Insider Report: US Government Will Confiscate Gold When It Touches $2000

by | Feb 18, 2011 | Precious Metals | 176 comments

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    It’s no secret that the US government is broke, the US dollar is crashing and losing credibility globally, and the IMF, China, France and others have publicly stated their desire to eliminate the dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency. The IMF, for example, recently issued a call to replace the Federal Reserve’s fiat paper, ironically suggesting that it should be replaced with yet another synthetic instrument known as the SDR, or Special Drawing Right. The SDR is essentially a monetary unit made up of a basket of other global monetary units that include the euro, Japanese yen, pound sterling, and U.S. dollar. Incidentally, prior to the collapse of the Bretton Woods gold-backed US dollar monetary system in 1973, the SDR was actually ‘backed by gold,’ with one SDR being worth roughly 0.88 grams of gold, or at the time, $1 US dollar.

    It’s been suggested that a new SDR, which would likely include the Chinese Yuan within the basket, may also require some non-synthetic units of exchange such as gold.

    We’ve learned from well known metals analyst and commentator Roger Wiegand, in an email to silver analyst David Morgan which was subsequently published in Morgan’s latest Silver Investor newsletter available only to subscribers, that several of Wiegand’s high level inside sources have reported that the puppeteers behind the US government, in order to facilitate a move into a new world currency are considering, or may have already begun moving forward with, a plan to confiscate gold and silver from the American public.

    The following “Red Alert” was sent by Wiegand to other precious metals experts and analysts and is republished verbatim:

    via Sherri Questioning All:

    Editor: There is a plan to use the IMF (AKA US Treasury and Wall Street) to be the front man for the new world order and one currency.We also got disturbing news yesterday from an impeccable source that when gold touches $2,000 it’s confiscated in the USAfor about $200. Then it’s to be reissued by the Treasury for $10,000 per ounce to back the new IMF world currency using SDRS in 2011.  Large physical gold is being moved to Canada.

    We’ve previously commented on the possibility of gold confiscation and other steps that may be taken by our financier controlled government in the event that gold does reach certain thresholds. Reaching these new thresholds, for example $2000 or $5000 per ounce, would suggest that the US dollar has likely crashed or begun a final collapse into oblivion, at which point, all credibility for this unit of exchange will have been lost in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    Will this lead to confiscation? Even David Morgan himself, in a recent Youtube interview, suggested that confiscation  in the traditional sense was “ridiculous” and an argument that he doesn’t buy.

    Confiscation, however, may happen in other forms, as has been suggested by trend forecaster Gerald Celente and precious metals expert Jerry Western.

    Celente, who has been forecasting $2000 gold for years, says that governments will intervene if the price gets too high:

    We are projecting gold to go to $2000. It can go way higher, but we think that’s going to be the limit because the world governments will do something to push the price down.

    The free market will certainly value gold appropriately over the long-term, but in the short-term we cannot underestimate the power of interested banking conglomerates and their marionettes within the halls of Congress and the White House to force the price of gold to whatever value they choose through the use of price controls, much like governments have attempted to do with things like rents and food in various parts of the world throughout history. In the case of Mr. Wiegand’s red alert email, it could be as low as $200 per ounce.

    In his timely book Got Gold? Get Gold! covering everything you ever needed to know about precious metals, author Jerry Western writes:

    So, will it happen again? I’d have to say overtly, probably not. Never say never, but I believe that covertly it has already begun.

    Mr. Western suggests that, while the government will not overtly confiscate, as they did in 1933 when the US dollar was backed by gold, there are other ways that the financial powers that be, who essentially own our government, will strip the people of their precious metals.

    …there’s the matter of gold and silver Exchange Traded Funds. Many of these funds, including the largest, are thought by many informed individuals, not to hold the metal they are purported to. At some point, if they don’t have the metal, they will default on their obligations to shareholders. Those shareholders who thought they owned gold will not…They will have had their gold taken from them. Confiscated.

    The two largest gold and silver ‘backed’ commodity ETFs currently have a total of nearly $70 billion in market capitalization. If the gold and silver aren’t there, as the fund managers claim, then if and when investors start requesting delivery of the physical metals, the funds will crash in the style of Ponzi and the paper representing their physical holdings will become worthless.

    The other real possibility will be confiscation through taxes, writes Western:

    The final implementation of confiscation will probably be in the form of confiscatory taxes. If taxes rise to 90% on any profit I must report, then it will be discouraging and not worth the effort to hold the metal.

    With the passage of President Obama’s health care bill, the American people found out, after the fact as usual, of the new 1099 requirements which will force gold/silver merchants to declare all precious metals transactions over $600. Thus, the mechanism for tracking and taxing even small cash transactions has already been put into place.

    We cannot, however, dismiss outright the suggestion that precious metals will be physically confiscated from the people. The reasoning behind the 1933 confiscation and ban on owning gold until the mid 1970’s was primarily because the US dollar was backed by gold. One US dollar represented a specific amount of gold, 0.888 grams in fact. Today, no such backing exists, and gold has been called a relic of the past by modern day monetary experts.

    However, if the IMF gets its wish, and it very well may if the US dollar’s long term plunge continues unabated, then gold will become a part of the new world reserve currency unit, currently being referred to as the SDR.

    If the United States is to retain a portion of that SDR basket, we will not be able to do it with our current monetary unit, the Federal Reserve Note, and a new currency domestically would be required. Sure, it may still be called the dollar, but it will likely need to be pegged to some physical asset, at least in part, for it to have any credibility globally and within the SDR basket. This means that the government is going to need to get its hands on some gold. There are supposed to be tons of it in Fort Knox, but we really don’t know because no accounting of those assets have been done for some 50 years. In the event we don’t have as much gold as the Federal Reserve says we do, then those precious metals are going to need to come from somewhere.

    For this reason, we can’t dismiss the idea that confiscation may become reality.

    So, if you’ve taken our past advice and hold physical precious metals, we recommend looking into some creative ways of making sure they don’t exist if someone ever comes knocking.


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      1. WOW!  Could be VERY bad news for gold bugs!

        • As of 1974 and 1988, Numismatic C O I N S— I repeat, Coins cannot be confiscated unless 1) we are at war (Sadly-we seem to be at perpetual war because the Baloon heads in DC are pure (fill in the blank). 2) Congress, and Senate approve of granting this power back to the presidency. So, it is safe to own Gold and Silver Eagles and Buffaloes ONLY. Just Eagles and Buffaloes. The only way our president,( god bless him because I sure won’t) can get those 2 forms of Numismatic Proof Coins is by first putting tens of thousands of federal and state workers in harm’s way. I repeat, the president cannot take -Numismatic Gold and Silver Eagles and Buffaloes- unless he is willing to put a crown on his head and pronounce himself president for life and wins the ensuing civil war.

      2. When “they come knocking”  the only metals “they” would be collecting are copper and lead in most parts of the country (which I’m pretty sure “they” know) so unless there is to be a wholesale slaughter of  numismatists, jewelers, and owners of bullion I see nothing here but alarmist speculation…………for purposes unknown. The new currency IMO will be paperless, backed by nothing but hope and change, and it’s use will be mandatory……..probably a State/Federal debit card. That way it can be inflated away at will for eternity, you will not be allowed to purchase certain things (no more “hoarding”), and the State will always know just how much Johnny makes, where it is spent, and more importantly where Johnny IS at any given moment thanks largely to Google, the NSA, and DARPA.

      3. i wonder when they will confiscate crisp new uncirculated ten dollar bills, mercury dimes, washington quarters and franklin halves?

        while the esteemed gentlemen who delbrately caused this economic downturn escape with salary increases and billion dollar bonuses and no  fraud convictions the working folks and the middle class will be encouraged to pay for this biggest multitrillion dollar theft in history.

        good luck,

        /s/ mushroom

        p.s. today is the 47th anniversary of the death of my best friend nisha mishula. he died somewhere in southeast asia fighting for freedom and democracy. god bless america…

      4. I don’t have any gold or silver. I took it all fishing with me along with all my guns and they all fell overboard in the water!


      5. Seriously,  what would be the life expectancy of a silver/gold confiscator?  30 minutes or less and they will die from copper/lead poisoning.  Good luck getting voluteers for this job…


      6. Only over my dead body.

        Actually, the last time that was attempted, only 10% (as the story goes) fell for it. The rest called them on it and nothing happened. Of course, if you’re stupid enough to hold it in a banks possession or a similar “secure” vault, then you don’t deserve to have it.

      7. This would just create a huge underground economy.  Nobody holding physical gold and silver is going to turn it over. 

        • nope

      8. Just remember, the U.S. military is currently undergoing training on house-to-house searches for weapons. I don’t see why they couldn’t add gold/silver to the list as well. As for the lead/copper poisioning…they can throw more your way than you can theirs…just saying. Prepare for the unexpected.

      9. Comments…..We will get all your gold and silver and kidneys.Turn all you guns into the atf.We own you!

        • Come and get them!

        • To the alleged IRS representative:
          What else would you expect from a government flakie.You
          all are just a group of power hungry arrogant lefty socialists looking to control every aspect of life of
          all people you feel are only worthy of serfdom and
          servitude.Not to mention that once you get that accomplished what makes you think you’re not worthy of
          also living in the gulag?

      10. I love the bravado, when they come they will have a blanket search order you will be out manned and out gunned, are you going to become a martyr? what about your wife, kids. Just look at what they did during Katrina, in Lousiana, walked in took the people weapons and kick the shit out of people that didn’t cooperate

        • What is the matter with all of us This is the UNITED States of America. Read the constitution, read what kind of goverment our fore fathers created for us. The goverment works for the people; not the other way around. STAND UP for your RIGHTS !! Let them know we are not going to let them tell us what kind of light bulbs, television sets we are going to have. How we are to raise our children, wear seat belts and what gruesome decoations they want to put on our ciggarett packs. Sorry Us Gov. that’s not your job. Only congress should coin money; not the Federal Reserve. The gold in Ft. Knox (if any is left) and silver Belongs to the American people !! Every time we let the goverment do as they please you are giving away our Liberty. Our forefathers knew the value of Liberty ; they fought hard for it. Value your Freedom more than your cell phone. Without it maybe one day u may have call a gov line to ask permission who u speak to. God Bless America !!

          • Here is what the matter is…
            The American Sheeple don’t care about freedom nor the US Constitution anymore. They don’t protest about False Flag attacks, neither did they protest when the NDAA was for debate in the Federal Legislature. At this point it might be best to escape while one still can.

