You’d Be Broke, Hungry and Living On The Street If You Did This

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    For the average American the thought of borrowing money for a  bailout is simply not an option, either because they understand the dangers of debt being used to cover debt or they don’t qualify for the loans in today’s economic climate. For our federal government, as ridiculous as the concept sounds, it is the only option.

    If you operated this way, you’d be broke, hungry and living on the street:

    Via The Daily Sheeple:

    Consider the predicament you’d find yourself in if your employment or source of income were terminated as of right now and that regular paycheck on which you depend to pay the rent, food, car, insurance and discretionary consumption stopped coming your way. The world as you know it would almost immediately cease to exist.

    In a country where nearly 50 million require government assistance to put food on the table and almost one-third of the population is poverty stricken, those who do maintain gainful employment are living paycheck to paycheck.

    If the paycheck stops, the game for the average person is over.

    Whatever savings surplus one may have had before the crisis, three years on many have tapped out their reserves while trying to maintain a life that is no longer financially feasible. With the economic crisis having nearly frozen credit markets a few years ago, lending has all but dried up for anyone but the top earners and those with deep connections in the financial community.

    The only entity that has the ability to bail itself out of crisis through borrowing is the federal government. In the summer of 2011 the possibility of US government default on some of its payments was headline news. The crisis was averted at the eleventh hour when Congress approved a trillion dollar-plus debt limit increase on spending. What no one really talked about at the time, as they assumed we were getting back on track again, was that this was just another short-term solution to a much larger issue, as evidenced by our nation’s record year end closing debt levels of $15.2 trillion and the President’s recent request for an additional $1.2 trillion. That’s right, in about half a year we blew the original $1 trillion, and now need another $1.2 trillion.

    By all accounts, our entire country is a paycheck player.

    You see, if Congress fails to approve that debt ceiling increase we face exactly the same problem as we did last summer. It would be an unprecedented loss of confidence in the US government. The implications of not approving the debt limit increase are simply not politically expedient, nor is any politician willing or capable of dealing with the complete collapse of the economic and financial system as we know it.

    Default would cause an economic Tsunami unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Last year Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke warned of the ramifications if the government stopped recieving its taxpayer funded entitlement payments:

    It would be an extremely dangerous and very likely recovery ending event.

    First, it would almost certainly create a new financial crisis, as firms that rely on receiving their interest and principal do not receive it, and they’re unable to make payments, and so that problem would cascade through the financial markets.

    Then there would be a massive loss of confidence in US Treasury securities, which are the deepest, most liquid market in the world. Interest rates would spike, and that would in turn affect many other assets as well as Treasuries.

    …Broadly speaking, it would be, I think , a very, very bad outcome for the US economy.

    Source: Fed Chairman Warns of “Recovery Ending Event”

    Undoubtedly, Congress will once again approve the increase, buying us another few quarters before we need more money. This will go on indefinitely, as this is the only strategy that can keep the paycheck coming.  Tax revenues simply won’t cut it – not in a depressionary environment like ours.

    We’ll keep raising our debt limit, because hey, who wouldn’t give themselves free money if they had the ability to do so?

    The problem, of course, is that despite what most of our inept elected representatives think, the money is not free and has to come from somewhere. In our case, it’s international lenders like China, Japan and Russia – all of whom are actively positioning themselves to reduce their dollar activity and holdings.

    The simply fact of the matter is that our foreign creditors are only playing the game until they have diversified their assets enough to not have to play anymore.

    Then, in the words of possible Independent Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump, “You’re fired!”

    No more paycheck.


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      1. Bingo ?

        • We’re toast!

          • No, if your not ready…..then you’re toast. Me and mine should be Ok!

            • NOBODY will be OK. NOBODY.
              In every paradigm shifting financial catastrophe, everyone suffers. Those who are materially prepared will suffer just as much as those who are not. Only the type and the level of suffering will differ.
              Typically, those who are prepared, early on will be branded hoarders, and will be selected, targeted for their “anti social” behavior.
              Stay as low as you can and out of envious eyes’ field of view for as long as you can.
              Envy combined with hunger and desperation, mixed with desire for revenge, make for very nasty neighbors.

            • Larry hit it on the head. BAD FOR EVERYONE! Okay, let’s imagine the printing (paycheck continues). The goberment will have to make cuts as demanded by voters. This will not be easy but the EBT (food stamps) game will be reduced. Medical and S.S. payments will be reduced. All will be reduced or vanish. WAIT! They are already doing that in the form of inflation. Okay heres where we buckle up. Reduce payments and inflation. Trust me when I say we don’t have to wait for the goberment to default. The streets will be insane long before that. You will have the sheeple clawing at the camp gates for food and safe housing. Once again as Larry states…..NOBODY will be OK. NOBODY.

            • Couple o’ points:

              1) OP is wrong. “Me and Mine” will be just as affected, just in different ways.

              Let me illustrate by example: There was a guy who ran a small business, had a good family, etc, and won this huge lottery jackpot. Lived in Georgia I think. Anyrate, his customers launched roughly 400+ lawsuits at his business in the first year *after* he won. Before that, his customer base was loyal and friendly. Lesson? Many (not all, but enough) people are greedy mofos, and will do whatever they can to take from you, by means fair or foul.

              Meanwhile, his daughter spent money like there were no tomorrow, and Daddy doted on her. She wound up massively into drugs, and got either herself or her boyfriend (though I think both) killed in a car wreck. Either way, the boyfriend’s father launched a lawsuit as well. Lesson? Unless you are extra careful and attentive about it, kids will take your plenty and do dumb things with it.

              But, we’re not done yet – one more here… Same dude’s wife left him, I forgot the reason why. This led the guy, now lonely as hell, to go around to bars buying companionship (okay, sex) and booze by the gallon. Got him approximately nowhere, and he’s still lonely as hell, IIRC. Lesson? Without a strong moral compass and a strong will, you’re going to blow your plenty on dumb things in order to fulfill emotional and hormonal needs. In a SHTF situation, this can only lead you into trouble.

              I guess what I’m trying to say is, unless you *and* yours are capable, moral, and connected tightly? Don’t count on being “just fine” when circumstances change drastically in any relationship between you and the rest of the planet.

              2) You’ll only be “branded” a “hoarder” if anyone knows abut your “hoard”. It’ll help if no one else knows about your preps, and it’s a good idea to both keep and consume them in secret.

