Zero Tolerance: High School Student Suspended For Disarming School Bus Gunman

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Headline News | 331 comments

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    With a nationwide effort now underway to disarm America’s gun owners because of the dangers firearms purportedly pose to the general public, namely our schoolchildren, the following report from Cypress Lake, Florida highlights how our government sponsored systems of justice have devolved into outright madness.

    Consider what you’d do if you, a family or friend were under imminent threat of losing your life. Though there are those who believe that self defense is never an option, the majority of Americans – even some of the staunchest proponents of gun control – would agree that fighting back is sometimes the only option.

    A 16-year old high school wrestler did exactly that when a gun wielding teen on his school bus threatened to kill another student at point blank range.

    The wrestler took the drastic and last ditch measure of attacking the gun man, grappling with him, and subsequently disarming him.

    What happened next only makes sense in a world where insanity is the new normal.

    A 16-year-old Cypress Lake High School student, who wrestled a loaded revolver away from a teen threatening to shoot, is being punished.

    The student grappled the gun away from the 15-year-old suspect on the bus ride home Tuesday after witnesses say he aimed the weapon point blank at another student and threatened to shoot him.

    The student says he wrestled the .22 caliber RG-14 Revolver away from the suspect, a football player, who witnesses say threatened to shoot a teammate because he had been arguing with his friend.

    “No doubt,” the student said, “he was going to shoot him point blank.”

    The teen we spoke to and authorities both confirm the Revolver was loaded.

    According to the arrest report the suspect, who Fox 4 is not naming because he is a minor, was “pointing the gun directly” at another student and “threatening to shoot him.”

    That’s when the student we spoke with says he and others tackled the teen and wrestled away the gun.

    The next day the school slapped him with a three day suspension.

    According to the referral, he was suspended for being part of an “incident” where a weapon was present and given an “emergency suspension.”

    “Those kids had to fight for their lives,” she said. “All the kids that was involved in this they should have a pat on their backs because they did the right thing to save someone from burying their child.”

    Source: Fox 4 via The Daily Sheeple

    When seconds counts, unarmed school administrators and teachers are minutes away:

    This is akin to someone breaking into your home and threatening to kill your family while brandishing a weapon. The course of action that any sane person would take in such a situation would be to respond with deadly force and eliminate the threat. But what if after saving your life or those closest to you, you were prosecuted and imprisoned as an accessory to  attempted murder?

    That’s essentially what happened to the teens involved in disarming this gunman.

    What happened to these high school students demonstrates the absolutely asinine system of rules that exist in America.

    We could be mourning the deaths of numerous students today, but rather, these kids took their lives into their own hands.

    They acted quickly and decisively to disarm a gun wielding maniac.

    Their reward for saving countless lives was punishment.

    What is the message we’re sending to kids in situations like this, or when they are being bullied and they have no choice but to respond with equal force? We’re telling them that protecting themselves is not justified – in any situation.

    We’re teaching them that they should go ahead and let a gunman shoot them, or a bully beat them down, because zero tolerance policies matter more than common sense.

    On the one hand we have school administrators, unions and politicians arguing that the gun violence must stop. When the eradication of the threat, however, comes from the actions of an individual as opposed to a benevolent government entity, those on the right side of the law are treated like criminals.

    Would school administrators and the Department of Education have preferred an outcome like Sandy Hook Elementary? At least then they could have maximized the crisis for political gain.


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      1. All i can say is WTF ??????

        • If you read in a novel situations like we’re reading about lately the public would laugh the author of the bookshelf and he’d never get another book published.

          Truth IS stranger than fiction.

          And yes, airborne319, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Zero tolerance really just means ZERO BRAINS.

          • Unreconstructed- yes, it’s zero brains. This shows a complete lack of critical thinking ability on the part of the administrators. But they are just propagandized dupes of the system. But it goes much deeper than that.
            When it comes to the system, it’s not ignorance. It’s evil. It’s a conscious, intentional method to confuse young minds. The greater message here is not to the student hero, it’s to the entire student body. Even to the entire nation. The message is-


            That’s the message the tyrant scum at the very top are sending.
            This story, and the hundreds of reports of school kids being punished for pointing their fingers like a gun, or even talking about guns or violence, goes FAR beyond the school district. It is an intentional, organized plan to brainwash all of us into submission to the system. Personally, I’m opting out. Never liked koolaid anyway.

            NOT ONE MORE INCH!

            • The administrators need to be made an example of. When things like this happen across the country, these people get away with this kind of utter stupidity. The people who suspended this boy should not just be removed from thier position, they need to have thier ass beaten severly. 60 years ago the dad of this kid and several others from the community would have found these asswipes, drug them out of their home, and publicly kicked the piss out of them. Of course 60 years ago we would have been giving this kid a medal and holding a celebration for his heroism. Another prime example of the neutering of our culture and celebrating mediocrity and feminimity. Can’t say it any better than okie, not one more inch!

              • The administrators need to be sued out of existence. Not sure exactly how, but they definitely need to be blasted clear out of their jobs.

                (Yes, I’m still alive. Been an interesting few weeks, but looking up… 🙂 )

                • Nice to have you back, OQ.
                  You’ve been missing all the fun!

                  • When the people adopt a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for zero tolerance policies, the problem will resolve itself.

                    It’s not what they do to us, it’s what we DON”T do to them when they do it.

                • O.Q
                  It can be done we are in the process of suing ( A very high profile law office is taking our case for free) our administration over a constitutional issue and we have recall petitions out for the administration and the school board members. We are a small school and do not care a whole lot for the liberal B.S. they are trying to put out there.
                  Hope all is well with you and yours.

                  • @Ranchers Wife….Hope you win.

                • Good. Have missed your posts.

              • Yes – and the kid should get a nice fat scholarship to a quality conservative college should he wish to go…..

              • The moral of the story is never call 911 concerning such an incident. The goobermint will try to fry your ass anyway.

              • It’s a good thing this heroic kid didn’t first bite a slice of pizza into a gun-shape. He’d have been even MORE guilty than the gunman…

            • Yes, S.O., we’ve been brainwashed over the decades into the “expert society.”
              “Let the ‘experts’ handle it.”
              “Only the ‘experts’ know how to do it.”

              Gone is the day of the rugged individual; welcome to the ‘global plantation.’

              Can you here that? Sounds like Nat Turner’s sharpening somethin’.

              • “Salem Witch Trials” (1690-2013); an American tradition

              • When someone quotes an “expert”, nothing else they say means a thing. if you can’t justify your position in your own words, it’s not your opinion.

                Experts are well trained useful idiots. I prefer to stay away from those types and become an expert myself in whatever, whenever the knowledge is needed.

                • @ Gods Creation— so then, by your own definition, when YOU become an “expert” at something….. YOU are a useless idiot… ok, I’ll buy it.

                  • I probably should have qualified that as “MSM experts are useful idiots”.

                    It is one thing to become your own expert by obtaining knowledge and skill to do what you need done for yourself.

                    It is something else to be the “man on TV” claiming to be or presented as an expert because you hold the corp view and went through years of extra indoctrination to secure the title of “expert”.

                    However, in my post the term “useless idiot” was not used, so I will assume you were becoming your own expert in useless idiots by actually trying to become one.

                  • Better to be a “useful” idiot than a “useless” eater… ymmv

                • So then, following your own train of thought…
                  when YOU become an expert at something,
                  then YOU are a useless idiot.
                  I’ll buy that.

                • “When someone quotes an “expert”, nothing else they say means a thing. if you can’t justify your position in your own words, it’s not your opinion.”

                  You are exactly right. I worked for some folks who used to use this, along with “research indicates.” They didn’t have a lick of common sense, and were doing significant harm with their silly decisions. They thought that once they cited “experts” the discussion was over. Left their company as soon as my contract allowed me to. Research indicates it was the best decision I ever made.

                  • Independent research shows that most all MSM “Experts”= Strategic Analcysts of both the dem and repub varity.

                    Latest study shows strategic Analcysts= Hemroids.

              • Hi Southron I thought about what you said I agree. By the way my 2 cents worth for expert Ex as in has been and spurt as drip under pressure

                Take care

                Fairy xx

            • This is precisely why we home school our children. For us, sending our children out the door for 7 or 8 hours a day into the hands of criminals who are out to brain wash them is unthinkable. They are not safe in the public school system, they are not there to learn anything that would help them succeed in life, on the contrary, they are taught to think alike, act alike, behave and obey. If a kid acts out due to boredom or any other reason, they are medicated and shuffled along. What they want is a brigade of followers who are so brainwashed by the time they graduate that they will turn against their own parents if they don’t share the same beliefs of the gestapo government.

              There is an idolization of this president that is quite scary and inherently evil in nature. He is being portrayed in biblical terms by his hypnotized followers. This is what they want for your children and grandchildren. They are getting away with it because no one is stopping them. If it were up to them, homeshooling would be a crime and if things continue on this same path then one day it will be.

              This young man who intervened and probably saved a kids life, should be deemed a hero and given a medal. The mere fact that this is a controversy is bizarre and very telling. They do not want anyone to step up and think on their own, be their own person and show tremendous bravery. For them, he sets a bad example for the other kids to follow, you can not think on your own, you can not act on your own, you can not or you are considered a lone wolf and very dangerous to their agenda. If hitler doesn’t come to mind then who the hell does?

              • The kids who took away the weapon should be celebrated as heros. Local churches should hold ceremonies recognizing their barvery, the local police should hold a press confrence in prime time exclaiming the courageous actions of these kids. The people must learn to ignore their school administrators and make sure the masses know how we feel.

                Yes I am sick of these mass murderers killing kids, but I am bothered more by the fools who run such a stupid system.

                • Actually I think the Kid should hold a press conference and announce he Isn’t gong back. This school has ALREADY TAUGHT HIM AL IT CAN, ANY TEENAGER ALREADY KNOWS HOW TO BE A COMPLETE axxHOLE.

                  • He should also circulate a petition at school for the students and teachers to sign promising not to interfere if anyone tries to shoot the school board.

                  • Right, P. Hit them in the pocketbook.

                    I haven’t written off the younger generation. In spite of what these dufii (plural of dufus) try to teach them, most still know that boys and girls are different (thank God) and still recognize stupidity. The ones the system reaches and brainwashes are mostly followers, slackers, or useless eaters anyway.

                    re: “Experts” or “Professionals”– Isn’t that what’s running the public school system?

                  • “He should also circulate a petition at school for the students and teachers to sign promising not to interfere if anyone tries to shoot the school board.”


                    Make them take their own medicine.

                • Why is it that we glamorize the killers for months and when something like this happens it makes page 52 in major US news outlets….if at all? This kid’s name is the one everyone in the country should hear……

                  The media is part of the problem……

                • You just can’t fix stupid. Lets face it sueing doesn’t work ; petetions don’t work, voting has failed us for yrs, demonstration well we saw how that worked out last yr. So that leaves us where???
                  2 yrs ago was not the time, last yr was not the time and here we are again same BS differant day..
                  So now what? Write our congress LMFAO they dont care.

