US Treasury Seizes $80 Million in Gold From Private Owner

by | Jul 7, 2011 | Precious Metals | 140 comments

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    This is why you can’t trust Tim Geithner’s US Treasury:

    A jeweler’s heirs are fighting the United States government for the right to keep a batch of rare and valuable “Double Eagle” $20 coins that date back to the Franklin Roosevelt administration.

    Philadelphian Joan Langbord and her sons say they found the 10 coins in 2003 in a bank deposit box kept by Langbord’s father, Israel Switt, a jeweler who died in 1990. But when they tried to have the haul authenticated by the U.S. Treasury, the feds, um, flipped.

    Source: Yahoo

    More from the Associated Press:

    Treasury officials charge that the never-circulated “double eagles” were stolen from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia in 1933. They could be worth $80 million or more, given that one sold for nearly $7.6 million in 2002.

    The coins come from a batch that were struck but melted down after President Franklin D. Roosevelt took the country off the gold standard in 1933.

    Two were preserved for the Smithsonian Institute. But a handful more mysteriously got out.

    The daughter and grandsons of Israel Switt, a jeweler and scrap metal dealer on nearby Jeweler’s Row, say they discovered 10 of them in his bank deposit box in 2003.

    Joan Langbord of Philadelphia and her sons went to the U.S. Treasury to authenticate the coins, but the government instead seized them. Authorities noted that the box was rented six years after Switt died in 1990, and that the family never paid inheritance taxes on them.

    What’s more, the Secret Service has long believed Switt and a corrupt cashier at the Mint were somehow involved in the double-eagle breach.

    An easy $80 million dollar score for Tim Geithner and his merry band of financial Stasi.

    While we understand the Treasury’s position with regards to the coins being stolen, unless they have direct evidence of these specific coins being linked to theft and Switt’s involvement (which is circumstantial at best) then these coins belong to the Langbord family.

    Take note America, this is what happens when you put your trust in a government run amok.


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      1. How long before they come for your gold?

        • When retail investor participation gets up toward 4 to 5% the confiscation risk will increase. And, even then, they’ll likely hit the precious metal ETFs (GLD, SLV) first.

          BTW, the SLV is short over 37 million ozs of Silver… Don’t buy SLV thinking you are buying silver.

          Remember: IF IT AIN’T IN YOUR PHYSICAL POSSESSION, you’ll need somebody’s permission to get access to it!

        • Depends – is it a rare coin that your grandfather allegedly swiped from the US Mint?

          In this case, sorry, but there’s no big conspiracy here.

          The coin is kinda famous, but even a stolen car stereo will seized by the authorities and returned to the original owner… and whoever bought it is just as SOL.

          • Your correct. Israel Switt was in bed with one of the mint employees. The coins were never to be circulated. He was band from doing business after some other scam was found out. The goverment did however do a split with the owners of the other 2 coins found which are in the Smithsonian Institute.

          • You just blew your cover. Government shills can hide only so far before revealing themselves.

        • You mean demand it?

          • People like you need to be shot. Commie!

        • This is pure socialist,the us has been headed there for longer than anyone knows.Like 2yr.ago,or when, gas was $2.45,the government shot gas up to over $3.00,they were testing americans. Of course at that time gas went back down, then, after observing what americans (didnt do)when raising it, they slowly started to raise it permantly.Americans should, as a whole, better wise up and start revolting against this, confiscating gold from a daughter,who’s Dad died,is insane,if you want to do more about it, email, [email protected]

      2. Tough call. Certainly, if they were stolen, then the US Government can make a claim to them. Question is whether they can prove it.

        • They don’t have to, even in gubmint-run courts. They already HAVE the coins. This illustrates how desperate things are. $80MM is chump change in the scheme of gubmint finances.

        • Actually, they can prove it – the coins were never placed in circulation, and thus were property of the Mint at the time they were stolen.

          It’s just like if someone swiped your car and sold it to someone else. That someone else is still out of luck, and the car gets returned to you.

          The only difference here is that the item happens to have belonged to the US Mint, and that they didn’t lose any money by buying it from someone else first.

          Lookit – the government does have its fair share of problems, but in this particular case they’re in the right, just as if they’d taken your hypothetical stolen car from some guy who bought it from the thief.

          • But at the time they were stolen in the 1930’s these coins were worth about $20 a piece because they were freshly minted, but not yet distributed for circulation. Their $80 Million value was a result of Roosevelt and his gold confiscation Executive Order, which required all US citizens to turn in their gold coins, where they were subsequently melted down into bars. These coins got their “rare” status because of the idiot Roosevelt.

            • Stolen is stolen.

