Obama Says “Everybody Underestimated It” – These Contrarians Didn’t

by | Feb 15, 2012 | Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, Karl Denninger, Marc Faber, Max Keiser, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul | 198 comments

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    President Obama defends his deficit spending and handling of the economic crisis in an interview with WAGA-TV, arguing that everybody – experts, economists, analysts and advisers – all underestimated the severity of the downturn:

    “Well we’re not there because this recession turned out to be a lot deeper than any of us realized.

    Everybody who is out there back in 2009, if you look back what their estimates were in terms of how many jobs had been lost, how bad the economy had contracted when I took office, everybody underestimated it. People thought that the economy contracted 3%. It turns it retracted close to 9%. We lost 8 million jobs just in a year’s span, about half a year before I took office and half a year after I took office,” Obama said.

    “So, the die had been cast, but a lot of us didn’t understand at that point how bad it was going to get. That increases the deficit because less tax revenues come in, and it means that more people are getting unemployment insurance, we’re helping states more so they don’t layoff teachers, etc. The key though is we’re setting ourselves on a path where we can get our debt under control.”

    Everybody in 2009 underestimated it.

    Nobody could have possibly known.

    Well, everybody except for these guys, who were warning Americans at exactly the time Mr. Obama says nobody realized how deep of a crisis this actually was:

    Peter Schiff  (Europac.net)- January 10, 2009:
    Look, we have a serious serious problem and unfortunately the government is making it worse. The reason we’re in so much trouble is simply that we borrowed and spent too much money….We need to retrench. We need to reduce our spending and increase our savings. What Barack Obama’s trying to do is exactly the opposite. He’s trying to force-feed more borrowing and spending…What’s gonna happen now is that instead of allowing the free market to function, to rebalance this economy, the government is gonna force us deeper and deeper into debt…this is going to be an inflationary depression that is an exact consequence of the government.

    Gerald Celente (trendsresearch.com) – February 20, 2009
    People are missing this for hopeful reasons, they’re dilluting themselves. A lot of people are losing a lot of money and they want to hope for the best. Other people are watching their coworkers get fired and are hoping that things will turn around. So you know, this whole mantra of hope has a powerful persuasive element to direct people in a false direction. People don’t want to face the facts… Here’s the scary thing: foreign countries are looking to the United States to solve the problem. They don’t realize how bad it is over here… People are one job away from losing everything. We’re going to see tax revolts over property taxes, school taxes and all of these hassle taxes that they are dumping on people... People are going to have to learn that if they want to survive these terrible times, to be more aware and take self defense measures in anticipation of the worst to come.

    Porter Stansberry (stansberryresearch.com) – September 9, 2008
    Could this be it? Could this at long last be the beginning of the end of our fraudulent, insolvent, fractional reserve banking system? Fraud is everywhere in American finance, and it’s all rooted in the pervasive interference of government in our financial system. Not that anyone is saying this anywhere in the financial press. The consensus seems to be more interference is called for…Regulations and interference got us here. They won’t get us out.

    Jim RogersFebruary 26, 2009
    The US is going to have its worst economic times probably since the 1930′s… Now if everyone believes it’s going to be better in the second half of 2009 I promise you it’s not going to be. And it’s probably not going to be better in 2010, especially if that’s the consensus… The consensus has been totally dead wrong about this and continues to be dead wrong.

    Max Keiser (MaxKeiser.com)- January 18, 2009
    It’s just currency that’s being fabricated. It’s fiat currency. What’s amazing is that people still accept the US dollar. I’m not sure if people have fully figured out yet that the American economy is completely bankrupt. If you’re accepting US dollars today or US Treasury bonds, the chance of getting paid back is not good.

    Marc Faber (GloomBoomDoom.com) – January 8, 2009
    The whole world thinks that intervention – fiscal and monetary – is good. Nobody thinks clearly, what the consequences are…The market mechanism clears… the capitalistic system is designed [so] that the ones that are weak and incompetent are eliminated…I don’t think the economy can recover in the second half of 2009. I think we’ll have to wait a long time for a real economic recovery. I’m very bearish. I think it will take 5 years until the world recovers.

    David Morgan (silver-investor.com) – February 22, 2009
    We are, in my view, in a long-term super cycle event that takes place every 200 or 300 years, and that’s a currency crisis. And in a currency crisis, it’s not really a function of whether we are in an inflation or deflation. It’s a function of whether the currency will be destroyed or not.

    Karl Denninger (market-ticker.org) – July 9, 2009
    Here’s a reality check – consumer credit capacity has hit the wall. I noted this over a year ago, and started yelling about it.  The shift of consumer spending to credit cards – the highest-interest means of financing payment – became apparent in the consumer credit report about that time. This marked the final desperate attempt to keep spending beyond our means by the average American sheeple, and it was doomed to failure.The answer is “no” to the question of “if you get laid off, can you find a new job.” Don’t listen to the fools – there is no “green shoot” in that report.

    John Williams (shadowstats.com) – January 23, 2009
    The problem going forward is that the US Treasury is going to find it increasingly difficult to sell the Treasury securities that it needs in order to fund the government’s operations, to fund the bail out package, to fund the wars… One of two things happens… Either you get a very sharp rise in interest rates and a collapse in stock prices, or, the Federal Reserve becomes buyer of last resort for US Treasuries. And when the Federal Reserve becomes the buyer of US Treasuries it is monetization of debt.

    Bob Chapman ( theinternationalforecaster.com) – May 28, 2009
    There is going to be massive inflation and what China should be doing is dumping dollars by buying gold. They have not anticipated the fall in US stock and bond markets and the derivative bomb. American assets, including bonds, will get badly trashed. We wrote of all this in June of 2002, but no one was listening… Today investors cannot conceive how bad this depression is going to get.

    Ron PaulJune 3, 2009
    We cannot expect correct policies to be implemented if we don’t understand the cause of the crisis… We have failed to recognize the true cause of the crisis. Instead, free markets and not enough regulations and central economic planning have been blamed... There is an attitude that the deficit and inflation can be dealt with later on. Yet tomorrow will be here sooner than later… Pretending that politicians, central bankers and regulators have the knowledge to centrally plan the economy and police the world only makes things worse.

    Mr. Obama’s suggests in his recent interview that, though he, his advisers and industry experts didn’t realize how bad it was going to get, they have it all figured out now.

    If there’s one thing we should have learned from ‘everybody’ in the last few years it’s that we should fear the experts and their consensus opinion, because there’s a strong likelihood that ‘everybody’ is underestimating ‘it’ yet again.

    Moreover, they are overestimating their ability to mitigate this crisis with the same policies – those of government intervention and expanded central planning, easy money, crony capitalism, taxation and wealth redistribution – that got us here in the first place.

    Unfortunately for the American people, the experts still haven’t realized how bad it really is.


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      1. Just call it a damn Depression. So tired of hearing about the Recession, show’s how out touch Obama and company are. When the BIG Hurt comes down on us all, he’ll still be cheerily reading his teleprompter telling the nation that recovery is just around the corner. For God sakes, America wake up.

        Semper Fi

        • Welcome to Spin.

          They likely know very well what happened (and in many cases is still happening, and may get worse…) Thing is, they aren’t going to ‘fess up in an election year. I’m surprised that this much came out…

          • As Mike Ruppert put it:

            “Whenever you hear a politician or economist say they couldn’t see this coming, they’re lying through their fucking teeth!”

            This is Gold Leader standing by.

          • I think I figured the whole Obama/”Progressive” thing out… in a German song of all places (I enjoy German heavy/industrial metal on occasion. It’s fun to know the lyrics already, and the tunes are pretty tight.)

            So – want the shit scared out of you? Here goes the key lyric (the refrain, actually) that touched off the epiphany:

            erst kommt Stolz, dann kommt dein Land. Steine sind Steine, alle an die Wand

            -Steine Sind Steine, title track, by And One.

            (Translation: “First comes pride, then comes your country. Stones are stones, all against the wall.”)

            Yeah… time to speed up the preps.

