You’ve Been Warned: Why You Need to Be Ready for Total Grid Failure

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    If you haven’t been in a bubble cut off from all forms of media lately, it would be impossible to have missed all of the warnings being issued about the impending loss of our electrical grid.

    This isn’t just coming from so-called “gloom and doom” sites or from alternative media.  Major mainstream media sources such as ABC News, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and CBS News have all issued the alerts. Unfortunately, the hordes seem to be brushing these warnings off as something that cannot happen, because the reality is too unpleasant to even contemplate.  Many seem to think that they are far better to stick their heads in the sand and be assured it can never happen than to prepare ahead of time.

    Who Is Ringing the Warning Bell?

    In case you’ve missed it, here are some of the warnings over the past few months that most people are ignoring.

    When Janet Napolitano stepped down from her role as head of the DHS she released an open letter to her successor.  One chilling tidbit she passed on was this.

    The outgoing Homeland Security Secretary has a warning for her successor: A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way. (source)

    Read more on Napolitano’s warning HERE.

    But there’s more.  Big Sis isn’t the only one warning us about the possibility of a grid-down scenario.

    Former North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan has co-authored a book about the topic with David Hagberg – his novel Gridlock is a fictional account of a very real threat.

    “Our power system is very vulnerable. You could see a shutdown by hackers in cyber terror. You could see it shutdown for days, weeks or months, crippling this country and causing enormous havoc.” (source)

    Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) also actively agrees with the threat assessment.  He released a report last May that said our power infrastructure was “highly vulnerable to attacks from Iran and North Korea” and as well as to natural threats such as geomagnetic storms from solar activity.

    “With one well-placed keystroke, Americans could be plunged into darkness and chaos through the damage to our electric grid. Foreign enemies are employing Web warriors to attack our way of life, and it’s time that our actions respond to the potential threat.” (source)

    Other people in the know have attempted to make the public aware of the potential for apocalyptic disaster, but few seem to be taking them seriously.

    We are only one act of madness away from a social cataclysm unlike anything our country has ever known.
    -Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ), Senior Member House Armed Service Committee

    EMP is one of the small number of threats that could hold at risk the continued existence of U.S. civil society.
    -Dr. Robert Hermann, Commissioner US Congress EMP Commission

    Just one violent active region on the sun can cause continent-wide, perhaps even planetary-scale impacts to our critical infrastructure.
    -John Kappenman, Principal Investigator US Congress EMP Commission

    The Likelihood of a severe geo-magnetic event capable of crippling our electric grid is 100%.
    -Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-NY), Senior Member House Homeland Security Committee


    Former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett has been preaching the dangers of EMP, whether deliberate or natural, for many years:

    We could have events in the future where the power grid will go down and it’s not, in any reasonable time, coming back up. For instance, if when the power grid went down some of our large transformers were destroyed, damaged beyond use, we don’t make any of those in this country. They’re made overseas and you order one and 18 months to two years later they will deliver it. Our power grid is very vulnerable. It’s very much on edge. Our military knows that.

    There are a number of events that could create a situation in the cities where civil unrest would be a very high probability.

    I think that those who can, and those who understand, need to take advantage of the opportunity when these winds of strife are not blowing to move their families out of the city. (source)

    Don’t forget the veiled warnings implicit in predictive programming entertainment.  One of last year’s biggest television hits was the show “Revolution“, which portrayed life 15 years after a deliberate takedown of the power grid.

    Grid Ex Drill in November

    And finally, if all of these warnings aren’t enough to alert your Spidey senses, here is one that is undeniable.

    The United States, Mexico, and Canada intend to participate in a drill in November that will simulate the takedown of the grid.

    An electrical grid joint drill simulation is being planned in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Thousands of utility workers, FBI agents, anti-terrorism experts, governmental agencies, and more than 150 private businesses are involved in the November power grid drill.

    The downed power grid simulation will reportedly focus on both physical and cyber attacks. The antiquated electrical system in the United States has been one of the most neglected pieces of integral infrastructure.

    The disaster drill is being described as a crisis practice unlike anything the real power grid has ever experienced. The GridEX II drill Nov. 13-14 will focus primarily on how governments will react if the electrical grid fails and, for instance, the food supply chain collapses.

    American utility companies are responsible for running approximately 5,800 power plants and about 450,000 high-voltage transmission lines, controlled by various devices which have been put into place over the past decades. Some of the utility companies which oversee the power grid reportedly use “antique computer protocols” which are “probably” safe from cyber hackers,” The New York Times reported.

    “If an adversary lands a knockout blow, [experts] fear, it could black out vast areas of the continent for weeks; interrupt supplies of water, gasoline, diesel fuel and fresh food; shut down communications; and create disruptions of a scale that was only hinted at by Hurricane Sandy and the attacks of Sept. 11,” The Times said.

    If the power grid fails, a lack of electricity and food delivery are only the first wave of troubles facing the American people. Police could face major problems with civil unrest. Of course, there also would not be any electric heating or cooling, which easily could lead to many deaths depending on the season. (source)

    The most alarming thing about this drill is the trend of suspected false flag events in America that have corresponded with “drills”.  Whether or not this will coincide in a real take-down of the grid remains to be seen, but one only needs to think back to events such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, the 9/11 attacks, and the Oklahoma City Bombing to see that there is a possibility that when “drills” occur, often the players are simply being moved into place right under the nose of the public.

    What Can You Do to Be Ready?

    It doesn’t honestly matter HOW the grid goes down. Whether it is an enemy attack, as in the novel One Second After, a government false flag in order to institute martial law, or a natural act that is the result of a solar flare, a long-term grid collapse will result in an extremely high death toll.

    If you are already of the preparedness mindset, you’ll fare better than the average North American.  However, many people have never contemplated the following questions:

    • How will you get food if the grocery stores are closed?
    • How will you cook food if you are able to acquire it?
    • What will happen to the perishable food in your refrigerator and freezer?
    • How will you heat and cool your home if you are in an area subject to extreme temperatures?
    • What will you use for light once the scented candle that sits on your coffee table is gone?
    • How will you transport yourself if a) your vehicle doesn’t run because the computers are fried or b) it runs but you can’t get gas because the pumps at the station run on electricity?
    • What will you drink and wash with if the municipal water facilities are no longer providing water or if the pump on your well runs on electricity?

    Find as many solutions as possible for the issues you would face if going for weeks (or longer) without power.  You must stay warm, eat, and drink.  Everything else is a bonus. You can live without the television, the video game console, the microwave in the kitchen, and the laptop.

    Some people like to give arguments as to why they can’t resolve these issues.  They live in an apartment, they rent, they have a limited budget….the list is as long as indefinite detention.  The fact is, by realizing these things are necessary and refusing to face them and find solutions for your particular situation, you are setting your family up to suffer, and possibly even die, when it could be avoided.

    A recent article encouraged readers who were new to prepping to start out by getting ready for a two week power outage.  Apply the following  information to create your own preparedness plan for the grid failure that is sure to come. Modify the suggestions to adapt them to your particular home, family, and climate.


    Everyone knows that clean drinking water is something you can’t live without. In the event of a disaster, the water may not run from the taps, and if it does, it might not be safe to drink, depending on the situation.  If there is a boil order in place, remember that if the power is out, boiling your water may not be as easy as turning on your stove.

    Each family should store a two week supply of water. The rule of thumb for drinking water is 1 gallon per day, per person.  Don’t forget to stock water for your pets, also.

    You can create your water supply very inexpensively.  Many people use clean 2 liter soda pop bottles to store tap water.  Others purchase the large 5 gallon jugs of filtered water from the grocery store.  Consider a gravity fed water filtration device and water purification tablets as well.

    Food and a Way to Prepare It

    There are two schools of thought regarding food during a power outage.  One: you need a cooking method that does not require the grid to be functioning.  Two: you can store food that doesn’t require cooking.

    If you opt for a secondary cooking method, be sure that you have enough fuel for two weeks.  Store foods that do not require long cooking times – for example, dried beans would use a great deal of fuel, but canned beans could be warmed up, or even eaten cold.

    Click HERE for a short term food storage list

    Click HERE to find a list of foods that require no cooking.

    Heat (Depending on Your Climate)

    If your power outage takes place in the winter and you live in a colder climate, heat is another necessity.  During the first 24 hours after a power outage, you can stay fairly warm if you block off one room of the house for everyone to group together in.  Keep the door closed and keep a towel or blanket folded along the bottom of the door to conserve warmth.  You can safely burn a couple of candles also, and in the enclosed space, your body heat will keep it relatively warm.  As well, dress in layers and keep everything covered – wear a hat, gloves (fingerless ones allow you to still function), and a scarf.

    Click HERE to learn how to stay warm with less heat.

    However, after about 48 hours, that’s not going to be enough in very cold weather. You will require back-up heat at this point in certain climates.  If you are lucky enough to have a source of heat like a fireplace or woodstove, you’ll be just fine as long as you have a supply of wood.

    Consider a portable propane heater (and propane) or an oil heater.  You have to be very careful what type of backup heat you plan on using, as many of them can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if used in a poorly ventilated area.

    Learn more about off-grid heat options HERE.

    Sanitation Needs

    A common cause of illness, and even death, during a down-grid situation is lack of sanitation.  We’ve discussed the importance of clean drinking water, but you won’t want to use your drinking water to keep things clean or to flush the toilet.

    For cleaning, reduce your need to wash things. Stock up on paper plates, paper towels, and disposable cups and flatware.  Keep some disinfecting cleaning wipes and sprays (I don’t recommend using antibacterial products on a regular basis, however in the event of an emergency they can help to keep you healthy.)  Use hand sanitizer after using the bathroom and before handing food or beverages – there may be a lot more germs afoot in a disaster.

