Media Lunacy: Gold Is Backed By Nothing, Unlike the US Dollar Which Is Backed by the American Government

by | Sep 29, 2011 | Precious Metals | 277 comments

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    UPDATE October 5, 2011 16:30
    In an apparent attempt to bury the complete idiocy of this report, the original broadcasting station CTV has filed a copyright claim against the content. All instances of the following report are now being systematically removed from the internet. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the matter is completely out of our hands. The transcript below reflects the words of the reporter in the original report. Mike Adams of natural news has posted a copy of the video under Title 17 U.S.C, Section 107. (Starts at approximately 13:50)

    We have no words to express the sheer lunacy of the following report:

    There’s something else happening here. Some investors are not confident with what gold is backed by, or if it’s backed by anything at all, as compared to something like the US dollar. Investors are comfortable that the U.S. dollar is backed by the America government, so no matter what is happening to the American economy, something like the U.S. dollar is backed by the Federal Reserve that’s going to be around a year from now. That’s a much more comfortable investment for them.

    Here is the Natural News Clip, with fair use notice included and Mike Adams reporting. The original CTV clip begin at 13:50.

    Hat tip BJ


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      1. All I can say is…I’m beyond speechless!

        • This is a Canadian broadcast. Oh well.

          • Hello~ Gold is commodity..its not a man made currency that need to be backup by something..its pure Money.

            • There’s no such thing as pure money. Everything – paper, gold, silver – is arbitrary. And I have to say that I am pretty comfortable with that fact that the American dollar is backed by all of the American government’s assets, which includes 22% of the total real estate in the country.

            • DT
              That real estate that you claim as the Americans Government’s assets belongs to the citizens of America.

              However, are you also comfortable with the fact that the 22% you mentioned (where did you come up with that figure?) is probably now owned by China?

            • China actually only owns about 8% of US Treasury bonds out there. So no, China doesn’t “own” us.

          • can anyone tell me where this idiot reporter-ette works?
            I would like to send a note to the station.

          • Yes a Canadian Broadcast indeed, but the story that it has been removed from all over YouTube is not exactly true. Many copies may well have been expunged, but with “over a million uploads per day” this has become impossible to police though, and here are three examples which still remain, but I shall not name all of the more than twenty which still exist. This video can also be found on websites, other than YouTube though.




        • what a loon!

        • Gold is

          1) Gold is better than the dollar, because every nation tribe and tongue, takes it as payment

          2) Gold has never been worthless, unlike fiat currency.

          3) Gold is rare and hard to get, unlike fiat us dollars, that you can just print, ad some zeros is a computer.

          4) Gold is not a respecter of person, place, thing, or politician.

          And the list goes on, and on and on!

          • Gold as a store of value is just as arbitrary as anything else – it waxes and wanes in popularity. Honestly, I prefer paper or electronic money as it is much easier to carry. The only real difference between gold and paper as money is that gold is heavier and shinier. Productive real estate is my preference for a store of value – you can house people on it and grow food on it, the only two absolute necessities in life. Try doing that with a bar of gold!

            • Who gives a fuck what you prefer?

            • You seem to be forgetting that little problem called property tax (which shows you don’t really own it) which makes real estate a continual drain and liability. Also, if you sell it, you are taxed again on your sale.

            • Ah, but with a bar of gold I can buy a piece of real estate & pay someone to grow food on it or buy real estate with a dwelling on it and house people. Further, I don’t have to pay taxes on & maintain the gold until I need to use it, as opposed to paying taxes on & maintaining real estate until such time as I or my children may need to use it.

            • All that is true about land. However, can you divide it with out loosing value? What happens to it if you find out it’s going to be used for a highway? What if its condemed by the Govt? While you may think its worth a lot somebody else may not? What if you find out it has contaminants on it? If you decided to move, can you take it with you? Lets say it has lots of beautifull trees which add to the value but a Tornado touches down and takes out all the major hardwoods. Did it gain in value or loose? I think with the loss of the Tree’s it’s not worth as much? My opinion on Gold’s value is the same today as it was thousands of yrs ago. An ounce could buy a suit of Armour. Today an ounce can by a really nice suit. Show me one paper currency that has lasted more than 3000yrs?

            • Douglas,

              You are confused because you are confusing “real estate” with “land”. There is a difference. You cannot really “own” real estate you just purchase a lifetime lease and continue to pay for it. YOu can, however, own land. You may “prefer” whatever you want but when TSHTF you can’t dig up your productive real estate, heck, you might not be able to even stay on it when they take it away from you.

              Gold on the otherhand can easily be hidden. Now, it is true that gold doesn’t “make you anything”. In this department, your productive real estate is superior. But, it times of massive trouble, real estate can be, under some circumstances, a liability. I can take my life’s fortune, put it in gold and bury it where NO ONE will ever find it unless I want them too.

              It is true that gold price varies a great deal, however, its not the gold that varies, it the fiat currencies we trade for it. You, Douglas, have a slave’s view of currency and gold.

              The worth of the gold never changes. It buys the same today as what it bought in 1911 or 1811 or 1711 or 1611 with only slight variations. Slaves don’t understand about land and they don’t understand about gold.

              But, its OK. They’ll always be abused and they’ll always be victims. Its always been that way.

              Don’t let FedCo brainwash you, Douglas. Certainly productive land has its place, as does gold. A tool has its place. Don’t confuse the usefulness of a tool for a liability. Use a tool for what it is designed. Gold is portable and therefore nearly untaxable. Land, well, is different, however, it is untaxable if you know the difference between it and “real estate”.

              “REAL” estate? The government and the banking system always misnames things, don’t they? Fake Estate would be much more appropriate. I own private land.

            • Douglas,

              What have you been snorting? You must be a paid shill for the Guv or Big Banks then. Banks are terrified of gold. DUH! If you had a brain you’d be able to fig. it out. Gold (PM’s) is the oldest, most reliable store of value EVER!!!

              But that’s O.K., when the it finally all goes down (soon, very, very soon) you’ll have a nice stash of your “easier to carry” dollars to wipe your ass with. You won’t be able to afford real toilet paper! And believe it- you’re gonna be shitting in your panties every day over your ignorant pathetic misunderstood thoughts about what passes for value. LMFAO!!!!

            • NetRanger: As a former “realty whore” I need to explain to you, that you need to understand, that “real estate” is land, the improvements to the land, and the particular bundle of rights associated with a specific property:

              whether you own the property outright or not.

              Many pieces of land with improvements are purchased for cash, and mortgages or deeds of trust, are not “leases”.

            • I don’t know of any country with a gold/silver backed currency that has ever defaulted on it’s sovereign debt. On the other hand I can name no less than 6 countries off the top of my head that have defaulted while using unbacked currency.

            • When I’ll have to work for you, I want something of value in return.
              Anything is OK, when I can use, or trade it for something else.
              A car would be nice.
              But would you be content with a promise to get the car later?
              I’ll give you a picture of that car as a voucher.
              You treat the picture as if it was a real car with real value.
              But it’s only a promise to get you something of value in return.
              The voucher itself is worthless.

              And now we are coming to the part where I can make as much as vouchers/pictures of cars, of which you think they have the same value as a real car.
              Of course you like to work one month for a picture of a car.
              Who wouldn’t!
              And they don’t need much parking space, expensive gas and repairs too.

            • Durango Kidd,

              If what you say is true, how come most warranty deeds refer to the “owner” as “tenant”?

              Do they not?

              …and, if you are the owner of something, you cannot be taxed. Tax is RENT to the actual owner. You can’t be taxed on what you truly own. Look it up. Blacks Law.

              I never criticized anyone for (pretending to be) owning “real estate”. But, you are deluded if you think you actually own your land. More brainwashing by the corporation. Read this and get a clue:



          • I’m just my gold isn’t backed by the US govt.

        • I here you but I also know of a way that you can make a lot of money when stocks are going down. I would be glad to show you how and what to look for. Email me at [email protected] and I will give you some idea of what I have in mind.

          • Kent you should leave

        • All I can say:



          THAT’S IT

          • Another brainless fool!! How low can I.Q.’s go??

        • Pre-1971, you could trade your dollar for a piece of gold. Today, you can trade your dollar for a piece of government. Is that what the reporter meant? If so, then we already know that government can be bought! How about reporting something that we don’t know?

