was northern Japan and south of New Zealand.

        Here is what is so irritating. If I can predict these earthquakes without the benefit of a supercomputer like that the USGS and other government agencies have, they know also what is happening. These bastards would let the New Madrid, Cascadia, and/or the San Andreas break, and be near certain that it would and not even give an advisory that seismic activity was on the rise and there was a chance of something occurring. Not even some sort of imminent quake coming, just issue a slight chance of something. Those MF’s would not even do this to save people that are more than worth it, at least give them an idea that something is possible. That is why I say to the government FU.

        The government does the same manure with the economy, everything is fine, the stock market is flying, and it is time to invest. Doesn’t matter that the volume sucks and any major event could cause a 30% shutdown in one day and someone could lose their shirt in a cuple of days of trading, more like sell off. The government knows and yet they don’t only not warn people, they actually encourage doing what is hazardous to your financial health and sometimes your life.

        The government will encourage you to visit a seismic zone ready to go, because of tourism. Even if they know that a visitor could die, they would let you risk your life for a few bucks of revenue. To any government that would do this, FU. There is something called have a conscience, and payback in some form from the universe, God, whatever. Yet the governments of the world continue this hiding of what is really happening in so many aspects of everyday life. Again FU governments of the world, you suck and deserve absolutely none of our respect.

        • BI

          AS the great sage George Carlin said, “They are our
          owners. They own us. They’ve got us right by the balls.”

          The “District of Corruption” has no conscience. Instead,
          it has a very large testicle-crushing fist of control.

        • We live near a frequent hurricane zone, and a half hour south of us is a top tourist destination. The marketing powers that be play down risk every time, knowing announcing an approaching hurricane will cost them tons of $$$ in revenue. They don’t give a crap about human life, only about $$$. AHOLES.

          • Many years ago, I was thinking of attending a medical conference at a tourist location. My kids absolutely refused to go but they couldn’t say why they didn’t want to go. They convinced me to cancel. The conference ended up in the edge of a hurricane and everyone was stuck indoors the entire week. I was so glad I was at home in the Midwest.

        • Dude- what the hell are you talkin about?

        • With all the spy satellites, the U.S. governnment had to know about Chernobyl. Not a word was said.

        • @ Be Informed or anyone else that can help out:

          I’m a newbie to this particular forum and I have no idea what is being written about regarding the Nazca plate earthquakes and predictions but I’ve gathered from earlier threads that most here are familiar with these predictions. Is there somewhere you can point me to where this is more info about this?

          Thanks, Mike

        • BI: so why does the Same gov perps warn folks about huricanes and tornados? Just curious is all. Seems logical if they fail to warn of quakes so people will die? Why warn about those other events?

          Besides unless anybody can predict a quake the same as tornados with a minimum 15+ min warn time in advance, what real good does it do to warn of potential quakes yet unable to say xact area to flee from or Where else to flee that will surely remain safe?(I mean if the best quake warning is 2-3 weeks Out it may occure? what should folks do about it? Move away till 3 weeks goes past? to Where? It isn’t very practical right.)

          I mean there is a big difference from quakes effects compared to more isolated tornado or huricane events right? Even if a quake can be predicted 15 min Prior to occureing. Where or which direction should folks run to?

          At least for a huricane or tornado it is way more isolated areas. Even then at least for tornados they too sometimes skip and jump to other areas so it wont do any good to run away. Except for the Main area like last week in OK occured. But if instead a quake hit there in OK, even going into buried shelters can be deadly, depending which direction quake crack follows right?

          I just think maybe for some things the gov likly thinks its worse to post an alert without valid directions as to What or Where to go next, as that can cause worse panic etc which can cause worse troubles or deaths too right.

          We cannot always just say This means That, and That means This…So…That over there Must mean abc because what else can it mean? It could mean something we aint even thought of right. There don’t always have to be an answer is what I mean. Always a Reason? Yes! always answers? No. or not any we are always able to figure out.

