This Is What They’re Doing to Your Country

by | Nov 18, 2011 | Max Keiser | 151 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert provide a glimpse into the financial, economic, and political takeover of an entire nation in the two-part (20 minute) microdocumentary Hot Spot: Greece.

    You could just as easily replace every instance of “Greece” in this documentary with “The United States of America” or any other indebted Western nation.

    What we need to understand is that what’s happening here transcends national borders. It’s not one country against another. It’s the people of these countries, our countries, versus the financiers, political sycophants, and sociopathic power brokers who are interested only in their own personal gain and glory.

    In this must-see documentary Keiser interviews Greek citizens and business leaders about what has been done to their country, how it happened, and what will result. The Greeks could easily have gone the way of Iceland and simply defaulted on their loans. Instead, the globalist insiders positioned within the legislative halls of their government sold them down the river when they forcibly implemented bailout and austerity measures at the behest of the IMF and international banks. By doing so, they offered as collateral all of Greece’s assets – and we mean all of them including ancient sites, islands, energy resources and even the Greek people themselves. This was actually written into the agreement! Once the Greek state’s insolvency becomes reality and they finally default on their crisis loans to the world’s lenders of last resort (there really is no other option at this point), international banks will have jurisdiction under international law (not Greek Constitutional law – sound familiar?) to seize that collateral.

    Make no mistake, fellow Americans. The same strategy used to crush and enslave the people of Greece will be used in the rest of Europe and the United States. The ultimate goal of new world order cabals and conglomerates is nothing short of total control of every resource on earth – including your very life.

    This is the international law agreement between Greece and the Troika (European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund) directly from the Greek parliament. In one of the articles they say that if we are unable to repay the debts that they allowed them, unconditionally, the right to come here to Greece and confiscate everything.

    Our Parthenon, our Olympia, Delphi, our islands, the petroleum…anything.

    Greece has quit (given up) all of its national rights [sic] (given up its sovereignty) over all of its assets and all of its human beings. So, the human beings are equal, for them (international financiers), to our assets.

    -Dr. Dimiris Antoniou

    The Greek people would be willing to make any type of sacrifice to save their country – I’m sure they would. But they don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. This is a death spiral. You don’t need to be an expert or have a degree in economics to see this is not working. This plan is not working.

    -Helen Skopis

    The Greek plan is not working. This should be clear. Unfortunately for us, the same plan being used to rape and pillage Greece is being implemented across the whole of Europe and the United States. The transnational corporations that include banks, resource companies and the military industrial complex, with the help of bought and paid for political insiders in the European Parliament, the U.S. Congress and the legislatures of other sovereign nations, will stop at nothing to control everything.

    Our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness aren’t even an afterthought. We are nothing but collateral – soon to be collateral damage.

    Watch the full two part micro doc below:

    Watch at Youtube


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      1. I am ready for it. Can’t wait for it. Live for it. Lock and load.

        • You and me both, Fuzzy! I’m so tired of the lies, the rape, the theft and the enslavement. It will never stop until it hits the wall. The sooner the better.

          • We all better get ready for it and stick together. I’ve made preps and woke up who I could. I’m looking at the sheep as if they were zombies so I can pretend I’m just fighting to survive. I agree…I’m as ready as I’m gonna be, wait! I still need some gen 3 night vision. You know, for the night zombies : )

            Good luck everyone

            • MIc , no offense but yur a dumb ass for three reasons, First theres a depth perception issue with NoDS. Second if you dont have an AN PAQ 4 IR SYSTEM on your weapon, nods are useless sitting duck equipment and Thirdley… you will die from your own stupidity because you are what we call IN Gods Infantry a GuChI soldier. Let me get your address so I COULD SPREAD THE AMMO OUT TO YOUR NIEGHBORS like a true leader…again….dont take it personal.

            • Mic, pay no attention to OldCrow.
              When the time comes, there WILL be plenty of retired Military on our side and the technical advantage will be ours. Remember, when we fought the Brits in the American Revolution, the Brits were the SUPERIOR military force in the world and our rag-tag countrymen beat them. Besides, there won’t be many that will stand with the bankster assholes for long and it doesn’t take long for a GuChi soldier to become a marksman and take out the squidmen.

              Good luck to you OldCrow but we have NUMBERS on our side – ability can be achieved overnight.

          • I am ready for SHTF. There is no correcting possible. We have crossed the Rubicon. The sooner we take our country back the sooner we can get back to living like free Americans and out of the police state.

        • @ Mac

          Let’s not forget that Iceland also issued warrants for the arrest of the banksters and they fled.

          • Time is running out and ppl don’t know what to do with their gov’t.

            That is very true, Whatever the people make, bankers will make sheeple pay taxes, rent and have nothing left.

            Bankers are not conquering just one country; they are systematically conquering the world.

            Bankers are strengthening their own country so that after America collapses, their county will be the center of the world.

            • Okay, so what does all of this mean and the end result you ask. When the U.S., Russia and China go to war against each other.

              1. they will destroy themselves.

              2. the population will be reduced tremendously, at least 80%, because of famine/hunger and ecological collapse.

              3. As Mongolia was, the US will be blamed as being a barbarous country.

              4. It helps barbarians (not the U.S.) to conquer the world. The conquest can not be done without the help of their agents (bankers, Wall Street, politicians, leaders, the mainstream media, etc.. ) and manipulate the U.S into war.


              You know your politicians can’t figure this out. They are either too corrupt or too stupid.

              These conquerors lie to your politicians and manipulate their enemies (who’re stupid enough to openly brag in public, especially during the election race) that we need to go to war.

          • Where the hell is an Admiral when we need them? Can’t they arrest everyone, including Barry?

            • Great Question – they took an oath to uphold the law and to protect against “all enemies, foreign and domestic”. I can say that many in (military) middle management are beyond hope, and ready for change. I can guess the same is true for upper management, considering the CEO is an incompetent fool. But as long as the CEO gives upper management the toys they want, the game goes on.

      2. If Joe and Jane Sheeple knew and understood the concepts set forth here, I wonder how fast and furious they would rise up and demand the Fed be ended and all state constitutions and the US constitution be followed according to their natural and original intent. Demands for gold and silver to be used as currency again, and all business must sink or swim -no bailouts. Allodial land would once again be honored without all of the stipulations that have been added. Americans could live freely again…

        Oh, wait…that was me dreaming again.

