Zelensky: “A Severe Food Crisis And Famine” Is On The Way

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Headline News | 14 comments

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky warned that the world will face a “severe food crisis,” because of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine he said when he virtually addressed the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore on Saturday. He added that Ukraine was unable to export enough food because of Russia’s blockade of Black Sea ports.

“The world will face an acute and severe food crisis and famine,” he said, addressing 575 delegates from 40 countries at the dialogue, Asia’s top defense conference. Ukraine along with Russia are among the largest producers and exporters of wheat and other essential foods like other grains and oils, according to a report by CNBC.  “The food [crisis] touches Asia, Europe, and Africa. Russia has blocked the Black Sea. Prices are rising. Russia is violating international law,” Zelenskyy said in a question-and-answer session following his speech.

“But in reality, Russia’s war against Ukraine is not only about Europe, it is about globally important things,” he said.


FOOD APOCALYPSE: The World Has Just 10 Weeks’ Worth of Wheat Left

Rice could be the next product to see huge price increases. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization Food Price Index already shows international rice prices creeping up for the fifth straight month to reach a 12-month high.

To be sure, rice production is still bountiful, “experts” said. But rising wheat prices, and the generally higher costs of farming, would make rice prices worth monitoring next. The largest producer of rice is China, and this bears mentioning because the United States is not exactly on the best terms with the Communist nation.

Wheat prices have soared more than 50% since a year ago and if rice joins, the prices could be astronomical for food.

Dr. William Mount: “United States Corporation” Is Causing The Wheat Distribution Problem

It has become apparent that the food supply is dwindling as the cost of feeding a family has been surging. Make sure you are prepared for the possibility of not just a shortage, but a famine. Store water if you can as well!

Prepping Tips: Long & Short Term Water Storage

This is a “perfect storm” of problems that could be a disaster for most.



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    1. Essentials

      Make sure you are prepared for the possibility of not just a shortage, but a famine. Store water if you can as well!

      Thanks for reminding folks
      about the water as well.
      There are some who focus
      on food storage but totally
      forget how fucked we’d all
      be without water. Humans
      can live longer without food
      than without water.

    2. Anonymous

      “Russia is violating international law,” Zelenskyy said in a question-and-answer session following his speech.”

      Anyone know what international law Russia is violating (as in something specific I can look up)?

    3. JRS

      Yeah, prices are crazy. I remember when you could buy a bag of licorice for a penny and still get change. {Stole that from the late Arthur Spooner.}

      Related to grains, I saw once how they get mouse turds out of cereal. They use an electromagnet. The mice eat the iron fortified cereal and then…True. Take some iron fortified cereal and crush it fine. Use a powerful magnet and it will pick up the iron filings they put in to “fortify” it.

      Never really know what you get in the box.

      • Darth Skippy

        (My grandpa reported walking upon a popular namebrand of cereal.)

        imho, the magnetite is insoluble for purposes of using it to fortify plants.

        It will probably to do the same to humans as to mice.

        Imagine the productivity of the pastures, and the nutrient value, if they had just fed the cereal crops, properly.

    4. Genius

      Have you seen the markets today? Damm crashing pretty good. Look at kitco dot com!

      • JRS

        It’ll soon be down where it was 2 1/2 years ago…30000.

        If gold goes down to $1800 it’ll be where it was 11 years ago. Sad. That’s the year I quit buying precious, except for a few coins here and there at auctions.

      • Anonymous

        No one wants metals any more, the prices are collapsing because people are trying to get rid of them as fast as they can while they can still get something the want (dollars) for them.

        • Anonymous

          Me like shiny.

    5. owen

      biden price hike

    6. Darth Skippy

      It’s been a wet year in uncomfortably-arid Fema Zone IX. The first time I have ever actually seen clouds of flies.

      Birds nest in my fruit tree seedlings. Where I have saved kitchen scraps to garden, they still grow. Some of these things, you would never normally expect to set root!

      Consider water from the rock, meat from the raven, escaping those things which must shortly come to pass. But, nature, for the time being, is not irrevocably broken, in spite of artificial scarcity.

      Corporatists be damned, and go away.

    7. downtoearththinking.com

      Ukraine is just an extension and appendage of the deep state, let that sink in and it all makes total sense !

      Zekenshy is jusr another puppet same as Biden and crew. They will all be hung from lite post one dy by the agrieved o just assasianted, once the agrieved wake the fuck up finally and realize they are being murdered and plundered ~!

      You are the agrieved and do not even realize it fully and you are paying for all of it.

    8. matt

      This Zelenskie character is so stereotypical.

    9. Spider25

      I wonder what BBQ zelensky bicep taste like?
      If I’m hungry I’ll eat anything over Zbugs! FU Klaus Barbie!

    10. Frank Thoughts

      Yawn. I wouldn’t worry if you live in the West. The good folks at Wall Street will ALWAYS out compete African countries for food commodities. You will have something for the dinner table, don’t worry.

      Now, if you are an itinerant African urban dweller earning a buck a day, you will be screwed.

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