Your Move: Putin’s Party Just Won Re-Election, And Now He’s “Reviving the KGB”

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 88 comments

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    Putin’s official photo from his KGB days.

    OK, we all know the KGB never really “went away.”

    But now it is coming back out of the closet in style.

    Russia just held its national elections, and the results are solid for Putin and his Russia United party.

    His mandate has been reaffirmed. There are two years or so remaining, officially, in his third term, and a fourth is possible.

    The notorious agency in which Vladimir Putin started his path to power is now in the process of being revived under his presidency, at a time when warfare is reaching new threshold of sophistication and specificity. Media and communications, as well as electronic warfare now plays a pivotal role, and modern Russia has spent a fortune to be on the cutting edge. The cyber and information war that the Pentagon has initiated formally in the age of Obama, was pioneered by Putin and his comrades in the Cold War spying days in East Germany.

    Today, Putin sits as the ranking senior figure among intelligence community-statesmen, and is planning a major overhaul of his national security structure that will restore KGB powers to the fullest level. One never leaves the KGB, after all.

    According to the London Telegraph:

    Russia plans effectively to revive the KGB under a massive shake-up of its security forces, a respected business daily has reported.

    A State Security Ministry, or MGB, would be created from the current Federal Security Service (FSB) , and would incorporate the foreign intelligence service (SVR) and the state guard service (FSO), under the plans. It would be handed all-encompassing powers once possessed by the KGB, the Kommersant newspaper said, citing security service sources.

    Like the much-feared KGB, it would also oversee the prosecutions of Kremlin critics, a task currently undertaken by the Investigative Committee, headed by Alexander Bastrykin, a former university classmate of President Putin. The Kremlin has not commented.

    The MGB is expected to be in operation before the 2018 presidential elections, which could see Mr Putin secure a fourth term of office that would keep him in power until 2024.

    Mr Putin served as a KGB officer in Soviet-era East Germany, and is also thought to have been responsible for keeping tabs on dissidents in his hometown of Leningrad, now St Petersburg. He headed the FSB from July 1998 to August 1999, before becoming prime minister,

    On the global front, Putin has been pushed to the brink by NATO & co and repeatedly antagonized.

    The provocations keep on coming, and Russia has responded in kind, with a massive build up in Ukraine, and new rules to the game in Syria where the U.S. and Russia are nominally allies but clearly at odds. Things are coming to a head.

    There is no way of knowing when we will reach the point of no turning back, but the question of “if” seems all but settled.

    What is certain is that Putin has become a very serious leader. And he is bringing about some very serious developments in world affairs.

    In response, the U.S. leadership has been anything but serious – yet completely hostile.

    President Obama has no cohesive narrative for the absurd and disastrous events that surround Libya, Syria and a host of Arab nations whose democratic uprisings descended into a radical front of blowback and death. Behind the scenes, this stuff was cooked up between the U.S. and many partners at branch intel labs across the region.

    Putin has even called them out for this nonsense, but the White House has done nothing credible in response.

    The neocon gang has been running rampant in Ukraine, etc. State Dept.’s Victoria Nuland comes to mind. Then there’s Hillary Clinton’s operational team at State Dept., conjoined with the shadowy efforts of Soros-sponsored uprisings and cash, etc. plus black ops, weapons/dumps and mercenary terrorists/freedom fighters. It’s a huge pile of contradictions and lies that has been building for 15+ years now.

    Pure provocation in every direction. Why these nasties in government insist upon war with Russia, and surely other powerful nations, I don’t know. There are plenty of factors and motivations, of course. But it is audacious, insane and shameful.

    Only days ago, the U.S. bombed Syrian forces – ostensibly “on accident” – giving advantage to an advancing al Nusra front. Yet another conspicuous tie in a hypocritical and nebulous alliance with ISIS/al Qaeda, etc. in the splinter wars of the “war on terror” across the Middle East.

    To top it all off, the Russian government is now openly accusing the U.S. of collaborating with ISIS and other jihadis in Syria, and with good reason, stating:

    The end of the ceasefire agreement also marks another significant problem with the peace efforts in Syria after Russian officials publicly accused the United States of helping Islamic State.

    “If previously we had suspicions that Al-Nusra Front is protected this way, now, after today’s airstrikes on the Syrian army we come to a really terrifying conclusion for the entire world: The White House is defending IS [Islamic State],” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters.

    The U.S. leadership has proven willing to pursue Assad’s ouster even at the price of being naked in its sponsorship of terrorist-rebel groups. That is a dangerous and desperate position to be in, and a position in which they are holding the American people and the world hostage.

    Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

    The death of the dollar hegemony means a large and vicious animal, cornered.

    A former CIA deputy director/acting director – who is publicly backing Hillary – was televised advocated taking out important figures surrounding Putin, Assad and the leaders in Iran and attempting to make them fear for their own survival. It was one shade off from an open threat.

    And Putin is prepared to oblige their belligerency.

    While Trump could bring a very chaotic and unpredictable four years, it is surely a graver threat to face that: in less than two months, Hillary Clinton could assume the presidency. Let us give pause  and think for a minute what that means.