            • Escape to where? Englishmen are still coming to this
              country because of firearms freedom.
              We have to take a stand,when that muslim lier was elected
              it told us: the communist,socialist,progressive,liberal,marxist (they are all
              the same)won.
              As we waste our time here they are passing laws to ensnare
              us deeper. Like having to report $600 precious metal transactions instead of whatever $10,000 now.
              We drank the cool aide if we don’t get rid of 0bama and
              the misnamed health bill. This country is gone.
              When they come to collect our grandchildren’s generation will be there in force and we won’t stand a chance.
              Let get rid of the health(enslave them) bill and 0bama
              and then clean the rest of the house.

        • As soon as I hear of one home within a 100 mile radius being illegaly invaded. They will have no need to come to my home.

      11. Mike said…….Seriously,  what would be the life expectancy of a silver/gold confiscator?  30 minutes or less and they will die from copper/lead poisoning.  Good luck getting voluteers for this job…
        Absolutely; we have PM’s and plenty of gear to stop all but the serious dedicated gov’t confiscators.  All I can say is good luck to the people who try to carry out such a preposterous  agenda.   

      12. Gold and silver will NOT be confiscated.  It would create a firestorm of anger and with the majority of the House of Representatives being held by the Republicans it just will NOT happen.  The Repubs are already in talks with the Obummer administration to eliminate the 1099 requirement included in the Obamacare legislation.  What MAY happen is confiscatory taxation at 50 – 99%.  In that event you will still be able to buy and sell it without taxes by going to a burgeoning black market.  And remember this, just because the idiots that run this country create rules to hamper investing in gold and silver, the rest of the world (mainly China and India and Russia) are buying up every last ounce they can get their hands on.  The prices will continue to rise.  I predict that gold will never sell below $1,200 an ounce anytime in my lifetime.  Don’t worry, just hang on because it will be one heckuva ride.

      13. No sense in holding the gold, who you going to trade it to? Who can you trust not to turn you in for the reward? You can’t eat gold and silver. Best to unload now while it’s still trade-able and at record highs. Then use your profits to buy the supplies that will be useful to survive for the 2-3 years lawless void during the collapse.


        • It still makes sense to hold on to your gold, if we do not have it, other countries will. To unload it now would create a glut and that would bring down prices, hence those who wish to really prosper will hoard more. This includes other countries. We need to keep in mind that the world is in on trade these days.

        • need gold for kidnapping randsom to get loved one back. b smarter.

      14. It’s not necessary to confiscate it. They can manipulate its value, force us to sell in low prices, and then let the market free again.
        My advise: Just dig a big hole in your back yard, put the gold in, place a booby trap, and that’s it. The first who finds the gold loses his “reproduction equipment”. That’s why when the things settlle down i will send my mother-in-law to open up the hole. 🙂
        To get serious, the storm is coming. Be prepared. What’s happening in Arabian world, will come to Europe, and then U.S. is next.
        I don’t know if we have the power to resist, but we can find ways to survive.

        Take care everybody.


      15. The documentary called “Monmey Masters” is an excellent one to see and well worth it. You can find it on the internet, it is long but extremely educational about all this and makes some very good arguments supporting the claim that America has been hoodwinked, Fort Knox is empty, it’s only for show, for the illusion that we have gold. Gold left the building a long time ago.

        • Fort Knox is where Obama’s birth cert is…LOL… along with the gold

      16. Hhahahaha i wonder if they will think this idea through..

        confiscate something they dont have any right to? good luck with that , lemme know how that works out for ya

        hoax and chains , people thats what the man said

        come looking for my G&S , and be lookin down the business end of My S&W!

        • They confiscate stuff they don’t have rights to all the time. It’s the power of eminent domain. However, it is done nowadays in a perverse manner compared to what the Founding Fathers intended. Just do a web search on Kelo vs. Connecticut.

      17. On a side note, having nothing directly to do with this article….I just wanted to post here to ensure everyone see it.

        I recieved a box today in the mail with two cans in it. One can contained seeds for veggies and the other has seeds for fruits.

        Thanks Dad!!  🙂

        The James Gang

      18. @MUSHROOM,
        why confiscate $10 dollar bills???

        I believe your right, it will be paperless and probably a card.

      19. I agree with those statements above.  There won’t be anyone taking those jobs.  The life expectancy would be shorter than a fly at a frog convention.

      20. Any governmental suggestion of taking people’s precious metals after the willful & reckless disregard for our monetary system will be met with criminal & civil charges for many “alledged” powerful individuals who took part in the corruption.  Then, a rope & a tree will be used for said individuals.  No standing army or national guard will protect them. 

      21. like what..door to door?…hahahaha

        its not like you register your gold , right?
        so you could just say Get the fuck off my lawn? like  ‘ol Clint

        any one going door to door these days would be a freaking nut, dont they watch  the news?

        hell some kid got wacked for trying to buy a cell phone for 95 bucks the other day, yeah like im answering the door to some dink in a suit, or not
        this is halarious

      22. @ Kurt Konrath
        “I love the bravado, when they come they will have a blanket search order you will be out manned and out gunned, are you going to become a martyr”

        And how are they going to pull that off?
        Knock knock
        Who’s there?
        It’s the guys who’ve come to confiscate your gold.

        Oh, come right in, it’s on the table over there.

        Gold, I don’t have any Gold. But you can look if you want.

        You ain’t gonna take my gold you sons a bichees. Blam, blam, blam

        Who might these people be that come knocking? And they’re going to knock on every door in America? How they going to know you got a stash, the money/identification trail? It’s mathematically and logistically impossible, unless those who have the gold and silver put a gold sign with a silver lining proclaiming “I got it!”

        As I have experienced, repeatedly, you don’t need I.D. to purchase under $10K’s worth. No name on the receipt. So, they can’t track you and if you don’t know how to hide your PM then you deserve to give it to those who want it more than you.

        Now, once you have it and having it in your possession is a felony punishable by hanging, then those who have a weak nervous system will be running to the authorities. Those who don’t will interface on a Black Market where the main distribution and exchange of products and services will be THE mainstream market venue.

        Now, if they have a gold/silver detection device that can locate PM images from orbiting cameras, anything from kilos to grams, then we might have a problem.

        • This is the funniest post I have ever read in my life. you are hillarious! this needs to go on to one of those comedy shows! thanks for the entertainment!
          — melanie

      23. They’ll get your gold the same way Castro got the guns in Cuba: FOOD!

      24. Comments…..@Konrath. For you maybe……… I see you hiding under mommies skirt cause your flashlights on!

      25. Who has money to buy gold anyway?  We are trying to survive and stock up.  My investments are in toilet paper, rice and beans.  BTW I got two 18 oz. Quaker Oatmeal this week for 50 cents ea.  Call me the coupon queen.  I also got 4 free toothpastes.  Well I made $2 off the deal.  Deodorants for .50.

      26. Open a checking/savings account in Canada. Send your extra dollars there while they still have some value for the local coin of the realm.

        Also, open a gold account with Johnson Mathey for your offshore corporation. You can buy it here and “send” or transfer it “there”. They are everywhere including Canada, London, and Switzerland.

      27. 90% of the sheep don’t know their history and will fall for it hook, line and sinker. 

        Look at the suckers that fall for those silly gun buybacks.    They’ll offer up something like 35 itune downloads for an oz of silver and a new ipad with 50 free aps for an oz of gold.    The feds will be rolling in gold and silver.

      28. This CON-gress is sexually assulting We Americans thru the TSA scumbags and making NAKED X-RAY PORNO BODY SCANNER images in our airports.
        We said, “NO bailouts” stop spending! CON-gress gives us the middle finger…
        Will these no good TRAITORS try to take American’s PM’s ?
        Why do We need this CON-gress?

      29. Thanks so much guys for the laughs, honestly and sincerely. I have not laughed this hard in a very long time; my soul definitely got as good dose of medicine.

        I was already laughing really hard at ? post about Clint, but them when I read European Americans post to Kurt….my whole family came running in the room. My one year old son started to cry…he was scared. I was in that limbo like when your in between rocking too far back in a rocking chair and you just stay there for a second befopre you start to rock back forward again. I was just screaming laughing and couldn’t stop, so I just let it rip, but then I wanted to stop so I could breathe and it started hurting my stomache. I had to try reading EA’s post probably 12 times before I could get through it…….over all it felt real real good, and I must of been in just the right mood for and needed it.  🙂

      30. Durango,

        In case you didnt know, the SSP, N American Union encompases US and Canada.  their military is now almost completely integrated into the US, as are their surveillance.   Soon our govts will be overtly one and the same.  Hiding in Canada is like trying to disappear in the town square.  You need to get TOTALLY out of Dodge and far beyond the city limits.

      31. This gold situation is gonna get crazy! Apparently, the Germans have kept their gold with us since WW2 for ‘safe keeping’, now being housed at the NY Fed. And odds are, no one in our gov has been able to keep themselves from leasing it elsewhere, stealing it outright, or selling it on the COMEX. So for the Germans, they may be SOL on this one.

        But it gets ‘better’. That gold, that the Germans supposedly own, that we are supposedly housing in NY, is primarily under the ultimate ownership of the Saudis, in pooled and allocated accounts!

        So not only have we likely squandered all that was in Ft Knox, but we have equally as likely spent/sold the Germans and Saudis store of PMs! How well ya think they’ll take that news?

        And the other funny thing is, German citizens have all rushed in to cram every ounce of gold they have into their own bank safe deposit boxes. You can’t find any boxes left to rent! So when the German elite find out we’ve hoodwinked them on THEIR gold stash, they will surely confiscate all that’s being ‘safely’ preserved in their safe deposit boxes by their own citizenry!

        And another strange action the other day. With the 1099 issue in legal limbo, and the $600 reporting requirements, it seems our gov has gone to plan B. I don’t have all the details, but they are now instituting a separate law altogether, pertaining just to metal and coin dealers. Starting right away. The are seeking to require dealers to mandatorily gather all customer info upon the purchase and sale of coins. Not sure if there’s a dollar limit. This is under the guise of protecting coin dealers against the possible acceptance or re-sale of possible stolen merchandise!

        So they don’t care about what you own in PMs. Naaaaah. This is all for everyone’s safety, and to put and end to the stolen PM trade! Oh, but yeah, they will know all that you’ve been buying and selling, per government requirement to disclose your info.

        Very smooth. See something, say something, right Janet??