          • Got Jelly ?

            • Better be KY jelly because we are all gonna get fucked.

            • Butter OK?

            • I like peanut butter on my toast.

            • You seriously think they’re going to break out the lube before the rape? Hah! You’ll be lucky to get a reach-around (oh, wait, most folks call those speeches…)

            • You are killing me Beefcake!

          • Imagine there’s a financial cliff out there just past 16 or 17 trillion and our esteemed leaders, including dumb shit and chief, are driving us at it at lightning speed with no brakes and “they know it.” There is one of two things going on here. Either they know exactly where they’re taking us “OR” they are as dumb as a box of rocks. I have a tendency towards leaning to the prior. I think they know what they are doing, EXACTLY! All Obama and the lefties has to do is keep convincing his supporters/eaters that everything is going to be all peachy if they will reelect him for another term. My take on this is, if he gets another term, BABY, we’re on our own!! And what happens to his supporters/eaters/check collectors? They are going to be unceremoniously “chunked in the junk” and quickly forgotten. His statement will be. The Government has no more money; it was the Republicans, Sorry. You can bet there is going to be a George Bernard Shaw eugenics effect in play, here. The thought will be, “if I don’t see it, it didn’t happen and it don’t matter.” If this comes to pass, those who are survivors out of this mess needs to get mean “real mean.”
            Oh, and by the way all/ HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Whoopieeee.

            • i am mean. the last three years i have gotten a whole lot smarter, sly(er), and meaner.

            • O.k,

              I don’t understand why there is such a knee jerk reaction around here to “Obama” and “the lefties.” I would consider my self progressive in politics, and I might have been an Obama supporter at one time until I realized that there in really no difference between politicians of any strip, just a difference in rhetoric. That’s it. George W. Bush was a republican, and amassed huge amounts of debt before the presidency was even a twinkle in Obama’s eye. And, may I remind everybody, the initial TARP bailout was brought to you by George W., so why all the Obama blame? I may not be enjoying many of his decisions either but the blame for the debt debacle does not just belong to him.

          • this is a fallacy of composition; a household budget is not like a government budget…government debt need never be paid back; it can be rolled over indefinitely…

            • NOT TRUE AT ALL. This is a thin propaganda meme that the neo-Keynsians started barfing in the ’80s. Nobody who could do sixth grade algebra believed it, then or now.

              Understand tha all the borrowing that’s going on, whether it’s rollover of old debt, or adding new debt, is money that has to be LENT by someone, and all those someones have the option of saying “NO”. One day soon some Black Swan or other will make lenders think, “I cannot rationally expect to get my money back in any form that’s worth anything”. They will stop lending until interest rates match the risk, which is, frankly, astronomical.

              Imagine where you’d be if you were already loaded to the gills with debt, and even if you weren’t taking on any more, you could barely make the payments to service the debt you have. Then the bank notices that you might lose your job, so they raise your interest rate by x5. That’s where the PIIGS are right now. To make matters worse, they HAVEN”T stopped running up the credit cards, because they fear blood in the streets.

              The EU is so close to the point where every lender says “no mas” that they can smell it every morning, stronger than their coffee. It smells like death. Sovereign debt interest rates are rising past six percent. Default Swap prices are past the moon. Everybody with half a brain is fleeing EU sovereign debt, often willing to take a loss, and buying US Treasuries, even though they’re paying microscopic interest rates. With the prices of everything rising day by day, the REAL interest rate of T-Bills is negative, but they’ll take it because it’s less negative than staying in Europe. Soon a few EU governments will be forced to default, which will quickly bleed into the US financial system.

              Keep prepping, people.

        • RON PAUL 2012-The Constitution rules-Hope and Change we can truly believe in!

          • Look- I TRULY love Ron Paul’s ideals and concerns as a person.AND I feel he is the only choice. But do you or anyone else really believe that another human being is going to “get us back on track”? Even in 8 YEARS?? Humanity (if you want to call it that) has had more than a few thousand years to screw everyone’s lives up to what we see today…. 8 years? really? This situation we ( the entire world) are in is NOT going to resolve itself in any way, except to implode and piss everyone off to the point of WWIII. Period. Since the first caveman saw the need for fire, he told the second caveman ” I’ll give you this rock for that fire” and then beaned him on the head WITH the rock and STOLE the fire!! Can we reverse a trend such as this in a few years? no.

          • Cindy: Ron Paul is last hope for this mess; if he doesn’t make it, and Romney or someone else runs, me and others will just sit home from the voting circus. Our congressmen have betrayed us when they voted for the NDAA bill,and can no longer be trusted.

        • What is your post about?

      2. damn! i thought i was first

        • You would have been…but you Crash(ed) and Burn(ed) first 🙂

          • your right….hahahahaha

      3. As usual, it is a “when” not “if” question. I would love to know the when but that one is elusive. I am somewhat loath to say it, but I hope the “when” is soon, while I am still young and strong and flexible enough to improvise, adapt, and overcome. The “if” part is clear to me. Basically, I would rather be in a position and station to protect and provide for my children than the reverse. Perhaps this year will be decisive.

        • My guess is we’ll not see any sort of reckoning for about four years. 2012 is an election year, so don’t hold your breath just yet. Even if Obama and co. think they’ll lose, they’ll just push more filling into that shit sandwi.. err, “economy” for the next guy to eat. The next guy will do the same, and so on.

          I give it anywhere from four to ten years before the sandwich in question becomes too large to push down the table to the next diner. Plenty of time to get situated, but not so much that you can be complacent about it.

      4. There is only ONE solution for this.. that solution is term limits for the House and Senate. As long as they can keep their voters in their state or in their sometimes TINY congressional district happy; they don’t give a poot what anyone else says or thinks. Hence, Pa-Lousy and Prince Harry ( along with several Rinos ) keep getting elected; term after term, decade after decade.

        Only when we ALL are willing to loose our “beloved” representative and for the good of the Country, force them to enact a constitutional amendment to limit their own terms will we see any sanity return to our government.

        Only then.

          • I also wrote my senator and told him my support of him is over and done. I think when the rest of the state residents realize what this traitor has done, and what support of this law means, they will be irate. but for now, most are still asleep.
            I’m just waiting for the first arrest under this law, where the citizen was never given any civil rights protection, so I can remind my senator that yes, Americans will be subject to this law. No ammount of “splaining” away will justify support of this traiterous law.

