Zuckerberg Loses $16.8 Billion As Facebook PLUNGES And Insiders SELL

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Headline News | 48 comments

Mark Zuckerberg has just lost $16.8 billion as Facebook’s stock plunges. Shares of the social media giant dropped 20% late yesterday as the markets closed in New York and insiders have been selling off stocks in record numbers.

Is this news a reckoning for Zuckerberg and other leftists continuing their rampage against free speech?  Possibly.  As people make the move away from Facebook and users feel more disenfranchised, the company is likely to lose even more.

According to Bloomberg, Facebook’s second-quarter revenue and average daily visitors fell short of analysts’ estimates, according to a statement from the Menlo Park, California-based company. Revenue increased 42 percent to $13.2 billion, missing the $13.3 billion Wall Street consensus. The company is grappling with new data laws in Europe, criticism over its content policies and privacy issues.

Back in February of this year, the Deccan Chronicle wrote an article titled “Facebook is going down, Mark Zuckerberg is ‘OK’ with it.”

 People are spending more time on Facebook and other social media platforms instead of doing some fruitful activity in the real world. While this meant good news for Facebook’s business intentions, Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was unhappy about it and has since then worked on making Facebook more ‘meaningful’. And, they already have achieved results. – Deccan Chronicle

So, according to the Deccan Chronicle, Zuckerberg has gotten his wish.  The plunging stocks will hit him in the wallet but don’t be concerned that good old Zuck will be poverty-stricken.  Bloomberg reported that if this downward slide continues through today (Thursday), Zuckerberg may be worth less than $70 billion and he will slide to sixth place from third on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. It would also wipe his $13.7 billion worth of gains for the entire year.

Zerohedge also reported on another potential thorn in Facebook’s side. Facebook insiders have dumped about $4.1 billion worth of stocks since the “scandal” surfaced and the SEC may want to take a look at the reason why this is occurring. Dennis Gartman issued a very prescient and timely warning ahead of Facebook’s earnings. As Zerohedge noted yesterday in their article why Gartman thinks that this is a “This Is A Dangerous Time“, the (formerly) regular CNBC guest pointed out the following troubling fact:

The huge and increasing sales of Facebook by its founder, Mr.  Mark Zuckerberg, over the course of the past several years and most notably over the course of the past several months. When owners sell this aggressively… no matter what the excuse they might give…only the foolhardy do not pay heed.

Gartman wrote the following on the heels of the news that Facebook had lost almost $17 billion:

Facebook closed at 4:00 p.m. at a new all-time closing higher of $217/share, but when the news came out if fell swiftly to $173/share… a loss of just over 20%! This is fascinating in light of the massive “insider selling” of Facebook shares by non-other than Mr. Zuckerberg himself in recent weeks and noted here yesterday.

The selling was of such massive size and such recent hurried nature that one had to take note of Zuckerberg’s liquidation as a clear indication of future potential problems. Those problems were made clear last evening. The SEC may want to take a look!” -Zerohedge

The loss of billions and untimely sell-off of Facebook stocks could very well make Zuckerberg another target.

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    1. Menzoberranzan

      I wish the little prick would lose everything.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Menzo, same here. He definitely deserves whatever is coming to him. Poor NWO/globalist/commie mofo. He can cry me a f#$%ing river! [SARCASM INTENDED]

        • Menzoberranzan

          1 percenters such as him are the world’s problem.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Menzo, it will one day be my pleasure to take out some 1 percenters. The world will be better off.

            • TharSheBlows

              Actually Insiders were selling off Bigtime the week leading up to the big drop. Remember Enron? Insiders the were selling off their stock while at the same time promoting others to buy more Enron stock. Many people lost their entire life savings because they were lied to. Ahhhh Ol’ Kennyboy, the Enron CEO who lent GW Bush use his personal jet for GWBush’s Campaign for President. Its all insider fraud and deceiption.

              Maybe the insiders at FB should be in jail so they can’t enjoy their ill gotten gains. That would remedy the situation. And confiscate their profits to pay for their incarceration.

      • Infidel

        The little turd still has his life. For now.

      • anonymous5

        I’d like to see him living in a refrigerator box.

      • son of a boomer

        Matthew, You’re right. And thanks for the link.

        MZ didn’t program facebook. He stole the idea and the code from the Winklevoss (twins) brothers and one other engineering student on the Harvard campus. MZ only tweaked and upgraded the existing code. These twin brothers and some other engineer had originally named it Harvard Connection and then later renamed it ConnectU as that name made more sense for the general public use. When it was Harvard Connection it was for students only, not the general public. My guess is that was their alpha test before they took it beta under ConnectU.

        But MZ stole it from them when they renamed it ConnectU. The Winklevoss brothers renamed it because they decided they were ready to roll it out the the public and couldn’t use the Harvard name to do that and MZ liked the idea so he just stole it. MZ is a pos.

    2. Traitor Hator

      Corner the eternal rats ,and see what happens? The Sampson Option?

    3. Maranatha

      Facebook is a horror show because it is a crazy monopoly and is made for intel gathering which is sold! This is just a mammoth NSA used commercially. Do people not understand that???