                  CATIYMF NOMI


              • They want boys to act like girls; I say if you have a son or grandson then buy him toy guns, let him be a boy. Men are supposed to be the warriors in spite of what a feminazi wants you to think. Boys are losing their identity and this in turn will fester much anger and aggression in them. The old saying boys will be boys is now; boys will be girls and girls will be boys. What a sick ass society we have.

                • Gotta wonder if we are on the same road as Japan. Recent report says that teenage boys are not interested in dateing girls at all. TEENAGE boys show no interest in sexual topics according to the news article. Now I have to wonder is this the radiation or something in the environment or what?

                  • Its the sushi. Sushi is for sissies. Beef; its real food. Of course, not much to hunt in Japan either.

                    Just saying. 🙂

                  • japan is all about tech…enough said?

            • Today MSN lamestream had an articla about a 7 year old (YES a 7 year old)being suspended for shaping his pastry into the shape of a gun by taking bites out of it. When asked what he was trying to form, he stated a mountain. Suspended at 7 years old because a teacher thought you were making your long john bakery into a gun is beyond insane. After reading todays article I just give up!

              • He had an assault dessert with high capacity icing. These teachers and administrators personal contact information should be put on the internet. They are doing nothing wrong, so they have nothing to hide, right? Surely they are proud of their actions and want everybody to know about their accomplishments.

                • I can see how soon due to all else fails, many honest patriots may reconsider usage of tactics which are usually called nazi-tactics. Sometimes Tough Love aka brute Force is the only remaining option to try other than outright war.

                  What other options exist that are also workable today than the two above mentioned, when dealing with outright kommie fools. Fools who themselves as history proves have never hesitated to murder patriots.

            • This is just a tip of a very large iceberg that is poisoning our justice system like cyanide. What is happening is a set of absolutes that are the foundation for a dictatorship. I found some wise quotes from Star Trek, yes sometimes simple TV series have them, that play into exactly what is going on here and throughout the country in much worse ever growing terms of losing our freedoms little by little.

              “There can be no justice so long as laws are absolute. Even life itself is an exercise in exceptions”.

              “When has justice ever been as simple as a rulebook”.

              I know there is going to be some troll out there that will say “what about the 2nd. Amendment”. My answer to this is that the 2nd. Amendment has worked and continues to work. IF the 2nd Amendment was an absolute, or any part of the Constitution then free speech would allow terrorist threats or yelling fire or bomb in a crowd. If the 2nd Amendment was absolute then we could all carry poison laced explosive bullets for all firearms, and other weapons of mass destruction. The 2nd Amendment has boundaries that work so as long as THEY don’t mess with and take away what works for honest people very well, right now.

              If there are limits to the Constitution, then why the hell are they passing all sorts of zero tolerence absolute laws in the schools and in everyday life? Absolute laws lead to absolute control. Why the sheep and the masses cannot see this is setting up for a very dangerous absolute power grab soon to come. History once again repeating itself because the masses again have choosen to be lead around like a cow by the nose ring.

              • Our kids are going to be pissed at us whan they grow up and have to clean up this mess.

          • We are long past the point where you can change ANY of this by “voting”. We are in that stage of history where people must wake up, grow a spine and a brain, make the hard choices, and do the hard things. The alterantive is slavery, then stories like this article will seem rational by comparison.

            In the early 2000’s, on the southern Texas/Mexico border, some Mexicans threatened a Texan, taunted him, told him they were going to kill him. When they did come, he shot one of them, in his home. The one he shot survived, and sued him. Sorry, don’t have a link. I don’t remember if he did jail time, but he lost his home. This incident was a harbinger of things to come, and there are many other incidents like it.

            The message is clear, you will not be allowed to defend yourself, regardless of the severity of the situation. Once people are forced to accept that, they will accept outright slvaery.

            It is sad to watch America become a third world police state. So many Veterans gave everything for this country’s freedom, only to have that freedom stolen by parasites and thier lackies.

            • The country has been destoryed by men with vaginas.

              • Manginas

                • And “MOOBS” (man-boobs)…

            • Methinks theres gonna be alot of bodies that are never found…why bother to report it if you have to take out the trash so to speak…no good deed will go unpunished is all you seem to get for your trouble…might as well SSS(shoot/shovel/shut-up)when youre forced to respond.

              • Hogs will eat just about anything. Just sayin’.

          • Hopefully, if the student sees a gunman enter the administration offices, he will follow their rules.

        • This whole thing could have been averted if Feinstein would have done her job and required all bus drivers to have a whistle!!!

          Just not the fully automatic, black or camouflaged, whistles; not having any of that.

          Yeah, yeah that’s it.

          • No whistles but scissors will do.

          • I whole heatedly agree , no asault whisles

        • “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. 😉

          • Look. We’re all gun owners here. Why don’t we all get together with the NRA…form our own standing army, team up with the military who are mostly NRA member and repubs…Then take the place over and put all the dems in a fema camp.
            You know I’m SO joking here!!! But enjoy the concept.
            They are all unarmed and defenseless. HA HA HA.
            Our bitches! I’m SO being a troll here… Sorry…but I could not resist.

            Thumbs up = Your are tired of dems and liberals thinking they own us.
            Thumbs down… you a liberal dem prick who is not prepared for anything more than the coming months welfare check.

            Can you tell I hate liberals. Lazy fucks.

            • 100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. WE are ALL Seal Team America. WE could eliminate the NWO over night, and at 1000 yards.

              Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Make every ballot count. Read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots.

              NOMI. Engage!

            • How screwed up is our country when Rep law makers in Colorado and Oregon want Gun control??
              was watching the news sun and saw where a bunch of Pussies there want a new gun ban and one A hole said that the NRA has the rest of the USA under there control and if only the citizens would stop being afraid of the NRA!!! had to laugh

              its well past time to get rid of these jokers and get OUR country back Run out any and all traitors to the constitution be they rep or dem Run them out

              you now have liberal and liberal light its getting to where the lines are blurred and you cant tell one puke from the other

              WE FLAT must stop this shit !!
              Recall elections for every one no matter the party

              if we don’t stop this shit in two years we wont be able to have any freedoms

              DID the Jews not learn from the Holocaust ? and must gun owners be the NEW JEWS ???

              Skittle shitting unicorn

          • Sure, insult the imbalanced.

          • A Disorder with but one final cure. Lead injected vacines.

        • I hope the entire administration of this school district is either voted out or fired. The parents in the district need to start squawking, daily, and loudly, until terminations or resignations start happening.

        • What the hell? That kid is a hero and now they slap him with a suspension? Next time some kid decides to shoot the principal how many kids will intervene? I am of the school of thought that keeping smart, responsible, and fast acting people around me is a plus. The kid should send the school administration this letter:

          To whomever asshats this may concern,

          I was recently involved in an incident where I saved the life of several of my classmates. Your response was to suspend me. I call bullshit and am withdrawing from your school to be self educated under the supervision of my mother whose most important qualification is that she doesn’t punish me when I do the right thing. Thank you for taking the time out of your miserable day to read this and please give your secretary a raise, she deserves it for spending 40 a week with you. Poor woman probably drinks a 40 to get over it.

          Fuck you,
          your neighborhood hero

        • Indeed. Political correctness has permeated the very bedrock of American Society to the point where common sense is simply gone. We teach our kids one thing at home while they are programed at school to contradict us. And NONE, I mean NONE of it makes sense. Kids are suspended for saving lives, for chanting “USA,USA,” for doing things most of us have taken for granted all of our lives. The PC Police have rewritten all of the rules, but haven’t bothered to share the rulebook with the rest of us. The rules they haven’t changed they simply make up as they go and we are continually confronted with these far left, whack-job zealots in positions of authority! How do idiots like this get hired into these jobs?!?!?!?! American Public Education needs to be completely purged of any and all liberals and liberalism and political correctness. We are creating a nation of imbeciles who are afraid to act because they never know what is right or wrong. it’s all relative when it comes to PC!

      2. WTF

        • After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF

      3. God bless the grappler, brought up right. The real issue is: that he took away an opportunity for the libs, msm, and tptb to add ammo to their desire to unarm us. People forget; not only is the gov’t wicked but so are many of the school systems: where the gov’t tries to uneducate our youth.

        • Yeah I’m sure Feinstein has an amendment to her AWB already typed up in her desk adding revolvers to the list if the opportunity arose to do so….Damn wrestler took that opportunity from her.

        • Mac,
          Your information fails to point out that there were two other students involved in taking down the gunman who were suspended as well.

      4. Your last paragraph pretty much sums up the reason for the boy’s suspension, I fear. It’s a realistic assumption.

        • You hit the nail on the head G.B.

          Take that last paragraph, and think about it from a political view. “Shucks, we can use that New incident to push our agenda”. It’s the only logical explanation.

          So now we all scratch our heads and say WTF!!!


      5. Looks like our crazy world is just gettin crazier. To the above comment Amen.

      6. A whole new level of retardedness.

        • The dumbing-down of Americans is almost complete…..

      7. You know, this young man is a hero. Maybe he isn’t a patriot, but I believe he acted like one and he deserves our support. We need to contact this school and tell them exactly what we think of them

        • and every parent with a kid on that bus or in that school should literally MOB the principle in his office and DEMAND the kids be returned to class IMMEDIATELY…then some firings/replacements are in order.

          My kid wouldn’t return to that school until this was set to right.

      8. The Libs. may want to take our guns, but, you can bet they will be the first to come to the defence of the poor boy with the gun. He was probably bullied or had his feelings hurt. And you can bet,they won’t want him punished. Probably just needs counciling. WASP

        • He needs a little old fashioned wood shed council.

        • Getting a little tired of hearing the “bullied” excuse too. Admittedly it is a problem, but they want to turn our kids into whiners with manginas.

      9. “Outright madness” AND outright evil.

      10. I took some time this weekend to be alone, just me and my thoughts. As I set in the rocking chair thinking, I fell asleep. I awoke to see the darkest, angriest looking clouds on the horizon that I have ever seen in my 60+ trips around the Sun. Then I realized that I was in a tree, my family tree, a LIBERTY TREE that has been water by a lot of Blood, Sweat and Tears of my ancestors.

        As I looked at the approaching storm I could tell that some limbs more than likely would be broken and my tree would be bowed in the wind.

        Then I saw there were more trees around me, no I was in a Forest, a Forest of other Liberty Trees, I saw some that I recognize Mac, BI, KY Mom, Daisy and over there was Brave heart too, along with Just One Guy and more than I could possibly name.

        I knew then with all my heart, that this Forest could stand up to the awful winds that where coming; yes because it was nothing more than wind, which will pass and be gone. This Forest can also withstand; axe, saw, chain saw or whatever that maybe used to try to make these Liberty Trees fall.

        As long as Our Liberty Trees are watered with Blood, Sweat and Tears, they will stand Tall and Free till the end of time. But we must keep them WATERED.

        Then I was truly awakened by my Grandfathers mantel clock; by the chime starting to strike the hour of midnight.



        Pale Rider

        • I love it when patriots get all poetic,
          Thank you

        • The Pale Riders parable. We have to now speak in parables as per Tolkien, Orwell, Pasternak and others as they too warned of the same gang that now threatens our tree. Pale Rider, I really wanted to know what happened at 12:05, dang those alarms. I see a perfect storm brewing too. Batten down, may your hatches hold.