        • Fed Up; they’d react very slowly. Their in denial presently, if they can see what’s happening. The majority will surrender to whatever the PTB dictate.
          The rest of us (that prep and have warned others) will become targets.
          Keep prepping and stay in His grace. We can do all things through He that strengthens us.

          • We are already targets!

          • DRD5508-

            I understood a long time ago TPTB will not have ANY uprising in their slaves (us as citizens) against the system they have in place.

            Protesting peacefully appears to be a waste of time and I have written previously on just how ineffective this is. (Also note that homeland security helped coodinate breaking up the OWS protests -love or hate them-across the nation, and they don’t even have a clearly defined set of demands and haven’t wrecked as much havoc as they could if they really had their dander up.)

            Sadly, I agree that many people are still very much “plugged in” and even if they know or suspect something is lurking under the glassy topped water, they will keep rowing in their little boat and pretend they will be just fine -because TPTB have told them they will be.

            Despite people’s cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias, I like to believe that one way or another, some day our nation will regain its former set of values.

      3. They are robbing and stealing, plundering the goods of the American people. Get your S#$% together, the storm front is here! It is our duty, our responsibility to resist this tyranny! Theives, pit of vipers!

          • @Ky Mom/ Thank you!

            • Copout,

              You are welcome! 🙂

        • Hey Copout, how’s it going?

          • @Az Ready/ Hello how are you, same old crap different day, hope all is well, sent you an e-mail the other day, thanks for asking! Wow its heating up for sure!

        • Hi Copout,

          Hope all is well for you and your family.

          The time is getting short now. Either people wake up and take a stand, or go quitely into that good night and become eternal slaves.

          I post below what I had written to another response describing what the real problem is.

          Hopefully, readers will take the time to review it, realize its legitimacy, and try to wake other people up with this news:




          The American gov’t has ALREADY been overthrown!

          This country has been invaded and taken over by the international bankers, who then corrupted every aspect of our government.

          The US Federal Government is NOT an American gov’t. It is an ENEMY FORCE OF OCCUPATION that has camouflaged its overthrow of the US Gov’t.

          From the point of view of a Constitutional America,…none of the current events make sense.

          From the point of view of an “Enemy Force Of Occupation”,…EVERYTHING makes sense.

          Their design is simple:

          1 – SUBJUGATE: TSA, DHS, FDA, FBI, Cops, Courts, Cameras Everywhere, etc.

          2 – EXTRACT WEALTH: IRS, The Federal Reserve, Sheriffs (they willingly kick people out of their homes), Congressional Bail-Outs (Being Un-Constitutional hasn’t stopped them)

          3 – EXTERMINATE: False-Flag Ops – 9/11, WTC Bombing, Oklahoma City Bombing, Anthrax, Forced Vaccinations, The Coming False-Flags Ops of Nuclear-Bio Agents.

          This has been the British/International Banksters/Israeli mode of subversive takeover through out their respective existences,… especially for the British, thru outright coercion and thru the Banking systems (look at what they did to China, India, Indonesia, and EVERY other country they had been in).

          They (the Wealthy Elite that constitute the Shadow Gov’t, CIA, FBI, International Banksters, Rogue Elements of the American, British and Israeli Gov‘t) are about to take all the previous experiences they have learned to a whole NEW level.

          As such, the USA is not “America The Free”, it is actually the largest POW Camp in the world and we are all prisoners and potential disrupters, hence the Dep’t Of Homeland Security (which is actually Homeland Gestapo) has labeled Americans who still think and act like this is the USA and “resist” the occupation as…….. “terrorists”.

          Since we ARE technically POW’s, then the Law Of War and the Geneva Convention should apply, and the principles for ALL POW’S to observe is:

          It is the Duty of all POW’s to RESIST our captors by every means possible.

          To disrupt their designs and actions by any and all means.

          To REFUSE to cooperate in any way.

          To Refuse any/all special treatment.

          To provide no information expect name, rank, serial number (SS #)

          To create as much difficulty as possible to cause the greatest use of personnel and assets so as to reduce their capacity to wage warfare elsewhere on us.


          It is our duty to “defend our country against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic”, and clearly, the enemy of greatest destruction against the US, are the domestic ones.

          It is time for Americans to recognize that the USA HAS been overthrown by the International Bankers, aided and abetted by corporations, corrupt politicians and a judicial system that has been wholly bought-off.

          We are not fighting to correct an American Gov’t, We are fighting to eliminate this Enemy called the Federal Government, and PUT an AMERICAN Government Back in power!

          People will not realize the value of Freedom and Liberty,… until they have lost it.

          Then, it is to late restore it without violent confrontation, or, simply yield and welcome death.

          JD – US Marines – Fighting To Restore An American Gov’t.


          The “Enemy Force Of Occupation” called the US Federal Gov’t, is controlled by the same people who control the Free Press, Mass Media, or the proper term – “The Joseph Gobbels Ministry Of Propaganda”.

          Most Americans genuinely have no clue that they are simply fodder, and in the view of the International Bankers that are running this country, we are LESS than roaches in their eyes! At least roaches don’t consume some of the earths more valuable resources like oil and natural gas,… hence their desire to reduce the human population by over 90% to less than 1 Billion (there are currently 7 Billion people, estimated)

          They will soon be moving into the final phase of “population mitigation” by using a Nuclear False-Flag to obtain the shock and awe needed to institute COG, REX84, Martial Law, and it will be coupled with a Bio Agent (Small Pox and Pneumonia Hemorrhagic) to provide the excuse to herd the masses into “Treatment Camps”,.. FEMA Camps, where most will die and leave up a flue pipe as hot exhaust gases (high heat is the only way to destroy pathogens with 100% certainty). This is called an oven no matter how you wish to describe it.

          Solution Assets:

          We have Americans willing to fight.

          Most Americans have firearms.

          We have the moral high ground (A Sun Tzu requirement to win)

          What we lack:

          Organization, communication, concise information.