        • The only thing I can think of as a reason for this is that there has been talk about the Feds confiscating gold just like they did in the Great Depression of 1930. They made it illegal to hold gold and required citizens to turn it in. Of course now with computer records it would be difficult to shelter purchased gold from the Feds.

          • I don’t know of a single gold/silver outlet that let’s you buy precious metals with anything but cold/hard cash… otherwise we would all buy gold on credit and never pay it back.

        • Gold…interesting thing…you cant eat it, and in the end what would you do with this hoard? I can tell you what you will do with it, the only thing you can, exchange it for…….the dollar. Dont believe me? Go down to your local supermarket and try to buy some food with gold. It wont work.

          Lets look at something else…if you are buying gold, ask yourself, who is selling it? Please dont tell me you dont have the physical gold in hand. If that is the case then your dumber than a box of hammers. Who is selling it is “the rich”. The same folks who have been scamming YOUR money all along. What are you buying it with? The DOLLAR. So he who has the gold (rich folks) are selling the gold to you for the dollar….something to think about.

          Gold is as much a fiat currency as anything else on this planet. You want a better idea. Buy some land so you can grow your own food. Because if things get really bad finding something to feed your family will be the biggest concern you will have….or you can just feed them gold.

          Oh and by the way, the government HAS confiscated gold in the past, and there is nothing to keep them from doing it again. But I am certain they would pay you a “fair” price for it…in DOLLARS.

          Jokes on you gold buyers.

          • You are so intelligent. Where have you been? The world is in need of your clear thinking. You have saved us.

          • So we should buy more?

          • You should talk to the Vietnamese that survived and got out. Those with gold left. Those without got re-educated.

          • But the government would never confiscate you LAND now would they? No, never would happen, never ever, not in a million years!

      2. *double facepalm*

      3. These people are insane!!!

        • Hey TotalCollapse, I hope that isn’t a “Government Criticism” website you are running, as SOPA & PIPA would make you an “illegal combatant” or something like that, and not only shut down your website, but put you in camp “X-Ray” or somewheres like that.

          …. In a Pig’s Eye !!!!!!

          LOL – Great site dude !

      4. Stupid is as stupid does

      5. Poor thing. Here Bridgette, have one of my 1 ounce gold Eagles and go out and buy yourself a brain. These people have no concept of what currency, money or intrinsic value are. They have been so completely brainwashed and chemically lobotomized to worship paper currency they have lost all critical thinking ability to discern what real money actually is. I haven’t seen anything that clueless in a very long time.

        • LMFAO!!!! Yer gonna get get posted on FB as the lead in to this article.

          • Gary, I’m still shaking my head in stunned silence at this video 12 hours later.

      6. I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.

        • I did wet myself…..

          • I shat me britches!!! where’s me roll of toilet paper dollars?

      7. Please send help fast …. the lunatics have taken control and are now running the asylum! I just love those cute little talking head newsie bimbettes who have absolutely no knowledge of what they are reporting on. Christine Roman of CNN is one of my favorites. My chihuahua has more knowledge of the financial markets, economics and the sad state of our poor country than Christine does.

        If you couldn’t laugh at some of the crap that they put on the news, then you would have to cry. My only comfort is that these are some of the same folks who will be wandering around in disbelief then their debit card no longer works at the ATM.

        • The ones who say, “I CAN’T be overdrawn! I still have some checks left!”

      8. for those who believe this crap please forward all of your precious metals to me

        • you want us to shoot lead your way? OK 🙂

      9. “Oh What fools these mortals be!”

      10. She knows what gold is and she knows what comfort is.

      11. This is a hoax Right? Sadly, I know it isnt. The general public has absolutely no clue. It shows you badly the media is controlling us. Do you know how many times I have seen a news piece on the occupation of Wall Street. Zero. How many people have you talked to that are even aware of what is going on at Wall Street. It saddens me to say this, millions are gonna die when the music stops playing. I just hope they dont take those of us that are getting ready down with them. Stay safe, keep prepping, and God Bless us all.

        • Just a quick side note! I live in Pa. The cost of living here in most cities are very cheap compared to anywhere else in the country(not saying much) However I went to the DOLLAR STORE today and bought a 1 pound pack of bolona, 1 gallon of iced tea and 1 loaf of the cheapest white bread they had. It came to 6.50!?!? Seriously. Again at a dollar store in Pa, where the cost of living is “cheaper”. Oh and smokes went from $4.46 to $6.20 a pack!

          • Thats BS! I had friends and people who moved here in Texas from PA. I asked them why they moved here, they said living expense up there was too high! Texas is the cheapest place to live especially with all the availability jobs!

            • corn and wheat are rising. wait until Jan for the food prices to go even higher

            • Shut up stupid! We’ll be over run with more dumbasses who are looking to leave them cities.

          • Your living on Bolona wrapped with the Cheapest white bread they had, washing it down with iced tea and for dessert contemplating a smoke?

            Well, at least you didn’t buy the smokes.

          • You are willing to pay $4-$6 per pack for cigarettes and you complain about the cost of living? How very unintelligent! Otherwise just stupid! Nuff Said

        • Survival of the fittest. Those that are bright enough to have seen the writing on the wall, and are better prepared, will survive the exit from the Eye of the Hurricane that has just begun. The rest (majority) sadly will be casualties, thinking they’re Guv will take care of them. The Guv is ONLY out for themselves folks, ONLY themselves! They don’t give a rats ass about us dumb cows, except to milk us for all we’re worth.

          • I dunno…let’s try and remember we are the gov’t and we just need to take it back. Starts by educating everybody we know I guess.

            • We are NOT the government. You’ve fallen prey to the biggest myth of democracy. Government needs to be abolished. Man ruling Man has never and will never work…

      12. Oh my! My dog is smarter than that! Damn, even some politicians might be smarter than that! On the second thought, maybe not politicians… but my dog is definitely smarter than that

      13. Hummmm, I no longer wonder why my son can not find a mate!!!

      14. She made my brain hurt………back to prepping…….

      15. I can’t believe that she is reporting this. That’s like saying Diamonds are backed by nothing and the American Dollar is back by a trustworthy Government.

        Thats like saying that you would rather have the Black Panthers/Hells Angles in charge of your Neighborhood watch instead of your local Cub Scout Leader.

        That’s like saying you would trust Monsanto over locally grown food from Organic Farmers.

        Need I go on?

        Well maybe one more…….

        That’s like saying that the Government is good at looking out for our interest by sending our manufacturing jobs over seas and financing other countrys infastructure while our own job market and infrastructures rot!

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • I trust Monsanto over organic farmers. Organic farming is how you get deaths from e coli. Genetically modified crops are a good thing and not a bad thing.

          • ha ha ha… that’s the funniest comment yet!

          • Bill, Bill, Bill, you keep sticking your “stubbed toed” foot in your mouth. You stumble from one post to another. Are you just being facetious with us? Should we be taking your statements as just inside jokes only privy to you? Tell us how your mind works so we can join in on the dark humor planted deep in the bowels of that inorganic brain of yours.

          • OMG!!! ANOTHER Moron!!

            Where do these idiots come from? Obviously can’t do due diligence to research facts. Maybe too lazy to get up off the couch, guzzlin’ brewskies and watching Faux News.

        • “Thats like saying that you would rather have the Black Panthers/Hells Angles in charge of your Neighborhood watch instead of your local Cub Scout Leader”—actually, if it came down to a fight for territory, or where my life depended on it, I would rather have a bunch of big, greasy dudes, with a gun in each hand fighting for OUR neighborhood, than a troop of teenagers throwing merit badges at the invaders…I’d want to be standing behind all the muscle I could find.

          Besides, it is a known fact that the scouts will be drafted into the enemy army first, whereas the “outlaws” like us will be passed over.

          …it is also a known fact that black panthers/hell’s angels types WILL FIGHT rather than join. Don’t be so quick to kick other rebels to the curb.

      16. This is just more brainwashing by the lame stream media for the elite. “Their” goal is to remove as much money from the average person and transfer it to the elite few.

        Speaking of:

        Hey Manos, did they pass the increase in property taxes (in addition to the lower retirement)?