          • Odd – you nailed it. This is total spin. I think you can read into what he is saying and get “Holy crap this is going to get so much worse!”

            Also, we’ve highlighted Peter Schiff on our site quite a bit. Peter is responsible for helping me see the light and realize it’s a train at the other end.

            Huge props to Peter – google him.

        • Out of touch? Not a chance, he lying through his teeth and he knows it. The only problem is the willingly uninformed gimmie-gimmie crowd that will vote for this DIP!……….. AGAIN!!!!

          • Yep Hammerun,
            You are so right. The entitlement crowd will make certain that he gets re-elected. He is the welfare president. They will come out in droves.

            • is bho the new caligula?

          • You’re correct. I should have stated otherwise. They’re not out of touch, they just act it. Of course, the economy and more is being engineered. The truth is, that know very well what’s happening. There are no accidents or mishaps on their part. It’s all part of the plan no matter how inept or uncoordinated it all looks.

            Semper Fi

          • Yeah, the military’s sense of entitlement to every drop of blood and sweat is killing us all.

            • Haha. Good one John Q.

              Unfortunately, your comment goes well beyond the mental abilities of most hypnotized flag-wavers. The funny part is they are the folks who think they’ve got everything figured. Oh the irony.

        • But it’s NOT a recession. They told us THAT ended… what? 2008 or 2009? Times are good again, didn’t you know? Now go buy a new car with some of that good ol’ fashioned fiat currency. 😉


        • Sorry, but all of America that can wake up has. The rest won’t until they panic, and it’s to late. You see the data ; Congress cannot cut the budget,it’s growing. No possible way we can fix it. At this point you tell me what the public at large can do. If they run for the door it’s all over that moment. A few % tried to stock up on ammo, The whole country was out for over 2 years. Cut the budget 40% and start paying off. Immediate depression worse than 29. What do the 45 million on food stamps do? 20 odd years ago Vern Meyers said it’: “Once you go over the edge it does not matter if you push the brake or the gas” Ask yourself: “Are we over the edge” Nothing Obama can do not to stop it. Even if he waned to or was smart enought to figure it out.

          • It’s too late to save the country. Budget cuts are unpopular and the real problem is the $5 trillion a year in unfunded liabilities.

        • You are standing up and saying that the King has no clothes and you are right. Real unemployment figures alone say we are in a depression when you count those who have come of age and have not been able to enter the work force, those who are under employed such as PHDs working at Home Depot, those working part time who would be working full time if they could, and those who have given up looking for work and are homeless or living with relatives. We have been in depression for some time. The only thing keeping people from taking it to the streets is deficit spending to pay them off. When that stops (like in Greece now),…..STAND BY!

          It it wasn’t for the dollar being the world’s reserve currency since the end of WW2, we would be Greece now.

          • Red Leader – You are soooooooo correct!. Greece is the canary in the mine and previews what is coming here. This time it isn’t the Viet-Cong twisting my stomach, but my gut is sending the same signal.

            Look at the parasites & moochers around you and keep in mind when their taxpayer funded Escalades & crack boppers can’t sell, what will happen to all our safety. Yea, I know what to send out a muzzle, but not all of us have a firebase w/concertina wire to sleep behind when we are exhausted.

            None of us want any of this crap about to rain down on us by INCOMPETENT government “experts”. Yet we are all going to have to deal with it. I surely hope all is living amongst better than some of the clueless moronic, doofus, Disney-heads living in my neighborhood.

            Keep the flag HIGH UP !

            • I like you ctnc. Hell you can come over to my house and **** my sister.

            • You are looking at the minor parasites. You need to prosecute the parasites who looted TRILLIONS.

          • amen Red Leader..

            However..China Russia and several other players are now trading out side the dollar..and most of the debt now is being bought back by the fed..

            and all the stimulus proposals are for the public unions to keep them afloat..again..not creating any new jobs..

            just a matter of time..

        • But wait! The MSM money-shill “Cramer”, proclaimed he would go ahead and say “The Economy is doing great and getting better!”. If someone of his stature say everything’s OK, it MUST be! Right…?

          • The money-shill “Cramer” is from CNBC. Dont be so freaking predictable and pathetic…

        • Right. At the end of 2008, I told my boss I feared we hadn’t seen the bad part yet. Things have gotten worse, and I still fear we havn’t gotten to the bad part yet.

        • thumbs up, but…

          it’s not that he’s “out of touch”. he’s very much in touch, but he has orders to follow, and NONE of those orders involve caring for the people. THEY DON’T CARE about you or me or anyone else but their inbred selves, slaves, they work for the banks. look, by saying he’s out of touch would indicate that he’s gotten things wrong through trying to get it right, and that implies that he’s really got the people’s best interests in mind. he doesn’t. he’s only trying to carry out his orders without much interference. it’s all theater. designed to distract your mind, to make you think he’s on the job leading the people; he’s not. he’s herding cattle.

          he has an agenda to follow; he’s an upper-level government minion psychopath following orders.

          when the big hurt comes down, there likely won’t be electricity, so no TV. at that point, even if there were TV, who would still be watching and why?

          help people wake up by killing their TVs for them. that’d be a good start.

          • He doesn’t even try to relate to the general public because he can’t, it’s just not in him. And you’re right, he’s got his own agenda and he has no respect for us or our rights as U.S. citizens. Just him and his cronies doing THEIR thing, to hell with us.

        • It doesn’t matter because we are flying down the mountain side and the brakes have failed. Obama is in there so the Banksters can squeeze every last dollar before it all goes bust. When the crash comes it will not be survival of the fittest as some believe, but survival of those who can adapt and overcome (Preppers). Those that support the staus quo(Uber-Liberals and Welfare-Queens) will be the first to go when their world of illusion collapses. The weak, lame, and lazy will die out quickly.

        • “So, the die had been cast, but a lot of us didn’t understand at that point how bad it WAS going to get”

          CORRECTION…….” IS going to get”

      2. He owns this shit now! Remember how the birds were going to sing sweeter. The air was going to be fresher. The world would respect us. It was a new day in America! All we had to do was elect THE ONE! Yeah HYPE and mirrors! Our glorious leader was going to make it all alright. Yep it’s everybody’s fault but the Lord OBAMA! He just needs another 4 years to fulfill every marxist’s wetdream of destroying America.

        • you damn right he does. I’m glad that he will be responsible. I dont know why he is not impeached for doing super pac, the obamacare stuff with the churches etc. dont understand it.

        • Actually, it’s not HIS fault, it never is. After nearly four years he still blames Bush. Come on, that song and dance is getting old!! Time to man up and accept YOUR responsibility Obummer. Boy I’ll be glad when he’s gone!!!

      3. So what he’s saying is…He blames Bush.

        and its not a recession..it is what it is , call it what it is..Depression.

        • his words

          “about half a year before I took office and half a year after I took office,” Obama said”

          ok than..explain to me WTF you been doing the other 3.5 dam years?

          • he was on vacation playing golf… jeez ya cant work all the time

            • Oh yeah, silly me, i for got about all that, and the many vacations and such..yer right he aint got the time to worry ’bout his dam job..its working out just like he planned

            • Can you imagine the basketball team that has to wait around for his calling downstairs ready to go at a moments notice without warming up.

            • The Golfer in Chief!

          • What has he been doing? Raping the American people and redistributing to those that got him elected.
            He must think he has credibility with the majority of Americans, he is still a liar. Remember, he couldn’t get the number of states correct (he said 57). Why would anybody believe him on any issue?

            • oh no… you mean there’s not 57 states? Damn. I thought we picked up some new territory- oh well.

          • We lost 8 million jobs just in a year’s span, about half a year before I took office and half a year after I took office,” Obama said.

            The first four million lost was people were afraid you’d be in office, the second four million was because you were indeed elected. I personally know people who needed to re-tool their shops and held off until the election and are still holding back. They will not re-invest in this economy till you are gone or they close shop altogether as many have.

      4. 2nd!

        (Why am I not excited?)