        • Well said Pale Rider well said.

        • Fine work there, pale rider. Wonderful!

        • Very well put Pale Rider, and so very true!

          Molon Labe

        • A Visitor From The Past
          by Thelen Paulk

          I had a dream the other night, I did’nt understand.
          A figure walking through the mist, with flintlock in his hand.
          His clothes were torn and dirty, as he stood there by my bed
          He took off his three-cornered, and speaking low he said:

          “We fought a revolution to secure our liberty.
          We wrote the Constitution, as a shield from tyranny.
          For future generations, this legacy we gave,
          In this the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”

          “The freedom we secured for you, we hoped you’d always keep,
          But tyrants labored endlessly while your parents slept,
          Your freedom gone, your courage lost, you’re no more than a slave,
          In this the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”

          “You buy permits to travel, and permits to own a gun,
          Permits to start a business, or build a place for one.
          On land you believe you own, you pay a yearly rent.
          Although you have no voice in how the money’s spent.”

          “Your children must attend a school that doesn’t educate.
          Your Christian values can’t be taught, according to the State.
          You read about the current news, in a regulated press.
          You pay a tax you do not owe, to please the IRS.”

          “Your money is no longer made of Silver or of Gold.
          You trade your wealth for paper, so your life can be controlled.
          You pay for crimes that make our nation, turn from God in shame.
          You’ve taken Satan’s number, as you traded in your name.”

          You’ve given government control of those who do you harm,
          So they can padlock churches and steal the family farm.
          And keep our country deep in debt, put men of God in jail,
          Harass your fellow countrymen, while corrupted courts prevail.”

          “Your public servants don’t uphold the solemn oath they’ve sworn.
          Your daughters visit doctors, so their children won’t be born.
          Your leaders ship artillery, and guns to foreign shores,
          And send your sons to slaughter, fighting other people’s wars.”

          “Can you regain the freedom for which we fought and died?
          Or don’t you have the courage, or the faith to stand with pride?
          Are there no more values for which you’ll fight to save?
          Or do you wish your children to live in fear and be a slave?”

          People of the Republic, arise and take a stand!
          Defend the Constitution, the Supreme law of the land!
          Preserve our Great Republic, and God-Given Right!
          And pray to God to keep the torch of Freedom burning bright!”

          As I awoke he vanished, in the mist from whence he came.
          His words were true, we are not Free, we have ourselves to blame.
          For even now as tyrants, trample each God-Given Right,
          We only watch and tremble, too afraid to stand and fight.

          If he stands by your bedside, in a dream, while you sleep,
          And wonders what remains of our Rights he fought to keep,
          What would be your answer, if he called out from the grave:
          “Is this still the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

        • big smile here. when they come, it wiil be from all directions. i’m on your six. with my back to you.

      11. A boy who was the victim of apparent bullying died Sunday at a Philadelphia-area hospital after being taken off life support, his family said. Bailey O’Neill, who turned 12 on Saturday, had been in a medically-induced coma since January, when he was allegedly beaten by two classmates on the playground during recess at his school.

        The sixth-grader sustained a concussion and broken nose, and suffered subsequent seizures, forcing doctors to induce the coma.

        wonder who got a three day suspension for this?

        school administrators are void of any brains..I have proof of this

        • A Maryland kid chewed his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun at school and wound up with two days supension. The pastry in question was not named, but it’s gotta be a Pop-Tart, right?

          See my point?

          • Yet… Not a dam thing is done about all the criminals in DC..and that my friends is because thats the way this game is played

            better get ready

            • Vrf,
              i heard about that child. When asked, the kid was reported to tell the teacher it was a mountain. A mountain. Now we have totally turned a child’s independent right to imagine and create and turned it into our own manifestations. Wtf? Yet another inalienable right that will be taken away??!! As a teacher, I see so many others who turn it into more than it is. But why? What did we get from that? Having two children you had better believe that they will be brought up to defend themselves. I would have been so proud of my son for being a man (like these kids on the bus). The problem is that we have taken to turning men into government-fearing pansies. And that my friends, is the parents’ fault. We live in a society of video game playing, don’t know how to change a tire, click-click-send society, being told how to think time… And it really has me worried. And yes, let the dark clouds have rolled in and are very rapidly approaching!!!.

              • I’m sure the kids on the bus were scared, but knew that it was up to them to save themselves. Nobody on that bus thinks those kids did anything wrong, and they will all question everything “the authorities” say for the rest of their lives. They probably weren’t especially tough, just instintively knew they had to act NOW. Heros are ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances. You can bet that nobody on that bus, or anybody in their families is wishing they’d have let “the experts” handle it.

          • Those Pop-Tarts can be deadly! I hope he had some Pop-Tart bullets too. It is just more than my brain can comprehend to process how stupid some people can be. The Department of Education is a joke. But it isn’t a funny one. Now they want to add all the illegals (sorry, I am not politically correct anymore) to an already broken system. The youth of this country will not learn anything with the overcrowded classrooms, plus the fact is you even say the word “gun” you are sent to the principals office. Yep, WTF pretty much sums up this country. But it is still MY country and I will die defending it. NOMI

          • Zero tolerance for anything shaped like a gun? Let’s see, how long before they ban capital “L”s. It’s not looking too good for F, p, q and maybe r!
            I’m so glad I decided to homeschool my kids.

        • The two bullies only got a 2 day suspension for killing their classmate.

      12. wtf

      13. Okay, everyone knows i get all fired up on self-defense issues. That boy is without question a hero. His actions saved the lives of numerous people on that bus and prevented another possible Sandy Hook. The so-called zero tolerance policies have no legitimate basis to them whatsoever. If that kid had not taken any action, that school system could have been subjected to litigation for wrongful death. Those kids were in a situation where they had to fend for themselves; they were on their own. There is no legitimate basis for punishing that kid. If I were that kid, I would have told the school officials just go ahead and expel me and I’ll get homeschooled if that’s your attitude toward me. That goes to show these public schools don’t care about the kids, period. I would have challenged the school officials on that; there’s no way i would’ve taken that crap. That kid had every right to do what he did and a lot of other people are alive as a result of his actions. This kid rocks in my book. Everyone should look up this school online and email total support for the kid. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • Braveheart, I think the liberal education and Obamas system want’s more Sandy Hook incidents to further their Anti-Gun agenda or there would be no reason to send a message of suspension for what seems to be an heroic act of the students. Back in my hole.

        • I was a wack job in HS….. I seriously would have taken out my dick and pissed on the asst principals desk and just left….

      14. I don’t understand? The Gooberment can defend itself? They just bought 2,700 tanks for themselves and how many billions of rounds of ammo all on our dime? Makes me wonder what they have planed for us that they will need to “duck and cover”

        If our government was so wonderful we should all be showering them with Love.

        Hypocrisy anyone?

        • In a very round about way, there is a very big POSITIVE to this whole idiotic situation.
          It drives a bigger wedge between normal every day folk and the Communists that have stolen the reins of the Nation with their PC ideals and totalitarian objectives. The more the commies do stuff like this, the more likely it is, that people will object to, and stand against the system, which is corrupt and broken. The simple act of suspending these young hero’s has woken more people up and galvanized those already awake. So these kids aren’t school bus heros, they’ve become Patriots in this growing nightmare.

      15. WOW.

        In general, I think it’s important for kids to be in an “academic” environment for school…and I really think being around other people the same age, and friends of course, is important for the development of social skills…

        That said, this is one of those stories that is basically an advertisement for home schooling.

        • Social skills???

          That would be true if we had a society.

          What we presently have is Jersey Shore on meth in that age range.

          I’d re-think this position very carefully if I were you.

          • Edit:

            In general, I think it’s important for kids to be in an “academic” environment for school…and I really think being around other people the same age, and friends of course, is important for the development of social skills…

            …or at least that’s how it was when I was in school…before the days of Jersey Shore, Farcebook, and seemingly everyone under the age of 18 (or maybe everyone in general) having their noses buried in an iPhone 24 hours a day.

            Did I “rethink” that enough for you?

            Or can you enlighten me more?

        • Rick,

          Academic environment; more like animal house.

          It is a misconception that home school kids do not have friends and do not socialize, the opposite is true. There are so many activities that the home school coalition offers to these kids and families. The best part is that we get to choose what we will do and when we will do it. They get to pick their own friends and they are not bullied, made fun of, do useless homework, or sit in a class with 20 to 30 other kids and one teacher.

          If you have ever been around home schooled kids then you would have to notice how polite, grounded, and confidant they are. These kids haven’t had to endure the torture that so many live with on a daily basis. Lets face it, most kids hate school and can not wait till it is over. You drag them out of bed, throw them on a bus with a bunch of animals, put them is a cold and unfriendly environment and hope that the other kids don’t make fun of them because of what they say or do. The teachers are people that you don’t even know yet they have complete control of your children for most of the day.

          Peer pressure is not something that every kid should go through if they don’t have to. My kids are involved in sports, Karate, music lessons and they have great friends. When they are ready to enter the world as adults, they will be ready and able without scars from God know what they would have had to endure in the school system.

          My kids favorite subject is history, they are learning about this country and how it was founded from day one. I know that not everyone has the opportunity to home school their children but if you can and you put the effort into it then the rewards will last a life time, your kids life time.

      16. Sigh…
        Systemic irrationality is what is being taught now. This leads to confusion and a deranged mind, due to inner conflicts. A deranged mind is incapable of acting in its own best interest. This is the Goal of evil.

        Irrationality always leads to insanity…

        (Somebody needs to find this school administrator in a dark alley, and show him the error of his ways. Just don’t kill him. YOU are the hands of God’s Justice.)

        • Now, why would anybody give this comment a thumbs down?
          Piper, you are exactly RIGHT! Time to open a can of whoopass. No need to permanently maim the tyrant- they probably acted in ignorance, for they too, are brainwashed. Still, if this does not justify physical action, then America’s founders were wrong. We should have quietly accepted our chains!
          The word needs to go out to every parent in America:
          If you value the ability of your children to think rationally when they become adults, keep them out of the government indoctrination centers!

