$7 Million Found In Dead Man’s Prepper Stash: “Nobody Had Any Clue He Was Hoarding the Gold”

by | Sep 19, 2012 | Precious Metals | 134 comments

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    May we all be as prosperous as 69 year old prepper Walter Samaszko Jr., who was recently found deceased in his Nevada home.

    Likewise, may we all be as tight-lipped about what we’ve got in our stockpiles.

    When police entered his home after calls from concerned neighbors they were surprised to discover some $7 million worth of gold.

    The operational security surrounding his stash was top notch, as not a single person had any idea what was hidden in his garage, throughout his house, and buried in his yard.

    They found gold in boxes in the garage – lots of gold.

    “At that point, we took the house apart,” Glover said.

    That included a thorough search of the house itself, the crawl space beneath as well as a search of the entire yard using a metal detector.

    Glover said they found box after box of gold coins and bullion, all neatly wrapped in aluminum foil and plastic cases.

    Based on just the weight of the gold alone, Glover said he estimates the value of the gold at about $7 million but that, since some of the coins appear to be collector’s items, it could go much higher. Some of the English Sovereigns, he said, date to the 1840s. He is hiring an expert to value the coins.

    How much gold? Enough that it took Glover two wheelbarrow loads to move it, enough that the boxes make a pile 2′ by 3′ by 21⁄2′ tall.

    Nevada Appeal

    “Nobody had any clue he was hoarding the gold,” Glover said.


    Of note is that Mr. Samaszko has been identified by the Nevada Appeal as “anti-government” – often a typical label given to those who are liberty minded and willing to explore non-traditional ideas.

    Not only was he hoarding wheelbarrows of gold, but he was also stockpiling food and weapons:

    Samaszko was “anti-government,” a recluse and a hoarder.

    “He never went to a doctor,” he said. “He was obsessed with getting diseases from shots.”

    There were a few conspiracy theory books in the home along with several guns, and supplies including dozens of cans of tuna and salmon among other things.

    While he never needed to dig into the emergency food larder and self defense stockpiles, Samaszko had lived off the gold he and his mother purchased in the 1960’s. At that time, gold was pegged at $35 per ounce.

    With the gold valued at current market price, there were roughly 4,300 ounces in his home when he died. At 1960’s prices, the original investment (not including numismatic value) would have been about $150,000.

    By all accounts, Samaszko was his own central bank and totally independent of the system.

    Despite being dismissed as an anti-government recluse by mainstream reporters, he probably lived a good life, especially if you consider that he hadn’t worked a traditional job for over forty years.


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      1. Somebody alert the authorities, that was my long lost grandaddy. I need my gold now!!!

        • Morning all

          Anti government, diseases from injections and stockpiled food, weapons and gold. I propose this man be named as the Shtfplan patron saint of preppers.

          Rest In Peace Walter.

          Take care

          • “There were a few conspiracy theory books in the home along with several guns, and supplies including dozens of cans of tuna and salmon among other things”.

            WOW….if this makes him an anti-government recluse then I am all out WACKED

            • The corp wants to confiscate the money because he is a terrorist.

              The article said nothing about the next of kin. I bet little effort is made to find them.

            • GC: He is not a terrorist and can not be classified as one based on the info given. He might be on their watch list. Any family can and should try to claim their rights.
              This is why it is imperative that everyone have some kinds of a will and that someone, preferably 2-3 people know that you have one. They do not need to know what it contains, just that you have a current will and where it is located.

            • …only a couple dozen cans?

              Must not have been all that serious about it. 🙂

            • That is correct, sir. He had a KJV bible, some novels by this Rawles feller and a 1960’s Boy Scout Handbook. Seditious material, all of it. We get, err, have to confiscate this gold as it was to be used against the government or buy drugs or something. Oh hell. Finders keepers.

              Can my men have salmon sandwiches for lunch? Over.

            • yes – anybody with that much tuna must be nuts

            • GC..the article I read on Yahoo said he had a distant cousin who would be getting it…thats what I read but otherwise I dont know…

          • Amen Burt. Rest in Peace.

            • Sounds like he wasted his whole life living in fear & paranoia. But he died rich. Doesn’t sound like a good life to me.

          • A prepper from the 60’s and he is a conspiracy anti-government person, as though that is bad? JFK,Waco,Ruby Ridge,9-11,taxes,health care,WMDs,Oklahoma city bombing,watergate,immigration,Enron,Wall Street…….what conspiracy is the reporter talking about?