            • You won’t hear about the early arrests (probably already happened). People will just disappear.

          • salvadordaly This was a great article. Thank you for sharing. Naomi has a great blog!

        • i totallay agee with Sam not says.I am living in Illinois the home of corruption Blago ,Ryan, Agnew.The best one was Agnew .They didn’t know he weas milking yhe state until after his death ,they found shoe boxes full of greenbacks in a hotel room that he was leasing.
          That don’t make all of us Illini bad i hope…ONE TERM is PLENTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Clark, don’t tell anyone….DHS is looking for me, but I to live in an undisclosed bunker in the lower (slightly less corrupt part) of the PRoI.
            I escaped this dreaded prison 23 years ago, made it all the way out west. Spent many a good years in a freezone you might of heard of it, its called Arizona…..but then thanks to the EX(@#%&*) I again found myself in a prison known as the PRoK.
            Fortunately I escaped a few years ago…but when I awoke from a drunken stupor I discovered I was back in the PRoI(long story).

            It’s OK though, I’m actually on a mission….my family that doesn’t know a freeland exists out there needs my help….I’m here to be the sheepdog of the family.

            Slowly I have been working to break the brainwashing created by those damn Chicago or as we FREEFOR’S say in my neck of the woods SHIT-cago politicians.

            Hang in there my fellow Illini…we down here in the South have been gearing up, and we is fixing to give those Chicago gangsta-ticians a whole hellava lot of trouble in Anno Domini 2012.

          • Clark, Don’t forget Obama. he was from Illinois! He’s going to be a hard act to follow.

        • Sam your thinking to small, let me outline it better for you.
          1st treason trial must be held to make examples of those currently in office and sentence imposed….it will be a good reminder for those that follow. Do as we will or else.

          2nd reversal of the Patriot act, NDAA12, Obastard care, and all other unconstitutional legislature.

          3rd Yes term limits must be imposed…along with a pay limit based on median middle class income…you go to wash. to serve your country not to be a carter rapist.

          4th the Fed must be audited….just so average Joe America can see how badly they have been screwed.

          5th the Fed needs to be abolished, national debt erased (which is really easy when dealing with money that only exists in a computer mainframe)

          6th Return to sound money, commodity based, Gold, silver or other.

          I’m sure there is more but that is a good start.

          • rwslll, You forgot the

            4th. The right to RECALL any elected official with good cause.

          • RWS III: “sound money, commodity based, gold, silver, or other”. Is a bad idea for US under the current international trade scheme of the gangster banksters.

            Metal backed money would transfer all US gold, silver, pgm’s and any other valuable commodites offshore to the GB’s just like the fiat money is transferred offshore.

            Let them have the fiat money.

            Just remove the FED as the middle man, kill free trade, and restore fair trade. These three items would drastically reduce the drain of wealth, jobs, and the means of production from America.

            • Alright, so here’s what you do: bring state banks up that are gold backed. for every ounce of gold bullion given by citizens to the state banks, one ounce of gold is monetized by treasury and transferred to that state bank. This money and gold stays in the state. repeat 50 times. make laws that prevent the gold from moving, and which make the notes null and void if they leave the US. Federal governement runs on fiat for international trade, etc. looking at history, even gold backed civilizations have failed when they become unstable. so fiat might be doable at the federal level as long as our states/institutions are rock-solid. it also keeps the paws off our gold from international interests.

        • limit their terms and limit the amount of their salary too.

          • Fuck their terms and their salaries. Limit their power and you will see real change. No one will care what a bunch of yammerheads in DC do as long as they are only yammering. How would you do that you say? I would recommend a citizen movement similiar to the Tea Party to force compliance with the Tenth Ammendment by elected officials, and public calls for the killing of those politicians by name who continue to ignore the Constitution. Police who target those who kill politicians who are violating their oaths of office should also be targeted “Fight Club” style. Is this a call for murder and anarchy or is this a call for revolution and restoration of liberty? Very soon we will all be forced to decide what kind of future we will pass on to our children and grandchildren.

        • Sorry Sam not sam but its a little too late for that. Maybe 30 years ago this may have averted this mess. In the future it’s going to be every man for himself and local communities that will thrive. Everyone else who put their head in the sand are going to be dealt a heavy blow.

        • Nice sentiments, but before anyone thinks it’ll help, look up the term “gerrymandering”. Those districts are engineered to produce safe seats.

          It takes death or a full-blown scandal nowadays to get someone removed from that Parliament of Whores.

      5. We can just print more money, RIGHT?

        (for those of you who don’t know me well; sarcasim

        US Closes 2011 With Record $15.22 Trillion In Debt, Officially At 100.3% Debt/GDP

      6. Does this 15T include the service on the debt?When that catches up to revenue or the market dictates high interest on it then the SWHTF Donald Trump-same s–t different pile.

        • He’s a more stinky pile since he is likely BHO’s buddy and may well run third party which would greatly increase the chances of us suffering another 4 years of the destroyer n chief.

          If there is a third party run and BHO swaps dummer-than-rocks Biden for Billary; a second term is a virtual certainty.

          • BHO needs to be impeached. Once again he skirted the Constitution by apointing a new financial czar while Congress was out.But they weren’t out’ They gavel in every 3 days so he couldn’t do this.We’ll see. Also his motion to dismiss court action on his qualifications to the throne have been denied by the court.(Market Ticker)

            • I was just reading a few blogs today and was wondering… why does anyone get their panties in a bunch when the some federal entity craps on the long dead consteetootion? Of all the usurpation’s, why does one more turd on it surprise anyone?

              It reminds me of all those people over at Oath Keepers telling the world that they will die protecting the consteetootion. Maybe they mean they will die trying to revive it?

              Look folks, we no longer have a constitutional republic. Our rights and liberties are no longer unalienable, but rather… are granted to you by those who are your masters.

            • Rights are not granted. Only privleges are

            • Curtis: That’s the big lie from the Globalists.
              OUR Rights are endowed from Nature’s God. That is why they are unalienable.

              WE cannot be separated from them by any administration, executive order, rule, regulation, or legislation.

              They are absolute. Any propaganda to the contrary is a lie. Don’t believe it.