          BI, I hope you get what I am saying here, as I do not mean it in any bad way. Just am considering a few things I mentioned here is all. To me it makes not much sense to why the same gov will alert for one thing yet not another if that gov wants folks dead or harmed. Why any alerts if so?

      18. Amen to that, BI. And rest assured, sooner or later, their judgment day is coming.

        • @ SmokinOkie.

          ” The Waiting is the hardest part”.
          Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

          • Absolutely. Some days I want to say, ‘Lord, use me. Let me be Your hand of judgment. Especially if You got some globalist bankster You want to smite.’
            He usually replies, “Justice or mercy. Take your pick. But remember, you have enough sins to deserve a couple of smites upside your head, too!”
            That’s when I usually end my prayer with, ‘Uh, I’ll just let You handle this one, Lord.’

            • Can’t go wrong with that divine conversation

            • He Will…Sooon 🙂

              Those have Nothing but thier idiot selves upon which to depend, they niether sow not weave…do they? Yes, they will Starve…in a world which depends only on real things, real work.

              But IT is for Him to begin it.


      19. I am so confused of what to do. I have some gold and silver but I read opinions on both sides. Some say buy more and some say its going lower. I have a very sick husband. We have no help as the VA disability has stopped working. I hate to take a lost. If I hang on and keep it for my children, they won’t feel like I do about the value and may sell it and buy stupid stuff. I am about ready to bail out. I don’t think anyone knows what the future holds for us. We are shocked at what happens with the turn events everyday. We are in a survival mode right now. I can use the money right now to help me. Opinions would be appreciated.

        • Let me first say I am in the boat that PMs are very low down on my prep list.

          But, I do believe it is super obvious that PMs in general but silver especially are undervalued. I do not see coincidence in bad economic times and low PM value but obvious conpiracy to divest the public of inherintly valuable matierel. Savings are for emergencies and if you need money then do what needs to be done but I would suggest that your PMs be the last thing you liquidate. I truly feel they have nowhere to go but up. Unfortunately real market forces seem to have less and less power on our ecxonomy and it is possible that we will never see reality reassert it dominance until after whatever is coming down the pipe gets here.

          All the best to you and yours.
          Think and decide, no one else can make your choice but you.

        • Grandma

          My wife got catastrophically infirmed a number of
          years ago and it took Everything I had to save her
          life. My gold and silver suddenly became meaningless
          in light of losing my most Precious Treasure.

        • @Grandma….

          I am assuming you are over 65 years old. I wouldn’t buy anymore gold or silver. I am 52 and what I buy this year will be it….

          I will focus on debt because whatever debt I pay off is an immediate monthly raise for me. If I can live better with $1,500 in less monthly bills; then guess what, I just got a raise and an immediate return on my investments.

          Save your gold and silver. When that day comes, give it away to your family (unless you need it).

          There are other things you can leave for your family, such as tools, an old F-150 that runs, pictures, knowledge, etc.

          My grandmother left me with some silver spoons. They are never for sale. She left me with a bunch of wisdom and a very hard work ethic. She was an avid gardener. She also gave me some seeds that were 20+ years old–guess what, they grew. Try that with today’s hybrid.

          To conclude, be generous with your family but make sure you pay your debt first. Buying gold and silver now at your age won’t do you any good. Tell your husband thanks for his service to this great USA! Hope I helped some?

        • Grandma— since price dropped, if you need to sell……….. sell only the mount for the cash you need right now. If you need 1300, sell only an ounce.

          Money is not as important as health, and your kids will get by same as you did. Use it as you need it.

        • Dear Grandma, Please find a local veterans organization, VFW, American Legion, which can help you find the right person to determine why your husbands VA disability was stopped. If necessary have someone get a hold of one or more of your Congressmen. This process may take time. Try to locate the paperwork awarding the disability pension. Even a DD214 of your husband’s service can help. You and your husband deserve answers and help

          Have a responsible trusted relative or friend take you to a local coin shop, not the We buy Gold shops. Before you go check the current Buy/Sell prices of what you want to sell. Kitco dot com has continuous pricing throughout the day. Sell only what you need to. ……WE CARE…


      20. The game is just about over. The only hope is there are enough people with balls enough to make TPTB feel some real pain.