    Look at your options for sanitation.  Does your toilet still flush when the electricity is out?  Many people discovered the hard way that the toilets didn’t work  when the sewage backed up in the highrises in New York City in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  At our cabin, the toilet won’t flush without power because the pump is electric.

    If you are on a septic system, with no risk of the toilet backing up into the house, simply store some water for flushing in the bathroom.  (At the first sign of a storm, we always fill the bathtub for this purpose.)  Add the water to the tank so that you can flush.

    If this is not an option, another solution is to stock up on extremely heavy duty garbage bags (like the kind that contractors use at construction sites) and kitty litter.  Place a bag either in your drained toilet or in a bucket.  Sprinkle some kitty litter in the bottom of the bag.  Each time someone uses the bathroom, add another handful of litter. Be very careful that the bag doesn’t get too heavy for you to handle it.  Tie it up very securely and store it outside until services are restored.


    Lighting is absolutely vital, especially if there are children in the house.  Nothing is more frightening than being completely in the dark during a stressful situation. Fortunately, it’s one of the easiest things to plan for, as well as one of the least expensive.

    Some lighting solutions are:

    • Garden stake solar lights
    • Candles
    • Kerosene lamps
    • Flashlights (don’t forget batteries)
    • Hand crank camping lantern
    • Don’t forget matches or lighters

    Tools and Supplies

    Some basic items will make your life much easier during an emergency. Here are some things that are essential in the event of a power outage:

    • Lighter/waterproof matches
    • Batteries in various sizes
    • Manual can opener
    • Basic tools: Pliers, screwdriver, wrench, hammer
    • Duct tape
    • Crazy glue
    • Sewing supplies
    • Bungee cords

    If you’d like to expand on the basic supplies, a more detailed list of tools and hardware can be found HERE.

    First Aid Kit

    It’s important to have a basic first aid kit on hand at all times, but particularly in the event of an emergency.  Your kit should include basic wound care items like bandages, antibiotic ointments, and sprays.  As well, if you use them, keep on hand a supply of basic over-the-counter medications, like pain relief capsules, cold medicine, cough syrup, anti-nausea pills, and allergy medication. Particularly important if sanitation is a problem are anti-diarheal medications.

    If you want to put together a more advanced medical kit, you can find a list HERE.

    Special Needs

    This is something that will be unique to every family. Consider the things that are needed on a daily basis in your household. It might be prescription medications, diapers, or special foods.  If you have pets, you’ll need supplies for them too.  The best way to figure out what you need is to jot things down as you use them over the course of a week or so.

    Get Started Today

    You can start right now – this very minute – all you have to do is grab a pad of paper and a pen.

    1. Begin by personalizing the suggestions above to fit your family’s needs and make a list of your requirements.
    2. Next, do a quick inventory – as I mentioned above, you may be surprised to see that you already have quite a few of the supplies that are recommended.
    3. Make a shopping list and acquire the rest of the items you need.  If you can’t afford everything right now, prioritize the most important things first.
    4. Organize your supplies so that they are easily accessible when you need them. It’s hard to find seldom-used items in the dark.

    When the lights go out, don’t be left to the not-so-tender mercies of those who would place themselves in charge.  Maintain your independence by strengthening the position of your family.  Take steps towards preparedness and self-sufficiency so  that you won’t need the government’s assistance to weather the storm.

    If you must comply to survive, your freedom is just an illusion. You’ve been warned – what you do with the information is up to you.

    Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]


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      1. Well that (previous) article didn’t last long. Reminds me of the “Ledo Shuffle”.

        • I noticed that too. It must have revealed more than TPTB wanted us to know.

          • I had a really good comment too…

            • It was apparently bogus

              An Abbott and Costello film got spliced with
              a Three Stooges flick and was presented as a
              Life and Times in the Whitehouse documentary.

              • I think Daisy did a fine job of writing this article. It has been very strange that the Sun has been so quiet during a solar maximum, like it is building up for the super belch like back in 1859 during the Carrington Event. A super solar flare will fry all long wire, power lines. The shorter wires such as car ignitions and small generators will continue to operate. This would be an E-1 type of EMP. For an E-2 or E-3 type of event that fries everything unprotected is from a nuclear bomb detonated in the atmosphere, OR a gamma ray pulse from a supernova going off many hundreds of thousands of light years away.

                An EMP from a gamma ray pulse would be only part of the problems, as the ozone layer would also be toasted and cosmic rays would get in all over the planet. Gamma ray pulses are rare, but it is thought that about 260 million years ago one hit the planet and cause a mass extinction.

                China and other countries could of course cause a grid failure will the correct cyber attack. As long as any computer is set up through some means of communications it can be hacked. There is truly no such thing a fail safe fire wall with any computer.

                Another source of grid failure that few people mention is that the system is old and needs a lot of replacements to the whole grid. Just like the crumbling bridges and roads inm many areas, the grid system is very suspect in many areas.

                Another event that could easily cause a grid failure is that the New Madrid and San Andreas breaking like they did back in 1812 together. The intense shaking can send all sorts of breaks through the areas affected, and it would take months minimum to repair hundreds or thousands of miles of broken lines. Not to mention the nuclear power plants that the New Madrid would affect.

                I think one of the most likely reasons for a power grid failures is a mass pandemic. It takes a lot of manpower and man hours to keep a suspect power system up and running. With a huge portion of people sick, the grid would fail simply because it could not be maintained properly. On top of having to stay well from a deadly virus, this would be a double whammy on the people.

                Yes, there are many ways the grid can fail and everyone should prepare for this, as any other SHTF event is likely to shut down grid also, at least partially.

                • My question would be why October? Could it be for maximum effect? Power down and half the nation has to navigate winter? No way to horde your harvest? You snooze you loose?


                  • Many crops are still in the fields in October. Good way to cause some starvation. Once the rains and cool start harvest will be pointless as mildew will ruin everything not under cover.

                • I work in a power station. If the economy crashes and dollars are worthless then why go to work. During civil unrest I would want to stay home and protect my family like everyone else.

              • OW, Abbott and Costello had way more talent then them posers in the Whitehouse (that has been soiled).

            • Its quite possible that something could happen. However I recall the Northridge earthquake. It toppled and shorted out many vital electrical infrastructure systems.
              I read somewhere that a good 50% of the switches were ruined during the quake.
              If the rules were followed in reenerging things then it may have taken years to get things rolling again. But the rules were not followed and many dangerous splice jobs and pure and simple ingenious hand crafted solutions made and the power was back on in days.
              That fuse or electronic switch can always be bypassed with a simple piece of copper pipe or bar.
              Don’t underestimate people. It will only go down and stay down if that is the intentions of TPTB.

        • The information on the Obama meltdown, from what I can tell, was bunk and originated from a “Fake news” web site that primarily deals in satire and essentially made up reports.

          Had it originated from a legitimate source, even with the unnamed confidential informants cited, I would have kept it running — but the “National Report,” upon further inspection, is really not publishing any legitimate information… It’s more like The Onion than anything else.

          Sorry for any confusion.


          • Mac, even if the O article was only satire, it was some interesting satire.

          • Then why did you grab and run with the story without doing and meaningful research?

            • ….. I am not sure what else I can do here Alphonse… The article was pulled after it was confirmed to be a fake report. There have been over 3000 published articles on this web site… sometimes I make mistakes… It happens.

              • I accept with your explanation and have no idea about the size of your editorial staff

                • Thanks Alphonse — I was pretty PO’d at myself about it for getting duped and because of the several hours I put in compiling other related information. Credibility is important, as is accurate reporting whenever possible… and I HATE pulling a report because I dropped the ball… I’ve done that less than handful of times in the past, but this one had to go to the digital trashcan…

                  Anonymous sources are one thing, I am totally fine with posting material sourced in this manner. However, this was a straight up fake report… though it was claimed as satire, it wasn’t satire… It was posed as a legitimate news story (and given Obama’s history in matters as they related to mental disturbances like depression I thought it just might be legit)

                  Anyway, thanks for your understanding.


                  • We still love ya Mac… we all get punked every once in a while… Hell NBC pumps out BS on a weekly basis. We should have you go over there and clean that mess up. PRAY, PREP, PLAN, FORM TEAMS….. And have a sense of humor. (Some folks need to eat a brand muffin, take a big poop and get over themselves…)

            • ” Alphonse says:
              Comment ID: 2315358
              September 23, 2013 at 7:02 pm

              Then why did you grab and run with the story without doing and meaningful research?”

              Because he is a sensationalist website operator looking to maximize profits?

              These are the same types of things they jump ALL OVER ‘MSM” for doing, but it is ok here, to sell fear.

              • Rich….. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Alphonse, If I was you i’d ask for a subscription refund.
              But seriously, Fuck off.

          • I still think Obama needs his gun rights revoked. Even if he’s not on meds.

          • Mac,

            If you had as many oops moments as myself, you wouldn’t have a legitimate website. Could be worse, you could work for mainstream media.

          • Thanks Mac. You did what you had to do. Still, I’ll try to keep my hopes up.

            • Speaking of “doing what you have to do”, I’ve been running a few extra “what if” scenarios. I came to avenues of escape. I live in a small apartment with a bathroom with no windows. I pondered what I might have to do to escape from my own bathroom, in the event that I was forced to retreat in there.

              What I came up with might seem rather extreme to some, but when your survival is at stake, where is the line marking “too extreme”? I relied on my knowledge and experience of being a builder for many years.

              I decided that I could, if no tools were available in my BATHROOM, that I’d use the corner of the toilet tank cover to bust a hole in the interior drywall, between the studs. Then, I’d use that same method to dispatch the T-11 siding on the exterior. I’d make a hole large enough to get myself (and maybe my cat in his carrier) out.

              I’ve demo’d many residential structures in my life. I’m not about to die, because of a silly little thing like a wall between me and my freedom.