      7. More likely TPTB are kicking the can just long enough to get the Security Apparatus in place. Once everything is ready for the crack down, then and only then, will the collapse be allowed to happen. BTW, the apparatus is just about ready to roll.

        • Ready to roll where? Not around my place. The only thing happening in my state is that we’re all buying lots of guns and ammo.

          The “apparatus” can simply kiss my hairy white butt. It won’t be tolerated.

          • I really don’t want any apparatuses anywheres near my hairy white butt.

            • There are lots of hairy White butts on here today…gladly I am not one of them…not good to be a hairy butted female. However the ptb can still kiss my arse if they so chose, I may not be allowed guns but there’s still fight in the old girl yet.

              Take care x

            • Carolie:

              I was curious: What is the UK’s stance on owning non-firearm weapons (bows/arrows, swords, etc)?

      8. Oh, and here is the good news.. McCann has endorsed Romney.. think, think, think.. yes, I got it.. the guy who LOST to BHO has endorsed the guy who LOST to him…

        Wow.. gives me a chill right up my… spine.

        • Don’t forget McCain helped draft the NDAA that was signed.

        • McCain endorsed Romney? Mclame couldn’t beat Obama and Romney couldn’t beat Mclame last time. That might be a bad omen for the romster.

        • I think it is the kiss of death for Romney! 🙂

          • DK,
            I tried to think of a single conservative that I know who liked McCain….
            I got nothing.

            • John McCain is crazier than a shit house rat!

            • Yeah i dont know one person in az that voted for him.
              McCain is good example of why we need term limits.

      9. I just know this story ties in with the fema camp story somehow…thinking…thinking…

      10. Burns my eyes to watch this crap.
        I don’t know how our politicians sleep at night.
        I hope there is a place for them in the circle of he’ll reserved for the Pope’s of old.

        • Slick

          “I don’t know how our politicians sleep at night.”

          They sleep quite well in a very comfortable environment that is much better than the homeless they helped create.

          • Good observation, K2
            Keen eye for the obvious.
            I don’t know how that one escaped me.

      11. more of

        Madoff’s “Rehypothecation & Corzine’s ponzi sceme

        • I’ve always loved that commercial, It’s So True! and yet the sheeple still want to be Stanley Johnson, I don’t get it!

          Ahhh, the taste of the good life – at any cost!

        • Ears too small. Complexion too light.

        • No kidding. I remember that commercial. I used to laugh at it and try and explain to family members why we are in for it! Then they just laughed at me. Not anymore.

      12. I knew a guy who worked his wife through college until it was her turn to do the same, but she didn’t. He lived on credit cards trying to finish school using each new card to make the payments on the previous ones. By the time he finished college, he owed too much money to make the payments.

        He went bankrupt too.

        • I was the guy that worked while my X went to school and kept charging as if there were no tomorrow. I have been paying child support for 23 years and have 2 to go. Interest on 1.5 years of support came to $34,820 compounded. I guess she did get smart at that school. She did get married to the Charlie Johnson type

          and lost most in bad investments and a 3rd mortage. I guess god works in mysterious ways.

        • No shit.

      13. If we behaved like the govt and its minions, we would all be in prison.
        The proof that the govt is afraid of us is the NDAA, patriot act, and TSA… The truth we are afraid of govt is 1.5 million firearms in Dec alone, sites like this and a populace that in polls 3 to 1 fear the govt more than terrorist attack and economic collapse.
        This election is going to be the key to the REPUBLIC’s survival so please be reasonable, vote your concerns, conscious, and heart. Some like Paul, Santoruim, or Romney, others other people but whatever happens in the primary please dear GOD, don’t go third party or we will have another 4 years of O,Blahma and we are finished.
        Pray for this country, our troops in harms way, and for the soul of our country. Lady Liberty is crying tears of shame and rage over the course we are on. God bless

        • As the man in Ghost Busters said: Lady Lib is a tough old Broad from down at the docks. She isn’t ashamed of anything. But she is getting Pissed.

      14. I forgot to mention Buck Ofama who continuos to give our hard earned TAX dollars to forien countries .Knowing damn well the voters are against it.

      15. That’s not good!
        Right now we have Germany holding the cards for Europe and from the sounds of it… China, Japan and Russia holding the cards for the United States.
        Oh the web we weave, when will it all come crashing down???

      16. I’d like to place a copy of that sign on the back of my Ford pick-up.

      17. Everyone is too busy watching the dog and pony show in Iowa. They are really trying though, I feel so much better about raising the debt ceiling now, I think I will go home and put my head in a vise.

        • I find cleaning my weapons and taking another ammo count relaxing when my BS level pegs through the roof.
          Just saying….

      18. Google “The One Hour Meltdown”….

        • Well that can’t be good…

      19. They have raised the debt ceiling so many times they may as well take the roof off.

      20. A large part of the problem is the existence of the central bank. The other part of the problem is a House and Senate who make the proverbial drunken sailor look frugal.

        We should have some lawful requirement that anyone who runs for federal office should have no debts and demonstrates they can manage money. You don’t have to be a millionaire. I’m the average person. My house is paid off and I have no other debts, all done by myself and blessings from God.

        • Ditto that. What worries me a little is the ability to continue to pay the property taxes if things go south.

          • This is where you save up.

            Figure down what your annual property taxes are now, multiply that number by 1.5, then save about about 5 years’ worth of that.

        • No, we should have a law that voters be mandated to pass a civics test, a drug test, and a test of the constitution. That should take care of about 20% of the welfare kings and queens.

          • 20%! Ha try about 67% If I have to take a UA pee test to work they need to take a pee test to get my hard earded money.

          • Small problem with that… they used to have such a requirement (see also “Jim Crow” laws), which was used heavily to deny black folk (and anyone else who wasn’t for the local political machine) the right to vote.



      21. In the Wood Pile Report today: “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consquences of ignoring reality” Ayn Rand. We are about to find out the reality of our government ignoring reality. God help us.

      22. It never ceases to amaze me how long, printing fiat money non-stop, has kept the ship of state afloat. I would have bet anything we were toast in 2008. In the spring, or before, we will see QE-4, which will do nothing for the economy, but give another artificial boost to Wall Street. How long can Bernanke’s one trick pony keep this charade of an improving economy up? Even among sheep, a feeling of doom is so thick in the air, you could cut it with a knife. They don’t actually know what the doom is; but they can feel it through their wool. Got Ammo?