          • Because it was an ignorant remark. What’s happening is our civilization is unraveling. When societies unravel, sometimes the people start to unravel also.. they aren’t PURPOSELY teaching irrationality… that’s ridiculous. People are lost, morally, have forgotten the Source from which they came. God is Love. (not salt)

            • Grasshopper, I must respectfully disagree. They ARE morally lost, as you say. And that is WHY they are purposely teaching irrationality. Not so much in the textbooks (although the books are mostly propaganda) but in their actions. To this incident and many others. They ARE teaching irrationality.
              You’re right, our civilization is unraveling. And that does explain some of their actions and policies. But it goes much deeper than this one incident. Way beyond the school administrators. It goes all the way to the top of the control grid. To dumb down, desensitize, and break the spirit of a people is necessary, if the tyrants want a totalitarian system, which is obviously what they seek.
              But, even if we set aside the larger argument for top down control, when we look at this incident as an individual occurance it still bears out the rightness of Piper’s original remark. This was a very real, life-or-death situation. The gun was loaded. It was in the hands of an angry teen, and pointed directly at another kid!
              If a cop or security guard had wrestled the gun away, how would people react? They’d call him a hero, a life saver. And rightly so. To turn that around 180 degrees and punish the hero student is to send the most WRONG message possible to the students and the general public.
              He did exactly what he should have. He did it right. Plus, nobody got hurt. And, remember- this probably saved a life! Maybe several.
              The school officials who suspended him have increased the odds of lives being lost in the next situation. YES! Piper’s comment was right. This behavior (of the admin) warrants a threat of violence against them.
              This isn’t something you take to court. KIDS LIVES WERE ENDANGERED! And the reaction of the admin means that next time there may be no hero. Kids might die next time as a result of their actions this time. An ass whoopin’ is justified. Or at least a poke in the nose and a promise of a whoopin’ in they react this way again.
              And, looking at Piper’s original comment, he tempered it with what I would consider righteous mercy. He said: “…show him the error of his ways. Just don’t kill him. YOU are the hand of God’s Justice.”
              Lastly, you are also right that God is Love. But he is also wrath. And he teaches in many ways. Every son that He loves he chastises (or scourges). Just as he prunes the fruitful branches that they bear MORE fruit, he also teaches sometimes painful lessons, in order that we may learn what is RIGHT. Piper was 100% correct in all he said.

              Grasshopper, you may still disagree. That’s ok. You have that right, and the right to respond in any way you see fit. God still loves us both. And He will use us, if we are faithful, in ways that may surprise us both!
              And regardless of our differences on this topic, I wish you well. You have been, and will continue to be, an asset to the site. Sorry for such a long rant, it just was in me and had to come out 🙂

              PS- I bought some silver online a couple yrs back from Monarch Precious Metals. A small company in Oregon. Always got a fair price and great service. Check their web site if you have time.


              • Pointless sentimental semantics. Get a rope.

                • smokin,
                  was more expansive than I have time to be right now… but he is exactly right. If we are the hands of God’s justice, such justice should not ride on the whims and passions of youth.

                  Thanks smokin.
                  An eye for an eye.

              • Had the kids known they’d be suspended, they would have probably bullied the gunman as they threw him off the moving bus.

            • Grasshopper,
              You call me ignorant?
              You think like a child.

              Yes, the world is unraveling. They are slaves to their ideology and their feelings. I would suggest you read more, and post less. You play checkers in an evil world, and evil is winning because of shallow thinking.

              You are correct only in the sense that they are not doing it deliberately, they are doing it as slave to their emotions, fear being predominate. Their ideology is their only god, and their god demands their fear and inability to function at a logical level, so any and all decisions become anathema. Those who can make a decision, or dare to defend themselves, are crushed.

              Like a dog, they become slave to their conditioning.

              Grow up my young Grasshopper, learn the ways of the world and love. Salt is love, too much sugar rots the body. Yes, love is kind, it is also tough sometimes, or would you allow your family to be killed by an evil person because of your passive and helpless kindness?

              If you teach the young the world is a hard place, and give them a thick skin, they will grow up better persons. If you think that love always turns the other cheek, and bows to evil, then who is deceiving whom here? Who is the ignorant one?

            • People are lost and in danger of not being ‘found’…just look at the recent case of a nurse not responding as she should have with CPR, at a California assisted living facility. Nurses are one of the most trusted citizens of American society, in term of integrity and honesty…I am deeply concerned for America, as I see what TPTB have done to American sensibilities, at all levels. These kids on the school bus did nothing different than the passengers on the flight over Pennsylvania, on 9/11….,

            • Speaking of ignorant remarks…….

          • Of course you don’t want to maim them. You want him/her to be able to tell their collegues how it’s gonna’ be.

        • Registering our fists will be next, I’m sure!

          • Actually, they already do that. My grandfather was a green beret with extensive MA training, as well as silent kill spec-ops training. In that day, he had a “note” in his record that made it a serious felony if ever he put his hand(s) on anyone. He nearly ended up in prison for back-handing his wife who hurt his son…he made her stop, and it almost put him away for decades due to this “registration” of his hands as hands of deadly force.

            His sin, my uncle, confirmed this many years ago. If you are a highly-skilled and trained expert killer, YOU ARE ON RECORD AS SUCH and factually “registered” as a “dangerous weapon”.

            Scoff if you like, but it is true.

            • I meant “his SON”, my uncle

            • You’re full of shit. It has never been true that martial artists have to register anything. If you punch somebody without gloves on you will break your hands. It’s virtually impossible to knock someone out with your hands. Nearly everyone panics too much in a real fight to do much of anything. I guarantee you I could strangle or Kimura most of these special forces faggots in one round because I’ve had a lot of them in MA classes and know what they can and can’t do. The military is a bullshit waste of taxpayer money. You GI Jackasses and your killer instinct horseshit need to get a life.

              • FUCK- I have to agree with Eisen? Son of a bitch

                • Oddly enough. There was a case that came to trial in Florida. A bar fight where a man was badly beaten by a Black Belt holder in Martial Arts. There was talk about registering ones hands as deadly weapons, if he obtained black belt status. Nothing came of it and the news media dropped it.

              • it’s not the martial arts that is dangerous, it was the fact that for the war, my grandfather was taught one thing and only one thing—SILENT KILL. BECAUSE of his specific, crash course training, what would usually get a man a night in the clink, almost cost him years in prison, once they found out he was a green beret.

                A “GREEN BERET”—that USED to mean something. Now it seems to be only another title, like “Blackwater”.

                Anyone who can’t accept the fact that there are different rules for REAL black ops personnel, and that those rules are not made common knowledge to the public, is naive.

                That being said, go attack someone else, because you don’t know anything about me or my family. Mine is a generations old military special ops family who fought with courage and honor, from the civil war forward.

                Frankly, your apparent knowledge of commercial martial arts CLASSES doesn’t impress me. What they do teach now is mainly for show, not functionality, you’re right about that one. But that’s not the way it used to be, especially overseas training.

            • Oh for crying out loud. This post is full blown bullshit. Show me one person who has his hands registered. Show me one case where a person was prosecuted due to their training. Bullshit on you. We are not that stupid.

          • Get your black belt.

            • Eisenkraut, I was in the U.S.Navy and I’am deadly.You idiots with your MA. And I’ve got a BLACK BELT! And on my left side I carry my multi tool, and on right side I carry my .45 ACP. Trekker Out

              • I like the 1911.

              • Hope that your my neighbor…I prefer to cc…like my privacy.

                Have, “zips within the wire”.

          • It will be my horses next. They can kick you if they do not like you.

      17. AN rg-14 hugh??? how would he know that? What happened to the kid who pointed the gun at the other kids head?
        oh!!! yeah he was the victim in all of this.
        I’m would not be at all surprised if they charged them with mob action.
        This is only the beginning,prepare not to defend will not be that long before defending your self is a crime if you do it with an banned weapon.

      18. Pale Rider, sorry, I just now caught your post about liberty trees. I think it’s very appropriate for this occasion and yes, there is a hurricane on the horizon; it’s called Hurricane Liberty. These liberty trees will get a wonderful drink of water before all is said and done. Nothing else gets me fired up like any issues related to self-defense. My blood pressure is up right now hearing how the school treated the kid. it’s just another example of today’s “educators” being retarded. If I was that kid, I would’ve told them to get f#$%ed; that I won’t even come back. That kid has a natural, God-given right to self-defense. Anyone who has anything against the concept of self-defense must not care about their own life. In my life, regardless of where I’m at, self-defense as an option is always on the table because I care about living. Anywhere I go, self-defense as an option IS ALWAYS ON THE TABLE. IT IS NEVER REMOVED FROM THE TABLE, PERIOD! Anyone who tries to tell me otherwise I tell them where to go! Tampering with self-defense is like tampering with life. IT IS A RED LINE NOBODY IS TO CROSS, EVER! THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES TO TAMPERING WITH SELF-DEFENSE! once again, Pale Rider, thank you for that post. I think it’s your best one yet.

      19. Piper Michael, I couldn’t agree more.

        • @ Misschris

          Thank you for the school contact link.
          This will go far and wide 😉

        • Sent my email!

          Who else will?

        • Here’s the text of my email:

          What kind of school are you running? You have no idea how lucky you are, that it wasn’t our son who had to do YOUR JOB to protect your students from an armed student. You obviously have no idea how lucky you are, that nobody got hurt or killed that day on YOUR school bus. I’m not sorry you missed the opportunity to use gun violence to push your anti-gun agenda, but I AM sorry you are still working for any school, in any capacity.

          You should, at least, be immediately demoted to JANITOR, in my opinion, and if my child attended your school, today, I’d be launching a campaign to see to it that you are no longer in a position of authority in a place where children are.

          You are simply NOT FIT to be in charge of the safety of children. I would not want you in control of an animal shelter. You should resign immediately, AFTER restoring the children who were suspended for defending themselves and their class mates.

          • Oh for fuck sake. Look up the article. You don’t have a clue. I am off to register my fingers.

          • I actually got a response, as follows—

            From: “Perkins, Tracy”

            I am sorry that you feel the way you do about me/my leadership abilities, especially having never met me. You are absolutely correct that it would be absurd to punish a student for doing something heroic. It is unfortunate, to say the least, that the media has incorrectly reported the facts surrounding this situation, has assumed students’ information to be 100% factual, does not have the entire story, and has cast an unfair negative shadow on me (and my school.)

            The miscommunication is further compounded since this situation deals with students’ discipline and I am unable to set the record straight and clarify what actually happened. I can, however, emphatically tell you that there are other circumstances involved in this situation and that NO students were suspended/punished for helping disarm another student with a firearm.

            My life’s work is revolved around being an advocate for student success and I am passionate about it. Hopefully, you can see/understand that when it comes to media stories, there is usually more than meets the eye. We are hopeful that the false information will be retracted and/or clarified, but unfortunately that does not always happen. We will see what transpires.

            Please excuse any mistakes or typing errors. This message was sent from my iPhone.

      20. The local news reported that a kid in kindergarden was suspended because he turned a pop tart (ate round it) into a gun shape and said bang bang. The world is just getting crazier and crazier.

        • You all forget; remember in Pulp Fiction, when the Pop-Tart (toaster pastry?), popped out of the toaster, and Vincent Vega died???!!!

          Pop-Tarts Kill. And you people don’t care about children.

          • LOL! Thanks for that laugh.

      21. ZERO TOLERANCE IS A FAILURE to launch …

        Zero Tolerance in U.S. Public School System’s creates Future Generations of Victims , Easily controlled Tax Debt Slaves and Snitches … MK-ULTRA non-confrontational MIND PROGRAMMING of all children and adults plugged into the Matrix .

        This program is instituted by order and financial support by way of education grants subsidies in the billions $$$ from the UNITED NATIONS UN AGENDA 21 and ZOG AmeriKa FEDGOV … and in the end mostly funded BY YOU THE AMERIKAN TAX DEBT SLAVE !!!

        You All are directly Responsible for this happening …

        If you want this to change … you gotta get involved at the grass roots level and get your hands dirty , maybe even bloody .