        • ’cause yer 4th

        • Perhaps a warm Drano enema will perk you up a bit. How bout it?

      5. Well, at least he isn’t blaming Bush this time.

        • Sure he is. Listen to it a bit closer, especially about the timings…

          • Like some blacks do, he will NOT accept responsibility and it’s ALWAYS some one else’s fault, never his. Irks my ass the way he just blows off the problem onto some one else but if there is any credit to be given, he’s there with his hand out saying “me,me,me, I get the credit”. See how great and wonderful I am? Yuck!!!

          • That was intended to be a sarcastic joke 😀

            Of course he is still going to blame Bush, he won’t just come out and say it directly anymore but yes indeed he is from his dance around the maypole answers.

      6. Unfortuately, every thing is going as planned. Nobody in govt could be as dumb as they act.The moneymasters are sucking everything out of America now. They will soon move on to Asia and Africa to do the same.They say this is Keynesian economics to spend in a recession to boost growth. What they don’t say is John Keynes said to spend the SURPLUS you saved from the boom times in the bad times.I read Market Ticker among others and am thankful at least they woke ME up.

        • You hit the nail on the head. This is the planned collapse of the US. They despise the Founding Principles and anything which is good and decent.

      7. TPTB are trying to put off the revolt that is headed this way, eeeerrrrr, here. Lie and steal, hope and change, yada, yada, yada. They can not blow the wistle, chaos will insue. Some one needs to flag Obammy down and let him know the wheels are coming off.

        • the only wheels he cares about is on his golf cart…

          • … Golfer in Chief

            • With all the time he spent on the fairways, I wonder if he ever found the real killers that OJ was always looking for on the golf course?

      8. He is such a liar, I never realized how bad he really was, i never voted for the cock sucker but was wanting real change. Its a depression and its going to get worse. i just hope you all have a least a water filter, a axe, some basic stuff and lots of ammo and guns.

        • well I gave my water filter to my friend..he has fish, so I thought it was the nice thing to do..
          and the guns..I took em all to the last gun show we had up here last week and sold em all..
          hey at the rate fuel is going to be this summer I had to get some cash somehow

      9. I like how Ron Paul got the last word in……..

        When I hear RP at debates and in interviews, he will say certain things that I have only come to understand in the last year because I am paying attention and have researched it.(Terms like Fiat money, monetizing debt) I fear many voters really do not understand some of the terminology, nor will take the time to understand it. While I suspect most of the people who frequent this site and similar sites understand most of the verb-age, and how it applies, my concern is that only a small minority of Americans truly understand all of this.

        Here’s an example of my ignorance. I have heard it stated that “Obama will inflate his way out of the debt”. I think I understand what that means to my wallet, but I fail to see where inflation will bring in more cash to pay the debt (truth be told, they will only pay interest on the debt). Tax inflows are down. The only thing I see going up is gold.
        All of my research has failed to turn on the light bulb.

        IF RP could explain to the masses in a concise manner in a public forum, it could be a benefit. At least more American would understand what is going on.

        • The funny thing about what you said regarding the “masses” is that vets and young people are behind Dr. Paul in droves. These folks seem to understand his verbage, and I think if those just coming into adulthood understand, there is a possiblity they will teach others around them what the real score is. I think the elections are fixed, but I do keep my fingers crossed and occassionally hope for a ray of light.

          • @Fed Up, I am glad someone else has noticed it to….the young people in support of RP. I find it quite odd, as generally the young are more liberally minded (especially college grads). The question is, why? What is drawing there support? Could it be they are waking up to what a socialist agenda really looks like…are they actually seeing that they are loosing God given rights on a daily basis? I am intrigued and puzzled by this but I guess it doesn’t really matter, as long as they are…I just like analyzing people.

            • Yikes!! sorry about the typo’s and misspelled….need more coffee.

            • The young adults I have spoke with tell me they see the path our government is taking is not one they think will bring prosperity. They tell me the government is taking freedoms they were taught are their God-given rights and the only person who has been addressing the issues they feel are important is Ron Paul. I also found it interesting most of these younger folks understand the electoral college and feel the elections are rigged. Many of them have computer skills and can expalin how “easy” it is to rig a computer to spit out anything you program it to, regardless of what information is put into it! Sadly, they feel they are doing everything they can to have their voice heard but also seem to realize the system is rigged.

          • Diebold will be deciding the outcome of the elections, not the people.

      10. PLAN? Oh, there’s a PLAN… “I’m finally proud to be an American.”

        • That’s right. After spending 20 plus years in Rev.Wrights church and AFTER he gets elected prez. then he says ” I’m finally proud to be an American”. Hmmm, needs to go back to where ever it is he’s from and it’s not Hawaii.

      11. o poop!! time to get more k9 food,,,, get ready,, the ice is getting thin!!!! BIG TIME>> get ready folks,, please**************

      12. I can’t watch this. It will hurt too much. Barbara Who Who.

      13. Barry knew hat what he did and is now doing would have these results.
        HIS purpose has NEVER been about anything but TRANSFORMATION
        of the country. He along with the ignorant people who supported him and still do are evil

        • Yeah, transforming into the NWO… he’s the perfect puppet for this.

          • squirt, we can complain and rightfully disect Obama but the fact remains; the TPTB got him elected. They knew he wasn’t experienced and knew he is a liar. He has become the perfect distraction to their behind the scene rampage and he has been proven to be the perfect object of the American people’s anger/frustration.
            1) Obama doesn’t care about America.
            2) The MSM shields him from the tough questions
            and from the truth of him being revealed.
            3) He doesn’t work, he is more often playing golf or
            on vacation.
            4) He can lie with a straight face and appears not
            to care whether we believe him or not.

            Mac, he is part of the trap of distraction. And I firmly believe McCain and the majority of both houses know this.

            • DRD, so true and I understand that it doesn’t matter what party a person is for, TPTB will put who they like in office. That being said, Obama is just so blatantly obvious that it’s sooooo annoying. I just pray that he doesn’t get a 2nd term. We’ll see….

      14. Oh by the way. Its well known tha the FED’s monitor these types you web sites.
        Word of Advise to them:
        You should fire up your resumes before the election.
        The American people are about to flush this administration, and much of the current Federal Workforce….a least I hope!

        • LOL.

      15. 1.5 million CHILDREN are homeless and hungry today in the US.

        I’m a Christian and to me for a country with the natural resources and wealth that the US has, that there is a sign something in your system has gone very badly wrong.

        You pay lots of tax – if it isn’t to support the most vulnerable in your society – who does it support?

        It seems to me that the bankers are the biggest “welfare leeches” of all, and with kids going hungry you as a nation can’t afford to keep doling out handouts to the banker welfare leeches until all 1.5 kids million have a secure roof over their heads and food in their bellies.

        Once you’ve stopped the handouts to the bankers you can cut out another class of leech – the healthcare insurance companies that care more for their 12 pieces of silver than the sanctity of human life. For a country that is so keen on freedom of choice why do you still insist these leeches are allowed to decide whether their fine print says you live or die?(the insurance co decides your medication not the doc!).

        There is a strong white collar “entitlement class” that are sucking one of the greatest nations on earth dry at present while the decent working man is bamboozled by “divide and conquer”. When are the bankers going to start making payments to the taxpayers for the the bailouts they were given on both sides of the atlantic?

        Please take a look at the historical life of the Saxon or Celtic Serf in England under the Normans. The decent middle-class Christian American will soon return to a life like that of the Norman serf if you aren’t careful. The awful thing is that you’ll take most of the globe down with you as these leeches spread their tentacles across the world with their fancy “down sizing”, “rationalisation”, “outsourcing” etc.

        It’s sad to witness when as a people you are kind, resourceful, god-fearing, hard working and basically decent. (Or at least that’s what I found when I visited the US!)

        • I don’t pay taxes to help the poorest in our nation. If we had been smart voters, the Churches/cheritable organizations would still be in charge of the charity that is donated by the giving in America, not the Governement.

