Zero Dark Thirty: Bin Laden Revisted – Hollywood Style

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    Bin Laden Revisted – Hollywood Style

    According to Deadline Hollywood, the New York Film Critics Circle has named Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty its film of the year in voting going on right now in New York.

    Just in time for the holidays, the film presents the dumbed-down American public with yet another ample opportunity to wrap itself tightly in the flag and worship at the alter of Hollywood propaganda. With all the hype, and with the dutiful mainstream press falling in line to gush over the film, one wonders if anyone will care that it’s mostly all Pentagon-seeded garbage. For starters, the picture you see here of the folks at the White House pretending to be watching the Bin Laden raid, it was staged.

    As we’ve seen with the Jessica Lynch story, the Pat Tillman story and the official 9/11 narrative, the Pentagon has a long history of being truth challenged.

    One wonders what tiny percentage of the Zero Dark Thirty audience will recollect or care, that against all odds and statistical actuary tables 22 members of the same “SEAL Team 6″ unit which was reportedly involved in the ‘Bin Laden raid’ met untimely deaths in a chopper explosion just weeks after the raid – in what many suspect was a “hit” to extinguish the truth. As Fox News reported:

    Insurgents shot down a U.S. military helicopter during fighting in eastern Afghanistan, killing 30 Americans, most of them belonging to the same elite unit as the Navy SEALs who killed former Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden, U.S. officials said Saturday. It was the deadliest single loss for American forces in the decade-old war against the Taliban.

    One wonders if the American movie going public knows or even cares that the “official” White House version of the events of the Bin Laden raid – has done nothing but change since the event was initially reported to the world.

    Does the American public actually believe that the most prized target in the never ending ‘War on Terror’, Osama Bin Laden, was successfully located and killed by SEAL team 6, and then in some moment of uncharacteristic empathy for the religion of Islam and the entire Muslim world, the decision was made to fly his body to a waiting US warship so it could be tossed overboard “in accordance with Islamic tradition“? When exactly did the Pentagon start giving a damn about Islamic tradition?

    Does not every single line in this ever-changing fiction stretch the limits of credulity? Can every single idiotic fable this government concocts be wiped from the pages of time with a slick Hollywood flick? Does anyone in this country care about truth? At all?

    At this point in the story we might all be wise to recall the words of Karl Rove who summed up the current state of affairs in the United States quite well when he said the following:

    We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

    Zero Dark Thirty opens at a theater near you on December 19. Suspend your disbelief. And bring your flag.

    This article has been contributed by SGT Report.

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      1. Plenty of sheeple for the establishment following their leader.  Again, I maintain that the 60+ million that voted for douche bag extraordinaire deserve no sympathy from me when it all comes down.  They made they’re bed…they can sleep in it (as if I could do anything for them anyway).


        • Propoganda for what? This is so similar to what the Russian people were fed on screen, just like Russia, it’ll have to pass the state department. No matter what really happened it won’t be the truth. Will I go see it? Nope.

          •  “One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.”  – Aldous Huxley (Brave New World)

            • And now we R doing movie reveiws. So much for preparing for SHIF. And so many here were screaming to go back to the way this site USE to be.

              Does anyone remember what the last survial issue that was presented for discusion here. 

              • I just wanna know if this is a free movie you can get with the EBT card….Oh, and I want some of dat free popcorn, too! With butter.

              • “””So much for preparing for SHIF.”””

                Being aware of the news is a kind of preparing.

                OTOH, this kind of stuff can be distracting and keep one from preparing.

                I notice when I don’t come here for a couple of days, everything gets more relaxed in my life, while at the same time I am far more productive.

                The sheep are far happier than we are, for now at least.  Maybe the best way to await the coming problems is to live like the happy sheep (even if you are pretending to be a sheep) until you can no longer do so.  Enjoy the conveniences today, while knowing they may not be around tomorrow.

                Waiting for the unknown is pointless.  Preparing for it is essential.

                I think I will keep on preparing, but I will no longer be waiting and watching the criminals.  They will do what they please regardless.  And so will I.

            • This might be interesting – <a href=””>Off the Grid 2012 Documentary (youtube)</a>

              • Anton Hackl,

                I agree … not good news.  This line from the article stands out:

                “More risk exists in today’s banks than at any time in history.”