            • It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.
              Sorry DRD, I couldn’t help myself….

            • Slick, enjoyed your wit.

            • A few thoughts-

              He didn’t make average life expectancy of mid-70’s – a trip to a GOOD doc might have kept him ticking over a few more years yet.

              The authorities found it – damn! What a bonus for the fed.

              It’s a damn shame he hadn’t made plans so that his family could hang onto it after his death.(pref his kid, but that distant cousin still sounds better than the fed). I’d rather see what little I have go to the local dogs home than the corp.

          • May Saint Walter watch over us!

            • And may he spill the beans on how he did this!
              Is this mostly his parents stash? Did he add to it? If he hasn’t worked a traditional job in 40 years that puts him at 29years old.
              What were his expenses when he died? How much gold did they start with that he had that much left? I can live cheaply but the average person would tend to slowly use up bits of the stash especially as they got older.
              And as to the person who said he had a great life: he was dead for over a month before a neighbor called police. He was alone and lonely.
              God bless Walter. May he rest in peace.

        • Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine.
          Et lux perpetua luceat ei.
          Requiescat in pace.
          Anima ejus et animum omnium fidelium defunctorum per misericordiam Dei requiescant in pace.

        • Yep, speaking of Gramps; he only had about two clips worth of ammo for his old 45 auto, so I found a deal on 250 rounds for $85.00 and having it shipped to him this week. He will like that much better than gold.

          • I vote Walter Samaszko for PRESIDENT!

          • Where did you find that deal, I’m looking for the same

            • @ Clay
              It was a one day only deal at The Sportsman’s Guide. But you can check them out online. They have some bargains on ammo all the time. I usually keep a membership and it pays for itself if you order enough shit over a years time. The ten $$ off coupons help cut out most of the shipping costs. Another good place to shop for ammo/reloading stuff is Natchez Shootin supplies. They have PMC 45’s on sale, for the same price right now. I got my shipping for $4.99 from the Guide so I used them instead.

        • Whatdoyaknow! Highspeed, that makes us cousins!

          • Hey cuz.

        • Hey.. why do they call it hoarding..? This guy was pretty smart. Look what happened to Gerald Celente..he was intesting and they took his gold and charged him for a margin call.

      2. Rest In Peace, good job.

        • Off Topic…

          The Government Can Now Legally Detain You Indefinitely After All. It Couldn’t Over the Weekend.

          “Last week a judge overturned the NDAA’s provision that authorizes the U.S. government to arrest and indefinitely detain people suspected of terrorism. The judge said that the provision violated the Constitutional protection of due process: the Fifth Amendment. This restriction on federal power did not last long. A federal judge has just granted a “stay of execution” to the condemned provision.”

          “Obama’s lawyers insisted that the restoration of this Fifth Amendment protection would do “irreparable harm.”


            • It doesn’t matter anyway. Here is a great explanation of how the courts work, or should I say don’t work


              They just do what they want anyway, no matter what the law says.

            • Here is one even better KY mom….

              http ://alturl.com/tshkj

              The Federal Reserve now has it’s own cops authorized to use deadly force, and whatever else they might want to do to you.

              What kind of people take these jobs to go to war against the People of America?

          • Thanks MOM….He will not be happy until everyone is under his thumb.

            • Don’t blame me, I voted for McCain

            • God’s Creation: Welcome back to the world Rip Van Winkle! The Federal Reserve has had their own armed police force forever. In my cpacity as a LEO we’ve had to take large sums of seized currency from money laundering operations to the nearest Fed branch and they have been as well guarded as the proverbial Ft. Knox! There isn’t anything new about guards at the FED unless you think the attack on Pearl Harbor is still newsworthy too.

          • Great article here (for off topic)


      3. Ahhhh yes…….bring a tear to a glass eye. Also tells me I have more work to do.

        Gold Leader standing by.

        • DHS Buys More Sniper Ammunition
          “The Department of Homeland Security is stocking up. You never know when you will need a few hundred million rounds of ammunition. It is stocking up on .223 caliber ammo. This is suitable for military issue AR-15’s. It will begin with a purchase of 40 million rounds. It will buy 40 million a year for four more years.”

          “That’s a lot of target practice.