    Hillary Clinton 2008 : “If I’m the president, we will attack Iran”

    Hillary Threatens War With Russia

    Read more:

    Update: “Putin’s Favorite Chauffer” Killed In Accident… Exactly As Former CIA Director Described On TV

    Sudden Death In Putin’s Inner Circle: “These Two Guys Just ‘Die’ With Barely A Ripple In the Media”

    Putin Targets US Monetary System: “Aims to Eliminate the US Dollar and the Euro From Trade”

    The Death of the Dollar: “I Can’t Emphasize Just How Serious Of An Issue That’s Going To Be”

    Make No Mistake: “Everyone Who Is Warning About Clinton Is A Target and They Are Marked”


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      1. Reviving KGB without Jewish influence is great. Actually a world cleansed of Zionist Jews would be even better.

        • “Why these nasties in government insist upon war with Russia, and surely other powerful nations, I don’t know.”

          I know.

          And I have mentioned it here several times before. As unthinkable as war may be to sane individuals, the USA has a clear advantage in non nuclear weapons: both in capability and numbers, over both Russia and China simultaneously; particularly if you include NATO and Western Europe in that equation.

          The US NEO CONS are simply pressing their non nuclear advantage. It’s a dangerous game. 🙁

          • DK

            I think its highly likely that if the US goes “eyeball to eyeball” with Russia over the Ukraine NATO will fold. A defensive war for their protection is one thing but one of offense, looking at US actions in that respect in the last 15 years, is another. I can see several NATO nations saying, ‘Leave us out of this”. The Neo-Cons are high on their own hubris.

            • K2: I disagree. The USA will not be going to war over Ukraine. At least not anytime soon. Maybe after TRUMP’s reign is over and the neocons are back in power, but not before. Russia will target and dominate Ukraine politically, economically, and psychologically over a long timeline. There is no rush.

              Can you say, “Finland” ???

              The South China Sea is another thing altogether. The USA holds a distinct advantage over the Chinese in non nuclear weapons and power projection capability. While avoiding war with China is desirable, one doesn’t get between the New World Order and its Trading Partners without consequences. In which case anything and everything is on the table.

              The New World Order giveth and the New World Order can taketh away; then give that excess global production capability to someone else.

              Think Mexico. Think India. It is to the PTB advantage to raise up India as they raised up China and let the two fight for dominance.

              That’s the plan. 🙁

              • Charlotte faces aftermath of protests ignited by fatal police shooting; 12 officers injured

                Walmart looted.

                ht tp://

              • dk and k2…
                trump is one of those neocons you speak of…look at his history..he is a clinton-ite (as are the bushes).
                He has always voted to serve his sense of pragmatism.
                Even now while he fools Americans with his frank speeches, he is simply obtaining an end by any means..
                For the donald, it is all about Trump.
                narcissist extraordinaire..
                The u.s. has been ruled by these same few people since 1989..
                I say ruled because the people of America haven’t been represented since then.
                These are interesting times, indeed…

                • No. Trump is a Patriot. America needs a Patriot in the Oval Office again. America FIRST !!! 🙂

              • DK

                I’m assuming the Ukraine issue with Neo-Cons in power. Hell I’m voting for Trump to avoid it.

                • China? South China Sea? Thats spitting distance of all of the Chinese military resources. They don’t need technical parity. Any military response from the US must attack Chinese soil. Thats something that the US was unwilling to due in 1951 because of the USSR possession of the A Bomb. The Chinese will secure an independent source of energy or die trying. The question is how far the West will push this issue against a people that would not blink an eye losing 100 million people.

                  • Yes it is spitting distance to all of China’s military resources. That makes China TARGET RICH, And its always better to fight a conventional war in your opponents back yard than in your own.

                    The USA has enough firepower in the region to inflict serious, if not CRIPPLING destruction into China’s conventional war capability simply by putting a non nuclear cruise missile or two into China’s HUGE new dams, and bridges. A couple more into their largest buildings to add insult to injury.

                    Any engagement is likely to be naval in character. Neither the US nor China want a real war between themselves at this stage of the game,(China just isn’t ready) BUT the USA has the advantage right now.

                    China will eventually have parity but not yet. Think Gog and Magog.

                    Russia is the real target of the West using economic means. Its effective but with limits. Russia needs a few years to bring its 5th generation fighter into production and in significant numbers, to establish air dominance in Eastern Europe. An eight year TRUMP ADMINISTRATION and PEACE gives both Russia and China the time they need to arm themselves.America needs to use that time wisely.

