Marc Faber Says President Obama is a Prostitute

by | Jan 26, 2011 | Marc Faber | 38 comments

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    Referenced via The Daily Crux with transcription and commentary provided by Zero Hedge:

    Earlier, Marc Faber appeared on Bloomberg TV, in what may go down in history as his most scandalous interview ever. When asked, in advance of the SOTU address, what he thinks of the president, Faber, who appears to have had enough with all the bullshit, propaganda, and lies, replies:

    I think he’s done a horrible job and I think that will continue, I think he is a dishonest person, and nothing has changed… Some politicians are more honest than others. I don’t think that I have a very high regard for politicians, I have a high regard for businessmen and for people who work, and not for people who abuse the system continuously. And in comparison to other politicians, I think he came in on a platform as a president that would want to change the government in Washington, and actually he’s made it worseWe foreigners, we just laugh at someone like Mr. Obama. I was very critical of Mr. Bush, but at least he had one line and he stuck to that line, and at least he set out to do a thing and he was relatively straight on the thing that he did. He may have been wrong, but at least he didn’t change his mind continuously, and didn’t prostitute himself.”

    If nothing else, how many other people do you know who will compare, in front of a live Bloomberg audience, the president of the formerly greatest country in the world to a whore?

    As for what Faber thinks the real state of the union address should be, he says:

    “I think what should happen in the US is for the president to tell the US, you have to tighten your belts. ‘We have to go through hard times for 5 years to repair the damage that was committed over 20-25 years by the Federal Reserve, by the Treasury, by the politicians, and somebody has to tell the truth. But the politicians keep on fueling the illusion that you can spend yourself out of the misery, and that by printing money you will improve the economy, which is not the case.”

    On the topic of the Fed and relative performance:

    You don’t know. Maybe [Bernanke] will resign. After he sees the disaster he has created he may resign. Or he may be disposed, who knows. But all i want to say is in terms of investments we have a very interesting situation, because from the March lows, the EM universe has performed fantastically well, and industrial commodities have done fantastically well, and the US has underperformed everything. And now we have a change: the US may outperform, it may not go up, but may go down less than emerging markets.

    On his latest opinion on Treasurys

    In the long-run, for sure US Treasurys and most government bonds are a suicidal investment. But as a shorter-term timeframe, and I think for the next three months or so, I think we have a situation where stock markets have become very overbought, and emerging markets in January, most of them failed to make new highs above the November, December highs, and recently some of them have sold off very considerably, plus the Chinese market is giving you a signal that something is not right in the Chinese economy, because it is going down. For the next three months you have to shift out of the Emerging Markets, they may correct 20-30%, out of industrial commodities, on a relative basis. And I think the sentiment, just recently, was overly optimistic on the reflation trade, and overly negative about treasury bonds, so treasury bonds right now are oversold, and as of tonight I got the buy signal on US Treasurys. I think Treasury are the best place for the next 3 months, as is the US dollar. I think a correction is coming in the range of 10% in the S&P and 20-30% in the emerging markets.

    On all the current batch of Davos participants:

    I dont think the ‘thinkers’ are in Davos. I think it’s a group of liars, and people that go along with the system, and perpetuate fraud and abuse, and dubious practices in the financial system.

    As for what he thinks of Keynesianism, and gold, well, we’ll just let you hear that for yourselves.


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      1. Well, OF COURSE Obama is a prostitute……nobody gets in that chair that isn’t bought and paid for……but at least he is OUR ‘ho…….maybe………except for that ‘place of birth’ issue……

      2. Comments…..I hope, 4 years from now, ppl will throw nickels in his lap.

      3. I’m amazed that those 2 at bloomberg went to collage and do this for a living, yet have no clue on what Marc Faber is saying.
        I have a government run high school diploma and understood exactly what Mr. Faber was saying.
        Don’t get me wrong…I too was clue-less for many years, I now realilize how stupid I was.

      4. It will all fall up before it falls down.  I want to read the last chapter first but it’s in braille, a foreign language and has been encryptioned.

      5. All of this gives Ho Hos cakes a bad name.

      6. Prostitute, Whore, Politician, Government..Lawyers, Judges and theifs..sounds about right and its what ive been saying about this government way before he fucked it up..more.