          • Doesn’t stop Matt Drudge from falling for the same hokum. He has a link to a National Report article,on Putin Worshippers in the US. I commend you, Mac, for acting responsibly and pulling that article.

          • Mac, I don’t know if you read my comment #2307593 in the Rawles article about a link I posted for another article on an opposing view on remaining in an urban area when SHTF comes along. It was a well-written article but didn’t touch on what to do when losing the water and sewage systems in a grid-down scenario. You might want to carry that article here. Also, I just finished listening to an interview with Selco from on The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirco. I highly recommend that everyone here listen to this interview. Selco has a very unique perspective on a true grid-down SHTF situation having lived throu the Balkan Wars. Direct link:

            • Thanks Braveheart! I will give this a listen as soon as I get a chance!

        • People often mention the Katadyn pocket water filter–or the Katadyn Hiker Pro as the best filter. However, in my hometown, they only have the katadyn water filter that doesn’t say Hiker Pro or Pocket filter. It sells for around $95. Is there a big difference in the quality of the various ones? Not sure whether to buy the one at the store or not!

          • Anonymous, I have both the Hiker Pro and the Pocket. both of them work very well. Also, the Katadyn is made in Switzerland, not China. Any of Katadyn’s products are a good investment. braveheart

            • I have a Berkey water filter/purifier. I can run stagnet ditch water thru it and it comes out 99% bacteria/protozoa free.

          • Yes. The pocket is about 300 bucks and far superior. The others do between 200 and 500 gallons. 10,000 purportedly for pocket katadyn.

          • Katadyn seems to be a good name.
            I trust it. No matter the flavor.
            Do some research and make up your own mind though.
            There’s pros and cons to most anything.
            Is it easy to pump?
            Is it easy to clean?
            What does it claim?
            What does it provide as proof of its abilities?
            And, how much time and money have you got?

        • $1 solar stakes you can find this time year as summer landscaping items are now on clearance.

          The last couple years I’ve accumulated over 100 of them. I live in the northeast and even in the winter these will still produce hours of light every night.

          I also bought them as they would be a cheap and valuable barter item.

          • Wolf359,

            A very good recommendation. We have bought a bunch of them too.

            If there is hail forecast, be sure to take them inside. We had hail when we had the tornado back in March 2012. The hail destroyed the solar charging unit on a number of them.

        • i didnt even get a chance to read it ,WHATS THE SKINNY MAC ?

      2. Some good reminders. I wish more people would take steps to prepare for their families.

      3. What happened to the O article in the last hour? Hope everything is OK!

        • the O article that was put up turned out to be sourced via a “fake news” and satire web site… From what we gather, there was no truth to the report at all.

          Apologies for the confusion.

          • Mac
            thanks for being on top of it. I sure hate eating crow.

            • …not even with salt and sage.

          • Dam Mac,ya had us going there for a second… It was fun while it lasted.

          • Thats ok Mac,
            I know i couldnt like the POS, I mean the POTUS any less than i already do,

          • Mac, does this mean what Bill Clinton told Jennifer Flowers about Hillary and Huma and Hillary’s ravenous appetite is not true either?

          • Mac,
            you have been doing an outstanding job! You did the right thing pulling it and having the integrity to admit you made a mistake. What is important is preparing or what a SHTF situation could look like and how best to deal with it. Semper Gumby (always flexible). I don’t think I’ve walked away from your site without having learned from it or had some thing new to think about.

            And to all the others, my gratitude as well, for what I have learned from you. Thank-you.

      4. Very well done, Daisy. I especially like the links you provided to list and other sources of information. Even if I think I’m ready I will go through the additional sources of information to see what I might need. Thanks, and keep up the good work. Your articles are much appreciated.

        • I liked it that she put in links for reference points. People need to do that more often imho. That-a-ways, we can decide for ourselves. I didn’t like *all* of her links. There was one that just seemed too ‘New World Orderly’ in slant, but the rest was ok.

          There’s two themes I apply when I read these types of things:

          1.) How can I utilize it to my advantage, and to help others.
          2.) Does it conflict with the Non-Aggression Principle?

          It’s like a math formula.
          It’s useful for when there’s other distractions.

      5. Yeah NWO shit censorshit

      6. Great article, Daisy… This is what we need. I always dislike hearing someone spew problems without offering solutions. World would be a better place with Doers instead of Whiners…

        • Nice work Daisy

          Reminds me of one Thanksgiving morning the power
          went out county wide.
          It seems a Great Horned Owl had crossed its wings
          across the wires and blew the transformer.
          The only bird that got cooked that Thanksgiving
          was the owl.

        • ChickenLittle, Why would you dislike hearing someone spew problems?

          It’s a gift, to you.

          1.) It’s like they are offering you possibilities to solve the problem for many others (and maybe make a million?).


          2.) Yeesh, there’s a drop-off/cliff/downed tree in the next bend!
          Who wouldn’t want to know about that?
          I guess maybe those who need to be told how to react? Idk?

          The other silver lining is: always be glad it’s their problem, and not yours. And now you have more info on what to watch out for.

          Like I said, it’s a gift, to you.

      7. How many more times do people have to hear this before they really REALLY get it…
        This will not be like a weekend camping trip…
        Where we all sit around a camp fire and sing songs…
        seems I should have saved that scene from Aliens for this thread…

        Spot on Daisy… nice.

        • jerrytbg.

          I agree and I have been slow to prepare myself. I didn’t start taking this shtf seriously until about 2010 and didn’t start with some preps until last year. Slowly, but surely am getting a solid 6 months for 7 folks ready. (I know 6 months is a joke for some, but at least it is better than 2 days).

          One problem I think is that doomsday prophecies have been around for years. My dad told me that the illuminati, bilderburg groups, and the nwo was well known and talked about in the 1950s. Heck, ‘1984’ was written in the 1940s.

          Remember the 1950s fear of Russians attacking and the bunker buildings in USA?

          Then we had War of the Worlds before 1950, etc….Even Twight Zone had episodes of those days of calamity.

          Preachers have predicted the end for years.

          Thus, I believe most Americans would believe but they have heard ‘the sky is falling’ many times. Therefore many are immune to what is being said today.

          However, today is different. I do believe we are about to live and witness some of the most terrible times on this planet. The end times that Jesus spoke about and that of what we can read in Daniel and Revelation. I believe we are heading into those days, thus we need to get ready.

          I have said many times that 2013 will be the last ‘easy’ year to prepare. It will get harder by the month thereafter. Thus, do it now why it is relatively easy.

          • Kind of makes you think that the Bible was/is the ultimate survival guide…rules for living …
            Too bad “they” gutted major portions of it…

            • jerrytbg.

              Some people don’t believe man was on the moon in 1969.
              Some people say the holocaust never happened.

              People often believe what they feel is accurate regardless of all the evidence set forth.

              New Testament archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls were enough for me. Thus, I believe.

              Others never well no what is shown.

              Pretty much the same way with the dollar collapse. No matter the evidence shown, many will not believe until that day comes.

              Good luck with all your prepping….

          • Ugly wrote, “One problem I think is that doomsday prophecies have been around for years.”

            Good observation.

            Myself, I don’t think of it as “doomsday prophecies” I think of it as science and economics plus warfare.

            If people want to pretend like those three things aren’t real, well, there’s nothing that can reach them.

            [Note: not to say doomsday prophecies from a religious perspective are without basis.]

        • We’d better get back, ’cause it’ll be dark soon, and they mostly come at night… mostly.

          • love that little girl…you just want to protect her…
            Sadly I know a few youngens who will need that protection and I’m gearing toward that very goal.

            • The creepiest line she says is when Ripley says “These people can protect you they’re soldiers.” and Newt responds matter of factly “it won’t make any difference.”

              Damn they can’t make good movies like that anymore!

      8. Kenyan shopping mall= NWO Marshall Law test. Sure they are shredding Birth Certificates in Kenya now.


        • Why is it that so few cannot spell martial law correctly? It has nothing to do with marshall Dillon or any other marshalls. martial means military law.

          • …some don’t even know how to spell “marshal”.

      9. With the sanitation not working and the sheep having the Shit scared out of them, there will be plenty of fin-less brown trout to eat. No bones

        • Nasty dude. You took a wrong turn, you should have taken a left or number two about 5 years ago.

      10. Clean water will be my downfall if it happened right now. While I have plenty of ways to boil the water that I can easily get. The pots I have are made to be used on a stovetop not an open fire or even coals. They will last a while but a couple of years is a long time. I have a couple of dutch ovens but boiling water one gallon at a time for a family of five would take the better part of a day everyday. Not to mention lugging it from the creek. Buckets nowadays are not made to last.
        Heck nothing is made to last very long these days.

        • Calcium Hypochlorite / Pool Shock

          • 1 to 2
            2 to 1
            1 heaping tsp. of calcium hypochlorite to 2 liters of clean water to make solution.
            Add 2 tsp. of solution to 1 gallon of dirty water.
            1 to 2
            2 to 1
            Wise to keep instant tea, instant coffee, instant fruit drink mix, instant cappuccino, cocoa–okay, scratch cappuccino—and lots of Tang.

            • I got a 25 pound bag of sweetened fruit punch and another of peach flavored from the Mormon cannery. Add that to my coffee, tea and other assorted instant drinks and I think I could flavor an entire small pond if I had to.

              I dislike the taste of plain water.

              • sixpack wrote, “I dislike the taste of plain water.”

                Wow, you sound like a 10 or 12yr old.

                I wonder if your water is really bad, or something?

                Nothing is finer than good water when you’re thirsty.
                If it’s not, imho, something is wrong with the water.
                [Or your mind?]