                    That’s the good news and the bad news. 🙁

          • I must object to the term neocon, only in that, although these call themselves conservatives and largely operate from
            the republican party…they are absolutely not conservative in any way…they have co-opted the name just as they did with the term ‘liberal’ which at one time referred to a more libertarian conservative..standing for smaller governance and more individual responsibility.
            These people you refer to as neocons, however, are indeed doing as you say.
            Which brings up the question about sanity…since when does sanity dwell in the hearts and minds of those that seek power.
            If you look around the world, you can plainly see the rulers and the wanna be rulers all acting the same way.
            all focused on taking down the perceived power in the world..the U.S.A.
            and even though there are way too many bad actors in the U.S., they are not alone in having created many of the bad issues around the globe. making a mess, as it were.
            my point is that we tend to try to find someone to blame rather than to work towards finding solutions.
            taking down the U.S. is wrong, taking out those who have stopped representing the people is what needs to be done. that goes around the world, not just in one country or one group like the “jews”…(yeah, they don’t have all the power they’ve been attributed by anti-semites)

          • NO, YOU ARE WRONG ON THIS, DURANGO… Listen to the interview of Paul Craig Roberts at Gregg Hunter website. PCR was consultant to the defense dep’t under Reagan and also ass’t secretary of treasury.

            This is one of my favorite videos (one mentioned). Extremely fascinating, excellent speaker! Please be sure to listen to it!! He goes into depths about the military weapons of both the US and Russia and also other things.

            Russia can knock our socks off!!

            • The video is called, “Everything is Disintegrating” and its at Gregg Hunter’s website– with PCR.

            • That is what some said in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Then we dismantled a MIG that a defector brought to us, and found Vacuum Tubes in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Russia has ONE air craft carrier… ONE

              The US could easily defeat Russia and China together, no problem in a conventional war. In a nuclear war, no one wins.

              PCR was just spreading big defense message so we will spend more money on weapons, wake up you are drinking the cool aid. ( or you are a pro-Russian troll )

        • Nahh.. Not the KGB !! But “Oprichnik”
          See…Oprichnik (Russian: опри́чник, IPA: [ɐˈprʲitɕnʲɪk], man aside; plural Oprichniki) was the term given to a member of the Oprichnina, an organization established by Tsar Ivan the Terrible to govern a division of Russia from 1565 to 1572.

        • Very ignorant comment, you should remain anonymous.

      2. Roger that 007′

        Hey 2 day sale OD Green sand bags. .27 cents each.

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        Normally .35 ea. I suggest 200 to 250 bags for a prep.


        • Worst prep you can have.

          • Really???

            Is that right?

            • Don’t get me wrong, they’re a good product. But realistically I don’t think folks think it through. Ever filled 300 sandbags? Not easy and you need PLENTY of sand and quite a few bodies if you intend to do it quick.

              So, SHTF and you’re going to build up your sb’s. Got sand? Got time? Got tons of bodily energy? Or are you just going to keep them filled ready to move (which will be an unlikely need thus they then dry rot to worthlessness).

              If you have the resources they’re OK but way, way low on the list of things. Plus if you’re bugging in, they’re going to give you away worse than your genny.

              To each is own ultimately but there are probably better things to spend the $$$ on when you really think it through.

              • Really???

                In my area I am going to need sandbags when the balloon goes up. Prefill is the way to go. Store dry and do not fill with damp sand in the first place to prevent rot.

                If you drop one or two behind your door it makes it real hard to kick it in.

              • “Really” sounds like a Moron, probably eppe. I just filled about 150 sand bags this last spring, no sweat you pansy. Sand bags are a great form of bullet stoppers out there. Put sand not dirt in them. Sand bag ballistics shows they can withstand up to a .50 Cal but not a .50 Cal So yeah, great prep, if you know the difference between cover and concealment. They offer both, they will stop 9mm, 30.30, 30.06, .308, AK47, 44 Mag, 45mm 40 Cal, shot gun blasts. uh yeah, great prep to pick up. Find a truckload of sand. For OPSEC, tell them you are installing a kids sand box.

                Also make a great water stopper, in flooding, etc, I got these, made a nice sand bag filler funnel stand, filled them up. Works great. Work your plan.

                ~WWTI… Let it Rip;!!

                • Yo WWTI: YOU WROTE: “Sand bag ballistics shows they can withstand up to a .50 Cal but not a .50 Cal …” Exactly what are the differences between a .50 caliber and a .50 caliber? 🙂 …and what the hell makes you think the enemy isn’t going to be outfitted with FAR HIGHER CALIBERS (not to mention FULL AUTO), to include “all the terrible weapons” used in addition to firearms? Ya know? Grenades, mortars, Hell-Fire missiles, ‘air-to-ground’, surface-to-surface, etc – – the list is nearly endless.

                  Let’s just take ONE – you say a shot-gun blast won’t fubar YOUR sandbags? I disagree, but YOU decide… (I am referring to a Punt Gun (shotgun) from the mid-1800’s). Surely you can outdo anything that old right? Wrong.

                  Check it out! ====> ht tps://

                  Just raggin’ on ya WWTI – just raggin’… 🙂 Enjoy!

      3. I really think Putin doesn’t want war. The best way to avoid a fight is to be the biggest baddest and meanest. So he is doing what any reasonable person would do. As shakey a vessel as he is Trump is the only choice we got. I really hope Trump gets elected and tell,s the UN to take a flying leap. If Trumps elected and doesn’t do anything negative we are making headway.

        • if trump says he wants to be friends with russia, then he’s got MY vote….and i think there’s MILLIONS more LIKE me out there…why the HELL do these simpleton politicians think we should be at war with the world, i will never understand….and how can it BE a “mistake” to bomb syrian troops during a “ceasefire”?….nothing is a mistake when it comes to planes dropping bombs on troops….does the U.S. REALLY do things like drop bombs during a ceasefire?……YES, we DO!