          If a group of selfless men can organize a Patriots Group to address the Overthrow of the American Gov’t that has occurred, everything will fall into place on its own,… hence why DHA, TSA, FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO, and a host of other alphabet organizations we never even heard of are SCOURING the country to spot any such effort.

          The Prison camp guards don’t want us inmates to realize our predicament, a develop a response plan.

          But we will succeed.

          JD – US Marines – Defender of The US Constitution.

          PS: When the shooting starts, the first thing you do is take out the gov’ts eye’s and ears!… Shoot those damn gov’t spy cameras out where ever you see them!, put M-80’s or lighter fluid in the “sounding” post that hear when a gunshoot is fired. They look like short light post with a pecular vent on top, which is about 24″ across or so.

          Any airborne drones,… target practice.

          Good luck my fellow Americans,.. it us against the Terrorist US Federal Gov’t. and its International Bankersters. – JD

          • I salute you.

            Sadly, I no longer believe people at large are capable of waking up. The people of our country have been very well conditioned into a sort of cowering normalcy-bias.

            I think the power-grab will come during winter, when people can easily be frozen and starved, and will bend over redily, and take the chip.

            Good Luck

          • Thanks US Marines says for your wise writings.

            We’ll be there, enforce. The civilians and retirees know or are leaning how the SquidMen have screwed us over. They are so few and we are the many. And we are prepared.

            Semper Paratus, the Navigator

      4. Finally. A cure may be close at hand.

      5. Dear all,

        Forget your worries and have a laugh:

        One Greek eats his breakfast in some hotel. A German guy approahes, chewing a gum, and having a chat mood. The Greek totally ignores him so the German starts the conversation:

        German: You Greeks, do you eat all of your bread?
        Greek: Of course.
        German: We don’t. We eat only the good, we take the crap, we put them in some machine, make croissants, and sell them to Greeks.
        Greek: …….

        German: You Greeks, do you eat jam?
        Greek: Of course.
        German: We don’t. We eat only fresh fruits. Then we take the seeds, the crap, and the leftovers, put them in some machine, make jam, and sell it to Greeks.
        Greek: …….

        Finally, after he is tired, the Greek asks:

        Greek: After you fuck, what do you do with the condoms?
        German: We throw them away.
        Greek: We don’t. We put them in some machine, we turn them into chewing gums, and sell them to Germans. The fruit flavor ones are selling like crazy.

        Be safe guys. The NWO is close to its final move. We are the final barricade between them and liberty. Protect your beloved ones, be strong, and be healthy.


        • Manos,

          I was told by a person active in the Greek government that one of the biggest problems is many wealthy Greek’s have already left the country with their wealth. Some of them owe taxes which they are not paying, and others just took their wealth and income out to avoid the decline of the nation and the higher taxes. Do you know if this is true or hyperbole?

          • Jim,

            It is true, as it is also true that most of the wealthy Greeks are members of the government.
            We trusted the nation’s fate to unworthy hands who stole everything; money, trust, dignity, and above all pride.
            To give you an exact picture of the Greek society, i must talk days and days, starting from 1974 until today.
            The thing always ends up to some polititian or parliament member, or lawmaker, or government official.
            So sad Jim, so sad.

            • Manos,

              Thank you for keeping us up to date on what is happening over in Greece. I believe it is important information to people of other nations, because many of us will be next.

            • Thank you Manos, I think about you and what is happening in Greece often. I tell those I debate politics with to look at what is coming to America; study it and know it – because you keep voting the way you do and its your fate too….they simply don’t believe.

              If the wealthiest people left are government people you really have no tax base. In America the “OWS” claims our top 1% should pay more; but they pay 27% of the income taxes now and earn 18% of the income. I would protest with OWS if it were the other way around. I know one very wealthy person here who’s already set up a nice residence in Costa Rica and is preparing to move – he doesn’t want to lose his wealth to these people who want more of his. He will remove from the US economy at least 200 million – a small sum I know – but what if he is one of thousands? The top 1% would be about 1.1 million wage earners and if thousands of them leave with their income and taxes the US will hasten its decline.

            • Jim

              “…The top 1% would be about 1.1 million wage earners and if thousands of them leave with their income and taxes the US will hasten its decline…”

              I’m confused and struggling here – Then what I read about CEO’s getting off scott’s free on those obscene bonuses and parachute packages are lies? They are returning 27% to the treasury?

              To which country do the international/globalist pay taxes in, as they sure don’t seem to have any allegiance to America. Are they and their wealth gone already? How do tax shelters work when it comes to income?

              We’ve got a wealthy politician here that got exposed – his wife claims residency in another state with no income tax. There were large purchases of land butting up to National Forests, keeping it wild gave him some type of tax shelter and rebate. Sweet deal if you could get it. There were other strategic investments of that type, meaning this very wealthy family didn’t seem to be paying 27%.

              He pals around with other shaker and movers and I’d say the same about them. In fact,if one looks at the buying habits of the rich and famous, they don’t seem to contribute alot to the local tax base either.

              I did some small catering jobs for some of those folks. The wines and liquor came from wholesalers or out of country. Same for their tobacco products. The meat and potatoes? The household account is under a business license to purchase wholesale and then gets declared as expenses and a write off.

              Jim, I’m not into high finances or throwing rocks, just observations from the hired help.

              When I see the name Greece, I think manos and family and a little prayer is on it’s way. Remain strong – be safe. LH

      6. Looks like its time to shift from beans back to bullets. Dont forget. Tomorrow is national ammo day!

        • 100 rounds of .40 fully jacketed hollow points (remmington 180 grain) around 32$

          100 rounds of 12 G 2-3/4 (federal and remmingtons) around 22$

          stock up

          • 250 rounds 12 ga 00 buck 2 3/4, Rio Royal brand, shoots clean, 105.00, from

            • Wow
              $2.38 per round..thats a steal!

              thanks for question though

              did you have to give them your name and address?

              I didnt..

            • Im thinking it was more like .42 a round:)

            • yes Fatty shouldnt do math when im not awake..i devided the wrong way..

            • VRF your stupid is showing, you go right ahead and buy skeet loads for 22$, I wouldn’t bird hunt with it, I’ll take my chances with 00 buck when it comes to zombies, but think about what you are posting next time before you try to make someone else look stupid

          • I have a .40. What does the grain mean (180 grain)? Rather ask and not be stupid. No teasing please.