            • “Stolen is stolen” Very true. And the confiscation in 1933 was theft by government. Items of real value were replaced by paper.

              I imagine that the next government pogrom attempting to criminalize possession of independent wealth will be met by a hail of baser metal. Society is no longer as respectful of government as in the first Great Depression.

          • I guess the security at the mint was pretty lame back then? Why have good security went the dumb robbers are only interested in robbing banks right?

            B.S. The mint has no records, never reported any of these coins as missing or stolen.
            Do you figure that the mint did not have an inventor of every coin they produced back then, I mean these are gold coins we are talking about.

            The mint just said well somewhere we lost 8 coins, hey Fred did you look under the carpet? Wasn’t that guy light finger Israel just in here by himself? Nah, we might have seen his pants falling down with a half pound of gold in his pockets.

      3. That’s what they get for sending to the Govt for authentification.

        • Yep! That’s the first thing to strike me, too. If you got gold in your hand, WHY ON EARTH would you take it to the Feds for ANY reason. I just don’t understand some people nowadays.

          • I agree, why on earth would you take it to the FEDS? Stupid is as stupid does!

        • Exactly, what a bunch of maroons!

        • Very dumb heirs Israel is rolling over in his grave! Why not say sorry we found one coin in the box, or a picture of a coin? No these idiots send them all!

          That is like saying I found a box with 80 million in 100 dollar bills, and asking the IRS if one they own any taxes, and two sending the lot to the treasury to make sure they are not counterfeit.

          What in hell are they teaching in our schools today, not common sense that is for sure.

      4. What a crime.

        But you know what? You’d have to be a moron to go to the .gov for ANYTHING!! And why take them all? Just show up with one…and if they seize it, well…head overseas and auction the rest.

        “A fool and his golden millions are soon parted, esp. when they depend on the .gov for help and guidance.” Anon, Chinese Proverb.

        • you said that very well. They had to be morons in the first place to go to the government for anything. This was an $80 million dollar lesson. ouch.

        • Let the auction house and potential bidders authenticate.


      5. Not very bright people.

      6. Why report them to the corp? That was stupid.

        Be invisible to the corp, don’t just walk right into it.

      7. Mac, a little overboard on the headline. One coin like it sold for about 7.6 million a few years ago, but in reality and for tax purposes it was $200 in lawful money, worth about $15,000 in FRNs if melted. Plus there are now ten more on the market if they were sold and that would drop the selling price significantly.

        Any other value is subjective. Ask the IRS if a Silver Dollar should be valued on a tax return at the face value or intrinsic value. Face value rules the day. Even the courts will gladly take your silver coins, but only at face value.

        This particular headline is like when the cops make a small bust and claim an outrageous street value to make the “crime” look worse.

        But at least you didn’t walk into the corp and give them your gold!!!!!

        • Cops do not claim an outrageous street value, first they take half of the loot, smart cops to be sure.

      8. Maybe Mr Switt stole the coins, maybe he didn’t. Seems the burden of proof should be on the gov if they accuse someone of holding stolen property. And the question of inheritance tax: (personally I don’t think there should even be one, but never mind that)–What was the value of the coins when Switt died in 1990? The coins are clearly marked as $20. so how much inheritance tax is due on $200? Or even the melt value–what was the price of gold in 1990? Multiply by 10 ounces and that should be the value and then figure the tax on that. It probably wouldn’t be much.
        Of course the larger point has already been made by several people: dont go to the gov for anything!

        • What happened to “the presumption of innocence”?

          • You proceed from a false assumption: You presume we are still operating under the “RULE OF LAW” in this country.

        • The mint never issued the coins. None of them. They know they were stolen.

      9. This makes about as much sense as driving from the bar to the police station to ask them if you’re sober enough to get home!

        • LOL

        • Whoa! Best reply yet!!!

          * * * * *

          5 Stars on this one.

        • So this Harvard elite with a medal on (without transcripts) with teleprompter jogs in, tiny tim (the short one), new IMF Sheila and a well spoken Jewish guy named Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu walks into a Minnesota bar in that order……

          • The bartender looks at each of them and says:

            to Barack-“I can’t serve you, this is a fake ID”

            to Timmy–“I won’t serve you. You never paid your tab from last year”

            to Sheila-“I can’t serve you either. This money is counterfeit. Whatdya do, print your own?”

            to Benjamin-“Sorry sir, but this is Minnesota and we don’t serve jews”

            To which Netanyahu replies “Yes I’m a jew, and I just bought this bar, You’re fired!”

            • “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.” Polish proverb

            • Offensive comment, believe it or not, Jews read this blog.

