You Won’t Believe How They Rigged Ohio Against Trump: “Intentionally Confusing Ballot”

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Headline News | 103 comments

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    This article was written by Piper McGowan and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment:  The GOP has a history of manipulating the primary, but this time they are going all out to destroy Trump. Is it any wonder that Ohio’s ballot – which will be cast next week – is so confusing that Trump may lose votes just as a result of the ballot’s design?

    It is the home state of Governor John Kasich – a lackluster candidate who, nonetheless, was expected to win Ohio, and keep the delegates for the establishment side. But according to the polls, Trump is beating Kasich in Ohio AND Rubio in Florida – and they are big delegate, winner take all states. However, Kasich is close enough in his homestate, that a bit of meddling could change things. If Trump wins both, the GOP insiders have even less of a chance to trip up The Donald.

    But if the Ohio GOP ballot leaves as many people scratching their heads as the newscaster in the video below, anything could happen in Ohio. Polls will not translate into votes if the machines are designed to deceive.

    You Won’t Believe What They Did to the Ohio Ballot to Stop Trump

    by Piper McGowan

    We all know the elite are on the warpath against Donald Trump, with everyone from pundits, to major world leaders, to the Pope speaking out against him. Newt Gingrich recently said it’s because Trump isn’t part of the secret societies and hasn’t taken the initiation rites.

    Regardless, Trump has received a groundswell of support from the average conservative American, winning state primaries left and right. Ohio’s primary is coming up on March 15, and it’s a big one because it’s a “winner takes all” state.

    Well now it’s being alleged that Ohio’s GOP has intentionally set up a confusing ballot in a bid to try to make sure Donald Trump does not win.

    The Dem ballot has one place for voters to mark their choice for president. Period.

    The Republican ballot in Ohio this year apparently has two, leaving a lot more questions than answers about whether or not voters will understand how it works.

    Take a look, (via the Conservative Treehouse):


    Is the ballot intentionally confusing by design?

    Given the previous discussions on State Party shenanigans, and the intent of state republican party leadership to hold complete influence over their delegate’s decision-making, many believe the answer is “probably”.

    Look at that ballot. It definitely raises a lot of questions… that aren’t answered on the ballot.

    Do the majority of voters know the difference between “Delegates-at-Large” and “District Delegates”? Does a person need to choose their candidate twice, or are they only supposed to chose once? Which is right? What if they pick a different candidate in each box, do they cancel each other out? What if they pick someone in the first box and not the second, or vice versa?

    Why the confusing GOP ballot, Ohio?


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      1. Looks like it applies to all the candidates, not just Trump.

        • Looks like John Kasich’s name is on both sections.

          • Just Vote Early and Vote Often… to be sure.

            ~WWTI… in FL.. strange things happen, Like when Gore was Robbed when all the Jews in Palm Beach County FL Voted for Buchanan in 2000. Thus the term “Hanging Chad was born.

            • Gore got Robbed and Bush saved us Thank God.))))

              • really

                • YES Really!

                  • FACT: Trump is bringing in a lot of first time voters out to the polls. And, lots of people who are only going to vote for TRUMP and no one else.

                    The establishment designed the paper ballot in such a way as to disenfranchise, by trickery, many first time voters who support Trump.

                    The establishment’s trick is having two contests on the same ballot. One contest that counts, and one that does not.

                    They placed Trump’s name in the “sweet” spot on the ballot[1] for the contest that has no effect.

                    While, the real contest is decided by votes cast in the lower left-hand corner of the ballot; with Trump’s name near the bottom of that list.

                    Many first time voters will fall for the trick by seeing TRUMP in the sweet spot, voting for him there, and then turning their ballot in; not realizing that their “sweet spot” vote doesn’t count. Worse, since they did not vote for any candidate in the real contest on the lower left-hand side of the ballot; the corrupt poll workers can steal their vote by making a few quick circles with a #2 pencil.

                    [1] The “sweet spot”, is that spot on a sheet of paper where the majority of peoples eye’s fall first.