      32. thank goodness for Craigslist and Ebay  🙂

      33. To european american 

          No shit sherlock!! I didn’t say it was probable but You probably bought the crap from some company say North American trading, they got records the geeks confiscate the records they make a visit. There is a paper trail for virually everthing.  They won’t have to visit every house in America. The fact of the matter is they can try to pull anything like I said no one in LA thought they confiscate law abiding citizens guns. They didn’t have signs on they’re front porch HEH I gotta a gun but the fuckers did it anyhow didn’t they–

        New Orleans gun confiscation is foolish and illegal
        David B. Kopel | September 10, 2005
        In the nearly two weeks since Hurricane Katrina, the government of New Orleans has devolved from its traditional status as an elective kleptocracy into something far more dangerous: an anarcho-tyranny that refuses to protect the public from criminals while preventing people from protecting themselves. At the orders of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, the New Orleans Police, the National Guard, the Oklahoma National Guard, and U.S. Marshals have begun breaking into homes at gunpoint, confiscating their lawfully-owned firearms, and evicting the residents. “No one is allowed to be armed. We’re going to take all the guns,” says P. Edwin Compass III, the superintendent of police.
        Those people they pushed around thought “it would never happen either” I have a right to bear arms Ha! I have a right to take a shit too until someone drives a cork up there.
        How many times in history have someone or some group or some country said “it would never happen”

        So your right would never happen

      34. I have a large vault you all can store your gold an silver and i will give you paper in return.Trust me everything will be ok.

      35. I have a Three Tier Plan in the event the U.S. government tries to confiscate (aka STEAL) my bullion;

        1) Smuggle it out of the U.S. into Mexico/Canada.
        2) Join the Taliban
        3) Kill every fucking American government asshole I can.

      36. Rajj: The NAU is not yet a legal entity with jurisdiction over US Citizens. Our Constitution would have to be dissolved for that to occur. THAT will never happen without an incredible civil war that TPTB would never want to unleash. Because THEY would feel the full force and effect of the American people AND military which will not follow an unlawful order. (The dissolution of the US Constitution)

        I do not expect gold to be confiscated by the US government. The US is one of the top gold producers in the world. If they wanted the gold they could mandate the sale of all production to the State for FRN at world market prices like Russia and China. If i were a producer, and I am, I would take the FRN’s and buy gold somewhere else.

        For those with the resources who seek to diversify their PMs, you can hide some, bury some, and transfer some to your offshore corporation if you have one. That offshore corporation is a separate legal entity in a separate legal jurisdiction operating under the rules and laws of that jurisdiction. You can use it to buy PM’s offshore in an account at JM in London, Switerland, Canada, etc.

        You can also buy it here and transfer it via JM to anywhere with a phone call (almost).

        • “Our Constitution would have to be dissolved for that to occur. THAT will never happen without an incredible civil war that TPTB would never want to unleash. Because THEY would feel the full force and effect of the American people AND military which will not follow an unlawful order. (The dissolution of the US Constitution)”
          THIS IS ALREADY UNDERWAY! It is being done very slowly piece by piece, using activist judges, etc. and the government/socialists continue to make power grabs over the American public e.g. Obamacare, executive orders, tons of regulations and new laws… Big Brother is here and growing fast! Our Rights are being attacked on most fronts. WAKE UP AMERICA!

      37. your plan won’t work because my friends along the border will seize your bullion,the taliban also works for us and most people who work for THE UNITED STATES CORP are not americans.Just make it easier on your self and turn all your assets over now and report to your desinated FEMA camp.   Have a good day

        • are you kidding me , youir friends , you have no friends trust me

      38. I was so happy to see the shooting in AZ.  That sent a message loud and clear to Congress.  You work for US you sons of bitches.  I’ll watch this topic well and drive it into land before it becomes law.  I hope we have a revoltion…french style.

      39. I’m studying new software.  In time I’ll work for the govt. they can’t handle all the databases from a cashless society.  Good paying job for life.  Face it folks, we’re all slaves.  No way out.


        I wonder how many of these people would be involved??

        Ship has sailed, America left the building. This is not America anymore…not sure what to call her, but it dang sure isn’t America….too bad there aren’t any frontiers left. My wife says she would like to seriously consider leaving if we had money and there were some where else to go. But where the heck would that be when the last great place on earth fell  to tyranny and despotism???

        At least elsewhere you know the score and what your facing unlike here where the deck is stacked against you with jerks smiling and acting like they are caring and here to help, to do the peoples work. All the while screwin you over out of lust and greed for more power and control… me that’s more sinister than the dictatorships elsewhere….it’s a facade

      41. IRS Agent: As usual, the gooberment hires the least qualified and most ill informed. Gold and PM’s exist outside of the USA and are not physically transferred across the border except by fools thinking they can get it past customs at the airport.

        JM has offices all over the world. Buy it from them for your account, and tell them where (what country) you want it stored. They already have it there to sell it to you.

      42. They could bull doze my house and never find my stuff..
        I’ll also give them what they show on paper as far as guns go, and im sure those finks will think they got it all..
        i can play the misdirection game too..
        wonder if they will feel lucky? well will they?

      43. to PO’d Patriot

        No I’m not hiding under mommies skirt dickweed I’m as sick and tired of our goverments shit — administration after administration, politician after politician ramming legislation down our throats, filled with crap no one knows about till it’s to late. They take our money and destroy our finacial  security, make us pay for something our whole working lives then threaten to pull the rug out because they have raped and stolen and commited treason. the worst in my life time is the the thugs we have in office now. I do not mean to exclude and DO NOT EXCLUDE the LAZY asses that feed off the system that go through life expecting someone should take care of them,what is it now something like 45% of the population recieves gov benefits?? Those people should be included with the other treasonous bastards. No I’m mad as hell and have tried to do everything I can to make my voice heard with my elected officials but we seem to take one minnie step forward and two steps back. What DO WE DO!

      44. Well now, a little birdie flew in and twittered to me that the subject of Gold Confiscation came up (again) here, so I’ve decided on a 1-comment return visit. This is a VERY RARE event and not to be taken lightly!

        As you may recall, I said as much (about the coming Gold Confiscation) a while back and made some very clever suggestions on how to hide it from the Federal (Undocumented ALIENS) Snoops. Re-read those comments – just for laughs.

        The more interesting fact of the matter is, WHO is extremely interested in our Gold – meaning ALL the Gold that the Homo Sapien Race has mined and hoarded since Time began – and which is NOW being ACCUMULATED by certain “parties”. THEY made a BIG HAUL during 911!

        Who said: “You can’t eat Gold”? You and I can’t eat Gold – but THEY can!

        THEY plan to have their LAST SUPPER (SOON) – and it includes not only our Gold, it also includes (drumroll) US! Learn about the William Pawelec interview and WHO is walking among us, collecting BILLIONS of RFID chips. Keep an eye on your forehead and right arm.

        A word of caution: THEY can sniff out your Gold, even if you’re hiding it in your teeth! 😮

        Visit my Blogs (2) and website (“Sons of Light”) for more on Gold, Gold Confiscation and other tidbits of VERY USEFUL information. Remember, the VERY USEFUL information has a Very Limited Shelf Life!

        Good Luck!

      45. @ KK, I agree, New Orleans is a case study in why law enforcement cannot be trusted in time of emergency, nor can the National Guard, or for that matter, the US military.  New Orleans was not the first incident of the police and National Guard disarming everyone in the face of rioting criminals.  Back in the 90’s (?) the same thing happened with the Rodney King riots in LA.  I think that most troops would in fact, participate in disarming and then rounding up, civilians at the order of their superiors (thinking that they were doing it for the general good).  I do not subscribe to the notion that we can count on our troops to disobey orders (even illegal ones) en masse.  Most troops and police in todays world can’t name more than one or two of the Bill of Rights Amendments, let alone speak knowledgeably about the body of the Constitution.  The order might be illegal, but the troops won’t know it.

      46. Not everyone recieving assistance whether it be unemloyment, food stamps or whatever are fat ass lazy people feeding off the system. With underemployment included in “real” unemployment numbers it is over 20%, these are quite possible thee worst times in any of ours lives job wise and I am sure in other ways….so that is quite an unfair statement to use with a broadbrush IMO. Yes there are those that are lifers and game the system….but not all of them and especially not all of them during times like this.

      47. is this one more way for the government to touch our junk?

      48. After the fiasco of the last gold confiscation, I think most people with significant physical gold will “turn in” their lead first.

        Cairo today, Wall Street tomorrow.

      49. Rage, the shooting had nothing to do with the congress women,it was our friends at the CIA had 1 of the few judges that believe in the constitution killed.Trust me she will be fine and be the next senator from az just in time for the amnesty bill to pass so we have more people to make money off of.

      50. Durango [ Open a checking/savings account in Canada. Send your extra dollars there while they still have some value for the local coin of the realm. Also, open a gold account with Johnson Mathey for your offshore corporation. You can buy it here and “send” or transfer it “there”. They are everywhere including Canada, London, and Switzerland. ] Can a US citizen open a bank acct in canada ? They can’t open a brokerage acct….So who exactly is keeping your gold (safely)be it in canada or your offshore corporation ? More over, the problem is how to get your EXISTING gold to canada. Selling it here and paying 50% tax only to buy again in canada is a no go. Might as well give it to the man here. I’m seriously asking your advice…

      51. Gold confiscation by the US is absolutely moronic. If these Government decide to consficate guns or precious metal on a large scale, I believe that there will be a truly bloody revolution.  If our government wants to make haste with kaos, lawlessness,  and disorder try going house to house with a well armed society.  All the gold they want this time will flee the country or be buried underneath the ocean. People are smarter this time and will not just give em what they want. If this country turns into a NAZI society where people are taken away in the middle of the night, then I can’t wait for the revolution and fireworks to begin.  The march to Washington DC and Federal Reserve building where the are printing  presses are going 24/7 will be stopped with molotov cocktails, 38s, 30.06, 7.62, 9mm, 40mm, .45 cal, .308, 30/30s,  .223s and much more.  Just my 2 cents



           There are some really smart people on this site, and there are some really dumb ones too:

           The smart ones: Prep, prep, prep (e.g., Mormons do it as a part of their religion, a la Mit Romney).  Actually, the FEMA and DHS exhort you to prep.  Doing so is simply being responsible and being a good American so the welfore state doesn’t have to add you to their bill.

           The dumb ones: “Rage” comes to mind.  Happy about the AZ shooting??  That makes you both a dumbass and an asshole!  A dumbass because you are too stupid to realize the consequences of that incident will probably result in further losses of civil liberties (i.e, gun rights); an asshole because when my dad raised me, he taught me that boys don’t pick on girls.  Yes, she is a horrible human being (as is any person who approves of abortion), but two wrongs don’t make a right.  Get a grip dude!