        • Swift: The Federal Reserve is the perfect Ponzi scheme. Investors never ask for their money back. If they do, if they want out, the Federal Reserve just prints their money due.

          It is not just clever. It is demonic genius.

      23. Completely disagree with the assertion I’d be living in the street if I lived like our government. Exactly the opposite.

        1) The numbers would be correct for sure, I’d owe all that money, but I’d have a printing press to print it up whenever I wanted.

        2) My home/castle would truly be the greatest on the planet for its size with more farm land then needed, infrastructure abound, and though aging a bit – still the greatest on earth.

        3) Next I’d have one kick arse security detail – second to none – no one would mess with me or they’d die. I’d have the best defense of anyone ever; in fact my defense would be so great I could go kick someone’s butt just because they looked at me wrong and didn’t say the right things!


      24. Great Video… WTF ? ;0P

        How can any intelligent american “not do” something too immediately protect themselves and family from the neocon wallstreet “out of control” lier bankers and fraudulent privatly owned federal reserve’s… is beyond me…

        This is All So Very Very Wrong!

        The children of this world , never had a chance!

        Sold Out by their Own Parents for… What?

        “More of What?”

        • Sold out for….

          a bigger house in a better neighbourhood
          a bigger TV
          fancier electronic devices than the neighbours have
          new gas sucking SUV in the driveway
          designer clothes

          The list goes on and on….it’s all stuff and if people have the newest stuff they think they are just fine.

          • Dang Daisy,
            It hurts to say it, but you are so right.

            • It hurt me too until I posted this.

      25. ~ Illegal.nwo.cia.zionist.puppet prez obsama obama says:

        “”The NDAA prisoner wishes to say a word!””

        ~ America’s.only.Hope.prisoner Dr Ron Paul says:

        [shouts loud and long] “”Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedooom!””

        Vote Dr Ron Paul 2012 , he is Our Only Hope for Freedom!

        • I like the “you are so right” part….. 🙂

          • This was to RWS3

          • Well Daisy….it’s because you are right and I always try to compliment a lady when she is right (especially lady warriors) I would have worded it into a poem, but sadly I had to give up poetry after I took an arrow to a knee……

            • Bury my heart at wounded knee…very good book

            • Know exactly what you mean: “Had my cooth shot of during the revolution”

        • Damn Nina,
          As much as I like Paul….I worry that with the Mason/Dixon line of division in this nation….a vote for Paul might mean a shoe in for the mighty Kenyan to get a second term, assuming Paul even wins the nomination or runs 3rd party.
          Its happened in the past more than once…1912 Democrat Woodrow Wilson soared to victory with 42% of the vote in the midst of an overwhelmingly Republican era, defeating sitting Republican President William Howard Taft, who got a mere 23% of the popular vote, while 27% went to spoiler Theodore Roosevelt.

          The lesson of recent history in American is clear: in America, third-party presidential candidates never win, but occasionally they tilt the outcome to the Democrat. They absolutely did in 1912; they almost certainly did in 1992 when third-party candidacy arose because of a genuine explosion of personal ego by a wealthy nonentity (Perot) (though Clinton groupies will vainly argue the contrary).

          I guess what I am saying is that although I believe Paul to be the only candidate worthy of the seat of POTUS….I’m not convinced enough of America will accept his constitutional Ideology (remember the prowls will cling to and fight to maintain the system they are accustomed and dependent on….think Stockholm syndrome).

          • @rws iii ;0) , your like kevin… yur’ glass is half empty… if we All, All of us FREE AMERICANS choose Dr Ron Paul on Election Day by going too Vote, that’s right , get off our ass’s and go and VOTE FOR RON PAUL! 2012!

            He WILL WIN!

            HOW can you honestly not see there is no other candidate WHO can and will return Americans FREEDOMS!

            Besides Dr Ron Paul???

            If you desire to be FREE a FREEMAN! You have no other CHOICE! NONE!

            and i personally guarantee on “MY LIFE” NWO.ZIONIST.JEW.PUPPET barry soetoro “WILL NOT” have a second term! ((+))

            • Nina, you missed my point…me thinks.

              As a veteran, a III’per and an OK I support RP, and will vote for him if I bother voting, as I would rather carry a newborn Tommy Giselle on my back through the heart of the Serengeti while drinking a gallon of pickle juice and wearing a speed-o.

              But I have strong concerns, one from history and two from paying attention to the heartbeat of America (and Chevy…screw you, your not Americas heartbeat) that voting RP might, KEY word, might be shoe-in victory for the Mighty Kenyan.

              Die-hard dems still have their heads up his arse and will vote O no matter what. The Welfare class, all the amigos that want an immediate path to citizenship will vote for him.

              many of the older generation clinging to their SS, will vote for the Kenyan fearing RP will take it away.

              Sadly,if you look around, there are plenty of Dumbasses that want The Newt(ster) or the Romney(flop)….if Paul gets the nom, they so appose him they will stay home.

              But, and I mean but….even if RP gets the Nomination, even if RP wins POTUS….do you really honestly think for one second….even one micro second things are gonna change? Er for the better I mean.

              Sorry, been around to long, seen the HUSTLE played out to many times….no change will take place until the people make it happen, and by people I mean more than one and none that are part of the hustle.

            • RWS3~

              I find the cynicism disappointing. We’re all sick of how things are going in the world – that’s why we’re on here.

              But not voting? I can’t put this tactfully so I’ll just put it out there. That’s is just giving up. It’s ceding to the way things are. It’s the lazy act of someone who really doesn’t care enough to try and make a difference.

              Isn’t it the duty of every person complaining to do every small thing they can that could potentially lead to a fix?

              No one is ever defeated until they stop trying.

            • Don’t fret Daisy,
              I’ll vote I always do even when I say I won’t, and it will be for RP even if I have to write him in. As a vet I am well aware of the support he garners not only from those that currently serve, but also many that have prior service as well.

              But you are correct I am cynical…as much as I wish for a smooth easy way outta the jam we find ourselves in…I just truly in my heart of heart feel we have long passed the Rubicon of saving this Republic via voting with a ballot box.

              Sadly I feel TJ was right… it will come to voting by the musket.

              As far as defeat, nope I don’t feel defeated in the least, just feel like a fourth quarter QB knowing most of the playbook no longer applies, just gotta use what plays you can and WIN!