            • weight of the projectile in grains..(the bullet)

            • here is a good video explaining the different rounds of the .40 cal


              use http:// at the begining of the website location in your search field

            • 7,000 grains to a pound as I recall.

          • Federal current G.I. contract overrun.420 rds M-855 Ball Ammo (Green Tip) in military ammo can, packed in cardboard sleeves, 30 rds per sleeve, on stripper clips, with stripper clip guide included. $169.95 @ Academy Sports and Outdoors.

            For you fans of the .12 gauge…DDupleks 2.75″ Monolit 32 .12 gauge slugs. 1.25 oz of SOLID STAINLESS STEEL, encased in a proprietary polymer obturation collar. WILL STOP VEHICLES WITH 1 SHOT, will also make SWISS CHEESE of light armored vehicles, and where personal “turtle shells” are will CRACK AND BREAK them with NO PROBLEM, plus the wound channel and hydrostaic shockwave that these things create in ballistic gelatin is literally KILLER!! See the test videos on YouTube.

            Also in the DDupleks lineup, the Hexolit 32 2.75″ .12 gauge hollowpoint sabot slug. Again, constructed of SOLID STAINLESS STEEL, and with proprietary polymer inserts, and obturation collar. This slug can be used for hunting 4 legged game, with a 1 shot kill, or hunting the 2 legged predators, also with a 1 shot, 100% KILL ratio. Again, check out the ballistic gelatin test vids on YouTube. Enjoy!

            Proud Southerner, Texian Free Man, and Soldier of the Sovereign Republic of Texas!!

        • There is a national ammo day? Really?


          • yep its November 19th..Tomorrow in fact

            National Ammo Day has been an unofficial grassroots holiday since 2002 and is growing in celebration each year.

            The goal of National Ammo Day is to empty the ammunition from the shelves of your local gun store, sporting goods, or hardware store and put that ammunition in the hands of law-abiding citizens. Should be easier to do now that we have come through the worst of the great ammunition shortage of 2009-2010.
            Lets make your support of the Second Amendment known–by voting with your dollars!

            There are an estimated 75 MILLION gun owners in the United States of America. If each gun owner or Second Amendment supporter buys 100 rounds of ammunition, that’s 7.5 BILLION rounds in the hands of law-abiding citizens!

            pretty cool eh?

            • I bought 2000 rounds of 223s for my part of ammo day

            • Very cool.

            • I’ve got enough ammo. What I don’t have enough of is silver dimes, quarters and halves!

              Picked up $15 worth yesterday.

              Its funny how the USA has destroyed their money and the people didn’t even complain. A dollar was about one ounce of silver and now its nothing. A quarter? 1/4 ounce of silver. A half dollar? 1/2 ounce of silver. A dime? 1/10th ounce of silver. In 1965 they wiped it all away and the stoopid sheople of the day just stood there and took it.

              Since 1965, the US Government in collusion with the Federal Reserve, has managed to rape the USA for 96% of its money. A regular quarter is worth approximately 4% of a pre-1965 silver quarter.

              What costs $100 now would have cost $4 back then. If you consider it, actually, many things are much cheaper than they used to be. I hear people talking about how the prices go up. The NUMBERS go up, but the prices stay about the same if you value it in silver dimes.

              The general American public has been dumbed down so we’ll accept this. Now, we’re being dumbed down so we’ll accept tyranny in greater amounts.

              There is a boiling point. …and we appear to be approaching it quickly. All this ammo and guns you guys are buying will be used, eventually. “WE WILL SHOOT THEM” will not always just be a bumper sticker.

      7. I want to bring the globalists down, but Occupy and protesting is NOT the way to accomplish this. We all need to stop buying anything produced by corporations and buy only from a local, family-owned business. We must all very quickly learn to grow food, make our own clothes, and learn how to produce things. We don’t have to learn it all, we can rely on each other to each make something! This is the only way to defeat the elite. They haven’t been teaching any of us these skills in school for so many years and kept kids busy at night with homework so we would lose our ability to produce and have to rely on THEM!

        • Then you will also not use the internet, not drive your car, not use electricity, most likely not eat (much), not use TV (see electricity), not live in your house, not wear clothes, if you use glasses/contacts, not wear them and stumble around blind, and on and on.

          Have an awesome day in your hypocrisy.

          • STFU surfer dude, do you really think everyone here hasn’t thought about not having, electricity, running water, I couldn’t care less about tv, my house is payed for, don’t wear glasses, go troll somewhere else

            • Testify, brother!

              My house is paid off as well.

          • im confused , what the hell does wearing glasses have to do with what youre talking about. why if shtf, would i suddenly not wear my glasses and stumble around blind… i mean i have spare pairs too, and why the hell would i not wear clothes or live in my house….youre a bloody freak!

          • Well, for some it is a sacrifice–what’s the alternative??
            Sit and bitch for the next ten years till we become slaves like Greece is about to??
            Hey, I disconnected the tv in 2008 and can the Internet if need be…right now, it’s my connection to news and events I need to know.
            I haven’t been in my car for a month other than the annual checkup.
            I have 5 years of food stored, which I don’t consider a luxury item.
            I haven’t bought any clothes except yard sales and on sale socks/undies/shoes/towels/washcloths/jeans(cotton items), etc. for prepping.
            Contacts; I wear one and when not wearing one, discovered I don’t need it all that much. Have driving glasses, but if they’ve served me for 20 years, what’s the odds they won’t serve me another twenty??
            I don’t get your point…you must love Walmart–I hate that store and will pay more for everything to not shop there and support my mom and pop stores in my county.
            Corporations own everything—I do my best to not serve THEM!!!

            • lets recap, the OP said, “We all need to stop buying anything produced by corporations and buy only from a local, family-owned business.” so I pointed out some of the things that most people use from “corporations”, though I forgot to mention the computer you’re using now, the routers that make the internet work, etc. so go ahead and stop buying from corporations and stop using their products. See how well that works for you. Trolling? With you guys, its not necessary.

              You guys need to cut back on the caffeine and relax a bit. STFU? Please. I’m sorry you can’t handle a discenting voice. Just because I have the freedom of speech doesn’t mean you have to listen, but you have no right to tell me to STFU, unless you want to come out of the closet as a marxist?