          Then the DHS will buy .308 rounds. That is a good caliber for sniping. The DHS will buy both blanks and live hollow point (dum-dum) rounds. How many dum-dums? 176,000 rounds.”


      4. I was wondering if youd pick up this story…read it earlier on another news site…its a great story,but me thinks they oughta make real sure none of this gold stuck to any fingers or walked off on its own…so to speak,what with all the “officials” digging through the house,which also made me wonder…just where did they get the “authority” to start tearing the place apart looking for more gold and valuables?…ya he might have been nuts to those around him but I bet he coulda bought them all,and like you said he didnt have to be in the work a day grind for many years…good for him,may we all be so lucky,eh? “Live free or die tryin”

        • IN the article I read on this the other day, the IRS is going to take a sizeable amount of the gold coins. Just maybe 2 distant relatives might get what is left. Have to stress the word might, because if anything is given, it will probably be a very small amount.
          Be sure to have a will and make gifts to your loved ones, because you know who is going to be knocking on your door for what they think is theirs to have if and when you kick the bucket!

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

          • I was wonder how they had the right to go through the mans house and take all his stuff with out any of his family being notified?

          • He probably had a will and they just tore it up. I am sure REB is right about the sticky fingers too.

        • Yea….wondering how much of that will go to the govt because it is deemed so rare it must have been “STOLEN”

        • They call it “securing valuables” at the scene of an investigation…

        • Another thought…the heir would also get the house and property in addition to all the other stuff he left…seems to me a lawsuit for the flagerant and unnessesary destruction of the property would be in order…no?

      5. Smart man. I admire him. He obviously knew what was coming. Should learn a lesson from him: stay off the radar monetarily, keep a low profile and your preps to yourself 😉

        Semper Fi

        • In spite of all he had, he is lucky he didn’t live long enough to need it.

      6. Someone so wise is of course going to be ridiculed by the whacked out media as an insane neurotic person. This person had brains, a lot of them, he knew what true value was and to purchase gold for 150k and then have it worth 7m, means that he made 46.7 times on his investment. Not too many stocks could ever do this other than computer and some others. Stability after making 46.7 times what the original value was. Over 50 years your money would have to double 5 and 1/2 times. This would be doubling every 9 years or so. Using the rule of 70 divided by 9 this would be consistant interest of 8%. I don’t know too many sources where you could get 8% for 50 years. On top of that know that your money is completely rock solid safe.

        Rest in peace to a very wise prepper.

        • hmm my question is how he had 150,00 cash to invest in gold in the 60’s? that’s a lot of money back in that era and around 1 million by today’s standard inflation calc…

      7. smart thing for the government to do was digging up the gold. At least that way it was catalogued and it becomes much harder to mess with it. Simply leaving the house and not looking for anything else would have resulted in a lot of people breaking in and tearing the place up.

      8. This guy is my friggin hero. Anti-government….whatever. Better than being pro-government. Especially a government that is nothing like what the American forefathers thought should even be a government.

        I give 5,000 thumbs up to this MAN who never worked a job for this slave entrapment type monetary system.

        Now I will put on my party hat, have a Rye on the rocks and play some manly music in memory of a man I never knew.

        • Mr. Samaszko is truley an example to us all. Keep stacking!

        • “””Especially a government that is nothing like what the American forefathers thought should even be a government. “””

          In fact, it is EXACTLY like the government they overthrew and replaced. The problem is, they never overthrew the banksters. That, it seems, will be our job.

      9. R.I.P,

        I wonder who is going to confiscate the gold….

        oops i meant “legally acquire and promote”…

        Be safe guys

        • Manos, morning

          Agreed, I wondered the same. In addition there will be relatives coming out of the woodwork within a week, probably no one of them a prepper.

          Hope you and your girls are well.

          Take care

        • Manos

          I here many greeks are looking into other heating sources besides heating oil. Wood stoves and pellet stoves seem to be big items over there. Start a new business?!

      10. I saw the original article and they were talking about the taxes that the heir was going to have to pay. He has a living cousin that is a substitute teacher in Califirnia. Here comes uncle Sam! Inheritance tax and capitol gains due to it being held for over a year. California will not dought get a chuck as well.

      11. I bet it was 10 million before the cops showed.

      12. This is great, never let em tell you your a nutcase without giving a secret nod and a wink to old Walter. My new hero. Hot dog thats the best news Ive heard for a while.