      21. Just an FYI. This crisis isn’t only a currency crisis.

        The currency is failing because the resources that it is based upon are becoming scarce.

        Going back to a gold standard cannot make vital resources more available.

        The problem is positive interest economics. It is out of sync with the second law of thermodynamics and will always lead to collapse.

        You humans need to let your money decay.

      22. The days of the dollar’s hegemony are numbered. What does that mean for us?

        Starting from your skin outward, do a reality check. Your boxer shorts, socks, tee shirt, jeans, belt, shoes, the edge on your axe, the purity of your drinking water, the ability to start a fire in your wood stove, the grinding stone on your hand cranked grinder, the ability to clean wounds or your person (must stay clean if you want to stay healthy). My point is those things are used up or wear out.

        When the medium of exchange stops functioning and you’ve worn holes in yer jeans, can you make your own? When your food/water/defense stores are full start thinking about secondary lists. Start or flesh out your supply of things you know you will need that either won’t be available then or you won’t be able to buy.

        Would I trade a bucket of hard red winter wheat for PM early on? No, but I might accept a handful of silver maples for a pair of jeans lest we hafta look at you walking around nakers.

      23. The main stream media is FINALLY admitting that Israel has over 200,000 rockets and missiles aimed at it. Something that was told to me 2 years ago by some Israeli soldiers. They told me a few months ago it is more closer to 400,000 now. You know we are in serious crap when the MSM starts telling even part of the truth.

        • And Isreal has over 200 nukes aimed at the diaperheads. and thats no bullshit. With the balls to use them I might add.

          • Not sure which MSM you mean? Fox and CNN have talked about israel in dire straits due to surounding nations rockets etc for the last 12+ yrs BI.

            Have You ever seen the “rockets” or “Missles” israelis whine of that are fired from Palestine across that 40ft wall over into israels side? I mean seen any Photos of such BI?…They showed a full storage room filled with spent or fired “rockets and missles”. What they really are is a Homemade xtra big Bottle rocket type. Aprox. 2-4ft long, made from old car metals, ie: car fenders/hoods etc. And all they are capable of is being fired off like a bottle rocket and NO explosives upon impact. They cant even control where it flys to. Just lite fuse and rocket fires in an arch and falls back to earth several hundred ft to maybe a mile away.

            Those so called missles from palestine only do dammage “IF” they land on your head or roof maybe. They do NOT expolde or operate like what is made to sound like on fox or cnn news BI.

            I realize those other nations likly do have more impressive rockets. But after hearing for so many yrs from our msms like fox or cnn how “deadly” Palestine rocket attacks are, only to actually SEE the real thing and how Inneficient it really is kinda makes a person highly Doubt MSM’s reports.

            Also CONSIDER this BI: Funny all a sudden MSM reports as you stated, when Just Last Nite RT-tv news says “Russia has Canceled an contract from over a year ago to supply Syria with Over a BILLION $$$ worth of Missles russia promiced to deliver and signed contracts for a year ago!

            Russias reason= Worried those may fall into Wrong hands of terroristic type orgs in syria and Elsewheres. Now all a sudden MSM reports so many “Missles or rockets”?

            Can You say usa-MSM’s are garnering mass support for israel…Again! Just wait! Next up=Mcain and Lindsey Grahm whineing for the usa to nuke Iran and syria!

            Sorry but whatever is about that Bandit State israel and their khazer kommie zios I just cannot take Their word for it nor usa’s msm’s any longer. Too many lies for far too long now to believe it.

