“You’re So Dumb That I Can’t Even Pray For You,” Popular ESPN Host Targets The Networks Conservative Critics

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Headline News | 76 comments

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    Over the last few years the once dominant sports news outlet ESPN has come under fire for their perceived political bias after the network fired multiple employees for conservative viewpoints while propping up those that pushed the companies anti-Trump agenda.

    From firing baseball icon Curt Schilling to allowing prime-time SportsCenter news anchor Jemele Hill to smear the president on Twitter, the network has an obvious liberal leaning and many conservatives have rightly called out this transparent bias.

    Now, in a fiery interview with Sports Illustrated, one of the networks poster boys, Scott Van Pelt, has responded to his conservative critics by attacking them for even having the gall to question ESPN’s political bias in the first place.

    Van Pelt attempted to act like a tough guy, calling out said critics for being cowards who he believes only speak out against ESPN on the internet but would never do so in real life.

    “This make believe world where everyone talks shit, this shit talking, poke you in the chest virtual whatever it’s just there’s nothing more chicken shit than that, because it’s the easiest thing in the world to do,” Van Pelt laughably said before targeting those who have boycotted his network in the past.

    In what one can only assume was a network approved attack on their critics, Van Pelt then described those that have boycotted ESPN as so dumb that they don’t even deserve to be prayed for.

    If you truly wanna boycott the NFL and you wanna boycott ESPN, the notion that some guy sitting out there, or gal, and they decide, ‘you know what, I’m gonna cut my entire cable package because ESPN gave an award on a made-up show in July because there’s no sports, to a woman who used to be a man.

    So I’m now not gonna have any cable TV at all and I’m gonna sit around at night and read books by candlelight like olden times because of that,’ that’s not happening.

    And if you did that, than you’re so dumb that I can’t even pray for you because you’re beyond hope.

    Yep, that is apparently what the networks most visible personality (and thus presumably the network as a whole) thinks about conservatives.

    From Hollywood to the media, and now apparently the sports world, anyone with conservative viewpoints are being openly attacked and labeled racist as a means to silence all dissenting thought against the liberal world establishment.


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      1. Looks like maybe one of the main leaders of the children of Satan has been killed? Jacob Rothchild in helicopter crash?

      2. Trump has probably had to deal with the children of Satan in NewYork ? And now he’s getting some payback?

      3. ESPN……Circus Announcers of the “Food & Circus” that mesmerizes and pacifies the masses.

        • EBT cards and video games?

        • ALERT!!

          ht tp://www.foxnews.com/science/2017/11/17/rogue-planet-could-bring-end-days-this-weekend.html

          🙂 couldn’t help it.

          Coming this Sunday (as opposed to last Sept 23rd)

          I’ll be in church.

          • Grandee, I can’t help but laugh when the date-setters get egg on their faces.

          • And I’ll be in the woods killin’ Bambi. God can find me there.

        • Mac, please remove that hideous picture of Hellary. Why must we see that trash here?

        • “Panne et circensus” “Bread and circuses” – the Romans sure knew their s***. Still works today! So turn OFF your TV, READ to your children, and pay for what you need in CASH.

      4. What we can only hope , is Jacobs little grand children can carry on his hopes and dreams. Untill the next helicopter crash? Even so lord come soon?

      5. What this a**hole needs to recall is that ESPN deals in entertainment. For that is what sports are. Games played to sell what is being advertised to the masses of persons unable to get off the couch and go out and throw a ball around with their buddies themselves. And in the end, what effect besides those sales of beer, chips and studley products actually happens due to some game? A score on the board that has no bearing on anything whatsoever important to one’s life. (unless you happen to also be a gambling addict and won or lost funds). As for Van Pelt… all I can say is “who?”. A nobody with no talents to speak of besides running his mouth extolling supposed virtues not his own anyway.

      6. Scott Van Pelt. The younger and dumber brother of Lucy and Linus Van Pelt.
        Among other things, the Van Pelts are known for football snatching, poor psychiatric advice, blanket worshiping and thumb sucking.
        Looks like Scott is a chip off the old cartoon block.