      13. I’ve come to realize the “media” is as much the enemy as the gov’t. while they proclaim us as “anti govt”, they rely on subscriptions and advertising dollars from “anti govt” hard working, honest, self sustaining people for profitability. I contend, turn on your tv, cancel your subscriptions and force them into becoming totally reliant on the gov’t or die.

        • Well said Bob.
          I think your spot on about the media.
          You know it’s bad when you have to cross reference our media, with the likes of Pravda, and Aljazera.

          • never considered such comparison, but you’re right…..and i’d comment…while this gentleman hoarded gold, legally i might add, our govt is hoarding “bullets” , 2 billion, hence their “anti the people”

      14. I was gpoing to post this last night but I went to bed..
        you know this will not end up inn the rightful hands of family..it will be in the hands of this government..and that will be that

        • My dear VRF,

          The government is actually our “family”…

          … and partner to our business, and co-owner to our property, and efficient proffessor for our kids, and reliable banker, and supportive psychologist for our mental problems, and strong Caterpilar for our farms….. and, and, and, and…..

          … and I strongly feel a “friendly” cucumber approaching my b…. 🙂

          Take care..
          Be strong..

          • So true…..good to hear from you manos.

          • So true Boss..
            and and and….:)

            Very good to see you on here.
            How are things going?

            • I guess its true “you cant take it with you”
              and they will be making sure of that as more and more of us die..they will come right into what ever you own and take it

              To all you preppers..put your stuff in a Trust..it does two things..it protects your wealth to whom you choose legally..and the best part..it pisses off the government and your township when you do it.

          • No the government will be the full owner of our properties. With the Fed now buying 40 billion a month of mortgage backed securities soon they will hold everyone’s mortgage. Foreclose and the government owns your place.

      15. Good story Mac, and some good lessons for us all to learn. Of course they would label him a headcase, he wasnt part of the sheeple herd. Ooops, does that mean I am a headcase also?
        Manos, good to hear from you. Praying that you and yours are safe.
        This is headcase, signing off. Grin

      16. Well, some county in Nevada just fixed their deficit.
        Unless they supected foul play. Who authorized them to ” take the house apart,” Glover said.”
        New word ” anti-govt” as opposed to Pro-govt??
        Need a new word for myself, something in the middle.
        Stay tuned more to come like this when they raid everyone’s IRA’s in exchange for a small monthly annuity, that cannot be passed on to heirs.

      17. I hope he has family that will fight for the gold…. the government will be all to happy to convert it to worthless paper Obama-bucks.

      18. “Hoarding Gold” WTF. why not investing in gold? See how the banksters and their media manipulate our language. The way I see it. Anyone who’s into precious metals know the big scam that the dollar is…. it’s being messed with.

        Hoard away folks…

        • Exactly. Like he wasn’t allowed to have it? Since when is it illegal to own gold? It isn’t! They want that to be the perception so they can keep everyone poor, weak and defenseless.

      19. sad to think that every particle of gold dust will be seized by the feds and “redistributed” to those who know best for us… in several ways, he’s an example for the rest of us…

      20. How did he happen to die?

        • sarcasm on. . .{from a disease resulting from a shot, I suspect}. . . sarcasm off


          • No doubt.

        • THE Gov’t. will say he died from GOLD-Fever or GOLD-Lung (breathing too much gold dust)Or maybe a METEOR fell on HIM !!??? They have a EXCUSE-JAR 10FT. TALL !! Keep a watch out!!——-

      21. Burt the Brit: I’m not a religious person, but in this particular case I would second such a motion for sainthood. ‘Saint’ Walter was a man of vision.

        • I totally agree.

          I hope years from now we can explain to new visitors of this site who this “Saint Walter” fellow is that we keep mentioning from time to time!! 🙂

        • The limp-wristed lefty sissy reporter call Saint Walter anti-government because he had a few guns and a few anti-government books. I have copies of both Das Kapital by Karl Marx and The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, does that make me a communist, or a capitalist, or just someone who likes to read? Hint: it’s the third option, with a lot of the second part too. I also have a few guns, I’m an Endowment member of the NRA, a member of a private gun club; does that make me an anti-government gun nut? I’m also retired military (active 14y reserve 8y) and a retired LEO, so am I also a supporter of an increasingly oppressive government, no questioned asked? These are all stupid assumptions just like the one that moronic reporter from Nevada made. By the way, that reporter is G. Dornan at the ‘Nevada Appeal’ newspapaer in Reno, NV, in case some of you wish to chime in and make his day.