          • Trump may indeed wants to be friend with Russia and the world but the problem is the Zionist occupiers of the USA wants the wealth of the world for their own tribe only. So we won’t see any peace unless the world is wiped out and kosher from these SOB’s.

            • Stolz, eliminate that disgusting tribe and most of the world’s problems solved.

            • Pride of ancestors. Are you german?

          • How Blind can people be, Russia has been Communist since 1917, they went broke for a few decades and had to recoup, but they’re still Communist and Putin has always been a KGB Thug. Once a Rattlesnake always a Rattlesnake. So why are so many always willing to run down the U.S.A. for the same things that they want to embrace Putin and the Russians for. Trekker Out.

            • And the KGB isn’t any worse than our CIA. The Russians where our allies during WW1 and WW2. the democraps and many repubs we now have in power are socialist commies. The USA has been the Agressor ever since Bush Senior uttered the Phrase The New World Order. and likely long before that. Im not bashing the USA In bashing those who try and reshape & police the entire world. And their policy isn’t working. Everyplace we invade we make things worse for the citizens. They have fostered hate for the USA. They don’t follow the rules laid down by the founders. Its not supposed to be a mob rule Democracy. Its supposed to be a Republic. How blind can you be to think its ok to try and start wars and willy nilly drop bombs on people you don’t like. Especially during a cease fire? Mistake my ass. There are lots of places with better government than we have in the USA. You don’t believe Me? Just go to some other places and ask them. And their getting better they send their culls to the USA.

            • MT, good to see you back. Remember when the Berlin Wall was torn down and the USSR went out of existence and we were told “Communism is dead so the world will become safer”? I never believed for one minute that communism died. I think it just went into hibernation for awhile but would one day come back to be a threat all over again. As I said in an earlier post, adults in Russia still teach their kids all that commie garbage. Not very much difference between today’s Russian Federation and the old Soviet Union. Also never forget that the USSR totally subsidized Cuba’s economy from Castro’s earliest days in power all the way til’ the USSR officially went out of existence; three decades. Cuba still has a Soviet-style economy even today.

            • Just stay in the mountains and you’ll be fine.

              The more anti-Putin bullshit people like you and the lame stream media keep spewing, the more people are going to back Putin. Same thing happened with Trump. See how THATS working out for the anti-Trump gang? Im sick to death of all this Putin bashing.

              Is there someone here that can explain what these so-called “dissidents” in Russia are against Putin on, and how Putin supposedly “cracks down” on them? And don’t name the pussycats as an example. They knew better but pulled their shit anyway.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Do you know what communism is? Russia today is more capitalist than the US. Do you realize the central banking control over the US economy? Do you realize that the wars the Us fights are for the globalists that pull the strings?

              The reality is the USA is not controlled by the people in the USA.

              • Perhaps I can get an educated response from you Kevin2- this was my response to MT. I’m sick of all these people trashing Putin for no reason. I don’t see Putin massing troops on any of our allies borders, like we are to THEM! Im just trying to understand WTF these assholes are thinking.

                The more anti-Putin bullshit people like you and the lame stream media keep spewing, the more people are going to back Putin. Same thing happened with Trump. See how THAT’S working out for the anti-Trump gang? I’m sick to death of all this Putin bashing.

                Is there someone here that can explain what these so-called “dissidents” in Russia are against Putin on, and how Putin supposedly “cracks down” on them? And don’t name the pussycats as an example. They knew better but pulled their shit anyway.

                • I am sick of all of this anti-American and anti-Jewish rhetoric. Russia was a country grabbing commie capitol of the world until the SU collapsed. Putin said “the collapse of the soviet union was the greatest tragedy in the history of the world”….. The only reason that they have been non agressive except for Crimea and the Ukraine is that they do not have a lot of resources. And the US kicked their tail in the cold war and they know we could do it again.

                  I have an idea, how about all of the Russia loving USA haters just move to Russia… its a win win.

                  • I AM NOT AGAINST THE US…WHAT I AM FOR IS TRUTH. I like what PCR said in his acceptance speech of the award for excellence in journalism from Mexico. He said that if you tell the truth about the govt in the US, you have to go into hiding or end up tortured/in prison in the US…

                    He also said that HIS COUNTRY IS TRUTH. I agree. God/truth FIRST!! Screw the sick, evil government/elites who have taken over our country!! (You would make a great Nazi, USMC).

                    • I agree with all of that except for the Nazi part…

                • I don’t know but I read that none other than George Soros was financing opposition groups in Russia against Putin and Russia cracked down on it. If one went back in time to the 1960s its like looking in a mirror with everything there but completely backwards.

                  Russia derives 50% of its GDP from energy sales and natural gas to Europe is a major component of that. Syria is stopping Saudi Arabia from building a pipeline through their country for natural gas export to Europe. The Ukraine is the main natural gas hub and distribution point of Russian natural gas to Europe. I just connect the dots. Its the globalists wanting control of everything at the expense of Russia’s economic survival.