        Tell us something we dont know…and make it good news for a “change”

      7. obama is my hero.  he is doing everything  just right.  some of my neighbors refer to obama as a “jigolo” or a “toyboy”. this is disgusting. his appointment of daley to manage the white house affairs and his appointment schedule is perfect.  now only the real important people will get to see obama. obama’s cooperation with the federal reserve money adjustment policies and our powerful investment banks like goldman-sachs and j. p. morgan is  enabling america to recover from the slight housing problem caused by fannie-mae trusting all those crooked american citizens to tell the truth on mortgage loans.

        goldman-sachs and j. p. morgan have been instrumental in market stability by their microsecond equity buying and selling practices something like a huge capacitor does in electronic circuits. they also engage in much needed naked short selling of precious metals which stabilizes the prices of gold and silver relative to the dollar. 

        obama’s personality is perfect for the job of america’s president. while allowing a secret unregulated megatrillion dollar derivatives market to make major adjustments in america’s real wealth obama smiles and shakes hands and exudes confidence. what more could we ask for?

      8. Obama is attempting to prove to America that he has shifted to the middle so he can get re-elected in 2012.  DO NOT BELIEVE HIM!  

        This leopard will never change it’s spots.  He is a big government, big spender, redistribution of wealth marxist.  If re-elected he’ll be right back to the same tricks.  We need to remove him from that burden & vote him out in 2012.

        Worst President Ever.  (Georgia thanks you obama, for taking that title from Jimmy Carter.  We can finally live down that legacy).

      9. Mushroom:  His picture signing an autograph on an Air Force One napkin…  GA Mom:  That last sentence was funny!  I feel your pain & I’m not even from GA.

      10. Comments…..Ga, mom, please. don’t be so hard on Ga. i love the state, I agree, I thought  Mr. Peanut was the worst to come along, geeze, I was wrong, this interloper is by far the worst I have ever see. I will go one step farther, and it is embarassing, how in the world could we as Americans, with some of the best minds in the world, elect, this, this, caraiture at best, for president (lower case for emphasis), to lower the standards of the White House?

        i just returned from a business trip in Great Britian, and yes, they have problems, but I don’t think the world ever looked up to them remotely as much as America. The British are very concerned for our country, as the told me, “when America coughs, all other countries get’s the cold”.


      11. GA Mom, I know what you mean. When I was a little boy, growing up in Decatur, we were proud that a Georgia boy had been elected president of the united States. It turned out to be a disaster. And… I expect Carter to be the last president from Georgia in many many years.

        In the same way, as much as I would support a Walter Williams presidential candidacy, I expect Obama will be the last black president for decades to come.

      12. Leave it to Mushroom for the best critical analysis.  He should be a regular character on this blog, because he is so frickin’ funny.  Thanks Mushroom.  I await the next one.

      13. Comments….. Ron Jones said: In the same way, as much as I would support a Walter Williams presidential candidacy, I expect Obama will be the last black president for decades to come.

        I agree with that statement.  Unfortunately, the Repuglicans don’t have a viable candidate for 2012.  I fear Obumma will win another 4 years. If that’s the case we better HOPE that the Dumbocrats don’t have the majority in either house.

      14. is it just me, or is it time for TREASON trials?

      15. Ron,  Walter Williams is a warmonger and supports outsourcing.  He’s the same corporate shill as Obama.

      16. There are a few good conservative candidates on the horizon – Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Ron Paul (libertarian). 

        Even Donald Trump is saying he might run on the republican ticket. While not my first choice, I’d take him over the community organizer any day.  At least he understands making a dollar or two.  He’s a tough negotiator.  I heard an interview with him the other day & he would NOT be putting up with this crap from the Chinese.

        I think a sock puppet could beat obama.

      17. Comments….. Donald Trump supports that monster Rahm Emmanuel – Obumma’s former right hand man.  No F’ing way would I support trump.  Face it people, the Repuglicans don’t have a viable candidate.  We’re going to get another 6 years of Obumma and Mulechelle.  Get yourself prepared to accept that fact.  I don’t see a miracle happening here.  As I said before, we better get the majority in both houses.  Otherwise there’s a new Obumma agenda – total socialism.