          Our Government has turned charity into a Career, a whole hell of a lot of people are benefiting from the money that half the US Citizens pay in taxes. So that leaves……half the people in our country with a charitable career in free money.

          As far as money going to big corporations, well we voted our representatives, senators and congressmen into office and they are making sure that they STAY in office with all the pork.

          The only way to keep the masses under control in our country is to divide and conqure. Make the poor hate the rich and the middle class hate everyone. So there is not real large group to make our government fear us. That is waht we need to do is form groups and put the fear in the government like they have been doing to us.

          If we do not stand up for our rights NOW they will be taken away and we will never get them back.

          God bless and keep on with the good fight.

          • Mona..all you say is correct–I just expressed to my dh..think about the underemployed, the unemployed, and what is about to happen to the income tax revenue this year—it may be cut in half??
            There is no way this nation can ‘get by’ on that–hell, if sheeples don’t see this coming–there’s no hope for them..they should be buying ramen noodles to stretch that food card– not pork chops and steaks–, but that would be showing personal responsibility. Not gonna happen.

        • all the homeless and needy in our own country and yet the celebs [Brangelina and the like] would rather help the third world countries that haven’t changed in over 40 years that I know of. Why can’t they help their own citizens? Americans are just as important!!

          • The Red Cross has had people in Haiti since the 50s. Obviously what they’re doing does not work. The list goes on and on…..

            • Think of all the money they have received since the earthquake and yet nothing has improved

              About 15 years ago or so my spouse and I were watching an investigative report on some country that received millions of dollars for the helpless and what it uncovered was how the gov. was using the money to build tennis courts, condos and other stuff that had nothing to do with the helpless. From that point on we have been extremely leery of what happens to the donations. Seriously, what has changed in the past 40-50 years? Nothing except more donations….

      16. I just don’t know. Are:

        1. Things really that bad?
        2. Kenyan Criminal Obastard’s regime so inept?


        3. Are they doing it on purpose?

        I think they are saying its 1 and that they are 2 and that all plays into that its really all number 3. They do that because if you knew it was really number 3, you’d all be pissed off and shooting them. The way it is, you can’t be totally sure.

        • Who better to drive our country into NWO than someone who’s not really American but rather a closet Muslim. He can’t feel a thing for any of us ’cause he doesn’t care.He’s not one of us.

        • NR:

          Of course it’s #3!

          Progressives’ list of things-to-do:
          1) Bankrupt country
          2) Blame capitalism and the Constitution
          3) Get rid of both items mentioned above, especially that pesky Bill of Rights attached to the Constitution
          4) Send undesirables to re-education camps, or just kill them
          5) Implement Socialist Utopia

          Have a great night!


          PS According to Fox News, Obama’s approval rating is at 50%. Wow! Half the morons in the country think the half-baked Marxist sack-of-sh!t is doing a good job. We’re officially screwed.

          • Mal: 50% is not a majority, but when there is a majority it sometimes means that all of the fools are on the same side. 🙂

            • It’s a majority when the other 50% can’t agree on who they support.

            • DK:

              You’re right… It’s not a majority. But it’s waaaaay too many.

              Stockpiling Twinkies. The Ends is near.


          • You can burn the land
            And boil the sea
            But you can’t take the sky from me

            Browncoats Forever

            • Amen, brother.


          • Just for the record…they have never polled me or anyone I know….just where are these 50% at they keep finding?

          • it kinda feels likethe camp is being overrun and a4s and a1s are getting ready to drop danger close.pull a few sandbags on top of ya!

          • That’s pretty close to the number who are getting a goobermint check.

      17. I just plain closed my business down in 2007 when I was sure this was coming.Im glad I did because everyone I knew that didnt ended up in bankruptcy. Ive been involved in manufacturing my whole life and it is just plain gone now. There are either big companies or some guy in his garage making widgets today. The medium size company is now extinct.
        The cities dont want the type of business that is necessary to get us out of this depression because Manufacturing dosent bring in any sales tax for them. They want retail and service companies that will generate sales tax revenue. Just try to start a new manufacturing business and prepare to spend your entire life savings on permits and environmental engineering and then still be denied because they just plain dont want you.
        The only way to pay off the debt is to manufacture things. there is no other way. You have to create new money.

        • Kinda hard to manufacture when all we do is send the jobs over seas. Well the companies, that is. Sad to see what our country was built on go down the tubes. Quality and Pride in our products that lasted more than 2-3 years. We had an old air compressor that was 22 years old that finally conked out[still kept it tho]. Any way the new one we bought had to be replaced twice in 2 years. I’ll say it again, saaad…

          • edit to add, don’t get me started on vacuum cleaners. They are made nothing like my Mom’s old Hoover vac. I go thru them like I go thru chocolate chip cookies!

            • about once a week or so i go junking at the flea markets and the antique junk stores…in the last three years or so i have almost replaced everything in my little house with older still working made in usa products..some are not as convenient to use but most have lasted at least 50 to 100 years…not this throwaway junk from china.

          • Just as difficult to have any type of contracting buisness as most folks are going broke.

        • joe
          ive have been reading these post for years now and you are the only one that has posted the correct answer
          but why would we do that when we can just fleece
          the fuck out of the good ol usa and then move on

          • In the 60’s the money people. You can call them the banks or billionaires dosent matter. They were starting to lose their market share to the up and coming manufacturers. They couldnt have this so they spent their money wisely on politicians who dropped import duties and made free trade agreements. Then they slowly sold off their shares in the manufacturing companies they owned and became the middle men. They made the new products overseas and let the companies here in the states wither and for the most part die.
            The small and middle manufacturers could not go overseas and produce their products. They just didnt have the money to do it so they withered and died too. How can you compete with the low wages of developing countries and lack of all the regulatory burden imposed on the companies in the states.
            But now the Chinese companies have grown and will deal with the small guy. They are trying to expand their market share and the little guy will pay somewhat more than the big company. The money men cant have this.
            But by now they have wiped out most of their competition and forced most people into either low paying jobs or government jobs.
            The people no longer have the cash to compete with them in the states. So now they will start to impose import duties on overseas companies. So they will flourish. The small guy cannot afford the regulatory requirements so they will have little competition.
            And like I said before. You have to make money to add to the money supply to be able to pay debt. Only manufacturing does that. You have to take a natural resource and make it into a product. Neither Government jobs or service jobs or any other type of profession will make money. It just transfers it from one person to another while losing a little here and there to money that is sent overseas.

            • @ Joe, very, very well said! This something I have been saying for a long time….WE DON’T MAKE ANYTHING ANYMORE! at least not enough to pay our debt….but you left out another player in the destruction of manufacturing…the Unions. During the State of the Union, I just about blew a vessel when he said, WE have increased manufacturing and exports. That is pretty hard to do when we don’t make anything! Maybe he actually meant to say imports…and it was a typo on the teleprompter.

            • To add to Joe’s very insightful econ lesson, I remember reading the financial media in the mid 2000’s, all the way up to the market collapse, assuring us that it was okay that we were losing manufacturing, because America was leading the world in intricate financial, risk management and hedging innovations. And, they were, until the whole thing ‘sploded and we discovered that all those risk modelling assumptions were at heart pretty damn stupid. Everybody was getting their desk job in Cubesville so they didn’t have to get their hands dirty, and now that they’ve lost their job in Cubesville, they have no other jobs to go to.

        • ~Joe~


          Because manufacturing equals the production of items possessing intrinsic wealth.

      18. its all part of the planned collapse this just isnt happening by acident

        • No, it’s been in the works for quite some time. I stumbled on some interesting info on daddy Bush while I was researching the inventor Tesla. Some pretty heavy duty stuff , very interesting indeed… needless to say, it doesn’t matter who’s in office now. We’re screwed!

      19. Heck, I don’t have a college degree but I knew it was BAD. I guess when you go to those expensive colleges you don’t have any common sense. And why would a “Community Organizer” know shit about a failing economy? He don’t know shit for Shiloh and we are all paying the price for it. Buy more beans, bullets and bandaids.