            • Communism has taken over Washington D.C & the majority of all 50 State Capitals.

              Some may say America has become a Communist/Fascist Country – I would agree to a certain degree … but I’m seeing more of a System of a Oligarchy more than the other two.

              When we have Business’s and Banks that are too big to fail, and the Government gives them a helping hand in the need of a financial crisis … without a doubt … Oligarchy it is!

            • i just want the “rattlesnakes” to be left alone…..rattlesnake “bites” are almost ALWAYS caused by people DICKING with them…you leave me alone, i leave YOU alone….remember what rodney king said….”can’t we all just GIT”.

            • MT, is that true that people who lives in mountain for long will hear little voices?

          • BCOD, I don’t mind being at peace with Russia AS LONG AS THEY HAVE THE RIGHT KIND OF INTENTIONS TOWARD US. Even to this day, in today’s Russia people still teach their kids that communism is superior to capitalism and all that other Soviet-era propaganda. Plus, most of the old Soviet-era symbols and monuments are still standing. In Ukraine, people have been tearing down those old monuments. I know what our own govt. does but the Soviets were not exactly angels themselves.

            • ” Even to this day, in today’s Russia people still teach their kids that communism is superior to capitalism and all that other Soviet-era propaganda.”

              Where did you read / hear that?

              Throughout Belarus there are monuments to “The Great Patriotic War”. At each monument there are three flags. The Flag of Belarus, USA, UK. These monuments were built 50 years ago when the USSR was still in power. Imagine building a monument in the US about 1966 flying the USSR flag and count the minuets until the FBI carries to question you about it. The kids there were taught in school about the great help the USSR / UK gave them in that war. My friends wife attended school at that time. My friend, an American seen the monuments. This is fact.

              • I was taught that the US won WWII. Little to no mention of the Soviets fighting 3/4 of the German Army. No mention that the largest tank battle in history was between the NAZIs and Russians.

                I casually asked my friends wife, “Did you lose any family in WWII”. The look on her face was like asking her, “Does shit stink”? She started with Grandfather, Great Aunts, Uncles, about 6 total that were killed. Turns out that 80% of Russian males born in 1923 did not survive the war. Thats some serious loses 20 million or so.

            • Braveheart1776


              In light of the natural gas issue in both Syria and the Ukraine and the US supporting Islamic Fundamentalists in Syria wouldn’t it be reasonable to review US intentions towards Russia?

              • Kevin2, of course the US should have honorable intentions toward Russia, no argument there. And no I don’t blame the Russians for looking at us with a lot of suspicion. We can thank the neocons for that. I’m concerned just like everyone else here of any confrontation between the US and Russia. I have a friend who’s been to Russia back in 2013 shortly before the upheavals in Ukraine. Most of the old communist symbols and monuments are still in place, including statues of Joseph Stalin. On buses in St. Petersburg, there are portraits of Stalin. While that old Soviet influence may have been reduced it hasn’t been totally eliminated. My friend spoke to numerous people who grew up in the last decades of the Soviet era and they all claimed life was better back then. He’s a native of Ukraine who grew up under Soviet rule and still has family there. During the Soviet era, all Ukrainians were required to know Russian as their primary language and could only speak their native tongue in the privacy of their homes. Every trace of Ukrainian culture and heritage were suppressed under the Soviets. There has been hostility between Russians and Ukrainians ever since the beginning of the Soviet era. Russians have been so vile, vicious, and treacherous toward Ukrianians for decades. So who can blame Ukraine for declaring their independence when the USSR broke up? He is originally from Crimea, BTW, where there is still a Ukrainian community. In all of the Russian sections of Crimea, there are still many old Soviet monuments standing. tensions are still running high between both communities. Kevin, I always enjoy your posts and they are well-written. I know you mean well, but I’m afraid you might be misled by some Russian propaganda. I view Russian media sources the same as I view our own MSM sources. Take care.

            • Braveheart, read some of Putin’s speeches… go to Paul Craig Roberts website… PLEASE!!! LEARN THE TRUTH!! THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!

          • Obama doesn’t like Putin because he is WHITE.

            Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

            Trump is a White Guy. I see Putin and Trump Playing Golf, deciding how they will kick ISIS’s ass. And all their chaos creating handlers supporting them. Now watch this drive..


      4. ‘Won’ re-election. Now dat rite dar iz funnez.

        • As opposed to the two party system in the US that in reality is one party.

          • HW Bush voting for Hillary!

      5. If Russia and Obama call each other “liar”, they’re both telling the truth.

        • Brian

          And 5000 Americans gave their lives for WMD in Iraq when the true reason was Saddam selling his oil in Euros. Oswald killed JFK. The Vietnamese fired on US ships in the Gulf Of Tonkin.

          Cut me a break.

      6. Mac Slavo, where exactly has Russia a “massive build up in Ukraine” ?

      7. Putin is nobodies fool. He knows who runs the U.S. He knows if he kills millions of American citizens, it wo’t stop this insane policy. I imagine the KGB has their sights on Kristol, Wolfiweits, (spelling?), Sheldon Adelson, and the hundred or so prominent globalist dictators behind the scenes in America, or pulling the strings from outside. This revising of the KGB will result in many assassinations of these powerful players from behind the scene. That is why the attempt on Putin’s life. Even if TPTB kill Putin, they can’t kill the spirit of the Russians to shake o ff the enemies of sanity. There is going to be a showdown. This is showtime. The KGB is coming for the PTB.