        When will enough be enough? (rhetorical question)

      17. Both Bridget and Todd Hirsh (?), whom she was quoting, need another couple of courses in Economics 101 — or, in the School of Hard-Knocks.

      18. There is a scene written in “One Second After” where the main character is thinking about this woman who looks nice and is walking down the road with the masses and not allowed into their small town. He feels bad for her, and she tries to give herself to him in order to secure a place in the community which is obviously better off than being on the road. I picture that woman in the book in that video above. Silver at $30 an ounce is fine by me. I can buy happily at that level though the coin I usually buy is sold out right now.

      19. Wait to the Dollar is trading at .25-.30 cents and see what AU and AG are skyrocketing too. Too bad the worthless FED can’t print silver and gold…

      20. Was that seen on Comedy Central?

        • Smells like and Onion spoof!
          Scary that it’s real.

          • We were thinking more along the lines of SNL’s “Evening News” back in the mid 70s. Jane Curtin saying “Some investors are not confident with what gold is backed by” is pretty funny. A news anchor in the real world stating the same is, as RWMom says, “Scary.”

      21. hear this?

        thats why we have these probalms and cant have anything nice

      22. lol…”Problems”

        • I knew what you meant, lol 🙂

      23. I noticed this trend for several years now. Have young attractive types televising events beyond their comprehension. In the print media days looks did not matter and the journalists were far more knowledgeable and experienced. Its the same with TV sports have a good hair blonde babe blabbing on and on about a sport they know very little in.

        • They might be able to report on paint drying, Nah too complicated!!!!

          • …only if the paint is on their nails…LOL

        • Can anyone here over the age of 50 imagine Huntley & Brinkley saying anything like this???

      24. It’s funny how words can be used to “cook the books”. “Gold dropped by it’s greatest dollar amount in 20 years”. What is not said is that it is worth 550% more now then that damn dollar over the same time span. It if dropped by 50% from here it’s still better.

        “Backed by the good faith and credit of the USA”. Gives ya that warm and fuzzy feeling.

      25. Unfortunately, this shows the insanity of the propaganda arm of the democrat party. We had best be rid of these leeches soon or it will be too late for all of us!

        • The *DEMOCRAT* party. Yes! I agree. However, are the republicans any better? They try to tell us they are but they betray us every time.

          Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter. They’re agents of the for-profit corporation posing as our government. You’ll never have prosperity in the uSA again until you get rid of the corporation. We need to re-inhabit the de jure government and put this wounded beast down.

          Of course what I just said sounds like gibberish to most of you, doesn’t it? Well, just remember this:

          “What you *DON’T* know *CAN* hurt you!”

          Read and learn how we’ve been conned. Its not easy to understand but the monetary system is all part of it.

          If the US Government is REALLY the Constitutional government then how can they print fiat paper money?

          See Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution for the United States. How do they get around that? I’ll tell you how!!! They’re not the government. But all of you THINK they are so they continue. It really all is our own faults. Sure, we’ve been conned, deceived and lied to, but, its time to wake up.

      26. I’ve never seen a country that had to bail gold out.

        • But Blair/Brown still takes the cake.

      27. How can she be so blonde?

      28. Only if she dyed the russian STOL runway.

      29. Progressively brainwashed media….report (stupid) opinions as fact.

        God save OUR Republic!

      30. No comment, I didn’t think anyone could possibly be that stupid.

      31. There’s a thread of truth in the observation about gold: yes, there’s nobody to back it, but gold has a couple of intrinsic virtues going for it. First of all, it doesn’t oxidize, so it always shiny, and secondly it is extremely malleable, meaning that you can make it very thin, and also it conducts electricity. Your computer has gold in it as a coating for the electric contacts, to insure nothing corrodes and breaks continuity.

        It also rather dense, meaning you can carry around a lot of value in your briefcase. Because of that it is used by people moving wealth from one country to another. You could also use diamonds (as my mother did when we were refugees in WW2. They were sewn into her clothes).

        Diamonds are very plentiful and they are only expensive because the deBeers cartel makes them rare to jack up the price. Diamonds are also shiny like gold, and have been used for eons by men to impress women so our race could survive into the next generation. A rogue diamond miner could bring down Tiffany in a day by flooding the market.

        So there you have it: gold is rare and has a globally recognized value and acceptance.

        in 1990 I was working in Russia, and when the US announced the new design for the $100 bill, we couldn’t spend the old designs. (The ruble had deteriorated to being worthless. At one point we could buy an entire optical factory which made binoculars and camera lenses and employed 400 people, and had a nice modern building, all for about $80,000 US. I almost did it with my partner, each of us putting in half, until we learned that if we couldn’t cover payroll, we’d be jailed!

        So who backs gold? The people who need it to buy goods and services.

      32. It will be a major shock to the majority of the sheeple out there who are so sure that nothing can go wrong in the USA. I have some family that just does not get it. The majority of the folks in this Country did not live during the 1st depression or WWII ….& they have no idea…..It’s not that I was there either…..but as a student of US & World History… don’t have to read real far to see thet things got real ugly back then….
        People were also a lot more resourceful back then…& knew ho to work with thrie hands & backs. Today there are far too many folks that I find it amazing that they can operate a door knob all by themselves. Those poor folks will not last long if the SHTF. Also remember that back then the majority of folks had religion & morals…..Now we have a couple generations of professional couch potatoes that have been getting all their “free shit” every month from the Gubberment” and they will burn the cities to the ground when the free stuff stops. Ther are also a lot of folks that are well educated…buy very specialized in their work. They can do anything on a computer….but kill the power & give them a slide rule…..and they look like deer in the headlights ! They have been living their little Yuppie lives , they go to work, watch survivor, american idol, & other worthless drivel…..and when it all comes down they will be totally shocked. Just like the lady described above in ” One Second After”. They only good thing for them is that they will not last long in the big cities. The suffering will be short, as they are looted for food & anything else that the masses decide that they deserve. All this class envy stuff being spouted in Washington will just building more hate of the evil “haves”. When it happens….I believe it will happen fast & furious….. I still pray that I am just paraniod & this is all just a bad dream. I’ll be more than happy to have a bunch of extra ammo that I can go play at the range with !
        Montgomery County Texas

        • Well said! Amen!

      33. Obviously hired for her other “attributes”.. Good Lord.. can you imagine waking up everyday so utterly stupid that you can not realize that you make “normal” stupid look really smart ?

        • I could break her in 48 hours.

          • I could break her in 10 minutes, and give her cab fair for the ride home

            • Are you a muslim?you trash talk like one.

        • Is it any wonder why most people get their news from Alt Media?

          Its not a “girl thing” or a “blonde thing”. The blonde gal at Kitco knows her stuff, as do the gals at CNBC, even if they spin the party line to keep that paycheck coming.

        • Reminds me of a photo of an attractive young lady with enormous attributes wearing a tee shirt emblazoned, “I wish these were brains.”

          • …a blonde walked into a dept store looking to buy a pair of alligator shoes. When she found out how expensive they would be, she turned and stomped from the store, vowing to make her own alligator shoes.

            The store manager was driving home after work that day, and spotted the blonde standing waist deep in the river. The blonde dragged another alligator onto the bank, dropped it and waded back into the river.

            The store manager walked over to her and asked what she was doing.

            She said: “I’ve dragged 4 alligators out of the water, and NONE of them were wearing shoes…”

            LOL—one of my favorites…

        • To paraphrase an old joke:
          “Some mornings I wake up stupid. Other times I just let her sleep.”

      34. Vivian: I got red, I got green, I got yellow… I’m out of purple, but I do have one Gold Circle coin left… the condom of champions… the one and only… nothin’ is gettin’ through this sucker. Whaddya say, hmm?

      35. Since it’s so back asswards from reality, I wonder if Bernanke himself wrote the news story.

        • Hahahaahaaaaaahaha! good one!!! 🙂

      36. Are you f*@%ing kidding me? There is actually somebody that stupid? What a country!!

      37. @ Sam not sam : LOL …you are so right. Many years ago I dated a really well optioned Brunette….& learned in a short time that looks were only skin deep….but stupid is to the bone ! I just could not see myself sitting across the breakfast table every morning with someone that was just now laughing over some comment that I made 3 days ago….. So I had to cut her loose.
        I ended up marrying a lady that would be described as “average” in the looks department….but she does have a brain & has learned how to be a decent shot with her 1903 Springfield 30:06 ! I will be lucky to have her covering my back if the SHTF !!!