        • Yes the college thing is basically crap at this point. 80-85% of kids are there attempting to get degrees and more than half them aren’t really cut out for it; they have 2.0 GPA’s or so and should just quit. What do we push mediocre average joes who barely get by in school borrow and put us all in debt? Either you have the money for it or you don’t. If you don’t and go to community schools and borrow from the fed’s then you really borrow from the rest of us citizens. Almost a trillion in student loan debt now and defaults are high enough that some states are throwing those who default into jail; YAY!!!. Even if you have the money to go on your own, not everyone can go to college. There has to be a working skilled labor class. Part the problem now is that everyone wants to go college and no one wants to the jobs that our great grandfathers, etc… did to make livings. Illegals are brought in to do many labor level jobs and just makes it worse for us when realize that our kids aren’t going to hired out of college as they can’t get a job at all. Now because of this many jobs are sent out of the country as well as massive debt incurred here on the tax payer’s back; so in a way we are partially responsible for our own jobs leaving the country and going overseas. The real crazy part is that our kids aren’t smart(28th or so in the world in education) and the US gov’t brings in special work visa’s for those areas that require high level degrees in math, engineering, etc… At this point I wish to say that kids need get off their ass and do some good old fashioned hard work and stay out college unless you have the money on your own and the smarts. It appears that college these days is for little pricks that don’t want to work hard and sit at desk, while borrowing money from us all.

      20. And you all know there are sheeple by the herds lining up buying this absolute load of shit!! If he was so disillusioned maybe he should have taken an economics 101 course in High School. Do they have a high school in Kenya?

        • shoot, do they still teach econ.101 in high school..chances are good they dropped that along with home economics and shop classes. no damn wonder kids these days cant figure out how to keep their pants up and their shoes tied.

        • Sheep only have two speeds…grazing and STAMPEDE!!!!

          When they stop grazing, look out!

      21. He may simply have had no friggin’ idea. People *do* get insulated, remember one of the Bushes trying to use a supermarket scanner? Hardly anyone wants to think it’s as bad as it actually is, it *can’t* be that bad, right?

        I guess I just don’t bear him the personal rancor some do; I’m sure McCain would have done the very same things.

      22. Very good post, Mac. Thanks.

      23. obama can’t be that stupid. This is all going according to plan and the repubs are on board. They want the whole system to crash. Pure logic would tell you that we are past the point of no return. It’s game over man. We have been sold down the river.

        • I agree, it doesn’t matter which party you’re for the out come is going to be the same. It just depends on who you like personally to sink the boat that can’t be saved.

      24. Obama doesn’t know how to do anything but lie. The problem is, that all of the sheeple will vote for this idiot again. Some are waking up, but I’m afraid there won’t be near enough. He set out to destroy America, and He’s going to do it. God help us, it’s going to get bad, real bad before it gets better. I hope I live to see it. Prep and keep your powder dry.

      25. How exactly does he anticipate getting the debt under control? They’re borrowing and spending so much, even drunken sailors are surprised.

        • I think that’s the whole point… he has NO intention in getting it under control. The more the damage the better in his sick head. I say “sick” because he has no compassion what so ever other than what he reads off the teleprompter.

      26. Don’t be so hard on him. It’s not his fault he flunked math so he could get an A in constitutional law. I remember during the last election I heard him twice during the debates and a couple other times during campaign speeches that he had a plan to spend two trillion dollars and lower the the deficit. Sometimes I think I’m the only one that saw the stupidity in that.

      27. There’s something else folks. Obama is reducing our military and nuclear weapons. He is leaving us wide open to an attack. Am I the only one who sees this?

        • Wide open for attack?

          If we ONLY had 300 nuclear weapons and ONLY 10% got through to an aggressor kiss good by 30 major cities.

          Anyone think both China and Russia could loose 15 major cities each and still function as a government? Remember with submarine launched weapons the more likely percentage would be at least 50%. Think China and Russia could loose 75 cites each? Can you name 7 cities in each country.

          President Obama has his faults but this is decision is not one of them.

          • K2: If those 30 missiles were MIRV’s: poof! 300 cities.

          • Both China and Russia could each loose many cities, and still function with thier governments intact. They spent decades preparing to do just that. They are not as short-sighted as some countries we know…

      28. You don’t understand, it is not his fault.Between golf games, date nights and vacations you can’t expect him to fix everything. Besides it is hard work destroying this country.
        All kidding aside…where is a heart attack when you need one?

        • Maybe he’ll over exert himself on the golf course. Such as the battery will go dead on the cart and he’ll have to walk only to get struck by lightning or have a heat stroke or bit by a snake or a tree will fall on his head or….

        • The last thing we want is for the Messiah to die in office. If he did, we would have streets, schools, and buildings named after him for years to come. We would have to suffer through the official mourning periods and the flags at half-staff for months.

          What we need is for him or his *ahem* “wife” to go berserk on TV, saying something racist or anti-American in an unambiguous way. Or we need somebody to positively tie him to the Fast and Furious scandal or to the “Man Country” bathhouse in Chicago. Then we could watch him slink off into oblivion, and we could all stand up and, with one voice, say “Told ya so! Told ya so!”

      29. I’m not one for conspiracy theories
        but I’ll be damned if I don’t think that
        this whole world wide financial meltdown isn’t DELIBERATE


        first the Greeks
        then the Portuguese,the Italians,the Spanish
        and then it will be our turn

        right now the median wage in this country is only $26,000
        thats right
        half of all working people make that or LESS
        no way your gonna have a strong,vibrant middle class on that kind of money

        • Oh it goes through a lot more before it gets to us Satori, first the Greeks, then Spain, Italy and Ireland. A little later third world nations start to fall but no one will even notice since they are already third world…..then it goes France, Germany, England – then the US.

          • the people who caused the problem in Greece
            are the same ones who have come up with the “solution”


            “Beginning in 2008, Americans got a dose of some of the same medicine. We were told that our economy would implode if we didn’t give our money to bail out the very same banks which created the crisis.”

            “Americans should be paying close attention to events in Greece. They are omens showing people around the world what lies in store for them when thieves in high places get their way.”

            the financial crash is manufactured
            it is deliberate
            I just have to laugh whenever I hear someone say
            “this is still a democracy ain’t it ?”
            jokes on us
            we’re an oligarchy controlled lock stock and barrel by an elite few
            they allow “elections”
            this gives us the illusion of choice
            and keeps us under control
            they exploit the left/right meme
            it keeps us fighting among ourselves

            here is the MOU,Memorandum of Understanding
            that will govern Greece
            this document contains provisions that will destroy
            the average person and further enrich the very people who
            caused the problems in the first place


      30. This is an actual court case that took place in GA today….it had a live stream to it…Please keep it clean and remove all email addresses before forwarding and use BCC please!
        Thursday, January 26, 2012
        By Craig Andresen on January 26, 2012 at 9:25 am

        Given the testimony from today’s court case in Georgia, Obama has a lot of explaining to do. His attorney, Jablonski, was a NO SHOW as of course, was Obama.

        The following is a nutshell account of the proceedings.

        Promptly at 9am EST, all attorneys involved in the Obama Georgia eligibility case were called to the Judge’s chambers. This was indeed a very interesting beginning to this long awaited and important case.

        The case revolved around the Natural Born clause of the Constitution and whether or not Obama qualifies under it to serve. More to the point, if found ineligible, Obama’s name would not appear on the 2012 ballot in Georgia.

        With the small courtroom crowded, several in attendance could be seen fanning themselves with pamphlets as they waited for the return of the attorneys and the appearance of the judge.

        Obama himself, who had been subpoenaed to appear, of course was nowhere near Georgia. Instead, Obama was on a campaign swing appearing in Las Vegas and in Colorado ignoring the court in Georgia.

        Over the last several weeks, Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski, had attempted several tactics to keep this case from moving forward. He first tried to have it dismissed, then argued that it was irrelevant to Obama. After that, Jablonski argued that a state could not, under the law, determine who would or would not be on a ballot and later, that Obama was simply too busy with the duties of office to appear.