            • Some corporations do great things for people. Some even pay them money for working and deliver products to people that we need. I know for a fact that Remington is owned by a company and they made me 223 / 5.56mm ammo that I just bought. Apple is a bug ugly corporation that makes all its stuff in China but I still love my iphone and ipad and use them both daily – the money I saved on them I no doubt used for more Remington corporation stuff. When I had to have an operation last winter it was that evil Kaiser Permamente corp that paid the doctor, the nurses and built the hospital that made it all happen so I could be comfortable again. Those darn evil corps….I am glad so many people hate them for they will pay me to protect them 🙂

        • Mendtheland,


          They are even using INTERPOL to make sure that NO ONE can grow “illegal” food, and that ALL FOOD grown is done so under STRICT GOOBERMENT CONTROLS!!

          No my friend, the ONLY WAY OUT of this GLOBALIST TREASON…is to SECEDE NOW (like Texas is going to do)


          Proud Southerner, Texian Free Man, and Soldier of the
          Sovereign Republic of Texas!

          • Now THAT was well-put. The Constitution is just that, a contract. It is not this abstract “living, breathing document” that the elites want us to believe. It is solid verbage. The non-ratification of certain amendments to the contract alone is a huge violation to the contract.

        • Starve the beast.

      8. Bring it on, it’s about time something changes in this country

      9. You gotta just shake your head and wonder about this shit, how in the flying fck did we get to this point? Who put us here? I certainly didn’t, did you? Dudes like Kerry, Frank, Soros, Pelosi, Obama all screaming to the rafters we gotta get out of this mess. REALLY!! God damed nice of you to wake up.
        And their only solution is to get more revenue, don’t cut anything just raise more friggen revenue. And low and behold guess what? It looks like the Republicans are going to fold over and agree. Ida never guessed!! This fricken dog and pony show..
        They are trying to tie us to Europe ie the PIIGS. Hey they got themselves there, let them work it out. If the big banks are tied into it, let them go to. So what?
        Americans… one way or the other will bind together and get this worked out, amongst us at some point. Preservation of this country is paramount. I feel in the coming future there is going to be a lot of damage done. Some success scenarios and some Grapes of Wrath tragedies. A friend of mine commented the other day “I just hope we don’t slide into a Pol Pot situation” I’m not going to explain that, those of you who know who Pol Pot was, know what I am talking about.
        Americans aren’t going to take this much longer. Their fed up. (no pun there) what are they going to control and how? We are scattered all over this country. What are they going to try to pick us all off a little at a time and put the big squeeze the major cities?
        Good Luck!!
        The one thing they absolutely FEAR is guns in the hands of everybody. This is the big spook! There will be no debate there. None!! Those that are orchestrating this mess have well considered this and are taking tiny steps forward. They don’t want to deal with this question. They don’t have the physical horsepower to crush it. So they have to wiggle it out of us. Like we won’t see this coming!! HAH!!
        We are in for a big reset. There is going to be a lot of change and there are is going to be groups and masses the aren’t going to have anything to do with what they come with. Most likely out of the chaos will come the messiah, somebody with a plan that sounds better than what is going on. And the little sheeple will follow. BUT, they have to kick this country apart first. And I have a feeling it will be a down in the dirt fight.
        The last time I read a history book the Majority ruled in this Republic.
        We need to call out the progressives, socialist, communist, globalist, those that want this country down. Call them into the light and expose them for what they are. Banish them by what ever means. They are a threat and need to be dealt with accordingly.

        • One word- complacency.

        • Amen brother… me the fight, I’m ready!!!


          Ron Paul will abolish it, along with the FED, IRS, ect.

          • I will certainly vote for him, BUT If he could manage to get elected past the barrage that bankster-owned media would throw at him, how long do you think the banksters would let him live? It is not as if they are inexperienced in such matters.

          • I agree with what you say, but we will need to stand behind him all the way too, not just leave it to him. We the people need to be defensive, perhaps even go on the offensive like the good people of Tennessee did to stop their state income tax from happeining ten years ago.

          • If Ron Paul is allowed to be “elected”, it will only be at the leisure of the people who really control this country. And he will not step out of line, despite all the dreamatic patriotic rhetoric. Please disabuse yourself of the notion that the periodic shell-game for the masses is actually any kind of valid “election”. Being allowed to choose from candidate A, B, and/or maybe C, is nothing but a controlled fraud.

            “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” -Joseph Stalin

      10. Doe season opens tommrrow, i will be in the woods with my brother, i cant wait, this is my real home! It must be the Indian Blood, need something for the freezer, pre thanks to God for the freedom and food!

        • With you Copout!
          Oldest DS just bagged his first buck. Got an 8 point and the freezer is FULL of delicious, healthy, natural, venison!

          • make dried sausage out of it to.. if shtf, your freezer wont work.

            • Mine will.

          • @RightWingMom/ Awesome, what time do we eat?

            • eeder,
              Venison jerky is awesome!

              Come on over. Chicken Fried back strap will be ready!

        • Amen.

        • Copout,

          I went hunting last weekend, ended up with 2 does and 1 buck. The ranch we hunted on has 54 doe permits so I plan to go back. Under the law I only had to use the buck tag from my Tx license. Next trip we plan to take some of the ferral hogs.


      11. The government is a vast criminal enterprise. It murders. It thieves. It destroys.

        Government is the tool of central bankers who wish to make YOU their property.

        First, through inflation, then deflation, over and over again, they strive to make you homeless.

        Natural law mandates that a government be abolished once it becomes a Tyranny. This happened in 1913.

        One hundred years later, simply declare your country’s independence before it’s too late. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

        • END THE FED.

          • IOWA is a very powerful country.

            It should be proud of its enlightened farmers, who know how to ABOLISH the thugocracy of government.

            When did you declare your independence?


        • central bankers and the fed are a scourge on our society…. to me , they are the very definition of evil… it is sickening what they have done… and continue to do.

      12. Well I have been to Italy and Greece the people are more intune with a solare which translates to lets hang out in the sun all day an drink wine with cheese sleep an make love!!! a great idea and it used to work well there. Americans are much different I don’t know if the takeover could or ever would be the same!

