Jim Rogers Says Buying China Shares Right Now is Like Jumping In Front of a Moving Bus

by | Jul 22, 2009 | Jim Rogers | 4 comments

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    The Indiana Jones of Finance, Jim Rogers, gives his thoughts on China, the global economy and what he expects in the future. (Bloomberg July22, 2009).

    I have not bought any Chinese shares since November of last year… But would i buy them now? Absolutely not. Stocks have doubled in China in the last 9 months. So no, I’m not jumping into a moving bus.

    For those who regularly follow Jim Rogers, this is a statement you may not expect to be hearing right now. But it seems that China is becoming very overbought for the moment based on the same green shoots we are hearing about here in the States. In an interview on CNBC July 16, Dr. Marc Faber, another China bull, also suggested China should see a significant correction in the near future (no exact time frame given).

    Decoupling theorists beware – China is a bubble. This is a global crisis, and as forecaster Gerald Celente has suggested, the coming depression will affect everyone, everywhere. When the financial markets in the USA finally collapse, there is almost no doubt that China will falter, as well.

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      1. Idiots…. I watched the video you are talking about. He did not say that. He said it will be like “jumping INTO a moving bus” indicating that he does not buy when something has already had a sustained rally -  BIG difference from “jumping IN FRONT OF a moving bus”. He also said he is not selling his China shares either. I suggest getting more personally involved in your work and actualy LISTENING before publishing total crap like this.

      2. Thanks for the commens AS. I’m glad we could make you feel better about yourself and your intellectual superiority.

        Though the title of the blog post does say “In Front” the quote as noted in the post is “So no, I’m not jumping into a moving bus”…

        Nonetheless, the end result of the action one should or should not take is the same, no?

        Essentially — don’t buy China right now because of the sustained rally thus far.

        Is that about right? Sounds like we have come to the same conclusion based on the same interview, making us both….. idiots? Welcome to the club.

      3. Actually, I don’t feel better… especially after reading your reply. Leaving out the fact that he said he wasn’t selling his China shares either is just telling half the story. Once again, pay attention. Also, if you are gonna misquote someone its best not to make the misquote your HEADLINE (just a little hint). Have a nice day!

      4. Not enough time to transcribe 30 minutes of interview — so my apologies on that. The point is for readers/viewers to watch the video, not for me to transcribe the whole thing.  “Jumping into a moving bus” just doesn’t make as much sense unless it is in the context of the JR interview — so i want with jumping in front of the bus.. sue me. Thanks for visiting, thanks for your comments. chill out, enjoy, and feel good about it. I am sure you got much more of what you needed by watching the interview and not my personal opinions and comments anyway.

        Let’s all sit down and have a beer with BHO and all should be ok.


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