                More bank news on Drudge Report this morning …

                S&P downgrades world’s oldest bank to “junk” status

        • This is not that difficult to believe.  Certainly the White House knows it’s lying, yet I don’t think they are running the show.  They know that between the Military-Industrial Complex and CFR, there’s nothing they can do about it.

          According to Jim Marrs, the phrase al Qaida, translated as “the base” actually refers to the CIA database in Langley, VA.   Of the 19 hijackers, he provides newspaper accounts from the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt, in which most of the identical individuals with the exact verifiable names, were never in the USA.  One even happened to be a pilot, who had to prove his correct identity in order to clear his name.

          You may disagree emotionally with the facts, but at least the former reporter gets the facts straight.

          I’ll be brief: it just seems the entire 9/11 episode was likely a gigantic lie.  Watch out for the next one: Star Wars with Aliens.  No joke.


          • @ HB

            Funny you should mention  “Star wars with Aliens”…seems there are a few recent articles discussing just that, see below link:



            …on a side note, one has to wonder how & when the  “DC regime”  is going to spin the Benghazi fiasco into a Hollywood script & call it…

            “…quarter-after FUBAR in Libya…”

            Of course Valerie Jarrett & Obummer will be consulted per the ambassador’s anal rape episode. Damn perverts.


              Hey  “Smokin-O”  reckon you could polish their script into a fitting ribald comedy?

            …naw!  On second thought, you’re far too honorable, to lie and sugar coat treason.

            • Yeah, Anton, it’s a bunch of bull.

              It’s the human Shadow Government that wants to control and militarize space like the usual high jinx.

              People are so stupid, they’ll want to war with “aliens”.  It never occurs to them that if they could travel the universe, light years at a time – then they probably could incinerate this planet in an infinitesimal second if they wanted.

              I like E.T.  He already knows how stupid The Shadow Government truly is!!  Our planet is likely quarantined for sheer idiocy because of those bastards!  🙂

              • @ HB

                Your post got me to thinking some…so off I went into cyber-space.  Came across a very bizarre episode dating from a 1988 medical autopsy of a Brazilian man, who had been vivisected by E.T….similar to the cattle mutilation stories one hears of,  from time to time.  Its rather morbid, but a fascinating read nonetheless. The photos should be avoided if you have a weak stomach. See link below:




                P.S.) …sorry for going off topic, Mac.

                • @Anton

                  It’s propaganda.  ET has no time for it.  He’s just trying to phone home! 

                  Back to the original subject: lies, lies, damned lies!  🙂

              • @ HB

                Hmmmm…first attempt to respond didn’t make it thru. Ok, here’s #2.  Did a bit of searching on E.T. & stumbled across this:


                Reminds me of those cattle mutilation stories one hears about, from time to time. Episode occurred back in 1988 to a Brazilian man & is basically an autopsy report w/ photo evidence & coroner’s commentary. Do NOT view if you have a weak stomach. Click on link & scroll down past adverts.

                P.S.)  …sorry for wandering off-topic, Mac!


        • Been looking for Bin Laden for 20 years, so what they got him on Obamas watch, BIG DEAL …… Is Obama doing a tap dance at the end of the movie.

        • This is surely fake. Obama would NEVER allow that schmuck in uniform to have a nicer chair than The one.

        • “Plenty of sheople…”

          Oh, yeah. Its the 97%. Only 3% of Americans have a clue as to what is going on and that everything that proceeds out of Washington, if its not a complete fabrication, is a severe distortion. A lot more than 3% SAY they know, but they don’t.

          I can’t figure out for sure if Karl Rove was telling us as a “This is the way its gonna be!” or as a criticism. Either way, its true.

          I’ve been creating my own reality for quite a while now and the more I do it, the easier it gets to see through the arrogance, the lies and the stage play.

          With all the bad actors, a crappy theatre and a stupid audience, this show is getting REALLY old. 

      2. At OQ: Is the free download still available? I’ve tried both sites with no joy.

      3. Having served many years within the SOF community I find this nasty piece of propaganda dangerous on so many levels, but mostly to giving away tactics techniques and procedures which can and will threaten future mission success, but with this administration that may be the intent.

        • Y99

          yuuuppppppp!!! thats the plan,,,plus the fact the idiot went on national TV and  blabbed his mouth befor anr docs. captured could be gone over,,,kinda like he was warning the others,,,


        • Bingo !

