YouTube CENSORS The Health Ranger: Entire Channel DELETED

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 18 comments

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    YouTube censorship has taken an ugly turn. Not long after the tech giant announced that their censorship agenda was because of overzealous new employees, Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) lost his entire channel consisting of 1700 videos.

    We now know that YouTube is censoring using Nazi Germany tactics (silencing dissent and views that are not leftist in nature) to censor ideas. But YouTube is not focused only on conservatives. Libertarians and Voluntaryists have also been demonetized or deleted as well.

    Mike Adams posted videos about the dangers of the flu vaccine as well as why it’s important to understand the tactics of totalitarian regimes, like censorship and propaganda.

    In the latest gross violation of free speech committed by radical left-wing tech giants, YouTube has now deleted the entire Health Ranger video channel, wiping out over 1,700 videos covering everything from nutrition, natural medicine, history, science and current events.

    Over the last two weeks, YouTube has been on a censorship rampage that’s apparently run by the SPLC, a radical left-wing hate group that despises Christianity, the Second Amendment and patriots in particular. Hundreds of prominent conservative video channels have been targeted for termination by YouTube, leading many independent media leaders like myself to call for government regulation of YouTube to protect free speech and end the tyranny. –Mike Adams, Natural News

    We disagree with Adams that more regulations of the internet by the government is a solution.  The establishment is more likely than not in on all of this and leading the censorship charge. Their regulations will actually only enhance censorship of non-establishment and freedom-minded ideals while adding to an already unending number of laws.

    See what we did there? We disagreed with Adams while still calling for him to have the right to freely express his ideas. Free speech is not some magical concept. Our idea is a decentralized video platform like DTube. It’s a much better solution than adding to the ever-expanding tyrannical regulations of…everything. Regulation of the currency is why Bitcoin arose in the first place, and snuffing out those who kill basic human rights such as free speech should be a more worthy goal over increasing regulations.

    YouTube’s purge is being done to any channel that questions the establishment’s official narrative or offers another view on a scientific theory. Often called “conspiracy theorists” or “pseudoscientists” as a means of shutting down the ideas, these tech giants are actually doing nothing more than proving those they censor correct. 

    It’s not about cracking down on so-called “conspiracy theories,” either. YouTube just announced it’s sponsoring a left-wing video creator who says the 9/11 terrorists attacks were an “inside job” — almost identical language to what InfoWars uses, but of course InfoWars gets selectively targeted for banning. Mike Adams, Natural News

    The things that are going to be blocked are not going to be fake storiesThe things that are going to be blocked and censored, the things they are going to keep from people is going to be stuff they just don’t want you to focus on or know about.” -Melissa Dykes

    Adams has, luckily, received a massive outpouring of support and he will get support from us. Adams has asked that all those who support his channel and the work he’s done on nutrition, prepping, and human rights watch his website for details.

    We have two very important announcements coming Tuesday morning on Natural News. One of these announcements is a game-changer that YouTube will deeply wish they had never unleashed… and the other is an online action rally that needs your support.

    Watch this space Tuesday morning for more details. –Mike Adams, Natural News

    Download and install the Natural News App that brings you videos, articles, and podcasts, bypassing Google / YouTube censorship.


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      1. Honestly, Its poetic justice for Mike.

        I was one of his biggest supporters and loved his work exposing the corrupt food and drug industries. I would occasionally leave comments in some of his articles only to have them removed over and over.(Nothing ever offensive with no explanation.)

        For someone that supposedly supports freedom of speech, he sure doesn’t practice what he preaches. How ironic he’s so offended he’s being censored. Karma can sure be a b**ch, right Mike?

        • It is ironic to me that he whines about the government in many of his posts, yet he wants the government to help him out in this situation. Not only is karma a bitch, as you pointed out, but YouTube is a private enterprise and they can do as they see fit. If Mike does not like what YT does he should figure out another way to post his videos. Instead of waiting on the government to take care of him he should see this as an opportunity to find a solution and put it into action.

      2. You know you are over the target when …

      3. Just like the Nazis,,,,
        Harden your hearts and be ready to fight, these leftist turds are moving, they will try to silence all opposition,

      4. Seems like humans would have learned by now, that free speech is the only mentally healthy choice.

      5. I say this is poetic justice for Mike Adams.

        I was one of his biggest supporters and loved his work exposing the corrupt food and drug industries. I would occasionally leave comments in some of his articles only to have them removed over and over.(Nothing ever offensive with no explanation.)

