Prediction: Silver Will Go to Parity With Gold

by | Aug 19, 2010 | Precious Metals | 32 comments

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    In an interesting Web Bot prediction, Clif High and George Ure of the Half Past Human project suggest that an epic event will occur in early November of 2010. Clif High says it won’t necessarily be a war, but rather, an event that will be associated with the death of the US currency.

    The attached video below uses a variety of sound bites from interviews where currency collapse, the gold market, paper gold and silver are discussed.

    One of the more interesting tidbits of information in the Web Bot prediction surrounds the precious metal silver, it’s available stores and the market reaction if a major currency event were to occur. If you currently own silver, according to Clif High, you may be very pleased with your investment in the near future:

    “In 2003 / 2004, George and I were discussing this weird thing that showed up about silver, where silver is going to bounce back from its current position relative gold, to a historical mean relative gold, and then will actually exceed that and may even go to parity. We had a hint that maybe the ratio of ounces of silver to ounces of gold may go through this wild gyration and end up, at some point, briefly, at one to one.”

    In recent years, the silver to gold ratio has hovered around 60:1, meaning that an ounce of gold costs 60 times more than an ounce of silver. In Gold and Silver – Will They Protect You, we pointed out that the historical mean for the last 125 years has been about 45 to 1, which accounts for the 14 to 1 ratio during the gold and silver price top of the early 1980’s. At it’s historical peak in January of 1980, silver was trading near $50 per ounce.

    Though we’d love to see $50 per ounce silver again, and strongly believe that this price level will be achieved over the next several years, we’ve also read convincing estimates and reasons for why silver may go much higher that that, with estimates ranging from $100 all the way up to $1000 (with a 9:1 ratio, meaning gold would be at $9000 per ounce).

    Web Bot has claimed correct predictions for a number of events including the September 11th attacks, the 2004 Tsunami earthquake and Hurricane Katrina, but it is not without errors, having predicted several events that never came to fruition. (source)

    Whether or not an epic event occurs in November of 2010 is anybody’s guess. But one thing’s for sure: If the price of silver reaches a one-to-one parity with gold and goes to new highs, then whatever scenario is causing it will not be pretty. We may be happy to find that the price of silver is at $1000 or more per ounce, but that would come hand-in-hand with an economic catastrophe of historical proportions – one that we most certainly would not want to be a part of if it is at all avoidable.


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      1. To the moon, Alice!  My wife and I are waiting for the stock market collapse  (oh, it WILL collapse!)  and then we are going to buy $20,000 worth of silver at no more than $10/oz (oh, it WILL go to $10!)  and, then, maybe,  just maybe, we’ll get rich in a few years…

      2. Buy gold and silver…Yippee!!! This investing stuff is easy!

      3. Like you said, “Web Bots predict a lot of stuff that does not happen”,  however,  I think this prediction has a very good chance of  taking place,  a lot sooner,  than most would think possible.

        As long as you can give pieces of paper,  for physical gold and silver,  it’s the deal of  a  life time.

        Do it!   while there is still time.

      4. so… the silver manipulation was a GOOD thing??

      5. The dealers know that too & will be buying only.  Spot price will go ballistic (up) on the way down (spot).  Holiday for banks (or loooong lines) & it will be too late.  There’s only been a few days where Dow has gone down & spot on metal goes up.  But that will change.  Leveraged paper chasers have been watching that also.  Big money will be made by banks shorting it before it tanks momentarily, then going long.  Is that you GREAT MG?

      6. So I was working out how to integrate PM’s into my overall plan for retirement (not just for SHTF) and finally decided to make weekly purchases of what I could afford.  Simple right?

        Well, I have three retirement accounts going already, what’s the point of opening another one?  What’s wrong with having a big pile of silver?  The financial planners all act like you’re an idiot if you bring up the subject of having (gasp!) physical PM’s.

        I think that physical PM’s are at least as likely to have value by the time I retire as those other accounts.  They might have a lot more value come to think of it.  One or two more market crashes might do me in on the pensions and the 401k.

        Besides, you can get the silver out and play with it.  It’s a lot more entertaining than just looking at some BS balance sheet.  I’m not even hoping for the price to go through the moon.  As long as it’s worth what I paid for it, that’s good enough for me.

      7. Meant spread for first spot.

      8. “The financial planners all act like you’re an idiot if you bring up the subject of having (gasp!) physical PM’s.”

        Yeah….I had one tell me I was risking my financial future by taking out my IRA and buying silver at 6 bucks…then barely admit I could have been right, while I was buying silver at 8 and gold in the mid 400 range…..”but you better take your profit and buy these banks stocks”…….ahahahahaaaa…….such idiots…..