      13. I’m not worried. I invested in Obama commemorative plates

        • yeah, ceramic is worth something… not much though.. might be able to do something with them.. eat off them i guess.. uh…

        • ZX6R,
          I want a 1 year supply of pizza seeds! 😉

          • I’m going to plant sawdust and grow 2 x 4s.

        • I bought 10000 Meeshall dolls!

        • Why worry when you can hope?

      14. Max Keiser is right on some things BUT he is a leftist agent provocateur….listen to what he says VERY closely, listen for the collectivist/progressive key words, he is VERY good at concealing his true ideology, and he is on RT, the Russian Propaganda station

      15. OK……I was drinking a beer and damn near sprayed my computer screen….that’s just not right!!!

      16. It’s only reasonable to expect to get your money back when you lend it to the government. It wouldn’t be just the banks losing their money. It’s also depositers of all kinds: individuals, businesses of all sizes, governmental entities of all kinds, and non-profits of kinds like hospitals and charities like the Salvation Army.

        It’s a good thing to demand that people who get government handouts should get less. The only problem is raisin taxes cause less money to be collected and not more. That’s by design. The people in charge want to create a disaster big enough to create a one-world government. These people won’t waste a good crisis.

      17. I accidentally stepped on a pile of eeder last night. Tried wiping my feet to get it off. Stunk something terrible. Had to take my boots off, hose them down with soap along with the rug. Used a brush. Had to throw the brush away after I was done then I had to take the trash out it stunk so bad. Got up in the middle of the night and set the boots outside in a bucket of Clorox water. I’ll never do that again.

        • shut up fool… you stepped in your own crap genius.

        • i do await your ressponse anon….. i think you know what im saying…. that bleach not keeping you squeaky clean boy?

        • Nice.
          You know you shined him good when he started stuttering on the keyboard.

      18. DONT TREAD ON ME


        • yeah, you guys will vote for obama again though…. smells like a commie to me!

          • THE PEOPLE of IOWA are WAKING UP.

            “Our Liberties We Prize And Our Rights We Will Maintain”

            – Iowa State Motto

            PS: it wasn’t a landslide

            • Just curious, have you booted the TSA out of your airports yet?


      20. A True Patriot stands for his Country AGAINST his government.

        Declare your country’s independence! Defend it for the sake of FREEDOM!

        The government, ruled primarily by international bankers and the military industrial complex, IS the bastion of cowards, thieves, murderers, faggots, pedophiles, smugglers, and whores, who deserve nothing but your MORAL REVULSION!

        Do not be an aggressor or ‘collateral damage’ as cited above! Be a defender! Declare your country’s independence under States’ Rights! ABOLISH the thugocracy of government!

        Speak TRUTH to power, declare your independence, and recognize your Inalienable Right to life and liberty, so you may abolish Tyranny in your pursuit of happiness.

        Sic Semper Tyrannis.

      21. Mac, thanks for throwing up the vids on the saiga shotgun. Love the music too! I don’t have the shotgun but I do have two Bulgarian SLR 95s. Both milled and pre Arsenal US. Both run like raped apes and eat ammo from Wolf to good federal and reloads. These guns were actually received in at Virginia Beach back “in the day” and I wouldn’t part with either.

      22. grab the rug, defecate on it, and send it to you know who.

      23. is the world ending again?

      24. So the Greek people themselves have been pledged as collateral to the IMF? Technically, this gives the international banksters the “right” to inflict involuntary servitude on the people of Greece — in other words, slavery, undisguised and unmitigated by any considerations of a “social contract.” I can even see them bringing in Turkish troops to enforce their claims.

        No wonder the bought-and-paid-for Greek politicians replaced all those Greek military officers a few weeks ago. It’s time for these cashiered officers, and other patriots in the Greek military, to get together, formulate a plan and then move to put a stop to this treason, before the Parthenon gets shipped of to Las Vegas or Atlantic City and Greeks are being sold as slaves.

        The new Greek government of National Salvation then needs to sign an immediate defense- and strategic partnership agreement with Russia, which will extend the Russian nuclear umbrella over Greece, and they need to bring the Russian Black Sea Fleet into Piraeus. This has to happen FAST, before the banksters’ hit-men and bag-men, the US Military, comes sailing and flying in to launch their cruise missiles at the birthplace of Western Civilization.

      25. don’t stop til ya got enough for a platoon in the field for six months. pick your calibres and load out!

      26. Where is King Leonidas of Sparta when you need him ?

        • Well, when not fighting wars most Spartans were sodomizing boys. I suppose the king would be doing the same.

      27. Federal investigators are looking into a report that hackers managed to remotely shut down a utility’s water pump in central Illinois last week, in what could be the first known foreign cyber attack on a U.S. industrial system.

        http:// at the beginning

        • So, is armed REVOLUTION STILL A FOUR LETTER WORD? Or has the reality of no other solution finally come home to roost! This is going to end “in the red” and I’m not talking about finances. When the coming “governmental gun grab” arrives, MILLIONS will make their opinion heard.

          Depending on the caliber, heard for some distance.

        • I read that article too. Of course there isn’t much information/details. It seems this was merely a blip in the Lamestream Media. They “think” the attack came from Russia? Seriously, the govnt spends millions of dollars and can’t even trace a hack? Uh huh. Smells like a red-herring lie to me.

      28. Greece is a socialist country that has failed so now they are crying poor please give me a break.

        • True, Greece is a socialist nation. Socialism is a very seductive idea. We ALL like something for nothing.

          Like the FUSSR, Greece (and USA) now has to try to dig out of that hole. The average Greek (American) will have learned a painful and expensive lesson.

      29. I know it won’t be overnight but I have steadily been working on freedom from corporations. I started growing food and got quite a harvest this year. I bought several sheep, chickens, and a beehive (all this spring). It is a steep learning curve, but I want to be as independent from possible and not serve corporate-agriculture. I am trying to buy as many clothes and products from ETSY, which is all handmade from people who post them for sell. ETSY even has a local category so you can buy things from nearby. I am buying all Christmas gifts off ETSY. Last winter, we bought a wood stove. My goal is to learn how to spin my wool and knit clothes. If America seriously wants to stop serving the elite, we better be serious about changing our lifestyles. I know I still use the computer. I rarely watch TV, but still own one because I have teens who refuse to give it up. If everybody would learn one skill…such as sewing, making furniture, repairs, canning food, then together we could put a big dent in their pockets!

