The Best Opportunity This Decade: Maximum Gold Profits

by | Jun 2, 2013 | Precious Metals | 184 comments

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    It should be clear that our economic and monetary systems are wholly unsustainable and will lead to continued impoverishment of the populace through job losses, wage reductions and monetary price inflation. With that in mind consider your specific financial needs, what means you have available to you, and what your financial assets will look like when the next collapse wreaks havoc in the markets.

    When it all comes down you must be positioned in assets that will not only store wealth, but build it as well. Once you have the basics covered – food, shelter, personal safety – consider gold as one such option. History shows that, as a mechanism of exchange, gold has survived every major global calamity. As our government managed socio-economic safety nets continue to unravel, with our money losing purchasing power and our creditors losing confidence in our ability to ever repay our debts, gold may well be the only financial asset left standing after the dust has settled.

    In The Best Opportunity This Decade: Maximum Gold Profits, Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends explains the problems facing the world’s financial and monetary systems, the risks investors face as they relate to paper denominated gold exchanges, and considerations to make while exploring your precious metals investment options.



    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. My wife talked me into getting out of our 401k’s and investing in gold and silver in 2007. I love my wife!

        • i hope you actually HAVE the gold.

          • It’s the only way to own Gold. I would NEVER invest in a gold mine or own stocks. If you don’t have it in your hand, it’s not yours!

            • Then you’re wife should love you too.

            • Executive Order 6102 signed on April 5, 1933, by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt “forbidding the Hoarding of Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, and Gold Certificates within the continental United States”. The order criminalized the possession of monetary gold by any individual, partnership, association or corporation. Gold Confiscation Gold Confiscation isn’t unprecedented.
              And most people feel there isn’t any gold in Fort Knox.

          • Gold is for hope in the future.
            Food is for survival in the present.
            Don’t be confused about the difference.

            • And if you have an excess of tangible tradable assets in the present you will have gold in and for the future.


              • BigB

                The price of gold per ounce in the future
                could be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

                • Daniel is right about the great opportunity in gold, but don’t buy gold shares: buy the metal, and you too can avoid the business risk and the manager’s who will benefit most by your purchase of stock with the warrants and options they hold.

                  Another sales pitch from Daniel. The man has no shame.

                • No. The central banks around the world are stocking up on gold. We’re going to see a gold-backed currency after the dollar dies.

                  • I’m just not betting on a gold-backed currency as long as Rothschild and Co are still in control. They are stocking up on gold because they know that is where the true wealth is – the metals.

                  • More likely a digital currency or a new fiat.

                • Yep’m, could be or fishing wieghts for that matter.


                • On the other hand… If I put a sandwich in my safe, im pretty sure it wont be much good a few years from now.

                • Big B – aka “The Shill for JP Morgan”

                  Wonder how much is paying him? Any guesses?

                • And I’ll be able to buy that sandwich while you starve

        • Hogwash! My 401k is doing great! My safe deposit box is full of cash! Life is good! All gold is fool’s gold! Always lease your cars and cash out any equity you build in a house. The stock market is the only gold mine I need.

          • Howdy Kimberly,

            LOL, Good One…but next time use the /sarc tag, people get less confused that way..We DO have a few fools stop-in here now and then and sometimes it gets a LITTLE hard to tell which is which…



          • By the way, Federal policy prohibits you from storing money in your safety deposit box. AND, you can’t get to your box if the bank closes.

            • There was No such fed policy on my safe box when I read every word of fine print. Only items mentioned were basically dope or liquids or all other illeagle items. Never seen and such fed law against cash in a safty box at banks.

              • Peter Pan is right. It is against the law to remove currency out of circulation. And MAYBE soon, it will be against the law to own gold AGAIN like during ww2.

          • Kimberly,

            Good luck with all that. Remember you read us on here when your 401K melts down to a 201K.

        • Bill, is there a way that you can exit your 401k with gold that you can hold in your and and not pay a penalty or taxes?

          I have about 70k in “financial assets”, only about 25K of which I can cash out. (The rest is locked up, inaccessible, since I’m still working.) Once I cash out the 25K’s worth, I get snookered for about 10K of that, ending up with 15K.

          Any wisdom you can throw my way? Thanks.

      2. Silver for those with less money!


      4. Though something that is scaring me is how some types lime Soros are the only ones who can cash out their paper precious metals for the real stuff.

        They will dry out the physical metal stocks just like DHS is drying out the ammo stocks.

        And then, what? Crash the market by dumping their metals at ludicrous prices? Wait for fiat currencies to tank to set themselves up as kings?

        • The gold ETF’s will only deliver the physical to share holders with a set (very large) number of shares. All other share holders are paid in cash when they sell. Soros was able to buy his shares with fiat and cash out with physical. When he said he was selling his gold he has selling the paper and hoarding the physical.

      5. IF there is any time left. Right now, in my opinion, at least for the next month or so people really should be concentrating on food, water, and other necessities. It is looking extremely ominous right now over in several spots on the planet. You have a siutation like the Day After or the Road and someone just is likely not going to be able to barter with too many precious metals other than silver because of its wide everyday uses, especially in helping combat diseases and germs.

        Something might not happen, and if the prices go back above $1500 or $1600 per ounce of gold, people that have the money should think about jumping in. However this is having the money. I would rather have $1500 worth of food and water ready to go than an ounce of gold if that is all someone could afford. Highest priority should be what people can use to live.

        IF you have the extra funds then gold looks good, and even if it dropped to $800, it would go right back up soon thereafter. So purchasing it now or later should have a little time to do so. If there is a world event that is strong enough to drive the price up several hundred dollars in a day, then bare necessities are what someone should be purchasing in additional to their stockpile. Bad times look like the storms clouds from an EF-5 tornado are now very visible and building.

        • Interesting comment BI. But I have a question for anyone who may know the answer. If there is a complete meltdown of the financial system how will PM’s be valued? What the market will bear? What the government will deem the price to be? What is left of Wall St.?


          • @BigB….

            That is good question. I know you asked BI, but I couldn’t resist giving my opinion.

            Here is my take.

            In past silver and gold had much value because it was used in coins and as jewelry. It had intrinsic value for coins and wealth.

            It only has value now because prices are actually a sign of inflation and devalued currency. When they (NWO?) ushers in the cashless currency, then what will be the value of PMs?

            The answer will be what the digital currency will be backed by. My opinion is that it will not be PMs because there are not enough PMs to back the World’ Economy to sustain growth. PMs may be a small part, but food, energy, and water will be a much larger part.

            Food, water, and energy are needed every second of the day to sustain an economy. Gold and silver are not. Silver is used, but gold is mostly an accepted reserve.

            Now all of our coins have zinc and phony metallics instead of copper, silver, or gold. Thus, my opinion in the future these PMs may sky-rocket during the collapse–but then come crashing to nothing later. Because a ‘real’ economy needs food, water, and energy.

            So when you think of PMs, a person needs to think about the future economy. What will it be?

            Is Ugly buying PMs? Sure. I have bought some silver. I’ll buy some more. But you know, in future, what about phosphorus as fertilizer? Or even nitrogen?

            I will have some silver only as a hedge. And also just in case it has purchasing value in a ‘new’ system. Other than that it is debt reduction and some prepping type stuff for me. When SHTF, those will have immediate value.

            • How long does fertilizer store?

              • It will store indefinitely, the quality may vary, synthetics and organics can all be ground up or emulsified to some degree, and then spread around or incorporated. Organic methods are great but productivity and results will vary, we have year round growing so its easy to grow a good green manure, and still get 2 crops off, with artificial ferts weather organic or synthetic you can easily get 3 crops off, in colder climates the synthetics will perform better and give higher yields, there is also the issue of percentages, 50# of an organic 4-4-4 costs about as much as a synthetic 16-16-16, your plants dont know or care where the nitrogen or other nutrients come from, in the end they are taking up nitrogen, phosphates and potassium, many of the synthetics also have a good micro nutrient set too.
                Ive seen a lot of ugly organic produce and a lot of beautiful conventional produce that is grown with synthetic ferts and organic pest or fungal prevention, makes a big difference, sometimes its hard to eat ideals.

                • Thanks Kula,

                  I knew a farmer would help another aggie. To Ken, fertilizer will store forever in a dry place. Fertilizers enemy is humidity.

                  Look at the salts of the Dead Sea. Loads and loads of Potassium brines and iodine, sulfur as well.

                  Can you grow tomatoes with your gold bars?

                  • Every home library needs the book Humanure.

                  • Can you think with that brain?

                • Evening all,

                  I have a bit of silver. I have a lot of chicken shit pellets and heirloom seeds and a great deal of stored food. The firewood pile is growing daily.

                  Moving from the city has cost everything we have, and the amount of work turning this place into a home and a good sized plot ( for the UK ) into a productive garden is more than we anticipated, far more.

                  The chance of buying gold and silver has gone for me for the foreseeable future but I’m hoping that getting the house as efficient as possible and the garden as productive as possible is the right way to go in the long term.

                  Take care

                  • Good to see your voice BtB.

                    Sounds like you made a great move before the SHTF. Wish you all the best with the gardening and preserving.

                  • Well glory be!!!

                    God bless you lass – you are still alive AND kicking I’m sure!!

                    Many things have improved here and drop me a note and I will keep you updated.

                    Y’all Beware! Glad to see you come back as I figured you had enough of the BS.

                  • GOOD to “SEE” you. Where you been?

                  • Don’t Tread and Paranoid (Y’all I will drop you a line)

                    Thanks for the welcome back, hope you are all well over there. Well, I finally moved, bloody hell does this place need work but we could not have afforded it if it didn’t…well we could have if we had chosen financial servitude but that’s not for me lol.

                    I have never worked so physically hard in my life…and the old timers did this for acre after acre, they have my respect I can tell you.