      18. A sock puppet with room temperature mashed potatoes.  I can’t blame the Chinese.  What have they done to us?  Buy our T bills, make Mr. Wallmart’s kids rich, clone anything & ensure their people are educated?  They WILL have a population problem that will pop some day.  The food inflation is becoming a problem for their poor right now.

      19. We could dig up Calvin Coolidge with Ronald Reagan as VP, with Bachman, Jindal, Ron Paul and Rubio in critical cabinet posts, and we’d STILL have already driven off the debt-cliff.
        Hyperinflation is coming.  Prepare yourself as best you can, and see you all on the other side of the famine.

      20. I agree with Marc Faber that Obama is a prostitute. The only difference is that we’re paying a PREMIUM price with no happy ending in sight.
        P.S. If Obama is the hooker, who’s the pimp?

      21. NWFisher: The ganster banksters are the “pimp”. Obama gives our money to them.

      22. Too bad people feel let down. It was not like y’all were not warned what this Chi-town hoodrat would pull, but I can understand people not realizing the depth of the corruption involved. He has guaranteed several things: one: Americans will be broken for a long time. two: there won’t be a black President elected in out lifetimes. three: the next POTUS will be a SOB because we’ll elect ANYTHING to replace this loser.

      23. @GA Mom: Really like your posts. Just curious…what town (or area) do you live in? I am in North Alpharetta.

      24. i live on saint lawrence island, ak.

        where do you live…

      25. All politicians are the scum of the earth;   parasites; some worse than others.  Boycott the polls;  I have for twenty five years.  Live for self/family, low key preps., close like minded friends,  and enjoy every day (golf, travel, dining, sports)  Nothing more can be done, patriots have failed miserably in the last fifty plus years when patriot groups started to form; and no results were ever seen.  Got it folks?  If ya don’t you’re morons. Politicians work for the banks and large corp. (whores)

      26. Not very nice comparing obama to prostitutes… least the “ladies” provide something “someone” wants and “they” are not pretending to be anything but what they are……not so our fearless leader 😉

      27. I used to live in Alpharetta – in Medlock Bridge.  We are in Augusta now.  And thanks!

      28. Sorry, above post was for the baroness

      29. I are not a moron!  Bigfisher:  According to my 8 Ball, “Fed Reserve Bank” or “Ask again”.

      30. Reb,
        You got a good point there. It’s not fair to compare Obama to a hooker. Most of them are much better folks compared to what sits in the Oval Orifice. They can also speak their mind without a teleprompter.

      31. @NW Fisher
        I agree with Marc Faber that Obama is a prostitute. The only difference is that we’re paying a PREMIUM price with no happy ending in sight.
        P.S. If Obama is the hooker, who’s the pimp? 

        Fed Reserve..and the owners of it all..Banksters if you will..Rothchilds..etc..

      32. Obama is not a prostitute, he is a seventyeen year old freshman girl at an Ivy League university, who hates her father even though “daddy/govt.” has supported her for her entire life. Never earning her spending money or expense account, beleives in giving daddys money to the poor, exploited, unemployed by choice, unfortunates that pull at her heartstrings……In the words of one of his kindres sorority spirit sisters, “He’s Hot.”

      33. Forgive the previous spelling mistakes, I’m not an Ivy leaguer, so my plagiarism skills are not as well honed as “whore second class” v.p. Joe B. who thinks every thing the POTUS does & says is “a big fu<k!&g deal.”

      34. GoldenFox : re your comment that the Rep don’t have a good candidate….
        ANYONE WHO IS NOT OBAMA is acceptable. I really mean that. At this point anyone who is not a far leftist, who is a centrist, would be an improvement. Even if he was a complete incompetent it would be better than someone who is actively trying to move us to marxism.

      35. As violence grows in the streets, it will overflow into D.C. There is lots of violence coming, and the government is not going to know how to handle it and will handle it wrong, too. Our country is dead.

      36. The British would expand themselves to death, the Germans would arm themselves to death, and the Americans would loan themselves to death.
        Author unknown…

      37. GA Mom left out Alan West

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