        • You’re dead right about that.. I married very well myself.. she didn’t WOW me in the looks department at first. But there is not another woman on this planet that I have ever met, seen or heard about that I would even consider replacing her with.. and many have tried to convince me otherwise.. one actually used that famous line “what’s she got that I ain’t got” I kid you not. My answer with a dead serious face was “Only three things, my trust, my love and my name”. I think her jaw cracked the floor, it hit is so hard.

          • I really like you, sns

            • aww shucks..

          • I’m impressed…Wow, a lucky lady.

            • “No need to go out for hamburger when I have steak at home” – Paul Newman.

          • Sam – what a sweet thing to say about your wife. That put a smile on my face.

        • remember…it takes a million to look like a million. big business in the cosmetics industry.

      38. I think what bothers me most about this “report” is that people will believe it. They will say “Hey, she’s right! Gold is backed by nothing!”

        Like Simon Cowell, I’m speechless.

        • ScoutMotto: That is why hyperbole, hysteria, and propaganda must be refuted right away, and harshly.

      39. Can you please tell us what news agency that is so that we can write polite corrections to this “reporter?”

      40. the sad thing is that people will actually believe some of this. its sad. i got about 200 ounces of silver and 1/10 ounce gold. if the news say do one thing i learned to do the opposite. the best thing is, if you ever see something happen and then you see it on the news, it is completly different than what really happens. that is sad.

      41. A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.

        The wise speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.
        Plato –

      42. Are you f&@$ing kidding me? C’mon, nobody is that stupid, right?

        • well if you look in the mirror you’d answer your own question, do you need cab fair too??


        • My view is that less than 1% of Americans…

          • The numbers in my neighborhood are probably skewed because we live in the state of Utah, but I would say a good 70% of us have at least 3 months of preps.

            • everyone in our Oregon ward does too.

          • less than 1%?!? Damn, I need more ammo!

          • at one time that was probably a pretty reliable number. I think that there has been a slow awakening, and that number is somewhere between 1 and 5%, but probably closer to the low end.

            • I’m with Ranger on this one. I think there are probably only 1% hard core preppers but there are others that are at least thinking about it. Hard core? 1% Unsheopled thinkers: 4%

        • From all the extensive research that I’ve on the subject – Mac is right… 1% of us…

          • I agree. Hey, stupid question and a little off subject. Where does everyone buy their silver at?

            • Junk silver at local coin/baseball card shop.

            • Local coin shops… They take cash, don’t ask for ID.

            • Antique shops, flea markets & eBay.
              Re Net Ranger’s comment: we used to buy at local coin shop with no problems but last year when I went to purchase some pre-1900 Liberty heads, owner requested my driver’s license no., even though I paid in cold hard cash. Said he had to have it or he could not sell to me. Left me with a creepy “I-know-who-you-are-and-what-you-bought” feeling. Neither one of us has ever gone back.

        • Mac has my answer—I said earlier I believe it to be 1%.
          And that’s being optimistic!!!

          • said there are 125,000,000 households in the U.S.
            So given that, I estimate only 1,250,000 are prepped w. food, water, ammo, guns, medical supplies, tc.
            Scary, huh??
            Now, think in terms of states>>>> about 25,000 per state.

            • My hypothesis on this matter is the larger the population density, the less preppers you will find; Birds of a feather tend to flock together especially in big cities. I know I am stereotyping them as latte-sipping yuppies constantly trying to keep up with the Jones family next door but I’d like to be proven wrong.

            • I’d almost bet that its much lower than that..just a gut feeling

        • Marine 4 Life – Whatever the percentage of preppers, I wonder if the clueless masses will blame us preppers for the lack of food, supplies, and maybe even for driving up the cost of precious metals for our own profit. It becomes a game of “let’s blame the scapegoats” and declare war on the preppers. I’ve already seen some direct animosity as if we were the first ones to rush to the supermarket, buy all the good stuff, are hoarding our stash, and refuse to share with our neighbors. When I try to explain preppers are not the problem, they are the solution, my reasoning falls on deaf ears. And now we see these reporters spout this utter drivel about gold, proof of a world gone mad.

          By the way, I agree with Mac’s 1%, but I also would say that more are gaining awareness. But the divide between “something is wrong” and “I have months of food stored in the house” is massive. Tens of millions are in the first category but actual preppers are quite rare.

          • Prepper, you bring up a point in strong support to OpSec. I fish around a bit and then sometimes pop the question: You’re not one of those crazy “preppers” are you?

            The answers I get vary. The last one was, “Well, sort of. We’ve got a few things set back.” The conversation progressed quickly to finding out they had converted their spare bedroom into a SuperLarder and they had followed the 3 guns (plus more) plan that I recommend.

            So, when you’re trying to wake people up, remember your OpSec and don’t expose yourself unnecessarily.

          • Prepper; You are correct! Also, most preppers do not realize that most of their ammo will be used against their neighbors who were too stupid not to prep, but now want your stuff!

      44. I live in the city where that news item aired and I choked on my salad when I saw the report. My wife, who is not a gold bug, thought it was crazy talk as well.

        In Canada we are scared crapless that the US is going to have the limit on its Platinum Credit Card capped and have to start repaying its debt. Canada and Calgary, in particular, rely heavily on the US to buy our oil and any oil company that takes US Dollars for payment is going to be in serious difficulty.

        I bought my gold in 2002 and I might buy some more if the price drops another $100.

        • Buy more now. That’s the word.

      45. wana know what will really piss you off..she probably makes more money than most of us, and she will probably move up the ladder faster than anyone can imagine..and she really believes shes right and intelligent. ..and here’s the kicker..she will be going into politics very very soon

        • Hell, I jealous. I wish I had one too! I wouldn’t have gone to school and had school loans. I’m being nice, money isn’t everything.

        • Actually, these “cub reporters” don’t make much money, even in a big city. I have seen their financial statements: 30, 40, 50k a year to start.

          If they have some class to match their ass they can make upwards of a couple hundred thousand a year at a local affiliate.

          If they move on to the the Big Apple and become a fixture, they can garner a couple of million a year or more.

          And no money isn’t everything, but it makes everything possible. Mostly, money magnifies character, whether you have too much or too little.

      46. I agree with Mac….it is 1% at the best. There are lots of folks that can see that things are not right…but very few are doing anything to prepare.
        Montgomery County Texas

        • Montgomery county… I was just out in conroe last week…. Not a bad place to hold up if the shtf and you are a good ways out from I45… My father in law is out in magnolia and has a decent spread and good BOL if we can’t get out to the primary. But yeah, 1% might even be a high estimate…. 99 out of 100 people will panic once the grocery store shelves start running empty, and there will be no solution to that very serious problem. Heck, people were going nuts during Ike and that was just a metropolitan-wide disaster, and the trucks were still bringing emergency supplies… If the trucks don’t come it’s going to get ugly very fast.

      47. if you where being paid enough to say stupid things, would you say them, no telling what her personal feelings are !

        • i’ve been known to say some pretty stupid things and I said them for free. I should have held out for some $

      48. I would say less than 1% in the “oh so enlightened” big cities and suburbs populated by the intellectuals and progressives that are living in fantasy land. I don’t feel for the adults who believe in unicorns and rainbow endings, but their kids who are being brainwashed to follow in their footsteps to the socialist happy land.
        The whole thing is planned from the weather underground, rules for radicals and progressive elites who have admitted that they will have to kill 25 million Americans to achieve their goals.
        This info babe and the complicit press won’t survive the end once their usefulness is through. History repeats itself. Learn from it. Luck all, we are going to need it.

        • Hey MM2nuke…if that name means you are a “nuke”…my son just finished nuke school and got stationed on the Roosevelt in Newport news

      49. Sounds like something Maria Bartoromo might say. That money honey can only sound half-way intelligent when reading from a teleprompter.