      4.   The whole Bin Laden event stunk from the moment they rushed to buried him at sea. For me, that’s when all credibility to the event was lost. It’s just another of many cases where our MSM has failed to perform a follow up investigation of potential skullduggery.  There’s been so many cases of MSM covering for this administration that I’ve lost count.  What will it take for the MSM to be the bastion of the bulldog  investigative journalist, a republican president?

      5. Mark Owen’s book was pretty good.

        He’s still alive. Mission itself was pretty boring. It was everything else he did that make the book a good read.

      6. “WAG THE DOG” Zion controlled HollyWood WAR PORN NWO ZOG FEDGOV CIA DOD FALSE-FAG PROPAGANDA AT ITS BEST !Don’t believe the Hype !  Known AmeriKan CIA Agent / Al-CIA-Duh Asset Osama Bin Ladin aka Tim Osmond died Dec. 2001 of a Terminal Genetic Disease . After being repeatedly treated at CIA and U.S. MILITARY HOSPITALS for it .  “I was Running toward my Dreams, Tripped over Reality and Hit my Head on the Truth !”The TRUTH in the End always Rises to the Surface of a Boiling Pot of Lies , Exposing for All to See the Hard Truth of ?Humanity? !~N.O. ;0P  

      7. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the alleged death of Bin Laden, whose body was conveniently buried at sea. 

      8. Will Hollywood ever make a fictional movie about WTC 7 on 9/11? 

        It can be about the Barry Jennings guy who was the last one out.  They can also mix in some real live footage of the BBC saying that WTC 7 was already down while, in reality, it was still up and was even seen in that famous video. 

        Bin Laden was dead many years ago.  That is why the government did not show the body.  Of course, Barak Obama said that he decided to “pull the trigger” on Bin Laden.  Like that makes any sense.  He is better off alive so he could be interrogated.  Duh!

        Even if it was Bin Laden.  He did not pull off the 9/11 attacks.  WTC 1,2, and 7 were obvious controlled demolitions.  They went down like the high risers in Las Vegas, when they are destroyed.  Looking at the circle that was the “hit spot” in the Pentagon, it is obvious it was a missile.  Flight 93 was not crashed.  It was shot down, that is why they did not find major wreckage at the site.  Tons of videos on youtube show this.

        Once a person understands how, as Alex Jones says, “9/11 was an inside job”, it is painfully obvious the deep crap we are getting ourselves into.  This shadow government is so powerful.

        Once a person understands that more men know who won last year’s Super Bowl than know that there were 3 towers that went down on 9/11, not 2, then you know we are in deep shit.

        Propaganda by evil people on a stupid public is a powerful tool.

        • LOL @ people giving my comment a thumbs down.  I would like them to explain to me how WTC 7 collapsed. 

          • In 93 it was discovered that had the van been parked 2 meters closer to the support the building could have fallen.


            The man power, time and invasiveness required to set explosives in 1 & 2 would have been massive and noticed by survivors, building 7 can somewhat be explained by debris, heat and overpressure from the collapse of 1 or 2 based on aspect/entry points.


            Overpressure from a large explosion (building collapse) creates massive amounts of energy in close proximity, what most viewed as a collapse wave of dust was in truth a blast wave of energy.  

            • U are full of shit.  Buildings do not collapse for those reasons.

            •    I guess you fell for the propaganda, sucker.

      9. SterlingSilver, you hit the nail on the head.   Obama was the POS they chose so they deserve whatever he does to them.  the biggest part of this nation’s downfall will be the propaganda fed to the people for the past century or more.  Adolf Hitler once said if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will start believing it.   Joseph Goebbels,  Minister of Propaganda and Popular Enlightenment for Nazi Germany, would’ve been so proud of the spin doctors in the mainstream media today.   People have been made so gullible by the public schools, MSM, and other sources of propaganda.  Only people like the ones who come to this site and others like it have the critical thinking skills necessary to sort through all the hype and discover the truth.   When you look at the type of influence most people are under, it’s easy to see where the country is headed.   God help us all.   Braveheart

      10. Maybe they can get the story right by the fifth sequel.

        Well….probably not.

      11. Ten years ago I would have scoffed at anyone who said 9/11 was an inside job, or that Manchurian candidates were real, or that the Government would sell out the SEALs by allowing those who killed Bin Laden to be killed.  The more I learn, the less scoffing I do.  Thanks, in part, to and the people who make up the community.  