      9. My first Rand was 256.

      10. PM EFTs, both gold & silver are paper certificates pure, plain, straight and simple ….. nothing more. Just like the FRNs, they are only promises to pay. And just like the FRNs, they have been leveraged at a ratio of at LEAST 100:1.What has been sold to the unsuspecting public in this paper format doesn’t physically exist. Besides ….. these EFT Certificates don’t even make good toilet paper, much too slick.

        Barkie Obungle and the rest of the banditos there in the District of Criminals are getting ready to grap everyone’s 401Ks and private pension plans and convert them into government administered annuities just so they can keep paying the light bill for a while longer.

        They are also planning a ‘bank-holiday’ during which time the banks will all be closed, the currency revalued and everyone’s bank safe deposit boxes will be looted of all the PMs that they contain. Don’t believe me? Just wait and see.

        At this late date, if you are just getting started prepping, I would concentrate on food and the means to protect it. If you have resources left over, trash (badly worn, no numismatic value) US minted pre 1965 90% silver coins, dimes, quarters and half dollars are your best bet. They have the lowest premium out there and are widely recognized. Buy through a local coin shop for cash only.

        1/2 pint and pint bottles of  drinking alcohol will be at a premium as will tobacco products. The small vacuum packed cans of Prince Albert keep forever when stored in a cool space. Cigarette papers will also be at a premium along with the little rolling machines.

        God Bless and good luck to you & your families. We hope to see you there in ‘bartertown’.

      11. At $18 an ounce a person under 50 should put half or more of their retirement money into silver right now. If it goes to $100 an ounce they can sell one fifth and have all that money back, then sell another fifth at say $200, if they want to.

        Extracting and refining silver is a very oil intensive process. Making solar panels, efficient ones at least, requires silver for the wiring. It will soon become apparent to all that solar panels on your roof are going to be the only viable alternate electricity source in the future. Nothing else makes sense economically except small wind generators because all other alternatives are dependent on massive grid infrastructures, transmission lines, substations, metering devices, etc etc.

        In 20 to 30 years time anyone with money will have panels on their roof and probably will be offgrid. If the grid is even still functonal?

        At least that’s wooba’s prediction lol

      12. I have self directed trading in my 401k .  I sold everything and bought gtu and cef.  Allocated metal in Canada.  It’s up over 30% since I did that a year ago.  No dividend…but at the end of an empire…I just need to be able to buy a piece of land and a tipee at age 60 when I get there.  Folks I’m not a religious nut…but I did check the Bible.  Check it out.  Revelations, Chapter 3 verse 18  “Buy from me gold forged in the fire so you can be rich.”    Let’s see…should I trust the good book or some 29 year old “analyst” who also told me to buy Etrade.  That went from $3,200 to $50 in a decade.  Fuck the Asshole.  I’ll put my faith in GOD.   The big man upstairs dividends are that you don’t lose your shirt!   I think they will go after the IRA first…as most are just cash bank accounts.  “Nationalized” for the public good to pay the ponzi scheme of social security.  Here’s your homework.  Buy some silver each week.  Stock your basement from and buy a nice shotgun and some ammo.  That way you have yourself covered.  You’ll sleep better.  I do now.  If you are not political…I’m not….but I now picked a cause.  I support the second ammendment.  The generations down the line will need guns to take this country back over from the congress crooks I feel.   Some day the million man march will be the “Million man Armed March”.  A peaceful decending upon the capital of armed Americans to prove the point that we the people have the ability to take this nation back over.    Just my guess.  Final thought….Fuck Al Gore.  He’s a fucking traitor.  Don’t you think it’s strange a guy who was so close to being president…and he did not run again.  The NWO promised this guy to be king of the world.  He’s trying to enslave us with his green bullshit.  As for global warming…  Simple.  We paved the fucking planet.   Black top and concrete vs forrest.  Sure things are going to heat up.  it’s simple physics.  Ready….Duhhhhh.     Final final thought.  Visualize Hillary Clinton in a burka for life.   HA

      13. The November “event” that releases the emotion they speak of will probably be the US elections; when the socialists and communists are denied power in America once and for all.  That will be a huge relief for most Americans.

        That’s not to say that I think Israel will not launch a first strike on Iran sometime soon. And that is not to say that I don’t believe the purchasing power of the dollar will erode to a point where it could be considered a “collapse” of the dollar, but I think the elections will be the ‘release” that will generate a new (but false) hope across the country that the economy can be revived.


        At least not anytime soon, as the republicans back in power will want to continue sending the means of production in America to the third world where they can exploit cheap labor for greater profits (think banksters); and the US Chamber of Commerce will still support the the invasion of America by illegals, again to exploit cheap labor at the expense of the American worker and family.

