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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

    ANYONE in human history, who has ever BOUGHT AN OUNCE OF GOLD, is now up!

    Though the metal closed higher in 2011, with intra-day reaching $1,913, it was during a BLOW-OFF TOP parabolic mania surge, not a sustainable, real and EARLY-STAGE pop like today’s!

    Literally, any person, government or institution that owns GOLD, as we do, is now up.

    Just think of the media coverage that is still to come; think of the millennials, who in 2017 took Bitcoin from $500/coin to $20,000/coin, quit their jobs, mortgaged their couches and sofas, borrowed from friends and family, all so they could buy a digitally-mined technology, and are now learning in their Robinhood app that there’s such a thing called the GDX and the GDXJ indices!

    I get tickled just thinking about the upside here. We’re already seeing huge, TRIPLE-DIGIT MOVES with previous picks that are SNAPPING BACK like coiled springs or rallying into NEW DOMAINS and all-time highs.

    I’m compiling a COMPREHENSIVE, no-holds-barred updated summary on stock profiles, which are in need of TIMELY UPDATES. This is the SICKEST BULL MARKET ever for gold, and the reason is that inflation has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with it.

    We are SO FAR BEHIND what 2011 felt like. In terms of sentiment alone, the way I felt yesterday (happened to be my birthday) was the way I felt FOR MONTHS ON END during 2011.

    To me, yesterday was the first day of the bull market; be ready for something like your most EPIC DREAMS!

    Central banks have TAKEN OVER the capital markets. Forget about P/E ratios and normal economics – the markets are now POLITICIZED, since non-functioning companies, industries and communities immediately get BAILED OUT.

    Listen to me closely: YOU ARE WINNING!

    Governments and central banks have run their course of monetary policy to the point of NO RETURN, to the limit – to the BRINK OF COLLAPSE.

    Had China, Russia, India and Brazil been ready to introduce a competing system, the dollar would have already MELTED DOWN – but they aren’t.

    This is PRECISELY YOUR SHOT, your opportunity; their lack of readiness is your opportunity to participate in the most CRYSTAL-CLEAR bull market in the history of man!

    Interest rates are NEVER GOING HIGHER; the balance sheet of central banks will continue exploding and stocks of the major companies will turn, along with gold, into SAFE HAVENS.

    Silver hitting $20/ounce is the next CRITICAL HURDLE.

    Once that is locked in, this precious metals NASA shuttle is headed for the stratosphere!

    I’m LONG on the sector – LONG gold, LONG gold stocks, LONG silver stocks; we are days away from some SENSATIONAL MOVES, 20% days for juniors and 40% days for companies with major news.




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      1. Happy Birthday Lior!

        Just make sure that you don’t store your gold with an English banker! They won’t give it back! Ask Maduro! Pretty sure that the Bank of England is bankrupt, since it is lending money to businesses that must sign NDAs and it is a secret loan program, or, the bank is not lending money to businesses, and is just charging the treasury and tax payers for fake loans!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. what are you talking about. gold and silver started their down move today. look out below!!!

      3. “ANYONE in human history, who has ever BOUGHT AN OUNCE OF GOLD, is now up!”

        That is such crap. What about the people who bought gold… and sold it at a loss?

        What about the people who bought ON THE WAY DOWN from the top in February 2011?

        You’re so emotional and sappy and… oh… so… TYPICALLY Uhmuhruhcan, you can’t see the wood for the trees, can you?

        What a pathetic idiot!

      4. Do you ever Wonder what happens when you comment-post on the internet?
        Here is a story for you:
        “Police Surveilled George Floyd Protests With Help From Twitter-Affiliated Startup Dataminr”
        Published: July 10, 2020
        Original Source: The Intercept

        i read on article on BlackListedNews dot com

        Don’t you now love Big Lib BroSisIt. (Big Brother is non-inclusive)
        Don’t you just love captcha.
        Don’t you just love how shtfplan is censored.
        YouTube censored. FarceBook censored.
        Twatter even tried to censor a sitting President.

        Don’t any of you gold goofs have enough available cash to do a start up to counter the above mentioned communist censorship sites?
        But profit is relative even at cashing out at $1800, when you are in a failed Weimar republic and the coming inflation Africa style. Wonder how many wheelbarrows of cash soon needed, to buy that hoard of toilet paper in near future. “Keep the presses rolling is the Fed motto.”
        go to USdebtClock dot org. makes your head spin. Look at legacy you are leaving the young people.

        Guess Fed-Government-Bankers want to destroy dollar to bring in the Beast system digital world currency.

        “You people must be vaccinated-flourided-psyoped-fearmongered-openminded-inclusive-broke-jobless-houseless- then you will save the environment from “global warming.’ You are such good world citizens with your satanic cult chicom masks. Take your vaccines.Give over your gun to Joe Biden, the next wonderful openminded inclusive world citizen role model. Wear your masks. Be sure and watch TV so you will know to be very afraid. CNN and MSN are wonderful global citizen choices. Watch while wearing your mask. Then if you have an ugly wife you won’t care.

        …oops the wife is comin….gotta go.

      5. Dear RM,

        You sir are a moron for selling at a loss and on the way down…Boo Hoo!

      6. I’ve heard this kind of talk at the tops before. They are sales people! Ma says, only time will tell.

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