        • And our CIA assassinates key players also. I hope the KGB is revived. It will hopefully bring balance and let those evil folks know they are not untouchable. When opponets are evenly matched its unlikely to result in war. Thank God for Putin. He is the right person at the right time. Like Churchill was during WW11. If not for Putin China and the USA would soon be fighting over the spoils.

        • If the KGB can arrange the deaths of Democrats, I will
          passively stand by and watch. If Russia becomes a danger
          to Americans they had better watch out!

          • Rellik, you’re missing the story… it’s not democrats, it’s juden…they are the ones who control the west. Putin kicked out the juden from control of Russia. The commies, the Bolsheviks were juden…Get it yet…they’re only 2% of the population here, yet (((THEY))) control the money, msm, pornography, Hollywood, music industry, (((THEY))) control the politics via theCouncil of Foreign Relations, Trilateral commission, Bildiburger commission… the UN…and of course ALL the dual citizenship members of the Senate and house… they shill for Israel…

            • The Chauffeur…. I don’t think rellik is missing the point. Actually I think he knows exactly what he is doing since he is juden.

            • The Chauffeur is exactly right again. You get a raise and go ahead and take the car home.


          • rellik, would you stop your BS about dems? No nation wants to harm America except your beloved Israel but first they need to suck the money out of the country and then do what they are great at doing.

            • Right, no nation except just about every Muslim nation

        • B from CA, if the newly-revived KGB focuses on the globalists, including a certain ‘tribe’, they’ll be doing the world the biggest favor.

          • Yes braveheart is correct. The propaganda doesn’t work on many folks anymore. You cant prove the KGB are any worse than the CIA. Bush Senior was CIA and he was & still is commie to the bone.

            • Old Guy, damn right. Both CIA AND KGB are organizations with blood on their hands.

        • B from Ca, if the KGB were to go after the PTB that would be plum terrible,they might hunt them down like dogs,even the ones that try to change their spots (to survive).Oh what would we do?We would have to start all over again,and maybe go back to that old ,out dated,constitution!
          Oh no ? what would we do!
          Maniac –out

      8. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this is a huge surprise.


        From the guys that brought you concentration camps the likes of which made the Nazis look like amateurs…

        … for their own citizens.

        All that camp FEMA stuff? YEAH THEY ACTUALLY DID THAT.

        For decades plural.

        But hey he really is a swell guy you know! 😀 I’m sure he has the world’s best interests eh I can’t even keep up the sarcasm. Fuck this guy so much.

      9. I know during Jade Helm he had ships & subs in the gulf for a reason. May have changed history. He don’t like these NWO types. As he once said to American people don’t let them take your guns.

      10. What would one expect Putin to do, the US has been relentless in its propaganda attacks against them, armed their enemies, interfered in their internal affairs, tried to undermine their currency and economy, and etc. There was a time after the collapse of the USSR our nations could have settled their differences, to the point of being cooperative nations, (but not necessarily allies) unfortunately we really blew it; rather, TPTB wanted it that way. Basically kicking them while they were down. I don’t count everyone’s opinion because frankly most people fit in these categories; dumbed-down, willfully ignorant, or have been successfully propagandized, but all woefully uninformed. They believe anything that comes out of officialdom. The ones I do count know what I say here is true.
        Why after years and years of “education reform” are the average person’s critical thinking skills so undeveloped, or reading comprehension ability so poor, or why is the average person a moral idiot-because they are purposely not being developed. If I was a dictator I would want a country full of compliant people who believed everything they are told and easy to manipulate, just like what is happening now.
        Those individuals who don’t like big all-powerful intrusive gov’t, who are independent-minded, or want their full Bill of Rights and Constitution as the real law of the land who are looked at as trouble makers or even internal enemies who need to be ridiculed or prosecuted out of existence by TPTB.
        Our country needs to mind its own business; good grief, they have succeeded in totally f**king up everything here. TPTB view each citizen as nothing more than a managed resource to be used in any way that benefits them, not you! Why does everything keep getting worse for us?
        Worse education, higher taxes, stagnant income, increasing prices, ongoing loss of freedoms, more and more laws to use against the average citizen; you can add many more. Yet everything is better for the few who have wealth, power and influence. And we are supposed to believe we have good gov’t?! Wake up!
        Why would any country, even a sh*thole, put up with interference, hubris, power-hungry and wealth-stealing entities from any other country.

        • Bill from Va, good post!Every country the PTB f&ck up,is to steal that country ‘s shit!All for the almighty $$$$
          It’s not for you or me,the local people or Democracy!
          Maniac –out

      11. So what else is news? I just assumed that the KGB never did “go away”, but just went low profile and showed itself under a new name. Organizations like that never go away. Are we supposed to be surprised by this?