        *Admin Edit: Continue Reading: http://www.thenationalpatriot.com/?p=4138#more-4138


        • the isle…Sorry, but is just another dog and pony show. You will probably hear very little more about it.The decision has been made before court was convened. While I applaud the attorney pushing this, she has tried this in other states with no luck.The courts are agents of the corp and will never rule against them in a meaningful way.

      31. Alright. I just went through all of the above posts and it’s unanimous. Obama is an asshole.

        • No argument here….

      32. I’ve read all the rants and badmouthing of POTUS and here are my thoughts:
        If you are blaming everything that’s happening on one man, you are blind. It did not start with him and will not end with him.
        I said it before and I’ll say it again: bags with money are in charge (and not all of them are visible). You are presented with ILLUSION that you have a choice. You do not.
        All bread and circuses are made to distract and divide. It creates tension, mistrust, even hate.
        And while you spend your energy hating your “liberal” neighbor, banksters laughing their way to the bank.

        Unless you learn to think for yourself and see the big picture, you will keep blaming whoever happens to be the next scapegoat.
        If I may suggest: try to take emotions, stereotypes and preconceived notions are of your head (at least temporarily), pretend you just arrived to this country, take no sides, remain neutral and see it with new eyes.
        Don’t get caught in small details, see the BIG picture.

          • Wonder how many will bother to watch this…
            Thank you for the link, Toomanyfakeconservatives.

        • very well said Zen Monk
          people who are still buying into the left/right thing
          just don’t get it
          they could take the red pill or they could take the blue pill
          they are eating the blue pills by the handful still

          “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” -Morpheus [1]

          • Thank you, Satori.
            Funny you quoted “Matrix”, I often feel that I am caught in this very movie…
            I chose the red pill but I still didn’t get to the bottom of the rabbit hole. Ans probably never will.

            • Zen
              that rabbit hole is a hell of a lot deeper than we can imagine
              we don’t know the half of it !

      33. Yea, we’re “not there yet” obama. But thanks to you, we are 5 7/8 feet under. Another 1/8 of a foot to go. You must be giddy with excitement.

        I predict no election in November. Fiscal crisis or some other BS excuse will be cited.

        • more and more people are thinking the same thing you are–no elections in November. I truly believe we will be in a martial law situation by then. things are progressing to the downside, in an ever increasing rate. the natives are getting restless.
          I look for a false flag event, to get the sheeple fired up to support a war on Iran. Right now, the vast majority of Americans are sick of war, and the PTB need to get more support for their new war. I don’t think we have long to wait and find out.

      34. ummm
        I hate to bring this up
        for all those speaking out against entitlements and those who use them,you do realize of course that you are probably talking about a majority of people on this forum?
        and interestingly enough
        people protesting the loudest are often on one or more entitlement programs themselves


        go figure??

        if there is anyone here retired who can afford their own healthcare without using MEDICARE
        show of hands please
        I work in health care
        even a couple of days hospitalization can cost you tens of thousands of dollars
        my 2.5 days was almost $50,000
        while in the hospital I heard a very interesting conversation
        this family was all complaining about Obamacare and government spending blah blah blah
        turned out that their grannie was in the hospital
        and you guessed it
        she was on an entitlement program
        I felt like telling them to put their money where their big mouths were and pay grannies bill themselves
        she was in for about a week
        I’m guessing her bill was about $100,000 or so

        • Satori,
          You NAILED that!

        • well speak for yourself, I am not on any entitlement program, and im sick of working my ass off to fund everyone elses life style, and some how eek out a life for myself and family in the process.

        • satori…I am not on that list either.However, it is getting more and more difficult for those who are not.My wife just spent a night in the hospital and with a $1500 deductible on the insurance, I hate to see the bill.Meds that bill insurance $500 with a copay of $50. I’m sure the copay itself pays what it costs to make and market that pill. The $500 is just pocket money for big Pharma.Burns me up! Rant /off

        • satori
          since you brought up the subject of healthcare can you explain why if you dont have insuance do the hospitals rape you so badly? using your example of a 100k bill i’ll bet the insuance co probably reimbursed the hospital 20k to 30k. my mom had to spend several days in the hospital and the bill was around 40k when they got the paper work the ins co only paid 8k. why is it right that they can bill you anything they want if you dont have ins. shouldn’t everybody be paying the same?

          • Mark, like Satori, you nailed it.

            The hospitals use the euphemism “cost shifting” to describe getting every last dollar out of every person who doesn’t have a contracted discount price.

            If it is an emergency hospitalization, don’t sign any financial agreements. The hospital is obligated under federal law to provide you the emergency care you need. They know it is cheaper to do that than to pay off your bereaved family for a “patient dumping” lawsuit. When the emergency is over, negotiate a lower price…

            If it isn’t an emergency, insist on negotiating the same price as their lowest insurance or welfare discount contract.

          • Mark
            its cost shifting just like John Q said
            they gotta make up the loss somewhere
            and typically people who are uninsured get the bigger bills
            seems like they would get smaller bills to me ?
            and it is a little known fact
            but in many cases you can negotiate a bill down sometimes
            always get an itemized copy and go over it carefully
            there are almost always mistakes,double charges etc
            and some hospitals have programs for people who are indigent
            my hospital is usually pretty good about working with people

      35. Rick Santorum to the rescue! On second thought…. maybe not.

      36. Dear Obama,

        2008 Budget 2.9 Trillion
        2011 Spent 3.8 Trillion


      37. Once the econ0my turned down,both reciprocal methods would become faiure. If goverment spended more money for rescue people and finance sector by increasing the huge nation debt,it would cause more sovereign debt crisis such as that of now.If goverment would not do nothing(no rescue and no bailout),the economy had become rapidly turned more down.Thus the problem is whether larger collapse in late or smaller(??)one in soon. By anyhow,the global debts had become too huge to settle down stably due to making too huge monetary asset.This has been entirely due to excess doing by the Global Capitalism without modest.Thus everybody might can understand economy dynamics and required settlement.

      38. Can’t we just trade the blacks to the Chinese and settle the debt? ha More jobs for my white “cracker” ass.

      39. Everything the government says is off by a factor of 66 to 120%. I’m afraid America is done. Though many warned us, the government chose to not only ignor it them, but called them crazy.

        The government claims to know what’s best for us, but can’t even manage their limited roll as defined by the Constitution. We have entered a hard tyranny.

      40. Obama is THE Welfare and food stamp president. He will be re-elected easily. The dead beats and africans will come out in droves and vote for him again, cause they don’t want the tit to be took away.

        And in 2013, when the SHTF, he will once again blame it on George Bush. And the sheep will believe him.

        • ummm
          I hate to bring this up

          “Republicans and Democrats, let’s all get together, review that umbers don’t lie. Under the food stamp president, spending increased by more than $19 billion. The number of people using the program increased by 11 million people and the amount of the benefit increased by a historic amount not seen in the last 30 years,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said on the House floor.

          “We may not like the fact, but sometimes the truth hurts,” he said. “And here we have him, the food stamp president of the United States. Yes, George W. Bush is the food stamp President of the United States. Under the food stamp President George W. Bush we spent more money, had more recipients and gave each recipient more money for food.”



          however the race is pretty close
          Obama may win the title yet !

          • you’re still playing the politics game as if that actually matters. it doesn’t. Everyone is getting screwed by the powers that be, regardless of political belief. These scum bags in power keep the regular people in distraction, by making them think there are actually some difference between the two parties. There aren’t. the same people control both. Wake up. All the presidents are controlled by the elites, and are just another puppet. forget about the republican this, or democrat that. There is only one party in Washington–it’s the Republicrats.

            • greaseman, its good to see somebody who understands what the real problem is. I get so tired of both the partisan and anti-Obama crap. I dont understand how people honestly believe things will be good if only the sitting president were out? Congress is just as corrupt and inept as this president, likely far more so, and they ALL have the same masters. Until people can see this our many problems wont ever be addressed because they will never be properly recognized for what they truly are.