        PS: There is a lot of bravado on this site, and smack-talking about the government too.  Presuming the conspiracy theories about email and internet spying were true, how do you think they feel about some of you, given the things you are saying???  You may be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy (i.e., Preppers, survivalists, gold owners, gun rights activists: all things good in themselves, but when they get associated with comments like some of you make, don’t you stop to think how you are perceived).

           In short, the dumb ones give us good/smart ones a bad name.

           Thanks for nothing!

      53. PS The American Federal Gov’t no longer exists. There is, however, a (SHADOW) GLOBAL Gov’t (aka ZOG), run by the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE and its Zionist Slimeball AGENTS. Think of the film “MATRIX”. Why, do you suppose, the TRAITORS in the WH and CONgress have been covering up 911 – and protecting the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs who did it?

      54. Let’s put it this way:  I’m not in the mood for confiscation.

      55. PPS If we had an American Federal Gov’t, Zionist Israel would already be TOAST! (after pulling off 911). THEY would have (and should have) been TOAST after THEY had JFK assassinated (1963) and bombed the USS Liberty (1967).

      56. OK, Mac – I’m done now. 🙂

      57. Wealthy Jewish Bankers have stolen money from every group on earth.  You can bet that Intelligesia Teams around the World will seek pay-back but more than this…These stated Intelligesia groups or Mafias around the World cant afford to leave the potential threat of these wealthy so called elite dangling; impacting world events..
        Assassination teams from every country on earth, not to mention from the US unquestionably will seek out & destroy all Corrupters; whether bunkers or so called special priviledge, there is no place to hide. 
        Retribution will be sought by Russians, Europeans, Jews, Asians, Africans….Truly all perpetrators of the Corruption will feel the steal!
        They can fake their deaths, comas etc…
        But their wherabouts are know you can be sure of this!
        Lets not even talk about the American intelligensia that have had their countries stolen, futures stolen & corrupted 
        Fearmongering attempts to control the masses…thats all this is…
        It will never happen. It will be a signal to their on establishment
        that the master slave morality code of control has gone awry. 

      58. Jeff: If you are buying gold you can have JM store it anywhere in the world that they have an office. If you had gold and wanted to move it to Canada, and had a safe place to secure it, I am sure you can find a way to get it there as the US Canadian border is the longest continuous border in the world.

        Jonny V could show you the back way to BC, I’m sure. 🙂

        As for a Canadian checking account for a non-resident person or corporation, that is beyond my pay grade. Check with M&I Bank out of Chicago, which has recently been purchased by Bank of Montreal. Canadian banks btw are the “safest”. BOM cut its teeth on mining.

        Best bet for a little bit, bury in the back yard, near your foundation and pipes.

      59. Thanks, Durango. I like the border idea but that reminds me of the guy crossing the mexican border last week….[ Best bet for a little bit, bury in the back yard, near your foundation and pipes. ] I always thought that was safe but don’t the best metal detectors (especially gov issued) have the capability of singling out your stash ?

      60. Well, it is time to evaluate your family’s supply of food vs. Your skepticism over Beck/Mac type concerns of chaos and coming shortages.  Are you brave enough to do nothing?

        But first please pray for the Freedom Fighters being slaughtered without a gun in their hands in the middle east.  Forget religion, these are humans raising their voices about freedoms and being shot by tyranny. The NWO is trying to convince us it’s us vs. them.  No. We are all human and most love God…  It’s too late.  It’s the NWO plan in action.  You hate them and  we don’t even know them. I’m watching the videos and seeing fathers, sons, brothers, and patriots fall without a weapon in their hand.  Insane. I wish I could take 15 of my redneck friends to Bahrain to show them why American Freedom Fighters kick f’ng ass and ask NOTHING in return but FREEDOM for all.  They are just like us. They love their families, too.  Pray for them.

        Obama’s problem is that we are armed, stocked and willing.  Pass it on.  Prepare.  I will never hurt an American who protects our Freedoms. Damn those that think our Freedoms are for the taking.  Damn them to hell……

      61. Jeff: Don’t know what Uncle Sam has in the way of metal detectors. Commercially, the SD 2200, 3000, ????? is the best and goes the deepest. I have a Tesoro Lobo, works great, but metal is metal to it.

        If you can’t figure out how to best hide your gold, ask your wife. No one knows better how to hide money than a woman. Just saying 🙂


        If the government starts seizing from its own citizens and going house to house with metal detectors then it should go down like any other empire. The Romans increased taxes on their citizens, devalued their currency and had standing armies the world over only to be conquered by outsiders because of their failed economic and foreign policies.   Any country that steals from its own citizens will only suffer the same consequences of  any previous fallen empires.  For when the food riots of the world brought about partially by Ben Bernancke’s inflationary policies comes home to roost in America, I sure hope  people who believe that we are soo much more civilized than the rest of the world will see the behavior of a mob mentality.  Only then will water, food, shelter and security mean anything.  PMs won’t save you but can buy you some needed security.  Possibly some food and water,  or even one gun of the 30 to 70 million weapons  believed to be in existence in the United States.  I have a family and I hope this doesn’t come to fruition, but I am tired of government policies of wealth redistribution and pan handling  to “too big to fail banks” enabled by the government to  rob from the tax payers with endless bailouts & QE to infinity and beyond!

      63. This article is complete B.S. There are no plans for such confiscation, and even if there were, the current distrust and anger at the Fed Gov is but a small event away from civil war/revolution.

        For me, I am old, cranky and tired of the bull and lies, so as a retired O-6, I will fight, again, for the Constitution and against her enemies foreign AND domestic. It will not be a heads up fight, but like our founding, a guerrilla war at their underbelly. “IF” they are so stupid to try this on PM’s.

      64. @GodSend, thanks for gracing us with your presence in this rare event. I think you’re one crazy as hell fundie truther, and based on looking at your sites,  exactly the reason survivalists get a bad rap.

        With respect to the true libertarians among you, when Bush was around the conservatives would rarely utter a word…only a small number of Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Libertarian Party protesters would ever speak up about the loss of civil liberties on the scale we’ve seen over the past decade.  Even in 2005 there was still 60% public support.

        What we did hear was how afraid we should be and how it was all for our “protection against the terrorists”.

        Now that the Dems are in charge there is almost a daily barrage of complaints about assaults on liberty and the Tea Party sold you out on the Patriot Act vote. LOL

        Nothing changed. We still have the Patriot Act. They’re still tapping our lines, reading our email, and making profiles which they’ll use if they want to.

        In 2006 I was a guest panelist for an ACLU state conference presenting on the Patriot Act and how it related to libraries. Having lunch with the State Director I made some joke about being on a list – he said “As soon as you showed up on our panel roster you were added to a list”.

        Take it for what it’s worth.

        If they start confiscating they’ll come like they did during Katrina. Lots of law-abiding citizens in the NRA video about this turned their guns over. Good ole boys like me. They’ll come in force. They’ll be met by force in many cases.

        If it ever gets that bad, and I’m not convinced it will yet, me and mine will be bugged out for a month or so before I get back to the homestead – let’em search the house, I’ll come back when they’re done. Does my family no good if I’m dead at the hands of swat or an NG ‘force package’.

        It’s easy to be all black/white when you’re angry, but it’s not that simple. Things have changed and complaining about leechers living off the government teat is disingenuous at this point.

        The official unemployment rate is only dropping cause they cut folks off, folks who busted ass and got taken out by the bankers and rich pricks. They’re still there, defaulting on mortgages, living in their cars and hotels, eating what they can get, and can’t find jobs even though they’re trying.

        Hyperbole, rants, and fear obfuscate the matter. Get yer preps done, settle in, hold on, and watch the Big To Do.

      65. Thank you Skeptic for the last two paragraphs.

      66. BJ, I’m sorry as hell for you hoss. I hadn’t read that story before I said that.  My older brother drives trucks and has basically been homeless for 3 years living in his car in the parking lot of the places he works at when they’ll let him.  I feel THAT hurt man.


        The Decomcracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.
        Thomas Jefferson

        You can’t make a weak man strong by making a strong man weak.
        Abraham Lincoln

        I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
        Thomas Jefferson

        My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government
        Thomas Jefferson

        No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms
        Thomas Jefferson

        The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
        Thomas Jefferson

        It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A pinciple which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world
        Thomas Jefferson

        Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:
        ” I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and coporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

        When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

        Thomas Jefferson

      68. Reblogged for you BJ 🙂

      69. Thanks Skeptic. I got a call last week and it seems that oil is perculating upo again in Marshall, MI….about 2.5 hours from me. It is coming up as if a well was hit and putting a sheen on the Kalamazoo river again…..I know this sounds bad, but that makes me happy adn I sure hope I am selected. They called and asked if I was available to come back down to do safety again… wife and I are praying hard for it. That would help me relax a little bit….with being on unemployment, I really cant hardly do much, and I am nervous that like Daddy said, I don’t see a lot of time left. No man knows, but I really think this year things are going to go down the crapper like never before in this country and next year through 2014 I look for the trumpet to blast. My ultimate faith is in that, but in the mean time I would feel better if I could afford to buy some protection and ammo, along with more preps and a little silver. I think silver is going to have a wild ride next month. If any of you are praying folk, please mention a petition for us to get some real good news job wise and also form the New Orleans Victims Rights Reparations Group

        But hey thanks, I appreciate it

      70. BJ, if I won the lottery down here, (Aussie) you’d be on my list. And it would be in Australian dollars, which should still be worth something. God bless.

      71. Wow…….Some folks really got a head of steam going before they posted…….

        @ BJ …..Absolutely nothing about any fresh oil leak in Marshall. There has been recent news about more home purchases by Embridge, and the clean-up continues. Think there will be oil popping up from time to time for years as well as any sheen.

        Gun grabs ?  Give me a break. There aren’t enough of us LEO to pull it off if we wanted to (alot wouldn’t follow the order to begin with) . Only way they were able to pull it off even a little in N.O. was because most of the people were gone with the exception of a neighborhood or two in a highly populated area. Might be able to do that in a couple square blocks of a liberal minded city, outside of that it’s not possible.

        I think the same logic goes with gold and silver. The PM’s I have purchased locally from a coin shop have no record, though I have purchased gold in only very small quantities.