        We here in the FUSA have our own evil alphabet letter organizations that are just as evil as the KGB. The CIA is out of control and is a rouge agency. The NSA spies on every American all the time. The TSA violates travelers in the name of and the illusion of keeping us safe from “terrorists”. The DOJ calls any one who disagrees with the ruling party and the President as potential “domestic terrorists” and will send the IRS to harass and punish them. What once were peace officers have become a para-military LEOs who have legal sanction to steal and murder any one who runs afoul of them.
        Then there is the DEA, EPA, FDA et al, who exist to control you and tax you. And we are worried about the KGB? With government agencies like we have, who needs any one else?

      12. When there were two powers vying for dominance in the world manufacturers were frightened to go into the 3rd world for fear of communist nationalization of their facilities like what happened in Cuba keeping jobs here. The US did not instigate instability in oil rich nations for fear of the communists filling the power vacuum. In the absence of this threat sovereign nations like Iraq and Libya which had the second highest standard of living in Africa just below South Africa have been destroyed and turned into failed states by the US. Failed states don’t question the method of payment, US dollars, for their oil. If they do its time for a CIA sponsored revolution, reshuffle the deck and low and behold a new leader to the liking of the US takes the helm. Problem solved.

      13. Re-elected?!
        Vote Putin or be killed I’ll bet.

      14. Obama and Hillary like the ideal of poking the bear with a stick like a stupid child. Putin is like a ice cold steel trap and one day they are going to be drawing back a nub. Got any young people in your family you want to let them send to a far away war with Russia? If you don’t, vote for Trump and I think we will get on better terms with Russia.

        • EXCELLENT summation, swampy!

      15. Before one can accurately label a nation communist one needs to understand the definition.

        a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

        a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. See also Marxism.

        an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

      16. Kevin2:

        Thank you.

        Every school, and every classroom in America should have that written in bold letters for every child to see, read, and understand.

        One way to keep people ignorant is to overload them with information, putting a simple explanation somewhere where it is seen daily reinforces it in both the conscious and unconscious.


        • After reviewing the three forms of government, it is difficult to say that we live in a Capitalist country because everything is heavily regulated. Since regulation by the State is under the banner of Socialism, one could argue that we are already living under Socialism. With all the talk of “civil unrest”, one might also argue that TPTB are manipulating the people toward a “Communist” revolt disguised as something Patriotic. I guess the label of Patriot may not always stand for what most Americans want.

          What do you think?


          • Two things are generally common when the masses are fighting. One, “God is on our side”. Only the communists are truthful there as they’re atheists and don’t bother to being “god” into the justification. Wars all have economic origins and I don’t think “God” is on anyones side. The second is “Freedom” and its companion “Patriotism”. The VC / NVA were fighting to be free from a foreign oppressor, the US / South Vietnamese to be free from communist expansion. Even the NAZIs justified theirs as being Free from Jews and communists. Their belt buckle said “Gott Mitt Uns”, translated ‘God is with us”.

            Patriotism is following your government, good or bad and the bad is too often painted over as good. Often upon time, Patriotism, under scrutiny, is an unwise thing to have as all wars look good at their inception.

            • A nation that has removed GOD from every nook and cranny, allowed churches to be destroyed, Bibles to be burned, Christianity to be denounced is expecting GOD “to be on their side?” heheh…Okay, there is still Free Speech, not matter the content I suppose.

              God was VERY impressed to see HIS Ten Commandment rolled to the bottom floor of a Federal Building then covered in a heavy, non-see-through, blanket right? Oh yeah! VERY impressed!

              Doesn’t appear to us that God is doing much of anything to prevent ‘bad’ from happening …nor is there any reason for Him to do so, for a bunch of non-believing wussies who have readily agreed to not as much as PRAY in any public place. (Which is forbidden by God anyway …but I’m sure you get my drift on it).

              • Equorial-

                My brother was 101st Airborn in Desert Shield/Storm, even as late as 1990, the US government issued them a New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs…before they went to the desert.

                When I was in boot camp in 1982 our drill instructors “strongly encouraged” we attended a chaplin service of our choice. Doubt if the services do any of that now.

                God will be with those who are with Him.

                • USMC- I served as a SEAL (two TEAMS) over the course of 21-yrs, then took some frag/lead (zigged instead of zagged dammit), and that ended THAT career in a hurry. Upon reporting for Boot, in late ’73, we found pocket NTs in each of our lockers and, as you have indicated, strongly encouraged ‘worship’ on Sundays (or Saturdays for those who do not believe The Sabbath was ever changed from the 7th to the 1st day of the week. Chaplains USED to have one hell of alot of “pull” on any base – – that went out the window during my tenure (sorta like watching an old house fall into its basement in slow motion).

                  May God be with YOU (as I am sure we’ve eaten some of the same dirt over the years mate). SEMPER FI and NEVER QUIT!

      17. For those who missed the 2ndary-headlines this AM, it was announced that a new chemical, (actually, the chemical is in literally ALL of the nation’s “tap water” (not private wells, but, we assume, “processed, fit for drinking, tap-water” …and there’s nothing new about it since it is found in the earth most everywhere (AFAIK and including ‘well water’ or ‘springs’ (as it is a common element (Chromium). It’s is used to put the shiny chrome on what you wish to have chromed, using electricity and certain chemicals to perfect the transfer from the product to what you wish it to be deposited upon.

