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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    Today’s letter is all about UNPACKING and processing together the tremendous rally we’ve seen. Let’s go through the evidence and DISCOVER just how insane this has been.

    Looking both at historical data and short-term technical analysis, IT LOOKS GRIM so I want to ROLL OUT the graphs.


    Many of you look at this data and CHOOSE TO brush it off, but I wouldn’t, because what it means is that the RETAIL PUBLIC, which has an average holding period for stocks that is measured in hours and days (since they have NO IDEA what they’re doing), is SUPER-ACTIVE.

    They’re out there trading options, a game with an 88% probability of losing one’s capital.


    1. The S&P 500 set a 52-week high for a week straight.
    2. This has never happened before, but the VOLUME OF OPTIONS is more than the volume of stocks that traded in the month of July!

    In other words, there is NOTHING SUSTAINABLE about what we’re seeing!

    It’s also VERY CONFUSING for stock pickers, since out of over 3,000 NYSE companies, only about 40 are at 52-week highs, while the indices themselves are CELEBRATING RECORDS.

    1. The Volatility index (VIX) has not breathed a sigh of relief throughout this rally, so I’m telling you – there’s SOMETHING REALLY WRONG about this rally in stocks.

    It’s NOT NORMAL for stocks to trade higher into new highs, with the VIX rising in tandem. It only occurs before MAJOR SELL-OFFS.

    Courtesy:, Crescat Capital LLC (good graphs)

    As you can see, we’re actually back to TURN-OF-THE-CENTURY undervaluation!

    The case is clear as day and the potential is quite astonishing.

    Bottom line is that in the traditional markets, there are VERY FEW companies that are still attractive. You’ll notice that Buffett is now buying JAPANESE COMPANIES!

    Say what you want, but I find it astonishing that the man who believed in America for 90 years can’t find a single good investment to make, apart from Barrick Gold and Japanese businesses!

    Gold is where IT’S AT.

    Wait for it to go past $2,000/ounce again and wait for those earnings from the mining giants; I think we have a GREAT FUTURE ahead of us!


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. I kept trying to post this on Unz and it keeps getting hacked saying too much commenting take a break with my comment appearing in it, but also wordpress error.

        It was in realation to this article:

        While you may be Jewish and are pissed at Jews, I am part Itallian and am pissed as hell at some Itallians like Fauci, Pompeo, Giulianni,  and Pataki! 

        It’s the God damn mob and Kosher Nostra in colusion with 9/11 and Covid, plus CRIPS and Bloods black street gangs! Add on Free Masons and Skull and Bones and Bohemian Club! Oh, and The Committee of 300 Assholes! Just call them the CIA!

        14% of physicians are Jewish.

        There are all types in every race. Since I am a white Christian, I am qualified to say that there happen to be a lot of white Christian psychopaths. There are also a lot of Black psychopaths and Jewish psychopaths as well as Muslim psychopaths. 

        I really wish that this race baiting would stop on all sides. 

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Hitler had many Jewish friends prior to his ascent, but was convinced by some Germans that the Jews were the problem. What do you think would have happened if Hitler had focussed on corruption regardless of ethnicity instead?

        My guess is that they might have ended up dominating all or almost all of Europe.

        There are many corrupt people in the power circle right now, not just in America, but world wide who are desperate for a fall guy to pin their failures on, recently and fraudulently pinned on covid in scientific fraud.

        Globally, many would like to pin it on America, and if racism would be used in America as it was by Hitler, they would be attacking us by air, land, sea, and cyber attacks as well, not because the power brokers really give a damn about human rights, because they have proven that they don’t, but it would give them an excuse for their failures and the illusion that they actually care about human rights.

        America is actually one of the least racist countries on earth. No other country on earth has had such an open immigration policy, and that is proof that this is race baiting as well as brain washing. We just had a black president prior to Trump. A black person achievec the highest office in the land, which could never happen in a racist country, and it sure as hell never happened in China, Europe, or Russia.

        Andrea Iravani


      4. Mny have been criticizing Trump for giving his RNC convention acceptance speech on the White House lawn for violating the Hatch Act of 1939 which prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activity. The act was later amended to prohibit state and local employees from engaging in political activity. In 1993 the act was amended to allow federal employees to engage in political activity.

        Since the 1993 amendment government employees including teachers, police, and fire fighters have abused the ability to engage in political activity to the extent that the government is no longer functioning in any capacity what so ever.

        These individuals were hired to serve the public, but have been fully exposed as total tyrants demanding that the public serves nd obeys them, or else they will totally destrot America in a scorched earth policy literally burning the country down and refusing to go to work and do their job, or go to work and not do their job, while still demanding salaries for their tyranny, neglect, abuse, and defiance.

        The federal, state, and local government institutions have become so politically active, tnat political activism has become their main goal, and have clearly been proven incompetent to balance the ability to be politically active and do their jobs simultaneously. Schools have abused students, and citizens for non compliance in their political agendas, which have included a wide array of issues that these unelected fascist tyrants have decided and demanded that the entire country capitulates to their litany of demands and adopt their system of beliefs or they will simply throw temper tantrums.of rage and prevent anyone in the country from being able to thrive, succeed, or survive.

        You are the worst examples in the world for Americas youth! You live high on the hog compared to the majority of your students, yet demand even more for yourselves, and produce the worst results in the industrialized world!

        You have not even grown up yourselves so you certainly have absolutely no business of guiding children to behave like responsible adults!

        This includes Tony Evers!

        You really believe that everyone exists simply to serve you! You demand more and more every year and produce less and less every year!

        Now you are burning the country down and holding us hostage resulting in the destruction of families, individuals, and small businesses, in your Great Leap Forward cultural revolution based on scientific fraud and propaganda!

        The Great Leap Forward in China resulted in the deaths of 45 million to 50 million Chinese, as fact inconvenient as that bitter pill is for you to swallow, now claiming that this was just CIA propaganda that they died, when even the Chinese government has recently acknowledged it, and other countries intelligemce agencies are totally aware of it as well!

        We do not need or want future generations to be brain washed with lies and propaganda! In fact, we cannot survive as a nation if they are!
        Andrea Iravani

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