        • ‘Zero tolerance’ failed city schools

          By Shelly Yanoff

          The recent Inquirer series on school violence showed that unsafe schools have serious consequences. But while the series identified the right problem, we must take care not to address it with the wrong solution.

          We already know what doesn’t work – including the district’s current “zero tolerance” discipline policy. It’s plagued by uneven application, long delays, and a general lack of common sense.

        • Student stories and academic research show that that Child Protective Service ZERO TOLERANCE approach to school discipline has failed to create safe learning environments.

          • Create a “Freedom Cell” in your neighborhood. Take your city back. Take your state back. Use State Rights and State Funds to challenge the NWO.


        • Zero,

          Sup you crazy MF? Did you get my e-mail on hush? Hope you are well just had a buddy that needed to get in touch with you.



      22. Sometimes I don’t know whether to shit or wind my watch. I can’t even fly the flag anynore because thus is not the country I grew up in. I’m glad I’m old. I just wish I could go down fighting.

        • Be careful of what you wish for because in the USA right now you will get it…I am patiently planning and waiting…

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

        • Fly it upside down like I do…


      23. What time is it in America?


      24. Congratulations to the Teacher’s Union and beauracracy for once and for all, finally, killing the public school system with this incident.

        Publish this EVERYWHERE. Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, everywhere. For years, preferrably. Make this the most famous thing since Columbine.


          Off Topic, but interesting.
          He seems to think once the fighting begins, it will take 3-5 years to get this country going again. He said it took us years to get where we are now and it will take some time to get us out of it. He has faith we can get our country back, but the American People needs to remember who they are. They need to get some guts (he phrased it a little difference) so they can stand up for their country and take this county back.

          He said, we have over a million active soldiers over seas, who will abandon their post and leave them to rot, once the fighting begins at home. Many will come back home to fight for the homeland and protect their family members. Many will be left over seas to starve. (Supplies will be cut off and they will be on their own.)

          • Military personnel overseas will not be coming home unless the military sends them home. They have neither the funds nor the passport to get back on their own.

            They will be used to expand crony capitalism to any “infidels” that resist the NWO overseas.

            If you want to kill the Dragon, you must kill him in his nest. Its Hydra like Head must be severed multiple times.

            WE are ALL Seal Team America.

          • Pete is the real deal.

          • Not directed at you Jay Jay…

            The more wars that puppet boy is told to get into by the bankers, the more of our troops what will be sent to a fucked up foreign land to suffer and die for our fucking politicians and the corps.

            Is that fucking clear enough.

            The bastards want everyone of them deployed and gone from the homeland when it starts.

            I’m with DK…

            Dear God. You gave me/us a million wonderful opportunities…sometimes we helped humanity and sometimes we faltered. Most of us picked ourselves back up, asked forgiveness and forged ahead. We have not been perfect but we want these bastards gone from this earth for the sake of our children and grandchildren. You have my/our full faith, spirit and body to send these bastard back to hell on fire.

            I/we will stand with you Lord…I/we will put on the full armor of God for all our survival. Amen.

            “I am not going down without one helluva fight.”

            I know that many of you are with me…God bless you.

            • I understand, and am with you all the way.
              Each night, I pray for God to heal my heavy heart…and then come smite these evil bastards.

      25. So I’m trying to come up with a logical reason to defend the schools actions and I’m having a hard time doing it for one reason. If this was the first time that we had a gun in a school environment in lets say, years, I would say that in a way the boy who disarmed the gun man could have put other students lives in danger. He could have caused the gun to go off when tackling the other boy or worsened the situation by aggrevating the gunman.

        Now having said that this is not the first time we’ve had a crazy person pointing guns at innocents and I have to say the boy did the right thing. There’s been too many shootings for just too many years now where nobody did anything. I’d say that kid has some balls and should be awarded, not punished. Show these assclowns that we aren’t going to just stand there and get shot anymore. Only thing that would have been better is if he beat the living shit out of that kid beyond recognition.

        • The logical reason is that individual initiative leadership,and noble virtues are no longer character traits championed by the “collective”.

          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

          • Thats right, DK!…..John Wayne would be in prison
            today if he were alive!

            • Well he was and still is my favorite role model…regardless of the nation of pussies that weve become!Where are you Duke … we need you!

            • John Wayne was an actor. His movies were based on fiction with some historical correlation. He would not be in prison now anymore than then. Lets all stay in reality.

              • every one knows he was an’s the type character he portrayed.these characters were manly men who responded to situations as men should ,which at times included violence,appropriate violence.

      26. Zero Tolerance for:

        Pathological Liars
        SWAT Teams
        GMO Food
        Gun Grabbers…

        Anyone care to continue with the list?

        • Gubbermint trolls?

        • School administrators

          If you read Atlas Shrugged, you know, we’re there. When people are caught in the conflict of mind and heart, thinking they will get punished for any decision, they will quit making decisions, even a decision to save their own life.

          I believe, this is even Biblical as we are being given over to a deranged mind. A deranged mind is a mind that cannot act in its own self interest. Thus, Systemic Irrationality imposing fear of punishment for any decision. This is malevolence of the highest order, as the only logical result is a nation of SLAVES.

          And yes smokin, it deserves a certain school administrator to be confronted by the parents wielding baseball bats, to put some real fear into his mind. So that he will have the experience of the consequences of his decision.

          Generally speaking, if you think your feelings are important to me, understand this; I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR WOUNDED FEELINGS. They are irrelevant, worthless, the only feeling worthy of having is Love… and love, is TOUGH, full of SALT, not sugar.

          I was taught as a child;
          “Sticks and stones will break my bones,
          but words will never hurt me.”

          Our parents built in a thick skin for a ‘free’ world, I was also taught to ‘fear no man’.
          Now they create potential victims looking for a reason to be offended or scared.

          A lesson for our times?


            • “sweet words on the tongue, grow bitter in the belly” dear Grasshopper.
              I think maybe you should read it… again.

          • “Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad” –Euripides–

          • “Sticks and stones may break my bones…

            But whips and chains excite me!”

        • Free riders

      27. This reminds me of the high school who was beat up on by three other guys, and then was punished for being a part of the incident. Talk about blaming the victim. I would tell my kid from then on that if he was picked for a fight to bloody the other guy senseless, sicne it won’t matter anyway if he didn’t fight back.

        This school apparently has no tolerance for heroes. I hope the family sues their pants off.

        • I got my nose broke 35 years ago by four guys and got suspended for a week for being involved…and no I didnt start it but I did finish it for a couple of em… 🙂

      28. If you have YOUR children in one of these indoctrination centers, ask yourself why.

        Now do it without stupid rationalizations and then ask how you’re not part of the problem.

        Before you ask, no I dont. We scrape by on a single income and my wife home schools ours.

        • Industialized Baby Sitting Centers.

          Jobs Program, “for those who can’t”

          Contingency Plan, Built in Vote Cushion Program, Democrat Party.

      29. Signs- Signs..everywhere..Signs

        New South China Mall in Guangdong Province opened in 2005. With 5 million square feet of shopping area, the mall can accommodate 2,350 stores, making it the largest shopping center in the world in terms of leasable space — more than twice the size of Mall of America, the biggest shopping center in the United States.

        At the outdoor plaza, hundreds of palm-trees blend with a replica Arc de Triomphe, a giant Egyptian sphinx, fountains and long-stretching canals with gondolas.

        Only problem is, the mall is virtually deserted. Despite the bombastic design and grand plans, only a handful of stores are occupied. “Most of it empty, with little consumer traffic and a high vacancy rate,” according to a report last year by Emporis, a global building data firm. “It has been classified as a ‘dead mall.'”

        • VRF,Sounds like the American taxpayer, must have payed for it. Just like the U.S. Gov. don’t want no mention of Christianity in America, but, gave all the money to the Muslims, to remodel their Mosque’s. Go figure! WASP

        • There are whole towns in China like that, VFR. The government had all this stuff built up and the people are too poor to buy anything. Enormous apartment buildings which no one can afford,etc.

          My Chinese friend was told by her friend, who had just returned to China, “whatever you do, DON’T come back to China. NO one can find jobs, even if you have a doctor’s degree. Only people with doctorate degree can afford apartments… really bad there. You’d never know it because the leaders all pretend all is fine.

          There is saying in China that they DON’T NEED census workers in China; the government makes up the statistics! ; )

        • VRF: See the “silver lining”. No “Mall Rats” either!

      30. Just when I think it can’t get any more incredible, it does, usually in a big way, and I’m left dizzy and reeling trying to figure out WHAT to do. Is everyone sure this wasn’t a staged event? TPTB really need another “incident” to keep gun bans in front of the public and keep this issue boiling away. My first idea was to call the school, then I reflected that I’m on enough lists already. We are so screwed.

      31. A Northwest Indiana teacher was placed on leave after he wrote a threatening message on the chalkboard last week during class, the schools superintendent said.

        Lake Station Schools Supt. Dan DeHaven confirmed an Edison Junior-Senior High School teacher wrote a message that read: A) You are idiots!!!!!!!! B) The guns are loaded!!! C) Care to try me ?????????”

        Students snapped a photo of the message during first period Friday and posted it on Facebook, DeHaven said. The school resource officer saw the photo on Facebook, and the teacher was sent home by 10:30 a.m. that day.

        • Whats your point?

      32. How dare he! Doesn’t he realize that only being a victim is acceptable nowadays?

      33. We had a similar incident around here a few years ago. My friend ,who was at an all white bar in the restroom, when a black guy came into the room and acted like he was using the urinal and my friend noticed he had a sawed off shotgun in his coat, proceeded to drubb the hell out of the guy and took his gun. The bartender called the police and when they showed up, they arrested my friend and carted the wildebeast off to the hospital, WITH NO CHARGES! My friend received the first Hate Crime arrest in our county after a new law was enacted. We also have a law that states that you cannot destroy your own property if you are angry. WTF?

        • Dont you think your friend deserved to go to jail?

          • WOW, are you serious? Black guy, all white bar, sawed off shotgun, are you missing something?

            • I’m sorry, perhaps you’re under the impression this is the 1950s.

              What exactly is a “white bar”?
              Are you a racist?
              Do you believe black people hanging from trees is arbor jewelry?
              Are you a fucking retard? Dont answer, yea you are.
              Do you get your rocks off attacking people in bathrooms that have done nothing to you?
              Do you also attack little children?
              Are you a pedophile?

              Perhaps you’ve heard of the 2nd Amendment and no, this ain’t the frakkin 1860s and it aint just for white folk no more.

              You’re a racist turd – PERIOD.

        • If this happened in a constitutional carry state, where one has the right to carry openly or concealed, and if it was sawed off at 18″ inches or more (which lots of us here would support) then it sounds like your friend attacked someone for exercising their constitutional right. Either that or because he didn’t like the color of this guy’s skin. By the way, what is an all white bar? Where do you live?

          Hell, I’m just glad I don’t hang out in bars and expose myself to this non-sense.

        • Way more to your story.

        • But you can still destroy it if you are calm, right?

      34. The boy – a hero in my book – has learned a valuable lesson:

        Anyone in any position of authority is your enemy!

        My little boy is only two right now but someday he will be a schoolkid. I don’t to hear any crap from the homeschoolers about this because I have a reason for it. The public school system will do a superb job teaching him the truth; most people are assholes and all authority figures are out to get you.

