September Song

by | Aug 31, 2010 | Howard Katz | 11 comments

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    Editor’s Note: The following article has been contributed by Mr. Howard Katz and is a part of his regular weekly columns.

    The time has come. Look to the skies.
    The price of gold is on the rise.
    In bullish years, on Labor Day
    The price of gold becomes in play.

    And yes, when all is said and done,
    The loser is Al Abelson.
    He sold his gold in late July.
    Already he’s begun to cry.

    The trend of gold in season fall,
    The trend it is the best of all.
    So, gold bug now uplift your hope.
    I know that you are not a dope.

    Oh, people, people can’t you see?
    The evil name is Bernanke.
    He’s very busy printing dough,
    And there is much that he don’t know.

    Money’s doubled since ’08.
    Counterfeiting is our fate.
    Can’t measure the exact supply
    Because it was their choice to lie.

    Demand deposits are not time.
    Please listen to my little rhyme.
    Demand deposits, money yes.
    They’re part of money we confess.

    And when that money hits the street,
    Then all will know that they do cheat.
    The price of goods will start to rise.
    So call your broker, give him buys.

    Commodities will lead the way.
    Commodities, that’s what I say.
    Coffee’s what it’s all about,
    And silver threatens to break out.

    To this conclusion I have come.
    Commodities in pendulum.
    Commodities go up in price.
    Producer prices, very nice.

    And then Consumer Price Index
    Will follow, Bernanke to vex.
    We’re coming to election time,
    And what they do is just a crime.

    But this year I am not a dope,
    And I can see that there is hope.
    Like back in year of seven-three,
    We see the rise of Tea Party.

    The socialists, they shout “unfair.”
    They’re falling with Obamacare.
    We see the rise of Party, Tea.
    It’s on the side of you and me.

    So call your broker on the phone.
    Tell him that you’re not alone.
    Tell him please to buy some gold
    ‘Tis how my story does unfold.

    We study year of seven-nine
    When price of gold was mighty fine.
    The CPI 13.3.
    A bad, bad year for thou and she.

    Yes, bad, bad year for thou and she,
    But good, good year for him and me
    Because with winter getting cold,
    We called our broker, bought some gold.

    By Jan. of ’80, very nice.
    We bought the paper, checked the price.
    We bought the paper, checked the date.
    Gold price was up by 3.8.

    Oh, golly, gee, shades of Al Gore.
    It multiplied by almost 4.
    And we were happy, sakes alive.
    It hit a peak, 875.

    So what will happen, years to come?
    When CPI is on the run?
    We’ll see a bullish move in gold,
    And silver also will unfold.

    July a breakout came in wheat,
    Which maketh up the food we eat.
    And reader do not be forlorn.
    Another breakout looms in corm.

    All eyes are now on HUI,
    And we are not about to cry.
    Ascending triangle in place.
    Bernanke we are in your face.

    The price objective line stands tall.
    It rises fast; it does not fall.
    In span of 2 years I will cry,
    8,000 in the HUI.

    8,000 HUI comes soon.
    Gold stocks going to the moon.
    And then all gold bugs will be rich.
    But rest of country in the ditch.

    Ascending triangle in gear.
    Breakout looking very near.
    My guess, October or Novem,
    A breakout that will be a gem.

    One problem that doth folks perplex,
    Some action in CDNX.
    The junior golds, I’ll tell you how,
    Are acting better than the Dow.

    And when these junior golds get hot,
    Then you will be so glad you bought.
    They gather strength, and then they fly.
    And you’ll be glad that you did buy.

    Republicans now look true blue,
    In House and maybe Senate too.
    The changes now in old D.C.
    Portend big things for you and me.

    Is balanced budget coming through?
    Is gold standard the thing to do?
    Is Fed permitted or allowed?
    How do we make the nation proud?

    To answer questions, here’s the gist:
    The One-handed Economist.
    Fortnightly letter, out we send,
    Which forecasts what facts now portend.

    The price of letter, listen clear,
    It is 300 bucks per year.
    Go to website, press Pay Pal.
    It’s open both to guy and gal.

