Islam and Money – Should We Take Their Lead?

by | Aug 3, 2010 | Precious Metals | 22 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The following short film is a must-see for every person on the planet.

    While we are often driven to division by the powers that be, there is one thing that the citizens of most nations have in common. It seems that we’ve all realized that the bankers are the criminals.

    The banking system is a crime and the bankers are the criminals. The current system is taken for granted as the only system available. It is not only unsustainable, it is unjust and it’s collapsing.

    So we have to find a better alternative, and we have it.

    In Islam you have to prevent wealth from being circulated just among the rich.

    What is happening today, is that the real wealth, which is gold and silver, is entirely in the hands of the rich while the people are getting the worthless paper money.

    Mankind is forced to make a choice, that means us. We need to choose between true and false.

    Which would you prefer: enslavement or freedom and justice?

    Hat tip Chef


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      1. Awesome video

      2. the zionist european bankers started the federal reserve bank in the u.s.a. about 100 years ago in 1913 after a meeting on jekyyl island georgia with jp morgan. the 1913 dollar one hundred years later is now worth 2 cents.                                                           

        the federal reserve will do everything in it’s power to stop the use of gold and silver coins circulating in america instead of their fiat paper money.  they have already just taken the first step  by mandating 1099 forms for the sale of gold coins to dealers -this is the first step toward eventual confiscation of gold coins.

        the privately owned american federal reserve bank has destroyed america by prostituting the american political system and then using their whore politicians to shift wealth  from the working middle class to the zionist bankers.

        watch how the multitrillion dollar tax cut for the wealthy eventually turns out. this should be very interesting.

      3. Gold and silver. It’s everywhere! It’s everywhere!
        Is this the part where you can’t fool all the people all the time.
        Paper money is smoke and mirrors.
        I like how they coin their gold and silver. Crude but effective.
        One thing cultures can agree on. 2 goats for one GOLD Dinar

        1 Dinar is  4 .25 grams    That’s  about $200?   My last goats were $35 ea.
        I can smell a goat export business here.

      4. I believe in gold and silver – non-islamic gold and silver, that is. Freedom and islam cannot coexist. I love my freedom, so I don’t want anything to do with islam or its money.

      5. Comments…..The Zionist Jesus is returning to Jerusalem, the land of the Chosen people, not the land of the muslims, the pedophile prophet or the cult moon entity satanic allah.

      6. Ken, the 1099 forms are for all sales over 600 dollars, but only the fuckin moron that you are would say its just for gold coins. Go back to your cave you fuckin muslim POS and go fuck your 9 year old daughter just like your prophet.

      7. The 1$ Federal Reserve Note and the 100$ Federal Reserve Note are both worth the exact same amount; $0.02. This is the cost of the paper, ink and press time. Paper currency is nothing more than a promise to pay at a future date by the banks. Since the day that government cut the tie between paper money and its equivilent value in gold and silver, they have completely destroyed the value of our monetery system. More commonly it isn’t even paper money that is changing hands; it’s bits of digital information being exchanged on a computer system.

      8. I don’t want to see the king with no clothes.

      9. The final stage of evolution in their monetary system
        would witness the universal embrace of electronic money, the
        brightest jewel of their evil monetary crown, which would
        totally replace today’s fraudulent paper currencies. Indeed this
        final stage has already commenced, and all that the international
        monetary bandits now need is a world crisis (such as a nuclear
        attack on Iran which has not as yet occurred but which is
        expected at any time) that would result in a total collapse of the
        US dollar and a consequent mass stampede away from paper
        this ebook written in 2007 can be downloaded at this link

      10. DTOM – Well put.  I agree totally.  Freedom  is a much better choice.   Great video though.
        Ken, sorry about perry.  He’s angry today…..  Most of the folks on this site are really decent.
        Perry – Agree to disagree sometimes…  Don’t have a heart attack about it.  We all have enough problems without worrying about disagreements.  Put your effort into getting rid of washington.