        Sorry, I don’t buy Alex Jones theories. My focus is getting out of debt, storing foods we use and making purchases which stand the greatest chance of being influenced by sky-rocketing commodities.


           @Bravo 11:

           Your last paragraph was the best.

           To others:  Some of you are very vocal about what you are against.  That’s fine.  So am I.

           But what are you for?

           In other words, though there may be big problems in America today (problems worth complaining about), at the end of the day it is still the best country on earth; still the best quality of life; still enough freedom for a bum like me to march in Catholic Rosary processions; still enough opportunity to buy land, metals, and leave an inheritance for your children; still enough freedom to voice complaints on forums like this; etc.

           That’s a lot of freedom right there folks!  And worth fighting for!  I complain about the current state of things as much or more than the next guy.  But let’s not forget that this is still the greatest country in the world, and we should be proud to be part of it.

           Today is Saturday: The sky is blue and sunny; I can get in my van with my family and travel to any state without paperwork required; I can get money from an ATM at any gas station I wish; I can quit my job if I feel like it, and go to work for whomever I please; I can sell my house and move anywhere I want if it pleased me; I can decide how my children will be raised, and what values I will inculcate them with without interference; I can put them in public or private schools, or teach them at home if it pleases me; I can start my own business, or work for someone elses; if I don’t like the food quality at the grocery store, there are no laws preventing me from growing my own produce in my backyard, or chickens in my garage.

           At the end of the day, the Alex Jones stuff is interesting and plausible, but WE ARE STILL FREE!!!

      73. To Kurt Konrath. I understand how you feel, sorry for my post. I am understanding that there ain’t enough bullets, guns, or time to get all those who might come up my lane if they wish to confiscate precious metals, firearms or us in general. Both my son, daughter(who are adults) have been thoroughly schooled in firearms use. My wife and I have discussed these scenarios in great detail and length. The whole family has agreed if all this should come to pass that whatever action is taken, that it is left up to the individual and that whatever they decide, no ill will would be held against them. My wife and children know and understand that no matter where I am (driving home, at work or wherever) that I will use whatever means necessary to stop my attackers and that I’ll see my love ones again on the other side. I am a freedom loving person and I just won’t live any other way.

      74. Talk of confiscation is just Govt fear mongering. There will be no confiscation because in reality, less than 1% of Americans own precious metals & if the Govt were to announce such a confiscation plan, the USD would collapse immediately.  WATCH:

      75. What if your holdings in gold & silver are numismatic and not mere bullion?  Would they confiscate them as well?  There are too many variables with rare coins and no set price can honestly be laid upon them.  Weren’t they safe from the confiscators in 1933?  Pardon my ignorance, but any comments would be appreciated.

      76. Awesome SKEPTIC!!!  I didn’t see your post about the blog until now, good job and I appreciate it. We are supposed to hear how the board ruled at the New Orleans Victims Reparations Rights…..they give victims up to a max of 10K for lost wages and max of 25K for medical bills, and the good part is that the money comes from the criminals. I lost over 25K not being able to work my job in the gulf at 18$ an hour with working 100 hours a week and getting 100$ a day for per diem. Also the medical bills are hovering right at the 25K part. So we are hoping the board allows us the max, that would sure help us out. Does your blog not have a comments section?

        thanks, that’s a very kind thought 🙂

        Sorry, I should of more carefully worded my post…..I was told on the phone by the employer that it “appears” like a well  has been tapped” were the exact words he used. He didn’t mean it literally and knew I knew that, I should of portrayed that better, my appologies.
        Also Bravo, you should look into the there are lots of people that have been employed by our govt in dept.’s that most don’t know about.

      77. Forgot to add to Bravo….this is more than just a continuing clean up. EPA is donw on Enbridge really heavy adn from what I was told on phone by employer is that they want “to redo everything”

      78. @SSPXER,
        yeah we are free, well sort of still free. I can’t get on a plane without being groped? I can’t join a militia without a big X being put on me and militias, despite the few bad ones that the media has used to villify all of them, are as American as apple pie. I understand what your saying about American exceptionalism, I do. But I think and fear it has been hollowed out and what remains is a shell, an illusion and the reality hasn’t hit yet. I have only listened to Alex Jones maybe 6 times, I agree with some of what he says, but don’t care for him personally and I don’t think he is right about everything….his shrill voice drives me nuts. his constant advertising for gimmicks and rip offs turns me off big time…in the end…laugh if you want to, but I think Alex i s out there doing what he does as a mis information type. Take a little bit of truth and mix in a bunch of BS. The fact that he is owned by ABC is a huge red flag to me….JMHO

        I wish MAX would write an article about the recent going ons between BO and Harper in Canada…..that to me is one of the biggest news stories of the day and I for the life of me don’t understand why this isn’t all over the news and people aren’t scared to death and livid about it. Canadian news is covering it, but no one here is talking about it???  That which I am talking about might just tear down the shell, the paper tiger once and for all.

      79. Confiscate our gold!? You’ve got to be kidding. The gubmint could double their Ft Knox reserves just by snatching the gold from four Compton gangbangers and one NFL team. Why pick on us little people?

      80. You’re not listening.  Fuck gold.   If it’s illegal to own gold, how in the wide world of sports are you going to redeem it?  They don’t care if you hide your lousy $10k or whatever of bullion or coins under your mattress.   Door to door?  Why bother?  By criminalizing the mere possession of gold, they’ve effectively taken gold out of circulation.  If it comes to that, you’d be better off turning in your gold and taking whatever they’ll give you.  Hold onto it until it all blows over?  Not in your lifetime.  Eat, drink and be merry.  It was fun while it lasted.  Spend it while you’ve still got your health.  No?  Well, good luck on the black market when you’re looking for a loaf of bread, and you’re down to your last Krugerrand.  My advice?  Take the bread. 

      81. Annnnnnd….here it is. I think this tells us all we need to know about the plans of TPTB. Washington State is NOW requiring your FINGERPRINT for any gold purchases over 1/10th of an ounce!

      82. For your convenience, here is the full text, as reported by Zero Hedge. This is pretty shocking actually:

        A week ago, when we reported on a move by the Dutch central bank that ordered a pension fund to forcibly reduce its gold holdings, we speculated that “this latest gold confiscation equivalent event is most certainly coming to a banana republic near you.” And while we got the Banana republic right, the event that we are about to describe is not necessarily identical. It is much worse. A bill proposed in the State of Washington (House Bill 1716), by representatives Asay, Hurst, Klippert, Pearson, and Miloscia, whose alleged purpose is to regulate secondhand gold dealers, seeks to capture “the name, date of birth, sex, height, weight, race, and address and telephone number of the person with whom the transaction is made” or said otherwise, of every purchaser of gold in the state of Washington. Furthermore, if passed, Bill 1716 will record “a complete description of the property pledged, bought, or consigned, including the brand name, serial number, model number or name, any initials or engraving, size, pattern, and color or stone or stones” and of course price. But the kicker: if a transaction is mode for an amount over $100, which means one tenth of an ounce of golds, also required will be a “signature, photo, and fingerprint of the person with whom the transaction is made.” In other words, very soon Washington state will know more about you than you know about yourself, if you dare to buy any gold object worth more than a C-note. How this proposal is supposed to protect consumers against vulture gold dealers we don’t quite get. Hopefully someone will explain it to us. We do, however, get how Americans will part with any and all privacy if they were to exchange fiat for physical. And in a police state like America, this will likely not be taken lightly, thereby killing the gold trade should the proposed Bill pass, and be adopted elsewhere.
        While we are confident that representatives Asay, Hurst, Klippert, Pearson, and Miloscia have no clue why they are even proposing this bill, we would also be delighted to find out which moneyed interests they represent, and what happens to precious metal trading in America should Bill 1716 become a legal precedent which is effectively the first step before the final implementation of Executive Order 6102 version 2.
        And the PDF of the original bill here:

      83. I own myself. I own the fruits of my honest labor or other productive activity. You own you. You own the fruits of your labor. No other person or entity has the moral authority to take your life or your property because it, itself, confers that right upon itself. Whether the biggest gang of thugs has the power to harm you or steal your property is a separate question.

        You cannot expect justice from toadies hired and paid by the Power Elite. Your only expectation for justice is your decision backed by force of  arms, to risk your life if necessary before you will knuckle under to being treated as though you and your property belong to them. IF it comes down to liberty or safety, what will your choice be?

        I don’t  know what choice others may make. But if a government  representative civilian or military demands my property in what is unmistakably naked theft, my response will be “leave or die.” If comes the demand again, my response will be to attack my attackers. I have no expectation that I would secure redress from the tyrant. I wouldn’t live that  long. But I’m determined to live or die a free man.

        Molon Labe.

        You might debate the finer points of what they will “allow” us to own. Whether paper gold is safer or riskier than physical gold. Whether you can try to run with it elsewhere on the planet, to face equally felonious if less familiar tyrants. To behave like frightened rabbits when your libertarian bona fides are tested.

        Will your response be, “Sir, yes sir. I’ll do anything you say sir. Please don’t hurt me sir?”

        No piece of paper, no legal system parsing their laws before their bought off judges, will save you if you are too craven to save yourselves.

        A friend told me they know who I am. They know where I am. They know what I have. They will come when they choose to without any notice to me. They know I don’t have 10 Navy SEAL teams living in my basement ready to roll.

        None of that makes one iota of difference. Liberty can be risky but slavery is safe. What’s it gonna be for you?

        with apologies to Patrick Henry

      84. Dennis: Thanks for the alert but the sky is not falling yet. Its a PROPOSED bill in the State of Washington by a few knuckleheads that haven’t gotten the word that the American people are not going to allow their rights to buy and sell any normal product of commerce except drugs, to be regulated by an intrusive government.

        These ‘legislators” just regulated themselves out of a job come next election. Raise holy hell in Washington State and anywhere else big government tries to intrude on the rights of American citizens (ie forced to buy Obama Care).

        Eventually We The People will identify these a$$holes and make short work of them. The American people are in NO mood to put up with this kind of BS and TPTB know it. They will retreat if confronted or find themselves confronted by an angry mob.

        Engage your government or be enslaved by it!

      85. Yeah, I’m glad to hear about this POS bill.  I live here, I know a few legislators (both sides) and since I’m not working right now, I’m gonna raise hell on the phone come Monday 7:30 am…………

      86. @ no mans an island

        Hmm, sounds like you’re one of those who wishes he had Gold but can’t afford it. How does that go? Have’s and Have not’s?

        If Gold is illegal then all the better reason to own it. It means “THEY” want it, BAD.