              Oh and P.S. Daisy, always speak your mind at least with me…I’m not into sugar coatings…I’m a meat and potatoes kinda guy. If the pistol belt makes me look fat, tell me 😉

              Have a great evening daisy…RWS out.

            • @rws iii , fuck it your right when your right… ONLY BY ARMED REVOLUTION WILL ANYTHING CHANGE IN AMERICA!

              I’M encouraging ALL American Veterans who are Single no DEPENDENTS to Arm Up, get yourself combat packs and 2000 rounds and a battle rifle 500 rounds and a decent pistol… and a decent set of boots and socks!

              You All have till June 2012… this goes for ALL ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY PERSONEL ALSO ARM UP PREPARE!

              You will all be called upon to respond to a call for AMERICAN MINUTEMEN PATRIOTS!




            • I am sorry I only have one vote, but you can rest assured I will cast it for Ron Paul. Nobody else is worthy of my time and effort.

              I will not vote for any republicans other than Mr. Paul. The rest, in my state, NC, are all pretenders and liars, and if elected they would not allow Paul to make the changes that must be made. I will vote libertarian for congress and senate.

      26. ninaorket,

        If I lied to my father as much as BO and these other overpaid ass kiss#%s do to us, the only thing I would be eating for three days would be – Knuckle Sandwiches.

        Such an ass kicking for days I would receive.

        A few words for your future endeavors:
        Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
        Sun Tzu. Good Luck.

        JJ, if your comment was directed to me, I just started prepping; found a great source of material to share with others. Thanks for your reminder as I have a long way to go and so do hundreds of my friends. I talked to an attorney today and he has not even seen anything about NDAA!! So there are a ton of people I know that don’t. Please tell us JJ what are you doing so others not as fortunate can use your knowledge.

        Y’all Beware!

        • @give it time @y’all beware… i’m building it… then funding… then recruiting… then training and then… well we’ll just have to see how this story ends next FALL 2012!

          The FREEMEN of AMERICA will be heard by the WORLD , FALL 2012!



        • I started in 2008 with what funds we had, then used a S.S. check from dh starting July, 2010 and then expanded with a VA disability check(Agent Orange)starting in July, 2011.
          Dh hauls logs, so we just treated the checks like it was prepping money..we usually didn’t need it for essentials…but all this time, no freebies, no movies, no entertainment, no tv subscriptions, no vacations, no dinners out, nothing; my PC is 11 years old.
          My only luxury is a cell from his plan for #10 a month.
          I learned so much from the prepping sites–I couldn’t tell you all–but canning butter is possible, and you can never have too much water and rice. LOL
          Any time you want to know anything, there are many on this forum that can share what they do and know, by experience. And you need to share with us what you know..I do know that God spoke to me and told me to get my act together and start storing, call me Noah.

          My worry is like yours; no prepper friends, no prepper neighbors, and no church preppers. Scary–very scary!!!
          All have their heads in their butts, or watching the latest reality show–well, ‘reality’ is about to hit them all up side the head.


          • Stop reading —-This is just for Y’all Beware….I have a man who loves me and has for 37 years from the first time we met.
            And I know he will kill if anyone tries to hurt me..
            I am doing all I am able to to provide for him and me to not leave this house if TSHTF..he is in beginning stages of dementia.. with no children, family, friends, or neighbors, I have to.
            May God have mercy on anyone who tries to hurt him, too.

            • Be strong @jj… remember the good lord only burdens us with that which we can bare , no more… you are not alone!

              Others will be there to help… give it time… we will come to help you!

              Also you must let folks know you are in need… no shame in it… it’s called life! We can’t help you if we don’t know about it!

              ;0) Reach out around you…


            • Ah shit,
              JJ…my eyes are tearing up…I’m praying for you. I hope all goes ok, if you are in East Tex, you have a friend…

              Terry W. Reed

            • JJ
              I post this in the wrong spot, it was meant for you dear.
              ” He that does good for good’s sake seeks neither paradise nor reward, but he is sure of both in the end.”


      27. WE ‘the people’ have been in the crosshairs since post-colonial days by the sheister-bankster vermin. This parasitic organism has, over time, infested our ENTIRE culture; and (has intended) nearly killed off the host body. The hearts and minds of the masses have been bought and sold overseas. Time is up. Get out of the crosshairs.

      28. ninaorket says: [after @dps drops a boulder at @ninaorkets feet] “You dropped your rock!”

        @dps says: “Test of manhood.”
        ninaorket says: “You win.”

        @dps says: “Call it a test of soldiery then. The nwo.zionist.cia.feds won’t let us train with Guns or weapons, so we train with stones.”

        Is this What we are to Become America???


        At What Point Do FREEMEN OF AMERICA, say ENOUGH is ENOUGH???

        Look at your childrens faces and then think!!!

        How can ALL YOU Law Enforcement and Military MEN simply DO NOTHING???

        Bunch of Cowards , you ALL are Traitorous Cowards to the American Families and their Children who depend on you all for protection… EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

        Is a Lower than whale-sperm COWARD!

        Bunch of Pussies! None of You Deserve the Uniforms You Wear – NONE!

        • Did you ever wear the uniform of this country? If not, fuck you! You haven’t the idea of the amount of dedication, sacrifice, honor, integrity, or pride that comes from service. I did, my father, my grandfathers, great grandathers back 13 generations served this country back to valley forge! Fuck You, you are all talk and haven’t the balls to stand for something and risk your pansy ass to defend the constitution, not the govt, the constitution.

          • @mm2nuke have another drink… did you even read my posts fully ??? obviously not… just like drinking and driving isn’t a good idea , @mm2nuke drinkin’ smokin’ pot and postin’ here ain’t a good idea either! sober up grunt or i’ll bounce ya into the brig! where ya belong! And feed and properly clothe your kids! with the money… do not buy booze with it! yur’ a disgrace to the uniform and your ancestors!

        • ” He that does good for good’s sake seeks neither paradise nor reward, but he is sure of both in the end.”


        • Nino,

          Just another thought, “Beware of the man that is often called a coward, he is the quiet man that walks away from a fight, he doesn’t walk away out of fear he walks away simply because he chooses his battles.”

        • Nina,
          That was a good one brother, I say never stop, never give in, remain vigilante after all how can you win a race if you don’t finish it.I think you get my point.