          • Hey, not to bash your point as I agree R or D doesn’t matter when it comes to bankrupting our nation. But I always get a chuckle when I hear total hypocrisy spew from our politicians mouths. Gutierrez (D-IL), is credited for running workshops in his district that has helped 50,000 illegals, uh, I mean immigrants apply for citizenship. He is an open boarder kind of guy and if he gets his legislation to pass allowing illegal aliens to gain citizenship(just for making it over the border with out being caught) you’ll see the foodstamp rolls probably double. And I’m sure he’d brag about it.

        • Stan…Foodstamps…The modern day breadlines

      41. I have adopted a method of operation when dealing with anything the government says. If you want to know the truth, believe the exact opposite of what those crooked, low life, scum bag, fascist, thieving , sob’s say. This method has proved accurate, over and over.
        I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but this lame stream media spin on how things are improving, is getting so ridiculous, as it defies even rudimentary common sense evaluation. I would laugh at what I hear, except the reality of the situation is so stark.. The other sad fact is how many people still believe this crap. Ignorance is bliss, and we have a lot of citizens in a blissfull place.
        None of this is going to turn out well at all. At least we have figured that out, and can prep in some way for what is to come. good luck.

      42. Reply to Zen Monk. I am not in The USA but do watch events there closely and am some what befuddled. Both your political parties seem to be unable to act or desire to act against the puppet masters who are bringing in the new world order.The citizens have been divided and are now on the very edge of total destruction. Western Civilization by its very complexity is in deep doggy doo doo. Keep prepping and the best of luck to all. Crafty.

        • You know what’s funny, Crafty Aussie? You can see it from the outside, but majority of citizens on the inside have no clue.
          I worry about them. Many will not know what hit them.

          We are in deep doodoo, I agree. And I don’t see any solutions to current problems as long as the same people who created them continue to be in charge.
          Best of luck to you too. This too shall pass.

      43. If I am not mistaken, I read that 80,000 people in Michigan will lose their unemployment benefits soon. What are those people going to do to raise their families? Steal!!! The end is on the way. If we make it through the next election, they will start cutting the welfare state. When that happens, that will signal the beginning of the end

      44. Wonder if BO underestimates his golf score as badly as he does recessions?

        Fat girl trying to squeeze into size 4 jeans- “I underestimated how many milkshakes I had. We all did.”

        How about clockng in an hour late for work- “Sorry boss, I underestimated what time it was. We all did.”

        Drunk driver to cop- “Guess I underestimated how many beers I had. We all did.”

        Truck driver at a weigh station- “Must have underestimated how much freight I loaded. We all did.”

        Guy in bankruptcy court- “I underestimated how much money I earned. We all did.”

        Beauty pageant loser- “I underestimated how ugly I was. We all did.”

        Condemned man standing before God- “Lord, I underestimated how many sins I committed. We all did.”

        (oops. scared myself with that last one. gonna go read my bible and lay down…)

      45. @SmokinOkie

        “We all did.”

        Y’all Beware!

        • The hypocracy of politicians, especially BO is so obvious it’s pathetic. When it’s time for blame it’s always somebody else. Or ‘we all did’ as if nobody could have done any better. When it’s time for sacrifice or to clean up a mess, it’s always ‘us’ or ‘shared sacrifice’ or some other nonsense. And when it’s time for a speech or a nobel prize or something, it’s always ME. This guy disgusts me. He’s not even a good liar.
          Barry reminds me of a little boy who sets the barn on fire and runs into the house saying “I underestimated the flammability of our barn. We all did. But I have a great plan to fix it! Everybody grab a gas can and follow me. I’ll get it put out in no time.”

          • hypocracy…i mean hypocrisy.
            sumtimes my speling dont be very gud. soon as i get jest a littel bit dummer i’m goin to werk for the gubmint
            (should be any day now)

            • Starkel Starkel, little twink im not sure who the hell I am I think .
              Im not as think as some people drunk I am..desides Ive only had tee martoonies and i got all sober to sunday up in, I fool so feelish I dont know whos me yet..but the drunker I sit here, the longer I get

            • Okie….hypocracy will work….thats just barrys version of democracy…its cool! 🙂

          • SmokinOkie..You have a quick wit. Do you get a lot of windshield time?

            • Way too much time, really. If solitude and contemplation was nickels, I’d could pay off the national debt.

      46. Look at all the nice crisp dollar bills floating around.They make nice comb harmonica’s.Some are so perfect that the vending machine won’t take them.It used to be known that old dollar bills were distroyed,at the same rate that new ones were printed.I’m pretty sure that shit is out the window…Warning lights are going off in my mind..

      47. Lets not conceed a re-election of Barack (Tiger Woods) Obama.It is going to take each and every one of us to get out and vote.I’m looking at it like my vote, is going to cancel out one vote for The Puppet.

      48. The Wall Street moneyed elite realized awhile ago that their profit margins were being squeezed. So instead of trying to make money funding an ever decreasing pool of new businesses, they figured out that a vast new source of income was in paper manipulation…derivative contracts and a variety of other financial slight-of-hand.

        Our government has been employing many of these former banksters and friends-of-banksters in the government at the highest levels. How committed do you think these Wall Street oligarchs truly are to helping create real Main Street jobs and enabling the American economy to actually recover and grow?

      49. Obama says “everyone underestimated it”

        thats pretty funny

        because the only one that matters who underestimated it, is him.

        When your HNIC..its on your back bud..no one elses.

        If I screw up at work..I cant blame it on my workers..

        how about taking some responsibility for once?

      50. we’re so far gone that even Ron Paul can’t save the country from going into a deep depression, but he’s still the best person to put in office before we become a total dictatorship.

        • Great point. I was watching a show just last night and the guest was pointing out that no matter who gets in office, things will be very bad (worse with obama though).

          He also said that if a Republican or a Libertarian gets in office to watch for the Occupy movement to heat up, get very violent and blame govt instead of the banks.

          It’s all part of the plan.

          I think all the candidates running for President are insane. Who in their right mind would take the job right now?!

          • mr blutarsky
            all very good points as well sir. what kind of an idiot would actually want to be president!

        • Correct! +100

          We are doomed, no matter who or what occupies the White House and CONgress next term. To stop the rot, the Federal budget must be balanced, which means an instant decrease in GDP of something like 12%. The social dislocation will be severe, but there it is.

          Right now, all politics is arguing over who gets to sit in the lifeboats. Romney will say the bankers should get first priority, because they’re his best friends. Obama will say the same, and also include the big unions, because they own him, and he’s too weak and stupid to do the right thing. Santorum is a question mark. Newt knows, but can he putt the moxie together to do anything about it? Paul would be assassinated within six months.

      51. Great summary Mac! I’ll be emailing the link to half a dozen unrepentant liberals I know.

        “Annoy a liberal – tell him the truth!”

        • Give ’em the pain Coach!

      52. I’ll bet you all – Obama’s got a nice farm in Kenya (and a crock of gold buried on it!) being tended by relatives just waiting for him to arrive via private presidential jet the day before the lights go out across America.

        He’ll be sitting in a swing on the porch drinking a cool beer telling his Grandkids all about the “ol USA” 30 years from now.

        His family is gonna be OK no matter what happens.

        • Sorry to disagree with you lonelonmum, but I truly believe he has sold his soul to the devil. Therefore, he will be in a world of shit when God takes total control and binds everything that is evil for a thousand years. I also believe, as the generation of the fig tree, that the time is about up. No big flashy smiles from the false one deceiving the sheeple much longer.