        Really, if it comes down to it being illegal then what we’d probably be seeing is a transition between where we are now, fiat currency backed by NOTHING, towards some global currency backed partially by gold. For THEM to pull that off, THEY’RE going to need to increase THEIR supply. Illegal would mean THEY have it or it’s in the hands of the criminals (those like myself and many others who post here) who refuse to submit to their corrupt tyranny. Maybe you could say this is where many of us would draw the line.

        It would start out by THEM paying those who surrender (their gold) $200 an OhZee. (What a deal, huh?). Then after making the offense punishable by death. The hoards, or at least 10%, would hand it over with a fine of “no refund” and, a year in the slammer doing hard labor (probably in a mile deep mine, mining for you know what). Then, after the dust has cleared, the price of the “Liquid Sunshine” would rise to anywhere from $5000 an ounce to $1 Million an ounce. All the while, the slow melt down of all systems would eventually crumble “The Empire” and when the dust clears, those brave souls who stood their ground and kept their life savings, i.e. hard earned dollars in precious metals would reap the rewards.

        There could be a million versions to this script. Who knows. But one thing I can tell you “no man’s an island” is that anyone foolish enough to put gold and or silver ahead of the “basic necessities” for survival is an idiot. Gold and Silver are just the icing on the cake. Buy them only if one has covered all the other bases.

        You know where you can stick your “F#@k Gold” attitude…where the liquid sun don’t shine.

        Here’s a couple of interesting reads:
        Don’t tell your “friends” where you hide your Precious Metals


        Prepare to Give Up All Private Data for any Gold Sales over $100

      87. Sick ’em, Jonny! Sick ’em! Please give ’em the ol’ 3 Stooges ‘Eye-Poke’ for me, should you happen to visit them personally!

        I’m in agreement with Durango on this, and its not a law YET! But given the lack of awareness the public has for metals, they will likely expect (and get) little resistance on this. Its one of those bills that is sure to become law for that very fact.

        Your raising holy hell will be much appreciated, Jonny. There is nothing about this that is of the least possible benefit to the people. This is nefarious at its core, and it is clearly setting the foundation for coming gold funny business.

        The question then begins, if silver takes off as expected in the coming weeks, will they simply amend this bill to INCLUDE silver?

        Be on your toes, guys. And educate those around you if you can. This is more overt theft of the citizenry, and nothing less.

      88. Dennis: Don’t encourage that maniac. Jonny has a gun for every personality ……. and we are still counting the guns!!!

      89. JonnyV: Don’t set the alarm for Monday am. Isn’t that President’s Day? Go fishing instead. No one will be in their offices bro….. 🙂

      90. Nothing agitates and diffuses strategy like non coopoeration. As long as impulsive reaction rolls out they are steps ahead. Be ready to have your Big screen TV and ATV confiscated. Next may be the cottage and then comes the test. Wet your towel and wrap it tight around the midwaist, to stall your impulse to consume aimlesslesly. if not it is ‘business as usual’ and that means no compassion for Shylock needs his pound of flesh. Remember the frog and the scorpion crossing the river 

      91. Yeah, the rivers are all closed due to over-fishing (no joke, there are no salmon/steelhead coming back from the ocean).  Factor that into your preps, there might not be any fish in the river to catch…..nice.

        So the politicians get a reprieve until Tues 7:30 am.  More than they deserve, but looks like I’m stuck with it.  I might be back to work monday anyway, waiting on the phone call.

        Those Centurion buck and ball loads I recommended might come in handy if the gold confiscators show up in your area DK!  Check it out….

      92. Jonny V: Thanks for the tip but I’m pretty well set. If the gold confiscators or the “golden horde” can breach the wall at the Glen Moor Golf Course, they will be met by automatic weapons fire from Fire Team SHTF.

        Just saying, if they can make it up the hill, they ‘ll never make it through Eagle Pass. 🙂

      93. Dennis, download the PDF and you’ll see that they defined precious metals as “gold, silver, and platinum”.  They don’t need to amend jack.

      94. You guys are absolutely hilarious!!

        ko….I have no idea what the heck you said?

        Johnny V, Tuesday is Washingtons birthday, those lazy bums will probably nmot be in that day either. In fact you might look for them in Madison, they might be there holding hands with the reverend Jesse Jackson

      95. Hey BJ!, yeah, god-damned politicians piss me off……….

      96. I can’t believe that the Gov would confiscate anyones gold or anything else, they had it all once and put it back out on the market. And besides, when the dollar collapses, they’ll get all  the gold and silver anyway when land taxes are collected

      97. Well. F*CK.

        Hadn’t gotten through the PDF yet.

        This does not please me.

      98. My only saving grace is that I’m no longer in WA. But if it catches hold up there, it’s gonna hit us all. If the masses don’t wake up to what they are up to.

        I mean seriously, I’m genuinely curious, to what benefit is this to the common man? How is this not a precursor to being part of yet another ‘list’ that will leave you a future target of confiscation or taxation, once they figure out how it will best work for them?

        Like many, I have no record of any purchases. Besides, I’m all talk. I don’t even know what bullion is. What is it again? A coin you say? Bars too? Oh, this is all too confusing! I’ll just stay metal-less, and leave it to the experts!  🙂

      99. @ European American

        “Hmm, sounds like you’re one of those who wishes he had Gold but can’t afford it. How does that go? Have’s and Have not’s?”
        What a jackass thing to say.  If you think youre one of the “haves,” you’re deluded.
        “If Gold is illegal then all the better reason to own it. It means “THEY” want it, BAD.”
        If gold is illegal, you can’t use it.  How is that a “better” reason to own gold?  If they take (y)our gold out of circulation, it makes the gold that the REAL “haves” control worth that much more.
        “Really, if it comes down to it being illegal then what we’d probably be seeing is a transition between where we are now, fiat currency backed by NOTHING, towards some global currency backed partially by gold.”
        You’re guessing.  “Partially” backed by gold?  And what’s not backed by gold is backed by…?  You’ve solved nothing.  Gold is not a silver bullet.  The supply/price/value of gold, as everyone knows, except you, perhaps, is controlled and manipulated by TPTB.   Yet, you and others insist that “returning to the gold standard” would be an improvement.   We were ON the sacred “gold standard” until Nixon.  Big fucking help that was.
        “For THEM to pull that off, THEY’RE going to need to increase THEIR supply.”
        Not necessarily.  You’ve heard of supply and demand, right?  Taking the people’s gold out of circulation by criminalizing its possession (creating scarcity) makes the gold in the vaults of TPTB worth that much more.
        “Illegal would mean THEY have it or it’s in the hands of the criminals (those like myself and many others who post here) who refuse to submit to their corrupt tyranny. Maybe you could say this is where many of us would draw the line.”
        Then you’re doing so on principle, which I respect, not as a practical matter.
        “It would start out by THEM paying those who surrender (their gold) $200 an OhZee. (What a deal, huh?). Then after making the offense punishable by death. The hoards, or at least 10%, would hand it over with a fine of “no refund” and, a year in the slammer doing hard labor (probably in a mile deep mine, mining for you know what). Then, after the dust has cleared, the price of the “Liquid Sunshine” would rise to anywhere from $5000 an ounce to $1 Million an ounce. All the while, the slow melt down of all systems would eventually crumble “The Empire” and when the dust clears, those brave souls who stood their ground and kept their life savings, i.e. hard earned dollars in precious metals would reap the rewards.”
        Pure gold-buggery fantasy.  You’re welcome to it.
        “There could be a million versions to this script. Who knows. But one thing I can tell you “no man’s an island” is that anyone foolish enough to put gold and or silver ahead of the “basic necessities” for survival is an idiot. Gold and Silver are just the icing on the cake. Buy them only if one has covered all the other bases.”
        “You know where you can stick your “F#@k Gold” attitude…where the liquid sun don’t shine.”
        And good luck to you, too.

      100. Just love it when someone writes an entire article based on a source that no one knows. “insider” always equals rumors.

      101. GODSEND….Do you masturbate to your statue of Jew Jesus you sick muslim fucking POS. Jew Jesus will have a special place for you in hell you lying POS scumbag. If any of your bullshit were true the Zionists would have long ago cut off your balls for matzoh ball soup you sick fuck.

      102. Sticking around hoping I’ll hear something useful.  Does anyone know how FDR “confiscated” gold back in the day?  Did the feds go “door to door”?  Kinda doubt it.  Gold other than coin and bullion, as I understand it, was either turned in “voluntarily,” or driven underground, where I imagine a lot of it still is today.  They didn’t have to go “door to door.”   The competing currency of privately held gold was “neutralized,” not by going door to door and getting their heads blown off, but by “criminalizing” its possession.  That’s how this is playing out. 

        Once  gold is criminalized, you won’t be able to spend it, other than at the “street value” of a loaf of bread.  As far as I know, it’s still illegal to own gold, other than bullion and coins.   Been what, almost 80 years?   Still waiting for them to repeal that one.  And some of you think you’ll just hold onto to your “liquid sunshine” stash until everything gets back to normal and you’ll emerge a rich man?  Maybe so.  But we both know you have no “rational” reason to think so. 

        The fact that gold has, historically, in the long run, held its value has nothing to do with you.  Gold is the “rich” man’s hedge, held, not for years, or even decades, but for generations.  You don’t have that kind of gold, or time.  You can’t eat gold, and you’re guaranteed to lose money (value) trading on the black market.   Your most valuable worldly possession, or so you think, will be made worthless and therefore useless with the stroke of a pen.   

        Why did you allow this to happen?  One reason:  FEAR.           

      103. @No Man is an Island: “Investing”  (Strictly speaking, PMs aren’t an investment) in PMs is not necessarily FEAR-based.  It is a very rational choice.  Given the choice between PM’s and stocks or bonds, what case can be made that PMs are inferior?  If PMs can be outlawed with the stroke of a pen in the final moment of extreme government desperation, then so can any other type of property.  We’ve seen a trillion dollars vanish with the alleged push of the wrong button by a fat digit.  The stock market goes up or down depending on what helicopter Ben does.  Who wants to invest in bonds with interest rates due to skyrocket?  And you’d better only invest in bonds with companies that have connections to the top, seeing what happened with GMs bondholders and all.  What other investments do you suggest?  Treasuries?  I agree that you can’t eat gold, but you can’t eat your stock certificates or mutual fund statements either.   Any suggestions would be welcome.

      104. It was illegal to confiscate gold when FDR did it. It would be illegal to confiscate it now. The American people were niave and believed in and trusted their government in those days, believing that the government was working for them. Americans know better today and are much better organized.  And much better armed.

