Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (Featuring Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff)

by | Sep 7, 2010 | Entertainment, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff | 33 comments

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    The greatest economic crisis is the one that awaits us according to filmmaker Martin Borgs, the producer of the new documentary Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis.

    Featuring well known trend forecaster Gerald Celente and economic analyst Peter Schiff, this movie explains not only what led to the bursting of the housing and economic bubbles of 2008/2009, but what we can expect next, as governments have ramped up spending and money printing amounting to trillions upon trillions of dollars.

    The next bubble to burst, according to Gerald Celente, is the bailout bubble – and it’s going to be massive.

    Overdose Movie Trailer:

    (View the 45 minute documentary for $1.99 at Youtube)

    Note* – When first released in early September, this documentary was available for free. It has now been set to require the viewer to rent the entire movie.


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      1. Comments….. I don’t know what more I can listen to that I haven’t already heard Gerald Celente say.  It’s pretty evident where we are headed and there’s no amount of money that can be printed and doled out that will save us.  We have a mongrel in the White House hell bent on taking us all down.  Come November, we will be at a point of no return if we don’t vote those reckless politicians out of office.  Everyone can see the foolish path they were sent down by voting for Obama.  I know people who voted for him who have lost their job, house, car.  No hope or a pot to piss in.

      2. Comments…..Freaking  hacks!… Make your money someplace else. I’ve got better things to do…

      3. overdose? More like stewards moving through the decks of the titanic re-telling people to get their life preservers on because the vessel is sinking. Brrrrrr that water was cold.

      4. Mac, you’re killing us by keeping us wound up like a spring all the time.  We’ve gotta hijack this thread and talk about the REAL THREAT TO OUR CIVILIZATION.

        FAT PEOPLE.  You heard that right.  I had to go to the city this last weekend to keep the wife happy.  I saw more disgusting fatbodies than anyone could imagine.  If you could imagine that many, they’d lock your ass up for being a pervee.  300 and 400 pounders galore, wolfing down genetically modified food at every roadside cart along the way.  I went into an Irish bar for some whiskey, beer and food.  They gave me the whiskey and beer, but then there was this nasty canned corned beef and instant potatoes.  Jesus Christ.

        Nothing is real anymore.  Our food is just as phony as the “next financial crisis” and the “recovery” they plan for said crisis.

      5. Voting anyone out of office will do NOTHING for the current situation… even if we voted ourselves into office, it would take years to steer this away from an inevitable collapse… years we don’t have.  The tea party mentality is a couple of elections too late.

      6. Yeah, none of these tea partiers were around when georgy-porgy was flushing the country down the toilet with his used up cocaine seals.  At this point, voting is more useless than a bunch of erectile dis-function geezers getting together for a circle jerk.

        The ideas expressed by Goldenfoxx reflect the prevailing attitudes of 20 years ago (god love him for it too!).  They just are no longer applicable. We are at the point where options are limited so much that we have only to breathe deeply before the collapse, and then relax during it…….

      7. Stay out of the city Jonny! It’s bad for your health!

        GF — I think a lot of people learned some hard lessons this year and last about the repercussions for voting for politicians who could give a rats ass about the little guy. Bush… Clinton…Bush… Obama…. none of them really care… We had Prez Obama talking about special interests yesterday as if he doesn’t pander to them. It’s a joke…. a really really bad joke. In regards to Celente and his appearance in Overdose, he basically says that the next bubble to burst is the “bailout bubble.” I think he is referring to Treasuries and national debt (on a global scale).

        PCA, you’re right… even if all the bums got kicked out of office right now there’s still no easy fix… this is a disaster waiting to happen – or, perhaps it’s happening as we speak….


        September 7th, 2010 at 7:36 pm
        Voting anyone out of office will do NOTHING for the current situation… even if we voted ourselves into office, it would take years to steer this away from an inevitable collapse… years we don’t have.  The tea party mentality is a couple of elections too late.