                    • In all my life I nave never seen such dirty politics,and it’s the Republicans doing it ,tricking their own people into voting for John Kasic,Ohio sucks,and so does the R N C.

                    • This is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Why wouldn’t all voters be confused equally. Or are Trump voters dumber than all the others.

                    • John G
                      That’s what I’m saying. Tempest in a Teapot. Ignore real issues. Wake up folks.

        • not the point ass hat…

        • I noticed, too, that it appears that each candidate’s name is in both sections.

          Perhaps the party bosses intended the ballot to be confusing to the point that there was no clear winner, and THEY could choose whomever they please.

          • Yes, I think you got it!

          • Exactly my thoughts

          • Why is it that there is no heading that says “President”? They should have a sign or something that says you have to vote in both sections of delegates. Stupid….

        • That’s okay, we Trump supporters are smart enough to figure it out. Hell, we Republicans can figure this all out, don’t know if I can say the same for those lying littlr loser liberal, “gimme gimme” lemmings though, right? Trump2016!!!!!

          • Trump is a snake oil salesman.

            • And any of the others are better? They tell the truth, would never lie to us, and have our best interest at heart!

          • Trump! 2016 go Trump

        • Here is your chance to vote for Trump twice

        • I think some delegates are from districts and some state-wide. However, I think everyone else just has you vote once for the pres and it goes to both sets of delegates. It looks like the dems do it that way in Ohio.

        • That is meant intentionally to confuse. There should be different names between “Delegate at Large” and “District Delegates and Alternates”. What happened to choices of “President” and “Vise President”?
          Something more exact is more appropriate and less confusing. I guess Liberals try to win any way possible! Even making choosing on paper confusing.

        • Exactly what I was thinking lmao ! People that are too dumb to vote shouldn’t be voting !!!

        • Is the author trying to say Trump voters are too stupid to figure this out while other voters can?

          • Obviously You are just another lib that can only try personal insults due to your diminished ability discern shit from shinola

        • Yep Smokey your right .

      2. Who created the ballot? No place for this BS. Stop trying to screw the will of the people.

        • It’s been like this for years. No BS. The story is misleading it’s all canadates not just Trump. Ohio voters are not that stupid. The Delagate at large is the one that is counted.

          • John
            I agree, it is the same for everybody and has been the same for years. No story here. Keep prepping.

      3. I declare war on United Kingdom and Russia. USA and Germany crush them. Prepare your weapons for activation. Let’s start warfare.

      4. Treasonous and should be illegal. This is exactly what’s wrong with this country.

      5. Im from Ohio will let you all know Tues

        • Tuesday may be too late for some people.

      6. Good article! I also like the Conservative Treehouse as they do excellent research and in-depth articles. I hope people figure this deception out and check both boxes!

        • Trump should enter a voting complaint now to have this ballot looked at by the election commission. if its different than last years.

      7. John Kasich

        Ohio State Senate 1979-1983
        U.S. Congress 1983-2001
        LEHMAN BROTHERS 2001-2008 (they didn’t do so well)
        Governor of Ohio 2011-2016


        • Kasich isn’t liked much in Ohio. He had to combine those will wanted to recall him as he moved for Presidential bid and place him on a two front losing election battle, the people who do like him as governor but not Presidential bid, and those who like him for both. Kasich can only win Ohio especially in the general election by rigging it.

          • From what I gather, he is a toe nail away from falling into the liberal category, and assuredly is the senior establishment candidate out of the four repubs.

            I know he spouts a lot of “look what I have done for the buckeye” rhetoric, to only find out that he is deceiving about a lot of it.

            The medicaid/medicare problem he claims he fixed, he did it with USSAG printed/loaned, taxpayer money.

            A big majority of the jobs he claims he created, came at the expense of Chinese investment and ownership of companies in the buckeye.

            I always, for the most part, enjoyed traveling to the Buckeye, and talking to mostly friendly people there. But, kasich seems more like a NY city, or Beantown, yankee.



              WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON TODAY MARCH 10, 2016




              THEY KNEW IT


              GET THE IDOTS OUT OF THE RACE……..P L E A S E

            • Rubio is establishment candidate. Go to national sight and see who his state by state chairs are. They are politicians, ex and retired politicians, and party officials. It backfired in ky. Press day before caucas listed supporters. Even though some of the people listed as supporters pretty popular, he finished distant third behind Trump and Cruz.

          • Personally, I think the entire ballot is rigged and stacked in favor of John Kasich. I had thought, for a long time, he would make a good vice-president, but NEVER a president—too deep in the clutches of the Establishment, too much of a “yes, man” to the RINOS–NAMELY Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Karl Rove!
            No, I think this ballot was intentionally rigged to fool the inattentive voters into not voting for their choice, and also I wouldn’t put it beyond the Establishment to rig the voting machines. I will be so glad when this election is over! FOUR YEARS before the election date is much too long to campaign, as is even a YEAR prior. Do the whole thing in six months, and be done with it—but, go with the desires of the PEOPLE, NOT the politicians! They have ruined this country, and must pay for their sins!

      8. Unless this is a long game that has been game-theoried to death I can’t see any other vote. The open attack and fear by the insiders on both sides, but republican establishment is off the charts. I maintain my republican party status only to vote in the primaries.

        If you don’t have an open primary I don’t get a say in how conservative I want the party candidate.

        I think Trump has put some serious sticks in the wheels of the system, And that is what I am after. If not him, then Bernie for the sake of burning it down to get it over with.

        Feel like Cruz is a puppet.

        • You are a complete moron. You are the kind of fool who would have herded your relatives into the ovens.

        • We must send a message to the status quo and reset this corrupt system. Go Trump!

      9. The push is on to destroy Trump. Please clap, please vote Rubio. We’ll kill them all and protect you from terrorusts. Hillary and her lying, cheating ways can fix anything. All the calls for paper ballots have been ignored, they can hire every Tom, Dick and Mary to do census, but choosing a president can’t be trusted to lowly disenfranchised peons to actually guarantee a legitimate tabulation of the vote.

        • Aljamo,
          YUP that is what our current politicians think about us, that is just ONE reason we need to remove them ALL and put in some new blood!

        • aljamo.

          We have been fooled by so many just go ahead and vote for Hillary.

        • rubio is on his way out. just read it on campaing for liberty.

        • IN REFERENCE TO THE KILLING OF LAVOY FINICUM and the Oregon/Bundy/LaVoy ordeal.
          Trump is totally in tune with ALL aspects of government CORRUPTION.
          As far as I know he is the ONLY candidate speaking out about this!.

      10. Mac, why the blackout on the new video from INSIDE Lavoy Finicum’s truck. This is HUGE!

        • OG I mentioned this in one of the earlier articles today and it barely made a ripple, the silence is deafening. Trekker Out. Magna est veritas et praevalet.

      11. Voting for Trump scares the hell out of people. Voting for Hillary scares the hell out of people.

        Voting for anybody else doesn’t matter.

      12. Am I missing something?

        Doesn’t this apply to ALL candidates????

        Why does this article speculate this is something negative against Trump? Are you suggesting Trump supporters are not as intelligent as supporters of other candidates and cannot figure this out?

        I agree the ballot is unusual…but nothing nefarious going on from what I can see.

        • “in between the lines” the author is just inferring that the ‘dedicated’ form is purposely misleading (nobody much will vote for the others listed), and so IF you do not check off or circle both places it won’t be counted.
          In short, it’s just another way to condition The Sheeple into believing they are actually voting and getting what they want, when that’s the last thing you’ll ever see happen with THIS political circus.

          And, what the hell makes anyone think that they would be able to “immediately detect” any foul play at the voting machines, or believe there IS NOT any ‘foul play’ or (nefarionism) at play in ALL such ‘booths’. I vote we use ‘hand-counted ballots’ and keep all electronic devices ‘distanced’ from every aspect of voting (otherwise it IS a farce, deceitful and everything Hillary stands for in life).