        • Remember Gandhi teaching Indians to make their own cotton thread and cloth, to break the monopoly of the British textile industry.

          • and yet Gandhi was loyal to the British Empire. He was in fact working for the British Crown in India.

        • I’m NOT interested in returning to pioneer days; but I do dream and pray for the day when we went shopping and knew the store owners personally; kept our tax revenue in our community; supported our businesses close to home as should be–‘decentralization’ I think is the word now.

      30. Just sit there, get paid and do the bare minimum. Refuse all debt. Live low and lean. When it all does down. Be ready.

      31. Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage.

        -Alexander Tytler

      32. “By doing so, they offered as collateral all of Greece’s assets – and we mean all of them including ancient sites, islands, energy resources and even the Greek people themselves.”

        Remember all that land scooped up by Clinton? That is collateral for the Fed. National parks – same thing. Your birth certificate is even traded as an asset. What happened to the 13th Amendment, which prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude? It’s time to get our unity up and put an end to this deceit we’ve been handed for so long.

      33. In the video at time stamp 9:40, the woman being interviewed states that families are making a lot of bombs at home!!! Greece is one heartbeat away from a full blown civil war.

      34. The Fed now owns more US Government debt than China.

      35. @US Marines
        “If a group of selfless men can organize a Patriots Group to address the Overthrow of the American Gov’t that has occurred, everything will fall into place on its own,… hence why DHA, TSA, FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO, and a host of other alphabet organizations we never even heard of are SCOURING the country to spot any such effort.

        Where do I sign up?

      36. Let’s see if you’ve been paying attention to the news lately. Take the following Multiple Choice Test

        John Corzine is:
        (A) The former governor of New Jersey
        (B) Thinner than the current governor of New Jersey
        (C) A lying, thieving scumbag who should be hanged
        (D) All of the above

        Joe Paterno is:
        (A) A legendary football coach of Penn State
        (B) A recently fired football coach of Penn State
        (C) Obviously a better coach than a judge of character
        (D) All of the above

        Tiger Woods has:
        (A) About half as much money as he used to
        (B) His fired former caddy as a golf partner
        (C) No need to get fitted for a new green jacket anytime soon
        (D) All of the above

        Herman Cain is:
        (A) The only candidate who knows the secret to those mysterious ‘pizza seeds’
        (B) Actually twice as black as Obama
        (C) In need of some better pick-up lines for the ladies
        (D) All of the above

        The Indianapolis Colts football team:
        (A) Probably charges too much for tickets
        (B) Has solved the problem of overcrowding in their stadium
        (C) Suggested ‘topless cheerleaders’ in a desperate attempt at fan promotions
        (D) All of the above

        The Occupy Wall Street movement:
        (A) Started with 3 guys, a bong, and a Ouija board in a Bronx apartment
        (B) Wants to punish Wall Street theft by replacing it with government theft
        (C) Has over 60,000 members…4 of them employed
        (D) All of the above

        Demi Moore is divorcing Ashton Kutcher because:
        (A) She discovered he cheated on her
        (B) She discovered the fine print in their pre-nups
        (C) She discovered he has flashbacks about rehearsing for Brokeback Mtn
        (D) All of the above

        Fiat currency is:
        (A) The new Prime Minister of Italy
        (B) Paper money with no precious metal backing
        (C) What the Italians tried to use to buy Chrysler Corp.
        (D) All of the above

        Today is National Ammo Day. We celebrate it because:
        (A) We distrust our government
        (B) We want to piss off the anti-gun crowd
        (C) There’s no such thing as too much ammo
        (D) All of the above

        Thanks for taking the test. If you answered A, B, C, or D to each question- you scored 100%!

        • I love your posts..every one of them.

          • I agree, VRF. I miss Okie when he’s not around.

        • I certainly needed that comic relief! Thanks a million Okie!

      37. i think you stacked this test just for us okie! so we would all get 100 percent… hey the one thing that is the funniest is the occupy wall street movement wants to punish wall street theft by replacing it with government theft!
        Hey i hate to tell them but the government is stealing alot more form them than wall street… you wouldnt be replacing it … hahaha

      38. I worry about the banks too. My wife and I are slowly taking our cash out and use limited checking. Cards arre paid off every month. My concern is with the job-killing unions and the wacko green groups. I am amazed at t he number of projects and jjob opportunities they have closed the door on. While I am listing my foil hat list of worries, I’ll add the Southern Poverty Law Center which believes that anyone who favors the 2nd amentment is a potential terrorist — especially if you live in my area of the country, Tennessee. Just keep preping.

        • The SPLC is a legitimate target.

          Just thought you should know.

        • Vote with your feet!!!!!! I would not live in Tennessee right now if I were offered a million dollars a year. I feel sickened that the good people of Tennessee are being subjected to TSA searches on roadways and such. Come north my friend, nearly everyone here has a gun collection and many concealed carry 🙂

      39. The day is fast approaching when we are all going to have to make a decision. Do we resist or do we bow down?. If we choose to resist then we will have no option but to embrace violence. There is no altarnative and we have no other option.
        These people do not and will not understand no other language.

        • thx Sam!

          • Hey Mac! 50,000 wild boars are crossing the Texas border every night and ravaging Mexican farms.

            Why haven’t you organized a hunt? Just asking.

            • It’s about time some kind of invasion went the other way! 🙂

        • “They” look at the American people as dumb asses, ignorant, stupid, lazy and useless.
          I can’t say that I don’t agree with them.

          As I look around today I see selfishness spoiled brats in the masses. They’re sheep that follow anything in front of them, like a flock of birds flying in one direction and suddenly changing in another direction, following whatever is the easiest path. Is there hope for those sheeple who have the “ME” attitude? The “I deserve it” attitude? “They” made us this way. They control what you watch, what you wear and what you see and hear. There are only a small percentage of us who are innovative, creative and break away from the norm.
          Where do you fall in this category?