        Look for a republican controlled Congress to start talking about “comprehensive immigration reform” after November elections; a clear sign and clue that they intend to screw Americans again. Big business benefits from the transfer of the means of production overseas (think banksters and really BIG monery) while small business (think entrepeneurs) benefit from the sponorship of the hispanic invasion by the US Chamber.  

        Once a liar, cheat, thief, and traitor; always liars, cheats, thieves, and traitors. Off with their freaking heads!!!

      14. Love silver, love gold, like cash.  Hate banks, hate wall street, really hate washington.    It is easy Guru!

      15. Don’t think silver will reach price parity with gold anytime soon! There are a lot of silver mines coming online. It is usually a by product of copper production too, so if the world economy improves there will be more silver available due to increased copper demand. Someday in the life of your children maybe because silver is consumed as it is used, but not in your lifetime if you are reading SHTFPlan. Above its normal ratio? Ok, Twenty to one or 10 to one? Don’t see it but would profit very nicely from it.

        Before it reaches that price you will use it to buy bread for your family.

      16. @Max.. With all due respect, I don’t agree with your investment philosophy. No one knows where the bottom is including incredibly gifted economists who have more insight than you and I could ever hope to have. If you believe in silver (and it sounds like you do) then just buy it. An extremely small percentage of people get in right at the bottom, and NO ONE gets in right at the bottom and out right at the top. That’s right, NO ONE.

        To quote 2 people who who are smarter than you and I (an probably 10 of our friends put together):

        ‘”If precious metals go up I’ll buy more, and if they go down I’ll buy more as well.” – Jim Rogers.

        “The best thing to do is to accumulate your precious metals slowly over time because no one knows where the bottom is.” – Marc Faber.

        If silver is going to parity with gold (which I don’t really believe will happen – EVER) then who cares if you get in at $10 an ounce or $20 an ounce. You’ll still be able to retire, right? But if you spend the next 5 years waiting for silver to go down to $10 and all it does is go up, you’re gonna miss the boat.

        That’s my 2 cents.

      17. sorry to ask a very ignorant question, but, what the hell will it take to expose the intentional manipulation of the metals markets AND to actually have that effect the spot prices?

        it’s one thing to have a 5th page headline about JP Morgan screwing the silver prices, but when will it ever hit the actual fan and change economies?

        who do we have to snipe to get on with this?

      18. It has been exposed. The whistle blower filed a number of complaints over a period of time with the ruling body for the London Metals Exchange, and then when he did not get adequate responses, turned copies of his proof and communications over to the Financial Times, who published the facts. Now the regulator is under scrutiny too.

        Unfortunately corporations never go to jail, just pay a fine which works great for the regulators trying to justify their jobs. When corporate officers start going to jail or the companies are suspended from doing business for a 30, 60, or 90 days, corporate corruption against the public will end.

      19. Comments…..  Call me crazy.  But i’d rather have possession of my metals, than computer notations on some tally sheet somewhere.  I have been raiding my 401k for over a year now, buying PM’s on a regular basis. I absolutely believe the government will seize everyones 401k, and make them buy t-bonds or some kind of useless crap like that. if you don’t take your money out soon, you won’t have to worry about it. The government will take care of it for you.
              it was a hard decision to remove the funds, but even with penalties, I figure I’ll have more real money left after buying metals, than if I leave in in the 401k.  Untill the price gets outrageous, I just keep buying some every month.  Even when I think I have enough, buy some more.
              One indicator that I see every month that shows me what John Q. Public is thinking.  When I go to the coin dealer to pick up my purchase, it usually looks like the place has been robbed. They can’t keep anything on the shelves. They sell out of the smaller gold sizes, and much of the silver as fast as they get it. Plus, new customers who have never bought PM’s before–but they’re buying them now.  They’re scared, just like everyone else.  Very telling if you ask me. The dealer told me that they can hardly keep up with the mail orders they’re getting.–again, very telling.
             Just common sense tells me silver, and probably gold as well, are set to explode very soon. I don’t know how much longer the price can hold to the lower side. Somethings gotta give…..

      20. ok…but, even in an exposure, anyone with lots of money can make even more money if they have the inside scoop (as they all do).   all the other markets/bubbles were crashed, and the people who set it up made out like bandits.

        so, why dont they let the cat OFFICIALLY and PUBLICLY out of the bag, sacrifice some lower minions/scapegoats to the prisons, and have their silver hoards and lots skyrocket?   wouldn’t this be a great way for the countries of the world (who hold massive tons of bullion of Au & Ag) to rid themselves of their debts?

        aren’t they keeping it low so when the time is right, let it rise to where it should be?

        or…who do we have to SNIPE to get this ball rolling?

        do we have to smear anderson coopers face in it until he understands what is going on?   if glen beck is promoting it, it must be someone else’s pyramid scheme, so when the hell are people going to scream, “the emperor has no clothes!”

