YouTube Censorship: ‘They Are Stepping It Up, Something Is In The Works’

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Headline News | 56 comments

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    Most can see that YouTube is scrubbing videos and deleting accounts that don’t tow the line and parrot the mainstream media and government’s official timeline of events for things. And it’s getting worse by the day, it seems.

    SGTReport, a YouTube channel, recently had a man named Ron Johnson on their show to discuss the termination of accounts and videos that are true, but aren’t in line with the ideology of “the state is your god.” Johnson had his YouTube channel, Stranger Than Fiction News, deleted after gathering 150,000. He describes his channel as “Christian news.” In the interview with SGT Report, Johnson says “something is in the works,” because YouTube has stepped up their censorship campaign to new levels.

    It’s unbelievable how far the censorship has gone and they’re stepping it up. Something is in the works. Something’s in the pipelines because they don’t want independent media covering the news...we saw this coming [censorhip attempts], it was just a matter of time. In September we got two strikes and they booted us off YouTube for three months. We came back in January and we started broadcasting live probably about a week or two before we got ‘canned’ on YouTube. And the strikes just started to come in.  One strike came in, we got an appeal, we won it, a couple days went by and we got another strike, and then another strike, and then another strike. They were looking through all the old videos; anything that might trigger a snowflake…extraordinary,” said Johnson of his YouTube ban.

    What’s YouTube so afraid of? Individual thought? Is that a crime now too? “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”― George R.R. MartinA Clash of Kings

    “It wasn’t just STFN [Johnson’s deleted YouTube channel] that was brought down. It wasn’t just the 150,000 subscribers that didn’t have a say in the decision that weren’t even notified, it wasn’ the ten million comments logged in by the users whose voice was instantly suppressed. It was an attempt by a known occult brand, Google, who sends all this money to triple 6 Bermuda to silence a pro-Christian, pro-American channel on American soil. This is a clear violation of our freedom of speech.”

    “This is very Orwellian, 1984. They’re not even changing history, they’re just erasing it,” says SGTReport. Mockingbird CIA media. He then asks if he believes the YouTube purge is over videos surrounding the incohesive events of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. Johnson agrees that the purge going on now is of those questioning the government’s story they spoon-fed the mainstream media and expect people to believe. “Anyone who isn’t a part of the inspires me,” says SGTReport. 

    The things that are going to be blocked are not going to be fake stories.The things that are going to be blocked and censored, the things they are going to keep from people is going to be stuff they just don’t want you to focus on or know about.” -Melissa Dykes


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      1. Can you say the J-word that rhymes with Poo on Youtube without ending up in moderation (censorship) like on this site?

        • Cracker Jack: NO, I do NO think you/we/I can say that lovely word. YOuTube and or Google are some really disgusting Corporate rapists. They clearly want only 1 narrative being told and sold to us Americans and they have made it painfully beyond clear they are NOT down with the Right, in fact they hate the Right and love the vile mutts to the Left. This country is really a huge mess and so many of these corporations have helped to ruin this once great land. So, so many deserve to HANG!

      2. Big brother’s allies are really censoring now. I’m hearing it from everyone. They’re getting ready to push the final solution on us.

        • Go to for firearm bloggers that are being banned on youtube

        • Remember Trump is just there as a distraction to make us think things are going to change. He was put in as canon fodder to think he can actually do it and they will let him fail and he knows he will fail. He is just giving us one last false hope.

          • You don’t know the meaning of “cannon fodder”.

        • I wonder who was there at the Wannsee conference this time?

      3. Big brother’s allies are really censoring now. I’m hearing it from everyone. They’re getting ready to push the final solution on us.

      4. I suspect it is war they are getting ready for. Twitter has been doing the same thing. They are quietly closing down alternative media and independent media to then switch on US Military Media, which will be the patriotic news everyone will be fed in time of war.

        They have also been detonating the charity sector and moving on to the UN. This happened last when we invaded Iraq. They needed the charities, the media and the UN out of the way so the military can fight without obstruction and oversight and to divert money into defence. No surprise the sex blackmailing #metoo movement got going right after Nicky Haley came back from her briefing by the Israelis (same happened with the UK’s development minister). The Israelis have ALL the backdoor snooped blackmail sex stuff and they can release it when they need it.

        • let these traitorous sites do as they will. What they have forgotten is that there is an ever-growing and self-arming cadre of people across this nation who are literally also putting their money where their mouths are getting ready just in case these scum-sucking lowlife pond-dwellers succeed in finally sparking off a fight.

        • I hope that Vile place known as Israel gets nuked…..Twice!

      5. There once was a supreme court ruling that commented about free speech.

        The Court said that it was your duty to overt your eyes when you see offensive speech. This is in response to people wanting to ban offensive speech.

        • Maybe someone should invent an eye cover for offensive speech.