                    I now live on an island, quite small with a population density of around 200 per square mile as opposed to the 9,000 per square mile in the last property so I think that’s a definite improvement. Pretty rural overall, and of course surrounded by sea with one road in and out.

                    No big box stores, no attractions, …no anything really so not much to interest people if (when) a major incident occurs and that suits me fine. It’s taking a little getting used to, I used to see more people on the school run in a day that I see here in a week but again that’s not a bad thing.

                    The court case for mom’s death is done…gross neglect on all counts, good ole British care system, and I am glad that’s done, it was weighing heavy as it took 2 1/2 years to get it to court.

                    Well, that’s it from BB news for now, catch you all soon.

                    Take Care x

                  • Hey Burt


                    Still awaiting the before and after pictures when you can.


                  • Burt. buy a gun. period.

                • Anyone who feeds their pets dry food know about the dust-sized crumbs left in the bottom of the bag. What do I do with the crumbs? I mix it in with my potting soil for my indoor plants, turn it every few days until it turns black.

                  Bonemeal, the primary content of dry pet foods is nutrient-rich, especially the nitrogen it gives off.

                  You want lush plants of any kind? Try this and you’ll see.

                  • Hiya Possee

                    I’m so addled right now I thought I’d sent them…stand by, on their way

                    Take care x



              • What if a loaf of bread costs $10,000.00?

                I’ll keep my wheat berries/seeds in their glass containers and marvel at what they will be worth when the Chinese own all the wheat crops in the heartland.

                I know it’s all relative to each individuals’s situation, and believe in a good balance of all PMs for stockpiling, but; when does their become a point whereby a person has too much food stored?

                I prioritize like this:

                #1 glass– that’s glass jugs and jars full of foodstuffs.

                #2 powder– gun and milk variety

                #3 lead- heavy metal and sometimes with a copper jacket

                #4 brass- casings and primers

                #5 copper- tubing variety w/fittings (just in
                case I need to throw together a water

                #6 silver- old coin varieties people can relate to

                #7 gold- nuggets and small coins

            • Ugly, i was in east germany when the wall came down. they would sell you food and beer for paper money. but when you wanted to buy a gold ring or something of lasting physical value, they would not accept just paper money. they wanted paper money AND and EQUAL trade in physical gold…

          • Define complete breakdown. Gold was money 4,000 years ago when computer trading on Wall street was significantly less than now. On the other hand a guy alone in the woods eating nuts and berries isn’t going to sell himself gold. Money of any type depends on a functioning economic system. That’s why it wasn’t invented by cave men. They didn’t need money. Between 2500 and 4000 years ago economic systems became complex enough that money was required. If we go back to living in caves and eating each other, Gold won’t be used for money. That situation is unlikely and it’s even less likely either one of us would live to see it. On the other hand money is so useful that if we aren’t living in caves we will use it.

            • Paranoid….

              Gold was money 4,000 years ago. But food, camels, and spices were even more money back in those days.

              Did Cleopatra sell her gold? No. She was extremely wealthy so with that wealth they bought and stored gold. Who owns Cleopatra’s gold today? And remember she was wealthy because they stored and sold wheat. And in wars, they took the losers gold.

              Gold has value of course. But when Mac plugs Gold, remember those same vendors also sell silver. My opinion is silver is much easier. For peasants lime Ugly, I can walk in with $150 and buy some silver. With gold, it is a richer game. I am only a million dollars away from being a millionaire.

              • UGLY……Gold and silver have ALWAYS been the “backup” currency for centuries. Why would that change now?? You say “having Food, water, and energy are needed every second of the day to sustain an economy. Gold and silver are not”. Really? I think your missing the point here. Sure, having gold and silver may or may not help you during a collapse, but they are a way to help you keep your ‘wealth’ when we come out of a collapse. After a collapse are you going to walk into a bank and offer food or water as collateral?? Of course not. IMO, having precious metals will be a game changer and will allow you to KEEP some wealth after we pick up the pieces and return our country to it’s former glory.

                • Tyron,

                  Your arguments are good, but I think you are missing the reality that is going on today. In the past, the amount of gold and silver and its value was ahead of the economy.

                  Today, there is not enough gold or silver to pay off even a fraction of the world’s debt, especially the USA.

                  Hence, that is why a cashless society is coming where gold will be but a small fraction.

                  Think about it. If gold is so rare and hard to get, then why can I buy it very easily online at anytime?

                  Here is my opinion. Gold is being propped by the Central Banks so that when they buy physical gold it makes their debt and books look better. The central banks cannot buy enough gold at all to cover their debts with the dollar. Therefore, they need us idiots to buy at $1500 and degrade the dollar and keep gold going up and up and up. In other words, they profit at our panic.

                  Let me illustrate:

                  Let say Central Banks own 1,500,000 lbs of physical gold in gold bars in some storage facility. At $1500/ounce that is only a total value of about $36 billon. That is not much folks. So how do you increase that? Simple, you devalue a currency so that a precious metal increases its value. Thus your holdings increase. Let say dollar loses 70% and gold goes to $20,000 per ounce–thus now the 1,500,000 lbs is worth, on the books, at $480 billion.

                  How much gold will the Central Banks need to cover a debt of $17T and growing? That equates to somewhere around 700 million pounds. There is not enough gold anywhere to cover any debt. Yet, I can buy gold anytime because it is so rare and precious.

                  Anyway preppers. Gold is fine if that is what you want and want to invest in it. Gold has made a some people a lot of money. But if you think you will walk into a bank after SHTF and collect on a new currency. What you will get is a RFID chip implanted in your forehead.

                  If disagree, then explain.

                  • Your going in the wrong direction. You don’t conclude gold is $ 1500 per ounce, so at 17 trillion or whatever the fiat/debt/ financials are, you come up with 700 million ounces? Huh?
                    Why not try this: ( follow close, very tricky), divide 17 trillion ( or whatever) by the reasonably well known stock of above ground gold, and come up with a “value” of $50,000 to $80,000 per ounce!

                    Now that’s what I’m talking about!
                    And while it’s true YOU or ME can get the gold we want, do you think Bill Gates, for example, could go out and buy a billion or 2 billion ” dollars worth”? Ha, keep dreamin. This market is so phony it’s criminal. Are these dupes with a piece of paper that says they have a chair when the music stops. You either have a chair, or a piece of paper. I’ll take a chair, thank you.

                    How can the market ” trade” a years worth of production in one day? ( I know how, but it’s so phony and manipulated) . And paper trade, 100 times the volume of real gold sets the price. WTF?
                    Gold is cheap at these values. I wish I had or could afford more. But alas, I’m a shrimp.

              • OK, how many camels do you want? Keep them in your bedroom. I’m tired of the stupidity. Beans and gold have different uses. With the opinions I’ve read here, it’s no wonder many of you are poor. Gold is a tool, money is a tool, a sledge hammer is a tool; just because you cannot eat a sledge does not make it not useful. Go live in your caves and eat each other when beans run out. Those of us with brains will start over and you people can remain hunter gatherers and substance farmers until we want your land. Then you get the Cowboys and Indians treatment. I have said it a hundred times: “When in the entire history of mankind can you show once where a man with gold starved when someone else had food?” I’m not saying don’t have food, but some people have handled there money well enough that they should not just keep stockpiling beans and rice. And more or less lastly, Bad times have come and gone in this world thousands of times; the world will end only once. Put everything you own in rice and beans, see how well you do if all we get out of this thing is a few years of bad times. Ted Turners Dad bought thousands of acres in Montana for 50 C an acre. I figure to have a bit of money, I’d like a few thousand acres in Montana.

                • Yea, I see where you are coming from, Paranoid.

                  I will be the first to agree that the world/age only ends once. But, that day is fast approaching for all the believers, as i am.

                  There is a point where beans and rice can become “overstocked”. Even bullets/ammo/powder. The reason i say this, as a believer; God promised us that after the flood we would always have hot and cold temps, and planting and harvesting, right up till the Second Advent.

                  We could have less than 30 months before the return, or we could have another 30 years. I’m not counting on the thirty years though. Especially for me personally, since I’m way past being sick and tired, and tired of being such.

                  Gold “is”, as you say “a tool”. That is why Gold and Silver have no relevance when it comes to “world” debt.
                  Why? Because of another little tool called “bankruptcy”.

                  The idea of having lots of land in Montana was a great concept and became a reality for many back in the day.
                  As much as i love the Montana countryside and wilderness, you couldn’t give me more than ten acres right now. Why? Because of another little tool that has/is/will be a cumbersome burden. TAXES!

                  Unless you own land with oil and gas churning thru pumps above ground, there will come a point and time where the land can never pay off the taxes owed on it.

                  A few acres of workable land for food may provide a way for paying taxes if there isn’t a 5000 sq. ft. house sitting on it. I’ll keep the little two room cabin w/ loft and woodstove, and leave the big money pits to the Jones’s and the Jones wannabes.

                  I had the big fancy quarter million $ home on acreage with two $40k vehicles in the garage and it all went “whoosh….gone”, overnight, when the hurricane blew through.

                  No, wait …. that was the d i v o r c e that blew, and sucked, at the same time. Sucked the life right out of me for a few years. But now she is old,wrinkled,grey,fuggly and rich; but miserable. I can still hook up with a pretty young thing if I want too. She’d have to pay out the ass and wear a paper bag to get a young stud to service her. LOL! Sweet justice.

                  • 1. I do not care about God ending the world. I cannot do his job and am not going to try.
                    2, People have been saying it’s just around the corner for 2000 years, Well I’m not holding my breath.
                    3. If the whole world ends, neither gold or beans are worth anything.
                    4. I am prepping for what MEN DO. Kind of stupid to try to figure out what God’s up to. I’m sure he will let us know, if he wants to.
                    5. Ben Bernanke, regardless of his opinion, is not God. And he isn’t doing Gods work. So trying to survive his stupidity isn’t Gods work either. Nor does it require devine intervention.