        Now, I am already prepared for what will happen – and it will happen – when the faculty victimizes him the way they victimized me. I seriously doubt they are ready for the level of wrath I am prepared to dish out. Bullies usually aren’t.

      35. Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB, details how to subvert a nation. Making mockery of traditional values, such as this case, are in there somewhere.

        This was filmed in the early 80’s.

      36. Here is the Principal’s email. Tell her what you think. I did.

        [email protected]

      37. This is way bigger than a school incident. It’s part of the system of thought control for the entire nation. Remember, we are still in the training phase. So, we have to learn to suspend all instinct of self preservation, suspend all natural thought processes, suspend all actions until we have mentally referred to the “manual of acceptable responses” ingrained by our leaders. Then, and only then, we act as the system has taught us. If that means doing nothing and letting people die, that’s too bad. We must learn to follow the protocols as set down by the NWO globalist bankster scum for every aspect of our lives.
        And, you can bet that some of the parents of these school kids are now telling them how to react if this happens again- “If Johnny has a gun, don’t scream. Don’t do anything to him. Just hide under your seat and maybe he won’t shoot you. Wait for the authorities to save you.”
        Do you see what’s going on here? The tyrants at the top want it this way! For communism to function, it must train the masses to OBEY. In all situations. In every instance. OBEY! For every time something like this happens, more and more students, And Their Parents, are being trained…to OBEY.
        Secondly, there is somethng else here. The PTB are no doubt pissed at a lost opportunity. Another school shooting would have been a terriffic chance for further disarmament of the masses. The lives of these students mean nothing to them, Your life, mine, your children’s lives, mean absolutely nothing to the tyrant scum in power. As Mac summed up at the end of the article, it was, to the tyrants, a crisis going to waste.

        Behold the insidious nature of the enemy! And don’t forget it when the shtf…


      38. You know its prolly time for a trip to the woodshed, I hope someone really does take this matter into their own hands on this one. If the report is true and that is exactly what happened then I would expect nothing less from those Good ol boys. Have no doubt those ol red necks dont fuck around when its the kids being messed with. IF this is what happened. You know stupid used to be painful or at least uncomfortable and that helped, I think we need to put some pain back in stupid.

      39. This happened in Fort Myers (not Cypress Lake)Florida, the students were from Cypress Lake High. In addition to contacting Lee County School Board, feel free to complain to the Fort Myers City council. I grew up in this area, my brothers attended this school, and I’m happier than ever to be a hillbilly that lives a thousand miles from that sewer.

      40. Maybe the emergency suspension was for his own good? Stay out of school for a while and make it seem like he got punished so the other psycho kid won’t try to come after him. That’s giving school admin the benefit of the doubt of course.

      41. We know that the shit is going to hit the fan no thought about it. JUST WHEN! I say this year (soon), but I think a high percent will agree, BEFORE THE MID-TERM ELECTIONS.

        Keep preparing

        NOMI-KTTW.(Keep the tree WATERED)

        • I think Obama will push as best he can to make sure it won’t hit until AFTER he fills the House with Dems. Then his moves go unabated. However, I sense that things are quieting down right now. Almost like a calm before the storm. It may be sooner than Obama would like. Too much shit only adds up to a major shit storm ahead.
          Recent order of 7000 AR15’s by DHS
          2 billion bullets ordered
          2700 MRAP vehicles
          Drone authoriztions across the nation,
          Desynsitization exercises by the military on the citizens in various cities
          Multiple assaults on gun rights across country
          Ammo shortage worst I have seen in my life
          Pump shotgun shortage, among many other guns
          These are but a few off the top of my head.
          I am preaching to the choir. Get your shit together guys. Something nasty is around the corner. Most can feel it.

      42. If something like this was done to my kid, I’d determine who was responsible and demonstrate an alternate use for a baseball bat for them.

        • Amen +2…don’t forget the blanket.

      43. How far are we going to allow this to go on? When they finally kick down the door it’s a little to late. Must this look like Germany in 1937 before people begin to realize? National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order? 4th amendment-gone. 10th amendment-gone. 2nd- fading fast. ?!

        • You old people are obsessed with making slaves out of yourselves.

      44. Just ignore the liberals…they are mentally ill and want someone to own them.

        • It’s not liberal or conservative; its Freedom or Tyranny. Of course, what they did in the school was wrong. That doesn’t mean they were liberals, silly!

          • Anyone who is willing to acknowledge truth will understand that decisions like this are overwhelmingly made by people with a liberal (or leftist) belief system.

            Perhaps you should lay aside your leftist indoctrination and face the realities.

      45. And now, for something completely different…

        When buying a dead parrot, please remember to check for bright colored, lustrous feathers in the neck area. And a strong well shaped beak. Also make sure your new pet is securely nailed to his perch.

        Help Wanted:
        Persons with unsteady gaits, poor equilibrium, or severely sprained ankles needed immediately. Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and Minorities encouraged. However, staggering drunks need not apply. When you sober up, you will no longer qualify for the job. Apply in person-
        Ministry Of Silly Walks

        At the toll booth-
        Stop! Before you cross the toll bridge of death, answer me these questions three. What is your name?
        What is your quest?
        ‘to deliver this freight into Hoboken.’
        What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen semi?
        ‘what do you mean? A Freightliner or a Peterbilt?’
        I…I don’t know that…AAAIIIEEE!

        And now for something even more completely different-
        Mr. M Python was recently elected president of the local school board. He sent the following notice to the administrators and principals:
        Beginning immediately, all teachers are required to have students erase misspelled words before they write them down. This will facilitate better use of the students time.
        Lunch will now be served at 8:45 AM, right after breakfast. This will save time for the teachers and students, plus it will decrease dishwashing duties for cafeteria personnel.
        Any student who brings a sack-lunch to school will have their lunches searched. Bananas are prohibited, for obvious reasons. Also, if student brings oreo cookies, they must NOT refer to them by that brand name. The word may be offensive to other students. They are to call them ‘tolerance wafers’ instead. And, said cookies must be double stuff.
        All schools will implement the new XYZ grading scale, starting Friday and working backwards through Monday of the same week. Remember, the grading scale must be in place by Monday.
        New Dress Code changes: Clothing depicting Thomas Jefferson, George Washington or Colonel Sanders is strictly prohibited. Pictures of Chairman Mao, Barney Fwank, and Spongebob Squarepants are still acceptable.
        Finally- In an effort to boost student comprehension and increase self esteem, words of more than FIVE (5) letters are prohibited on all school property, including classrooms. Armed guards and word-sniffing dogs will be used to enforce this rule.

        • smokin,
          Your attempt at systemic irrationality is righteously illogical, totally emotional, to the extent of cognitive dissonance leading up to becoming the ultimate completion of normalcy bias, to more perfectly match the Hive mind of the Herd…



          • LMAO! The hive mind of the herd! I’m stealing that one!
            Plus I had to read your response 6 times just to comprehend it!

      46. Things are collapsing…Yesterday, reviewed documentary, “Collapse” staring Mike Ruppert. Weird! Everything is happening just as he said it would!

        Also, watched videos of what’s happening in Europe– the “PIGS” nations are in deep trouble– one in four Spaniard are out of work. Same goes for rest– around 20-27% unemployment. Thousands protesting.

        Now England is being hit. Downgrade by Moody. When the British pound is devalued 30- 40%, then hyper inflation here in the States. Also, they said the Fed is preparing for Implosion.

        • USA will devolve into an orgy of ethnic cleansing that will make Bosnia look like a company picnic. Pablo, Gorge, and Juan will find their “path to citizenship” blocked.

      47. SmokinOkie, Livefreeordie, and Zero, I’m with you all the way. Nothing else burns me up more than anyone tampering with the concept of self-defense. To me, that’s the same as tampering with life itself; a taboo, so to speak. I have zero tolerance for people who are trying to take away our means of self-defense any way they can. I have zero tolerance for any group trying to destroy our country for any reason. I have zero tolerance for anyone who comes to my place with any evil intentions toward me. I have zero tolerance for anyone who tries to violate my rights. These kids who stood up to the would-be assasin and disarmed him deserve the support of this nation. Everyone should find the email address for that school system and make your feelings known in no uncertain terms.

      48. Mac, Can you please tell me if its better to buy silver online, in your opinion, or at local coin shop? Is it cheaper on line, and if so, do you know of reputable website to go to? About how long does it take to reach you, once ordered?

        Also, I have a few old coins– pre-1965 pennies and nickles. Do you know about how much they’re worth? I looked at the website you suggested– coinflation– and didn’t see anything about those particular coins. Thanks! Oh, I wanted to purchase some pre-1965 Kennedy half dollars. Thanks!

        • Grasshopper: You can check the links at SHTF Metals and price the links at Kitco, Blanchard, and others against the cost in your neck of the woods.

          Time is money. Do your own research. 🙂

        • Grasshopper, I made my first purchase from Northwest Territorial Mint of dimes and quarters. My remaining purchases have come from a local pawn shop who are very good to deal with. Check around.

        • Except for some very early (Prior to 1920) there aren’t any pennies worth much. !909 Raised ground etc yes. All the wheat pennies are worth 2-3 cents. But mostly the New size pennies aren’t worth much. The pre 1982 All copper ones have more than 1 Cent of copper in them but you aren’t gong to get rich on them. As to where to buy silver coins. It’s the old it depends. Your local coin shop is usually more trustworthy than the net. (Fair amount of bad stuff getting into the net from china) Your local guy will usually have a better price than the big guys once you get to know him, But only rarely will the local guys have large quantities. So take you choice.

      49. Man o man. If I only had the popcorn license for the next school board meeting! I’d bet you could sell a few megaphones and baseball bats too.

      50. Off topic.
        I’m SO happy the Govt. build all the Fema Camps. Now we have all these resources in place to take over and put all the liberals and commies them.

        You have to look on the bright side.

        Imagine the currency collapses. Then all the gun owners team up with local law and all the law makers are rounded up. Then sort them and put the liberals in the camps.

        There you go. America restored.

      51. The bottom line is that our children are being taught not to fight back under any circumstances. We have custody of our 13-yr old niece. She was recently suspended for a minor physical altercation in which there were no serious injuries. Witnesses and video prove the other girl shoved my niece first. We were contacted by local police who informed us that both girls would be required to go to court, with the possibility of fines and community service. The detective told us that even VERBAL arguments between schoolchildren now end up in court.

        I told my niece she had done nothing wrong in standing up for herself. I used a motto I’d seen on Facebook: Never throw the first punch, but make damn sure you throw the last one.

        • Bulshit. “Strike first strike hard no mercy Sir!”.

          • No.

            Strike back ruthlessly, anonymously, and much later.

        • @ DollarstoDonuts. The earthquake off Loma Linda is on the San Jacinto fault which is a much smaller sister fault to the San Andreas. They both run together, almost mirroring each other, but the San Jacinto stops at where the two faults join at San Bernadino. Here is what I read about what is going there.