          • they did this so the illegals and hispanics will get confused and only mark one spot.

        • you need to be able to read. It treats all candidates the same. Pay attention. Are you saying Mr Trump’s supporters are not as intelligent as supporters of the other candidates? Hum?

      13. I’m English, but hot war is what it looks like to me. Voting does not work. We have to view things rationally. We are suffering a parasite. What a wonderful world this could be, for such a little slaughter.

      14. The exact same thing happened in Florida, when Bush beat(?) Gore, because the ballot was intentionally confusing. When I first saw the ballot, I knew what was going to happen. The ballot was purposefully skewed in favor of Bush. If you weren’t extremely careful in reading how the ballot was set up, when you thought you had voted for Gore, the vote actually went to Bush.
        THEY are doing it again!

        • Are you out of your mind? The only ballot that was confusing was used in a Democract ward and was designed and approved by the majority democrats in that ward.Get a grip>

      15. From what I understand, the RNC does not want Trump nor Cruz and their goal is to make certain no candidate reaches the necessary 1237 delegate count in order to be nominated. If that happens, then the Republican party will concoct some new rules that will allow them to hand select their preferred choice….

        The dem’s are no better. Bernie Sanders won in Michigan by 2% points, but has fewer delegates because the dem party stacks the deck..

        In other words, the two party’s know better than the voting public, to sit down and shut the fuck up…..

      16. You’re an idiot. Read directions. You vote twice. However Delagate at Large is what counts. It the same for multiple years. We are not stupid in Ohio. All candidates are there twice.

        • Pretty much the same thing in Illinois. We vote for delegates for each candidate, and we vote for alternate delegates for each candidate. The Ohio ballot doesn’t discriminate against Trump in any way – it’s the same for ALL the candidates. Sounds like someone trying to start a pity party for Trump.

      17. if trump is the nominee gonna have to vote for him just because it scares the republicrat establishment. The more other candidates hate him the more I like him. I hate Mexicans building a wall sounds great. Creating jobs and forcing the free shit army back into the workforce sounds great to me. I will always side with anyone trying to preserve white folks. Anyone that is white and cares about it should wanna preserve white culture. still trying to figure out what white privelege is.

      18. A copy of this ballot needs to be forwarded to Donald Trump’s campaign manager asap!

      19. I live in Ohio and the Ohio Republican party is corrupt from the state to the local level. I have seen some good constitutional candidates get railroaded by career politicians in this state. I saw John Boehner lie to the Cincinnati tea party saying he supported the cause of the tea party to get votes only to turn tail in DC. Kasich signed the Ohio Healthcare freedom act, a ballot initiative passed by the Ohio voters to amend the State Constitution to suppress Obamacare and he then expanded medicaid under Obamacare. He also said he balanced the Ohio budget but failed to pay the feds back Unemployment compensation the state borrowed after the market tanked in 2008. Employers get the burden of paying this back by getting charged more in federal unemployment tax. The state still owed the feds $770 million as of Dec of 2015.

      20. Did some background on this ballot. It started spring 2015 when kasich and ohio repub party changed the delegate rules for 2016 primary. No longer a proportional delegate state, ohio now winner takes all. Presumably to benefit kasich should he run, which he is. And all the pundits are now squawking how kasich needs ti win ohio to prevent a trump delegate sweep… this ballet was printed as it woukd have been for the previous proportional delegate system, making it now confusing for voters. Intentional I believe. But i also believe ohio voters are smarter than the party and will follow the instructions to vote for their guy. The state Central Committee is responsible for this mess and ohio voters have the duty to vote them out and replace with honorable conservatives who will respect and simplify the election process. Did I miss anything? Please critique my comment but be nice

      21. @Joe… Do you really believe that Trumps campaign doesn’t already have a copy of the ballot?? People like you keep me employed.