      22. Will someone in Nevada make sure if this “saint to us preppers” votes he votes for the guy with the R by his name? Not that it will change the prices of beans but…speaking of the price of beans. MAN!

      23. This man will go from whacko to genius in the eyes of millions of people in the months ahead.

      24. he sounds like a great prepper…..but because he didnt have or trust anyone else is preps have now fallen into the wrong hands….the “lone wolf” theory wont work in a shtf scenario you have to build some kind of network…. even if its just one more person…..just my 2 cents……R.I.P.

      25. Don’t be surprised if Walter actually had 8 million in gold. A few coins “here and there” just didn’t make it into the official tally.

      26. RIP.

        You’re an example to the rest of us.

      27. He was immediately deemed to be a “domestic terrorist” for his anti government views and his assets were seized by the corp thugs.(sarc I hope)

      28. Read between the lines – “dozens of cans of tuna” and”several guns” sounds more like he shops at Costco and had the basic hunting set of a shotgun, deer rifle, .22 and pistol. All rather normal other than the gold.

        This is the media trying to paint another fictional image.

      29. On a lighter note, I need to buy some more guns and I am tight on cash. I saw some AR 15 kits for sale on line. Just buy them and the lower reciver. It looks like I could end up saving $200-$700 compared to a new AR

        Would anyone be able to give me any suggestions? Good idea bad idea?


        • @jasoncookies…

          Be careful what you buy. Some of the kits out there are junk.

          In a SHTF situation….do you really want to trust your life and the lives of your loved ones to a weapon that is not reliable?

          Think it over. This is not an area where you want to cut corners.

          You’d be better off with a Ruger .22LR than with an AR kit gun that doesn’t function.

          • Amen Walt K ,you would all be better off with the Ruger 10/22,if your looking for zero recoil, I dont get the appeal of the AR15, those of us that lugged one of those(M16) around for uncle sam know how unreliable they are and wouldnt entertain the thought of TCB with that piece o crap. My weapon of choice 30-30 lever action does exactly what it sez on the can.

        • do you already have a ar-15? if you do I would save your money and buy extra ammo and mags! First thing is have a eotec sight on one or a aimpoint micro or one that you can draw and bring on sight quickly. The 2nd thing mags mags and ammo. Then I would buy extra food but still keep extra money in case you think of something you may want to buy later if you need to. but if you dont have a ar-15 its your guts on what you want to do really on that. But I like shotguns for home. that way you can shoot the shooter or attacker in the face with birdshot and blind them staggered with buckshot and a slug.

        • M&A or Model 1 parts. Well built good parts.

        • Thanks

        • Bad idea. Forget the plastic .223, get a .22 rimfire semi. A thousand rounds of .22 rimfire weighs only 7 1/2 pounds. Ivest your gain in gold and more ammo.

      30. Burt the Brit, I second the your motion. This man unknowingly set an example for all other preppers to follow. I’m sure the “authorities” already helped themselves to a good percentage of the gold and I can picture his relatives taking whatever is left of the gold and selling it so they can go and buy a lot of useless junk instead of following his example and becoming preppers. the story mentions the “authorities” searching the entire property and even running metal detectors in the backyard; more proof the public cannot trust “authorities” ever. He set the best example of OPSEC I’ve ever seen in any prepper. May he rest in peace. Take care and keep prepping.

      31. Does he have any next of kin who are the rightful heirs? Is there a will or trust for his assets?


      33. Job well done my friend. Rest In Peace. We will carry on for you.

      34. Hoarder??!!! Seems like to me he should be labled
        SAVVY INVESTOR AND SAVER and not be ridiculed as being a crazy hermit. Ultimate in OPSEC!!! Why does the
        mainstream media always feel that someone who saves and takes care of themselves and does not “share” his wealth with others is a wacko.