                Also, I’m not so keen on those flavors you guys are intending to add to your water. Do you even know what’s in the flavorings?
                Ah, but you probably don’t want to hear that shtuff.
                It’s your body, and your choice.
                Just don’t ever say nobody tried to warn ya.

                • Fuck off Clark, you don’t know me well enough to get to insult me.

                • Maybe sixpacks means plain tap water, which taste like crap in most places, some don’t mind it but its full of chemicals that a pur filter will removes, well most of em except fluoride which just sucks.

                  • yep, thanks d66

            • I’m with you on the water enhancements but with a caveat. Watch it with the sports drinks and the. electrolyte replacement crap. Watch it even with Tang.

              This stuff, in large amounts, will give your kidneys a hard time. When I was in Afghanistan they were recommending every third water bottle be one that has been enhanced and personally the only time I had Gatorade was when I’d be outside the wire, in my canteen (which backed up my Camelback) in case I’d be stuck in a cordon if our convoy had to stop for any reason.

            • You guys are leaving out a crucial bit of information!
              Lots of people do.
              Use Only poolshock that Does Not have algicides or fungicides!
              The ingredient list should Only say Calcium Hypochlerite and INERT INGEDIENTS!

              I can’t count the times I’ve read such advise and they left that crucial part out.

              …At least, that’s what I’ve read, anyway.
              Do your own research.

              • Thanks, Clark, for the tip!…I looked for Pool Shock at Wally World a few weeks ago and I ended up with so many questions regarding the ingredients, I did not buy any.

                • From what I read, InsanityISContagious (and from what I’ve seen) the good guys say that what you want to look for is Not at WallyWorld.

                  The stuff the good guys say is Da Bomb is:

                  HTH Poolife TurboShock

                  That’s what I read, anyway.
                  Again, do your own research.
                  Trust, but verify.

                  • I never liked HTH…it left my pool cloudy and i wondered about its actual contents. I switched to Leslies pool supply…..their shock worked much better, no cloudiness and bright sparkling water. I would think it is better quality, with possibly better quality control. There are both calcium and lithium hypochlorate…i am unsure if lithium hypochlorate is an acceptable substitute if calcium is unavailable. ANyone have thoughts on this?

                  • Thanks again, Clark, I definitely will look into that. Unfortunately, in the small tourist town where I live, WW took everything else out of a regular store nature. We have 2 BKs, 2 Mickey Ds, 1 Taco Bell, 1 Arby’s, 5 pizza joints, 10 “family” restaurants, 10 bars, 15-20 gas stations, and ONE store for everything else — Wally World — for a winter population of 8000….so I DO appreciate the lead.

                • Buy calcium hypochlorite at a pool supply shop only.

        • Look up spring water, ed. I researched the topic… its much safer and tastier than regular water. A lot of people don’t even boil it. Just look it up– how to locate it,etc. The only drawback I found was that snakes like to hang out at water holes also, so you need to have some really thick, high boots! There will be little to no anit-venin medicine around when SHTF.

          I have tons of plastic storage bins. These can be easily converted to store water into during emergency.

          Also, consider clorox drops– look it up on the Internet. Water purification using clorox.

          • unscented

          • Clorox has a 4-6 month shelf life.
            Pool shock, indefinite if kept in the sealed bag in a cool, dark closet.
            $4 for 10,000 gallons of drinkable water ain’t bad either!!

            • You won’t be alive long enough to worry about the shelf life of chlorine.

              • Absolutely, JW. I said the same thing last year.

                I commented on here, that I occasionally reduce/condense my bleach down to it’s crystalline form, for easier storage and more accurate measurement. Somebody argued with me about that, that chlorine is a GAS (which in it’s pure form it is). I noted that almost nobody ever handles chlorine in it’s industrial form, nor would they want to, thus, why waste time considering something most of us can never get a hold of anyway.

                “We won’t be alive long enough to worry about the shelf life of chlorine”.


                I like the bright white, snowy crystals and I’m STILL using the batch I condensed back in 2000.

          • In the mountains and hills where we hunt there’s pipes driven into the sides of embankments where there’s spring water. We’ve been drinking the water from out of the pipes for years without any filtration. One of the areas where I hunt there’s range cattle all over the mountain and we’ve yet to have any problems. I don’t drink from creeks, lakes, ponds or any open water source without first filtering it, I would be leery of drinking from the open water that’s at a spring without first filtering it. Water contaminants come from animal urine and your default belief should be, if there’s water there’s been animals pissing in it. Diarrhea from bad water will kill you if you are in survival mode.

            • I caught a bug from drinking spring water once; 10 days of diarrhea ain’t no fun and is downright dangerous. Anything I ate or drank went right thru me and the thirst was unbelievable; took prescription antibiotics to cure it. It’s much better drinking water you know is safe; don’t risk it…

              • Lanny wrote, “I caught a bug from drinking spring water once”

                Are you absolutely certain it wasn’t from something else?
                Not that I’m doubting you, just that there’s so many things that can do the same.
                I mean, did you eat the hot dog at the bottom of the melted cooler next to the fishing bait that day, as well?

                But yeah, you gotta watch yer self out there in the real world.

                Also, there’s no such thing as, “water you know is safe”.
                Security and safety Do Not exist in nature.
                Why would you think it exists in a lab? Or anywhere else?

                What I’m saying is, I find your lack of faith disturbing.
                It’s sooo New World Orderly.

            • RickInOregon says, “I don’t drink from creeks, lakes, ponds or any open water source without first filtering it, I would be leery of drinking from the open water that’s at a spring without first filtering it.”

              On the one hand, that’s Very good advise.

              On the other hand, there’s many -many- people who say they drink straight from northern streams and out in the middle of large northern lakes with No problems. Not too mention there’s a sh ton of people who have no problem with the many springs in the country.

              Butt yes, be wary of water where there’s been animals pissing in it.

              Even then, it’s not certain death, or even discomfort. Let me tell you. I know. Not that I’d do so intentionally if I didn’t have to but I’ve swallowed plenty of that crap and survived! Ha. …Not even a hickup.

              Maybe you can tell, I have a passion for water?
              Heck, I don’t even like to drink out of a plastic cup. And that was from before we knew about (what is it, BSA?) I’m a glass or metal cup only kind of guy.
              …I’ve never had a wooden cup. I think those are ok, same as a wooden cutting board?

            • I heard you can use spring water for antifreeze since the spring never freezes.

            • Hi Rick

              I grew up on a small self sufficient farm where we had 2 x 1,000 gallon water tanks for a family of 4. Rainwater fed straight off a tin roof with no filtration. We managed just fine with no tummy bugs? My retreat has a 3,000 gallon poly tank fed off the tin roof with only a fairly fine mesh strainer on the inlet. No doubt there is a bit of bird poop, the odd dead bug and rotting leaf in the gutters but my kids and I (and now a grandkid) have been drinking that water for nearly 20 years. Never been a problem.

              We have a permanent creek running through the place with beautiful clean water that will be fine for bathing and laundry so water if TSHTF will not be a problem for me at my BOL if TSHTF. In my city, water is a totally different problem though. We have massive water tanks on the hills that gravity feed water to the suburbs so water will still flow for a few days. This should be taken advantage of immediately there is any inkling of a disruption in supply. Anyone who will have no choice but to ride out any storm insitu should have the ability and means to store quite a bit of drinking water. 2 litre soft drink bottles are a cheap option but it really doesnt matter what option you choose, as long as you have one.

              By the way Rick, love that country in Eastern Oregon between Pendleton and Baker City and the mountains to the Southwest!


        • I’ve got an old SS coffee pot I bought 35 or so years ago… My friends thought I was nuts for paying what I did for it, but, it’s still going strong after many a fishing and hunting trip in the high country…
          The point is, think Stainless or cast iron when cooking on an open fire…It may weigh quite a bit more but it will become an heirloom… happy cooking…

          ahhhh… brook trout in bacon fat… yummy.

          • jerry–my two cookware sets are 45 years old.
            How do I tell if they are stainless steel?
            I got a stainless steel coffee pot/percolator online for the open fire and found one clean, nice, cast iron skillet at a yard sale, one larger at TSC, and have had for any years two little ones I use for my cornbread.
            Thanks for anyone replying.
            Yeah, I know I can just make a fire and use one to find out….

            • Hey JayJay,

              Look to see in the info on the bottom for “SS” or Stainless Steel written out…if you bought them 45 years ago stainless was very expensive…regular high carbon steel would darken over the years where as SS will still be bright. HC Steel will be a bit heavier than SS…I have both those and cast iron…
              I refuse to cook with aluminum or anything with a nonstick surface…
              if it sticks you cooked it wrong! ‘)

              • I already looked–not one word, not even the manufacturer.
                No darkening, still bright (minus the tea stains :-)).

                Yes, the sets are heavy.

                I’ll look again.

                Oh, for those preppers that have everything–pick up some magnet strips, Velcro strips, and double-sided tape.
                Never know when you might need it.

            • JayJay, if its bright and shiny check it with a magnet. If a good grade of stainless, a magnet will not stick to it. I was able to pick up two additional Wagner cast iron skillets at a yard sale last week. Both were brand new and still had the original sticky labels in the bottoms along with the original price tag of $2.15.

              • I’ve seen magnets stick to SS…it depends upon the grade…
                440 Surgical, mag won’t stick… 304 or 306 it will…

                • Well, magnet way to test is make a fire.
                  And use a piece.
                  And this was expensive; it took me months to pay for it in

                  • I do believe you have high quality HC Steel, the alloys used in the day in the “rust belt” were some of the finest in the world…Those days are long gone for mass production.
                    I refuse to accept that that quality no longer exists…
                    Just very rare.
                    Are the handles riveted to the bodies of the pots and pans?
                    If so you’ve got some really good stuff…
                    and two sets to boot!!! Happy cooking there girl!!
                    And don’t worry about putting them on an open fire.