                  • God has already let us know, thru his word, the events that will consumate the end of this age.

                    I have a work, almost complete, that will give some very “enlightening” details as to what we are “commanded” to look for as “markers/signs” as they unfold.

                    The next marker, by scripture reference, in the prophetical sense, has just begun. Israel and Damascus are the key ingredients.

                    This sets the stage for two more prophetical elements involving Israel and the Middle East.

                    It could be days, weeks, or months; but it is coming.
                    I don’t believe it will be a time frame of years. By the alignment of the “harbingers” it won’t be.

                    I can’t get into more detail here, but am offering it to any that are interested via email. If you have recieved something from me previously by email, then i still have your address and will send automatically. If you receive and don’t want to read such warnings, or fear the days ahead because of feeling too attached to the world; then by all means, please delete when it arrives and reply with “remove me from your emails”.

                    Send request to: [email protected]

                  • Brother-let no unwholesome words come out of your mouth.
                    Do you think the Lord delights in the things you say about your ex wife?

              • Items are still used as money in third world nations, just like the USA will be soon when the shtf. keep your gold, I will keep my fishing weights. we will see which one has more value and which one will keep you alive.

          • Gold and silver will go up exponentially as the dollar dies. Most likely you’ll be able to sell it for more than the official market price.

            • Barn Cat:

              And when you sell it later, what currency do you expect to get when gold is $50,000 per ounce?

              PMs are good. Gold and silver are good. But you need to know what you are investing it for and why.

              • It will be in dollars at $50,000 an ounce. The dollar is dying. Gold will probably hit $1 billion an ounce before the dollar is a dead currency. Remember, in Zimbabwe they had 100 trillion dollar notes.

                • Far point Barn Cat, but I always wonder the following:
                  There are always two sides to every trade. So, if Gold is at as you say, $50,000 an ounce, that implies that somebody with $50,000 is willing to trade that amount of cash for the 1 oz of gold. That means that person wants the oz of gold pretty badly. If that is the case, why would the owner of the oz of gold trade it?? If paper money is worthless….crashing….why does the owner of the gold give it away for the paper? I do appreciate the point many make on this forum….the owner of the gold DOES NOT trade it for paper WHEN & AS the crash is taking place, but looks to use it as a new starting point when the rebuilding of commerce takes place.
                  This is a great forum guys…I’m new here, and it’s far better than some of the buffoons I see at places like PrisonPlanet etc.
                  We are all on the right trajectory….we see the problems looming and are making preparations, though our approaches are varied. Good luck to all.

            • In the absence of market manipulation, gold and silver sets the price of dollars or yen or whatever currency is being used .Gold and silver do not fluctuate ,altho the currencies its traded in do.
              For example ,say 100 years ago I could buy a suit for an ounce of gold ,say a $20 dollar gold piece,
              and now guess what I can still get a tailored suit for an ounce of gold ! did gold go up or down ? or did it stay the same? and what actually happened was the value of the currency went down ,hence more of it needed. I do not wish to be in a world where gold is $50k an ounce ,the ramifications of inflation in everything else will be horrible.Just my 2 coppers.

          • BigB,

            Suppose you are lucky enough to have a general surgeon in your neighborhood. Close enough so you would not be running Sniper Alley to bring a family member there.

            The doc has been smart enough to prepare with water, food and a means to defend them.

            When you wheel your loved one in on that re-purposed garden cart the doc will do what he can, given the conditions. But he doesn’t want to be paid in .22 or in chickens.

            He wants gold bullion coins. That’s what gold’s more immediate use is. Instead of carrying 30 pounds of silver you have a few gold bullion coins in yer pocket.

            • I would think that would depend on IF that Dr is hungry or not.

              • Saq,

                ” The doc has been smart enough to prepare with water, food and a means to defend them.”

                Might not be hungry. But might want one of those jack planes or cross cut saws you foresaw the need for. Or a sharpening stone. Or old fashioned brace and bits.

                For some people there comes the point one can buy only so many pails of beans and store only so much water. Then what do ya do with yer excess funny green paper?

                The dollar’s rejection as world reserve currency will mean the US will need to pay for what we purchase overseas in gold or in yuan. What do you think that will do to the availability of all those things one buys that are no longer made in the US. They won’t be available.

                Do you know anyone who can make their own boots or jeans? You can’t eat those either but if “interesting times” last long enough yours are going to wear out. What then?

          • PMs have, in the past, been valued by labor. Historically, 1/10 ounce of silver would buy a day of labor. It still does in parts of the world. It cost that amount of work to mine, on average. Gold was even rarer and harder to mine, so it was worth more days of labor.

            I believe that in a total breakdown, eventually things will settle down and PMs will again be used as money. It may not turn out that 1/10 ounce of silver equals one day of labor, but it would be something like that. If silver keeps being used up and not recovered, some other metal might take its place, such as copper or nickel.

            • if there is no silver, there will be no…iphones, ipads, hd tv, no computers, no new military industrial complex, no xbox, no tech…

              What corresponded with taking silver out of our money?

              The beginning of the space race, computers, high-tech military…should I continue?

              Silver has been shit on, destroyed and devalued to build everything that is fucked up with this planet.

              I will admit that because of the internet that we are all able to share our ideas and expose these bastards.

              I don’t think that they counted on being exposed. I believe the internet was developed for commerce primarily. Making it easy to swipe a card and spend money to create the massive amounts of debt slavery we see today.

              Frankly, I think that copper pennies and nickel will be valued currency in certain areas…save them.

              Anything tangible will be of huge value soon.

              It is raining here in the Rockies tonight. I am catching it to water my garden…I can hear my little heirloom seeds growing as I write.

              Remember folks, the earth only works one way…and

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

              • I remember back when commerce was not allowed on the internet.

          • One needs to have an open mind…perhaps someone has a lot of beef and no silver…but the beef guy knows someone who has a lot of fuel and will only take silver for it.

            Certain areas have no freaking idea of how to barter or negotiate anything…they are in huge trouble.

            Barter is alive and well in many areas all over the US.

        • Live where it is stored safely in the ground. Thats real prepping.

      6. As a mining engineer, I would caution any potential investor to do proper due diligence prior to investing in a mining company. This video refers to a “resource”. The focus should be on the “reserve”. The reserve represents the economically viable portion of the resource as determined through a very rigorous study. Many of these juniors “tart themselves up” in hopes of being bought out by a major miner that has the juice to make a proper mine out of the deposit.

      7. Last night I was really studying what happened with the earthquakes and this worldwide full circumference fault. First of all if you look at the 30 day map of 4.5+ quakes and see that from the eastern Scotia plate all the way around the southern African plate there were over a dozen quakes. This is the fractual line that travels around the planet, and sure enough goes right through the area that had the largest deep focus quake ever recorded last week. To see this someone will need to get a globe and follow the line around it with a piece of string or something.

        This fracture line is not perfect of course, but it is close enough. It runs from the largest strike slip quake ever recorded west of Indonesia through eastern China, and through Toyko up to the largest Japanese earthquake ever recored to the mega deep focus quake last week, to the Aleutian Islands and south west Alaska, to the Cascadia fault to the San Andreas fault to Mexico then out to the Pacific ocean to Peru, then to northern Argentina out to the Mid Atlantic Ridge and out to the southern African plate up through the Indain Ocean and back to the starting point.

        You want to see an economic disaster of global importance? You have eastern China on that line, Toyko, Seattle and the Northwest, California, and even the Central and South American countries on that line. Earthquakes follow faults, just like when the 9.1 in Indonesia occurred, months later there was a 8.7 on the same fault down the road. In two years you have had THREE of the largest earthquakes ever recorded; one for Japan, the other one the largest horizontal quake ever, and the largest deep focus quake ever recorded. 3 records in two years, on a fracture line that extends through some of the world’s most important economic hubs that there is. The precursor quakes are still rattering off on the plate boundaries AND on this global fracture line.

        I would not want to be on the fracture line as it is a global one that has more impact that any individual plate border. Still Central and South America have building energy signatures firing at them from points around the Pacific and Atlantic. Try this with a globe and see the areas that such a break around the planet has on everyone. 3 records in two years tells of something awful on the horizon.

        • oYou are not a geologist.

        • BI, you are better than a geologist. Geologist, for the most part, are scientist that are working for, or connected to the government. They can be bought off or knocked off by TPTB.

          But you my friend, are a rare/special individual and we are lucky to have you as one of the regulars.

          i may not be a regular for much longer. I am coming upon a “crossroads” of sorts, and the direction God has for me may not include SHTF club any longer.

          It is all still playing out, but He has been showing me things lately that has me excited about the future.

          As I have always lived by the words; “Sometimes you have to close one door in order for another one to be opened up for you.” I am in the process of closing a door on another chapter in my life.

          Anyways, keep up the good work BI.

          • Your joining with the Banksters? O.O

            • No way, Saq. Been there and done that. I walked away from the brown-nosing banking job after five years, in 1983. College degree in Banking and Finance basically worthless.

              I found better things to do with my life. My college buddy wasn’t so convinced. He spent 20 years of his life tied to a Corp. Banking desk and then walked away to get re-educated in a different field. He said he wished he would have left when i did.