      24. Once upon a time, there was a slightly frustrated scientist. He used to be a mad scientist, but then he took anger management classes and Ritalin, and he got better. So, the slightly frustrated scientist was tinkering in the lab, trying to come up with a beer that really WAS great tasting and less filling. Quite by accident, he discovered a way to bring people back from the dead.
        He’d mix a few chemicals, run them through a centrifuge, then type in a section of the DNA sequence of a human, and…Presto! The dead person would appear, in the flesh, right in the lab! When he hit the ‘delete’ key, they disappeared.
        But there was a catch. He couldn’t bring back just one person. He had to bring back two at a time. And, their personalities were always switched with one another. Plus, he never knew who he was re-animating until they appeared. Still, it was quite a breakthrough.
        The first time he did it, it really startled him.

        Slightly frustrated scientist: Wow! It’s Abe Lincoln! And Elvis! I can’t believe it!
        Abe: You better believe it, you old hound dog. Now, run get me a peanut butter and nanna sandwich.
        Elvis: Four score and seven hunks of burnin’ love ago, our forefathers…
        Abe: Say, where’d I get this funny hat?
        Elvis: That blue suede shoes, of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.
        Abe: And what happened to my collar? And my pants legs? They’re tiny!
        Elvis: Tell General Grant that if he doesn’t wind this up at Appomattox, he’s gonna be doing the ‘jailhouse rock’ when he returns to Washington.
        Scientist: Sorry boys, this is too much.

        At that point, the slightly frustrated scientist hit the delete key, and they vanished. A while later, he tried again. (mix, mix, type, type…poof)

        Scientist: Oh my goodness! It’s Michael Jackson! And Dean Martin!
        Michael Jackson: Why am I craving pasta?
        Dean Martin: Wow! I’m twice as white as I used to be. This is cool!
        Jackson: And why do I suddenly feel more Catholic than Jehovah’s Witness?
        Martin: Hey, I can moon walk right up to people’s door and give them an Awake magazine! (in squeaky voice) Heee!
        Jackson: I need a drink…and a cigarette.
        Scientist: Sorry fellas. This is too strange. You gotta go. (hits delete)

        The slightly frustrated scientist was getting a bit more frustrated than usual. He took some Ritalin, and tried again. (mix, type, poof)

        Scientist: Oh No! Mother Teresa and Marilyn Monroe! (he quickly hit delete)

        He tried once more. (mix, etc, poof)

        Scientist: Gosh! It’s Karl Marx…and John Wayne!
        Marx: Where’s my spurs? And who are you, pilgrim?
        Scientist: I’m a slightly frustrated scientist. And I have sooo wanted to meet you, Mr. Marx! I’ve been an admirer of yours for years. And you should see the advancements humanity has made with your wonderful philosophy. We have a new Progressive movement in America, and it’s led by a unique and gifted man!
        Marx: Well, pilgrim, I always knew the proletariat would rise up one day and-
        John Wayne (pulls his gun and shoots them both): I haven’t lost my temper in 40 years, pilgrim. But there are some things even my ghost can’t tolerate…

        • An EPIPHANY!!!

          Thank you SO MUCH Smokin’!!..after all this time, there it is, “Euraka”…I could have solved my anger problem YEARS ago with the simple inclusion of Ritalin in my daily ‘diet’!!

          Many Thanks Senor Smokin’…I too can be SO HAPPY NOW…a FULLY Functional cog in the Great Machine of the World…I can help poor deprived RICH People to better, !MOAR! fulfilling lives…Oh, the WONDER!!! /gagsarc off

          😉 Thanks Bother!!…Little did I know!


      25. Never gonna happen, not without a fight.

      26. Thank you Vetrans for puttin it on the line to preserve our freedom GOD BLESS YOU & YOURS’ ALWAYS

        • Amen to that.

      27. Going back to the how many rounds are used in a gunfight discussion earlier. In Boston when the cops cornered the two idjuts on the street, there were hundreds of rounds fired. Idjut #2 that got away did so because the cops ran out of rounds.

        When the government says that 10 rounds in a pistol should be illegal, point out that Boston police just trying to get two people down (and only got 1) went through a huge amount of ammo and one got away.