            • *Equal Opportunity Disclaimer: If I haven’t offended you because of your race, ethnicity, religion, looks or political views, Please be patient. I’ll get to that as soon as possible*

              DG-I’m gonna need some clarification. Is that: Offensive comment. Believe it or not, Jews read this blog. Or is it: Offensive comment, believe it or not. Jews read this blog. ? Should I have trouble believing the comment is offensive or should I have touble believing Jews read the blog?
              And what, exactly is offensive about it? That a Jew would be refused service in a bar, in Minnesota, in a joke? That a Jew would buy a bar? Fire the bartender who wouldn’t serve him?
              Look up the term ‘okie’ and then come talk to me about stereotypes and such. If I’m calling myself that then I obviously don’t have much room left in my PC filter. In fact it’s so clogged up, I’ve bypassed it altogether.
              On the other hand, perhaps the reply was to John’s comment but there was no reply option for that. In which case, this whole danged response is meaningless and unnesessary on my part. Either way, the aim is not primarily to offend anyone, that’s just a beneficial side-effect.:)

            • I didn’t think that was funny. I thought that was damn funny! So what did each of them order?

            • @SmokinOkie…I was referring to John’s comment, I should have been more specific. The statement he makes it simply offensive and helps to perpetuate myths.

            • Could we insert the term Polish, Italian, or German in the joke? Probably not so in effect the is joke is a compliment to the Jew who was industrious to by the bar business.
              I bet there were strippers on the venue the next day, and a few slot machines I am sure.

        • LOL Perfect

          • “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.” Polish proverb”

            This comes from a country with a long background of anti-semitism. Though some individuals tried to aid and protect their Jewish citizens, large numbers actively helped in the Nazi extermination of millions of Jews in the Holocaust. I find it predjudicial and offensive, as well as an inaccurate generalisation.

            • “long background of antisemtism”… hahaha!

              More like wisdom gained from the typical debilitating (to put it mildly) experience of having to share their living space with the members of the synagogue of Satan, as seen in dozens of other countries and cultures besides Poland.

      10. Never Ever go to the US Govt for anything !!!!! Not even advice. SmokinOkie had it right.

      11. 1. Wow.

        2. Agreed – taking them to the Treasury Department was idiotic.

        …maybe that lady should run for Congress…

        • Yes, she has the necessary intelligence and gut instincts for the “right” thing to do.

      12. Question…It has been discussed many times here and elsewhere as to where to keep ones PM’s secure.
        My question to all; since the IndyMac Bank closure and all the other banks since then, has anyone not had access to their safety deposit box during a bank’s takeover by another?? Also if there were to be a bank holiday would you have access??
        I am aware there have been reports of SDBs being opened and contents sold.
        I am concerned about security of home storage (burial). Your comments please. TKS

        • i’ve been unlucky enough to be a depositor at both National City and Paramount Bank. Both were seized and sold by the FDIC. I’m not sure about safe deposit box access for National City, but I’m sure that Paramount Bank was seized on Friday and reopened on Monday under different ownership. To my knowledge there was no circumstance under which one did not have access to the vaults during normal business hours, just like normal.

          also, i must say that in both instances transfer of assets, including online banking was very orderly and without any issues. fwiw, i had both checking, savings, and credit card accounts with national city, and checking, savinds, and CD’s with paramount.

        • Montana: During a bank holiday you would not have access. There may be private secure storage vaults available near you and then again, maybe not, which would require a warrant to open and search.

          In Phoenix AZ on Cave Creek Road and Cactus,there is a site called Mountain Vault which may have been an old mine addit cut from solid rock with the space converted to a private vault / safety deposit box location.

          The best idea would be for you to have an account with Johnson Matthey and your PM would be available to you almost anyplace in the world. Which means you could “store” your PM’s offshore where they cannot be confiscated.

          Legally you would be required to inform the US after your transfer out of arm’s reach.

          • One of the nice things about diamonds has been (up till now at least) that you can easily walk across a frontier carrying a huge fortune.

            • Ok, but “have you ever tried to sell a diamond?”
              There was an article in Atlantic magazine many years ago, with that title.
              You basically get screwed.

        • Their only secure, hidden in Maggie’s drawers. Only physical holding trumps the day. Like guns and ammo, where you can lay hands on it on the short run. I keep some in a small bag seperately hidden from the main vein. I call it my anchor money. In case I got to pull anchor in a hurry.

        • Best security is invisibility. That is why they wanted the $600 for a 1099-rule.

        • If you don’t have PM’s in your PHYSICAL POSSESSION, you DO NOT ‘OWN’ THEM!