      They actually could sell intel to China on Americans activities! Would you ever encourage the NSA to be a for profit business selling intel on Americans???

      • Menzoberranzan

        No they do not understand and the folks I’ve attempted to explain it to get a glaze over their eyes and seem lost on the information.

    4. grandee


    5. Traitor Hator

      When it comes to it. I’ve kind of settled on the fastest draw full power handgun. And it seems that it’s a 5 shot 44 revolver. Grip access? Always works even if you hit the mag release a little. And have two guns . And more compact ? Speed loaders? For me nothing draws faster. And that might be important.?

      • Menzoberranzan

        I was very proud of the man that was shoved to the ground so violently by one of our 13 percenters. He drew his weapon quickly and made sure he wasn’t given the beatdown. Needs to happen a lot more.

        • Kevin2

          The video when seen in its entirety shows the assailant advancing towards the man he just violently pushed down. The victim on the ground drawls down under this advancing threat. The man shot does appear to back off a second before he was shot. That part is replayed over and over like Travon’s 12 year old face in Goebbels fashion.

          • Menzoberranzan

            It was no doubt justified. If that happens more often these thugs won’t act this way.

    6. Gonetoolong

      So much sympathy from me. Seems like a great guy. Hopefully faceplant is one of those things in my life that I never got involved with and it passes by before I ever do. Kinda like the show Friends or Jersey Shore, never seen an episode.


      Facebook was picked up by the US government, and it is common knowledge funding came from the CIA and other agencies.

      This little boy, Zuckerberg is nothing but the face. Just like SOROS, who takes his orders from the world’s wealthiest family, (who hired him after WW2 due to his gift for languages, etc).

      He is nothing but a “front” for the 1%, just as all Presidents have been since Roosevelt.

      I will believe in justice when Laws are passed labeling this AssBook, as well at Twater and Google as “common carriers” and can not manipulate, alter, delete ANY communication over their “lines”…just like Ma Bell can’t censor me for phone sex, nor can Comcast Cable block my extensive PORN collection (that is a joke for those who can’t get a joke. Why bring up PORN? Since that crap is everywhere on GOOGLE, but we can’t talk about White babies being killed)


      I am also stunned that no group of high school kids has formed their own ButtBook or SnatchChat and put these adults Nazi censors out of business. It really can’t be that hard to create your own social, FREE SPEECH, social platforms. Really.

      Software, memory, and processing are so CHEAP, that I would imagine that a few $thousand can put together numerous social platforms. Where am I wrong? Why is there not more sites?

    8. B from CA


      Bet he reinvests after the stocks drop to practically zero, only to emerge fatter than before, and laughing (at his “stupid” users) all the way to the bank.

      Even if Face and Ass Book folds, this thief CIA operative is still filthy, and I mean dirty money filthy, rich.


    9. Kevin2

      Zuckerberg gave a “me centric” generation a forum to talk about themselves. I have no problem with him making money providing said forum. My issue is censorship of political views contrary to his world vision. If his business, or any subsidiary has business with the government they should be required to conform with the Bill Of Rights where applicable. Its a public forum with virtual monopolistic reach in its unique realm.

      It matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist, fascist, monarchist or capitalist foot. If all of the printing presses were owned by King George’s friends, Thomas Payne “Common Sense” would never have been printed.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Kevin2, agreed about Zuckerberg and Facebook. He’s now getting at least part of what he deserves. What comes around goes around.

        • Kevin2

          While the law is largely moot on Facebook’s selling of data they are being judged in the court of public opinion by their users. User-ship drops and with it income. The collateral damage is stock price. Isolated from reality by wealth and fame, believing in themselves far too much has been the downfall of many. There is no learning curve, it will be repeated by others. Its “preed”, the merger of pride and greed.

    10. Maranatha

      Fascebook is essentially an intel gathering marketing tool that pretends to be a vanity press. A vanity press was a publishing house that typically published acandemic’s books, which always do not sell very well, but since academics must publish or perish to get tenure ie full professorships and to keep them as legacies so they never get fired.

      So Facebook was designed to be a global vanity press where anyone could publish any drivel every minute of every day. Twitter took this stupidity to the next level.

      But THEN they elected to censor the conservatives and pretend to be only leftwing. This after marketing themselves as taking any vanity press drivel globally.

      Well investors are not entirely stupid. That severely cuts the userbase and hence the stock is worth LESS.

    11. Jim in Va.

      The company was down 100 million as of this writing. Good riddance and couldn’t happen to a nicer(sarcasm) guy.

    12. homericninjas

      Actually, that’s 100+ BILLION its down. hahahahaha….awesome.

      • Jim in Va.

        I stand corrected…..even better!

    13. JW

      I’d like to take this little prick out to the woodshed for 10 minutes….and teach him a lesson he’d never forget.!!!!

      • Traitor Hator

        Seems they are all little pricks with a lot of money? They have security people who are the true enemy. And payback is a bitch ,highly payed security families.

    14. Maranatha

      This idea of the 1% is illogical. It’s used by anarchists, socialists, and communists to create class envy.