        Esse Quam Videri

        P.S.  The largest single  loss of SEALs before this was on a rescue mission for Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor).  About 20 guys were killed (according to the story) when an RPG (not a Stinger) was fired right up the bay door of a Chinook hovering over the LZ.  

        After Bin Laden was killed, the SEALs were sent on a mission where they were taken out by an RPG (not a stinger) right up the bay door of a Chinook hovering over the LZ.  Does anyone know the odds of a Taliban fighter being in such a perfect position and firing such an unlikely shot TWICE???

        I guess some will scoff.

        • Yeah or..that the SEALS would put themselfs into the same position that got their brothers killed  in the same exact senario..hightly doubtful, if its one thing I know about this type of team, they definetly learn from any mistakes, and train those types of risks out, especially if its what really went down from the begining

          • I thought Seals split up and never traveled together on route to a rendezvous.

      12. Smoke and Mirror banquet. Fill up! Plenty more where that came from.

      13. It all stunk like shit from the begining, If you believe ANYTHING that comes out of these scumbags then you deserve your cup of stupidity, right down to the last corrupt drop

        • I don’t know why, but that 1960s Julie Andrews movie “The Sound of Music” is running through my mind reading these comments. For what it’s worth, the MSM may as well play this movie 24/7 all day and every day to really numb people’s brains. Obviously people don’t use there brains anyway, so they may as well listen to Julie Andrews sing the most annoying song in the world!

          I don’t believe 9/11. Not one word!! The Pentagon was a cruise missile hit and flt93 left a debris trail several miles long, which is very hard to do if it just crashes into the ground. As for the planes that hit the tower? Drones. They were probably guided in by someone in Nevada.

          As for Bin laden? I think he lives in a gated secure community somewhere. And his neighbor is the REAL Saddam Hussein!! Not the Saddam Hussein in the MSM news stories, with really crooked teeth that looked like a broken picket fence. Not that guy! They hung that guy.


      14. I found it interesting the Bin Laden raid took place only a couple of days after the White House released the true Birth Certificate proving beyond any doubt that Mr Obama is in fact a natural born citizen of the United States.  As folks started commenting on the “Hey, not so fast.. this thing looks fake” the News Cycle dropped that story in favor of “We finally got Bin Laden…”  

        This is about like the announcement by Rumsfeld that the Pentagon could not account for over 2 Trillion Dollars, at 5:00 on 10 Sept 2001.   What should have been a major news story was quashed by something much larger.  Then if you go back to resurrect the story, wait, that is old news, already discussed, nothing new to see.  

        I’m just saying “Hmmm the timing is interesting”.  A probable CIA asset, Tim Osmond, who was terminally ill, was a perfect patsy for the greatest attack against this country.  “They” determined his location months earlier, the most dangerous guy in the world, hiding in Pakistan, and then waited until just after the Birth Certificate was release to whack him.  If it had been a real operation, the last thing in the world we would have done would have been to report that he had been killed, and oh by the way we scooped up gigabytes of potential intel we are digesting.


      15. Hey, it’s fiction.  A fictional reenactment of a fictional story carried out by fictional actors all after a fictional terrorist that committed fictional acts of terrorism.  Yet, all this fiction has very real repercussions on the factual world.  So. let’s just call it what it really is; LYING FUCKING BULLSHIT!

      16. OBL was killed at Toda Bora.

        It was reported in the MSM (even they sometimes let specks the truth slip by among a host of lies) that he was picked up broadcasting on an open frequency on a walkie talkie. That took all of 30 seconds to pinpoint the location and JDAMs took no longer than 4 minuets to receive the data, drop and impact on that area.

        OBL was worth a whole lot more “alive” than dead being the poster child of terrorism. He magically “escaped”. While “alive” he managed to put out audio and video in very timely fashion to keep the US war machine on track. The best was on the eve of the Iraqi War vote when OBL cemented a relationship between him and the Iraq people that in reality did not exist. Few Congressmen would have the moral courage to vote against the war after that. 

        Eventually OBL “outlived” his usefulness fading more and more into obscurity. When the US public badly needed some good news he was then hunted down killed and disposed of. 