          The San Jacinto has been having earthquakes in this location for several years now. WHY? Because the energy from the San Andreas, which is locked up tight, has to be released somewhere. This is what you seeing right now, increased activity as the southern San Andreas gets closer and closer to breaking. Have a large earthquake on the San Jacinto and the San Andreas could follow minutes later, or could be hours to days, but it should break if this happens.

          The earthquakes in the Ferndale area which is south of Eureka I would be far more worried about the Cascadia fault which is just north of here. The Cascadia fault took a huge hit to the north of it up in Canada with that 7.8 and 7.5 in Alaska. All it needs now it that push from the south to set it off. This area is a place ot watch for at least a 6.7, more likely a 7.3+ to set of the Pacific Northwest into a 9.1-9.3.

          • Thanks!

      52. Always told my kids don’t start it but damn well finish it. That principal and anyone else involved in that “Hero’s” suspension should be fired and replaced with someone with at least half a brain. What bullshit !!

      53. the world has gone mad…

        • ….no shit,wally! we’ve become a frickin’ “ant farm”….

      54. I’m coming at this blind…
        I haven’t read any comments nor watched the video or even read Mac’s commentary…
        I just read the headline…here and somewhere else…don’t know where…
        But I’ve got to say…If this is what I suspect it to be…well…

        The NEA has to go… because I know this is how they operate…
        For them to indorse and propagate this kind of behavior by local school boards in demonizing young men doing the right thing is not only reprehensible…it’s criminal… and this would be just another example…

        Anybody understand of what I speak?

        • OMG …this is in Florida?

          • this is disgusting.

      55. Similar thing happened to me back in 1976 high school. Got jumped by two mexican illegals on schoolgrounds. Left both of them a bloody mess. They took me out for the remainder of semester for defending myself against two punks that didn’t belong on schoolgrounds much less this country. This was the beginning of the no tolerance policy back then. Dumbass school administrators.

      56. The insane now run the government institutions and make the laws and rules.

        The school administration should be recalled as a first step.

      57. Since no one was injured they reported it as a 22 revolver. If he had shot someone it would have been an high powered assault rifle.

      58. The RG .22 revolvers are pure crap! However, if you pull the trigger enough it will shoot at least one time… out of six. About 20% dangerous…

        The kid is a hero and he should have been GIVEN that gun as a trophy. (Only good for putting on a wall.)

        As a child in the 70’s this SAME policy of “do not defend yourself” existed. Bullys are rewarded and are defenders punished.

        A pocket knife defended me against GANGS (of kids) when I was growing up!

        All kids should own, and carry, at least a pocketknife.

        If ALL kids were ARMED, none of this mass killing crap would exist!

        Arm the children!

        • When I was a kid guns were as American as Apple pie.

      59. I agree with many of the other comments. America used to value the individual and now we value the collective. Thats the problem in a nutshell.

        • You identify yourself at a “leftist libertarian”. Aside from the fact there aint no such a thing, hello? leftist?





            • LMAO! You’re a retard.

            • Eisie honey, come on home now son.
              It’s time for your medication.

      60. I saw this the other day and I couldn’t read it anymore it was so upsetting. It shows though that the evil is totally taking over. Whatever religion or belief you follow, times are becoming so awful that something mega terrible is going to happen, it just is. Just like what Manos said in Greece, you cannot defend yourself, and these MF’s are trying to poison this country as well.

        What they are trying to do is make EVERYTHING as weak and helpless, AND in total dependence of big brother. You are not suppose to defend yourself, you have to let the police do it for you, after they arrive 1 hour later to put you corpse in a body bag.

        Yes everyone out there, they want to take away our backbone and turn you into jellyfish cream puffs like what they have done in Europe. Then they want to destroy your free will to even think for yourself or speak for yourself. Look at the political correctness crap that is poisoning everywhere. Free speech is dying, and if you use a word or phrase that others don’t like, they can have you put into a corner away from everyone else, any piece of the Constitution into the paper shredder.

        There is a plan behind all of this, they are trying to lobotomize everyone and turn them into some sort of zombie freak show. They want to destroy your souls, that is what pure evil does and they are the anti-self defense so called peacenicks that hide behind their cloke of being for the innocent. This is hardly the truth as those that want to take awy your self defense and your right to protect yourself ARE those that truly are best friends to the criminal and the pure evil. Those that want to take away your rights to protect yourself, your family, your friends, the innocent thrive on making you a victim, and the more victims the better for them.

        When people start to see the truth of these so called pacifists that want your guns and EVERYTHING else THEY consider a weapon, that they are part of the evil and pawns of the evil, then perhaps more people will wake up and see that absolutely NOTHING they preach is worth anything and further adds another cancer to the society that is terminal right now to begin with.

        • “peacenik”, not “peacenick”

          • @ Eisenkreuz. (Peacenik or peacenick), or (rectum or wrectum) same meaning, just wrong spelling. Really, my English skills have taken decades to even get to the level of college marginal level. I received “A’s” in college in most subjects, but when it came to writing and English I truly had some very difficult times. Part of it was I was not taught phonics and many times I have to use the battery operated spell checker to make sure I did not misspell a word. Many times, as I am sure you and almost evertone else here, gets so upset about a subject that the words come out and are typed out so quickly that you forget to check them, you just have to send the comment now. This was one of those articles that goes beyond belief for irrational, illogical, just plain wrong, and very upsetting to see society debase itself like this.

            • Attacking people’s grammar is what I do. I fully agree with everything your have written.

              “cloak”, not “cloke”

              • That would be spelling not grammar.

      61. I’m not sure we have heard, seen, or read the whole story… If the student didn’t have anything to do with the confrontation other than disarming, then it would be crazy to suspend him… There has to be another angle…

      62. Be Informed, once again, there’s nothing in your post I can dispute. It bears saying again, in my mind, anyone who tampers with self-defense in any way, shape, or form, is tampering with human life itself. IT’S A TABOO! IT’S A RED LINE NO ONE SHOULD EVER CROSS! I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE’S REASON IS FOR IT! That kid who disarmed the other kid did exactly right; he definitely had the right idea, but instead of being treated like a hero, he gets punished for it. According to the story at the link I posted earlier, the kid with the gun was only being charged with illegal possesio of a weapon and assault with a deadly weapon “WITHOUT INTENT” to kill, though everyone on the bus clearly heard him say he was going to shoot the other kid he was arguing with AND he will be allowed to teturn to school next week! now the hero who disarmed the punk will have to live in fear for his life because of the stupid and asinine way the school handled the whole affair. And these people are called ‘educators’? GIVE ME THE BIGGEST BREAK OF ALL TIME! These ALLEGED educators are really RETARDED! If I was the hero kid, I would try to avoid going back to that school. That kid’s parents need to look into a private school or homeschooling, if at all possible. That kid will get my support and prayers. He definitely rocks. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • @ braveheart. It is very frightening to see how parents are turning their children into future adults that allow the state and government do their thinking for them. Instead of holding a parade for that teenager that quite possibly prevented another student shooting, he gets suspended for 3 days for doing what a HERO does, SAVE THE DAY. I tell you it is awful to see ANYONE not hail someone that prevents suffering and death.

          A generation ago that kid would have gotten 3 days off, yeah to go speak and other high schools about what it means to care enough to step up and do something to save others. This world, the human species that follow these anti-self defense parasites have decayed like a rotting piece of garbage in the hot sun.

          • Agreed…passive compliance is all they want…

      63. Greetings Everyone!
        While I applaud the kid’s efforts to prevent the shooting,I do wonder what led up to the violence in the first place.Was the kid with the gun fed up with being “hazed” on a day to day basis and felt he had no other choice?Why didn’t he approach the student advisors before it came to this?And if he did,WHY was nothing done before it got to this point?This smells of another “school shooting” setup that just happened to be stopped short.And another point,where did the gun come from?The story seem to have some VERY important points and pieces of info left out.
        It almost appears to have been “tailor made” for the “gun control” folks.I for one wouldn’t send ANYTHING to either the principle or the school to avoid being labelled a “gun toting terrorist”.There-by giving the trigger-happy ABC folks an excuse to seize from me what ever they fancy is a “terrorist item”.Like my tall,super-duper toliets for example.After all,I DOO “hazardous waste products”(I ain’t gonna pick it up!) in them each and every day.I refuse to recycle my TP either.Guess that might be misconstrued by said PTB as acting as a DOO-Dooerist.
        That leaves them to “create” their own lies(not unlike the Nazi’s in Germany who made Jews sign “legal papers” handing over their goods and property to stay out of the “reeducation centers” for a while) to get a grip on this GFG.
        Best to All
        Hope your safe and warm during these chilly nights

        • GRG,

          The only thing I saw missing was not a assult rifle..

          Hope you are well brother.

      64. The bureaucrat(s) that run this school must have preferred that the student with the gun shoot up his fellow students, instead of one student heroically risking his own life to disarm him.

        It is the height of passivity and self abnegation to lay down and die when confronted with aggression, and apparently the school administrator, like so many bureaucrats, is conditioned to passivity. Why else would he punish someone who doesn’t go along with the comply and be passive program?

        What insanity! A human society that is conditioned to dependence instead of independence is not only sick because it is full of people who failed to launch and become whole personalities, but is doomed to disintegrate because way too many people are unable to take care of themselves.

        At least when economic breakdown and then civil violence come, the large dependent segment of society will be the first to perish. It takes a healthy person to take charge of his own life and his own survival.

        I suppose I am preaching to the choir when I say, “Be independent of this failing system”.

        • most of society have been conditioned to OBEY…and respect authority…this is a fatal flaw as we will soon see , as in gun confiscation…I and many will NOT obey…

      65. New FOX poll shows that 80% of you stupid old people think that drone stikes are a good idea. Great job, fucktards. I hope next time it’s your children who get killed in a drone strike.

        • Sybil,AKA Eisenkratz

          Thats ok 99% of the SHTF site has figured out you just a A–hole. Myself I still wondering if you were born a A-sshole or just grow up to be one..



          • I always had a hatred of authority from an early age.

            • It appears you always had a hatred of rational thinking too.

              • How so?

      66. By Philip Rucker, The Washington Post
        Posted March 02, 2013, at 6:16 a.m. :Obama announces 17 pardons in rare show of clemency
        Larry Wayne Thornton – Forsyth, Georgia.

        Offense: Possession of an unregistered firearm, 26 U.S.C. §§ 5861(d), 5871; possession of a firearm without a serial number, 26 U.S.C. §§ 5861(i), 5871.
        Sentence: Four years probation.

        And our Leader, wants to pass gun law. Look what he does..

      67. Yes this is a bunch of bullshit just like Sandyhook this is a total hoax and the anti-gun people are trying to fuck us all. Just like Sandyhook I don’t think there were kids on that bus and if there were they were all actors.

      68. the world has gone in-fucking-sane…that kid saved the other kid’s life…every member of that school board should have his/her ass beat


        • Eisen. Quit trying so hard. People will like you better.


          See, there’s that lack of rational thought process again. That’s the leftist culture you support dummy.


            • LMAO!

              ‘dont support anything leftist’ and ‘I’m a LEFT’ aren’t equal?

              • There’s that rational thought process again…

        • Are you telling us you’re an offshore sailor?
          HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!
          In your dreams pal…

          • Why wouldn’t I be?