    The address starts, 3 Ws
    And ends DOTcom; please do not lose.
    Thegoldspeculator is rest.
    Of newsletters it is the best.

    You may subscribe by U.S. post.
    The address, well it is the most.
    The One-handed Economist
    Doth send things out to mailing list.

    Nashua Street, its 614,
    And if you want to know some more.
    PO Box number 122.
    And that is all you have to do.

    It’s town of Milford, sakes alive,
    In zip code 03055.
    Free State (New Hampshire) is address,
    And that is all I do confess.

    And if you choose the U.S. post,
    Then I would like to really boast.
    Subtract 10 bucks from total cost.
    Just so that mail don’t get lost.

    I thank you, sir, for reading song.
    Hope you and I will get along.
    Gold’s going up; I tell you that’s
    The honest truth from

    Howie Katz


    614 NASHUA ST. #122
    MILFORD, N.H. 03055


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      1. Silver is up $1.39 in the last week or so.

      2. Yeah. I LIKE silver. Carry a round in my pocket. …plus 600 more at home!!!

        Only 20 ounces of the ETF though. I’m not too trusting of paper silver (or paper anything) these days.

      3. What a barbaric metal.  I don’t own any.  I hear they are still giving it up for paper or electronic digits.  My chemistry teacher say’s that all of the gold & silver is still on this planet except for a few space experiments.  I wonder who possesses most of it?

      4. Your chemistry teacher is right, and wrong.  Most of the gold ever mined is still around in usable form.  Most of the silver ever mined has been “consumed”…..scattered to the wind by using tiny amounts that are now not economical to recover.

        US Geological Survey did a study a few years back, and said they estimated 85 million ounces of silver is tied up JUST in old cell phones laying around in drawers.

      5. Hey NetRanger!, heading off to a side job, and gonna take a round in my pocket too!  Maybe good luck?  We’ll see.

      6. She’s not going to like hearing you say she’s wrong!

      7. Times we live in are getting more and more interesting with every day that goes by. I just wonder exactly how long we have left? I need at least one more week; I have one more FedEx shippment en route and need to make a couple of more trips to my local restaurant supply. Good luck boys and girls.

      8. I understand, Tom.

        But that is the story with silver.  For example, every time you flip a light switch in your house, it’s because there is a tiny coating of silver on the contact points that keeps it from arcing as bad at the make/break point.  But who sends the old ones out for silver recovery ?  Nobody.

        Same with the silver thread used in anti-fungal socks and underwear.  When the clothes are worn out, there simply isn’t enough silver in them to make it recoverable at today’s price.

        Or the coating on ball bearings….which cushions the steel on steel contact points, and makes the bearing last much longer.  Silver “consumed”, but tossed in the scrap pile later.

        And so on for thousands of products for which there is no good substitute for silver.  Silver to the industrial age is almost as important as oil, and that explains how hundreds of years of stockpile has been reduced to not much in this time…..the same time when a couple of third world countries are making a bid for at least 2nd world status ( China/India ).  To do so will require silver that just doesn’t exist…..which is a formula for a price explosion at some point.

