Martin Armstrong: A Three Year Old With a Pocket Calculator Can Figure Out We Are Screwed!

by | Oct 15, 2009 | Martin Armstrong

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    A new essay from economist and former chariman of Princeton Economics Martin Armstrong. In  A Three Year Old With a Pocket Calculator Can Figure Out We Are Screwed! Martin Armstrong discusses a variety of topics including corporate law, government intervention, the debt crisis and a forecast for US Treasury bonds.
    (Scribd attachment follows excerpt and commentary below)

    So what the hell is going on? Every possible manner to cheat the people out of their money is underway. They will steal from the rich. they will steal from the poor. They will rob those who counted on Medicare for their very lives just to save a dime in a desperate hope of hanging on to power just a little while longer. They are attacking small business run by moms & pops and they will go after the offshore and inheritance taxes. They will imprison as many people as they can for that will allow them to confiscate their homes and property under tax law. And if you think they will be fair and not throw your family out on the street like the king use to do in his forfeitures, you have another thing coming. There is no mercy. There is no real belief in God. And just like the jailer in the Count of Monte Cristo, when the prisoner said God sees all, he replied: “I will stop beating you as soon as he shows up!”

    We are imploding at all levels federal and state. We are watching our politicians just seek their self-interest and will do whatever it takes to hold those reigns of raw power. They cannot believe in God for they have no limit and no conscience. Some may not even realize what they are doing. They may be playing a role assuming this is the way it is always done.

    This one is approximately a 15 page read, so we recommend hitting the print button and chilling on the patio while you read it. Martin Armstrong also provides a look at the debt crisis and how interest rates on US bonds may behave in the future, which is well worth reading because, well, US debt is the final bubble of the super bubble that has been blown. When that bubble bursts, it’s all over folks. America as we know it simply cannot continue.  Jim Willie, in his recent article Death of the Petro Dollar, Told Ya So, points out the importance of what is going on: “This is a Grand Paradigm Shift on a global scale. Prepare for it or be ruined by it!!”

    A Three Year Old With a Pocket Calculator Can Figure Out We Are Screwed! 10/1/09

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