        • Agreed

      50. On a happier note when the lemmings and sheeple sell off their gold cheaply buy it with cash backed by the government that will save them. Ha ha
        My chief in boot said it best “the stupid shall be punished”

        • boomer, fast or CGN.

          • My son just finished nuke school….went to sub school but got sent to a CGN

      51. Well…..I believe keeping Bridget barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen is very appropriate here! Scream all you want winches but this girl is insane!

        • Wait – I think I hear the manicure station at Penney’s calling her name…

      52. WTF indeed!!

        1st: This was a couple days ago on “CTV Calgary”, feel free to send in your thoughts!…I saw it live and nearly choked on my supper!

        2nd: Typical of a modern reporter….she’s just a REPEATER, a pretty face doing what she’s told, not being a true journalist, just reading the script!

        3rd: It’s designed to be that way…to keep us masses dumbed down and keeping up the charade.

        4th: Please don’t make the judgement that all Canadians buy into this BS…we laughed too…(and well, cried a little out of embarrassment!! ha ha!)!

        For Liberty!

        PS: And just for $hits and giggles…I wonder what it would take to get Ron Paul a Canadian citizenship? I’d sign that!

        • Wow—we’ve got Oblama, and you have Bridgett—…wanta trade???

          • Hmm…lemme think now, JJ…. I’ll go with Bridgett, but that’s based solely on looks! Ha ha!!

          • Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Al Sharpton are traveling across the country on Air Force One.
            Pilot overhears the following:
            Obama: “If I had a $1000 bill on me right now, I’d throw it out of this plane and make one person very happy.”
            Oprah: “If I had ten $100 bills, I’d throw them out of this plane and make ten people very happy.”
            Sharpton: “If I had a hundred $10 bills, I’d throw them out of this plane and make a hundred people very happy.”
            Pilot turns to co-pilot and says:
            “If I had the guts I’d throw all three of them out of this plane and make 256 million people very happy.”

      53. @ Mac : Your inlaws & I are probably almost neighbors as I am 2 N miles off 1488. We are about 15 miles from 45 ,
        so that is a good thing as well. I am part of a SAR organization in the county…& spent 4 days working the FEMA pod in Tomball after Ike. I was totally amazed how many folks were telling me that they did not have food or water for 4 – 5 days ! Do they never watch the news??
        They were telling folks for several days that you needed to go out & prepare by having food & water for at least 4 -5 days in case we got hit. Most of them did nothing. I am also amazed by folks I know that actually shop on the way home for what they plan to cook for dinner tonight….. I just don’t know how you live like that.
        After I worked the FEMA Pod I was relocated to do SAR in Baycliff & San Leon…& pull the folks that did not evacuate out of the wreckage. Then a week of so down on Bolivar doing more recovery. Too many folks died because they did not heed the evac orders….or thought that they had more time before the storm hit. The surge hit 12+ hours before the storm actually hit & they were cut off. We all know what assume means. There are going to be a lot of folks that will be learning that definition when the SHTF.

        • I see the same thing whenever a bad Cane is projected to hit So Flo. People just do not get it and don’t even try to get really prepared. Oh, a day or so before it hits; the markets and box stores will be pandemonium. I’ve seen the shelves devoid of anything remotely edible. Gas lines around the block; people getting pissy.. if something really bad and big did ever happen.. Oh My God.

          All I know is when we had the last threat of a hit; all I had to do was top off the tanks in the cars.. and even that was only needed because all my gas cans were full already.

        • Heck it took me 5 days just to eat the food in my refrigerator.

      54. Don’t you people see the logic of this??? Dollars are paper. Gold is rock. Paper covers rock. Duh!!! (Don’t know where scissors might enter into it.)

        • Actually gold is metal. Make your scissors out of gold and that’s where scissors come in.

        • scissors cut the paper covering the rock and we’re all screwed…

      55. Well, she is correct. She did not mention physical gold or a ‘Gold ETF’.

        The Gold ETF is backed by what?

        Oh ya’, worthless paper!!!!! Or maybe your children, granchildren, great gra…..! How much blood will be given?

        Everyone dye their hair blonde!!!!!!!


      56. Have nothing but pity for those that actually believe this dumb Ditz. How stupid can it get??? I think her bro is in the WH. God have pity on us….!!! I’m LMAO, how stupid!!!!

        • The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits.

          • the dumba$$es won’t be rounded up because they are going to die off fairly quickly—-no need to prolong the inevitable…

      57. Gold, you might say, is backed by gold. Just like the US dollar was for decades. You can’t have inflation when your money is backed by gold or if it is gold. It’s very easy to print large amounts of fiat currency. Zimbabwe once had 100 trillion dollar bills. We will too. The Fed has already printed trillions of bogus dollars. It’s only a matter of time before the US dollar is worthless.

      58. ROTLF. How much proof do we need that the mass media are as ignorant as a piece of dog-doo.
        Still, now that Fawlty Towers is no more, we need a good laugh !
        Perhaps she can do a weekly roundup of world economics.
        Should be side-splittingly hilarious…

        • Basil: “This? Gold. This? Knock on head.” BAM!!!

      59. Simply amazing

      60. Oh my Dear Lord….that is unreal.

        “Like gold…like…is not like backed by anything…like…and like the Federal Reserve is like…backed by the American Government….like…so..ummm…yah…gold is shiny! and stuff…so yah.”

        I weep for the future.

        • “Like, I’m so sure! Gag me with a golden spoon, ya know!”

          And then the other newsreader seriously responded by thanking her for her “reporting”. What a waste of time and oxygen.

          • And here’s a joke I read today, just because Manos started the trend. 🙂

            An Illegal Alien, a Muslim and a Communist go into a bar.

            The bartender asks:

            “What can I get you, Mr. President?”

      61. One other thought…

        She is kinda cute tho…I think she dyed her hair

      62. Dude, where’s my language?

        How can we expect people to grasp concepts, even simple ones like the value of gold, when they don’t even have a grasp of the english language?
        I was rummaging through the medicine cabinet yesterday (you know, just looking for a snack) when I found a bottle with this message:
        “Warning: prolonged useage may impact your general health and ability to fall asleep without sleep aids.”
        So many people today misuse the word ‘impact.’ Let’s get this straight: ‘impact’ is good to use with meteors or teeth. Example- He has an impacted wisdom tooth. or The meteor impact left a huge crater. Most other uses of the word are incorrect.
        The word you want is ‘affect’ or ‘effect.’ And, these two are also often cunfused. Let me shed some light on them. ‘Affect’ is a verb. It shows action. Example- “If I punch the boss, what affect will that have on my employment status?”
        ‘Effect’ is a noun (except in the past perfect participle- and don’t worry about that, it isn’t used that way very often). It states the THING(noun) that occurred. Example- “The effect of my punching the boss, was that I got fired.”
        Another thing that frustrates me, and is leading to an ever increasing level of stupidity in America, is the intentional misspelling of words. Particularly upsetting, is the use of a ‘Z’ where an ‘S’ is warranted. For instance, one of our local businesses is a sign painting shop. The owner recently changed the name from ‘Bob’s Sign Painting’ to ‘Sign Dezines.’ I asked him: Why would I hire someone to paint a sign when they can’t even spell the name of their own business? He didn’t have an answer.
        I hate to appear to be nitpicking, but this is more serious than many realize. It is leading to a completely illiterate nation of idiots. Witness the bimbo in the video above.
        Since no one else is willing to do it, I have decided to become the self-appointed Guardian of the Language. I shall be the Advocate of the Adverbs, the Nanny of the Nouns, the Vanguard of Verbs and the Protector of the Past Perfect Participle Pronouns(dangling or otherwise).
        No need to thank me, it is a labor of love….

        • Smokin’, the grocery I work for sells a name brand “fresher lasting”. Fits right in with the morbidly obese that endlessly parade through the grocery shopping for items that are 2/1$ lb. After ten years, I have decided that the sign ambiguity is intentional, as they have never corrected it. Easier to fool the math-challeged, don’t you know.

        • Z-being-used-for-S… I see that a lot… always figured it is another “Z”ionist ploy/brainwashing, like the symbolism that is rampant everywhere, business signs & logos, movies, cartoons, commercials, “celeb” & “musicians” shots & videos, etc. Visit the “Vigilant Citizen” site. He has tons of photos. Mind blowing.