      22. Confusing if you’re retarded, maybe. But if the… wait. you said Ohio?

        Oh. Er, uh, well…

      23. Looks the same for all candidates. Non story. Also, what does this have to do with planning for SHTF?!? I would respectfully suggest this site steer away from throwing a bias behind any candidate or risk alienating a portion of its readership. Stick to SHTF.

      24. Shenanigans with he ballot is not new they do it here all the time. It’s like changing a word on a multiple choice question changes the answer. People need to pay attention.

      25. It’s the obozo’s oiho Eh?

      26. I have been voting in elections in Ohio for 20 years. This is the same format I have seen in every election. The ONLY difference is that they switched to digital, the first presidential election effected by that was 2004.
        No matter the candidate complaining, I would say to them and their Supporters, get over yourself, no one is out to get you.

      27. It’s not rocket science if it is on there twice pick both to make sure if there is any doubt which one to pick. It has been that way for years. Just make sure you vote!!!!!

      28. It’s not rocket science it’s been that way for years just pick both that are the same. It’s been that way for years I don’t think we the people are that stupid but the guys in Washington are that is why this country is so pissed off with them!!!!!

      29. Daily Sheeple is in the bag for Trump. Goofy stories like Cruz wife working as a …gasp… Capitalist! We can’t have capitalism happening in America!!

      30. Go TRUMP Make America Great not Whole

      31. Go Trump Make America Great Again NOT WHOLE

        XHTML: You can use these tags:

      32. Don’s voters will figure it out. Heil Don Juvenile.

      33. Have to put TRUMP IN OFFICE as PRESIDENT. Hillary and Bernie just sold the USA to Mexico!CNN REPORTED PART IF THE DEMOCRATIC DEBATE IN MEXICAN!!!! We have to take back USA, Stop ELEGALS who are not allowed to vote from VOTING and our politicians from catering to them for ELEGAL VOTES. CRUZ Is a Canadian born on Canadian SOIL and is a naturalized citizen NOT NATURAL BORN AMERICAN., people Google the US CONSTITUTION and read it. To run for president of the USA candidate HAS TO BE BORN ON USA SOIL. The reason the Republican Elite do no want Trump because he would expose all the GRAFT AND CORRUPTION IN THE US GOVERNMENT THAT EXISTS AND HAS FOR MANY YEARS. The Elite Republicans do not want to give up all the $$$$$$ that the lobby groups and big business is filling their pockets. The only way to expose all the graft and corruption is having Trump as president of the USA

        • Trump is like hitler some mussolini and hes the antichrist so good luck with that kkk all the way

      34. Democrats only have to circle or mark once. Republicans have to circle or mark twice. The districts are confusing people, and if both are not circled or marked, the vote does not count.

      35. They need to listen to the people! No need to vote if they try to tell us who can run, and take away the leader.

      36. This is a ridiculous and false claim. Simply put, if the ballot was meant to hurt, his name would be the only one that is repeated. Instead they all are… So is this site suggesting that Ohio is trying to hurt chances for all the candidates equally? What about Kasich? He is intentionally “hurting” himself, or is it much more likely that this is just how the ballot looks with no ulterior motive? It looks like the second section is specific to district while the first is for the state. Most likely just to help with counting. Oh, wait, maybe this is a tactic to deprive Trump of precious votes… That’s if this site is suggesting that Trump voters are too dumb or last to figure out to mark both names… Like actually reading the ballot.

        Somehow I think they will manage despite this sites assertion that they are less smart than other voters.

      37. Simply vote for Trump on every option. That should take care of it without confusion!

      38. Apparently the Breakfast Cereal Governor, has lots of FIBER, because this is a Shitey (yes I know) thing for anyone to do. But hey, it shows the character and integrity of him and his minions.
        Is that who you want representing you?
        Not me

      39. Ohioans aren’t stupid; however there are a lot of seniors that vote. Some of them are easily confused and still
        trust the gov’t. Everyone should print
        a ballot and send it to their local newspaper and insist they print it before Tues. If enough interest is shown it will become a “story” and be

      40. Despicable attempt by political elite to thwart the will of the people again! Since they’re not clearly defining the rules, they can just change them in whatever way necessary to skew the count against Trump. Trump’s people should tell people all over social media to vote for him twice. But, if they’re that corrupt in OH, maybe it won’t matter.