      11. Comments…..The worst economic slaves in the world talking about freedom, you people don’t even know what the word means. To commit every form of vice with out restriction is not freedom it’s slavery, to get permission from a bank to borrow money so you can eat is not freedom,  wake up and figure out what the word freedom really stands for before you open up your big yip.

      12. hi perry.
        read my post again………….and then feel free to apologize twice – once for your misinterpretation of what i wrote and second for your somewhat incestuous and animalistic reply.

        Like WE know what true freedom is?  While we are freer than most, not everyone outside of the USA is a slave.  I shout at the TV but they can’t hear me….and I doubt that the people in the video hear You either.  By the way, have you been there?  I have, and they are far from the economic slaves that some would say that they are.  Most of Indonesia is much freer than say, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, dozens of other countries, etc.  The Indonesians are also a very moral culture and they tend to commit very little vice compared to western civilization.  Now, having said all that, I have no love loss for Muslims in general as it is a very violent religion both in it’s inception and the theoretical execution of the absolute principles of Islam. Fortunately most Muslims do not practice the Letter of the law of Islam.   But having traveled the world, booth assimilating other cultures and admiring their virtues as well as having to look them in the eye and kill them, I have noticed that regardless of whom we are, that we are 98% the same.  We want our children to be successful, we want to take care of our parents and we want to live a long  life and be happy.  John Wayne said “some people just need killin’ “.  There is enough necessary killing and hatred around that you don’t need to be any more hateful than is already necessary.  You should really consider a lot of other things about people before you “open up your big yip”.  Enjoy!  OBTW, gold and silver is just that, it has no country or allegiance except to whomever holds it in their hands.  POS is as POS does, language and manners narrows that down.

      14. Comments…..Tripod, I think you miss understood me, I wasn’t talking about the people in the video, I was talking about the idiots on this post preaching freedom and bashing these people. You are right most Muslims don’t practice their true religion, they are no different than Christians in that sense, very sectarian, but sometimes you can’t help but vent at some people’s ignorance. For example the people on this post that never left their trailer park don’t  know that the true name of God in the monotheistic faith is Allah, for example in the Middle east the Arabs pronounce it Allah, the Christians in Iraq and Syria who speak Aramaic the language of the Bible say Ellah, and the Jew Eloah.
        My belief is we are all human and one, peoples external labels mean nothing to me , Muslim, Christian, Jew etc. you’re either a good or a bad person and your conduct is a reflection of your beliefs, you either live by the universal law of the almighty or stray to what ever direction the devil takes you.
        As for the banking system and the usury practiced by it , not only the Muslims Holly Koran forbids it , so does the Bible and the Torah, for if God is one therefore the truth is one.
        Shakespeare said speak that I may know thee, you seem like a good man, while the others profaning God’s name are the worst kind.

      15. ratatat,

        don’t these discussions turn to religion quickly and then you get the most ignorant get on their soapboxes espousing their hatred for other religions. does it ever end!

        no matter what religion you follow, any sincere believer would have tolerance and humility as part of their personality, makes it easy to distinguish from those who choose to make intolerant, blanket statements about other religions, just shows their ignorance.

        Its seems some ignoramuses like TripodXL know more about “Islam” than any muslim and according to him any muslim who is peaceloving and civilised must not be following “true Islam”.

        What a crock! Thats what you get when you’re fed a diet of propoganda from the likes of Hollywood and CNN.

      16. Well said Sam, 

        There certainly is much that is similar between the religions since the truth is one and so there is much in there to unite mankind. It all depends on the attitude with which it is approched.

      17. Comments…..”Dont tread on me”………….amen brother!

      18. Obviously they have the right idea…and are actively doing something about it.  why can’t we respect that?  it’s more than we  can do.  who cares whether they are muslim or not!  the ignorance espoused is so sickening, just reinforcing the world view of the ugly american.