          When your local bank closes due to a ‘bank holiday’ the doors will be locked and the security guards won’t care what you concerns and needs are…

          I keep mine near… and sleep quite well at night…

          There are ways to store them where no one will find and take them… just be creative. 🙂

          • Who would be stupid enough to put anything of valve in the hands of a bank that is under the control of our government and especially a ward of the Federal Reserve Bank?

            Have you ever heard of hiding them in your home, maybe a safe?

            I have a few guns lying about, all hidden, my children as part of their school indoctrination were asked “Is there any guns in your house?” Both of my children said honestly my dad has a BB gun he uses to shoot the squirrels that each our pears off the tree. They sent a note home warning me of the dangers of BB guns and the illegality of shooting squirrels. I was expected to write back or call their principle and explain the safety precautions i had in place.

            In a very nice controlled manner I emailed a picture of a neighbors air soft gun that looks as much as a toy as possible.

            What I should have done was show the principle my razor sharp Gerber, and told him I like to stab, and slice things.

            My children are now to the age that they know to keep certain things to themselves, so I showed them the hiding place in case I kick the bucket. They were amazed to be sure.

      13. If you’re in possession of stolen property and it doesn’t matter how came in possession of it, you’re outta luck with regards to making any claim that it’s your’s.

        Slam dunk case of SOL. And if you tried to sell those somewhere for what you think they’re worth ($7.6M), well guess what you just demonstrated that you know they’re stolen too boot. SOL x 2.


        • Yes, but prove they are stolen.

      14. A great example where honesty never pays or be rewarded. Very sad.

        • Eagledove,
          I disagree wholeheartedly! Honesty ALWAYS pays! These people were NOT required to “authenticate” their coins by taking them to the Treasury Dept. Any coin dealer or auction house could “authenticate” them.

          Those people were boobs.

          If they were stolen by the old man, that is a different cup of tea altogether.

      15. dumb shits……….

      16. Ya just can’t fix stupid…

        GMAFB, no apologies

      17. i agree that the headline is misleading and sensationalist. mac must know that headlines drive page views.

        • shame they can’t see me shaking my package at them.

        • Google uses NSA computing resources… so does Facebook. Eric Schimdt, CEO of Google, Craig Mundie, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft and one of the founders of Facebook attend Bilderberg meetings… so I’ll let you figure out just how private and secure your computer activities are…

        • Maybe next time some rag head won’t be able to fly a airliner into the Pentagon! CIA equals government workers which means for the most part they are dumb fucks.

      18. Actually Mac toned it down a bit. The original headline was gonna be:
        USGov Reverts To Gold Standard, Disbands IRS, Announces Massive Free Beer Giveaway!!

        • “Government takes gold, pisses in wheaties”

          • A lot more realistic, yes. But it doesn’t have the marketing appeal 🙂

      19. if the 1933’s were never released, how did any body get any?

      20. See..this is what i was talking about in that other thread..Stupid people walk amongst us. and are breeding

        ah shit
        its a fuckin epidemic
        there is no hope

      21. Everyone’s assuming the Langbords turned in their WHOLE cache! Chances are there’s more than a few “still floating around” and that this incident just was a means of providing cover for the other coins when they move somewhere else.

      22. Sorry but this is a non story. When the government sends goons over to kick doors in and confiscate gold/silver/guns/food/etc then by all means get on with the bold face headlines and we’ll put on our game faces. I see no need to drum up hysteria over questionable transactions or using the Treasury as an Antiques Roadshow, or because someone was too damned dumb to perform due diligence before signing on the dotted line for services revolving around gold/silver purchases as I have seen in other articles of late. The Treasury did not seize anything.

        • I think you are being just a bit blase about why this story is significant.

          • I see………so the guy who intentionally failed to register a fully automatic weapon in order to bring it into compliance with the guidelines of the gun control act 0f ’68 dies, leaving his heirs with a contraband weapon, who then ignorantly go to the BATFE in order to get an appraisal and get said weapon confiscated is being treated maliciously by the government? Same shit different medium dude. I stand by my previous statement.

            • Not the same. In your scenario, the gun was not stolen.

            • Not the same in your story the owner did not have a loaded gun, on hand. Matrix baby!

        • hear, hear!

      23. …but isnt all the so-called money this govt has put into circulation least on some level? Id like to see the serial numbers on those coins and the govts record of their theft…point is there aint any…proves the old adage that we shouldnt steal as govt hate competition.

      24. I thought there was a statue of limitation on everything except murder.

      25. Why didn’t the Secret Service simply subpoena to see that dude’s safe deposit box way back when if they suspected foul play???