      21. There’s been alot of talk about a Silver breakout. Can’t say I believe in that (even though I am very PM friendly). By the way, to those of you who own gold and contemplate some Silver …do you realize how bulky to store silver is compared to gold?
        Far, far  more difficult to store discreetly.

        But let’s get to the jist of this article. If silver goes to the moon then yes, expect severe disruption in the economic status quo likely to have occurred. So silver worth many $$ might be rather meaningless if those dollars are of marginal value.
        Sure, it’s better to be in PMs than cash if the painted scenario happens … but my point is that at that time the S…. might be flying by so fast that you have far greater issues to attend to. So you might not feel so fortunate.

        Isn’t that how life works out.


      22. You guys are so wrong. ETF’s are actually excellent ways to invest your money. Rather than be troubled by such bulk and the potential for theft, you can let someone else store it for you. I actually represent a new ETF that has just become available to investors. Instead of precious metals, we securely store in our hidden vaults, Assault rifles of various standardized makes and models. We also accept Assault rifle IRA’s. For the ETF, you simply send your money to us, and with that money we will buy a quality firearm directly through our Licensed Dealer (FFL). You will then receive a letter detailing your account and “investments”. If your interested in an IRA account and already own an Assault Rifle, then we will make arrangements to add it to our collecti…I mean store it in our state of the art vault.

      23. Makes as much sense as frequent flier miles to me.

      24. Hermes,

        I intend to naked short your Assault Rifle ETF. I register that I will pay spot price for 400 assault rifles at spot price, you buy them and send them to me. At some future date I promise to pay you for them in the future. I will, of course, cover the margins. So, if the price goes up, I’ll cover. When I am ready to sell, I’ll let you know and you can come and get ’em and I’ll pay you the difference. Deal?


      25. ETF’s are paper devrivatives and will be worthless or close to worthless in the near future when  the stock market falls & “physical silver” takes off to the moon.   If you invest in the stock market in this environment & are  in any ETF’s, you might as well pay Russian Rollette with 5 bullets in the chamber. 

      26. A currency collapse will impact the US and / or Europe and their major trading partners.

        It doesn’t matter to China if the US dollar collapses and the securities they hold have no value. They are DIVERSIFIED, now own the means of production, and are eliminating their position in US securities all the time.

        What do you think they used to buy $500 billion dollars of toxic spanish bonds with, which they will use to buy real mineral and energy assets in South America ? They can afford to overpay for them by a wide margin because those real resources will grow in value over time, the spanish bonds won’t.

        Thats also why they are moving to make the R fungible. Its the next reserve currency if China chooses to ignore the IMF. Why play ball under someone else’s rules if you own the park?And if they do play ball it will be by THEIR rules then.

        ETF’s in the third world like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, and Viet Nam will do just fine. Those companies can service Brazil, India, and China. It is American companies that will suffer. I wouldn’t invest in the US stock market either, but their are many global markets. and astute investors select the individual ETF and are well diversified.

        Its not a game for you or me. You don’t know enough and I don’t want any.

      27. Bye a handmade twisted rope and hang yourself and you will be delivered a great burden.

        In the meantime remain in gold and silver.

      28. Comments…..I buy silver eagles from a local dealer and 90% silver coin on ebay, i bought a bunch of used whitman folders and albums for short money and have fun trying to fill the albums and the duplicates go in plastic tubes. I would never pay more then melt for a specific date but sometimes you get lucky

      29. It is clear, that silver will outperform gold, long-term. Why? Because, 99.999% of the earth’s population are POOR. They, like investors in India, cannot afford much gold. They can, however, afford silver (currently). Chinese buyers are (currently) favoring gold, although, they are buying both gold and silver – in droves. Eventually, Chinese investors will favor silver, too.

      30. How about this: We, the (Plebs) of the Planet, enforce a TOTAL REPUDIATION of gold – by NOT BUYING gold – by ONLY BUYING AND/OR BARTERING using SILVER… Eventually, the following would occur: 1) JP Morgue, and affiliated banksters stock would go to ZERO, 2) U.S. Dollar would totally collapse, 3) self-proclaimed ‘elites’ would attempt to buy bread with gold – only to be told ‘we only accept SILVER’…this is totally within the realm of possibility – if, as Max Keiser has stated – we can ‘get this global party started!’

      31. What is needed, are U.S. Treasury-issued (ie, Sovereign-issued) Notes, NOT Rothschild-Goldman-Sucks’-’Fed’-issued Notes. We DO NOT need a return to a ‘gold-standard’ as is often bandied-about. This would simply allow the self-proclaimed ‘elites’, to regain control over the new gold-backed currency, since they already own all the gold… (Thus, the correct answer is: U.S. Treasury-issued Notes. Period.) Until this happens, LOAD UP ON SILVER.


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