            • Eisen. You say you are young and then you refer to the days of old. You say you are a bad ass black belt and love kicking ass. You say you were an off shore sailor. ( kind of redundant). You say you like weed and strippers. You say all laws should be repealed. ( including you paying for sex). You say you have a life but post throughout the day. Can you see how we may thing you are a little full of shit? Bad assed young guys don’t type about how bad ass they are. You seem insecure and living a Walter Mitty life.

              • Let loose the hounds! Flying pirranha to follow. SNAP! SNAP!

              • “You say you were an off shore sailor. ( kind of redundant).”

                Not really…

                Having been there, both COASTAL and DEEP OCEAN…
                I can assure there is a significant difference…

            • On reflection…now that you’re claiming to be an off shore sailor…maybe you were…
              Was the character in “Dead Calm” played by Billy Gray based on you? 🙂

              • not gray but zane

        • Were you,

          Coast Guard
          Regular Navy

          • Private yacht owner.

            • Teak decking or plastic?

              • GRP

                • oooooo….he knows a boat construction acronym…
                  give up Eisen… you’re now dealing with a seasoned Pro…
                  HA HA HA HA !!!

          • How in the hell do you get a thumbs down for a simple answer to a simple question? Really petty sometimes.

            • slingshot, if you post a comment among these “Freedom Lovers” and ever say something they don’t like, which you will. From then on you’ll get a thumb down regardless of what you post. So just have thick skin, and let the chips fall where they may. Sting Like A.WASP. Bring It On!

      70. Chickenlittle. I agree with you. I would think events leading up to the gun being fought over and taken would explain the issue. Perhaps the 3 day suspension was due to being part of harassing the eventual gun man. This would make the most sense. Then again, I am talking about schools and common sense. I will check the local paper and post the link if it helps explain this incident.

      71. Liberalism is a disease and it needs to be cured.

      72. Chicken. After checking the local news it is evident there is much more to the story. The boy with the gun and the same boy who disarmed him were involved in an argument that started at football practice. The school board is meeting to discuss the suspension and will have a news conference. Pointing guns has replaced going to fists. The 3 day suspension was given out due to the argument leading to the gun being pointed. Not the disarming and therefore possession of the gun. I have to admit, I wouldn’t know how to handle what looks like bullying that lead to the gun. The gun is outrageous and not a normal response in this circumstance. Like I said, we used to fight these things out.

      73. The system was robbed of its martyrs . Blast these children for defending themselves . Dont they know how this works ? Perhaps the education system needs to implement a being a victom 101 course . Then we could have a bus load of dead students when we need one

      74. A tip for anyone that plants ‘square foot’ style… using paper towels
        and setting up your seeds on the squares of towel to corresponds with the
        squares of your plot makes it a breeze to lay everything out in the
        spring. If you are companion planting you can also arrange your seeds on
        your towel squares just the way you like. For example Broccoli in the
        center surrounded by leaf lettuces mixed with Radish. You lay out the
        square the seeds start sprouting, you pick your radishes, lettuces keep
        growing and you start picking those.. by the time they’re spent and gone
        your broccoli has the space that it needs.

        Another gadget that I had was a square sheet of wood that had dowels
        sticking out of it… different squares for different spaces between the
        seeds… Water your soil. Set your ‘divot maker’ on the surface of the
        soil and press. All your seed divots are perfectly spaced and the perfect
        depth… then just drop in the seeds and lightly sprinkle with water and
        apply a light mulch and sprinkle a bit again…. Another way to make seed
        planting a breeze. A friend suggested a gadget be put on the top of the
        divot maker so that you could turn in a broom handle.. that way you don’t
        have to bend over to do the divot holes…. just grab your divot maker
        boards and start marking all the squares and then go bag with your seeds
        and start dropping them… then sprinkle, mulch, sprinkle…

        Saves on thinning too!

        • Nice approach…

      75. Here is a great site to complement this site. It will give you much needed information about the Constitution.

        The Tenth Amendment Center

        PS. If you are a judge…

      76. the young men did a very moral act…the administrators did not,they are morally corrupt and should never be respected NEVER…the young men have learned a lesson that many of the citizens of this country do not understand…which not obey morally corrupt laws or commands from morally corrupt authorities…Natural Law is what the young men obeyed and they did right….

      77. if these young men where teachers at sandy hook it would be a different story… tolerance and gun free zones must be eliminated in this country….along with the politicians and school personnel that install these killing fields..IMHO

      78. So the kids had an argument earlier, maybe even disliked each other for months. Whatever, the kid who pulled the gun needs punished as an adult, and the kid who disarmed him needs rewarded. The school district needs to immediately suspend each and every student who dislikes any other student.

        You wise off to another kid, he gets violent, it’s not your fault, he made the choice, not you.

      79. Jim Morrison sang,

        ‘People Are Strange’

        It took me in 2013 to finally understand what he meant in 1966.

        Is he still alive?

      80. I was in four fights as a teenager not counting MA and won three of them. I love to fight. I love the exhilaration of it. I love to headbutt people in the face.

        • Kraut, if the kid he pulled the gun on, was anything like you. I now see why they suspended that kid for taking the gun from him. Just a thought!WASP

        • Yeah Eisenkraut, And I bet you they were all old People. Hope their false teeth stick in your forehead! Trekker Out!

          • No, none of them were old people.

            • And then “I karate chopped them”. And then I hit them so fast you couldn’t count the blows on slow motion cameras”. And then and then and then…..

        • Four fights!!! Wow Eisen, you are a true badass. That would be one fight every two years of your high school career. Fending off gay bashers?

          • No. They were mostly because I didn’t take anyone’s shit.

        • Eisie dear,
          It’s time for your medications.
          C’mon now son, wave bye bye to the nice people here.

      81. Gresham’s law is an economic principle that states:

        “When a government compulsorily overvalues one type of money and undervalues another, the undervalued money will leave the country or disappear from circulation into hoards, while the overvalued money will flood into circulation.”

        Note please that the US Treasury still holds firmly to the mad concept that their gold, if there is still any left , not compromised, is valued at $42.

        FORTY-TWO DOLLARS for a Ounce of Gold

        WTF ??? ;0p

        Try $1585.00 and thats still manipulated , it should be $5000.00 on the real global gold markets .

        GOT PHYZZ P.M.’S ???


        • It can be succinctly stated as “bad money chases out good”.

      82. Kind of amazing how the NRA gets the blame for sandy hook while the idiot that thought up “gun-free zones” gets a complete pass….nice, really intelligent

      83. I personally think these liberals are a bunch of gutless wonders standing around talking on their O’loser phones all day. Doubt any of them ever fought for anything accept a better position in the buffet line.

      84. what did the bus driver have to say about the incident?
        if someone has already posed this question, i apologize,
        too many posts to see if i copied anyone.

      85. @ eisenkreuz….are you sure your real record isn’t 0-4 in those 4 fights? :>)

        You should SERIOUSLY show some of the older people here some RESPECT man….you are COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL if you think you know more than some of our older friends here a lot of whom have been in the military and law enforcement. Every time you insult old people that probably have FORGOTEN more than you know you make yourself look foolish. The spelling corrections are silly as well dude….that being said i agree with some of the things you post…just stop making fun of everyone for gods sake.It makes you appear INMATURE.

        • I’m sure of my fight record. I knew more than you old people when I was a teenager. I’ve spent most of my life reading. Since when are military and law enforcement personnel the paragons of learning? I’ve never made fun of anyone here that I can recall.

          • Eisen…”I’m sure of my fight record.”

            Let’s see now…Big Blue…what were the other three? 🙂

      86. Thanks Badpuppy, that Eisenkraut shows us no respect. And I know, I’ve forgotten more than he knows, because I’ve forgotten everything I ever knew. I think! Anyway Eisenkraut be nice to us old folk, cause we maynot be around all that long. And no reason to be mean, just because you can whip us. Trekker Out. Put Your Dukes Up!

        • I honestly don’t understand why anyone here interacts with this troll. He’s rude, contributes nothing and is only here to draw attention to himself.
          Sad pathetic little boy. Personally I can’t stand him and only down arrow every one of his posts – never read them.

          • I’m hardly a troll asshole. I contribute plenty.

      87. BI just now catching your last post. Sadly, i must agree with that too.

      88. @ mountain trekker… :>)

      89. @ eisenkreuz…..first of didn’t know SHIT when you were a teenager so don’t try to act as if you did. Second…of course the military and law enforcement are ” paragons of learning ” They are taught to whip some serious butt and takes names ( especially military special forces ) For the purposes of what we discuss here ( firearms, food, survival, self defense, natural disasters, etc ) I would say yes….the training they have makes them an authority on the subjects we discuss.
        Thirdly….most of your posts are insulting old people it seems so the statement that you don’t make fun of anyone is not correct either.

        • I knew more as a teenager than most people ever will. If you are glorifying M&P “kicking butt” then you’re too stupid to understand anything that is going on. Old people deserve to be told off. Whose fault do you think this is? Spitefulness and scorn are two different things indeed, old one.

          • Eisen…
            You seem to “know more than most people ever will”…
            Really? Truly? That Deeply?
            You come across as a spoiled(in the full sense of the word),petulant teenager.This can be seen both by your choice of phrasings you use over and over,AND your “knee-jerk”reaction to ANY one who questions your “complete authority” on any given topic.This IS a site where ideas are put forth(admittedly,it’s true some fall into the “Batshit crazy” category now and zen) and discussion among mature adults follows.Your rants for the most part leek little but immature emotional outbursts with each line.You thoughts are basically:”I skilled at everything,and you all know nothing,because I’m so better than YOU”.
            Why don’t you start your own web site(assuming you can afford it,which I doubt) and show us what your claimed talents are REALLY!I’m willing to allow that you may indeed be talented,but as they say “Big hat,but no cattle” is what you are so far.
            So,what it’s gonna be boy?
            Best to everyone here(even Eisen-child,if he’s actually all that he claims!)

      90. This is a resonse I received from the proncipal.

        I am sorry that you feel the way you do about me/my leadership abilities, especially having never met me. You are absolutely correct that it would be absurd to punish a student for doing something heroic. It is unfortunate, to say the least, that the media has incorrectly reported the facts surrounding this situation, has assumed students’ information to be 100% factual, and have cast an unfair negative shadow on me (and my school.)

        The miscommunication is further compounded since this situation deals with students’ discipline and I am unable to set the record straight and clarify what actually happened. I can, however, emphatically tell you that there are other circumstances involved in this situation and that NO students were suspended/punished for helping disarm another student with a firearm.

        My life’s work is revolved around being an advocate for student success and I am passionate about it. Hopefully, you can see/understand that when it comes to media stories, there is usually more than meets the eye. We are hopeful that the false information will be retracted and/or clarified, but unfortunately that does not always happen. We will see what transpires.

      91. “Though there are those who believe that self defense is never an option…”

        In the animal kingdom, creatures that exhibit this characteristic go by 4 names: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack.

        As if more evidence were needed (and it isn’t!), the inmates are truly running the asylum. Personally, if it was me, I would not return to such a chickens**t school.

      92. Since when is being suspended from school a punishment?

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