      26. Joan Langbord needs to read the book “Illegal Tender: Gold, greed, and mystery of the lost 1933 double eagle” by David Tripp. A tiny bit of due diligence would have prevented this fiasco. Here is a review posted on Amazon by a reader named Paul Tognetti:

        If you are a fan of novels like “Topaz” and “The Maltese Falcon” then you are bound to enjoy David Tripp’s “Illegal Tender”. But this is not fiction. Rather it is a true story spanning more than 70 years and starring of all things a $20 gold coin!!!
        You see, when Franklin Roosevelt took the country off the gold standard immediately after his inauguration in 1933, he ordered that all gold coins in circulation be returned to the government. It was a monumental task, of course, but most patriotic Americans voluntarily complied. Likewise, any gold coins that had been minted and not yet circulated were also ordered to be destroyed. In early 1933 more than 445,000 double eagle coins had been struck by the U.S. Mint. Somehow, a tiny quantity of these coins managed to see the light of day. And this is what “Illegal Tender” is all about.
        You’ll learn how these coins managed to escape the clutches of the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia and all about the individual who was responsible. It is equally fascinating to read about those collectors who were able to obtain a rare 1933 “double eagle”. For most of these folks the “double eagle” turned out to be an albatross. Be careful what you wish for!!! And as it became known that a quantity of these “illegal” coins had somehow fallen into the hands of collectors, David Tripp chronicles the Herculean efforts of the Secret Service to retreive them. Pretty compelling stuff!!!! Along the way you’ll also be introduced to a number of coin dealers, lawyers and other assorted charactors who also play a role in this intriguing tale. Just what was it about these coins that was causing such a commotion?
        “Illegal Tender” gets off to a fast start and I found myself hooked right away. However, I thought the story lost a bit of momentum over the final few chapters. Nevertheless this is a well written book that certainly deserves your attention. Recommended.


        One of the few such cases occurred in 1936 when the safe deposit box of Zelik Josefowitz, who was not a U.S. citizen, containing over 10,000 troy ounces (310 kg) of gold was seized with a search warrant as part of a tax evasion prosecution.[11] In 1933 approximately 500 tonnes of gold were turned in to the Treasury “voluntarily” at the exchange rate of $20.67 per troy ounce.

        The above is excerpted from Wikipedia. Point is, they will do whatever they want or have to, to continue the current regime. It is good to be King, and why would they give up their power?

        They steal from you daily to fund BS wars, and buy votes. And you think they won’t steal from you directly? If it isn’t in your hand or under your direct control, you don’t own it.

        I predict should we suffer a ‘Bank Holiday’ – well, there will be no presents and celebrating. And your gift might be an empty box, compensated by an arbitrary handful of Federal Reserve Confetti.

        • The lesson that has not been learned here is that our government has defaulted on it’s debts 3 times in the last 100 years. The entire recent smoke screen in Congress was more of the same, the government is going to default again.

          Just to bring you up to speed on the issue: 1933 Roosevelt made gold ownership illegal he paid $20 bucks and ounce for the peoples gold coins even though gold’s fare market value was $25 an ounce. Later after acquiring the lion share, he set the price of US gold at $35 an ounce. Robbing the people of 40% of the value of their money.
          At this point paper money was no longer redeemable for gold, a default of the debts the government owned the people.

          Next in 1968 the government defaulted on silver certificates held by the people, our money was now no longer redeemable for anything but devalued paper.

          And last in 1971 Nixon defaulted on our promise to the world to redeem treasuries for gold. Unfortunately printing funny money had caught up to the Fed, and foreign governments were poised to empty Fort Knox depository of all its gold.

          So now the only thing that stops our government from defaulting on treasuries and the dollar itself is massive printing of the dollar and expanding credit at a very low interest rate. Both of what the Fed and our Congress are allowing to happen.

          Soon the default will be on the paper backed by nothing as its value will be brought to zero. At that point if the people have no been awakened the troops will be called home to fight a war against their own people. Our modern police state with cameras,a and rules of liberty sharply restrained with the patriot act and its aftermath, we could be in deep do do.

        • That was hilarious! “The gays are taking over.” “God is angry!” …Good stuff.

      28. I would to clear the good name of Mr.Isreal Switt.He was a refined,kind man with a open hand to all.When I was preparing for the priesthood I some sacred vessels in his shop window and a inquiry about the price.He looked at me and said Son you could afford these they are too valuable,but I have something you will like.He showed me a pure silver Chalice and patin with engraving on the base.This was back in 1976 the price was 500$,he said pay me something every week,which I did by taking a nite job.The day I made the final payment he surprised me by having it gold plated.He said this is a gift please pray for me and I do everyday.