      8. Look for a black swan event.

      9. If you buy gold/silver make sure you consider the following.
        1). there is a 15 % load on the purchase and sale if you go thru a store or online. Private sellers realize this and also have a load. In order to make money, you have to clear 30% to break even.
        2). It is taxed as a collectable at 28% and even if a person doesn’t claim it, the tax is a factor of the price.
        3). Commodities are often manipulated and it is difficult to not only figure the direction of a commodity but also the direction of the people playing it.
        4). Radio Host Dave Ramsey also makes a good case for thinking twice. He cites Katrina, and the fact the person with gas and food was the rich guy.
        —all considered, you are speculating and realize it. Silver is the most extreme and has had the most movement. If you buy and hold, you could be long for decades. If you buy and play, keep an eye on it daily. If you are buying for “insurance”, then none of this applies unless you believe Ramsey.
        —I do own about 900 oz of silver and when it goes back to 50 I am selling. The problem is….I would be selling for dollars, which is what most are insuring against already.
        —It is fun but know the game.

        • The dollar is going to die sometime in the next year or two. We’re going to see hyperinflation and gold at $50,000 an ounce on its way to $1 million an ounce. Not because gold is that expensive but because the dollar will become that worthless. You won’t have to buy and hold for decades. Just a couple of years before the whole world’s financial system crashes.

          Yes, obviously we need to have sufficient food and other necessities. Most people who are preppers have been working for decades and have a lot more money than just what they need to prep for their families.

          Dave Ramsey is a smart guy but he’s totally wrong about mutual funds and he’s totally wrong about silver and gold. He talks as though he doesn’t see hyperinflation coming soon.

          • Ramsey was a bankrupt loser, that suddenly turned things around and made himself millions in short order on recognizing his mistake and how many others were in the same boat…and he capitalized on it.

            Only in America.

            No one who makes a pile of money wants this fucked up paradigm to blow. funny how he is associated with foxnews…brainwashing conservatives for over 10 years now.

            No one makes any money in the media biz telling the truth.

            • Ramsey didn’t practice what he preaches. He filed bankruptcy, and never ‘worked his debt snowball’

              • I agree. The other problem I have with him is that once he made his millions, he never went back and paid any debts that he had. I know they were dismissed by bankruptcy, but if you become a millionaire, I believe you should go back and make your name good with those who had to charge off your debts and take a huge hit on their bottom lines.I believe bankruptcy is there to help people when their world falls apart and pray I never have to use it, but if I turned around and made millions, I would go back and pay the people I had filed on before I keep it and have huge homes and fancy cars. I have worked for a bank for 19 years and had ONE customer come back after she had filed bk and pay the debt because she came into some money. Her honesty gave me some hope for humanity again for a while…until we had a bankrupt customer hiding all their assets with relatives and bragging about it at a yard sale she had selling the light fixtures and appliances that went in the house she was losing…”getting the bank back”. The bank did not make her sign her name to that mortgage that she signed saying she would pay it. What goes around comes around…always.

                • Ramsey had several loans reviewed and called due to the bank being nervous and interest rates climbing. He was current on the loans although he often leaves that part out. He couldn’t pay the balance and couldn’t sell fast enough. Not so much as a deadbeat, rather a person who was borrowing using risky loans. Most commercial loans are that way to this day. (not fha and not conventional). Commercial loans suck and banks can do as they please.
                  If a bank called my loans, I wouldn’t go back and pay them. Why would anyone? Having also worked in the industry, I watched people try to work with banks and gave up after getting several different answers and often no response at all. Ramsey isn’t perfect but if you knew the story he looks better than the person you make him out to be.
                  Regardless, he is doing something for people and I really don’t care how he got here. If he makes billions who cares?

        • Radio host Dave Ramsey is spot on with debt reduction/avoidance advice and living low on the hog so you can live better later on.

          On precious metals, he is an idiot.

          He is still stuck in the 90’s, hawking “good growth stock mutual funds” when their record for the last decade has been less than zero return ( adjusted for inflation ) and metals have done double digit returns for that same 10 years. He painted himself into a corner on metals and refuses to admit it.

          He ( and he isn’t alone ) missed the fact Wall St changed over from a place you could invest in companies to a casino rigged where the house wins EVERY time. He also missed the FED intends to try to print our way out of our debt problems, and destroy the buck in the process. Both of those facts leave gold/silver as your only option for saving excess funds ( once you have your preps in place ). Owners of “good growth stock mutual funds”, stocks, bonds, CD’s, cash, and other paper promises are going be totally robbed of their savings in the long haul, and Dave ( who probably has a safe stuffed with gold eagles ) will be relegated to the dust heap of ‘financial wizards’.

          • I couldn’t agree more. Ramsey understand about debt and building wealth the traditional way but that way is past. Debt monetizarion by the FED and a corrupt Wall Street have chanegd the end game

        • If you are buying monetized coins, (that is silver eagles, gold eagles, st gardens, Morgan’s, Canadian silver and gold maples, etc) there is no tax. You are trading currency. If you are talking ingots, bars and tokens made of silver or gold, that’s another story.

          • @ pencrna. Should read st gauden’s

          • There is still the up front tax… sales tax… and the store’s percentage markup. I bought a bunch of pre-1964 silver coins, and was negative 13% when I walked out the door.

            • What state are you in? Must be local state laws. That sucks. My Dear hubby only sells monetized bullion and collectible coins so he doesn’t have to screw with taxes.

      10. I came out of the “tough guy” school of thought when I was an Eagle Scout, going into the woods with a knife and three matches and all that jazz. As I get older I am more receptive to technology.

        Ok I want to share some of the Apps on my phone with you. I have programs for compass, maps, flashlight, foreign language, weather, star atlas for celestial navigation, ham radio, police scanner, constitution study guide, NRA news updates, guide to hunting and fishing regs in my area, guide to game and fish in north america, GPS, guide to scat and tracks of game, guide to knots, guide to building shelters, SAS combat manual, SAS survival manual, and stock market ticker. I leave the GPS tracking feature off at all times unless I am actively using the weather or maps apps.

        Last night I viewed some arcs from two of the transformers in my area. The power went out and I had my solar/hand crank lanters, water carboys, freeze dried food, ham radios, and my phone and ipod for entertainment as well as communications. If the power had stayed out I have 4 stoves: alcohol, butane, propane, and combination kerosene/gasoline/Coleman fuel. I have my own camp shower in case the electric water pumps fail, as well as several jerry cans and fuel stabilizer. If the power goes the pumps at the gas station will not function either.

        • What if you drop the phone in the creek? Does that put you up shit creek? Technology is great, but watch that reliability. That’s a lot of eggs in that basket.

        • All the crap in the world, and a wheelbarrow full of gold, doesn’t mean anything unless you have your heart right with the Man. Hope you do Eisen.

      11. Crash JP Morgan buy silver

      12. Buy 90% silver (pre- 1965) US dimes, they are cheap, easy to transport, easy to sell/barter, never faked and if SHTF and silver goes to say $1000 an ounce you can then sell/barter at a rate of about $85.00 to $100.00 per dime. Better than trying to sell/barter a gold coin for say $10,000 a coin where you probably will get worthless paper in change.
        Something to think about???
        After all you have to ask yourslef why are you buying gold and silver? So you can have something of value when SHTF. So you will have something of value to buy/barter for goods that you will need, right?
        U.S. Silver dimes (pre-1965) are the way to go for the average to low end investor. And everyone knows that a 1964 and older U.S. dime, quarter, half Dollar and Silver Dollar are all 90% silver. But now you have to watch for fake silver dollars (I am not sure if they are faking the half dollar, but they probably will as silver goes up).
        Most important is to buy your preps NOW as prices are still relatively low because if you plan on buying after SHTF with your gold or silver you WILL pay a heavy premium for food, water, weapons, ammo, medical supplies etc. So if it’s (silver or preps), get your preps first and formost and ONLY if then you have money to spare then and ONLY then should you buy gold or silver…
        You heard it here from the Trailer Park Investor

      13. I fear I may have made a costly mistake. The price of my PMs will probably rise, but so will the salvage charges and will wipe most of my profit out.

        • You don’t buy PM’s for the short term profit. You buy them as a store of value for when the dollar experiences hyperinflation. Right now, the value of 3 1964 silver dimes will buy you a gallon of gas. That should continue to be true even if gas is $100 a gallon.

          • And it bought a gallon of gas back in 1964 as well.

      14. The REAL gold is “black gold”. When it becomes too expensive for the common man to get, you will sell your “yellow gold” to get some to survive. The value of both types of gold is determined by who controls the most. I guess you know that is the international bankers. Hang them by their feet and let the common man have at em.

      15. I still would go with brass, copper, and lead for my PM’s. My ammunition stores have tripled to quadrupled in value over the years. So have my weapon stores. Remember when you could get a $90 SKS, $300 AK, or $45 mosin nagant.

        • $200 even, for 3 SKS’s, $205 for Colt AR-15. 8 Cents for 30-06 & 308, Lake City. That’s why some of us go for other PM’S. Different uses, different reasons.

        • Peter Schiff is kinda like Jim Cramer. Both are beady eyed bobble heads. Listen to what they say… then buy their books and newsletters so they can get richer to help them weather the storm. They make their fortunes scaring the shit out of people and spouting a lot of bull shit.

          • Schiff has a much better track record than Cramer. He also has logical reasoning behind him. However, I agree that he is vague on timing, but who isn’t when it comes to the when of the collapse.

      16. BI, In Revelation 6:12 it says And I beheld when He (Christ) had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood. 13) And the stars of Heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casts her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. 14) And the Heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together, and every mountain and island were moved out of there places.
        Sounds like the earth may just about split in two to me.
        The best prep is to be ready when our Lord and Saviour returns. Maranatha, Come quickly Lord Jesus!

        • Amen to that sister,

          There are a lot of different events going to take place before the “sixth seal event”, which is basically when Pretty boy Floyd/antichrist/Satan shows up. I do believe they will happen quickly and back to back though.

          Don’t be mislead by the 3 an 1/2 years of antichrist rule on earth scenario. It was shortened to five months, then the “true” Messiah shows up to thump some gourds. I’ll be doing my part to help Him.

