Guards Were Sleeping During Epstein’s Alleged Suicide, Then Falsified Records To Cover It Up

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Howard Katz | 25 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    In the latest blockbuster report about how the chronic understaffing and mandatory overtime at MCC helped contribute to Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide” (or at least that’s the official narrative that certain parties are trying to push), the New York Times reported on Wednesday that the two guards tasked with monitoring Epstein’s unit were asleep when the pedophile-financier tied a bedsheet around his neck and the other end to a top bunk, before pitching himself forward.

    When the guards awakened after not checking on Epstein for three hours to discover, to their horror, that Epstein had apparently committed suicide, they decided to falsify records to cover their tracks, something that could draw criminal charges, per the NYT.

    Ladies and gentlemen, have we found our patsies?

    The two staff members in the special housing unit where Mr. Epstein was held – 9 South – falsely recorded in a log that they had checked on the financier, who was facing sex trafficking charges, every 30 minutes, as was required, the officials said. Such false entries in an official log could constitute a federal crime.

    In fact, the two people guarding Mr. Epstein had been asleep for some or all of the three hours, three of the officials said.

    The two employees were placed on administrative leave on Tuesday, while Warden of the jail was temporarily reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation, while the Warden of the federal prison in Otisville has been named acting warden of the Manhattan jail.

    Those disclosures came on Tuesday as the two employees were placed on administrative leave and the warden of the jail, the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, was temporarily reassigned, pending the outcome of the investigation into Mr. Epstein’s death, the Justice Department announced.

    One of the staff members who was working to guard Epstein that night was a former corrections officer who had recently taken a desk job inside the prison. But he had recently volunteered to cover some shifts as a corrections officer once again for the extra overtime pay. The second officer, a woman who was assigned to that wing, had been forced to work overtime because of staffing shortages.

    Prison staff found Epstein, 66, dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, officials said. Earlier reports said staff heard shrieking coming from his cell around the time of his death. He was awaiting trial on charges of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls. Just days before, thousands of pages of documents were released by the US Attorney of the Southern District of New York’s office revealing at least half a dozen new names who had never been associated with Epstein and his sex ring before, including former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and Marvin Minsky, to name a few.

    It’s this particularly curious timing that has prompted some to speculate that conspiracy theories that Epstein was murdered or switched with a body double might be real, since, without Epstein, there won’t be a trial (though AG William Barr has vowed to bring his co-conspirators to justice, his most prominent associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, is nowhere to be found).


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      1. Sure they were….

      2. I wonder what kind of bed sheets they use? Guards probably sleep all the time, Who watches the watchers?

        • Well Jim, since you ask, they use a paper product sheet specifically designed to thwart inmates hanging themselves.
          Feel better now?

      3. I wouldn’t believe any “official” anything about this at this point because it’s intentional disinformation time.

        The knowns:

        1. It was very important to keep Epstein alive for trial.

        2. Despite (1) above Epstein died in captivity by violent means.

        • Kevin 2, B-I-N-G-O-! That’s the takeaway.
          Government thinks we all just fell off the turnip truck.

          • Epstein should have been guarded by US Marshalls 24/7. Attorney General Barr, the highest law enforcement official in the land could have had that done with his signature; Epstein was in Federal hands. Inaction is an action. For practical purposes, despite assurances to the contrary, no one in real power wanted Epstein to go to trial and expose who, what, when, where and why.

          • The,”how did the suicide occur”, is being scrutinized repeatedly and each utterance drowns out “murder”. “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

            In the end Epstein died by violent means while in government controlled captivity. The result is that he will not stand trial.

      4. Couldn’t they be a little more original? That is what the elites claimed when Jesus’s body disappeared from the tomb.

      5. The official cause of death should be quite amusing.

      6. So this is how stupid our minders think we are.
        Sit down, watch the pap, wait for a commercial and then move on to the next thing.
        These are the same tactics used by Barry, Hillary, ValDar, and all the rest of the RAT scabs of the deep state. There are the lamp posts, but nobody has any rope.
        Wait though, the fellow who did Epstein’s autopsy will soon be found dead.

        • “So this is how stupid our minders think we are.”

          They don’t care what we think. We aren’t in charge. They are.
          Marty Armstrong nails it again with his prophesy.