      29. No, just the lib dims… The states that are governed by them in majority are broke.

        • Oh anonymous, where would you be without your labels? By the way, what is “lib dim”? I shy away from talk radio and Sunday morning gas bags so I’me not familiar with all this shorthand.

        • Thats funny look at this, I see many Conservabot states are broke too Looks like Tenn, Sc, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, idaho, Georgia, VIrginia, Kentucky, No Carolina and many others are broke, looks like you are an idiot

          There is a high chance a majority of the States within the United States of America could file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. There are currently 46 states with high budget deficits, Arizona being one of them.

          In fact, Jan Brewer, the newly appointed Governor of Arizona has a major crisis on her hands, one that Arizona and national media isn’t covering. The alarming news is the State of Arizona has 90 to 120 days before they completely run out of money. After that, all bills and tax refunds owed to the citizens will go unpaid.

          Before Janet Napolitano left for her new Homeland secretary position, she had a stand-off with Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin. The AZ Treasurer forewarned Napolitano about Arizona’s financial crisis, but she refused to heed his words.

          With neighboring California on the verge of bankruptcy this year, many States will follow in their steps.

          Many States are already scurrying to cut unwanted costs, cut State-funded programs, raise taxes, not issue tax refunds to their citizens, and borrow money just to survive in 2009. Unfortunately, many banks — the same banks the Fed bailed out — are refusing to loan money to the States and their Treasury agencies.

          The article, State Budget Troubles Worsen, at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities website is an excellent piece to read. It shows where each State currently stands in these challenging economic times, and you see 46 of the 50 States are clearly in the financial red.

          It’s very possible you’ll see the end of the United States as we know it. If the Fed doesn’t bailout the States when their cash dries up and the banks don’t loan them money, then our States will be left in financial ruin. This would be a tragic and unprecedented event never experienced in the United States.

          No State has ever filed bankruptcy, but it could be coming to a State near you this year.

          We are on the brink of something far worse than the Great Depression.

          UPDATE: Check out the newly published article, Survivalism: How to Prepare for the Economic Collapse. There’s also a printable 4-page newsletter you can download and share with your friends, family, and co-workers. Take action and help spread the awareness of this life-threatening issue.

          • True, most states are broke. But the problem goes beyond dem/rep debate. It’s the weasel politicians from both parties that have been spending too much for many, many years that has got them to this point. That and promises of future spending for pensions that they can’t afford. I say, throw ALL the bums out.
            By the way, Oklahoma is one of only a few states that isn’t bankrupt(yet). It’s not that we’ve been better managers of our money, it’s just that we couldn’t get into debt because our credit rating was so low. After all, who would loan money to an okie?

        • Thats funny look at this, I see many Conservabot states are broke too Looks like Tenn, Sc, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, idaho, Georgia, VIrginia, Kentucky, No Carolina and many others are broke, looks like you are an idiot

      30. The pretender’s plan is working. Now that’s an oxymoron statement… Booga, booga, boooooga!!!!!!

        You haven’t come out yet? What is the code? God loves you even if you deny him. Libs amuse me… You guess so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • “what’s the frequency, Kenneth? (slap, slap)…what’s the frequency?

      31. You lost me again but I’ll try. You think I’m gay (presumebly, because I implied that you were) and this is something bad in your eyes. Or, you think I’m a “lib dim, which again is something bad, in your eyes.

        I’m not gay, but I do have gay and lesbian friends whom are good people and very dear to me. If I were gay and afraid to come out of the closet then there’s not a chance that I’d come out as an atheist (I have, here and elsewhere), because polls show that they’re more hated than gay people.

        So, all this fear and loathing is your problem, not mine. I love my gay, straight, conservative, liberal, liberterian, religious, atheist, etc, friends all the same and have gone fishing with all of them. When it’s all said and done, they’re just friends and we have each others backs.

      32. So you are a lib dim…

        • You are a dim bulb

      33. I’m whatever you want me to be, sweetie.

      34. Nice government (and bankers) that we have. US citizens could not own gold, but foreigners could and they could buy gold from the US Treasury at $20 per ounce. When the US went off the gold standard, guess who owned a lot of the gold that had been in the US Treasury? You guessed it. Foreigners (Rothschild, et al?). What would you call all those investment bankers that facilitated all this?

      35. I would comment, but Obama’s people in their white coats are at my front door with my daily free chicken (no, I don’t know how to cook, either, but I am REALLY good at shouting “Yes we can” and “Yes we have no bananas” (same diff), so gotta run!