        • TC, I take offense to that remark, That’s an insult to Lucy and Linus. Also can you prove he was related to them?

        • Hilarious. Great comment.

      7. He has a lot of room to talk about being dumb! He is one of those people who don’t know when to use the words “then and than” in a sentence. ALL liberals live in glass houses and ALL liberals DO throw stones! And I know PLENTY of people that WOULD poke him in the chest “in-real-life”, no problem.

      8. As for the “…can’t even pray for you” comment, please DON’T. the fact that you made a statement like that shows your beliefs are not rooted in Christian beliefs. Just who is it that you pray to THEN. (

        • Van Pelt would spend his time more wisely if he spent it praying for himself.

        • Flabbergasted, as Dr. Michael Savage says, ‘liberalism is a mental disease’. I wouldn’t have any problem taking him on.

      9. I would rather read buy candle light.

      10. Just exactly WHO is it a person like this prays to?

      11. As for the “…can’t even pray for you” comment, please DON’T. The fact that you made a statement like that shows your beliefs are not rooted in Christian beliefs. Just who is it that you pray to THEN. (not THAN).

        • Prayers, what a joke.

        • Flabbergasted , he probably prays to Karl Marx.

      12. PERCEIVED liberal bias, my a$$! ESPN was doing fine when it was sticking to sports and nothing else. Once they got into politics, they fired white male conservative commentators for giving their viewpoints and not one of them made any racial or sexual remarks. But Jemelle Hill makes racist remarks about white people and…..crickets. Nothing is said about that and nothing happens to her because she is a black female and black people get special treatment under federal law. Don’t tell me they don’t because I know better. I’m so sick of seeing white people treated so unfairly out here in society. Jemelle Hill, a black female racist jezebel, gets away with her stunts just because of black affirmative action.

        • Black Death Matters.

        • Being white is not a crime.

          …until racist and biased organizations make it a crime.

          ESPN can pound sand. Never watched them and this LibIgnorant rant makes sure I never will.

          Piss off ESPN. You and the racist donkey you rode in on.

          • NetRanger, those racist and biased organizations can go f#$% themselves. Let those apes bring it.

          • A good sound Colt makes everybody just about equal.

        • I don’t watch sports commentary, do listen to XM radio…Breitbart, Wilkow, The highway Country, The 80′ (best ever) and the rest can kiss my ass. Only watch college football and golf. Watch The Voice with the wife when I want some brownie points! Sick of this PC, opinion from everyone shit.

          It is TIME to read by candlelight, listen to some music and unplug. Might propose no cell phones on Thursday for Thanksgiving.

        • ESPN is in serious financial trouble. They have laid off 100’s in past few years. Way over paid NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NHL for TV rights. Don’t be surprised if that channel is a shell of what it is after the NFL fall out (take a knee) and ratings continue to drop in 2-3 years.

      13. ESPN, is anti-white, anti-American, and anti-freedom. Boycott them at all costs.

        • working on it.

          Listening to those bunch of bozos on the Thursday night pre game show is an added incentive.

        • Piss on ESPN and that rotten, filthy COON Hill, what a truly fugly baboon.

      14. So Scott Van Pelt claims we’re ‘chicken shit’? I dare him to come say that to me face-to-face. I’d be only too happy to take out a commie POS like him.

        • Obviously, ESPN is feeling the burn. This is a ‘Hail Mary’ pass. Sports bars are turning off ESPN because they don’t want to piss off their customer base. People liked ESPN when it showed sporting events. They are bored with the new ESPN-Span.

          • I don’t watch sports commentary, do listen to XM radio…Breitbart, Wilkow, The highway Country, The 80′ (best ever) and the rest can kiss my ass. Only watch college football and golf. Watch The Voice with the wife when I want some brownie points! Sick of this PC, opinion from everyone shit.

            It is TIME to read by candlelight, listen to some music and unplug. Might propose no cell phones on Thursday for Thanksgiving.

        • Id pay money to see you kick his azz 🙂 🙂

          • Enough, don’t give me any ideas, LOL!