      35. Before the estate is completely settled I bet the gov gets all the gold and his heirs, I heard a cousin he has not spoken to in years, maybe will get a little check in the mail minus fees and taxes which be almost all of it. State, local and fed govs all licking thier chops over this windfall. Wonder how many gold coins got lost or misplaced or fell out on the ground by the folks taking out the wheelbarrows…. There is a lesson here,,, we got to trust somebody with the location of our valuables and to check on us daily if we are alone. Had he had a freind who knew, the freind would now have been rich and the gov would never have known. Yet on a side note, from what little I have seen in the media about this man, I am not sure I would have wanted to live as he did, rich but as a hermit. Then again, who knows, maybe that was just a front an he had a good life,, who knows. kf

      36. ::nice government man speaking..::

        “Let’s see now – original cost: +/- $150,000. Current value: +/- $7.000.000. That’s almost 47 times what he paid for the stuff. Hoo boy, this dude’s estate owes some big time taxes!”

        “Okay relatives, gather around now. We’ve got $37.89 here for y’all to divvy up.”

      37. “…supplies including dozens of cans of tuna and salmon among other things.”

        Dozens of can of tuna and salmon is hoarding? Sounds more like he went to Costco and picked up a couple cases, like “regular” folk do.

        At least he was prepared for the worst and never was for want of anything.

      38. Here is what could have happened also, had he spent some of his “savings” in any great quantity -he would have been investigated for drug dealing, money laundering, etc. The banks would have had a heyday if they would have found out about his “savings plan” in the garage!! You cant carry any cash around these days without being suspected of “something” So sad, so sad. You can put 100,000 under your mattress but when you carry any large amounts on your person these days, you must prove where it came from??? Also, he avoided taxes on the interest that gold earned all those years. Any of you here know how to avoid that? Thats probably why it stayed in the garage, etc.

        • Gold in a box in the garage doesn’t earn “interest”.

        • No taxes until it’s sold. The taxes might be income or capital gains on the delta between purchase price and sale price. Uncle Sammy hates the ease at which gold retains (in their opinion increases) in value and can in small amounts be converted back to usable cash off their radar screen. Uncle Sammy must depend upon the honesty and integrity of the individual citizen to report said transaction. It really bothers him that everyone would not do that.

      39. I have one problem with this man….why didn’t he let someone he trusted know about the stash so the stinking government didn’t get it???? I would rather he threw it all into the ocean then let the parasites in government have it.

        • I bet he would have thrown it in too, if he knew what was happening now to it.

        • “why didn’t he let someone he trusted know about the stash”

          When your hiding $7 million (probably more) you keep your damn mouth shut.

      40. If he was anti-government for having gold, guns and tuna, then the government must be anti-American people for having the same thing.

      41. Also, what could possibly be “anti-government” about wanting to prosper, protect yourself and eat? Ah – these must be things the government doesn’t want for us. They want us to be poor, defenseless and dependent upon them for everything so they can be in complete control of us. That’s the only logical conclusion.

      42. umm if people are going to misrepresent preppers as “anti-government” then were one stone throw away “from” them using the T word on us.If that happens then Im not really sure what to think anymore about staying in this country. Dont get me wrong I know its only one state that might think that, however to be honest if they think they can get away with it, I dont doubt they will definitely try IMHO.

      43. I hope this money is not converted to Obama dollars for use by Uncle Sam. Let us hope that he has some family or a charity that will help mankind. Iwould hate to see it go to waste in the government coffers.

      44. Being a regular average american, I have a few hundred questions…Unless he was delinquent on his property taxes which I bet he wasn’t, how did they have the authority to search or confiscate anything from the home or private property till they located a will or the heir or lack thereof?

        That seems to me no different than stumbling on to someones BO/vacation home,break in cause there is a smelly dead raccoon in the vent, find nobody home and then find their pm stash and decide that it is now ok to begin to search and take everything in the whole house and private property because no one is there to object.

        Does a death become a search and confiscation warrant even if the property is current on property taxes that seems to make another part of our constitution null and void. How did they know that he had no close heirs or power of attorney so quickly? the article said Because his neighbors said he was a hermit and they saw he bought tuna at Sam’s club?… hmmmm…

        So because he died alone and was aromatic, they had to do a body removal, ok but that’s where it should have ended but instead they then start snooping and find some gold, does that gives them the go ahead to ransack the deceased’s home looking for all his valuables? even hidden and buried in the private property yard? Did he have a will? Did they even check? They could have hired a security guard till they found the heir and that heir decided what they wanted to do if they were concerned about looters.

        I say they are the only looters I see here.

        It says he kept good records of all the coin purchases and sales so they (the heir) should know how many coins just happened to have up and disappeared in the counting and sorting and wheel barrowing.