      53. This is a recovery, alright!

        Food Lion supermarket chain has just closed over 100 stores. Laying off close to 5000 employees. Sears/K Mart is facing the same cuts. I took a walk around the neighborhood to find 12 homes boarded up and the condition of many properties were a sight to behold. Don’t see many lawncare trucks anymore. Trash everywhere.
        In a major mall there was gunfire with one injured, while across from the mall, two strong arm robberies within two days. Looking at the crime stats of my area, one should arm themselves. Our foodbanks are at their limit and a job fair at the library was packed with people searching for a job application. Our homeless problem is so bad that a transient took a crap in a large flowerpot outside a fine restaurant downtown. They are stealing the manhole covers, sewer grates, guard rail supports and air condition units for the metal to sell for scrap. I predict that driving off from the gas pump without paying and the puncturing of gas tanks to steal fuel, is in the near furture. Has anyone noticed the increase of vehicles, needing repair on the roads?
        The ones with squeaking shaking parts, bashed in rear, front ends, balled tires but still have their throbbing music.
        The bailouts of GM and Chrysler, foreign banks, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were underestimated? The passing of NAFTA, GATT and WTO also underestimated?
        Most favorite nation trade status to China, Underestimated?
        I would say that given an amount of equal time of this Presidency, devoted to economics and world events, that anyone of us would do a better job, without blaming others, to correct our current affairs, if we were to become President.
        It could be argued that the President is only as good as his advisors, but this is not an excuse when things go bad for so long.
        Our President has not been living in a shell or under a rock. He is privy to more information than we can dream of in our lifetime. Underestimation is a word that should not be in his vocabulary.
        Maybe he should walk his neighborhood once in awhile.

        • Slingshot; excellent post. I’m giving my thumbs up to you here by saying thanks for your post.

      54. F – BO and anybody that voted for him




      56. I find it interesting that the news every day is now telling us how great things are…the Stock Market is up, unemployment is down, housing is recovering, etc.
        We are not seeing it in the real world are we ? I graduated with a BS in Business Economics in 1983 from
        WVU . Not by any stretch an Ivy League School. What I learned in Economics 101 is that all of what Obama has been doinsincece he took office…is totally backwards to running a free markecapitalistst economy. I don’t think any of us on this page have been surprised in the least.
        The idea deficitite spending & trillion dollar additions year after year to the national debt….is just not a working plan. It reminds me of being in Las Vegas…watching somebody double down on a loosing game.
        We have our friend Manos giving us reports from the front lines of total economic collapse for some time now. I pray for him & all the Greek people who were lead down this road by lying politicians. We are in the same boat, just a couple miles behind. The Fed continues to prmoneyonet to buy out expanding debt. Fuel prices are going to go up dramatically….which will affect all of us. We just need to keep on prepping & be ready to hang on for the ride. 6 Flags will not have anything like this.
        Montgomery County Texas.

      57. For those that like to study people when they are lying, here is a perfect opportunity. Watch Obummers face/actions as he tells his story here KNOWING he is lying. Learn from it.

        • And look to see if they are a sociopath. You can tell that if their third finger is longer than their index finger. Not THAT finger….the third one.

      58. Wait until they figure out we probably shouldn’t have bought into the ENTIRE globalism farce, given our jobs away, and lowered our standards beyond repair. I know, shocking isn’t it. Who knew? Five million unemployed manufacturing workers knew. That’s who.

      59. Obama made it all worse. Rush Limbaugh said months ago that eventually Obama would claim it was worse than anyone knew.

      60. “Cutting Through the Bullshit”

        The attack on the Twin Towers on 911 changed everyone’s lives. Setting in motion an array of transitions that we now endure. An education of how really the world runs. Unintended consequences and domino effects that we still try to run from today.
        Does America have the Grit to see it through turbulent times?
        I worked for the Department of Defense. A journeyman mechanic with a few years of military service to boot.
        We watched the horror on closed circuit television. Emotions ran high and almost all production stopped for the day. If Admiral Yamamoto’s quote as to “Awakening a sleeping giant”, we were about to repeat History.
        At this point I realised that there are those who think that Government employees don’t do squat and I will agree there is plenty of waste.
        The couple of days passed and then a Navy Admiral and Captain showed up and addressed the workforce. They were from the Pentagon. Told all of us that we were in for, “The Long Haul”. Twelve hours on and twelve off. Seven days a week to the end. We had meetings where just the mechanic’s talked to these military officials without management. No more RED TAPE. The pace of the workload picked up.
        Parts from the aircraft corporations flowed in as the WAR RESERVES were unleashed and we went to work. Later on we were told of how bad things were in the fleet aviation.
        As I remember, about thirty eights days and people started falling out. We were plumb dog tired. But we worked through it and at nine months things slowed down as the retrograde (Bad Parts) became non-existant.
        I have no idea how many aircraft components we produced. Thousands.
        Jet engines rolled to the test cell in 1.5 days instead of five. Every two days the flatbed trucks rolled on.
        For the first time the complete fleet of EA-6B Prowlers was up and flying.

        I am Proud to have been part of that workforce.

        This is not a story about what we have done, but what we can do given a clear objective.

      61. Obama reminds me of Hillary Clinton in many ways. When speaking to an audience, she says exactly what she thinks they want to hear, no matter how big the lie. (Remember she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary? She and Chelsea came under sniper fire in Kosovo?) Obama is the same way. No honor, no truth, no morality and hopefully, no future.

      62. When Obama was first elected i told everyone at the bar that he would be the best president since Jimmy Carter.

      63. Greetings Everyone!!!
        Not to burst anyone’s bubble but,
        after a few years of massive deflationary down-sizing(think 75%) things might just IMPROVE!(I can hear the enraged screams of a number of die-heard TEOTWAWKI believers as I write this).I won’t put a firm date on when it could happen(5-10 years,pick the one that suits you).BUT,things will finally bottom out and the excesses of both the UBER-RICH and the masses(98%) at the bottom will be rung out sooner or later.The U.R.(see term in last sentence)are gonna find the the savage beast we call D.C. will turn on them in the end.And those folks know every trick to hide wealth,as well as how to “extract” it.The political landscape will no doubt change.Into what?Who knows?But certain things do seem have a way of being repeated over and over again(I suspect it’s “hard-wired” into us,but again God knows and he didn’t leave a detailed assembly manual,just the good Book on how we should act).Some of us over the age of sixty may not even be alive when it happens.When you see “preppers”(TV style,no telling how many actors are “salted” in among these folks!)then things are beginning to have a sea change,quite like the Tsunamis we’ve all witnessed.Seemingly slow moving from a distance till it arrives at your feet.
        Just a alternate view,(since I’m NOT claiming to talk to GOD for a time and place,I no doubt may be wrong)Subject to changes.
        My Best to All
        Hope You and Yours are both safe and well fed.

      64. The only thing that was truely underestimated was just how evil this kensian kenyon really is and the damage he will do! 🙁 ….we all didnt….

      65. Stockades with portholes for your viewing pleasure in the town square . Add politicians, local officials, school boards and such. Save dinner scraps and bring to square each evening for entertainment and to develop a strong bond amongst concerned members of the community. No TV necessary ,this will be a realtime reality show that has meaning and will help the community heal from the cancer perpetuated by these individuals. Think of it as chemo catharsis of the political control of your community. Those of us at the town square will re educate the people about the constitution and what it stands for.Thats tough love. Love it or leave it. Don’t tread on me!

      66. The internationally-reknowned elites of global wealth and corporate industry who own the MSM, the elected officials, the companies we work for and the very oil in the ground….including Americans….can and will throw the entire middle-class under the bus if they think they will be richer and more powerful for it in the end.

        Obama is just a dark-skinned sock-puppet keeping up the illusion that we have a functioning democract instead of a hologram.

        I just wonder if TEOTWAWKI will be like the Bosnian civil war or more like Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”.

      67. I came across this one again, words, just words,
        “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure,” he said. “It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.” -Senator Obama

      68. @ Jim : Yes…this is very true. If we listed all of Barry’s lies ….we would all need to go but computers with larger hard drives…to process the data. I have got to the point that I can’t even stand to hear his voice. I have to change channels. After 4 years of Lies & Arrogant Condescending Lecturing & Class Warfare…I just can’t take it anymore. I pray that we can toss his butt out & get a better leader.
        Montgomery County Texas

      69. by now does anyone think were not in a depression?

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