              • If a magnet sticks to the side of the pot (even weakly), it is definitely stainless steel and not aluminum. (Note: If a magnet does not stick, you still can’t tell which metal it is, but you can be sure it’s stainless steel if the magnet does stick!)

                read this at

            • Stainless steel is a little darker than aluminum and both are non-porous (not magnetic). Aluminum is much softer and will bend, where stainless will not bend so easily. Stainless is also heavier and a little shinier.

              In a scratch test, you can easily scratch aluminum with stainless, but you can’t significantly scratch stainless with aluminum. This is the same test we use to sort out different gemstones and natural minerals, etc…It’s called “Moh’s scale of hardness”. On the moh’s hardness, Aluminum is 2.5 – 3, but stainless steel is an alloy and it’s hardness varies greatly.

        • You can get those huge pots made for frying turkey’s fairly cheap and they will hold up to hrs. under a flame, It got black on the bottom and sides but held up finishing off my T-giving turkey with my rocket stove when I ran out of propane. I know most are aluminum but your boiling water to make safe to drink and in a shtf situation I’m sure you’ll have more to worry about.

          • Imho, It’s not how aluminum stands up under cooking that is the question.

            It’s that aluminum is very bad for you,…Very! And, you want to cut it out of your life as much as you can – AND – to compensate for the shtuff they are spraying on you from chemtrails, a.k.a. geo-engineering.

            But it’s your life, if want to keep using it.
            Sheet, I’m having a hard enough time kicking Coke in can.
            No one said it was easy.
            I guess it just depends on what you have to live for?

            • The last several posts from you have been little more than condescending insults—are you so superior to us, that you can’t lower yourself to post with us on an equal level?

              Or is there just something wrong with your communication skills.

            • Clark, I guess you failed to get my point about using the aluminum pot. Like having more to worry about when shtf than worrying about drinking boiled water from an aluminum pot? I know it’s not ideal but beats drinking from a ditch.

        • Gravity filter is a must. I like my Big Berkey.


        • Clean water? Learn how to make a solar still. Dig shallow hole, line with black plastic, dump some dirty water in, place a clean collection container in the center on a stand, cover everything with clean clear plastic, rocks around the edge will hold it, place a small weight on the cover dead center over your collection container.

          Sun will evaporate water that will condense on cover, as moisture builds up it will drip into collection point. Use aquarium hose to suck out clean potable water. A three foot diameter set up will give enough water to keep one person alive. Enlarge and improve design for more people. Look through web for better and more permanent designs. Print out and keep in a notebook before the web/grid fails. Have basic materials like an inexpensive roll of plastic before the disaster hits. A roll of polyethylene can also provide shelter, or fix a leaking roof.

          • I keep a 4 foot length of aquarium tubing in my BOB—you NEVER KNOW what it might come in handy for, until it comes in handy.

        • You should look into getting a kelley kettle… It’s about the most efficient way I have found to boil water over an open flame.

      11. Maybe Marion Barry showed up to the White House with his crack pipe (previously) Now the zombies are in control WTF???

      12. i dont generally like living in texas, the heat, country and western, good old boy network; but when you consider that texas has its own grid, the oil business, most of the jobs and lots of guns and bibles; i figure i might just stay a while longer while we see how this obama reign turns out.

        • lena wrote, “i dont generally like living in texas,…”

          Your comment will stick with me for quite a while, the first part anyway.

          I thought about moving (returning) there once, but there’s just a certain something that says, no.

          Maybe you should forget how, “this obama reign turns out” I’d be more concerned how the cops and those above them view you in the here and now.

          Iowa’s lookin’ pretty good in comparison.

          …And that’s a surprise to me.

          There might be lots of guns and bibles, but you can’t walk with your guns, and you bibles support capital punishment. …Some two-faced gain that is.

          I can only hope you ALL embrace liberty and freedom and perhaps come to understand the non-aggression principle someday.

          • Clark; WE understand the non-aggression principle. Unfortunately it is also human nature for some individuals to be aggressive to compensate for their lack of knowledge, income, or personal inadequacies. Thus the Knockout Game.

            WE also understand that the problem in appeasement is that it is also a psychological principle and an invitation for bullies to increase their aggression.

            Aggression must be met with aggression. Force with over whelming force. 🙂

      13. I put no stock in anything uttered by “Janet from Another Planet.” I put no stock in fiction, “could’s,” speculation, imagination or other suggestive fear mongering.

        Generators are sitting unsold, the rich are not installing backup power sources, the linemen are not whispering inside secrets about an impending outage, and the power companies are not issuing “We care about you” flyers in the monthly billings urging their customers to prepare for long periods without electricity. In fact, utilities are among the best investments right now, as they traditionally have been during times of economic slowdown.

        Fear those who wish to instill fear in you.

        • Anonymous–I have a theory about that.
          Why the heck would they???
          It is in all govt. agencies best interest to keep the nation in denial and unaware of all the dangers out there.
          1) riots
          2) crime
          3) bank runs
          4) shoot the bankers and congress critters???

          Sorry–not shoot and waste good ammo–
          4) hang the bankers and congress critters??

          • Bayonet them.

            • baseball bats work well

          • You’re not terribly bright, are you? Your statements just contradicted the very article that you purport to support.

            You also appear to be clueless to the fact that “government” consists overwhelmingly of ordinary people working in bureaucratic positions who come from all areas of the country, and more than you would guess come from blue collar backgrounds. When they retire, they often retire back to their roots and live a quiet life away from the ratrace of the Washington DC beltway. The faces of “government” that you see on TV are only the politicians, who are constantly running for re-election unless they’ve announced that they’re not running. These days, the politicians tend to be people who already have made their wealth in the real world, or lawyers who couldn’t hack it in private/corporate practice and sold themselves to their local political caucus, or poli sci majors who just want the feeling of power and social status. None of them are the real “government.” The real “government”

            • Anonymous gooberment lover @September 23, 2013 at 7:57 pm

              You really are deluded and deceived.
              I pity you.
              I’m not sure if there’s any hope for you.
              Just go out and look for a boot to lick why don’t you? Isn’t that what you’re looking for and encouraging others to do?

              You talk about those who wish to rule us if they were nice people. …Hogwash!
              It doesn’t matter where ‘they’ come from, or where ‘they’ wind up. Their only purpose is to support the empire and its rule over us all by force.

              One mistake you make is: for the most part, they all want the power and social status. Achieving that – striving for that – IS the root of the “real government”.
              Without it, those at the top are Humpty Dumpty.

              You got a long ways to go if you want understand that and escape your self-imposed chains. I hope you escape.

     might be a good starting place?

        • Anonymous @ September 23, 2013 at 6:14 pm

          Your comment begs the question, then wHAt do you place stock in?

          Also, you don’t think Janet thinks she is trying to do what is right? Yeah, she’s probably ready to kill people she thinks are evil in a heartbeat, but do you think she would say this for no reason?

          Does she have stock in SHTF products? Is that wHAt you’re saying? Or are you just trying to downplay and minimize things?

      14. We’re also going to have grid failure due to hyperinflation. When the dollar starts to die and the average electric bill is $2000 most people won’t be able to pay and utilities will go bankrupt. Once the grid goes down you have a very short time before all water pressure is lost too. I have a water BOB. It’s a liner for the bath tub that holds 80 gallons. I’ll fill that as soon as the power grid goes down. We have a lot of water already but 80 extra gallons would still be good. I’ll also fill some of my extra aquariums with water and use that to flush toilets.

        • We’re not going into hyper inflation. We’re going into deflation.

          There are 3 ways a nation can rid itself of its debt:
          1. Print money and inflate away the debt.
          2. Default on the debt.
          3. Raise taxes on its citizens to pay off the debt.

          Although we are printing money, it is to keep the country out of an even worse deflation than we already are seeing. And it’s not working. It’s going into the stock market but that’s almost the only sector that’s benefitting.

          Americans won’t stand for higher taxes to pay off the debt.

          My uneducated guess is that we are going to default on some of the debt and the affected creditors will be quietly advised beforehand so there are no surprises. Logic would suggest that the creditors most able to withstand the loss would be the ones most likely to be affected. Supposedly TARP picked the winning and losing companies to receive or not receive government bailouts. Perhaps a partial default will pick the winning and losing creditors.

          • Anonymous @ September 23, 2013 at 8:19 pm says, “We’re not going into hyper inflation. We’re going into deflation. […] My uneducated guess is that we are going to default on some of the debt.”

            Yeah,… and after that?
            We’re going to defualt on some debt… and “we’re” Not going to print some more to keep the party going?

            Why wouldn’t they do that?

            I mean, if you just stiffed your creditors, and you had a money making machine, would you turn it off and say, “Oh! That was the wrong way to go. Please pardon me. I promise not to create any more money from thin air. I’ll just accept a devaluation on my assets and do whatever happens. It’s No Big Deal that my friends lost all their power over the population and I lost all my prosperity”

            Tell me, when in history has it Ever worked out that way?

            Name just once.

          • We’re going to have a hyperinflationary depression like Weimar Germany in the 1920s.

      15. Lots of great info, lot of people are more interested in the new I PHONE 5, with biometrics! Then spending time/$ on preps. When SHTF, those people will be looking for supplies, or will end up in FEMA camps.

        • I vote for FEMA camps for most of them—at least that way, we’ll know where they are.

      16. Daisy

        I worry not over a cyber attack by “so called” states of terror,when the state of terror exists where you and I live.
        That being said,I concern myself not over the likes of big sis and others who warn of grid down scenarios by anyone except those who would “benefit” by such..
        That would just fuel further erosion of rights and freedoms,as we already know that they have those systems in place for such ‘events”..stripping us of every right and freedom that we know of..

