YouTube is Planning to Delete All Accounts That Aren’t “Commercially Viable” Starting December 10

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is obvious censorship. YouTube is planning to silence those who disagree with the political/ruling class and have taken sides. Speaking truth to power is now borderline criminal. The censorship continues…

    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    Content creators everywhere are starting to panic about an upcoming policy change over at YouTube that threatens to eliminate all accounts and channels on the Google-owned video platform that are deemed to no longer be “commercially viable.”

    In the “Account Suspension & Termination” section of YouTube’s “Terminations by YouTube for Service Changes,” guidelines, the company explains that, as of December 10, 2019, “YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service, if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.”

    In other words, if you have a YouTube channel that YouTube employees decide isn’t profitable enough for Google, then the company has now granted itself the option to completely shut down your account without warning or consequence.

    What this means is that YouTube content creators who’ve built their entire livelihoods around the platform are going to need a backup option in the event that they end up being terminated. One such option is, which you can sign up for here.

    It also means that YouTube has created for itself yet another legal loophole to continue targeting channels that disseminate politically incorrect content, which YouTube has been trying to silence from its platform for at least the past several years.

    In essence, YouTube now has a blanket excuse to pull down all channels that it wants to see eliminated by simply claiming that these channels are no longer profitable. And there will likely be no way for targeted YouTube users to prove otherwise.

    According to YouTube, these changes merely make the company’s Terms of Service “clearer and easier to understand.” But for most people carefully observing what’s going on, the obvious reality is that YouTube is once again up to no good.

    “The terms could be a way for YouTube to remove channels that promote hate speech, conspiracy theories, or harmful messages whose content isn’t extreme enough to warrant an outright ban, as these are unlikely to be commercially viable,” writes Rob Thubron for Techspot, illustrating this point.

    “But if this is the case, it needs to be clearly explained,” he adds.

    For more related news about Big Tech’s plot to subvert online free speech, be sure to check out

    All YouTube has to do now to silence free speech is demonetize channels it doesn’t like and force them into commercial non-viability

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what YouTube is planning to do once this policy change comes into full effect.

    We already know that many conservative-leaning YouTube channels have been demonetized by YouTube with the goal of driving them out of business. However, thanks to workarounds like Patreon, many of these channels are still up and running, despite YouTube’s best efforts to financially destroy them.

    Since mere demonetization hasn’t led to the outcome that YouTube hoped for, the Google-owned video platform is now making “commercial viability,” as arbitrarily defined by YouTube, a new requirement to maintain a presence on YouTube.

    “First they’ll demonetize you, then they’ll remove you completely because you are no longer ‘commercially viable,’” warns Twitter user “Raging Golden Eagle” about where this all is headed.

    If you’re a YouTube creator or know someone who is, let this be the writing on the wall as to what’s coming in less than a month. YouTube wants total control over everything that happens on its platform, just like its parent company Google wants over its search engine platform.

    “Just another backdoor attempt at censorship and traffic steering,” wrote one Techspot commenter in response to the news.

    “In a few years, YouTube will only allow creators that have a minimum of 100K followers within 90 days of launch and they’ll have to be a member of the local communist party.”

    Exercise your free speech, without commercial censorship, at


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      1. The creators of BitChute are going to love this. YouTube is going to hand them thousands of new accounts on a silver platter.

      2. YouTube-Google-Twatter-FarceBook
        Censorship TYRANTS.
        Break up the Monopoly. DEMAND Free speech.
        This web site also censors.

        What are these evil Tech monopoly companies about?
        Psychological -Emotional -Social Control -AI Machines, that are controlled by evil people. Communist Globalist NWO Beast System is their game and goal. To Control YOU. Your thoughts -emotions and to -track -trace -surviel -snitch. That is the true purpose of these companies. PSYOPS. YOU are the target.

        Now USA is implementing a Soviet style internal passport and calling it “Real ID”. They want to keep track of all you sheep. Track you so you can be easily rounded up and be slaughtered.

        Beto wants your guns so it is easy to impose the communist system on unarmed sheep. The Leftist NWO Communist Globalist want TOTAL civillian disarmament so they can round you up and then kill you easily. Evil. The Beast System.

        YouTube wants to shut you up. Control your thoughts. Waste your time. While they get rich.

        * Leftist attempting a Coup of our elected President
        * Shutting down free speech.
        * Torturing and Murdering journalist.
        * Torture and prison for whistle blowers that report criminal government activity.
        * All media controlled by leftist communist foreigners.
        USA with internal passport.
        * People numbered like cattle with medical-social security numbers.
        * Political correct Insanity.
        * A war on masculinity and male children. Drugging our children with made up bs by “doctors”.
        * No free speech-CENSORSHIP
        * Civillian Disarmament disquised as “gun control/safety”
        * America fighting war for 19 years. Insane. Spending US into oblivian. Go to the numbers are Insane.

        This is your “changed” Amerikka.

        What will it take for the weak cell phone zombies to wake up?
        Maybe the world wide economic collapse?

        now censor this
        you can NOT shut us all up

      3. “This is obvious censorship”

        Yes, yes it is. But they can censor whomever they wish to since they are a private corporation and freedom of speech does not apply to their actions. It is only a little worse than the censorship displayed on this board whereby every comment must be approved (or not) by the administrator before it is allowed to be posted. I know…I know…cuz SPAM. Could be Youtube considers unprofitable YouTubers to be a type of SPAM and a burden that affects their bottom line. They are out to make a profit, you know.

        Sour grapes by the censored YouTubers because they cannot make a living by sitting on their ass and posting videos. They will either need to set up their own viewer funded blog or use affiliate payment programs like this site does.

        Or maybe they will have to get a real job that requires them to break a sweat to make a living.

        • Send the 22 to 60 million illegals back where they came from and there will be plenty of “sweat to make a living” jobs to choose from! Lol

      4. Stop watching youtube if you don’t want biased information or opinion, is a great website that features news, information and stories that MSM refuses to show. Also, is a far better alternative to drudge report for headline news.

      5. LOL don’t go to school kids! You can play video games all day for money!


        And have fun starving.

        May i add a huge middle finger to all of you who smugly acted all smart and superior to us working stiffs. Enjoy the future you built assholes.

      6. FUBAR

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