        LOL! And giving $1 to view what most of us here already know?  I’ll set up a pay pal account and you send your dollar to me. It will be in good hands.  I’ll invest it wisely, I would not lie to you.  Truth!

      9. Jonny V, you killed me with the fat people rant…….Last week I went to a chain grocery store that had just reopened after remodeling…..As I walked the aisles, it sounded like construction was still going on with all the “beep, beep, beeps” throughout the store……..It was coming from all the motorized shopping carts backing up. There wasn’t a person under 300 lbs in any of them….


        September 7th, 2010 at 7:36 pm
        Voting anyone out of office will do NOTHING for the current situation… even if we voted ourselves into office, it would take years to steer this away from an inevitable collapse… years we don’t have.  The tea party mentality is a couple of elections too late.


        LOL! And giving $1 to view what most of us here already know?  I’ll set up a pay pal account and you send your dollar to me. It will be in good hands.  I’ll invest it wisely, I would not lie to you.  Truth!

        The fix is in, no turning back now.  Matters not what political party is in control. However, the conservative party are handed the keys to turn it around.  Let’s just see what they do.  LOL!  It will be so painful that they (Repugs) will be voted out in 2 years just like the dumbocrats. Everyone wants cocoapuffs instead of oatmeal!

      11. This is worse then I thought!  Celente is selling this movie so he can get enough money to buy preps!!!  This is bad, real bad…

      12. Well, I agree with one thing suggested by the trailer…

        The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      13. Yea…I just wanna say Johnny V’s the man, I havent laughed that hard in a long time but you’re absolutely right, fat people everywhere are destroying America and also the rest of the world

      14. Johnny V……As long as they get FAT on their own dime and not mine I have no problem with that. To each their own.

      15. I have a question for all of you “guys” (I say that because I have not read any comments from women on here) Are any of you men of faith? If so, do you believe that the second coming is near….very near? Do you think it will happen before or after the collapse? All my Christian friends believe that they will be delivered before things get bad. ALTHOUGH the date and time is NOT written anywhere. Ever given any thought that all these PREPS may be in vein (for you). Don’t get me wrong I believe in being preparded (for anything) but we may be getting all this ready for someone else….someone that stays behind…… Maybe I am over thinking all this. It’s Just a Thought

      16. @ Tina

        One can only HOPE that the religious folks will be ‘taken away’. you MIGHT want to start looking up the history of your dogma before preaching it… now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time.

      17. little johnny v needs to give us all a break from his stupid,  fractured, discombobulated rants. He sounds like the mentally deranged homeless man that sits on the street corner shouting at the cars going by.

      18. @ Tina

        That is one hell of a risk to take.  In the Bible is says no one will know when the 2nd coming will occur.  Why would you think you know this will be it.  This won’t be the first time a civilization collapsed.

      19. Beans….I TOTALLY AGREE. That is why I am preparing. I feel the conviction to put my house in order and prepare. I believe times will be very tough and regardless if JC comes before or after the collapes,  you can not lose if you are “prepared”.  I just wanted to see what others thought  in general. Some seem to think I’m casting stones…not the case at all. Again I tend to over analyze situations but if you are a “believer” then in your subconscience you must realize that all the gold in the world can not SAVE you. It may in fact be left for someone else to barter with. Again….just a thought.

        This is what happens from lack of sleep…lol

      20. Tina… As a believer, I realize our family’s modest preps for tough times may actually turn out to be the ultimate in charity for those left behind after the rapture. They’ll need it during the 7 year tribulation period leading up to the return of Christ. I’m more than ok with that.  For those who care to, flame away. I’ll just stand on my Rock.

      21. Not only is the word ‘rapture’ never used in the bible, but who ever said that it would be ‘pre-tribulation’ as opposed to ‘mid’ or ‘post’…….If it’s anything but pre, you’re gonna need those preps

      22. @ Think Time

        Read the bible much do you? ever read Matthew 6:5?