          • Rev Ch 13 is where the first mention of antichrist arrives is. Where is it written that it gets shortened to just 5 months? In ch 13 it states 42 months. How could so many prophetic events unfold in only 5 months time?

            If any biblical mention is made of 5 months? I must have missed it. Please share where it is located. The Only place I can recall where 5 months is mentioned is where those things come out from the pit and are allowed to Harm but Not kill all mankind that accepted the Mark. They are said to be like locusts but faces like men etc.

            But That is just One single of many plagues spoken of.Please post where that is located ok. Thank You.

            • Sorry, Angelo.

              Been there and done that with you already. Even when i point out biblical truths with people like you, it isn’t enough. I don’t waste my time in pissing matches over the bible.

              What most people fail to recognize in Revelation is the fact that God uses “spiritual symbolism” with much of the verses penned by John. Most of the so-called confusion concerning the interpretations comes from taking everything in a “literal” sense; when it should be taken as figurative symbolism.

              The locust spoken of are not military helicopters as some teach. They are not “flesh” men either and are certainly not some wild freaky creatures like scorpions. They are the fallen angels/Satan’s angels, that come to earth with him. They refused to be born of woman, and are therefore condemed to death after they fulfill God’s purpose for them during Satan/Antichrist reign on earth for five months. Some refer to them as Satan’s “locust army”. They will be mating with women,just as they did in Noe’s time. Not only with women I believe. In five months the women won’t have a chance to birth their hybrid babies as they did in Noah’s day. Do you remember the “giants/geber” of that time. The very moment Christ returns, they fall dead in Jerusalem, all 7000. Satan playing the role of antichrist is then thrown/locked away for the majority of the Millenial Reign. He, Antichrist/Satan is not given another 36 months at that time, but will be released for a short season at the end of the Millenium.

              Sorry, to point out your ignorance of Revelation, but Antichrist is first mentioned in Rev. 6:2.; just not by name there.

              I do wish you well with your readings and understandings.
              Hope you have the kind of relationship with our Heavenly Father that I do, so you can be shown truths.

              i can’t, lay out all the scripture in this forum for you to see what i see. It is there.

              You may request my work on the coming events and all the signs that point to an exponential chain of events that may consumate the end of this age sooner than the preachers are saying, and I’m not talking about a pre=trib rapture either. To the contrary, the bible doesn’t teach a pretrib rapture. That’s man’s teachings. My email is posted above on comment #1748566

      17. “History shows that, as a mechanism of exchange, gold has survived every major global calamity.” This is incorrect, there was a 500 year period referred to as the “Dark Ages” in which gold was not used.

        • The European dark ages….a period of time from about 410 when the Romans withdrew from Britain, ( and later France and Spain over the next 100 years or so ) to the Renaissance in the 14 century.

          Some of the know minted gold coinage ( not including the use of existing Roman and Greek coins ):

          The Thymsa…a native Anglo-Saxon gold coin in about the 630s.

          The Augutalis…medieval gold coin was widespread under the German Emperor Frederick II (*1194, †1250).

          The Dinar…..minted all thru the European “dark ages”.

          The Dobla…..medieval Spanish gold coin is the Spanish term for “double.” It was issued by the united kingdoms of Castile and Leon, first of all by Alfonso XI (1312-1350).

          The Ecu…..first issued by Louis IX (1226-70)

          The gold Florin….The Crusades promoted trade with the eastern Mediterranean, which brought enough gold into the flourishing trading city of Florence to enable it to start minting its own gold currency (1252).

          • There are several others; but you are right, he is wrong. However, I doubt anyone in ROME thought getting out of England was a start of the dark ages. They no doubt thought: “Thank the Gods I’m getting out of this dump, the beers flat, the girls ugly, the food sucks, and the weather is disgusting.”

          • Your dates have a 600 year gap of no gold coins, so thanks.

            Here is another source to back that up —

            “…after the Dark Age when there were no gold coins minted in the West for about 600 years. Gold reemerged in Western Europe only during the 13th century after vanishing during the 7th century.”


        • WRONG! I have some very nice Byzantine Gold coins from that period, Yes. some places were such shit holes that coins were not used, gold was still valued greatly however. But I choose not to live in those places, you can have them. I will hire some smart guys and we will go to the nice places. And by the way, that once in History, how do you think some people became Nobles and some stayed slaves? Think it had anything to do with who had the Gold? Remember the Golden Rule: “He who has the Gold, makes the rules.”


        Deaf woman beaten by pigs for not being able to hear the orificer.

        The killing of dirty cops is extremely honorable. The orificer responsible for this needs to have his face cut in half with a hacksaw. That’s the only thing these gorrilas understand.

        Everybody who ever donated to the police FUCK YOU. I hope you die in car accidents and your children grow up destitute. Fucking shiteaters.

        • @Eisenk, With the return of middle ages behavior and barbaric mentality. I think it will be safe to say that police of today make or will make the Nazi’s look like humanitarians. There is no leverage with these guys anymore they, do as they want. The Nazi’s did horrendous things but! At least it wasn’t their job to “serve and protect” and people knew that. I don’t think you even see that motto on patrol cars anymore or in police literature.

          • Id go more along the long bar chainsaw direction rather than a hacksaw, more exciting, gotta get that adrenal gland rippin!

        • And you were doing so good. Must of been a shift change. Or the smart-ass just came back from vacation and took over for the civil ones.

          • Right. I should “calm down.” Why should I care if innocent people get beaten by pigs who then lie and say the innocent person “assaulted the orificer.” FUCK YOU.

            • The whole hacksaw thing is a little over the top. You can mercifully dispatch of someone without getting a hard on over it. You might need to talk with a therapist sometime soon. You don’t have to become the same monster as those that you hunt.

              • Pigs like violence they should love the “over the top” hacksaw thing.

        • Geez Eisen, you were on such a good roll too.

          • just sounds like an idiot

            • Yeah, I’m an idiot for being angry at cops who attempt to kill people and then lie about it. FUCK OFF.

              • No liesandkrap. Everyone has their views of the police, government, teachers, military et al. You seem to have a way of making people disagree with you for the sake of not agreeing. Your lack of balance and numerous lies make it difficult to agree with any statement you make. For example, you could say its bad to kill puppies. This would only make me want to murder a dog just to spite your bombastic ass.
                You make sense for a short time then crack and spew dipshit krap. Your need for attention is astounding. Personality disorders appear to be a hobby for you. It’s just difficult to like you, agree with anything you say, and to simply take you seriously. Your mom always told me she should have quit breast feeding you prior to junior high.

        • eisen:

          I’m long “PORK BELLIES” Everyone likes BLT’s

        • So Eisen, what’s really on your mind? You don’t have to hold back for our sake; ha ha you crack me up!

        • Honesty is always important….. but the way I see it, the banks have been screwing everyone for decades. They got what they deserved.

      19. Gold now is okay but bullets are better. Gold won’t protect you from vicious savages or jack booted thugs. For some reason I don’t think you’ll be able to slip a piece of the good life into their pocket and they’ll let you out of it.

      20. QUESTION ABOUT SILVER: I currently own 1750 ozs. of Silver; and 4.6 OZS. of Gold. At what point do i sell this for a profit to buy real estate? Im not looking to make a killing; i just want to come out on the other side of the coming nightmare in Hell intact. I’ve seen the homeless in Philly; and that way of life in no way appeals to me. I’ve been reading this site for awhile; and some of you guys are pretty damn savy. Any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks.

        • Dave,

          If you can, I would save the PMs for awhile longer and look for land and purchase it with dollars. For most land buys, you will need a 40% down payment from some banks. Its funny that they require 40% down for land, but hardly nothing down with a house on land.

          Your PMs have a value of around $40,000. Your PMs will go up in value, but your dollar purchasing will most likely go down in value. Use the dollar first, and your PMs as a backup if possible.

        • Damned if I know, but I figure it this way. Things are not gong to get better until the Gov. gets control of it’s spending. As long as SS is not fixed, disability keeps going up, and all the rest of this crap; it’s just going to get worse. As to when you should buy land etc that’s somewhat different. When you can afford what you want, do it. With low interest rates, if your job is secure, now is a good time. PM’S are a way of holding what you have until times get better. If you can get what you want and keep it; do it now.

        • I would find a good remote 5 acre plot of mountain land with water near by, then buy it with your PM. Prep first, buy PM last as a fully prepped person can get by without PM, but a person with lots of PM and no preps cannot survive.

      21. I still maintain that energy will be the GOLD STANDARD store of value at least in the short to intermediate term. The problem is the liquid gold is not a long term store of value as oil degrades with time, despite stabilizers. Ssolar panels wear out/ degrade(saw a distrurbing article on zero hedge about the shoddy manufacturing of solar panels) wind mills break down, etc.

        Thus my concern of my lack of sustainability. I can get a 1000 gallon propane tank, but even though propane is the one thing that does not degrade, what happens when it runs out after a year or two?Not enough time to grow a forest to harvest timber for wood burning /steam generation or gasifier.

        It seems that all these back up energy alternatives are good for the short term, and are necessary for most preppers to allow transition time, the bulk of the preps needs to be diverted to low maintenance/low energy sustainability.

        • Down here the forests are growing nicely, engineering shops run off hydro-electric power, enough engineers schooled up on steam tech, plenty of mobile apparatus to canabalise, oil seed crops in the rotations already and making oil which does run IC engines. One engineer mate runs his own casting shop and does work for a guy who restores vintage cars for clients all over the world, taking on jobs no one else in Australia will touch. This, in a town of 3000 people at the end of the road.

          Prepping is not really about having a bloody great store full, it is about placing yourself in the middle of an environment that will fill the store and understanding how to make that happen. That way the problems you have to overcome are short term ones. The long term is taken care of. This may be very hard for city dwellers to understand, but for those of raised on the land it is in the genes.