        The only scenario I could give credence to is a “heavenly’, for lack of better words, event to wipe out the grid…and that is a true possibility that ‘they’ would never indulge us to with any warning..

        Reason for this is the following..

        A local New England talk show host exclaimed the reason behind everything we already have verified…a total grid failure anticipated by the ptb at some point soon..

        Thus the purchases by fema,dhs,dod etc for ammo,mre’s, body bags,potable water,first aid kits etc etc etc over the last few years…this host discussed her talk with a state National Guard superior who told her that this was the reason behind all purchases, and requests for bid, by the alphabet agencies..

        It is obvious that we are out of the loop on all of it.

        What such an event is and when is the question..

        Perhaps you could take the next step..


        • It would be more sensible to worry about Obama and the EPA shutting down over half of the coal fired power plants. That is in fact on the agenda.

      17. My entire adult life was starting as an operator and advancing up to supervisor with a Gold Seal Engineers License in a 60 MW power plant within an oil refinery tied into the grid. We did the whole Y2K preparing with many meetings with the public utility while I was in a supervisor capacity. That being said I can failures intentional and accidental that can make parts of the grid go down. I can’t see an entire grid failure and even if so you start back up. We did a black start (no utility power) on two occasions.

        We now live in hurricane country and I have a back up power supply but my concern has been and will continue to be economic with the social ramifications that will come with it.

        • Oops need to proof read.

          That being said I can SEE failures intentional and accidental that can make parts of the grid go down.

        • If thats not enough of a reason to reject any and all of the bullshit federal gov nothing is, when the hell are people going to wake the f up and do something serious,
          It seems people are ok with the lip service we get,
          Time for a whole nother kinda hope and change.

      18. As the others have said, great article. For whatever reason the general public doesn’t seem to be taking these kinds of things seriously yet.

        Imagine what it will be like when they realize it’s a bit too late. Most folks don’t have a food storage past a week, and only drink the water that comes directly out of their faucets…. things will turn bad quick if something like this does happen.

      19. I know not everyone can do this but we had a well drilled. so we have city water and well water.
        If the power was out and the city water was no longer available we could use the well.

        I know someone will say but with no electricity how will you pump the well water. I purchased a well bullet. Its basically a large diameter plastic pipe about 2 feet long. It has a one way valve on the bottom.

        You have a rope attached to the top and drop it into your well casing. It fills up from the bottom one way valve. When you pull it up the valve closes and it holds about 1 and 1/2 gallons each time.

        Probably fill a couple 5 gallon water cans in 30 to 40 minutes and get a workout at the same time.

        Not an answer for everyone but if you have a well a well bullet might help.

        • Look around for a old hand pump. they work well up to 40/50 feet. Pump,pipe, and foot valve and you will be in business. plus they are very easy to repair.

          • Sorry, wrong, they will only pump about 30 feet.Been a while since I put mine in.

        • Steve, its very easy to make yourself. Get a piece of pvc in a diameter size that will fit inside your well casing 3 or 4 ft. long add a 1 in. foot valve with the spring removed that is your one way valve put your haul rope at the top and drop and pull. Best to have two haul ropes installed in case the one your using breaks then you have back up to keep from losing your rig down the well. Just remember water is heavy aprox. 8.345 lbs. per gal. Fill your bullet (bail) pipe and test before it’s down in the well and then you find out it’s to heavy.

        • Steve, I replied earlier about the bullet not sure what happened it was being moderated. One can be made easily made with pvc pipe that will fit in your well casing by putting a regular foot valve with the spring removed for the one way valve. Best to use two ropes just in case the one your pulling the bullet up with breaks you have a back up to keep from losing your rig down the well. If you have a pump hooked up to your well you will have to remove the drop pipe that’s supplying your pump.

      20. Emergency Survival Heater
        Hard-Times call for desperate measures… or at least a little inventive thinking and a handful of basic supplies. When all hell breaks loose and the oil is gone, or the winter winds kick up and the rain tries to drive you from your home, when the power-lines are down, and sometimes it helps to have a little heat by your side.
        Whether you’re battling the cold or the undead, staying warm often means staying alive. Emergency Survival Heater isn’t a new idea, in fact alcohol-based heat sources have been around for ages. Made from basic household or easily scavenged supplies and resources, this powerful little heater can follow you just about anywhere you need a little extra warmth to get through the night… and it doubles as a cook-stove and water purifier as well.

        Tools: Rubber mallet or padding and a regular hammer, electrical or duct tape.
        Materials: Clean quart-sized paint can with lid (available at most paint/hardware stores), 1 roll plain unscented toilet paper, 32

        Step 1. Remove the cardboard tube from the center of the toilet paper roll. Stuff the full roll of toilet paper into the empty paint can, only removing sheets if you absolutely have to. You want the paper to completely fill the width of the can.
        Step 2. Slowly fill the container with 70% rubbing alcohol (higher concentrations burn too intensely), letting it soak into the fibers of the toilet paper until it’s fully saturated. Leave 1/2 – 1/4 inch head-space below the rim.
        Step 3. Using the rubber mallet or hammer and padding, carefully seal the lid of the Emergency Survival Heater until it is completely secured against spills and/or contamination.
        Step 4. Tape or attach both the matches/fire-striker and the coin to the top or side of the can. This will keep your lighting instruments always at the ready. The coin can be used to pry open the lid for use of the Emergency Survival Heater.
        OPTIONAL STEPS: Place the quart sized heater into a larger gallon sized metal container. Doing this will create a diffuser/safety buffer that can help radiate the heat and protect individuals and their surroundings from burns.
        EMERGENCY HEATER: This heater uses an open flame and is therefore dangerous, whether or not it’s being used in an enclosed space. The Emergency Survival Heater should only be used by responsible individuals and in well ventilated areas. As always, this DIY or Die Trying Project is not a toy and the handling and use of it should be taken seriously.
        Storing The Heater: Clearly label the contents (70% rubbing alcohol) onto the side of the Emergency Survival Heater, and keep it away from outside heat-sources, open flame and direct sunlight. Once properly sealed the Emergency Survival Heater can store for years at a time, though the water content may eventually cause rust and structural failure of the can.
        Lighting The Heater: Lighting the Emergency Survival Heater is as easy as using the coin to pop open the lid, and carefully placing a lit match against the surface of the alcohol soaked toilet-paper or by using a fire-striker to gain ignition.
        Adjusting The Output: Placing the lid partially over the can will adjust the intensity of the flame, increase burn-times, and decrease the heat output. This is critical to rationing fuel in a disaster situation.
        Extinguishing The Flame: The Emergency Survival Heater is easily extinguished by replacing the lid over the top of the container. This will starve the flames of oxygen and cause them to extinguish safely. DO NOT USE WATER TO EXTINGUISH THE FLAME!
        Re-Fueling: The toilet paper acts as a wick, pulling the unburned alcohol to the surface of the container to keep the flame ignited, but it will occasionally require re-fueling. If and when the toiler-paper begins to singe, fully extinguish the flame before re-fueling.
        Boil Water / Cook With: Just like with any open flame, the Emergency Survival Heater can be used for both boiling water and preparing meals. In order to keep the flame from extinguishing, prop the cooking surface or water container roughly 1/2 inch or more ABOVE the rim of the Emergency Survival Heater.
        CAUTION: When using this heater in small or enclosed spaces, open windows slightly to allow for ventilation. Although rubbing alcohol doesn’t produce large amounts of carbon monoxide, it’s better to be safe than sorry… especially when your life is on the line.
        In addition to the risk of poor ventilation, burns are a serious concern. Rubbing alcohol burns with a nearly clear flame, making it difficult to see when the heater is lit or not and the appropriate precautions should be taken to avoid a direct burn. The surface of the Hard-Times Emergency Survival Heater will heat rapidly and likely become too hot to touch with bare hands. Always use caution when handling open flame and high-heat materials.

      21. The ability to hone an edge is a skill that every survivor should have, if they truly want to outlive the undead. From an axe head to a pocket knife and everything in between, this guide can help you get a good edge on your hackers, slashers, slicers, and stabbers.
        Although there are hundreds of whetstones and sharpening devices available on the market today, they aren’t necessary for getting a good edge on your blade. In fact, there are plenty of alternatives out there that can use when honing a blade.
        Alternatives To Whetstones and Sharpening Tools:
        Red Brick – Smooth the surface of a red brick by rubbing it against a concrete surface to remove rough spots and debris.
        Cinder Block – Brush away loose material and debris to ensure a smooth surface.
        Sandpaper – Attach or wrap around an object with a firm flat surface, such as a piece of 2×4 or the arm of a chair.
        Rough Ceramics – Found in most homes, the unfinished underside of ceramic dishes and fixtures works really well for fine tuning an edge to razor sharp.
        Smooth Stone – Cleaned of debris, a smooth stone can remove burs, smooth chips, and fine tune an edge just as well as anything else can.
        Leather – Attach or wrap leather around a firm flat surface, and use for fine tuning.
        The smoother the surface and finer the grain of a sharpening tool, the better it will work for fine tuning the edge of a blade. But if your blade is damaged or extremely dull, you’ll need to start with rougher material like, course grit sandpaper or even a metal file, to re-establish a basic edge first.
        Honing The Blade: Honing a blade isn’t just about dragging it across a whetstone or a grinder till you think you’ve got a good edge, it’s about patience, consistency, and skill.
        1. Carefully wipe the blade clean with a soft cloth, and a bit of mineral oil if it’s available.
        If you are working with folding knife, make sure to fully open it and clean the body inside and out as well.
        2. Select a material to hone the blade on, and a stable surface to work on.Mark the edge of the blade with a colored marker (we prefer black for the contrast). The marked edge will act as a guide to help you keep a consistent angle while sharpening.
        3. Hold the blade at an angle that allows full contact of the marked area with the surface of the honing material. Using a slow and steady stroke, gently drag the blade across the surface of the honing material. Check the grind on the marked area and adjust the angle of grind accordingly.
        4. Once you’ve got the angle down it’s time to get to the real work. Hone the blade one side at a time, using 10-15 strokes (or more as needed) of gentle pressure against the honing material.
        Fine tune the edge by repeating the process, alternating sides of the blade between each stroke. (tip: adding a bit of mineral oil to the sharpening surface can help achieve a finer edge and assist in cleaning the blade clean.)
        5. Test the edge. There are many ways to test the edge of a blade. You can hold a sheet of paper in one hand and carefully slice it with the other, or shave a small amount of hair from your arm or the back of your hand. Test it against a soft wood like a pencil, or try it out in the kitchen. Just make sure to test the blade before calling it good and packing it away, because you’ll never know how sharp it really is until you see it for yourself.
        For sharpening larger blades like hatchets, axes, machetes, and swords, hold the honing surface in your hand rather than the blade, but be extra careful while working the edge. With time and practice you can become an expert at honing an edge, and that will make you one step closer to surviving

        • This is one thing I really suck at—I need to practice. I’d better start out on old knives and graduate to my real ones after I get it down.