      15. Nothing on espn worth paying for, radio better and free.

        • Aljamo, I threw out my boob tube and cancelled TV service many many years ago. Not a damn thing worth watching on it. When I want to see a movie I just pop in a DVD on my CD-ROM or go youtube.

      16. This is just to easy

        FUCK CNN and that Scott Van Pelt.

        I hope they all lose out.

        • Hey, take it easy, man.
          It’s just ESPN.

      17. Scott? You mean Lucy, right? Lucy Van Pelt.

        • Blamey, who is Lucy Van Pelt? Scott’s wife?

          • Lucy Van Pelt is the football snatcher in “Peanuts.”

            • Please don’t insult Lucy like that. Remember, she’s Linus’s sister!

              • Ps, this was for BH. 🙂

                • Babycatcher, that’s right. The one thing I loved about “Peanuts” was NO POLITICS in that strip. It was just good clean entertainment. I was 16 when ‘Doonesbury’ made its debut in 1973 and it was very controversial when it first started. Nothing but politics in that one. There’s not a comic strip produced anywhere these days with no politics in it. [SIGH] It seems like we’re the only people who enjoy any form of good clean entertainment these days.

                  • That seems to be the case. I’d much rather sit around with good company in the evening than watch TV. It’s much more fun to describe what you’ve done or make plans for an activity than sit around in a haze before the TV screen. Same for most movies that come out. Don’t need that garbage in my brain.

      18. Sign of falling audience numbers and falling revenues.
        It the audience wasn’t dropping, would he do such a rant?

        • No. He’s trying to salvage a few never trumpers. ESPN is dying.

      19. I can honestly say that I don’t know ANY of the people mentioned. I haven’t wasted my precious time watching TV sports since the baseball players went on strike!!! I don’t know how long ago that was. I did watch the Superbowl’s, mostly to socialize, until they forbade Henry rifles from advertising during the game. Maybe it was Ruger…I forget.
        Anyway, those overpaid jerks could dry up and blow away for all I care.
        Don’t waste your time on them. Go for a walk instead.

      20. What amazes me is that 300 million people live together and see the same evidence can reach the opposite opinion about what action to take. The fourth turning is bearing down on us.

      21. You mean THAT Lucy? Never knew any of the Peanuts characters’ last names. Peanuts was one of my favorite cartoons growing up.

      22. Unbelievable how these morons keep biting the hand that feeds them. ESPN is on it’s death bed, and they go out of their way NOW to upset half the population?????? THAT’S STUPIDITY beyond the pale. Hello McFly!

        SVP. I will NEVER watch this idiot again. And he won’t pray for me? Oh my goodness I’m really doomed now! I’ll bet the libtard hasn’t said a prayer since he was 5 years old. Your prayers to the gods of the state Won’t be missed pal!

        I already cut off ESPN’s website. Now I guess I will give up college football and cut off their broadcasts too. Some things are just too important to fight for, and fighting idiots with podiums, like SVP, is one of them.

        I’m only one guy. But I’m the only guy who will stand before my maker some day………….I gotta do the right thing, even though it may not make a hill of beans difference on earth in the final analysis!


      23. Does Disney still own ESPN? If so he should go over to Disney Land and dress up like Goofy or be a water boy for the failing NFL.

      24. It’s not surprising that some people believe in Nibiru. After all, there are still people who believe that a man once walked on water. Oh. And after he had been dead for three days he came back to life. And they think that when he was born his mother was a virgin. They even say so out loud. These is an indication of the low IQ brains we live among.

        • My error. Should be, “These are indications of the low IQ brains we live among.” (At least some of us recognize when we make a mistake, and we correct our errors. If Christians would do that, there would be no Christians.)

          • Keep typing moron!

        • What do your comments have to do with the article? A little ADD are we?

        • Rrrr, absolutely right, some people are so gullible they believe anything. Like a dead guy from over 2000 years ago will somehow come back to earth and save them. Here’s your IQ, pass the plate, put 10% of your earnings in it and confess your sins to a pedophile. Holy crap, it’s amazing isn’t it?