      17. The OBL supposed killing was planned to coincide with the release of Obama’s phony shopped birth certificate that same weekend.  Oldest trick in the book, look at what this hand is doing while the other hand is the real story.  99% of  Americans fell for it.

      18. When I was younger we had to shovel the shit out of the barn once in a while or you’d hit your head on the rafters.  I’m thinking it’s about time to get the shovels out.

        • @ Bill and damn tired of hitting my head on the rafters!!

        • We have been up to our Belts in rafters for way too many years

      19. Lets hope BIN LADEN is dumped on a garbage heap where he belongs

        • LOL. They didn’t kill him, and he did not pull off 9/11.


          How do you think WTC 7 became dust?

        • Kev…OBL had ZERO to do with 9/11.  Not a snowball’s chance that he was the mastermind.  He was a patsy, a puppet, a means to an end.  The OBL story must finally be separated from the truth of 9/11.

      20. I’m guessing Hollywood won’t be making “Death of an Ambassador” the “Benghazi” story on how the ambassador hunkered down in his safe room to wait for extraction only to be killed with smoke and fire after an hours long attack.   Maybe how men tried to rescue him from a neighboring compound after told not too and how those brave Navy Seal types at sea or in Italy near by sat around with their thumbs up their back sides because no orders for them came? 

      21. They keep trying to get all of the people to idolize the anointed one, yet the only ones who do are the lazy, selfish, ignorant, greedy and the race baiters. Nothing they could say or do would change my opinion of this vile, putrid, human soul destroyer. I hope he rots in hell one day and relives all of the atrocities that he and his minions have perpetrated against the american people. They lie to us, they manipulate every situation to fit their agenda and they do not care about anyone, just the power and demagoguery that they have over us. This human monster wants to be leader of the world and he wants you to adore and worship him. This man is a ego maniacal psychopath and one day he will show his true colors and the whole world will see him for what he truly is. Some will idolize him even more.

      22. Off Topic, @ BI,

            BI, just a reminder here….there have been only 3 GRB’s of any significance over the last month; on the 2, 8 and 23 Nov with the least of these being on the 8th and the strongest being on the 23rd. Bear this in mind for the next round of tremors so we all can compare notes.


      23. The Muslims never wanted to go to war with the u.s. They don’t hate americans. This is all just lies from the media to get us into more wars. Anyone who believes that Muslims hate americans is stupid because that person expresses the same views as the media does.

        I know many Muslims who live in rural areas. They employ white people and they treat them with kindness. Don’t rush into believing everything the media says.

        • Indonesia has the greatest population of people of the Islamic faith numbering roughly 330 million. One would think from a probability perspective certainly there would be a significant terrorist threat from them. 

          I think there is a direct link of oil and being adjacent to oil resources and terrorism because Muslim’s away from oil pose no threat. 

          I can add. 

      24. The White House had as many variations on the story of Bin Ladin as they did Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

        Mark it down….  If the folks in D.C. tell you anything, they are lying.

        • @ Satori,

             Golly gee…Who’da thunk it!!……

      25. There is no truth in Washington. Oboma is an actor, most of his past is obscure, fiction. He has been hired by the powers that be to play a part in the destruction of our nation.  It is so sad to see my beloved nation being shredded by these people. It is even sadder that the American people have re-elected this lie and stand by and allow our destruction. Pray for our country.

      26. To what lengths? The same lengths that “they” have gone to in burying Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Obama’s past,9-11, Osama, and all the times he died ad nauseum. I’m also supposing they thought ‘Zimmerman’ was as white as the driven snow and ripe to be used to further Obama’s divide and conquer racial agenda. They personify evil.

        Game up..If we take the stand necessary…..

        If we take the Stand Necessary

      27. The Zero is for obammy, the Dark is for the Age we are in, the 30 is for the I.Q. of any one who believes this crap.

      28. @ Alton Hackl.  Responding back to your question about wells.  Before earthquake well water levels have been known to change considerably, if you see this it could mean even at 350-400 miles away that something is coming.  I would absolutely think that if the New Madrid could ring church bells in Boston and New York more than 1000 miles away then you can probably expect some damage to the well head.  You have that much energy flowing through dense much heavier rock than the oceanic rock on the west coast and you are going to have some cracking and maybe even some horizontal displacement of the shaft.  You have to remember that anytime you open up a cavity in rock, it weakens the area around it.  Severe ground moment might help to partially reclose it.