        • @ John Stiner When I was reading this I thought it made an opportunity for something like Fox News. Maybe Fox Tube. Now I look down here and you have already found one. Good work.

        • I just posted the same thing, I should have read your comment first. is now where I go everyday for my firearm fix of videos

        • thanks

      6. As long as conservatives are unorganized, they will lose! As long as conservatives are dependent on libtard swamp media, they will lose! I’m talking about 95% libtard news in the whitehouse press pool, and the fact that most interviews given are given to the lamestream swamp media. As long as conservatives are dependent on companies like google, twitter, facebook, they will lose! There are alternatives! Use them! Organize! Get a central source of information! None of this would be hard to do.

      7. The communists desired state control of the media to censor opposing views. Private ownership of the media, expanded into a de-facto monopoly with the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (brought to you by none other than Bill Clinton) accomplishes the same goal. It matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist or fascist foot.

        • Kevin2:

          Clinton, a Rhodes Schollar (incomplete) is said by some to be the son of a Rockefeller. The Rockefellers hide their influence behind illegitimate children such as Bill Rockefeller, I mean Bill Clinton. The Rhodes Schollarship is funded by Rothschilds. It is in reality The Rothschilds Schollarship. Rothschilds hiding its influence and power behind Rhodes.

          Behind every great man is a woman. Is that woman a Rothschild?


          • The street gangs call their old timers OGs for “Original Gangster”. Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller an a few more are OGs, “Original Globalists”. Soros is too much in the news. He is their front man who is meant to be seen. The real power are those in the shadows. Only Woodrow Wilson was worse than Bill Clinton. GH Bush would have loved to been the guy to give TPTB what Clinton did. GH Bush had the personality of a dry toast. They didn’t call Clinton “Slick Willy” for nothing.

        • Well perhaps one boot is more smelly then the other.

      8. I just dont understand why there arent widely available alternatives?

        • Money I am sure is part of it…who knows what all these no good cunts on the Left are pulling. What I do know is that the Left hates us on the Right and them and the clown Gov’t wants to take our damn guns and magazines and ammo and everything else. Wake up my fellow Americans. Have you business in order folks!!

        • Smartphones. Smartphones can only do really simple stuff mainly stream. Content creation CAN be done on a phone but who would want to and most do not know how to. I’d rather do it with a good keyboard and mouse if I become a content creator but the industry says NO! And has said NO since 2005. Most keyboards are refurbished now.

          Parts for landline phones in a WSJ article showed were stopped being made in 2003 and what you see now are just refurbished ones.

          MP3 players if you do find any either are not supported when you try to get updates or not working right anymore. They are also all refurbished because the industry went to smartphones.

          Sony all they do is SMART TV’s and that’s what you see in the Stores. We have one of the last NON Smart TV’s that don’t spy on you. They don’t want you to do things offline anymore. All those cheap DVD players are refurbished too. It’s all gone to the cloud my friend and that way they can spy on what you watch or say.

      9. YouTube doesn’t owe anybody but their stockholders anything. Enough with the whining.

      10. Everyone should BOYCOTT You Tube for one month, let it CRASH!

      11. Free speech out the door, SLAM. Youtube still packed with flat Earth videos, that must be towing the line.

      12. I look up antiwar rants and such on youtube. That has been scrubbed also. I’ll have to check and see whether Ken O’Keefe videos are still there because he’s good speaking truth to power. So people are still hoping net neutrality is saved? The answer came early. “They’ll be fighting in the streets.” Not hardly!

        • I didn’t get your comment. Please structure it better.

        • Net neutrality is scheduled to end on April 23rd at the latest. Trump is completely on board with it.

      13. Sean, can you tell me youTube’s stock symbol?
        I can’t find it anywhere.
        Maybe because there ARE NO STOCKHOLDERS?
        The stockholders are the owners, and they’re cutting off your right to say what you want. Even if it’s wrong, which, in this case, you are.

        No one’s whining. If free speech is being eliminated, you don’t have a problem with that?
        How about outright propaganda? You OK with that?
        Thought so.

        • Just trying to understand, but If Youtube is privately owned, why would they have to allow anything that they don’t approve of? I don’t like it, but I would not have Joy Bahar on anything I owned. Just someone school me on why they have to post things that they don’t approve of.

          (I don’t even use Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) so I really have little experience with these forms of social media.

        • Most users are phone users and they only look at 3 things. Shopping,casual social (which is usually MSM junk) and reviews/directions. Okay that’s 4 things but phones are low powered and without the cloud phones would be a useless brick.

          I’ll never give up my PC until they make it where you HAVE to have a phone or not be allowed as a US Citizen to buy or sell.

          More and more stores are pushing for “smart shopping” so it’s only a matter of time till the chip comes and then they will brick the ****phones till they are too frustrating to work with just like modern PC’s if you do more then game or stream.