          Another “hidden in plain sight” Z example: The Official 2012 London Olympics logo, where they placed 20 on top of 12 (for year 2012). Take scissors & cut out the four very strange-looking numbers (2-0-1-2) & put them on a table & with a few angle twists, it spells ZION (2=Z, I=1, 0=O, 2=N).

          As for your Sign Painter, he probably thought he was being cute & cool. But I’m with you. The butchering of the language is another ploy to confuse right & wrong, correct & not, destroy brains (dumbing down) & loss of English identity.

          So Language Law Enforcement Officer (LLEO), go get ’em tiger! It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it! Volunteer Deputy here to assist in the cause!

      63. Luv is never having to say you’re sorry. Bout damn time you pull over! Out in the sticks? Dangling…

      64. If the system collapses no one will want to barter for gold….they will not be willing to barter a lawn mower for a chunk of gold…They may …. barter a lawn mower for a cow….get wise……… toilet paper will be worth more than gold on the barter exchange….All the finance companies would go belly up in a collapse and all that gold will be locked up in vaults for years as people try to claim in court that it belongs to them….

        • Ed, I take it you have no gold.

          Generally, but not always, those that don’t have it can’t afford it and end up resenting those that do have it, so they come up with classic rambles like yours. The proverbial case of “have” and “Have nots”. I would be willing to bet, and I don’t gamble; that’s why I have a substantial amount of Gold (along with all the required provisions for living off the grid), that if money wasn’t an issue in your life, you too would have gold and silver and wouldn’t be falling into the “TP” worth more than gold syndrome. You haven’t got a clue of what you are talking about. Not a clue. And you have the audacity to mention “get wise” in your babble.

          You and Bridget would make a good couple.

          “A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
          And no one can talk to a horse of course
          That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed.

          Go right to the source and ask the horse
          He’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse.
          He’s always on a steady course.
          Talk to Mr. Ed.

          People yakkity yak a streak and waste your time of day
          But Mister Ed will never speak unless he has something to say.

          A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
          And this one’ll talk ’til his voice is hoarse.
          You never heard of a talking horse?

          Well listen to this.

          I am Mister Ed.”

          • I could not have said it better.

            I’ve heard people say “you can’t eat gold.” I never understood that. Try eating your 401K statement. Hint: use lots of salt.

        • Ed, let me spell out why it would be good to have precious metal (PM) in a SHTF scenario. Imagine you meet a farmer with excess crops. You come up with worthless federal reserve notes, but the farmer is wondering, can he use those highly devalued FRNs to buy gasoline? The answer is “not enough” so he sends you on your way. I walk up with PM and the farmer thinks to himself he can trade in the highly valuable PM for paper money, and then use it to buy gasoline, which he desperately needs to run his tractor and his truck. I don’t believe FRNs are going away but in a hyperinflationary economy, precious metals have the magic of permanent value where paper money must be spent the day you get it.

          Also, please note, no one is saying ONLY have precious metals. You need food, water, fuel, toilet paper, etc., more than you need precious metals. However you can only store so much of that stuff, so you need a medium of exchange. After edible and consumable necessities, my personal favorite is 90% pre-1965 silver coins, and especially dimes.

          • And prepper gleefully dashes off and is promptly met by Mr.Nothing-left-to-lose who shoots him and takes all his
            P.M., etc. Are we having fun yet?

            • The name “prepper” would be indicative of someone that is prepared. So when Mr. “nothing left to lose” pulls his rusty .38cal flat top Johnson that hasn’t been fired in 40 years Mr. Prepper, AKA prepared for this fecal matter, pulls his Winchester 1300 defender pistol grip 12 gauge that is loaded with 3 inch magnums, #2 shot and blows Mr. Lost it all right there away.

              Hellya someone is always having fun.

      65. I live in Calgary and have not watched the local news, or any news for that matter in years. It would seem I made the right choice.

      66. Had to go home and renew my fake ID. You never know where the DOT lurks…put a picture of Charlie Sheen on the new one…they never look at the photo anyway.

      67. I live in Calgary and have not watched the local news, or any news for that matter, in years. It would seem I made the right choice.

        • Echo. Sticky butt on.

      68. OMG!!!! What do they know that we don’t??? Is gold and silver going to spontaneously melt in our safes? Is it going to lose its inherit metallurgical properties? Did they discover the core of moon is made of gold and the surface silver?

        Wow, the ignorance is AMAZING, I am speechless, “they don’t know what gold is backed by”? let that thought process sink in for awhile….yes, the stupidity of that statement gets more surreal the more you think about it

      69. Media Lunacy is redundant.

      70. Let me see…..Gold is backed by….ummmm…..GOLD! WHo would have thought!

        • Gold is backed by 5000 years of history as a store of value and a medium of exhange. Fiat currency is backed by a checkered history that reveals when not backed by gold or some other precious metal, it eventually hyperinflates its way into oblivion. If you don’t believe me google “demonetized currencies” and see for yourself. Will the US dollar have the dubious honor of joining this elite list? I’m not willing to be my life the answer is no, but apparantly some on this forum think otherwise.

      71. Eh….WTF……Good Grief.

      72. Ed,
        You are so right…can’t wipe your backside with a gold coin. Well you could but man would it be rough. Use that worthless dollars and buy supplies you can use or eat. Barter with what you can produce….;>)

      73. Uuuuhhhhhh……….No.

      74. Mac,
        I guess you weren’t kidding when you said you didn’t think you could even do a commentary on this one.

        I told you this is either sheer stupidity at the highest level or an outright lie they are being paid to propagandize.

      75. Here we go The Joke of the day! 🙂

        Skinny Dipping

        An elderly man in Louisiana had owned a large farm for several years….

        He had a large pond in the back.

        It was properly shaped for swimming, so he fixed it up nice with picnic tables, horseshoe courts, and some apple, and peach trees.

        One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond, as he hadn’t been there for a while and look it over.

        He grabbed a five-gallon bucket to bring back some fruit.

        As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee.

        As he came closer, he saw it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in his pond.

        He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end.

        One of the women shouted to him, ‘we’re not coming out until you leave!’

        The old man frowned, ‘I didn’t come down here to watch you ladies swim naked or make you get out of the pond naked.’

        Holding the bucket up he said, ‘I’m here to feed the alligator.’

        Some old men can still think fast.

        • Bloodyfellow,

          Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .
          I think there is an informal joke contest here 🙂


          My turn now,

          In some medics convention there goes the Israeli doctor on the podium, and says:

          -Medics in Israel is so advanced that we remove a person’s testicles, and he can look for a job in one week.

          Then it’s the German turn, so the doctor says:

          – Medics in Germany is so advanced that we remove a person’s heart and he can look for a job in 5 days.

          Then comes the Russian doctor on the podium and says:

          – We managed to remove a person’s brain, and he can look for a job in three days.

          Finally the Greek doctor says:

          – My dear friends, you are way behind. We took 300 people with no testicles, no heart, and no brain, and we put them in the senate. Now the whole country is looking for a job.

          • Good joke! hahahhahahaha!!!

      76. What’s the big deal, it’s just Bridget’s opinion. Who is Bridget, anyway? Just another pretty face? Why don’t they ever have any “ugly” women on these news channels? They certainly have ugly men.

      77. It’s the female version of ben bernanke, only much better looking

      78. Love it when the sheople are misled…let’s me buy more cheaply. Put this lady on 24/7. Any thoghts?

      79. I think Castro might have got one right before the light goes out.

      80. I’m issuing my own currency. “okiebucks” will be backed by the full faith and credit of yours truly. Granted, my credit may be a little shaky, but I have lots of faith. The $1 okiebuck (ob) will feature a portrait of Mighty Mouse, or possibly Wonder Dog, we’re still haggling with the copyright owners.
        $5 —old Elvis (or maybe Jack Benny)
        $10—young Elvis (or Will Rogers, who famously said ‘I never met Ben Bernanke’)
        $20—William Henry Harrison (died one month after inauguration and did less damage to the country than any president in history, that ought to be worth celebrating!)
        $50—the banker from Monopoly game was our 1st choice but McDonalds has ruined his reputation with all those silly contests, so we chose….Darth Vader (the watermark is James Earl Jones)
        $100—Dr Seuess (there was never any question about it!)