      9. I love gold oh yes i do ,
        I scromed and saved and a few,
        I protect it day and night,
        you try to take it,
        ill take your life ,
        but i like its little brother silver to,
        you need to get a stack or two ,
        alli can say is fiat fdolalr will go away,
        Leave you broke and you cant even eat hay
        with that said i hope you know
        You need to get some Silver and Gold ,
        Govermnet come to take the land,
        They really screwed the indian ,
        now they come for you and me,They want our Freedom and dont want us to be Free,
        They create these Sociatic laws,
        which means they have you buy the balls,
        they make you scream when they want,
        then they come to take your Stocks,
        they crash markets, oh yes they do,
        they cause manipulation  and piss on you ,
        so you  now have all been warned,
        Go get your Gold and silver  with no scorn ,
        Because thier allmost ready to send us to hell ,
        One last thing before i go now , 
        Is for you to get some Ammo to,
        Stock it up as though like gold,
        stack real high and get hot loads ,
        Load your clips and clean your Guns,
        because  its time to put those Fools on the run,
        Give no Quarter ,yes sir re,
        Time to hunt  and lets set Everybody Free,
        Together we can do it all ,
        The season now is Fall,Much suffering will be at hand,
        More unemployment comes in waves across the land ,
        More homeless on the street,many without food to eat ,
        so i ask when its time ,
        will you be with me when i rise,
        It will be a few who make that stand, we will fight for our Land ,
        Bloody will be the battle,
        but in the end we will be sitting  high in the saddle,
        Many a  patriot ,they will die,
        many tears will be Cried,
        Once again , it wont be easy ,
        For to lose ones life for  freedom isint cheezy ,
        it comes at a high cost ,
        and it cost much blood,
        the life force for the bodyl and when its gone,
        you are no more ,
        hope peopel will know what you fought and died for,
        no memoruial for me,
        Because i will be truly free,
        For you down here that are left,
        Place a flower on my grave site,
        and never forget,
        When a Comman  took the Stand ,
        Against overwelming odds and with a very  few men ,
        Remember this  as in days gone past , 
        That real men must Resist,
        Its not about taking the red or blue pill,
        Its about changing who runs the hill,
        America will soon depend on us for help ,
        So now we are here at the very end,
        I hope you will listen and learn my friend,
        time is short and not much time, Get prepared and spend some time,
        Loving each other and enjoying what we have,
         because if we fail , then its done ,
        Socialisim and Tyranny is no fun ,
        Destitute as a slave ,you now bow,
         With your knees on the ground,
        You will be totally dependant on a Beast sytem now, 
        Watched, molested and beaten down , 
        Those of who did not make the last stand, 
        condemned man to be government slaves again ,
        the process starts all over and takes hundreds of years , 
        Those of you who like cradle to grave  ,
        will soon learn what it is to be  slave,
        Once again i  urge you to learn ,
        That Fredom  and Rights are worth fighting for,
        Many have sacrafised all for what we have,
        thier spirit is still here and i always think of them , 
        Now were down to tough choices and not much left, 
        So get off your ass and make the stand, 
        Because you are an AMERICAN,
        So dont you forget that , not even for 1 second, 
        You arent fighting alone, 
        and you never give up, 
        We  beat up  the corrupted ones,
        You and i know the ones,
        They make out life misserable everyday  and find ways to screw Us and take our pay ,
        By the time were done,
        They will be bitch slaped and they will be scared and run,
        we will tell them what to do , that s the Way the Constitution was construed,
        Government for the people and by the people  was what it was based on,
        And we got to get back  so that  once we are all done,
        We can have  life ,liberty and the pursuit of fun ,
        Happyness and joy will come back to our land and least not i even forget  the Holy One,
        I will thank him for all that he has done,
        That is if im not in the grave ,
        who fell in the very first  assult wave,
        Thank you for taken the time to read this poem,
        It has vital information in it to help you out,
         so i give  a shout  to the all the True Patriots  in town,
        the ones that will be there when it call comes down,
        stand Ready my Sons and Daughters and hold fast,
        The time is coming and we have to last, 
        This wont be no picnic thats easy to tell,
        Come on lets go , and send them to Hell !

             ““The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men.” -Samuel Adams”


      10. I’ve possessed it since a AG quarter cost a quarter, a dime cost a dime.  Even some nickels that I had to buy, but I don’t own any.  God just lets me use it.  Can’t wait to trade it for a bigger toy.  Nothing inert is created or destroyed.  Man has never created anything & never will.  Nothing can pass away into nothing.  I’ll start getting excited “when” it goes above 50 & below 16/1.  God, economics, physics, emotions.  Get sum, get sum….  Full Metal Jacket

      11. Silver is getting ready to set launch just like the NASA space shuttle.  Keep an eye on US Treasury bonds.  When we start seeing the sell off around the world (especially China, banks & individual holders), this will prepare the launch pad for the silver rocket into the heavens… :)     Jump on as much “physical”  silver as you can afford right now.  Not paper ETF’s, but physical silver.  This time next year, you will be astonished by your decision.   Then pay down as much debt as you possibly can.

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