          In the old days you could do a lot more with PC’s then today up to the XP and Vista era.

        • YouTube is part of Google. You could have found that out, on Google.
          If you don’t like their policy then don’t use their service. Nobody gets to tell them how to run their company because this is America.

          • Goolag is a publicly traded company, therefore it is subject to corporate accountability, this goes beyond responsibility to shareholders.

            This IS America, and its people are protected by something called the 1st Amendment, it’s in a little document known as the United States Constitution but that’s not convenient for your non-point now is it?

        • I think they should let Big Ted out of the clink and turn his ass loose on a good many of the rat bastards in this country (that is eating it’s self from the inside out).

        • Right. Aside from not wanting criminal Hillary in the Oval Office, that’s why if Trump wasn’t on board with all of this bul*s*h*it he wouldn’t have been selected by TPTB for POTUS.

      14. Darpa-net was made available to the public as www precisely because the old phone modem based bulletin boards were too difficult to monitor, even with Ma Bell’s cooperation. I’m surprised it’s stayed this open this long.

      15. How can youtube be “stepping it up” when they have been censored for years now?

      16. HEADS UP ! If you are using; find another provider; pronto! Save everything from Google,YouTube,Facebook, and Twitter that you want to keep. Word around the campfire (heavy chatter traffic on the Dark Web) of a group that is going to take those sites out permanently; and real soon; evidently.

        • Jimmy: God, that would be so damn awesome! I hope all of those sites get their asses nuked!!

      17. I use a email address. Is that what you are talking about? So that will be taken out because of a new unauthorized comment policy? I wonder why is still allowed because the government hates that site, Trump does also and has made that comment in the past. There is some censorship showing up there. I read a story there today called: The Pentagon Bio-Weapons, talking about all of the biological agents being developed in many nations by the Pentagon. Insects manipulated to be deadly and all manner of ways to kill people costing America billions of dollars in contracts. It seems tptb in this nation are less concerned about guns being widespread because mass death can be released silently that is highly effective.

      18. In the near future, videos from sanctioned world government approved news corporations will appear first in search results, then meaningless kill whitey SJW LGBTLMNOP videos, and lastly the kooks and whackos will appear in the results 11,000 and up, whackos and kooks killed it by inventing shit and finding conspiracy in everything, yet have 0.00% evidence to backup their claims, buy its getting hot in here.

      19. Somebody will come up with an alternative.

      20. Isn’t there an alternative to youtube? If so, we should all be moving to it. If there’s not, then someone needs to create one. I would, but I don’t have the wherewithal to do so.

      21. Well, don’t feel too badly about the stupid tube. There’s something new that will be coming soon, for all those who have YT accounts. Natural News dot com owner, Mike Adams, announced today that he is creating a new niche now, where there will be no censorship of the truth. Videos open to any political or persuasion, non-violent…like no live torture or murders, that is. Sign up on his web site, and and get the updates. He’s had stuff removed from YT as well, every time he tells the truth, and it’s gonna get worse.
        And no…I don’t work for him…but just another subscriber.

      22. YouTube is a private company and it has no obligation to host content from delusional conspiracy theorists, such as those posting extremely offensive content about the recent school mass murder. Content like that offends basic decency.

        • I have heard this kind of arguments before. Forums where your posts get mysteriously deleted without any explanation as to who or why or when.

          “This is a private place, and the owner decides on the rules”. Something like that. Posters who suddenly appear like this and defend the admins deleting your posts. They seem to think they have an alienable right to suppress the people’s free speech.

          Whenever this happens, it’s a clear sign that some agenda or other is at work.

      23. You’re being deceived if you still think this is a left/right issue. The obvious truth is that both parties form one half of “The Party”.

        There is only one tyrannical government they just like us divided in as many ways possible.

        USA Corp. is a subsidery of a bigger power. Privately created fiat money is their tool to control every system/person that depends on the stuff. Money is the puppet master’s string.

        They can censor our speech, but they won’t change our minds. And their time of deception is over, we can all see their ugly-assed faces now

      24. Isn’t it a shame when just one company is the go to for this.
        But the solution is easy let’s just create another

      25. OK this is very strange I have submitted 2 comments on this article. I come back every now and then to see if anyone responds to them and to read further comments. Now my two comments are completely gone. Would anyone have an idea as to why they would be removed? I would like to hear from anyone who may have an idea as to why they would be gone. Am I missing something here or is this site being censored? I have never had this happen before.

      26. OMG it is so good to have a chance to laugh at myself when one has a brain fart like right now. Please ignore the above statement as this was one of those times. Sorry folks long day and wrong article I was responding to, so embarrassing. It is good to have a laugh even if it is as at oneself. God bless have a great day!!

      27. What is needed now is a list with recently scrubbed videos, and a list of videos which are likely to be next.

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