        We here in the okie family take this responsibility seriously, and will issue only top quality currency. Our printing and engraving partner(Kinkos) has promised to use only premium chinese paper stock and to change the ink cartridge every 10 thousand bills, so there shoud be no fade-outs. We also pledge to issue only as much currency as is good for the economy (based on our household expenses, our greediness, and how we’re doing at the crap tables.) You can accept these genuine okiebucks with complete confidence. We are, after all, $40 Trillion richer (less bankrupt) than the US government!

        • PS- the new version of the $100 okiebuck will have Dr. Seuss’s name spelled correctly. But you can still use the old ones, too. We printed $800 billion of them, and there’s no need to waste all that paper…

      81. did someone write her script and does she still have a job..??? !!! WAIT !! I KNOW !!! she was reading obamination’s tele-prompter !!!

      82. @ SmokinOkie : That’s funny ! If only the point you are making was not so true….
        How much gold & silver do I need to place my first order ?
        Montgomery County Texas

      83. I need to work on my proof reading skills…..Maybe if I did not work 80+ hours a week I could still see straight.

      84. Hey, I want you all to leave this girl alone. Mushroom’s sister has to make a living too.


        • Hey Captain! I just figured she’d had a hit of magic mushrooms before the clip. But, you’re right, if she’s genus Mushroom, I’m sure he’d be proud.

      85. There is a bit of merit in her statement. Ultimately necessities have value. If one is starving and has an ounce of gold and another has a chicken the value of gold if your lucky equals a chicken. Then again the gold may be valueless and by default the chicken priceless.

        Long before the above happens the USD and all other paper currency will have no value. It’s more likely that fiat currency will significantly devalue while gold and silver rise relative to the increased supply of dollars and other currencies.

        The reason gold dropped is because the minimum margin requirement was raised.

      86. She says the dollar will be here next year and that inspires confidence. Is she implying that Gold will not be here next year? What an Idiot!!

        • Actually MORE DOLLARS will be here next year. More is better correct?

      87. It is sad in away, she is a tad right (for all the wrong reasons). Gold isn’t backed by anything; IT can stand on its own and doesn’t need backing. Just like God doesn’t need backing, He can stand on His own.
        She did fail to mention; that most intelligent people would rather possess gold than paper with ink.

      88. Gold is not a IOU note.

      89. There is an article out by stansberry research stating the Evil Bastard George Soros has dumped all of his gold! Yeah right, more disinformation please!

        • It’s possible. He dumps his gold after planning (or finding out) that the banking establishment will increase the margin requirement, gold price drops and he buys back in. It’s called manipulating the market and done all the time.

          How do you think they got so rich? How do you not insider trade when your at the very center of the inside?

          • Kevin 2,

            The logical thing is that when stocks rise, price of gold drops, and vise versa.
            But the last two years, many times we experienced a weird behavior.
            Stocks fell and gold fells too. Why is this happening?

            • shorted & hedged paper gold with increased margins fell

            • Manos

              Under “normal” circumstances your correct. The problem is the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) changes the margin requirements that in effect chase people from gold to other investments and visa versa. If one had a “heads up” of what was going to happen a LOT OF MONEY could be made. I doubt that the margins we’re being raised and lowered to facilitate the above but if you knew it was coming …..well you could make a bundle.

              I agree with the” weird behavior” over the last couple of years and for that reason I been pretty much sitting on the sidelines with the bulk of my money. It’s like playing poker with someone that can occasionally pull a few aces out of their pocket and add them to their hand. It’s hard to win at a rigged game unless you get lucky and also think, “well it’s about time they pull some funny stuff” and make a move accordingly.

      90. That *report* WAS from Calgary, the big Canadian oil town …

      91. The question is: Who will get junked the most? sam or RICH?

        • Since you mentioned those two guys, what ever happened to Mushroom?
          I hope he is safe, and i hope that he secured his $10 bills. Things are about to explode and $10 will come in handy.

      92. I wonder if she went to the Bernanke “Gold is Not Money” School of Economics.

      93. To Smokin Okie, if you printed the Okie bills on Chinese rice paper, at least they would have some nutritional value. Which would be more than the FRN’s that we use now. Except for the Lead content of course.

      94. Buy Gold and Silver. Make the Elite Ruling Criminal Class eat their worthless paper.

      95. “Backed by the full faith of the United States government” Riiiiggggghhhhttt. Totally trustworthy. Just ask any American Indian.

      96. this is as bad as MGM studios doctoring the remake of ‘Red Dawn’ to change the invaders from Chinese to N. Korean (apparently a Chinese state-sponsored company bought a share of MGM and pulled’em out of bankruptcy)

        George Orwell was right…

      97. HILARIOUS!!! Even the dumb one doesn’t know that the USD is NOT backed by the USGovernment; it clearly says on the paper, FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE! It does NOT say UNITED STATES TREASURY NOTE; it does NOT have the full faith and credit(!) of the United States Government supporting it (as if that would be any good).

        I will gladly trade her gold for my dollars anytime.

        I wonder if she had the same opinion about Zimbabwe over the last 5 years. I could just imagine that report:

        “The people of Zimbabwe are concerned about the value of gold because it’s now worth less (not worthless) dollars today. It now only takes 5 trillion to buy an ounce, whereas yesterday it took 6 trillion. And everyone is certain that their Zimbabwe dollars are backed by the Zimbabwe government; they’re just not sure who backs their gold.”

        This reporter needs to remember one important fact: The dollar is an IOU-nothing being offered to you by a bankrupt government. Additionally, the government doesn’t even owe you a brain to figure this out.

      98. WOW, that is mind numbing!

      99. WTF is this little misinformed girl saying?
        A bunch of BS!
        She really does need to get laid!

      100. I wonder how much gold jewelry these two bimbettes own?
        Obviously neither one of them has ever heard of “As Good As Gold” or “The Gold Standard”.
        Both of them have been thoroughly bedazzled by the glitter of all the pretty colored [other than gold] plastic cards they use as a substitute for REAL MONEY.

      101. On behalf of all Canadians, I apologize for her stupidity..we’re not all like her…..

        • We know, Canuck. I just thought maybe she got whacked extra hard by a hockey stick at the game the previous night.

        • We understand. We apologize for Michelle, too – we’re not all like her. Take me, for instance – I haven’t been to Africa ONCE this year (and hubby will corroborate)

      102. This is actually very true. The dollar is backed by the government as a means to pay the government and gold has really very little societal value.

        The difference between the confidence levels is not that gold is so great, it is that governments have become a tremendous liability to their peoples which unfortunately, gets extended to their currencies.

      103. So, lets get this straight.

        Gold is not the end all be all. It really isn’t. As good as it is, there are stages of the collapse that gold (or silver, my favorite) won’t do you much good.

        In the immediate region you would label “after the crash”, nobody will take gold for anything. There will be too much chaos. People will need food. Certain things will become much more valuable because of demand. Gold *WILL*NOT* be one of them. If anything, it will decrease in value. You can’t eat it.

        The acceptance of gold will increase as things get “better” and people begin to trade.

        I much prefer silver. Gold is too precious and as such makes it easy to “cheat” with it.

        • If some order does not occur within a few months of a collapse the aftermath will in no way resemble anything prior. If it goes too long the result is a Mad Max Movie. I think stability will be forthcoming within months therefore one needs enough food, clothing and shelter (and those things that come with it) for that time frame. After that Gold, Silver, Diamonds and everything else will be used as a medium of exchange as commerce as we know it resumes. Obviously barter will be most often used. My uncle born in the mid 1930s was delivered or attended by shortly after his birth by a Physician that was paid in eggs and a chicken.

          Times get hard but people adapt. Fortunately we do live in the US. We have sufficient food, a relatively educated population, somewhat rule of law, large natural gas and coal reserves and a considerable amount of oil. Although I damn sure wish all of this was not happening i’m happy i’m here if/when it happens. Anyone think they would be better off somewhere else and if so where would that be?

      104. As I’ve stated here before, I’m not a LONG TERM/SHTF gold bug.

        That is, I agree with NetRanger – if things get REALLY ugly, people won’t give a damn about gold at all…

        That being said, this had even me laughing.