        As gold and silver are specified as the only legal currency in America by our Constitution, that bullshit won’t fly today.

        Its YOUR government, take ownership of it. Engage your government or be enslaved by it!

      105. As a Christian I’m only allowed so much profanity per day and I’ve already used up today’s quota (road rage incident-don’t ask). I can’t WAIT til tomorrow so I can post my real opinion on this topic. Until then…%#@%$#%&#…

      106. Info. from my youth from a old Jewish wealthy businessman.  He told me to only put the Minimum into 401k.  He felt it sounded like a “running the herd off the cliff thing.”  A great way to confiscate or leverage everyone’s money.  While I am also a metals investor…I think at the end life of the dollar..they will confiscate (Think, buy at pennies on the dollar) your metal.  You will be required by law to visit a Federal Reserve bank to turn it in, Like in 1933.  My plan…watch this like a hawk….When you start to hear congress speaking of this…it will be time to get out or at least minimize your position.  The next thing to be into is rental real estate..but you better not leverage it much.  The United States is collapsing.  The NWO boys want their debt slaves.  Be very careful…this is the age of theives.  Remember, “Buy as much house as you can afford?”  The same went for 401k investing.    It’s sad that we all bought metal from the govt. mints…then in the future, they will want to steal it back.  The boomers and their parents really messed up the country.  They took what the GI generation built and pissed it all away.  I will enjoy watching Father Time fuck with them.  I won’t be there to wipe their asses.  I will never plant flowers on their graves.  Maybe once a year, drink beer and piss all over them.   Bitter.  YES.  The United States was destroyed when Nixon took us off the gold standard.  It was also destroyed when the Federal Reserve made us all debt slaves.  I hope we have a bloody revolution! As for emergency silver…I will never turn that in.  I might need it to feed the family or buy my way out of the country like the Jews did.

      107. WTF?
        Investor or “Hoarder”

        Why does the media always say I am “Hoarding” gold or silver. 
        They suck.   Brain washers.

      108. Perusing the headlines today and have come to the conclusion that either the world is really having a meltdown, or the MSM is running the propaganda campaign of a lifetime. Regarding gold confiscation I am more concerned that 85% or so of the American population seem to have had their brains confiscated and continue to buy into the lie that things are getting better. At any rate I expect gold to hit 2k this year with no adverse consequences……….other than more people pawning it and their guns in order to buy groceries, pay the rent, put gas in their vehicles, get quarters for the bus in order to look for work…………..The government does not need to take your stuff. You will stand in line all damned day to turn it in personally in order to get food and medication for your family. Were this not so you would not be worried about ANY  potential legislation which would further destroy your liberties. “They” can pass all of the unconstitutional legislation they want to, I could care less. Something tells me that if a law were passed that required every fifth blue eyed man in Vermont to jump off a cliff there would be a whole lot of bitching while lining up to jump. And before all of the jumping was over, the media and it’s captive audience would have lost interest and moved on to bigger and better (?) things.

      109. Confiscation isn’t going to happen, successfully; but it is amusing to speculate.  unfortunately this source isn’t even valid, so and so said so and so are thinking about. . . . .. . . please

        [We’ve learned from well known metals analyst and commentator Roger Wiegand, in an email to silver analyst David Morgan which was subsequently published in Morgan’s latest Silver Investor newsletter available only to subscribers, that several of Wiegand’s high level inside sources have reported that the puppeteers behind the US government, in order to facilitate a move into a new world currency are considering, or may have already begun moving forward with, a plan to confiscate gold and silver from the American public.]

      110. Bankers would have us believe it is their sole right to conjure into existence our money supply, and tell us,  I, as in we the people, representing ourselves as government, that government should not be in the banking business, and money creation is best left to banks.  I, us, government should tell the bankers that money creation is the greatest sovereign authority of government, and bankers should get out the government business of money creation.  Long live the State Bank of North Dakota, and the others that are soon to follow.

      111. since gold will be $2000 oz. this week i will be going door to door with all my U.N. troops to round it all up.In return i will give you all $50 an oz in return to be fair.Thanks for all your generousity

      112. The Washington state law exemplyfies the fed gov attitude toward gold. It never amazes me the totally opposite attitude communist china has toward gold and it’s citizens holding it. They actually promote the purchase and have set up a monthly buying program for their citizens. Our gov is as corrupt as it gets…..

      113. It is inevitable that the government will control the price of gold. PM’s are an abomination and anathema to fiat currency. They cannot have an alternative currency compete with them.

        The author of this post should research a little before posting inaccurate info. This has been repealed and there will not be a 1099 requirement, at least for now. If I am incorrect please someone let me know.

        With the passage of President Obama’s health care bill, the American people found out, after the fact as usual, of the new 1099 requirements which will force gold/silver merchants to declare all precious metals transactions over $600. Thus, the mechanism for tracking and taxing even small cash transactions has already been put into place.

      114. The government never confiscated gold from the people.  It conned them out of it and they gave it up voluntarily.  The people of the day readily gave up their money, their law,  and their government to the private banks.  They then registered their biological property (children) with the state and gave them over as corporate slaves.  And they continue to do the same thing to this day.

        It only took them (the Federal Reserve) 20 years to steal everything the people had produced since the Declaration of Independence, plus all of the land and property belonging to any registered man or woman.

        Will they try to confiscate gold again?  No.  They never did it the first time.  They will make the people desperate by crashing the economy just as they did then.

        It is not how the government responds that matters.  It is how the people respond.

      115. @Dunkirk
        February 20th, 2011 at 3:20 pm
        @No Man is an Island: “…Given the choice between PM’s and stocks or bonds, what case can be made that PMs are inferior?  If PMs can be outlawed with the stroke of a pen in the final moment of extreme government desperation, then so can any other type of property.”
        Gold is ‘inferior’ and not a ‘rational’ choice if you KNOW you’ll never get a chance to spend it.   IF gold is outlawed, the ‘rational’ thing to do would be to cash out for whatever you can get.  Fear, and I should have added “greed” and egos incapable of admitting they’ve been had, keeps gold bugs from bailing out when all is lost.
        The sad truth is, we never had any property rights.  If we did, those days are long gone.  (Even if you ‘own’ your home outright, check the deed.  We are “tenants in common” per most boilerplate deeds.  Tenants, like slaves, don’t ‘own’ anything.)  My advice, if you want to keep your gold, move yourself and your family out of the country while you still can.   Personally, Costa Rica looks pretty good.  Only a 90 minute flight from Orlando, less government red tape, flourishing ex-pat communities and a nice long growing season.
        What America could have been is worth believing in, and fighting for.  What America has become isn’t worth spit.
        He who hesitates is lost.  Good luck, to everyone.

      116. @Gods Creation

        Amen.  You said it PERFECTLY !   The biggest X-factors through the course of these unprecended times is;  HOW WILL THE PEOPLE RESPOND?    Also;   HOW WILL THOSE IN LAW ENFORCEMENT & THE MILITARY THINK & FEEL ABOUT THE BLATANT CORRUPTION THAT HAS OCCURED – WHICH IS ULTIMATELY DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY ?    Military personnel took an oath, and with many of those who served (and who are still serving in the military) need to realize the oath they took is;  AGAINST FOREIGN & DOMESTIC….   We shall see.

      117. Dennis – the bill is for second hand dealers, like pawn shops, and PMs in the form of legal tender, or bullion are exempt.  Still, it is a slippery slope.

      118. To BJ, My comments were not directed at you personnally — good luck hope the job comes through

      119. John: Nothing is “inevitable”. That is why the Good Lord made US agents of choice and gave US the Constitution. Our government couldn’t control the price of gold if it wanted too.

        Gold is a global commodity with a global market and global price. China, India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East have always embraced gold.

        Its your government, take ownership of it. Engage your government or be enslaved by it. Its your choice.

      120. Thanks Kurt  🙂

      121. No gold confiscation on the horizon, and very likely never. For this simple reason, how many people do you know who own gold, other than jewelry?

        I know of no one in my circle of friends and family. Gold is a barbaric relic, remember?

        Besides, why confiscate gold when they already discovered alchemy back in 1913? They can print unlimited numbers of dollars backed by nothing, which (being true for many years until 1971) was just as good as gold! The dollar is defating, you say? Just print more!! It’s easy!

        I know of people today who still think our dollar has some gold backing. And these are “educated” people!

        Sorry, confiscating gold makes no sense. Only price manipulation via the Comex (which they’ve been doing), gold bashing/bubble talk by the media (which they’ve been doing), and ultimately 401(k) confiscation will be the order of the day. Even after all that, I would be very surprised if they even bothered to pass any ridiculous legislation regarding the sale of gold such as a 90% tax. Even if they do, by that time this country will be in chaos so we will all be making our own difficult choices, hopefully by giving “them” the middle finger.

      122. @ anonymous/No Man is an Island?:  “The sad truth is, we never had any property rights.  If we did, those days are long gone.”

        You attempt to make a case for the inferiority of PMs, but this statement ends up justifying PMs.  If you are right, then what good is any other kind of investment going to do anyone?  Why bother to save at all?  If you are right, then any savings/investment vehicle is ultimately a gamble, because at its foundation, it would be based on blind hope that it isn’t taken from you by the government, and the very concept of saving for the future is futile.  What is the rational case to be made for someone having more blind hope that their stock/bond mutual funds will not be seized from them by the government than their PMs?

      123. Comments…..My contacts in the active duty military at the NCO and officers thru O-4 would not support action against the civilian population. Many will leave if put in that position

      124. all the more reason to follow the philosophy; if you can’t eat it, drink it, shoot it, smoke it, or fuck it, then forget it.

      125. People, people?! All the talk, bitter and fatalistic is a waste. Most of you have no idea what it is to ACTUALLY fight with your weapons, regardless of the righteousness of your convictions. The NO experience shows EXACTLY what most will do when confronted by our military to turn in your weapons. Also, do you really think that the Gov. is creating 16,000 positions in the IRS to help you with your tax returns? Door to door can and will be implemented starting with all of you that registered your weapons. Gold and silver are only part of the preparations but have limited usefulness since Gov. will, as others have suggested, simply order you to turn yours in then make it illegal to own it. They are tightening the noose slowly as they destroy the country from within. First the “money” then anything else of value by taxation and/or confiscation. God Help US!

      126. What I want to know is how would the government know if the confiscators are REALLY turning in all the confiscations!!!  What’s to keep the lousy bastards honest to the government?  Hmmmmm? 