        You can never have enough ammo…be better to run out of targets than ammo. That’s just my take on it.

        God Bless,

        • damn right norse prepper

        • also bring up the point that they suck at hitting their target..because its not like 300+ rounds were coming back at them out of 2 dam guys with no military training

          • in reto spect, i guess thats good for us, right?

      28. What If We Have Only Memories of Freedom?
        by Andrew P. Napolitano

        “What if, on Memorial Day, we remember times that were more free than today? What if, on Memorial Day, when we think of those who died for our freedom, we end up recognizing that the freedom they died for is dying?

        What if it becomes fashionable for the government to ignore the Constitution? What if the Constitution dies because the government stops following it?

        What if, next Memorial Day, freedom is just a memory?

        What do we do about it?”

        lewrockwell dot com

      29. 3n3my,

        I use the 7Ps:
        Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

        Y’all Beware! Take care NinaO and keep smilin’.

        • Is that a second verse to ‘peter piper picked a peck of…’

      30. The first nation to return to a gold standard will be nuked into a smouldering glass parking lot.

        You know how this works.

        • BTW, Islam requires gold money. (IIRC). Tells everything that Muslims will kill innocent people but refuse to use gold for money.

      31. I don’t know that you will agree with this article 100%

        but it certainly sums up the way a LOT of people are feeling

        When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty

        “Albert Camus once said “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

        and one of my favorite quotes from Orwell

        “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

        George Orwell

        • Satori

          + 100 ^^^

          Add one more that most here won’t like. Once upon a time embattled farmers, in a fight picked by the intellectuals of the day, took on the world’s imperialist hegemon. And with help from interested others, won.

          Ours wasn’t the first or the last fight for self determination against an imperial power. William Wallace predated us by centuries. But since about 1848 we’ve been the imperial power with our boot astride someone else’s neck. Struggles for national liberation continue. Often with us on the wrong side.

          Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win

          Are we the only people entitled to liberty or is that a game everyone can play? If liberty is a universal birthright, following from one’s humanity, it doesn’t matter what race, religion, color or shoe size they are.

          Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win

        • Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

      32. Storable food with a long shelf life, water, water purification items, firearms, ammunition, cleaning kits, medical supplies, camping equipment, heavy-duty clothing and footwear,etc. are the only sure investments in my mind for long-term survival. I noticed Eisen is back. Good, now i have someone to pick on again. Mac, the dog has peed on the carpet again.

      33. Protestors in over 400 cities marched against Monsanto on Saturday
        Washington Post

        Facebook CENSORS pictures of children rallying against GMO in the march against Monsanto yesterday.
        Natural News

      34. Impending Financial Collapse – the Grand Finale

        2010 to the present…
        The evidence…”controlled demolition”
        Capital controls
        Financial regulations
        Financial events
        Conclusions…New World Order

        before its news dot com

      35. Just watched the movie for the first time, RED DAWN (the new one); a line jump out at me with both feet “Fleas can drive a BIG DOG NUT’S”. Just think about it when the time comes.

        Keep the FAITH

        • I bought the DVD for my collection.

        • I hope that there are not a lot of the types of fleas that hack computer systems and disrupt electronic communication lines and power supplies.

        • Oh, and I hope no fleas are reading the Anarchists Cookbook.

      36. After years of observing what the left has done and is still doing without interruption, without any quantifiable impact to their ideology or methodologies, as well as their consolidation of power within government itself, it would seem that revolt is the accurate word, if not tactic.

        They’ve been planning and implementing for a long time now and aren’t simply going to go away if asked, nicely. In fact it gets worse from here on. They are ready for a fight; they’ve been planning on one.
        Witness the activity in the general officer corps and recent examples of politicization of local police or their inability to recognize the problems that now require their choice of whom to serve.
        It seems that many believe that the oaths they took were loyalty oaths to the politicians, not the people.