          Living far enough away from large population centres to discourage the zombies also helps. So does living in a place that offers very little in the way of strategic advantage militarily.

        • Build a digester and run your genset off the methane gas.

      22. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        this virus is continuing to make the news

        cases now stand at 53
        and there are 3 more deaths to report for a total of 33

        no US cases yet
        the incubation period is estimated to be 9-12 days
        transmission in large droplet form is the assumed means of transmission
        and human to human transmission has definitely been established

        no real treatment
        just supportive care

        • Still a paltry number relative to human population exposed. Not worrying me yet, but that’s just me. Everyone’s got their opinions.

        • Howdy Satori,

          AS YET, has anyomne identifed an explicit MOA for this virus (Method-of-Action), ie, in the casss of several flu’s we have that a ‘cytokine storm’ is active which serves to disrupt normal bodily function…WHAT is – to your knowledge – enabling this to be so VERY lethal? Has any such info been releaesed as yet Friend? 33 out of 53 IS well above a 60% mortality rate….extremely ‘scary’


      23. just as a reminder to you All …



        NUCLEAR BOMBS !!!


        Just as AmeriKa used Nukes on the Iraqi’s , now its using them on the Syrians !!!



        N.O. ;0p

      24. this is where it all started


      25. @ BigB. With a complete financial meltdown precious metals will have values that are off the charts, if there are any charts left. Still Ugly is correct, without what people need for everydau survival, the only value will be for food commodities. Food might have more value than some precious metals, I am serios, literally. The old expression you can’t eat gold, would really come into play. People will definitely be able to trade gold, most likely for food as long as the whole world has not collapsed like the movie The Road. It will all depend on how critical the world is at whether or not the precious metals have value or not. Most circumstances it will, but some it won’t.

        @ ptmama. I was taught that the plate was broken into pieces, the plates, and this prevented some global type earthquake. As the plates broke one at a time and prevented some 10 pointer. I however when I started to look at the possibility of a MANTLE fracture rather than a crustal fracture, I started to see that there is a possibility of some big time planet wide shaker. When I see some 8.3 down almost 400 miles, I could see a more shallow mantle crack under the crust.

        Think of the planet just like a hard boiled egg, that is still very hot inside. You have the shell, that in proportion is about as thick as most of the planet’s crust. Then you have the white part which can be though of as the mantle, and the yolk or yellow center, this is the core. The very upper part of white section has a crack in it that go completely around the side of the egg, but perhaps not that deep where it would reach the inner parts. This weakens in the white section would have a barring on the brittle crust or shell.

        This is what seems to be occuring because these earthquakes are not really following the plates like they should, but a deeper fracture. This is why you have an earthquake on say the African plate and a huge earthquake a week or two later on a entirely different plate such as the Pacific plate. The plates do interact with each other, but this circle in some spots actually crosses right through the middle part of some of the plates, not following the plate boundaries in at least 7 areas. Yet the very big earthquakes follow this path, and likely continue this in the future.

        You give a biblical reading of Revelation 6:12 about a great earthquake, and with a mantle fracture like this that could bypass the crustal plates, a super mega earthquake like this is possible. Something that broke along a fault like this would rattle the planet like it had been hit by a huge asteroid. Since it is very deep, I don’t think if this had happened before there would be any record of it. Even if half of this circle went, say from the Aleutian Islands down to northeast Argentna, it would be a 10 pointer. The tsunamis from this would be unbelievable. The shaking from a 600 mile long fault breaking is 300 seconds, or 5 minutes. A 10000 mile long fault fracture would shake for 16 and 1/2 times as long or a hour and a half. The only saving issue would be that it would be deeper and some of the worst nergy would be absorped.

        This may sound like science fiction, but these earthquakes are following a fracture or something down there that is across plates and not following the boundaries in many areas. That is disturbing as the 3 largest earthquakes for their depth, horizontal movement, and regional size in Japan have been recorded in a nearly straight line on this 3 dimensional plane in just 2 years. That is only a small section of this worldwide deep circle around the planet.

        I am much looking for JustOneGuy’s opinion on this one, and what he thinks could trigger a major portion of a shallow mantle fracture, forgetting about the upper crusts with this one.

        • No, you’re wrong about the earthquakes. They follow the plates and they aren’t deeper than the tectonic plates.

          • @ Barn Cat. The earthquakes are NOT all following the plates. I have charted every earthquake on a globe with a tiny sticker for almost 2 years now, and there are many earthquakes that are not following the plate boundaries. Technically the New Madrid is right in the middle of the North American plate, yet…….

            I was trying to figure out why you have an earthquake down in say the Scotia plate region and then you have a major quake in the same spot in maybe Taiwan, over and over again. This tells me that there is something a lot deeper going on below the zone of the crust. Not 1000 km deep, but more like in the 200-600 km depth zone. A break that doesn’t conform to the plate tectonics that we are all so familiar with. You have a whole string of earthquakes from the Scotia plate to the southwestern part of the African plate for two solid weeks. I gave a warning of an awful earthquake coming. Boom, the largest deep focus earthquake on record on May 24 in the early morning.

            If you connect these 3 record breaking earthquakes and continue with this arc around the planet, it intersects major faults from eastern China to Toyko, to the Aleutina Islands, to the Cascadia fault to the San Andreas, to Mexico, to Peru, to nothern Argentina, to the eastern most part of the Scotia fault to southern African plate back up to the starting point west of Indonesia’s largest mega strike slip ever recorded. These regions all have experienced massive earthquakes in the past, yet don’t follow the prescribed fault borders like the ring of fire does. There are 7 points that are away from the plate boundaries.

            During college I was taught conformity with “science” and those that were thinkers outside the box were considered radicals or nuts. Yet again and again new theroies are eventually the mainstream science that is taught. Plate tectonic before the early 20th century was almost considered heresy. Again and again this new theory of forecasting earthquakes has proven to be accurate. Something that practically no one on the internet has done. Especially with large destructive earthquakes. Other forecast moderate or small quakes and then say look at what I did. This is like picking the favorite horse in a 5 horse race to place in second or show in third. On a $2 bet you will get about $2.20 or $2.40 back. I only concentrate on killer size earthquakes that are extremely difficult to pinpoint because they don’t happen very often. The odds of sucessfully forecasting these earthquakes and in the right spots are quite long shots based on nothing but pure chance.

            Something is going right with the forecasting of earthquakes, you can check the past comments to verify this for the past year or so just how truly accurate it is. By the way Brad, one of my degrees is in Earth Science and I have gone through the torment of a very controlled setting of “this is the way it is” crap. Free thought is something they don’t teach in too many schools, unless you get a professor that is out of the ballpark with wisdom from other sources like I had in different fields of study similiar to but not entirely Earth Science.

            • ??????. The New Madrid fault, Lake Michigan and the ST Lawrence are OLD plate boundary/Failed rift valley, . There are always some Quakes that don’t follow pattern. The Earth is not dead. The “Recent” Glaciers are responsible for some; Hot spots, and several other issues. (There is an old fault in Ohio that hasn’t moved in 300 Million years near Cinc but it could) No one ever said All earthquakes were plate tech. What’s the problem?

              • @ Paranoid. The whole planet is basically a series of ancient plate boundaries where continents have been fused together at one point or another. The standard maps of plate boundaries do not include the ancient ones like the Rocky Mountains for example. Barn Cat was saying, I think, that all earthquakes follow the present day plate boundaries, which they don’t. The New Madrid is technically not considered a plate boundary as it is considered part of what was once. It should be, but technically it is not.

                What I see is something that MIGHT be a massive split or sorts in the lithosphere under the crust that people are not aware of. The continental crust is about 35 KM deep on the average. Plate tectonics basically are set on this thin layer rather than something much deeper down. What I see are earthquakes that hit some of these plate boundaries, and then DON’T follow the logically course of stress that would be coming from a major earthquake later on. You have this precursor earthquake, yet 10000 miles away you have a major quake that didn’t follow any sort of plate border. WHY?

                I have thought that the plate boundaries are but a smaller piece of what is actually going on, much further down. It would seem reasonable to conclude that there are even more ancient boundaries that never quite assimilated and didn’t completely fuse together. OR the planet is not as solid as once thought and these tidal stresses from the gravity of the moon, the Sun and from rotation has caused some sort of deep fissure to develop that is following this line of quakes.

                I don’t think it is a coincidence that you have this swarm of quakes down almost 12000 miles away from the 8.3 deep focus mega quake, and if you follow the 3 dimensional plane it leads to connect with each other. This is what I was trying to put over. Something is going on. You don’t keep having these records broken again and again, without something bad happening. I also wonder about other fissures like this no one is aware of. They are aligned with the major quakes and the precrusor quakes for a reason.

                • The plate boundaries are not really a cause of anything, They are the result of the circulation patterns of the magma/heat from the interior. That’s why they move, the interior currents move. No doubt there are hundreds or thousands of minor ebb and flows, and no doubt some change every day, some are huge, last for millions of years. Most are nothing, some split entire continents, some push up mountains, sorry but I don’t see what ever it is you have at issue. I’m missing the Big picture or something.

        • Morning BI,

          Before asaying to speak to your quetion above I note that the current USGS recordset fot 4.5 Mag or greater for the last 30 days (terminating on 5-4-2013) records 19 ‘deep focus’ events, inclusive of the activitry in the Sea of Okhotsk, both. OF particular interest here, in reviewing the records as given…is that 13 of thoe events are centered on or VERY near to Fiji. I bring this forth specifically to your attention! What IS going on ‘down there’ I WONDER?