      29. Mac,
        I know this question maybe loaded and a little off topic, but I need to ask it .
        I know some people within places of our government and military.
        This is what I am hearing and I wanted to know if you have heard the same.
        #1. Fema camps are being staffed and going operational.
        #2. Fema purchased/ Ordered 1+ million freeway closed and or road closed signs.

        #3. US military bases are burying all excess ordanance.

        #4. Swine flu was a test precursor for H5N1, will be utilized to keep the public at home during a false flag operation, while the military and law enforcement organize and set up fema camps, while the media keeps everyone at bay with the H5N1 Scare.

        #5. USPS is now funded, trained and authorized to dispense vaccines and medication …….door to door….

        I know that some of this stuff could be B.S. or disimformation.
        But I would sure like to hear more about it…..

        • G.A.R.~ There was an article here a while back about the FEMA camps putting up job postings. As for the rest……

      30. @give it time @y’all beware… i’m building it… then funding… then recruiting… then training and then… well we’ll just have to see how this story ends next FALL 2012!

        The FREEMEN of AMERICA will be heard by the WORLD , FALL 2012!



      31. @give it time @y’all beware… i’m building it… then funding… then recruiting… then training and then… well we’ll just have to see how this story ends next FALL 2012!

        The FREEMEN of AMERICA will be heard by the WORLD , FALL 2012!



      32. Let’s see, fight the govt, lose my kids… HHS has already tried taking my kids on bullshit charges 4 fucking times. Each time unfounded, a bumper sticker, a bruise from my son playing with a 140 pound great dane, same son not wearing underwear at school, my daughter holding hands with a boy on the bus to school. Bullshit every time, and its damn near bankrupt me keeping my family intact.
        I’ll do what’s required to keep my family whole, but nina, unless you know what is really going on in ex military personnel’s life shut the hell up! Armchair frickin quarterback butt hole.
        Have you ever been told by the HHS and cops that you are unfit because of your service, no, your job is insufficient to keep your kids, how to be a parent? Shut up!

        • @mm2nuke … lets get something clear , you think at a “me” level in life… I think in “We as A Country!” level in life… I suggest you stay with your own i.q. level in life… or i’d be more than happy to meet with you personally to discuss our differences any where, any time, any blade, fist or gun! I’ll let you choose inbreeder! As I said previously “You” don’t deserve to wear the uniform!

          • That was to Nina, btw.
            My kids are the most important thing in my life and I will do anything to protect and keep them. I’ve done my time in uniform 6 years as a nuclear mechanic, have 2 degrees in engineering so if you want to compare IQ’s I’ll oblige but you may be lacking.
            I love my country but my family comes first.

          • I think you have too many personalities in you head to be comprehensible. Oh the fight is against them not us, and its cro-magnon not magnum. I’ll fight when needed but its a waste of ammo against people who just like to cause trouble for the hell of it. Walking away from this, its not worth the time.

        • MM3nuke….ever consider home schooling? beats public indoctrination center every time…..I’m guessing HHS is the equivalent of CPS…Child Services?

          If your military, you took an oath…honor it….don’t play their game…if you play you loose.

          The Army screwed me every which way and twice on Sunday(long story)…civi now for 20 plus….Oath Keeper for life…this homey don’t play the NWO game.

          Never bet against the house…you’ll crap out! Instead take the crap outta the house a little at a time.

          If you can accept losing, you can’t win.
          Vince Lombardi

          • We were working on homeschooling when the whole mess started. I think that’s why it started really.
            The govt is good at screwing vets, they worked me over good too. I won’t play their game but until the HHS/CPS back off I have no choice.
            Lost my job in 2002, went back to school, got a degree, a job, plant closed wand lost everything, went back to school to get into the Nuke industry in time for BHO to shut it down after Japan.
            Went from 120K a year to 20K but kept my family together regardless of the 4 attempts to take my kids. We get by, we stay together, and we keep working for better days.
            Good luck all

      33. NinaO ~ After all the recommendations on the ‘puter, I’m still getting the same error. Tech Support?

      34. This poll was at :
        When is it okay to raid abandoned buildings for supplies?


        Only when you have been instructed that you can have the contents

        Only when you are 100% certain the rightful owner is never coming back

        When you’re pretty certain the owner has fled

        When you think the owner might have fled

        When the owner is gone and the property is unattended

        When the owner isn’t looking, and you really need the items to survive

        Screw him, the S hit the F, I’ll take what I need at gunpoint.

      35. This SHTFPlan article reminded me of the following two articles, they seem to support the conclusion, and there’s some nice charts:

        China, 2012 and Von Mises’ Crack-Up Boom

        “The crackup boom will end as von Mises predicts in monetary disarray, i.e. the debasement of currencies and possible hyperinflation where paper money loses all value. Today, money is no longer a store of value. It’s a trap for the unsuspecting that has already been sprung.”

        The Outlook for the New Year.

        “America’s salvation will come when Washington suffers defeat of its hegemonic ambitions. …

        [In the meantime] Americans seem to welcome the era of tyranny into which they are now entering.”


      37. Only fools wish for war.
        Prepare for it, train, logistical supplies, etc, but having seen it, the last thing any sane person wants is open warfare. God bless u all.

      38. The answer to the debt problem is financial system reform. See Moneymasters. The current Fed is not part of the government, it is a private institution controlled by private banks. They create the money loaned to the government out of thin air, there is no collateral, but the debt is considered legitimate, as is the interest on that debt. The Treasury can do the same job, but debt free. Debt-free constitutional money would erase the national debt, which would negate the need for income taxes. Without the national debt or income tax, enormous resources would be freed. So long as that wealth is not concentrated into the hands of the few (think: the judicious application of laws) then the country could greatly benefit. Trade and debts with foreign nations could be settled in gold. Inflation could be controlled by eliminating or sharply curtailing fractional reserve lending by commercial banks and by setting limits on cash creation, pegged in some way perhaps to population growth or price inflation trends. It’s actually easy, it just requires the majority to understand the current system and to shut it down. That day is coming.

        • Excellent appraisal of current situation…..

          • You’re #1!