      127. Another well done article, Mac. I was talking to a financial advisor tonight who said the gov’t wouldn’t let gold go past $2000. I didn’t agree. I thought even the Fed Reserve is not immune to the laws of supply and demand. However, after reading this, I not only see it, but realize how much of a sleeper silver is.

      128. Many governments cannot sustain themselves anymore.  They have arrived at the catch 22 situation.  Most governments will start to fall …notice that it is starting to happen.  Great Britain will probably disinterate within the next 5 years.  As a result, will have smaller governemnts that will govern themselves within great western countries.  Comunications has changed governmental powers.  Notice how governments are trying to stifle the internet?  It is too late as technogy is way ahead.

        As for the US and western governments that try to price price gold…I do not think so IMO, as too many dollars are held abroad…me thinks it would truly collapse the world banking system. 

        One world government is a global bankers wet dream.  Tell me..if most countries in the world cannot get along themselves…who would stand to gain from such a propasal as a “one world government” except major corporate powers powers?  To me that dream is a very long shot.

        It is all “paper” for the time being.

      129. Living in Canada I’m not quite so concerned… Canada is not bankrupt. Might we be savaged in some way by a desperate neighbor in the near future? Hmmm…

        That said… it might be wise to keep a token amount of PMs to “declare” or allow to be found, and the rest somewhere very, VERY hidden.

        Agree with the comments about an underground economy. The more harsh & unfair the controls the deeper underground & more elusive it will become.

        And the more “normal” it will be for folks to “go underground” as a matter of course. Like graft & corruption it then becomes deeper & deeper ingrained in the collective psyche over time, and ever more difficult to recover from.

        Roy C.

      130. I spent most of my adult life defending this Country from the evil in the world, I would had never thought I would have to defend it from the evil government with-in, there is a place I draw a line and this is it, so let the copper fly, I have plenty.

      131. I think the chances of this happening are very slim! But it does make you think “What if…”

      132. This is such BS. Gold rose over $2300 (CPI adjusted) in the ’70’s and there was no confiscation. Nowadays, anyone with an IRA and two brain cells to rub together owns some gold, it would be impossible to confiscate it from everyone. More importantly, the rich own lots of gold and the government is not going to anger their overlords.

      133. If the government wants my gold, let them come and get it.

      134. If they need gold,  the gummit should just allow people to pay their taxes with it,  at par,   as Dr Paul has suggested.    Not novel– In act,  in the 19th century,  the gummit would only take gold coin for payment of customs duties.

      135. We have so many lawyers in this country that there would be no confiscation. For once you’d finally see the use for so many otherwise use-less souls. It would become their calling. This thing would be tied up in lawsuits and legal action till Methusala reappeared. And there’s enough tea-party types in Congress that this would never stand. I read that less than 20% of the gold was confiscated under FDR’s term when he did this and that they got most of what they siezed by legally robbing safe deposit boxes at banks, especially during “bank holidays” and leaving govt receipts behind. These days that would never fly. And besides, who keeps their gold at safe deposit boxes in banks anymore?? Anyway, I’d look for physical gold confiscation about the same time as they start to sieze gold and silver mines. And that would be a cold day in Hell, wouldn’t it??

      136. Comments….. Just remember my fellow Komrades in the Unconstitutional “Obmamcare” it gives the government the right to confiscate our gold etc. as well as create a “Civilian Army as well funded and as well equipped as our regular army”  to ensure that we comply with the GOVERNMENT! What a guy Barry is! Hail to the Tea Party!

      137. They can have my gold…after they take my guns…after they take the ammo…one round at a time…at 2750 feet per second.

        Eff the bastards!

      138. Comments….. They will successfully get enough people to do it voluntarily. Just like people give up their privacy with twitter etc…

      139. and allow the govt to feel them and their family members up and take nude photos of them

      140. MOΛΩN ΛABÉ

      141. Is that latin for “come and get them”?

      142. I read some bullshit articles on the internet about gold confiscation, but this one takes the cake. The US government is going to send (armed) agents, door to door to get (heavily armed) US citizens to hand over their gold? Where did you come up with this crap? Fantasy land? Who is your “source”? And if the is planning on confiscating my gold (no they won’t) then what about all my silver bullion? The only thing I’m turning over to the US government free is my lead.

      143. I don’t doubt that they won’t. They’re trying to take away our freedom and our rights now, so what’s stopping them from trying to take some gold for their weaka$$ deficit (something they did for themselves and making the tax payers cover).

        They’ve had drills done where they went door to door to take citizens’ guns. So all I have to say is: we need to wake up and start researching for ourselves. Got to protect our every goods and our families.

        Want some real news: visit or for REAL news. Remember to keep and open mind like an umbrella and you’ll soon learn the truth.

        I’m not saying this article is a fake, but it sure can be real.

      144. Just make sure your gold isn’t gold-plated tungsten.

      145. Comments…..Anything can happen, Every one talks about giving out lead when the goverment comes to Your door, Ha,Ha, There is so much sophitcation in terms of spying and super covert operations we will not see it coming. It will be like any drug raid, watch DEA on the TV and see how many cops are willing to take the chance of going up to stash houses with street gangs that have the fire power, the goverment already knows everything about us we are all conected to the grid, there are people that love the thrill of taking the risks will love the new challenges of taking gold and silver for the goverment, to them they will have a leagal right and not hesitate to use the laws againt us. I think there will be revolts like in other countries if it ewere to happen then the goverment will have thier hands tied with more pressing problems then taking our gold and silver, sooner of later will all are going to pay the price for us living beyound our means in the U.S.A

      146. I expect to continue to see leaked rumors from “impeccable sources” about how gold will be confiscated as the government continues to debase the currency. They don’t want you to protect yourself from the central bankster thieves.
        PS: They have been confiscating your dollars since 1913.

      147. Here come the Government meanies ripping bracelets off old grannies and putting death chokes on gun-wielding hippies…all to show the world their FRN’s have officially replaced Charmin. Yep, that makes sense.

      148. Comments….. People should understand that in the event of a “confiscation” or any other event that might have the “government try  to seize anything from individuals,  that the military and police are “part of us”. As a military and security officer for 36 years I can tell you that  damn few would be stupid enough to try to confiscate frrom “us”. The y, the police and military agencies would just not comply with their “orders”. And with the huge mumbers that would not comply their “superiors” could not do anything about it. And those who thought they could be “gain something by doing  the governments dirty work, would last about 1 day before they would get  that lead poisoning someone was talking about.  The real reason for the second amendment would then beome very evident to all. There are still many millions of us that would save the lily- livered yellow bellies out there, as we have for the past hundred ior so years. We have fought for this country many times before and if necessary we will do it again. If you are afraid of getting hurt or killed for something so worthwhile you had better mae sure you are a”saved Christian  so you know where you’re going after you die.

      149. This demonstrates why it is so essential for US citizens to put aside the bickering and hatred that the mass media has promoted for so long, see the common enemy (the US Gov’t and its wealthy puppet masters) and bad together to re-establish citizens as priority number one.  Together, nothing can harm us.  Divided, we don;t stand a chance.
        I, for one, will protect my fellow citizens and my family with every fiber of my being.  We didn’t create the crisis, we didn’t ask for endless war, we said NO to bailouts and tax breaks for the super rich, and we have worked our asses off to do our jobs, do our civic duties, pay our taxes, and take care of our families.
        Confiscate?  Prove you deserve it, bucko.  Good luck with that!

      150. Funny military taking courses on house to house searches me think now Retired USMC never did that.

        As for taking gold and silver Hmmmm I would think the tax idea would me the way but as stated this will create a huge black market.

        Knowing most Marines they will never do house to house searches in the USA as you see some middle eastern troops refusing to do harm to there countrymen would be more so in the USA.

      151. If anyone tryies to take my gold or silver from me against my will I will have already determined the world was over with so I will go down shooting-I will not be able to stop them but I will be sure to take the life of the agent who has decided to become an agent of a goverment that is no longer American in any sense. One cannot stop them from doing this but one can make them pay a price if every call on every home ends in gunfire.

      152. “the government is going to need to get its hands on some gold.”
        The US government will get gold the same way it got the original gold held in Ft. Knox. It will steal it. Much of Ft. Knox’s gold came from plundering Europe during WW1 & WW2. The new gold will come from plunder in the next world war. Saddam Hussein used to have lots of gold, so did Ghadaffi. Also, the World Trade Center used to have about $160 B in gold that disappeared after 9/11.

      153. “The single most important thing any human being can do, anywhere in the world, right now, today – is BUY SILVER. EVEN IF ONLY ONE OUNCE, OR TWO. BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AFFORD. IF 100 Million human beings buy one ounce of silver – the central banker parasites are FINISHED. And, humanity can go back to living as God intended them to live – in FREEDOM.

        The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield

        Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver (Episode 96, Keiser Report)

        I’m a Crazy Silver-Bug…Why Aren’t You?
        (or, 33 reasons to buy silver, instead of gold…)

        ‘LET’S GET THIS GLOBAL PARTY STARTED’ – Max Keiser, 2010


      154. Excellent post, Anonymous! HOW, EXACTLY, can we get this message to go viral, GLOBALLY? THAT is what need to happen.

      155. Hold your precious metals in Platinum bars instead.
        They won’t ban Platinum. Can you imagine the black market all this will create….?
        Second thought. Maybe I should get the %#!>*! outta this
        country fast!

      156. The Canadian Government does NOT permit the importation of “gold, coin, or counterfeit, or negotiable instruments” such as bonds by FED EX shipping or presumably, anyone else. Its illegal and subject to confiscation already.

      157. I think preceous metals are a better idea than cash in the next 5 years. The current trends point to a recession in 2013 and an inflationary cycle as the result.As the value of the dollar falls the value of gold, silver, and other metals will rise.I have read here that many cannot afford to buy gold or silver.I lost over 100k in a house purchase and I don’t intend to lose my savings to a revaluation of the dollar. Gold is an international asset and the U.S. will have absolutly no control over the prices.Besides when the market crashes next year investors will be and are already moving to gold for stability.In the current mess gold is gold. It has always b

      158. They come at night and don’t knock (unless you count the battering ram), a flashbang or two and the search warrent is the first loved one shot, resonable cause is assulting the offices bullet with you flesh and the NSA’s snooping is all they need for a reason to either plant a pot seed on you and take your house then you can moarn you lost loved one from inside a fema camp till they find you worthy of death by decapitation.
        just sayin.

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