      7. He’s either really dead, or hiding out somewhere. I’d wager probably dead, as he had a lot of dirt on a lot of rich and powerful people, all rats.Oh…and perverts.

      8. Well, of course they were sleeping!

        What else would they be doing after having been handsomely paid (six to seven figures likely) to do so?
        If I were AG Barr – or Durham – I would have a flag placed on the guard’s financial transactions…forever. Sooner or later ‘inconsistent with income’ transactions will come through and then I’d have the best team of forensic accounts that money could buy, crawl up those guys like a proctologist.
        The permanent problem with corruption is that you ACTUALLY have to PAY people off…and short of bearer bonds cashed out in a third world country THAT leaves a neon trail behind.

        It remains to be seen just how deep the corruption is rooted in the system and it may be that the ‘Cancer’ is too advanced to save the ‘patient’ as has already been pointed out by OS but at this juncture that actually works in ‘We,The People’s’ favor…why? Simple,

        “All that is obtained by LIES must forever be covered up with more of the same until the weight of such brings the entire edifice crashing down…everything obtained through FORCE must be forever more be maintained by ever increasing force until Rebellion is the sole remedy. It is only through free will and openess that anything of permanence can EVER be constructed.”
        Anonymous quote…

        I’m prepared – now – either way it goes, though it would be better that TPTB not engage us to the point of open melee, which Justice Brandeis observed “…invites all men to become a Law unto themselves, it invites Anarchy.” for in such as that lies the seeds of Civil War itself in which the lives lost would be beyond the count of grief.


        • @Yu

          Uh…a 100 high stack of benjamins is about an inch thick by 6 in long by 2.5 in wide. A hundred of those stacks is $1 million. I can pay you off easily with a small suitcase or large briefcase full.

          All you have to do is be judicious in your spending habits over time…We don’t need no stinking neon.


          • Howdy bb,
            Yep…don’t take much space to LOAD somebody up for Life , does it? However, as the investigatice ‘web’ expands – a BIG IF, I’ll grant you – then that’s where it begins to unravel. I don’t know how many here have ever seen what an FA actually does…but from the perspective of criminal endeavor that’s the last guy you want crawling up your nether regions with a microscope. The reason for that is really simple: that art IS a zero-sum game, ie when unaccounted sums go OUT then had to go somewhere. In truth, most people can’t resist the urge to ‘play’ with thier newfound largesse…it’s what get’s them all in the end.
            After all, what good is a Million dollars (or more) if you CAN’T spend it?
            Human nature is a real bitch, ain’t it?
            Remember, the focus isn’t on an individual in these circumstances…it’s on a group and put simoly here it’s practically imposssible to conceal transactions in such a group if you have the slightest clue who’s involved.
            Yep, “It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood…a wonderful day for a Neighbor…”

            Have a GREAT day kiddies, the Show is about to start.


            • I just don’t see it happening. If extra bux are found being spent by some sleepy guards, questions will arise concerning where the money came from. From someone who will be shocked to learn that a FA decided to jump off a tall building?

            • Keep following the story, see if those two guards don’t end up dead sooner or later.

      9. While I find the story of Epstein’s death unbelievable, I do not find the fact the guards were sleeping and falsified logs unbelievable. I am betting it happens on most night shifts in most jails in this country. I worked 40 years of swing shift (though not in jails) half 8 hour shifts and half 12 hour shifts and saw it all the time.

      10. As with other conspiracy theories, the official story is so incredibly stupid, that the people telling it should never be trusted with any moral authority. What you want me to believe is inadequate and expects me to be a dignified person and sit on my hands.

      11. They would of never taken him off suicide watch, he would of been put on it as soon as he was locked up because he was high risk inmate, when my coworkers and I read that he was locked up we all said dead man walking. I work in a prison he was taken out knew to much about the wrong people.

        • 100% correct.
          I am waiting for the evidence that the hall camera has been tampered with.

          Paid for inside job – the fun is just beginning

      12. Lies flow like water downhill to the gullible peon masses. Tainted poisonous water.

      13. HR and a community of interest were also sleeping on the job.

      14. Julian Asange will be the governments next victim.
        They want him dead.
        They will use drugs, starvation, disease, or will suicide him.

        Your government doing what it normally does, Murder, Steal, Lie, cover up, falsify, fabricate, false flag, false narrative. Just another typical day for government criminals. Situation Normal.

        And you wonder why they want your guns?

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