        I thought not… Build a bridge and get over yourself. Take it somewhere else.

      23. Tina-
        Keeping it brief…The Rapture is non-biblical.  Christ will return once (not twice more).  The Rapture pre-supposes that Jesus will sneak back, claim all of his “believers” leave the rest behind, and then come back again for the final judgement…
        Logically, what would be the point of pulling all the Christians from the Earth leaving the rest behind?  With his remnant flock gone, the Earth would be instantly devoid of all charity as well as his voice to convert those left behind.  The remaining billions would have no visual or audio testimony of JC, and thus be the walking dead with no hope left.  There presence here would be nothing short of torture as obtaining salvation would in essence be reduced to zero…Can’t accept that has God’s M.O.  

        Check out the book, “The Rapture Trap” by Paul Thigpen if you’re truly interested in delving into this topic futher.

      24. My My My Sketch….aren’t some of us a little testy. Appearently I have ruffled your feathers.

      25. French workers now striking.  France turning into Greece. Who’s next?

      26. I watched this last night…

        It’s a good place to start for someone who is just now starting to pay attention to what’s been going on the last couple of years.

      27. It’s easy to get upset and discouraged.I literally have to step away from politics on TV from time to time, to lower my blood pressure and reduce  my angst.But I have found two things,that I hope you will find that can lift your spirits and help you move forward.
        First,I have found a deeper appreciation for the American spirit.Yes we are in deep water.Yes there will be widespread pain.But America has a vast, and great can do spirit ,that in the end will return her to a better place.Second,I have gotten involved in trying to restore America.I don’t sit there and take it any more.I’ve stood up.You can too.

      28. First time commenter here….

        goner and xman:
        Thanks for the link.  I ended up watching the whole thing last night.  It was a good recap of what has transpired so far.  So much has happened so quickly that I completely forgot about “Cash for Clunkers” and the AIG bailout.  Seeing the “needle injection” graphic at the end showing how interest rates are near-zero around the world was a good wake-up call.

        The rapture is a relatively “new” concept.  You will not find references to it within the first 1,700-1,800 years of Church history.  While it is a nice sounding idea — that true believers would be spared from the great tribulation — it is an incredible deception.  If one believes they will be spared from the reign of the Antichrist and the resulting persecutions, then one will be ill-prepared to recognize the Antichrist when he appears.

        Revelations states that the number of martyrs will be completed during the tribulation.  It is also stated that many of the elect will be deceived.  Neither of these could be possible if all  believers are prematurely whisked away.  In fact, it is for the sake of the believers that the tribulation is eventually shortened.  The Antichrist will know his time is short, so his reign will be brutal once he has deceived his way into power.  So prepare, but also pray this doesn’t happen during your lifetime!

      29. Clarion-
        With all due respect, you sound very much like Durango Kidd did in a different message string (re: mortgages) in your belief in the “current” American spirit.  I won’t re-hash that debate here, but honestly, what exactly are you talking about?

        Also, regarding how you are “standing up” please give specific details.  I’m very curious to know.

      30. Dave S.-
        Right on point regarding the false teaching of the Rapture & pending tribulation period.  Well put.

        PS (praying for it to manifest in someone else’s lifetime though…I’m afraid that it is too late for that).

      31. I have a web site where I give investment advise on penny stocks and stocks under five dollars. I have many years of experience with these type of stocks. If theirs anyone thats interested in these type of stocks you can check out my web site by just clicking my name. I would like to comment about raising the debt ceiling. this whole thing has gotten completely out of hand and it gets more and more out of hand every single day. the only chance to resolve this seemingly impossible situation is a ten percent across the board cut in everything from defense to medicare and the elimination of as many unneccessary spending programs as possible along with a freeze on spending at current levels with no adjustment for inflation for three years. along with tax increases on everyone including the middle class along with the super rich. all these things will seem mild compared to doing nothing’ when the day of reckoning finally arrives and it will’ the price to be paid will be much much higher.


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