Peter Schiff: The Market Isn’t Really Going Up

by | Nov 16, 2009 | Peter Schiff, Precious Metals | 4 comments

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    Senate candidate Peter Schiff discusses gold, silver, the Dow Jones, and President Obama’s visit to Asia in his November 16, 2009 Video Blog.
    (Video follows excerpt and commentary)

    Yeah, the Dow is up 130-140, but in real purchasing power, as measured by gold, the Dow lost value. People can buy fewer ounces of gold with their stocks today than they could yesterday. People have to understand, investors in particular have to understand, how inflation creates this illusion and how people can actually be growing poorer even as their brokerage accounts are rising.

    Mr. Schiff’s comments were succinctly explained in the latest Schaef Report: The Fed Playing God With Our Money, where Mr. Schaef clearly outlines how the purchasing power of the Dow Jones has been significantly reduced in terms of gold, silver and oil. As central banks in the US around the world continue to print money, the purchasing power of gold will continue to increase, or at the very least it will be preserved, while the value of paper currencies will decrease. As we’ve said before, what good does Dow 30,000 do for an investor when the price of gold is $5000 an ounce, a gallon of gas is $8, and a Starbucks coffee costs $12?

    Watch Peter Schiff’s Video Blog (November 16, 2009:

    Hat Tip to Rick Blaine for alerting us to today’s Schiff Video Blog

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      1. I like Schiff and Schaef.

      2. We’re not related, but we think alike! 🙂

      3. The people of America are so incredibly naive to believe the line of BS they are being fed. My wife has asked me a couple times why, during my sleepwalking, am I trying to feed the cable TV coax into the toilet? But, no, really, its such a crock of poo poo that its really hard to listen to. I can’t remember if it was Celente or Schiff that said, “Gold doesn’t lie…” It sure is speaking up lately. If its not lying, we should be listening VERY CLOSELY!

        Schiff and Shaef? Aren’t they cousins of Frick and Frack?

        Good writeup. Thanks Mac, you rock.



      4. Thanks NR, as always, for your contribution here at SHTFplan.

        I am going to try to make the commenting a little easier with the next update, because it seems to me that the best information/analysis comes from the community here. It’s always fun to come in an read what everyone has to say.

        Also, I think you probably get the same quality of content when your TV is plugged into your toilet as opposed to your incoming cable signal.

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