        Constitution not withstanding and a majority media basically state run. The imagination runs wild with suppositions, all too closely borne out by actions and facts already known, with more upon the horizon.

        And some wonder why the sales of guns and ammunition are through the roof.

        Keep the FAITH

      37. The Bill of Rights, constituting the first ten amendments to the Constitution, was demanded by the States before they would agree to ratification. The Tenth Amendment guarantees that federal government will exercise only the power expressly afforded to it by the Constitution, and that the individual States retained all other sovereign powers. The federal government has, since before the Late Unpleasantness, made a mockery of the Tenth Amendment.

        The Second Amendment was not, as some speciously argue, intended to allow government-approved and sponsored militias. The States already had the power to do that. Nor was intended simply to permit Americans to hunt with firearms. It was, instead, understood to be the guarantee of last resort against unconstitutional federal action, a means for each citizen to reassert his liberty should it be stolen by a rogue government.

        Constitutional law has ended why because; A Supreme Court that resorts to the idiot notion of undefined and indefinable “penumbras,” violating the separation-of-powers doctrine in order to usurp power from a complicit and complaisant Legislature, is simply ruling by judicial fiat. They rely on the complexity of legal procedure, on unfamiliar terms of art, and on Byzantine analysis to prevent the average person – including the average lawyer – from realizing that they are simply spouting nonsense.

        The judiciary has been exercising blatantly unconstitutional authority for years at the expense of state sovereignty and individual liberty. So, too, has the executive branch of government. But nothing compares to the scope and rapidity of the usurpation of power conducted by the current President and his administration. These actions are so patently illegal that the States, in reaction to these breathtaking illegalities, are one by one asserting their sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to prevent further federal aggrandizement.

        Our liberties, already severely curtained, are threatened with extinction. Our access to firearms and ammunition must not be further restricted. I hope that the current administration is not foolish enough to attempt to do so.

        Keep the FAITH

      38. BRAVO! Watchman…Well Said Brother!!


        • Many such Justices are simply doing the exact same thing Christ Condemned their Pharesee ancestors for. “Ye Vipers! Ye Pharasees! You take the word of God and Gods Laws, and twist them into meaningless teachings of the Doctrines and Traditions of…Men”

          If the Fruit dont fall far from the Tree it grew on, it is very likly that todays pharesee judges do not stray far from their ancestors ways. Which were begun while captive 70 yrs in Babalyon(about 3500 yrs ago).And are still today their Main teachings and Beliefs.

          Even Justice Scalia a catholic! Recently admited he is learning more and more regarding the Talmudic “Laws” etc. And how interesting he finds it all!

          About a year or so ago, Supreme ct justice Ruth “beedy rat eyed” Bader Ginsburg told a grad class at a Univ Law school(harvard?) that YES! They do in fact make use of the Talmud in deciding various court cases! When asked about use of talmud by a grad class student during Q&A’s to the Justice.

          If you begin reading most Any parts in their talmud books, you instantly become aware that what it states and the Way it is stated, is Very much akin to most every surpeme court case decision you ever read or heard about.

          A constant debate between Two Rabbi’s where one ask a question, the other give an answer. Then Both go on to non stop debate whatever the issue is for 50-100 or More pages! Untill it all gets so convoluted and twisted into knots, that even those two rabbi’s lose track and understanding of it all. Just like our fed ct case decisions! Our U.S.Const, has been gradually Replaced by Their Talmud wherever and whenever possible by those Justices. Stay Tuned! Just wait for Their “Noahide Laws”!!

      39. The global conquest for one currency from the Nomadic tribes has existed for thousands of years before Christ. These Nomadic tribes originated from a country that is South of Russia next to Mongolia and to the North of China.

        You see the conquest for the Asian and the western markets, and the wars that happened way before president NIXON was born. 🙁

        This video is full of LIES and TWISTED LOGIC, and blaming their victims, but NOT the REAL CULPRITS. 🙁

        According to Dr. Mac Faber and Jim Rogers, the massive printing of money, which will devaluate the Dollar and the dollar, will become worthless. Forcing people to accept the new currency.