      19. Comments…..It doesn’t matter what religion these people follow just goes to show you that the truth is the truth. Paper money is worthless and  the gold and silver  are locked up in the vaults of the super rich.   Putting the real money back into the hands of the people is real freedom and our Christian Founding Fathers knew it, too. Just read Jefferson and the US Constitution.

        Ah my bad, Sam, my humble apologies.  That is the problem with conversational, indirect pronoun referral.  I took your comments to be about the video, I didn’t recognize your wry humour.  As far as ignorance goes, it is by definition “a lack of knowledge” as opposed to some inherent mental defect or improper thought process.  An improper thought process that is something akin to espousing strong opinions about what you (not you Sam, the general you, another indirect pronoun referral) apparently have no knowledge of.   Islam was started at the point of a sword and spread through the evangelism of the “original” fanatical hordes of Muhammet  (for the ignorant, there are many different spellings for Mohamed, Mohammed, Mohammet, Muhamed etc.) at the point f the sword, bow down and believe or die at the edge of the sword.  Hhhmmnn, what a very persuasive argument, as most people will pick the former over the latter regardless of their true beliefs.  For those dullards that have no imagination, that can’t seem to pick a real name, that means that the first choice would be preferred over the second choice.  That is what the “true Islam” is,  according to history.  You don’t have to be a Muslim to understand the history of Islam any more than you had to be Jewish to understand the inhumanity of the holocaust.  The cowardly scum  that flew into the World Trade Center on 9/11 2001 were, in the interests of unbiased observation, pursuing the true path of Islam, as envisioned by Mohamed (note the different but acceptable spelling), plain and simple, convert them or kill them.  It is overly simplistic to think that you have to be “Muslim” to understand Islam and furthermore, to understand that flying into the twin towers was a barbaric and cowardly act.  I do not hate anyone, regardless of religion, that is like the 98% that I referred to in my previous post, however, I don’t have much tolerance for those that apparently have challenged, critical thinking skills.  Also, asshole, I don’t even allow CNN on my TV nor do I watch network, lamestream media.  Do you need a glass bellybutton????  That way you could see where you are going!

      21. Comments…..Tripod , you give the perfect definition for ignorance ” lack of knowledge” which you seem to be lacking about Isalm. First let me tell you first hand that I don’t depend on others to feed me knowledge that differs from the truth, as I am fluent in the Arabic tongue so I don’t have to rely on others or translations for the truth. What you say about Isalm when it comes to submit or die is false, the Koran states ” There is no compulsion in religion” which clearly means you can’t force people to submit, a good believer regardless of label Muslim,Chrstian or Jew is commanded to lead by example and good works, not evil or force. The sad thing is most  Muslims believe your theory but according to their own book that is a contridiction.
        My biggest shock when I started the study of religion and the scriptures in general, Koran, Bible,Torah is what God says to do and what the people who are supposed to be following these scriptures actually do.
        The one beutifull thing that come out of all that reading is the unity factor, THE ALL IS ONE.
        Tripod, Scripture also states ” Don’t act like a parrot repeat what you hear without true knowledge thereof”.
        One other comment about the Muslims of today, technology wise they are by far last, so if you think they have the brains to get off their camels and fly planes into buildings you’re giving them too much credit.
        Most of these high tech operations are conducted by CIA/Mossad operatives, if you haven’t figured that out you’re not very knowledgable.
        As for the spelling of Mohamed, you can spell it anyway you want when translating into a different language, but the original can’t be changed.
        Be good, that’s the only way light can enter the heart.

      22. Yup Tripod, you definitely spreading disinformation about Islam. Such a fanatic religion according to you, it must really pain you to see it spread so rapidly.  Its people like you who through your malice bring attention to Islam and help more people to learn the truth about it, as opposed to your vile rhetoric. Anyway, May The Almighty guide you.

        Peace to all.

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