          That said, I cannot conceive of a cirucmstance wherein the deep interior of the Earth exists in some relatively ‘static state-of-balance’: FAR too much of what we KNOW thereof mitgates STRONLY against any such interpretation..Yes? Thereor the implication at hand is that the deep Earth is study in dyanamism. As such then we are naturally led to the conclusion that – quite probably – there exists, long-term defined flows along relatively fixed paths…were THAT not so, then HOW would we end up with the circumstance of Yellowstone or Hawaii…these very things – cases – bespeak this state almost directly…and I might here add, evidently.

          Our long-running dilaogue on the ‘Nature of the Deep Earth” would seem to lead us to the conclusion that the deepet regions are almost continously EVOLVING massive quantities of Heat, Yes? That Heat MUST ‘convect’ from the center outward and as I have noted per a reference to all ‘boundary value’ problems of which we are aware, the nature of that solution set is NOT fixed OR static in ANY sense…such solutions DO NO EXISTS once the problems at hand no longer involve 2-dimensional membranes. Hence, we then see the time-evolution of the various ‘Hot-Spots’ beneath the crust as well as other less readily explained phenomena. Reverting momentarily here, the Super-GRB occured on the 27th of April. It is now the case that the easily accesed records at USGS only go backm to the 4rth of May. Question here: WAS there ANY occurance of ‘deep focus’ tectonic activity in the period from THAT date to the 4th of May, to your recollection? I think that what we are seeing here is a direct CONSEQUENCE of the evolution of and subsequuent tranfer of exceess (beyond normal, ordinary) amounts of Heat from the deep genitive regions…thus being evinced by the frequent occurance of late of the 450+ km deep activity we have been witnessing since.

          Please to note also that the occurance of ALL the events specified has occured NOWHERE other than along an Arc that sweeeps from the Sea of Okhotsk, through the Phillipines and thence terminates in FIJI…where 80% of all thoe have occured in the last 30 days. WITHOUT exception!

          I know Thee Friend…Yea, I know THEE!…this will present to you as ‘a dog does on a bone’! Get back to me when you have had chance to consider this in relation to your surmise above… 🙂

          Till later Friend….

          JOG *6 Days*

          • @ JustOneGuy. The Fiji region is where the earthquakes have begun to breach that 700 km level as of 1985. I can guess that this could be some sort of heat loss, a cooler eddy that is allowing the mantle more stress to build up in an area so deep you would think could not build up any stress for an earthquake to occur. Up until 1985, no quake had ever been recorded below 700 km.

            As I commented to paranoid above, these earthquakes are following a line that extends around the globe. The earthquakes on the south African plate did not follow the plate boundaries we know of to the mega deep focus quake in The Sea of Okhotsk, yet they certainly forecasted it. You remember what I said, an awful quake is coming and i gave odds of a 8+ quake occuring at 50% from this activity. 8.3, actually 8.4 on the Iris seismic site. For this to happen it went through the center of the northern section of the Austrailian plate, and not along the parameter of it.

            This is still specualtion, but to have three mega quakes, all record breakers, in 2 years along this line, something is up. This line extends right through downtown Toyko, through the Cascadia fault zone, San Andreas, Mexico, Peru, northern Argentina, all populated areas that will lead to massive deaths. That is what I am far more concerned about. Also that this unseen possible global fault, that more than just a small section of it could go.

            One more question, really after 6 days you will truly no longer be on the site at all? That will be a sad day.

            • Howdy BI,

              Per s previous missive, I BELEIEVE that the manifestation of the ‘deep focus’ events IS signatory of a GREATER than normal expression/evolution of Heat…for it would take relatively large amounts thereof to trigger the type of events that I have mentioned. Either those being the case of massive REDOX reactions though large volumes and/or ‘cavitation effects….like;ly a ‘tandem’ thereof.

              Bear in mind that there IS a point – in terms of depth where the increaing pressure/temperature curve would all but absolutely dictate the probability of ‘zones’ whereat normal chemical bonding would be at the very limit of what we could ever conider to actually exists…only a state of ‘vritual bonding’ would be in effect/present: a state less energetic than a classic ‘plasma’ yet greater than what any chemistry with which we are familiar can exists…

              In principle, this is quite nearly similar to the state of affairs which existed in the very early universe – 10^(-14) second JUST prior to ‘clarification’, ie that point where light was actually able to move straight-line for more than the width of a proton or two before being scattered by the presence of primordial matter structures…which themselves BARELY existed; thereafter, the nearly instantaneous universal ‘phase chage’ which allowed for both to exists seperately and independently. And No, those particular conditions have NOT existed since…nor willl in the future. Instead, the chemical ‘equlibrium state’ to which I refer is matter of the emormous temperature/pressures encountered at SOME depth… several thousand degree’s million of pounds of presure per square inch…at SOME point there is a natural boundary at whioch all chemicl bonds are so fleeting as to become ‘virtual’ only…the ‘phase change zone’ which wold likely be CRITICALLY sensitive to temperature and presure variations….

              When to THAT is added the probabiltiy of the ‘cavitation effects’ which would be expected ONLY when non-equlibrium transfers of gross Heat were actively occuring then the plausibility of what I have posited goes WAY, WAY up. IF, a material were at that state and SUDDENLY the local presure dropped fractionally, then you might WELL see the chemiocal ‘equivalent’ of a “freezing” – of sorts to occur, …the phase change mentioned. In this case we are NOT talking about freezing as in ICE…Lord NO! But instead, a rapid chemical ‘phase change’ for a equlibrium state of BOTH non-bound and bound states to another in which a large predominance was effectively realized. Again, think of the example of the cavitation witnessed behind any propeller when ‘pushed’ too hard…the dissolved gases ‘explosively’ coalesce in pockets in that zone…for a small time in that case…this effect occur even at depth, in the case of our nuclear submarines when attempting to accelerate or decellerate too rapdly: this is NOT a phenomena confined to ‘near surface’ is a function of the depth and pressure and inputted motive force involved, Eh? I can imagine that these events are – by thier NATURE – confined to VERY deep depths wirthin the Earth inasmuch as we are here probably thinking in termns of something above 4000 degree’s Fahrenheit…again, less than a ‘plasma, but beyond ordinary chemistry, thermallly speaking.

              Wheh!! Nuff ‘Dat!!! I hope that might convey the germ of the idea at hand…this state of affairs, of ‘deep focus’ tectonic events HAS no other valid explanation that we are yet aware of…I THINK. Surely there is NO possibility of any ‘solidity’ at the depths involved… a neccesary precursor to the development of any stress/strain whose later release would register as we see…tectonic activity.

              Alas, time grow now very short Friend…nothing has further disrupted the planned events of the next few days – beyond the few thing which have occured already – therefor my personal RESOLUTION is near at hand. I have mentioned the wholly primitive character of my new home …such is most nearly a reversion to the mid- or early 1800’s in it’s basic character…no electricity, running water likely to NOT be installed in the fisrt year! That somewhat limits my ability access the internet, Eh? 😉

              Far be it from the case that I am leaving WITHOUT that which is requisite to do all of that mentioned thusly, BUT there IS a mandatory order in which all ths things must evolve…and all those thinga we take for granted – here – as ordinary parts of life, are rather low on the list of priority’s initally….there.

              In fact,this very THING might well be considered a ‘game plan’ for those who were left bereft of all they knew, were forced to ‘begin again’. In brief, it is something like as follows (my particular case)

              The establishment of foundations and subsequent construction of prinmary residence, balanced against neccesary ‘clearing’ of the area locally which is naturally asociated with the generation of sufficient timber with which to build.

              Thereafter, the further preparation of the local area to support the agriculture required for sustenance and initialization of same.

              Therafter, all things relating to the plunbing issues, thereafter that, the siting of the neccesary, permanent means of electrical generation…this will take a minumm of 2 years IF all goes well…if NOT then longer yet. But at NO time will this expose my group to a catastrophic failure by virtue of insufficiency..for other reaons not here listed. In brief, the issue of SHELTER and FOOD are supreme prority’s from the outset…all else thereater on an ‘is and AS can be’ accomplished basis. Perhap that explanation better serves to explain the character of what is at hand for me and mine…

              Indeed, “Sad”…but also that which many will likely face in the future…I elect to ACT now, before the conditions are such that any the efort to do so would be possibly beyond measure, beyond Me and Mine. I pray everyone here who reads this will for a few short minutes ask themselve ‘What are lives of those I love well, my own?” For me the asnwer is simple, ‘THAT is WORTH EVEYRTHING’…there is NOTHING I will NOT do to ensure that….within “limits drawn around me by the equal rights of others…”

              That said, there IS a WAY OUT of this ‘mess’ Friends …but it is a long, long road that leads there…and it resides and ABIDES, solely with you. Mac now has my last thoughts thereon…the ‘blue-print’ for the “New Dawn” I have frequently spoken of here, which he will release – as he sees fit – AFTER I am gone from among you. Humanity will either LEARN or PERISH…what has BEEN, can NOT be the pattern for what is to COME…The “Mind of Humanity” MUST change…or die.

              Who here does NOT know this?

              Till later BI…


        • @ BI… PM’s will have High Value to whom? The average prepper who has food, water guns, tools and a fuel supply will need/want PM’s for what? I think alot of people will wish they spent it on something they could buy before the colapse instead of almost giving it away for a can of beans when they could have bought 1000 cans. The ONLY use for PM’s (Other than making fiat selling it now) is to transfer wealth into another society and gambling that PM’s are a legal source. REV. says there will be one currency. With the “mark”, I doubt it will be PM. Other than this opposing view…keep up the good work on the earthquakes. I was in the 89 CA one.

