Zelensky Claims Ukraine Is Short on Artillery Shells

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Ukrainian ruler Volodymyr Zelensky claims that his country is short on artillery shells. Ukraine’s war with Russia has taken a backseat as the West is now trying to prop up Israel in another conflict.

Zelensky is feeling left out as the gravy train has slowed while Israel is getting more weapons and ammunition that were previously being sent to Ukraine.

Zelensky “Feels Betrayed” By The West As Focus Shifts To Israel

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that the Pentagon had ramped up arms deliveries to Israel amid its campaign in Gaza. Elsewhere, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell also recently warned Kiev that member states could no longer provide weapons from existing stockpiles.

“It’s not like the US said: we don’t give Ukraine any. No. It’s just that everyone is fighting for [stockpiles] themselves,” the Ukrainian ruler clarified. Zelensky added that the situation has been aggravated because “now the warehouses are empty, or there is a legal minimum that a particular state cannot give you.”

Ruler Zelensky Buys A Luxury Mansion In Egypt

Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, citing an internal Defense Department list dated late October, that Washington had increased defense aid to Israel in recent weeks without publicly announcing the move. Among the weapons being provided out of the Pentagon’s own stocks are 57,000 155mm high explosive artillery shells, the media outlet claimed.

Speaking to reporters ahead of an EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting on Tuesday, Borrell said the bloc had already supplied more than 300,000 artillery rounds to Ukraine, depleting existing stockpiles. The foreign policy chief added that the bloc would now have to switch to domestically produced munitions to satisfy Kyiv’s demands. –RT

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