        • The Fed isn’t the prime mover here. The Fed creates all this money because the Government demands it. Not that it doesn’t see ways to profit in the course of things, but if the Government had been rational, the opportunities would not arise. Having a central bank is not a bad thing in and of itself. Properly managed, it’s much better than the alternative. The idea is to have the central bank isolated and immunized against the political process. That’s why the Treasury Dept. cannot be trusted with the responsibility. That wall was broken down by the revolving door. Men now rotate from banks to the Government, and back to the banks, and ion and out of the Fed, back and forth, round and round, until the Fed has became just another political animal. Never mind term limits – make it the law that no banker or Fed official can ever be a part of Government, and vice versa, and you go a long way toward solving the problems. The Fed was to an extent intended to be a damper on Government, not an enabler.

          On fractional reserve lending – so long as the leverage ratios are rational, (say, 5:1), it works just fine. But we have a gang of criminals in CONgress and in the Executive that passed laws saying the a ratio of 50:1 was legal. They also forced accounting standards that enabled fraud to run rampant at GSEs like Fannie Mae, and of course crammed insane lending standards down the throats of the banks, probably with a wink-wink-nudge-nudge understanding that fraud would be overlooked so that the banks wouldn’t get stuck with the bad debt.

          Unfortunately economics and finance are too arcane for the average voter to grasp, so this all went on without a peep from the people it was going to hurt most, (us).

      39. maybe it’s time that those with a place “in the hills” begin to migrate there and start living the life that is most evidently on it’s way… romney=santorum(anti-gunners)=newt(cheap,sleazy, sell-out politician)=bachmann(who i originally felt might help but who is pro-Patriot Act and pro US military for world policing)=perry(pro united north america) which leaves only 1 candidate – Ron Paul but will he listen to the people or does he have an agenda all his own..????

      40. The States created the Federal Government and they can dismantle it too. The Federal Government has gotten away with so much corruption. When a limb is infected and is capable of infecting the whole body it must be cut off. The FG is infected and we need to cut it off from the States.


      41. I’ve read the comments and agree with most of them; that our children have a horrible future if things continue as is. That’s why I keep telling folks that the ONLY way we can fight back is with a REAL House of Representatives. Send a local representative to Congress that represents the 99%! Then replace them the following year so that they can’t grow into a sociopath representing the 1%. Just because it’s NEVER been done doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Remember, if you’re not (represented) at the table, you’re on the menu!

      42. The US WILL default on its debt this year or next. Get ready for it.

        At a minimum, the US dollar will devalue at least 40% overnight. Prepare for it!!!!

        A concerned citizen

      43. You’re wrong. Money is free. We pretend to borrow some, but in reality, it is “created” with keystrokes. Weimar we will become soon, but there’s only so much actual paper money, and since most people don’t carry any, better have some saved up. That whole “6 months worth of expenses in cash” is a good idea to have, the problem is, with inflation, that 6 months may very well become, well, 3 months, one month, maybe even a day. And, how many people can afford to have 6 months worth of cash on hand? Doubtful that too many can, I know I can’t.

      44. Ron Paul seems to be the only candidate who will significantly cut defense spending. We need to stop being the world police and protect our own borders.


      46. Hardly anyone alive today has ever seen what we’re going to live through. The moral decay alone will be astounding when people get hungry.

      47. Thank you Terry W. Reed and johney patriot…I’ll remember and hold you to it.
        God has been good to us and we thank Him every day.

      48. This is the most hilarious video I have seen. I think I am going to have my 8 year old co-sign for my new credit cards…

        This is not good!

      49. These homespun analagies of familys to countries always omit macro effects. A family can’t arbitrarily ask for a raise. A country can raise taxes. A family doesn’t own significant chunks of land underlain by valuable resources. Countries do. A family can’t stick a gun in the face of its creditors and say, “I’ll pay you when I feel like it”. Countries can. Finally, the family can’t change the very metric by which its debt is measured by devaluing the currency.

      50. So what, Im broke anyway.

      51. The most expensive thing I own is this PC.

      52. Let’s see.

        The banker’s cartel (FED) “requires” the government to borrow its own money. Government pays the debt incurred by doing this (and other debts) with Treasuries that require further payments to the bankers. Those payments require more borrowed Federal Reserve Notes and the ponzi continues, while the bankers make billions and print themselves trillions more on the taxpayer tab when they get in trouble?

        This would be a little like someone, without any real money, paying his Visa with his Mastercard and his Mastercard with his Visa. The major differences being that he doesn’t get a cut on each ponzi transaction, can’t raise his credit limit indefinitely, and is actually billed interest charges.

        Why not end the FED and the ponzi, have the Treasury reclaim its duty to issue money and limit it to coining real money without debt? Yes, this would cause chaos for awhile, but much less than what is ahead on the current path.

        A good interim step might be to repeal the “debt limit” provision, and require each bill going forward that requires funding to provide the funding in the bill.

        Most say, “That can’t happen, because the bankers own the congress, and they will not let go of the money printing machine”. A law to take corporate money and lobbyists out of politics, so the bankers no longer own congress, would fail for the same reason. Ron Paul might like to do it, but how?

      53. This is what you said, and I quote YOU: In a country where nearly 50 million require government assistance to put food on the table and almost one-third of the population is poverty stricken, those who do maintain gainful employment are living paycheck to paycheck.

        If the paycheck stops, the game for the average person is over.

        WTF! Did you ever take a course in logic? If the paycheck stops, the game for the average person IS NOT OVER. You get food stamps, gov assistance for housing, utilities, etc. I would appreciate it if you used a bit more intelligence next time you post something. My 10 year old has better logic than you.

        • Check out my Hawaiian tan.

      54. I need another drink!

      55. Relax Boys and girls; A long time ago An economic commentator: Vern Meyers said “Once you go over the edge it does not matter if your foot is on the brake or the gas; enjoy the trip” IMHO we have already gone over. Just enjoy the trip and get ready to hit. I like Dr Paul but it’s far to late. Interest rates are as low as they can ever go, a 3% rise will completely bankrupt the gov.and the debt goes up another 1.6 Trll this year. It cannot be stopped. Let them print and spend; use the time wisely

      56. Man, it’s bad enough that the such a fiscal fiasco can be put so plainly, such that anybody that manages a home budget can see it, but what makes it painful is that this is a recurring scenario played out annually – it’s a wonder it’s lasted this long. Everyone is in denial.


      58. Hey,

        Someone told me that there is a version where the guy asking the loan pulls his pants down, when the bank manager asks what else is he willing to commit to. Either there is a real version of that, or I’m just as perverted as the guys running the US Congress.

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