        She is a good lookin’ gal though.

      105. Unbelievable, an this bimbo isn’t even blonde! can’t understand hows she has a job? what planet did she come from?

      106. Obviously, this reporter has made a very clever audition tape for a satirical news program. No doubt we will see her soon on the Daily Show or SNL’s Weekend Update.

      107. WOW! I have now seen a true SHEEPLE in action! WOW!!!!

        WOW! I just have no idea what happened there on the video. WOW !!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh WOW!!

      108. NetRanger: I have to respond to you here as space was limited. Your info is interesting, but I cannot accept Team Law as anything other than a psuedo, phony “law organization”.

        They have NO credentials.

        At least they haven’t posted any, or identified themselves as lawyers. On the contrary, while they provide a lot of information about the law which they claim is truthful, they disavow your right to quote them.

        I do not have Black’s Law Dictionary available to me where I am at but I will check around.

        I will say this for now. Property law in the East is different than property law in the West as PL here evolved from spanish law, while PL in the East evolved under English law, so some of the concepts and terminology is different.

        I can say that I have read hundreds of deeds, escrows, and leases here in the West; and that I cannot recall the word “tenant” applied to any owner, except within the context of “tenants in common” which is an ownership category for multiple ownership of the same property and usually including the right of surviorship.

        In all of the deeds and leases that I have read, buyers are owners and renters are tenants with the exception that I noted above.

        I will research the “Land Patent” idea at a later date. It sounds interesting, but Team Law does not engender any confidence with me. Thanks.

      109. @ Douglas Thiessen and any other government slave;

        Of all the minerals mined from the Earth, none is more useful than gold. Its usefulness is derived from a diversity of special properties. Gold conducts electricity, does not tarnish, is very easy to work, can be drawn into wire, can be hammered into thin sheets, alloys with many other metals, can be melted and cast into highly detailed shapes, has a wonderful color and a brilliant luster. Gold is a memorable metal that occupies a special place in the human mind.

        When Spanish explorers first arrived in the “New World” they met the native South Americans. These two cultures had been separated by a vast ocean, they had never touched one another, they spoke different languages and lived entirely different lives. Yet they had one thing in common – they both held gold in highest esteem and used it to make some of their most important objects.

        Throughout the history of our planet almost every established culture has used gold to symbolize power, beauty, purity and accomplishment. Today we continue to use gold for our most significant objects: wedding rings, Olympic medals, Oscars, Grammys, money, crucifixes and ecclesiastical art. No other substance of the same rarity holds a more visible and prominent place in our society.

        When the FIAT currencies crash around the world what do you think will be traded for goods and services? Because of the rarity of gold, it holds value, and always will. Can you honestly say that about a piece of paper that is backed by nothing? If the “FED” reserve decided tomorrow to crash the dollar, it could pay you whatever it would like, and it would most likely be done pennies on the dollar. Also why do you think the price of gold continues to rise? BECAUSE of demand? No, because the dollar is getting weaker, same goes for food prices. Sure gold is difficult to carry, but so isn’t fresh produce and goods. So those of us that have silver and gold may be “Crazy”, your going to be even crazier when the dollar is worth pennies. I would suggest you research and think things over.

        • “When the FIAT currencies crash around the world what do you think will be traded for goods and services?”

          For the most part chickens, tools, grains and the like. For large items gold, diamonds and silver will probably be useful to have but in such a disorganized society it’s doubtful a lot of goods will be available in a sufficient amount to meet the “potential” demand. Without a “gold stimulus” who will have gold to jump start consumer demand? Who in their right mind would just hand out wealth?

          • fraud and forgery will scare most people from trading anything for gold—most people do not even know how to identify real gold vs gold plated, for example…same with diamonds vs white sapphire. for example. “all that shines is not gold”.

            Absent the tools of his trade, even a jeweler can be fooled. desperate people will do anything to survive, even fraud.

            • Gold has a specific density and specific chemical properties. The old standard “Acid Test” is pretty reliable, and there are very dependable electronic testing meters available…. buy one today and be ready for the crash !!!


      110. “WTF” ?

      111. What would you rather have a huge brick of gold or a shopping cart of money?

        • I’ll take gold before paper but if the economy collapses as many say their won’t be any goods to be had. Who will drive the trucks to deliver the goods. Who will make / grow the products / food? No one will trust paper and so few have any gold or silver in abundance. Could gold be injected into society? Of course but that is highly doubtful.

          In a collapse things fall to the bottom and don’t magically get rebuilt gold standard or not.

          ‘I’ll repair your car for a beef hind quarter”.

          • Well there is Silver as well, and it is much more plentiful, hence the lower value of course. Buy Lakota Bank Silver $50 pieces for instance (other brands are available), I am certain that many people will readily accept them after any crash, but other substitues have been used in the past for “money”. Polynesians once used Cowrie (sea shells) as a currency, and Barter tokens are easily manufactured, and depend on the goodwill and reputation of the issuer. For example: If a Farmer paid his workers with barter tokens for instance, those workers could spend them in a local store, and the storekeeper could cash them in with the farmer who issued them in the first place, for farm goods & etc. This is how substitute coinage originated in the first place.

      112. Gold is backed by God Himself. He made the stuff. Paper money is made and backed by men with corrupt motives. Just sayin’.

      113. “The U.S. Dollar will be around a year from now”. That sounds about right give or take.

      114. What total Lunacy. The more of something, results in less barter value. The only way that PMs will significantly devalue is if the Mother Lode of all Mother Lodes is found where a shovel full = half a shovel of PMs. Unlike the US $ which can be printed with little effort or expense, or computer transfer which is so much easier.

      115. I am from Canada and this female is typically Canadian. Get the picture?

      116. notice nothing is shown below the waist of Miss B. probably because she’s buck. In other words she has nothing to hide.

      117. Your introduction to the video is too damned long, in other words, the announcer is intexicated with the exhuberanace of his own verbosity.

      118. I’m ashamed… On behalf of all educated Canadians I apologize for this clueless media mouthpiece.

        She’s unwittingly starring in a clip that exemplifies pitiful journalism and an abject lack of even the most basic understanding of what she’s reporting about.

        How is it that broadcasters who wouldn’t dream of having reporters who knew absolutely nothing about football report on football related news…


        they’ll put a completely clueless hack in front of the camera to explain finance/money/economics?

        It’s no wonder the average Joe/Jane don’t have a clue when this is the sort of crap coming at them from the so-called “news” media.

        • We have the overwhelming share of clueless media mouthpieces right here in the States, so don’t be ashamed 🙂

      119. What a moron and I hunt Canada every year.
        It scares me that this guy is on the roads.
        I can’t believe anyone could be that stupid.
        It has to be a plant video just to upset the masses of asses for comments.

      120. > In an apparent attempt to bury the complete idiocy of this report, the original broadcasting station CTV has filed a copyright claim against the content.

        How do you know why exactly they did that? Did they explicitly tell it to you?

        The lady on TV says that some trader trust dollar more than gold. But that’s trader’s idiocy, not CTV’s. Think about it, why would TV care about idiocy of traders? You guys have violated their copyright, plus you are trying to misinterpret their words and spoil their reputation. No wonder they are filing claims against you.

      121. The Federal Reserve Note is backed by something that trumps Gold. Tyranny.

        Gold can’t send the IRS after you. Gold’s value is defenseless against manipulation. Gold’s value is not set by law i.e. Bretton Woods. Nobody in normal commerce accepts Gold as payment. Taxes cannot be paid in gold or silver coin.

        Gold is backed only by the Greater Fool Theory(GFT). Purchased only in the hopes that a bigger fool will buy it from you for more than what you paid for it. Gold’s price is inflated by Fear Premiums. A variant of the GFT.

        Just ask WHO is going to pay these alleged wild prices that Gold is supposed to be trading now? NOBODY will pay $5000/oz! The idea that Gold is coming back violates Gresham’s Law! Bad money pushes out good money. The plutocrats and arbitrage parasites have already made their ill-gotten profits from Gold by selling it DOWN to lesser holders. Most gold is held by retail buyers now. The last suckers left holding the gold! Who will buy it from them? Whoever is left and they can’t pay what you paid for it.

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