      25. RRR your not a Christian, we get it. Why can’t you stinking atheist just hold your beliefs, which you are entitled too, without the invective toward those of us who hold different ones. Jerk

        • Because he’s emotionally insecure.

        • Agree BBD. There’s nobody here (particularly Christians) randomly speaking up about how atheists are the scum of the earth. I mean, WTF?? I swear, some people need to learn how important they’re not.

      26. Fuck ESPN, I never watch that liberal trash rag anyway. I think it’s great how their numbers and viewers continue to drop and drop and they fire more and more people. Amazing how they support that ugly coon Hill and her shit talking and Trump bashing, HANG that coon and end it. ESPN deserves to fail period.

      27. Someone please correct me if I’m mistaken, but if I understand Van Pelt’s comments correctly, then he believes that exposure to literature makes one “dumb”….

        Van Pelt said “those who have boycotted his network in the past” they’re …”gonna sit around…and read books…And if you did that, than you’re so dumb that I can’t even pray for you because you’re beyond hope”… Enough said!

      28. “You’re so dumb…”

        Right. From somebody who thinks socialism – as it has been worked out practically in such diverse places as Detroit, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Kirchner’s Argentina, Greece, ad nauseam – works.

        If this fraud wants “stupid,” I suggest he look in the mirror.

        And BTW, we all get it: the next fascist left gambit is to take over the sports networks to try to propagandize us neanderthal men. But you are too STUPID to know that your leftist fascism has never worked, can never work, and will never work.

      29. Why does he seems to think that people that stop giving money or ratings to ESPN will be in the dark by candlelight?

        Is HE so stupid as to not realize there are other things on cable? There are other things that are way more relevant to the real world than “professional” sports.

      30. What?

        That one word is my reply to his blathering.

        “what” can be the most powerful word in the world. When ever nutters go off like this nut job in this article, doing their best to incite people, hoping for a long winded reply from whomever their perceived target is…. giving one word reply “what” forces it all back on them.

        This magic word will wear them out. It makes them (if they want to continue playing) repeat all their crazy again…

        Mainly I am writing this to myself, reminding myself as this crazy holiday comes up again, and I will be forced to be around nutters whole love to incite people/me by saying crazy shiit…. my best option is a simple reply… “What”….

        Note to self- please use the “what” strategy, do not get baited. You know/they know I can still have enthusiasm and this can be abused by baiting me… so please…. please just reply “what” then excuse yourself to get another beer, do not allow them to make you the bad guy.

        Stay calm and say “what”

        Have a Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

      31. Electing a patriot to the post of president has lit up all kinds of anti American traitors. Let them poor bastards scream and suffer. They brought this all on themselves.

        Trump Train 2017: Because American, with all her faults, is still worth saving.

      32. Poor little pussypelt. Northern Virginia/DC mindset and educated. This is a man who belongs to a Greek organization who’s members were charged with gang raping a young lady then throwing her in a trash dumpster. So, you lump all of us in a pile for reasons for dropping your shitttty channel – back at ya you simplefuk.

      33. ESPN is a dinosaur for dinosaurs.

      34. Stupid? Van Pelt, look in the mirror.

      35. This guy forgets that more and more people are cutting the cable because of the expense. Then they can get the programming they want from assorted methods via the internet. Might be less commercials too; don’t know for sure.

        And prayer? Libs believe in it enough to use it? Kinda doubt it. Whomever they pray to apparently has strict parameters on its usage. Or they feel only compelled to pray for lofty reasons.

      36. Wouldn’t matter if he did pray. Here’s why…
        “We know that God does not hear sinners; but if anyone is God-fearing and does His will, He hears him.” ~ John 9: 31

      37. Sad, people like this van pelt guy are the true hate peddlers, and resort to name calling cause their facts do not add up. They say all are equal but then sell the narrative that people of color are not and are oppressed. This perceived oppression is kept alive by people like pelt. 99% of the people in this country do not give a rats ass about your color. But, that 1% makes their money selling the ideal its still alive.

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