Viruses Don’t Exist and Why It Matters – By Dr. Sam Bailey

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    This article was originally published by Patricia Harrity at The Daily Exposé.

    By Dr. Sam Bailey

    We are now over four years into the COVID-19 fraud and while many things have changed, confusion remains the dominant theme. More people are coming to the realization that there was no pandemic but there are also plenty of people ramping up “bioweapons” and “gain of function” narratives. Amongst this, we have also seen the introduction of a new side-stepping argument that “virus existence is not important”.

    In 2020, we started investigating the virus model and came to the realization that SARS-CoV-2 did not exist. In fact, there was no scientific evidence that any viruses existed, dating back to the late 1800s literature and the so-called Tobacco Mosaic “Virus”. Those critiquing virology have pointed out that no entity that meets the description of a virus has ever been physically isolated. In order to maintain the illusion, the virologists have not performed properly controlled experiments such as those proposed in the “Settling the Virus Debate” Statement. Indeed, Dr. Stefan Lanka has shown that various indirect findings claimed as evidence for viruses are produced by the experimental methodologies themselves.

    In 2022, Mark published A Farewell to Virology (Expert Edition), a formal refutation of almost every aspect of the virus model. As with other works that ‘no virus‘ proponents have produced there has been no direct response to the overall thesis. Instead, we have only seen attempts to change the subject, cloud the established definitions of words, or introduce new unfalsifiable hypotheses. There is no ‘third way’ when it comes to virus existence and this sophistry only distracts from the fact that no ‘pathogens’ of any type have been shown to exist. The real-world human and animal experiments that set out to demonstrate “contagious” entities that cause diseases such as influenza and common colds were monumental flops.

    In this video, we investigate why realizing that viruses do not exist is a pivotal step for reducing fear and creating a better society.


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