      A mom and pop business can be multimillionaires on paper due to owned real estate but barely make a profit. Say they own 15 grocery stores. Well the profit margin is so slim, that in a bad year, they could lose ten years of profit. The same is true for ranchers whose livestock gets sick or are affected by drought. Or a business using technology that quickly is obsolete and must be entirely replaced and uses up all the profit.

      What you mean is the 0.01% like Zuckerberg, Soros, Bezos, and the Rothschilds, Oprah, etc.

      • son of a boomer

        Maranatha, Oprah is worth approximately $3 billion, Bill Gates $93 billion, Jeff Bezos $143 billion. But the banking cartel, the Rothschilds (and Rockefellers and about a dozen others) are worth trillions. Trillions.

      • Menzoberranzan

        That is true but not all of those folks combined is even remotely in the same league as the Rothschild’s scum.

    15. kay123

      Hopefully…G00GLE WILL BE NEXT.
      A O L was so smug at being the globalist
      online dictator….being the top security
      snoop for gov. Who had their minions
      hijack computers and burned them for being
      the wrong “political class”… thereby
      silencing conservative news…views, facts,
      and proof.
      So does G00G[€.


      SICK, SICK , SICK !!
      There are reports that Zuckerberg’s sister-in law is owner of Cannibal Club in CA, “Procurer of rare and exotic meat.”
      Are these the real reasons the stock dropped, or is there more? Are these people, including MZ, really Cannibals? Do they eat children? Is this the end of MZ”

    17. Maranatha

      Let’s do the math. I’d say there are less than 10,000 superwealthy folks on the planet. Dividing that by 7.6 billion as the world’s known population you get 0.0000000131578, so it’s far less than 0.01% as the true number is 0.0000013578%.

      These are the grotesque multibillionaires, sheiks, financiers of films, the ones pulling the strings.

      Those are human lizards who exploit humanity.

      If you claim the 1% are enemies, that’s 7.6 million that are what you consider wealthy who might actually be penniless if they sold their businesses as doing so all at once is not liquid and they might get almost no profit versus liabilities.

    18. Archivist

      Facebook seems to be a continuation of a government program called LifeLog, which was shut down because of privacy concerns the very same day that Facebook started. Do you think that was a coincidence?

      Here’s the link to a story about LifeLog being cancelled:
      ht tps://www.wired.com/2004/02/pentagon-kills-lifelog-project/

      You can check Wikipedia to see Facebook’s founding date.

      Another coincidence is that April 12, 2018 is when the LifeLog connection to Facebook appeared on the internet. Also on that same date is when an indictment was unsealed, and the market site called backpage was shut down for child trafficking, among other things. It was also founded in 2004. Was that a coincidence as well?

      I think Facebook may have lost its government funding.

    19. the blame-e

      I don’t know what the big deal is. [Should I be sarcastic or not?] The DOW was still up at the end of the day. So one company’s stock crashed the most in one day in the history of the stock market. Overall, the DOW continued its “Up. Up. Up.” trajectory, and the longest winning streak in history.

    20. Texas Sweet Tea

      Just goes to show ya that censorship, new algorithms and all the spying just doesn’t make the cut. I have a retail store and just recently opened up our on-line site. FB has denied me advertising the site because in our store we sell scary things like knives and ammo. None is sold on-line and we have been in the appeal process for months. They won’t even respond. Censorship at its best! I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours to get it up and running and now the site just sits there. I am glad they are taking a hit and I cant wait until there is a FB alternative that I can jump ship to.

      • the blame-e

        I feel badly for you. FB is pushing their beliefs onto users. YouTube and Google are no better. They all want to own the internet. Not only that but you have to agree with FB to be allowed to exist. FB wants to make the internet a “Constitution Free Zone.” Funny how Capitalism exists and thrives better in a Communist country than a democratic Federal Republic.

        • Texas Sweet Tea

          @ the blame-e says: Thanks! AND I agree completely! For now, FB is a necessary evil, but I hope all this continues to blow up in their face and in the near future, people like me, will be allowed to “play” in their world. Until then, I will continue to fight the good fight! ‘MERICA!!

    21. Slars

      He didn’t lose a single penny.

      You idiots fail to realize he got the bulk of his shares free when he went public.

      You idiots fail to realize that just because a stock falls 10%, it means nothing, because he didn’t buy the shares when they were 10% higher and didn’t sell said shares for the loss.

      Fucking idiot writers and readers here.

      • Menzoberranzan

        We’ll go to hell then you pussy

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Slars, f#$% you! Go somewhere else calling people idiots. You’re on the wrong site.

      • Kevin2


        Open your mind and read and research what posters write; even those (especially those) you disagree with.

    22. Kevin2

      Ask Zuckerberg if he is happy. His net worth is $16.8 billion less that it was two days ago. It wouldn’t matter if he earned it, inherited it, won it, found it or sole it. He had that $16.8 billion two days ago and he doesn’t have it now.

    23. Concerned Citizen

      Haha that vile, no good MarkZuckerJew…could not of happened to a nicer, more deserving son of a no good bitch rat.

    24. Concerned Citizen

      Only way to get these vile mutts is their wallet!!!!

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