      36. Is not there such a thing as statute of limitation? If Mr. Israel Swift bought the coins in 1933, that was 78 years ago! In the worst case he bought stolen property that long ago (provided that the gov. can prove that he KNOWINGLY had done it) Just yesterday Casey Anthony walked away a serious murder allegation! – and the gov. probably wasted $80 million on the trial. Try to find any logic… A good lawyer may argue that the descendents pay the inheritance tax and keep the coins.

      37. I win! Thanks. I’m not your type and you will never be on my back.

        • You dont win and the govt will always be on your back, so is the monkey.

        • I got a roll of duct tape that says different.

          You con-holer.

      38. You’re left behind Charlie and you like both.

      39. I think everyone is overlooking something else here.

        “Treasury officials charge that the never-circulated “double eagles” were stolen from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia in 1933. They could be worth $80 million or more, given that one sold for nearly $7.6 million in 2002.”

        So if they were stolen and never circulated, and the gov’t reserves the right to confiscate them, why was one put up for auction and nothing done about it? This would obviously have been a high profile auction house and would’ve been well advertised.

      40. Well, Serves them right. Dishonesty does not Pay, I do not care who is cheating who. If in fact this deceased fellow had a side deal where he was skimming gold off the Treasury(US Citizens/Population) the recovered assets should be rightly returned to the US Gold Reserves. Who cares if the surviving family members of the fellow get nothing, I have no sympathy for thieves of any branch of government or the US population.

      41. being left behind without any narrow minded christians is my dream collapse scenario.

        • Did you say that just to draw me out and show how predictable I am?

          Shame on you, sam. We had an entire thread with no religious debate and now you’ve gone and spoiled it! Besides, we aren’t ALL narrow minded. Some of us have genuine faith and yet no desire to join the televangelist, nose-in-the-air, self righteous crowd. If you’re against the individual bible-thumping brimstone-breathers who tell you you’re going to hell, then by all means, go after them. But if your debate is with Christian theology in general, then present your own opposing beliefs.
          My own beliefs, of course, have been expressed here. But I think I’ve made it clear that I have no authority, from the faith itself or my own human nature, to try and compel anyone to accept that faith by threats or ridicule or anything else. If they reject it, that’s ok with me. And I hope I haven’t tried to sell it with anything but respect for the dignity of humanity and genuine brotherly love. That doesn’t make my faith any weaker than the bible-thumpers, it just means I realize I can’t give something (no matter how valuable I think it is) to someone who doesn’t want to take it.
          And besides, no matter what you believe, anybody that can come up with ‘capitalist kleptocratic kakistocracy’ is ok in my book! 🙂

          • Sounds good to me. I don’t really want to talk about that shit either, but “anonymous,” (Let’s just call him Sunshine) always wants to talk about labels to the point that I don’t even know what we’re talking about anymore. I hate politics and think the labels are stupid. I’d rather talk about guns, gardens, fishing, and dogs. You know, useful shit. I sure as hell ain’t going to apologize for being an atheist and I don’t expect anyone to apologize for being a christian. But if this is all people want to talk about or base someone’s character on then they’re assholes anyway, and I’m too damn old to spend any more time talking to assholes. Seriously, I’m going fishing tomorrow and pushing the reset button. I’ll let someone else worry about who’s gay or not. I just want some Blue Cat for dinner tomorrow.

      42. This is how it will happen. They will pass a 70 percent tax on all gold sales.

        So, when you try to sell you gold so you can buy food, you lose it.

        They are smart folks.

      43. God, country & corps right? Same sex marriage for you. You talk to them a lot.

      44. I agree with most of the comments that the headline is sensationalist, almost something that the headline tabloid News of the World would write.
        Sad really because the real story of the 1933 Double Eagles is fantastic, and reads like a spy thriller.
        The coins were stolen; they had never been monetized and as such are not legal tender. Without the approval of the treasury the items have very little value. It would be similar to somebody stealing a few Picasso’s. you may find a buyer, but he would have to hang it in a vault and not let anybody know he has it.

      45. No one bring wealth to the grave Not even the gov goons.

      46. The government is not your friend, not your protector, and certainly not the proper place to take your valuables. Every government depends on theft for its very existence.

      47. What about Statute of Limitations? There is none for murder
        but I thought there were for “stealing”.Just a thought.

      48. These people are idiots.Counterfeiting and the theft of property are 2 of the Fed’s strengths.

        Zemko out

      49. Most of you are stock piling PMs. And most of you are old. And most of you will die with your little stock pile of PMs unspent. And most of your children/grand children that gain control of your estate will be stupid sheep with no clue what to do with PMs other than turn them into the governmet for a pre-loaded charge card for them to go on a shopping spree with.