        For someone that supposedly supports freedom of speech, he sure doesn’t practice what he preaches. How ironic he’s sooo offended he’s being censored now. Karma can sure be a b**ch, right Mike? LOL

      6. This censorship is being promoted by none other than the SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center. It sounds so respectable, but it is just one pedofile goo lawyer who has amassed a ton of money. He is not poor nor does he help the poor. He is not even Southern. He is helping himself get rich while looking out for the goo supremacy. “To learn who rules over you, figure out whom you may not critize without being moderated and censored.” You know.


        • B from CA, you are correct!

        • SPLC – Southern Preposterous Lie Center
          SPLC – Stupid People Libeling Conservatives

      7. People knew it would come to this growing censorship of the internet catching up to the overall suppression of truth from the MSM. If the truth impacts business negatively then shut it down. Food and medicine truths are human rights, not to be hidden to use humanity as guinea pigs for whatever toxic substance you can conjure up, Mike Adams reveals how corrupted natures essentials for good health and nutrition have become. That is no deed worthy of censorship. I can’t see it as left wing driven, but both sides are of this mindset that profits are above all peoples rights.

      8. Nazis? No. These are Jews. And communism is Jewish..

          Bigots and racists have blamed jews for everything because they are small minded uneducated and cowards. Go after the real criminals – follow the money. PS: there are a lot of poor jewish people in this world, just like all of humanity.

      9. I’m saying it once more – YouTube(Google) owns that site. If they want to make a corporate decision only allow pink fuzzy bunny videos, they can. It is legal, their option, their right. It is no different on any social media site. Including this one. Where me may yell that “it’s not fair!!!” or some other tripe; one more reminder, there is NO such thing as ‘fair’ in this world. (beyond perhaps a fair wind, a county/state fair, or a sweet girl’s fair face). If we want our voice to be heard, we must own or fund our own sites (or support those site owners we agree with). It is that simple. Censorship only applies to public sites – such as the government, public schools or institutions. Business is business, personal choice is personal choice. What we may think ‘bad’ is not our decision to enforce upon anyone else if it does not fall in the public domain. The internet is NOT a free highway. It is owned, the equipment, the electric bills, the personnel who maintain it…….. someone must pay. Those ‘someones’ own it.

      10. Once again Trump is on board with this too. Sure as the day is long, there’s no way that he is not.

        Make no mistake, he’s in the pockets of Big Pharma who don’t want health and natural news sites up for obvious reasons. The main reason of many is that they want you to go ‘the Pharma way,’ not ‘alternative methods’, the latter cut into their profits.

        Someone posted here on shtf (I forget who, but they weren’t a regular) right around the election that Trump was an ‘Ill oom natt e Joy’ (purposely spelled incorrectly) and everyone mocked that poster who left shtf.

        I now believe it’s true that he’s really an Ill oom/ Zionist Joy and have read so in older/dated articles that mentioned the Trump history, all of which was very credible. I’d post the link here but my guess is that it will only be censored.

        • My, you do prattle on. No evidence or proof of your statement. It’s possible someplace you are right, but show some integrity and back up what you say with real references.

      11. Freedom of speech is a right related to government interference. There can be no law passed that would outlaw these opinions. However, Youtube is a private enterprise. Think of it as private property. Your freedom of speech does not allow you to come into my house and spout whatever nonsense you want and cry “censorship” when I throw you out. The idea of a largely libertarian (small “L”) community agitating for government to wrest control of a private enterprise is very very ironic. Would you support a similar effort to force this site to host BLM messaging? Suspect not!

      12. You will not find the truth on YouTube or any other media anywhere, you’ll find psychotic degenerates that will do anything for ad-revenue, release daily under 10 minute vids that just repeat the same message day after day. And the shitheads that release other peoples material as their own. YouTube has created an entire generation of 56 gender narcissistic, unemployable, easily triggered, idiots and haters. Listen long enough and you begin to hate everything and everybody. No NetScumVids for me thank you.

      13. Go to DTUBE.

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