Braindead: People Have No Idea What Gold is Worth

by | Nov 10, 2009 | Precious Metals | 6 comments

Mark Dice of the Resistance Manifesto attempts to sell a one ounce gold coin currently worth $1100 on the open market -  for $50.

Watch Mark Dice Try to Sell Gold to Regular People:

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    1. Patrick

      The sheeple are so F-ing stupid!  This is why we’re all doomed.  All of those people should be deported for crimes against their own intelligence.  Why do I never get to walk into a deal like this!?  Great video… funny and sad at the same time.  LOL

    2. admin

      “All of those people should be deported for crimes against their own intelligence.”

      I just busted out laughing in my office. Brilliantly put Patrick!

    3. Chris C.

      This is exactly why there will be no gold confiscation again like in the 30’s. People have no concept anymore that gold is real money and thus have no idea how valuable it is. More gold for us I suppose.

    4. Bob-Bob-Bob

      Contrary to what I have read in comments so far , I don’t blame  any of those people one bit !!  How many of us have been aproached on the street and been asked :  ” Hay mister want to buy…?  Usually ether its stolen or a cheep knock off , We have been told for years , ” If its too good to be true , it usually is !!  So why blame someone for doubting this guy for trying to sell $1100. of gold for $50 ?  If I had this clown come up to me I would have told him to go away !  Laugh at me if you want to but I would have suspected a trick or rip off just like those people did in the video.  After all , A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED !!!

    5. admin

      Bob-Bob-Bob makes a good point.. Then one guy did ask if there was chocolate in the middle.

    6. schaef

      Mmm… chocolate filled gold.

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