        Homes that were built with brick in 1812 were severely cracked up to I believe it was 800 or 900 miles away.  There was cracks in the ground at least 400 miles away.  Now while some people called this a 9, it was likely in the mid 8 range but had the intensity of a 9+ because of the old dense rock.  Some rock in the mid sections of the country are over a billion years old and part of the original land masses that first were around before any real type of life existed.  This rock it going to ring like a gong and reverberate like a tuning fork.  It also depends on whether your home is in line with the direction of the break.  You can take a ruler and draw a line, yes on a flat map, from the fault and see if your home lines up with the direction of the fault.  If it is within a half of a degree, or about 30-35 miles within this line, then you are going to get the blunt end of the force.  Much like Los Angeles is in direct line from the Southern San Andreas when it breaks getting hit with the main force of energy waves. 

        I would have a back up well and the piping that goes into down to the bottom, just in case, if you can afford it.  I also would be cautious after an earthquake on the New Madrid before using the water without some sort of good water filtration system.  Ground water all over the region will be severely distrubed after intense shaking. 


        Now for the article at hand.  They should have brought back bin laden and hung him by his toes like some safari big game kill, and had him on display at ground zero preserved in glass for everyone to see.  There would have been a lot of final closure for a lot of victims of 9/11 at that point to see the terrorist debased like this.  Then they should have dumped the corpse in the landfill for the rats, worms, and maggots to devour.  This would have showed true guts and shown others that this was their destiny also that attacked the country as such.   What was done showed a coward’s way out, you don’t show respect to a mass killer or their body. 

        • Thanks much for the data B.I.

      29. Pat Tillman:   A true hero common guy that was uncommon and one of many.

        • Amen brother.

      30. When the news came out about OBL being killed I wasn’t reading alternative news,  or prepping, or anything remotely related too conspiracy theories.  And the first words out of my mouth were “NO WAY!” 

        OBL followers would know the truth, how in this age of instant news would this not come out?

        As I read today, I am so saddened and disheartened to hear so many with absolutely no respect, warranted or not, for our country.  How in the world could there be so many players in this game of deceit?  Clinton was impeached for SEX lies of all things, while lies of a much deeper nature are not only looked over but supported by our very neighbors. 

        If these things are true where are the ones who seek truth and risk life and limb to put it out there?  Oh, I feel sick at heart.  And oh so sad.


        • Yep–the ‘one’ capable of orchestrating 9/11 that infiltrated the greatest technology on earth of the most guarded building on earth with a multi billion dollar defense system got caught with his pants down?  Bullshit–people, do you ever use your brains??

      31. I don’t reply too much but I am sadly surprised by how many here actually seem to believe this OBL BS. I also wish to express my sadness concerning the SEAL team. It’s bad enough to give your life defending your country but doing so for government propaganda… 

        Just about everything coming out of Washington is BS these days. It’s really sad how amerikans are going for the WMD thing once again. I thank the God no one likes anymore for allowing me to live in a much more free country years ago. Wow, what we took for granted!



      32. Honestly, though I believe it’s a lie…I would still/am still considering going to see it because it’s an action movie, and I like action movies. Just entertainment, plain and simple. That’s all.

      33. I’ll keep it simple.  Don’t go to their damn movies.  Every  time you buy a ticket, you support a Hollywood lefty.  Hell, do something out of the ordinary: read a  book, shoot a gun, work on needed skills, spend quality time with the family, visit a gun show or prepper store.  Every time you do one of these instead of supporting Hollywood, you flip off the left wing “entertainment” commies.

      34. Propaganda in the right word . Ok ……….we got him ………..BFD , crucifying Jesus didnt stop Christianity . He needed to die , yes , but they have a chain of command like everybody else does , they havent skipped a beat , its a minor inconvenience for them . It had no more affect on them than Roosevelt dyeing in office during WW2 had for us . The war still went on without skipping a beat . I guess we have to hype it up because we sure and hell have nothing else to show for it at this point .

      35. from my understanding obama had no part is the death of the osama bin laden the intelligence info came from the navy seals themselfs from pakistan one they found him obama had to give the word yes or no and he did so because it was close to an election year and was loosing in poll population in the united states and he needed a distraction on his legitiment birth cirtificate issue and to score more brownee points from the ingnorant sheeple in this country who still havent woken up from there sleep of total complacency yet

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