          I praise those who are protesting, but on the other hand they have no agenda, no organization, they’re just following the flock.

          The game for the “elite” is DEBT! The more debt the public, cities, states, and country’s have the easier it will be to control everything. And look around; they got just what they wanted… every government in every country and its people has exuberant debt, all except China.

          “They” want you poor and numb. You will lose your pension, your IRA, your savings (if you’re lucky enough to have one) unemployment will rise, taxes will rise, all costs of living will rise to take what little you have left. You will beg them for an answer to the problem they created. UNLESS we can Wake Up, Unite, and Fight Back. I hope we will all do the right thing, (the hard thing) when the time comes.

          Time is short, and we’ve already have fallen far into their trap…

          Or are you lazy and stupid like “they” think you are?

          I don’t take the time to post much here, I do read it all though.

          God Bless, you’re my kind of people!


      40. I think you’ll have to worry more about the Black Friday hord of Zombies than anything. Just watch some YT vids of those cows. Some scary fucking morons. Congress and the bankers will most likely escape to the bunker. MSM will certainly be targets. Since they proliferate the propaganda. Their ass is cooked.

      41. An awsome day, free deep freeze 2 turkeys, and a mule deer doe hanging in my tree and all for free! My mother rocks! What a way to wake up to a phone call! Hope your day goes as good as mine has!
        Tenderloin is wrapped in bacon covered in sour cream and sitting in onions, garlic, and mushrooms in my dutch oven! Yummy

        • You’re making me hungry. And a little envious!

        • BACON!? YUCK!!!!

      42. “Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say ‘what should be the reward of such sacrifices?…If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude more than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” – Samuel Adams (1722-1803), one of the most ardent of the Founding Fathers in his desire for independence from England, delivered this speech to a numerous audience at the State House in Philadelphia on August 1, 1776. Adams, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, also served as Delegate to the First Continental Congress in 1774 and was elected Governor of Massachusetts in 1794.

        Liberty or Death…..Long Live The Republic!

      43. Only 300 down today. Let the circuit breakers pop.

      44. Petition Presentation, Town of Chapel Hill, NC, November 21, 2011.

        Opening remarks…….

        In Chapel Hill and around the world, it is all the same: many too many people can be found in too many places destroying the natural world for personal economic gain. Many human-induced pressures on Earth’s finite resources and its frangible ecology, that directly result from the unbridled global growth of overconsumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities by the human species, put demands on the natural world that can overwhelm any efforts to achieve a sustainable future for children, not only in Chapel Hill but elsewhere on the surface of our planetary home. If we are to halt the reckless destruction of Earth as a viable resource base as well as the irreversible degradation of an already polluted environment and a warming climate, we must accept limits to growth.

        We must start somewhere soon to chart a sustainable course. Endless economic and population growth appear to be unsustainable. Let us consider now and here ways we can humanely, fairly, equitably and realistically define limits to economic and population growth in Chapel Hill, while there is still time to do so. Once the comfortable and friendly size of Chapel Hill is lost due to economic and population growth pressures, Chapel Hill’s quality of life and special characteristics will be impossible to regain.

        Perhaps we can “think globally” about the predicament seven billion human beings present to the viability of Earth as a fit place for human habitation. Then we choose to”act locally” in ways that move us in the direction of a sustainable future for children everywhere and for life as we know it. Thank you.


        A Petition to Define Limits to Economic and Population Growth in the Town of Chapel Hill, NC

        Whereas the Town of Chapel Hill appears to be outgrowing the comfortable and friendly size that has made it a wonderful place to live, raise children, work and retire; and
        Whereas increasing traffic congestion, crime and other social ills are presenting worrisome trends that result from human population growth which will eventually degrade Chapel Hill’s eco-friendly environs, deplete its limited natural resources and conceivably ruin what makes our town beautiful and special; and
        Whereas the Town of Chapel Hill has established limits and the Great State of North Carolina has boundary lines that separate it from adjacent states; and
        Whereas the USA has borders that confirm the limits of authorized human activity under its regulations and laws as well as distinguish itself as a separate nation; and
        Whereas Earth is round, bounded and finite with frangible environs not flat, unbounded and unperturbed by human production, consumption and population activities of the human species worldwide; and
        Whereas there are well-known biological and physical “rules of the house” in our planetary home that are categorically different from the manmade laws which regulate day to day production, consumption and population activities of human species, but are no less important to citizens of Chapel Hill, the State of NC and the USA as well as to the global citizenry of the human family, precisely because the biophysical reality of God’s Creation places immutable limits on the unbridled global growth of human overproduction, overconsumption and overpopulation activities; and
        Whereas a billion human beings were added to family of humanity worldwide in the last dozen years (1999 to 2011); and
        Whereas in the month of October 2011 the seven billionth human being joined the human community; and
        Whereas there are more human beings in November 2011 existing on resources valued at less than two dollars per day globally than were alive on Earth in the year of my birth (2.3+ billion in March 1945); and
        Whereas we have heard many times, understood well enough, and can reasonably be expected to at least consider acting in a morally responsible way upon a shibboleth of humanity that goes like this, “Think globally, act locally,”

        Now, Therefore, It appears appropriate to Propose and Present this brief Summary of a Program for Action.

        As a part of the town-wide envisioning process to consciously and deliberately manage economic and population growth in the Town of Chapel Hill between now and 2020, leaders, planners and stakeholders will assure that the maintenance of the unique character and the quality of life in Chapel Hill, as we enjoy it now, is protected and preserved for the children and future generations. To accomplish this goal, various scenarios or different elements of a single scenario will be developed with the hope that the following steps will be examined for their efficacy.

        Because overpopulation is ultimately a local issue, set an optimum/maximum population size for the Town of Chapel Hill in 2020. This goal can be fulfilled by adopting growth-management policies related to limits on the number of new residential dwelling units and to additional eco-friendly curbs on commercial developments per year between now and 2020. Zoning regulations can be promulgated to further restrict the size of residential, commercial and industrial buildings within the town limits. The reality-oriented adoption of “soft caps” on economic and population growth will make it possible for the Town of Chapel Hill to sensibly acknowledge and adequately address the considerable and potentially unsustainable growth pressures that are readily visible on our watch.

        Steven Earl Salmony

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