        The NWO wants a new digital currency = a virtual currency = the BITCOIN.
        The NWO has not given up on the BITCOIN yet, because it’s easy to control (or get rid off ) an individual or a nation’s economy.

        If bankers CAN NOT print the same amount of money equivalent to the amount of gold in Fort Knox?

        Then NOTHING can solve the problem. 🙁

        Destroying the dollar for the new NWO currency with the same people in charge, it would not solve the world’s problems either.

        • OOPs, I missed a word when I cut and pasted. :))

          During the 1800s, in Japan they even draw “Portraits of a high official of the North American Republic”, with the caption reading:

          “Commodore Matthew Perry, the American emissary who forced Japan to open its doors to the West, was portrayed in 1854 by a Japanese artist who gave him the big Caucasian nose ….. now that Asians found so amusing.” 🙂

        • there isnt any gold in fort knox.

        • Are you talking about Kazkhstan? I have my doubts the Kazahks are the ones behind this. I think its some farts who control the money/debt buckets. they are like “hey, I need $1B. Let’s print it up. I’ll give you some too.” And then they give a public speech, “We need to QE some money up so we can all be rich! Hoorah!”. (But of course all it does for the working people is make prices higher. So, working people have to learn to trade in non-fiat. Hard but would be rewarding.)

      40. During the 1800s, in Japan they even draw “Portraits of a high official of the North American Republic”, with the caption reading:

        “Commodore Matthew Perry, the American emissary who forced Japan to open its doors to the West, 🙁 was portrayed in 1854 by a Japanese artist who gave him the big Caucasian now that Asians found so amusing.”

      41. Yeah, watched the vid. some over-simplified/wrong stuff (“nixon went off gold”). Also, they probably are missing the monster issue: no large nation can return to gold. Their money supply levels are too high.

        In contrast, any small country not 0wn3d by the IMF’er could.

        Better yet, individual communities could.

        The last statement is, to me, the crux of this opportunity. USA is falling into more and more socialism. Soon, 1/3 of all people will be free-loaders. So, how do you retain the value of your work? Exit from the free-loader system. I’m not sure growing your own food is net profitable but might be. Fixing your car? Providing your own basic healthcare (goodness knows most USA doctors are more concerned with payola than actually solving patient problems).

        I’m still not clear about how Ithaca HOURS or other alternative currencies could help. Maybe they can. Maybe they don’t. Clearly many of us are net earners from “the system” of fiat. It would be hard for us to migrate to another currency/barter/etc. This startup hump is largely what keeps USD et al in tall clover. Of course creating legal barriers to entry such as those thrown at flipcoin and others before it serves to make this hump somewhat of a little mountain.

        The documentary I really want to see is YoY prices increases and calculations about how much longer the debt printing can continues. The only good sources I’ve ever seen for the former are yahoo’s old yearly currency comparison calculator and the fartoomuch info dude who really nails it with his unit of measure of labor hour and then shows the inflation in so many areas. My opinion on the latter is they will print until people learn to use non false currency. I don’t see any light there. Which suggest our high inflation will accelerate – and every prepper nailed it by buying bulk and storing. Prepare for producing value as value always has a market. Hot air pays more though for now. And corruption pays the best by far. At least at the high levels of our country. Sad but true.

      42. “If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?” – Cormac McCarthy

        Independence Day is coming !!!

      43. It seems to me as though politicians are baffled by the situation at hand! They truly have no idea what to do about the problems of the economic crisis. What they need is advice from professional economic crisis specialists. The Orlando Bisegna Index for example specialist in the economic crisis have developed a programme that has brought much needed assistance to many US counties with debt problems, business failures and unemployment, therefore improving the economic situation for many families. The programme in question comes from their development of the Orlando Bisegna Index, a unique index based on 206 diverse indicators that measures the intensity of the economic crisis in the G20 nations and in other Euro currency nations.

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