        • Same here sixpack…

          I can sharpen a boning knife on a steel but when it comes to a pocket knife and whet stone not so good.

          I think it may be easier to get a good edge with high carbon steel than with stainless.

      22. Barter
        With limited access to important supplies like salt, nails, vitamins, batteries and much more, stocking up on a few basics can give you high-value items and supplies to trade with other survivors. Listed below are just a few of the items that are likely to be in high demand should worse come to worse and currency as you know it fails.
        • Batteries – focus on the most common types like AAA, AA, D, and 9-volt.
        • Booze – everybody needs a little escape sometimes… in moderation Bleach – capable of treating water, disinfecting surfaces, clothing, and equipment.
        • Candles – a valuable source of both light, and temporary waterproofing.
        • Lighters / Matches – relatively inexpensive now, but extremely valuable in times of crisis, both lighters and matches will be among the most valuable items for trade.
        • Toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, and toilet paper.
        • Salt and Sugar – extremely difficult to procure in large amounts after a collapse, salt and sugar are staples that cannot be overlooked.
        • Medical supplies – band-aids, aspirin, rubbing alcohol, etc.
        • Socks and Underwear – everybody wears ‘em, everybody needs them.
        • Basic Tools – hammers, wrenches, drivers, saws, and shovels.
        • Raw materials – metal sheeting, rebar, nails, screws, nuts/bolts, fabric, wood, etc.
        Remember that this list is just a starting place and that any number of supplies and gear could be added to it. Take a look around you today while you’re at home/work/school, and think about everything you interact with on a daily basis. All of it from pencils, to plastic bags will be difficult to come by, and most everything will be in finite supply. Store only what will serve a real-world purpose after the apocalypse, things that make a real difference in your ability and the ability of others to not only survive, but thrive.

        Skills: Bartering isn’t just about trading supplies and raw materials though, it’s also about trading skills and services. Survivors skilled in a trade like carpentry will be able to offer invaluable services to those of us that aren’t, along with electricians, mechanics, hunters, farmers, doctors and so on… as long as someone has something to trade for their time. Take a look at our list of skills and skill-sets that have proved to serve people well during times of collapse and/or emergencies and disaster. How many of these can you handle on your own and/or use as currency, should the need arise?
        • Mechanic, Engine Repair
        • Welding, Blacksmiths
        • Wild Foods Expert, Hunting
        • Explosives, Firearms
        • Farming, Animal Care, Bee Keeping
        • Soap and Candle Making
        • Doctor, Nursing, Medical Assistant
        • Well Construction, Water Table Expertise
        • Engineering, Manufacturing, Electronics
        • Sewing, Tailoring, Textiles
        • Construction, Carpentry
        • Chemist
        Again, this list is by no means all-inclusive. There are hundreds of valuable skill-sets and knowledge bases that any one person can have and these are just the tip of the iceberg. Simple knowledge like how to pulp and recycle paper, dry foods, operate radios, repair seams, scout and more, will also be in high demand. Gain skills in as many areas as you can, but don’t just dabble in them, really devote yourself and you’ll walk away more accomplished and better prepared than those before you. And don’t be afraid to share your knowledge. The more we know together, the better chance we all have.

      23. Rick in Oregon;
        I stand corrected. I couldn’t believe that the chantrelles would be out this early. Thank you for pointing it out. We went out this am and there they were. Thank You

        • Skeptic, I don’t blame you for being skeptical about something you read on the internet that’s posted by a stranger. Glad you found some and hopefully it was a bounty.

      24. Kind of ironic, because this country’s been in the dark for a century.

        • Very true. In USA, we have not seen the Light since 1776.

      25. Rick in Oregon;
        Sent an e-mail for the first time yesterday and stand corrected. I doubted that the mushrooms were ready yet. We went out this am and there they were. Thanks for the heads up.

        • If you receive a reply to your email, it’s not me, I’m one of those with a bogus email address in my sign up and if the email address exist, it’s just a random quirk.

      26. –How will you get food if the grocery stores are closed?

        Will get it out of the pantry, the freezers, the root cellar, the greenhouse, the chicken coop, the catfish ponds, and so on…..

        –How will you cook food if you are able to acquire it?

        On the same propane stove we use now ( 3 years in reserve )….and the wood cook stove after that.

        –What will happen to the perishable food in your refrigerator and freezer?

        Both will likely keep on running due to 6kw solar backup ( and yes, got spare electronics in Faraday cage ).

        –How will you heat and cool your home if you are in an area subject to extreme temperatures?

        Heat….same wood we use now. Cool….not a real big problem here.

        –What will you use for light once the scented candle that sits on your coffee table is gone?

        Solar power. Coleman propane lanterns. Aladdin and plain ole wick type kerosene lamps, with couple hundred gallons of K-1 put up.

        –How will you transport yourself if a) your vehicle doesn’t run because the computers are fried or b) it runs but you can’t get gas because the pumps at the station run on electricity?

        Diesel rabbit pickup truck ( mechanical fuel injection , plenty of diesel stored.

        –What will you drink and wash with if the municipal water facilities are no longer providing water or if the pump on your well runs on electricity?

        Been on gravity fed spring for 30 years. I guess gravity won’t be affected. Propane hot water ( no electric required ), and wood fired backup water heater.

        OK….what else ?

        • Necessity is the Mother of Invention. If you want it bad enough you will find a way.

        • “OK….what else ?”

          Small foundry and a barn for the horses…

          What’s your elevation? !!!

          • Never done any foundry work, but am helping a neighbor put up a 36×60 horse barn. I sawed most of the lumber out on my Woodmizer bandmill.

            • With what you were telling us i should have known there were horses in the picture somewhere…

              I have limited exposure to foundry operations myself…
              but it is an interest….won’t fit on the boat… ‘)

            • Those are great machines, had an LT 30,
              Sawed miles and miles of lumber with it, wanted to get a new one and move to the redoubt somewhere and build a house with it but just isnt in the cards($)

              • My Dad once took an old junk table saw and made a hand-cranked model out of the casing and a few of the guts. It was safest if one person cranks and one person guides the wood. I guess I’m gonna have to bust out his notes and find another old junker table saw…

                • Saw one in an article on people powered machines that the guy powered his woodshop tools with a bicycle, was funny but cool, he joked about his one kid power table saw the picture had the guys 10 year old son gleefully peddling away while he cut boards! Was a mouse trap looking contraption but it worked, had a 200# flywheel where the back tire of the bike should have been so created a huge amount of inertia once you got it going, and he used a series of belts, pulleys and a shaft to run the tools, had a pto coupler of sorts to connect whatever machine he wanted to run.

                  • My Dad’s idea was self-contained and included no peddling. It was a hand-crank on a rod, using the sides of the casing and horseshoe clips to keep it in place. It was nothing fancy, but it worked. I’m sure he’d be proud if I improved on his design.

                    Most of his best tool creations were hydraulic. He made his own log-splitter, it was big enough to split 4 ft diameter tree trunks.

                    Maybe I should consider cleaning up some of his design drawings and posting them online—I’m sure he’d be pleased.

            • I have a antique M 14 Bellsaw one man sawmill. Bought it at a auction for $75. Assembled it on new wood and power it from the belt pulley on my 1944 M Farmall. It will handle 14 ft logs two ft in diameter. Its just a part of my quest to know how to be self reliant.

              • Back many years ago when I lived in town, I ran up on an M-14 for sale… was set up beautiful. Guy ran it off the front half of a 60’s Dodge Dart, cut off right behind the front seat. You punched Drive 1 ( it had the push button transmission control on the side of the front console ), and the slant 6 engine turned the driveshaft on which he had mounted a pulley/belt to the M-14. Used a 55 gallon drum for a radiator with plenty of cooling water. I drooled over it, but had no place to set it up.

                Bought my Woodmizer in 1991, and was glad I didn’t buy the M-14, the band mills are that much better.

        • TnAndy, One big thumbs up, simple and Bulletproof. Great job..

      27. After reading numerous posts from you preppers, I feel like just moving and being your neighbor. You are far, far ahead of me.

        I do have a skill that 95% of Americans don’t–

        I know how to plant a seed and then water it.

        • Yes but can you take it all the way through finished product!

          Just kidding, am sure u can

      28. I’m expecting. Baby chicks hatch date the end of week. 12 volt with 110 converter including egg turner. Time to dress the roosters before the turn over. Buff roosters are 10-11 lbs. Wearing the pullets down anyway. Grass hopper fed w 12%.