        You dont have to pay taxes on gold coins until you sell them,am I right? So unless the heirs decide to sell them how is there any back taxes owed?He didn’t owe any on the coins at least, the heirs might but he didn’t till he sold one.The lawyer should only be allowed to sell enough to settle the estate and pay the taxes, appraiser, and probate and the rest should be left for the heir to decide.

        I know there would be estate taxes and inheritance tax but not taxes on the coins themselves unless THEY, THE HEIR’S(key word) want to sell them all unless the transfer itself is taxable.

        The property and cash and a few of the coins would be well over the amount needed to settle the estate, so this stinks a lot more than a wise prepper’s deceased body to me.

        If I were the heir,first I would be proud as hell that he was my kin, then I would be slapping those thieves with a wrongful search and seizure lawsuit and play that right back at them.

        Since I am not a lawyer and am aware of all the loopholes the powers that be have to do these type of things to us chattel, all the stuff I just said could be totally wrong and I am full of htf,in that case, just disregard and have a nice day.

      45. Mac,

        Heads Up – your site is loading super slow. Other I tried are normal and fast. Not using Internet explorer.

        Y’all Beware!

        • we’re working with Liquid Web ( and have been all morning!) trying to figure out what is causing it.

          sorry for the inconvenience folks.

      46. Umm most of you are not getting the full story, he had a long lost cousin who has been notified and located.

        Samasko had no will and no apparent close relatives. He was cremated and his ashes were flown to Chicago to be placed with his mother, who moved with Samasko from California to Carson City. She died in 1992.

        Using a list of those who attended the mother’s funeral, Glover’s office tracked down Arlene Magdanz, a first cousin living in San Rafael, Calif.

        Magdanz, a substitute teacher, could not be reached for comment. But a lawyer who talked to her said her first reaction was, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God.”

        She had not talked to Samasko, who died of heart problems, for a year and has no plans for how to spend the unexpected inheritance.


      47. Sad that he passed, but a cool story.

      48. The only mistake he made was not putting claymore mines or explosives on his gold for the cops to find….cause they are just going to steal it all now anyways…corrupt sobs

      49. Well,well,now ain’t that something;just goes to show ya,still waters run deep and is it any way to really know what was found.After all all if gambling pulls at a person’s soul,then all this gleaming yellow metal pops up like bread outta the toaster,damn if I believe it was all turned in,but this fellow gets top marks in my book and we should all look for for the hidden meaning:Prep,Quickly,Quietly,Prayerfully!!!!!!!! You just gotta keep on pushing cause WE just don’t know what the “G”has up their sleeve,but look around and take notice;billions of rounds of ammo,FEMA camps everywhere,food going up,medicines getting flaky,I tell ya,tis enough to make you wanna grab a politician and shake his tongue right outta his mouth. TAKE CARE PREPPERS-GOD BLESS.

      50. Who told him to THINK? Nobody from the .gov gave him permission to think, dammit…

        You do what you’re told, THAT’S what YOU do…


      51. Yep, all of us preppers are wackey. Of course when the SHTF happens we will be every ones best friend. Things do change……

      52. What happened with the gold ?.
        Did the state confiscate it ?.

        After all, he was “anti-government” !.

      53. Let me guess…… the government came swooping in and claimed the gold as their own……

      54. “Remember, remember the 5th of November…”

        • November is starting to seem far away.

      55. Why? Why did the Police feel the need to search his house for the Gold? I am guessing he didn’t have an heir apparent, but perhaps he had a will? Maybe there is a long lost relative? He spent so much time and effort on opsec, I feel violated for him…

        • “Why did the Police feel the need to search his house for the Gold?”

          Think he had $7,000,000 and not $7,243,521? Think all of that gold made it to the police inventory?

          It’s called “benefits”.

      56. City workers disconnecting water flow to fire hydrants one by one around my neighborhood atm. Wtf.

      57. For those of you who don’t know, when cops find stuff like this. Their department keeps it for themselves. So thats the worst side to the story.

      58. While Mr. Samaszko’s collection seems prudent and wise, the fact that he was unable to take any of the stash with him into eternity leaves the question of where his soul sent upon death. As unpopular as it is this day and age to make such observations, eternity remains infinitely more important than mere mortal life.

        Pray the Rosary.

      59. Crap …..I wish I was one of the first responders ……the news would have read ” 3 million in gold found “

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