        • First of all ‘most’ of us aren’t stockpiling PM’s. We can’t afford it after GOVCORP steals 30-50% of our earnings.(if we’re fortunate enought to still be employed) Second, most of us aren’t old, and even fewer of us are too old to put a boot in the ass of a smart-aleck know it all. (the few of us that are too old, rely on Colonel Colt to assist us in little chores like that)
          And if we are competent enough to have made any preperations for whatever the future holds, which may include a few PMs, then we’re probably also competent enough to raise offspring with integrity and common sense so they won’t fritter away any inheritance they may get.
          And it’s not ‘truth’ other than possibly being ‘truthfully’ your opinion, to which you are quite welcome. I guess that leaves only the “m says” and I completely agree with that.

          • Wealth grows from saving & producing, not consuming on credit or fiat. Standing in the middle of the freeway is dangerous m.

        • I won the lottery a few years back. It wasn’t the BIG one but the first half I wasted on PMs. The other half I’m still blowing with a boat, babe and booze.

      50. I would think some type of statute of limitations would be in effect by now. Doesn’t matter if they were stolen or not. It would be very difficult to prove they were stolen in the first place…If that were the case then any gold they could say was stolen from that era since no one was allowed to own gold all gold belonged to the government.

        • Mike: The statute of limitations is an interesting thought, but now that the government has THEIR stolen property back in THEIR possession as trustee for the American people …..

          I think it is a moot point.

          If you follow the story it is clear that the coins were stolen. They should have sold one in Europe anonymously through an auction house. That would not have raised any eyebrows and brought them a pretty penny.

      51. America never stopped fighting the Revolutionary War, except for example, a very brief period, after the Andrew Jackson administration.

      52. How much gold do we actually have in the vaults? Does anybody know.

      53. ZBK: The last number I saw was 9300 tons.

      54. Um, did you all completely MISS the part in the story stating one of these coins was already sold in ’02?? Hello? Way to miss the obvious there! That means it is a blatant lie that these never went into circulation. This family was swindled. Plain and simple. Anybody who hasn’t figured out by now that the USA is a money thieving corporation and not a country at all is living in denial. If you ask me, this family has a claim. They may first have to seek out someone with a brain to figure it out though. Who brings in money to the government, hands it over, and says, see? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

      55. To the claims that the coins were stolen, it’s possible that they were paid out to someone who had taken gold to the mint to be struck into legal tender. The US Mint performed that service for private citizens and charged a fee.

        Those coins could have been the legal property of the person who sold them to Mr. Israel. It also occurs to me to question the mint’s accounting for the number of coins struck. The idea that any number of coins could be stolen by mint employees calls into question the official numbers of coins struck in any given issue.

      56. Interesting posts. Pearls of wisdom and truth mixed with much fear and speculation. Just my 2 cents, but…
        1. 1933 was a crime, plain and simple. Good Americans and their patriotism were abused.
        2. Care for what you have earned and acquired.. Preparing is not a four letter word.
        3. The jeweler was suspected of collusion years ago, (this particular theft), and his actions are the reason his family is getting screwed today. Had the Feds known of the SDB years ago, they would have gotten the warrant and taken them then. The family gave them a ground ball, stupid.
        4. If the registered hunters in Minnesota, Michigan, and West Virginia all took up arms and consolidated in one place, they would be the largest standing army in the world. IN THE WORLD. The Japanese leadership in WWII knew this and were afraid to invade because of it. No one is going to take our legally owned firearms, regardless of how much the current powers at be seem to despise them.
        5. Lastly, drum roll… I’m a “Fed”. I love my country, swore an oath to protect our Constitution and our citizens, own PM’s and firearms, and believe whole heartedly in both justice and individual rights. The thought of a mass intrusion into your homes and ours to seize personal property makes us sick as well. That will never happen. We wouldn’t stand for it either. It’s your right to question government and leadership. It breeds accountability, honesty, and is part of being American. Preparing for tough times is the responsible thing to do. Man made, natural, economic or otherwise. In the end, you all will be the ones able to care for your families and your neighbors. All the best and keep the faith!

      57. The AP article does it say “An easy $80 million dollar score for Tim Geithner and his merry band of financial Stasi.”

      58. What is the statute of limitations on a theft from 1933? I thought it was 10years after a thest of property and then the statute would kick in?








          WE STILL BUY GAS

      60. Lets go to the first theft. The gov IS THE THIEF. The gold STOLEN from the American people. the constitution says you cannot lay a debt on the people & TAX more than TWO YEARS.







        THE CONSTITUTION SAYS: The only money is gold and silver. Only congress has the power to coin money.






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