        Anyway, it is suddenly being reported that the chemical is harmless by itself, but COULD be (or IS), dangerous when mixed with the other chemicals that it IS being combined with.

        Briefly stated, it is being suggested now that NONE of our Nation’s Tap Water (no matter the city/town/location), by processing, contains the stuff.

        I am ‘suggesting’ to everyone that THIS ONE is the onset of yet another “fully-intended-plan” to declare America’s water supply unfit for ingestion. Given the MO of THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, BLM, FDA, EPA (do I need to expound further?), will use this information, (that has conveniently “surfaced” just prior to an election-cycle that would ‘oust’ Obama), there COULD be the possibility of Obama declaring a State of National Emergency (due to the absolute lack of potable (drinkable) water for well-over 300 million Americans, immigrants, illegal immigrants, muslims-(the peace loving people) and all others who have slipped in unnoticed by anyone (thus far anyway).

        It was said long ago that our carelessness would cause both water and salt to both become ‘commodities’ due to an extremely low supply nationwide (if not globally). This was stated due to the filth that we allow our government to pour into every available cave and crevasse in our soil, and rivers, lakes, streams, brooks and, eventually – public wells …but as we have learned, they’ve been doing it anyway, without our knowledge, approval or even our right to vote on such things.

        For a moment or two, entertain the thought of how easily controlled the populace would become if faced with zero-tap-water being available within any house or apartment or ???? Entertain that “the government would come to the rescue” with FILTERS_ARE_US trucks, (and water-hauling trucks), to provide water to every FEMA “outlet” in amounts far less than what would be needed per household – due to filtration taking so very long to perform correctly (after all, they are trying to save our lives)! However, if you only go to The FEMA Facility, there is an unlimited supply of water for everyone! …and on the bus they get and are gone, never to return.

        WHAT IF such a thing were to come to fruition, or do you feel that Obama has never done a thing to damage The USA nor would he, in his wildest dreams, make an attempt, from desperation of the thought of Trump winning this election and ruining all he has “set in place” to destroy this Nation …to go flying out a window when he still had the “chair and powers” to dupe the nation into believing they are on the verge of dehydration (no water flowing from any taps, and none in the stores after it sells out, with no replacement water since there IS NO POTABLE WATER. What a game they could play with this! There are so many variables on this alone it is very plausible (and could be easily placed into effect with NO complaints. Not a one…

        Could such an event ‘topple’ any chance of an election? Yes, it could indeed. Could such an event prevent a revolution? Yes it could and probably would, unless the sheeple were not duped into believing it, (but WAIT), you would certainly believe the lack of running water in any home on ‘public utilities’ right? NONE at ANY store? (You got it)!But of course!

        Would it cause panic? (Do fish piss in their own drinking water)? Did people go into panic over one pipe breaking that contained fuel, and panic buying shut down six-states in four days? If gasoline shortages just did that much (over nothing), imagine what NO water would do and just how vicious all things would get (because even children are aware that without water there is no life) …thus, there is all the panic one would need to curtail everything that many people would love to do to our government (from within) – and if “preppers” and Oathkeepers and “the like” stepped up to the plate in an attempt to put a stop to the foolishness, it is a foregone conclusion that “the masses” would fire upon ALL OF THEM to PROTECT THEIR WATER AND LIVES from the idiots who are crazy preppers who would foolishly ‘screw’ them out of ANY water to drink. Damned preppers anyway!

        GAME OVER

        Possible? (Isn’t anything possible these days)? What got me started was the timing of the news release, and how it was worded to ‘plant a bug in everyone’s ear’ that the next thing ppl should be doing is stowing away water “to beat the band” …except they would soon run out with no tap water and nothing at any store with nothing ‘due for delivery’ as there would not be anything safe to drink yet …no diff than no gasoline at any pump, making YOU completely powerless against an army of fools.

        The greatest majority do not have even an ounce of ‘backup’ water. I have never known our government to not take full advantage of anything that might give them an ‘upper hand’, and to put a halt to the delivery of water to all ‘taps’ (in the interest of national health), would (foolishly and most likely) NOT be argued upon (it’s all in how they go about presenting “the problem” to the public-at-large).

        To me, I saw no benefit in placing such an article (lower front page) unless TPTB saw an advantage within that news to take full advantage of (as you often DO say, Obama never misses a chance such as this to push it even further …and that gas shortage surely gave them ANOTHER idea that just might work out nicely for their agenda(s) aimed directly at ‘the dispatching of unwanted, useless eaters, and now ….drinkers too), but especially:

        No chance of an election, and so that would end any chance of them losing a damn thing that they have been so carefully “setting us up for” for many years now. To add to this, wasn’t it recently reported that the LA aquifer is now “all but empty” again?

        Whether it is or isn’t – it’s a great horror story huh?

      18. sorry, it should have read, “not to forget private wells, yet to a far lesser degree”

      19. Start a war stop a election that the democrat way.

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