        • I used to hatch in a incubator. Turned the eggs by hand and probably got a 80% hatching rate. Now I have bantam Chickens. Their good sitters & mothers. The best foragers ever. Their Hardy and can fly and evade predators better than the commercial heavy breeds. So what if it takes four bantam eggs to equal two standard eggs. One dressed out will make a meal for the wife & I.

          • old guy…I will have to look into banties. My Orphingtons are barely earning their keep with the price of mash at $20 a hundred.

            Hawks and neighbor dogs require that they be penned (other than the 3 that can fly out). They just cower when threatened. Sounds like banties would be better to free range for me.

            I’ve only had a flock for two years so it’s an ongoing learning process on what is sustainable and what is not.

            Do you separate the banty broody hens to hatch or are they fine with the others in the same coop?

            • Those bantams will hide their nest we commonly think a hen has disappeared and she will appear with a clutch of chicks. Yes in confinement a sitting hen will have other hens lay eggs in her nest. sometimes in confinement you will have two broody hens fight over the same nest. We Fasten our chickens up in a varmit proof coop every night. We feed a small amount of shell corn. however they mostly forage and eat the grasshoppers grass & weed seeds ect. We have a few cows the bantams stay close to them because as they walk grazing they flush up bugs. Ive seen them riding on the backs of the cattle to catch the horse flies. We also set traps to keep the varmits at bay. We have geese that are very mean we never fasten them up nothing will mess with them. the geese can bite and flog even a dog – fox- coyote and bobcat ect.

              • Thanks old guy…think I’ll try some bantams come spring.

      29. Having clean water is key. I already have 2 x 215w solar panels with a grid tie inverter. Going to add another 2 x 250w panels, and install a small battery pack for the house.

      30. Back in January I made some jar bread. We’ve been eating some about once a month. Last week we opened up a jar (pint jar) and the bread was still eatable. I had never made jar bread before and was curious about it’s shelf life and the quality of the product. The bread I made was an Italian bread and we sliced it into medallions and make garlic bread with it.

        Now that I have some experience with it, I know I will not make a sandwich bread in the jar, the bread is just too dry and the jar shape doesn’t make for a good sandwich and so it’s not worth the price of the lid. I will make some brownies and zucchini bread in a jar.

        You don’t need a pressure canner or a water bath to make it. I cooked it in the oven, in the jar and as soon as it was done I put the lid and band on the jar. As it cooled it sealed the jar.

      31. excellent
        excellent article Mac

        just the kind of thing I like to see

        I forward pieces like this to family and friends
        and slowly but surely
        more and more are waking up
        its taken years in some cases
        but it is finally happening

      32. Prep like its going to happen next week. with this gridlock in congress it may happen sooner than you think. It might give Obama an excuse to declare martial law.

        • definitely

          the government will let no good crisis go to waste

          if we think things got bad after 9-11 with the “Patriot” Act

          we ain’t seen nothin’ yet

          • They could have a temp shutdown and obammy will use the ss and ebt as the first things to suspend figuring it would get lots of people on his side, then it backfires and people go off……

        • Do you own stock in a company that offers prepper supplies?

          Other than that explanation, your suggestive comment is ludicrous.

          Fear mongering, and in a rather amateurish fashion.

      33. If the feds do pull off a power grid down for the country just think what the major cities will look like. Hell Bells they are now screaming about food stamps. “(give me my food stamps)”.
        Just think if they don’t have power they can’t use their food stamps. My heart bleeds coffee for them. This is the way BO might bring in Marshall Law. All you SHTF readers be prepared.
        Damn this is really going to Piss me off. This the time frame for my Missouri deer hinting trip.

      34. Simple canning For anybody wanting too try their hand at. it. Mixed Cauliflower,pepers,Celery,Carrots. Instructions at u-Tube under Canning vegetables, then look for pickling,canning veg & the great Depression.This. Recipe will work for Hot pepper rings, bellpeppers I will put a little Olive oil an sugar in with them also. Tip, clean the rim 2x with lint free rag, an Only Tighten the ring with your finger tip. Aldi’s sales past sauce called Priano Spicy red pepper very good but then you have a good water bath jar for free..Now get canning.

      35. When you see TPTB warning about the consequences of a grid breakdown, look around for their plans to further restrict our liberty to look after ourselves.

        Hold and squeeze

      36. Lay in a supply of condoms or at the least become an obstetrics nurse practitioner. People are going to die and people are going to be born. MIllions of human beings were born in farm houses attended only by wise old grandma. Unless you plan on taking a vow of chastity or wise old grandma lives with you, before it all goes to hades stock up on condoms.

        • John Allen, etc: Many have been born because condoms sometimes break, leak, etc. Even the pill is not 100 percent and are likely to run out in a shtf life. Savvy adults get sterilized, a simple outpatient procedure done in the drs office now days. Men and Women can get their tubes blocked/cut under light sedation. No need to breed in bad times with possibility kids will be orphaned or live in squalor with no future.

      37. Mac: Although I missed the hullabaloo of the “previous” article(??), the excellent prep tips that came from this current article above makes for a spectacular silver lining.

      38. Good Article, but I am confused??? This so called power grid shutdown to happen in November. Is it real? Are they just going to shut down the grid for 2 days and that’s it? Or is it a false flag? Are they doing it, with no intention of turning the power back on?

      39. Excellent article and such good advice all round .
        I applaud all tho great comments full of reliable information ..
        Thanks Mac for all your years of Time and effort .

        Never quit .
        All of you take a bow .
        I sometimes wish I could shake so many hands here.
        But this is the best I know to do.
        I read here daily.
        Just want to say hello .
        Hope all have a wonderful day .
        take care

      40. ONE MORE THING! As before I have posted this tip in the past and will again for the noobs out there 🙂 Stock up on some 91% rubbing alcohol. WHY? Not only can you use it to sanitize, but use it as a cooking source. Just pour 2-3 ounces into a tuna can, soup can whatever. Throw in a lit match. And Instant fire. It burns fairly clean, and a few ounces will last about 30 mins. That gives you some heat, light, and a means to boil some water! You can buy a 30 ounce bottle at Wal-Mart for about 2 bucks! One bottle and a soup can is perfect to toss on a bug-out bag, and in your trunk!

        • Also, alcohol soaked cotton balls work great too.
          My 5 soaked cotton burned about 15 minutes, more than long enough to heat cans of food to eat. 🙂

          • Don’t forget to put that heated water in a Aladdin thermos to keep hot for 24 hours when flame is precious.

      41. Wait till they apply the Carbon tax too Electricity, an now Shutting down the coal industry you wont be able to aford electric anyhow. I have free gas I’ve been wanting too bypass the meter and only heat the garge on the meter, because in time I know their gona start charging me for my FREE gas..

      42. Good old Maudy posted the same stuff in this article about 10 days ago. If the juice goes off in the winter, a bare minimum is to have a tent inside the smallest room in your residence. Then Maudy can come over and keep you warm!

      43. IMO
        The gov has run up their credit card to the max
        They have been opening new credit cards to transfer the balance
        Soon,,,, the introductory low interest rates are ending
        So what to do?
        They are already spending more than they make
        The only way out will be to take from the people the $ they need to continue
        This IMO is what will set it off
        How many of you will be ok with having your savings and investments plundered
        and a national property tax instituted?
        Think about it,
        BHO says we are not a deadbeat nation, so what in DC speak is he saying?
        I would bet that they have just been treading water so they can get everything in place to confiscate what they can, lock everyone down (otherwise why all the arms and such)
        and say it is necessary for the greater good.

        • Kala I Totally agree they are just getting their ducks in a row, ob care is gona be the one that zip ties are arms behide are back, I got my American Community Survey in the mail I will not comply this is just a sample of what too come with Intrusion into are lifes, and control. They are already strong arming everybodyIncluding senators I believe. Like I said before the only thing that will Correct this out of control gov is FORCE..

      44. Been reading this site off and on for several years…never commented before……I just wonder why I have never seen anybody suggest a water mattress for storage……I bought a king size for y2k and still have it ready…….LP

      45. 1. If you you turn off all the coal fired plants.
        2. Shut down all the nuclear reactors on the coast that are vulnerable to tsunamis and earthquakes.
        3. Stop fracking!

        There goes the grid! In japan they built Fukushima disregarding the data about a tsunani that happened in the 1800s. Now that I know about the grid, I’m going to get a roll of Duct tape!

      46. I’m looking at this and the power literally just went out in my whole neighborhood.

      47. Overkill, everything is not that integrated, pieces here and there most likely, but the entire thing… extreme the sky is falling

      48. And yet one more thing 🙂 After reading this article I went out for the day. Soon as I get to my car I notice I Penlec/Natural Gas truck. Now normally they do this from time to time to read meters. In and out. However this time the guy was in his truck. Just sitting there. Staring at the neighbors houses. Write something down on his clip board. Look up, then write on the clip board…Just a little odd a thought.

        Next on the way home I saw two city workers, on the side walk, with the electrical box open. Controls the street lights and traffic lights. All lights were working fine. Just asked myself…what were they doing? At 12:30 no less… you know lunch time. These city and state workers and such NEVER do a thing at lunch time.

        Maybe I am just being paranoid. Like I said, odd to see what I saw after reading this article…anyone else notice anything???

      49. A hole in the back yard. A low use toilet and a small shed built over it and you have a nice toilet.
        Use buckets to fill it (1.0 gallons).
        No stink- a little cold perhaps, but insulate the shed well and burn a candle in it.
        Use a magazine with pictures and stories of Obammy in it to clean yourself with.

      50. A book “One Second After by William R. Forstchen” details in great length what would happen if the power grid were to collapse and the aftermath is absolutely horrifying. This book scared the shit out of me. I for one would not want to live through or witness such an event.

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