        • Why pick on Israel unless you’re a Jew hater? Palestinians have more rights in Israel than they do in their own country. The Palestinian Authority is a bloodthirsty, greedy mafia. Arafat himself stole at least a billion dollars from the incredibly impoverished Palestinians that he governed. Islam is evil. Their followers and the deeds of their followers are evil. Satan hates the Jews because they were and still are God’s chosen people. Satan inspires other people to hate them too. Like yourself. Nobody who loves God hates the Jews.

          • STFU @BC


          • Ever hear of anybody dying in a war that benefited a Palestinian banker?

      26. Off topic:

        One of our goats had twins today and the other goat is ready to pop any time now. I wont be surprised if by morning she’s had hers. Our neighbor had a buck and a fence was no obstacle and now we are having our first kids. We’ve had our goats for a little more than a year and we didn’t have any prior goat experience. We got them for brush clearing and toyed around with the idea of breeding them for the milk. I guess I’m going to get experience milking goats.

        • The second goat just had her twins.

        • you are lucky that they were born in good weather. When we bought our goats last summer, two were already bred – due the end of December. Born on the 30th. Got down to minus 13 here. Carried baby into house at night for a month. Husband made a big wooden box in kitchen. Never once pooped or pee’d in house. And milking goats in that cold was no fun either. Had never done it before. Goat always made sure that her foot landed squarely in milking pan. Threw a lot out and I nearly gave up. Goat finally figured it out and I ended up enjoying the job. The very worst part was our waterline was froze up then too.

          • No, not every time but way too many.

      27. @BI?

        Do you think the reduction in mass the crust experiences when we take water & hydrocarbons out is contributing to the settling, thus heating, leading to more settling/ earthquakes?

        • @ egg. Water, absolutely leads to earthquakes and higher stress levels. Many dams are built right on top on faults because they form a much cheaper means of using the existing walls of a canyon to help anchor a dam. BIG PROBLEM. You add a tremendous amount of strain on one focal point with hundreds of feet of water. India has paid for this a few times for example. Water also acts as a type of lubicant with shallow faults. This is why there are increases in earthquake activity when severe droughts hit certain earthquake zones.

          Taking oil out of the ground was one reason why the Long Beach earthquake of 1933 occurred decades before it should have. They drilled and sucked oil out of Signal Hill region during the late 1910’s and 1920’s like there was no tomorrow. This is right on top of the Newport Ingelwood fault and very likely caused the 6.3 in March of 1933.

          The fracking in Oklahoma and Arkansas of natural gas has lead to many moderate earthquakes there. In fact this process on or around the New Madrid fault zone is likely to cause it to rupture like in Long Beach in 1933, MUCH sooner. The temperature is not so much an issue with this as it is removal of a mass and leaving nothing to replace it. Thus the ground has to resettle.

          I have long thought that the sucking out of ancient groundwater from the aquifers in the Midwest will lead to the New Madrid fault going off, likely as strong or stronger than 1811-12. You cannot remove something of substance and hope that everything is going to settle just fine and dandy. It does not work like this. The groundwater from the glacial ages was enormous, and has and continues to removed to irrigate crops. Eventually this removal of water will lead to a void that will need to be readjusted by the crust. Very good question about hydrocarbons and water, yes they do play a big role in earthquakes.

        • No. The deepest wells are about 5 miles. There are very few of them and very local mostly Anadarko in Ok and a few other places around the world. Oil well production has caused some very shallow quakes, especially in Ca where the production has caused subsidence. (Wells are very shallow most less than 3000 ft and rock is very soft and poorly compacted.) We had an aqueduct near where I worked and we monitored extensively, We had had no effect on earth movement in 60 years. Rocky Flats in Co had earthquakes from disposal of wastewater into wells, seems they were lubricating a fault with the water, that’s about 30 years ago. As far as heat transfer the area of oil fields is so small I cannot conceive of any significant changes. I have reviewed thousands of Temp surveys on wells gong back about 80 years, on my fields, and the only changes were if we injected fluids, and even those tended to go back to the normal, unless it’s very shallow steam injection, the thermal mass of the earth is overwhelming. About 50 miles north and west of Backfield on one of Chevron’s fields had some significant settling and opened cracks at surface, Some places the ground moved about two feet but no significant damage, cut off some wells at the slide plane.. Biggest issue of substance I know of was the North Sea. Even tho those fields were fairly deep they were so huge that there was some subsidence (About 20 ft, My data is old) but no earthquakes, had to lift some platforms. Overall Mankind is a small zit on the Butt of the world and I don’t think anything we do is significant to the crust. We over rate ourselves, think of mankind as Jock Itch. In a few million years it will be hard to tell we were here. Although I have several items that will last MILLIONS of years. Mostly stainless steel stuff I lost 7,000 to 10,000 ft down a well. Much Of which was very expensive. Oh well

          • @ Paranoid. I was not referring to the heat issue being a trigger point ot earthquakes, but throwing a land mass out of balance, YES. Anytime you take away something, such as water, natural gas, oil, you leave a void. That void can be replaced with the land subsiding such as sink holes on a smaller scale. Throwing something out of flux can trigger a fault. Many times around the world it has be speculated, not proven granted, that earthquakes have been accelerated in the time they break from damming up a river. Extra stress in either putting pressure on or taking away can trigger a fault that is already on a tipping point.

            For decades at least the underground water from the glacial era has been siphoned off around the New Madrid. This is not an event that is a few years in the making or a tiny amount, it is a lot. This can cause a rebound effect on the top layer of the fault. Thrwoing something out of balance can add much tension to a fault already under tremendous strain from the twisting of the North American plate due to the plates to the south. The addition or removal of water, natural gas, oil, anything that puts a system out sync does add stress to the system of practically anything.

            What I am trying to say in regards to the deeper “idea” of a type of global fault that no one knows about is that these earthquakes, the huge record breaking ones are following some sort of line around the planet. This could be, again this is speculation on my part, some sort of fracture, maybe a new type global plate boundary. I ask this question. Why are these earthquakes following this line that extends completely around the planet from one point to another, all the way back to the point it started at?

            There is a reason behind this as this line extends through plate boundaries and not entirely along the plate boundaries. I said that in 7 spots it doesn’t follow the “known” plate boundaries. This is part of a theory that has again, again, and again…….. successfully predicted large earthquakes. Look at comment # 1735071 as it said that only 3 areas were targeted from a precursor quake in the Prince Edaward Islands area: South America, Japan, and Taiwan. Yesterday Taiwan sure enough had a major earthquake. I must be doing something right.

            • The rain and moving air from one large storm is more moved mass than all the oil ever pumped. The Amazon moves more weight in a day than all the oil pumped, likewise the Gulf stream. The heating of the air by the sun changes the pressure every morning by more than the weight of the oil. People are not significant, The rush of cars and people into NYC makes more change than the oil we pump that day. People have much to big an opinion of themselves. Yes we can change the tiny skin of the surface, The crust cares less.

      28. “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”
        -Abraham Lincoln”

        Keep the FAITH

      29. When I read an article like this, I thank God I am not in California, New York, or any of the other anti-self protection states that are trying to destroy our rights to keep ourselves safe from criminal scum. I also deeply feel sorry for those poor people that are stuck in hellholes like this in which the “lawmakers” need to be sent over to europe and lose their American citizenship for trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

      30. @BI. Thank you for the prompt answer. Have you ever checked out Walter Browns free online book on Hydroplate Theory? Taught me lots about many fields of science since I mostly read Herbert & Tolkien (oh & work stuff) for the last 20 years…

        Please keep up the good work …

      31. Emily mentioned on the last article that there was a 6.5 in Taiwan, I thought it was only a 6.2. Upon checking other sesimic sources, the USGS downgraded another quake close to a populated area, it was a 6.5, a major earthquake that caused all sorts of landslides. This was forecasted on the Nixon comparison to BO article towards the top on comment # 1735071, 4 days before it happened. On the comment I said that the Prince Edwards Islands precursor quake was very specific with only 3 areas targeted; South America, Japan, and Taiwan. This system works using precursor quakes to forecast major quakes coming afterwards.

      32. Noted BI,

        As always, GOOD WORK Friend!! The ongoing expresion of tectonic activity..including additional ‘deep focus’ events near Fiji in the last 24-48 hours is cause for concern as well, I think. I have an eery feeling that the Juan de Fuca is nearing a ‘tipping point’ in terms of it’s current plate loadings…that all the previous activity we have lately witnessed (6+ months) was NOT actual stress RELIEF, but only signatory of BUILDING stress. I do not here have time to explain that in detail…apologies therefor. When you have a moment to consider such please return here to asses – in your own spefific manner – What the current indications are from your perspective. Many Thanks Friend…a long day beckons me, Till later then!

        JOG *6 Days*

      33. Buy “PHYSICAL” Gold & Silver!
        NOT “PAPER” GLD & SLV.
        Do Not use a bank safe deposit box, they are not safe because of recent Executive Order, Gov. can open and inspect all safe deposit boxes in your bank.

      34. JOG = 6 days + 2 Years = Relativity.

      35. Holding physical gold and silver is really just an insurance policy to keep your wealth, particularly if the US fiat dollar falls to zero in an economic collapse. What value it will have during the economic collapse is unknown. But when things start to improve, physical gold and silver will be valuable to purchase land, homes, or whatever you need to survive. Storing of food, guns and ammo, water, seeds for growing your own vegetables, etc… before a possible collapse is paramount because these things will keep you alive until the economy stabilizes and improves.

      36. yep, and ammo has been one of my best investments

      37. The answer is simple

        J-u-s-t- b-u-y- p-h-y-s-I-c-a-l

        Best bet right now is the pre 1965 silver coins, aka “junk silver”

      38. I’m getting old fat and lazy. I don’t worry about much.

        Funny, I heard some young buck, shooting his mouth off on how he’d just steel the preppers supplies.


        Good luck with that.
        A fat old guy can still pull a trigger and reload quite fast.

        There you go.


        Beer up.

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