      41. This ballot manipulation clearly tells the voter that John Kasich is an absolute phoney. He is definitely a bought and paid for establishment hack. He is a RHINO not a true conservative. Enough is enough.

      42. Hmmm

        Trump is widely expected to take a very larger percentage of the vote in Ohio. Therefore logic dictates that if a ballot is intentionally designed to confuse voters with the upshot being that the vote is nullified or diluted than Donald Trump is going to be hurt far more than any other candidate…….

        Come on people this is pretty basic.

      43. Up until year ago, I lived in ohio. This is no story. Both parties are corrupt. Geez if I remember correctly there was a poll worker yhat voted for obama 17 times. When interviewed sh said she would do it again as we had to get him in. TRUMP is liar and bully. Not to mention as skin thin and vindictive as obama, hillary a crook. I am voting cruz when they get to my state. Establishment doesnt like him either. Even if they call him liar he actually has been more truthful than any of them. I checked facts after their accusations.We can all disagree who we vote for without insults. I understand the anger. I hope we can agree on one thing if not trump or cruz and they pull a fast one it will end republican party. Much as i dont like trump, if he wins he should be candidate. If either of two are not then i vote third party. Its a very sad time in politics.

      44. ??that Republican ballot that was shown in the movie at the top of this article is not the same as the one that I was given in Belmont County. It had the Ohio govener listed at the top.And I thought that was more than odd ?

      45. Trump 2016

        • Florida voter….
          TRUMP 2016

      46. It doesn’t matter that everyone is listed in both places. The point is to take down Trump. If most people are for Trump, and most people check only one box, it could be enough to cut Trump’s votes and prevent him from achieving first place, and thereby lose ALL the delegates in a winner-take-all contest.

      47. Trump has exposed the GOP establishment insiders for
        exactly what they are, and have been for years, “the
        elite rich buying munipulating and being the puppit
        masters of the POTUS to their own advantage, and to
        hell with the middle class and below, no matter what
        race ethnicity or color.” They know they cant do that
        with Trump. However they can with Cruz. Though Cruz
        claims not to be an establishment insider, but the simple
        fact is, his wife works for Goldman Sachs, Ted would be
        just another establishment POTUS puppet, feeding to their
        enrichment at their behest for four years.
        I am a Florida voter….
        M A K E A M E R I C A G R E A T A G A I N
        vote Trump 2016
        GO GO GO TRUMP 2016 GO GO GO

      48. JJ Cruz can’t be president, he was born in Canada and his mother became a Canadian citizen before he was born.

      49. jj Cruz can’t be president he was born in Canada and his mother became a Canadian citizen before hi was born.

      50. Ah, the RNC using that superpac money collected for commercials and all other means of belittling Trump with lies and deception. Rubio’s commercials are a joke as he’s most likely out after the next election. This might fool rafael’s and rubio supporters, but Trumps voters will not be taken in by this B.S. the RNC has placed in The Donald’s path to the presidency.

      51. No matter how many tricks the RNC tries. Trump 2016!

      52. all the candidates have been in office and done nothing..Obama should have been impeached a dozen times
        and they did nothing…let trump have a chance at it..he
        could do no worse for us..than Obama..he is not bought all the rest are they are for themselves not for us…they just give you that political crap…trump don’t he just tell it like it is..but he will do the job
        if he gets in there..isis will get the heck blown out of them…we are in serious trouble with them…

      53. This looks like a nonstory to me. In Illinois, where I vote, you vote your for your candidate once for a predetermined amount of statewide delegates, and then you vote for actual delegates (each candidate has 3) to be awarded by district. It’s possible to split the vote, although I don’t know why anyone would do so.

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