You Will Soon Be Obsolete: “Plan Your Future Before THEY Plan It For You”

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    From our good friends Melissa and Aaron Dykes of comes a documentary unlike anything you’ve seen before.

    The world is about to change drastically. Will you be ready for it?

    The Future Doesn’t Need Us… Or So We’ve Been Told.

    With the rise of technology and the real-time pressures of an online, global economy, humans will have to be very clever – and very careful – not to be left behind by the future.

    From the perspective of those in charge, human labor is losing its value, and people are becoming a liability.

    This documentary reveals the real motivation behind the secretive effort to reduce the population and bring resource use into strict, centralized control.

    Could it be that the biggest threat we face isn’t just automation and robots destroying jobs, but the larger sense that humans could become obsolete altogether?

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      1. Not likely, not in my future anyway,
        Until a machine can tackle detailed remodel carpentry and applying finishes in the field or doing delicate cognitive farm work it aint going to happen,

        • One doesn’t live in a vacuum. You may have a needed skill but your employed by others not in that same position. The they lose their job its a domino effect, they can’t employ you. If your market gets flooded with labor it drops wages. Less demand coupled with increasing supply is less net worth. You might not feel the full brunt of the effects but you won’t be immune. When the steel mills closed in Allentown Pennsylvania, the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker all felt it too. A rising tide theoretically raises all ships then conversely draining the ocean beaches them.

          • Thats the beauty of living in our little micro climate here, this is where all the rich or well off folks move to get away from the decay in the lower 48, im not worried, by the time thats an issue i will be long long gone.

            • No children? Don’t give a hoot about the future? Good riddance. We won’t miss you.

              • Oh?
                And you think you in all your grandiose insignificance can make a difference?
                Ha! Good luck with that

                • Ooo! Good one! lol…

                  • Well really! Think about it bud,,, im 50something, slowing down a bit, what the hell am I going to do? Im in the trades, in my lifetime, i have seen little in the way of automation in our arena beyond robotic machines for concrete coring or laying and CNC machines for all sorts of stuff, but this stuff still needs someone to run it, take the orders, etc etc,,, id like to see a robot that can hang recycled doors in a 1920s vintage house that nothing is square or plumb or level or smooth! If somebody comes up with that sorta robot, they can have my jobs,,,, good luck is all I can say,
                    There are so many things that at this point in time and in the near future are never going to be done by a robot ar AI that I am not worried. Adapt, grow, expand our minds, i have been using AutoCAD for shop drawings and building drawings and details,,, there is no way you could equal the speed or accuracy of utilizing this drafting program, but it still takes me going out with the laser, tape measure, angle finder etc and inputing the info, in some cases automation and technology is indispensible, auto or other assembly line work for instance, why pay 3 different shifts of labor that shows up late, takes 3 breaks a shift, has a sore back or a headache or their puss is itchy or whateverthehell when you can have a robot line work around the clock for the cost of the electricity and the fraction of the initial cost each day makes up,,,,
                    People hire an artisan if they want artsyfartsy craftsman stuff, but the industrialist building a million whatsits buys a robot or mechanical line to build their million whatsits,,, its a business, your in business to make money,, what is the most cost effective method to do any particular task, thats how you should do it

                    • Keep up the good work. Your skill is still needed and don’t let anyone tell you different.
                      IF are economy picks up you will be inundated with requests to hang doors in great houses.
                      Maybe even for the “Donald”!

            • Don’t bet. As the world champion boxer Joe Louis said, “You can run but you can’t hide”.

              ” by the time thats an issue i will be long long gone.”

              Depending upon age and health that might be true but its effects are presently being felt.

              • Solar storm so powerful it’ll make Northern Lights visible over UK could knock out power lines and satellites

                “Operator of America’s biggest power grid issues warning over space weather forecast which may have worldwide impact.”

                “SOLAR winds kickstarted a huge geomagnetic storm this week, raising fears they could cripple power supplies across the globe.

                The charged particles are coming from a coronal hole on the sun that is currently facing Earth.”

                ht tps://

            • “…..long gone”

              this sounds like baby boomer “me, me, me” mentality.

              Boomers are the selfish scum that sold us out 60s-90s. made money hand over fist, blew money 2 hands over fist.

              they raped this nation and put the money up their noses, into childish ventures, alcohol, etc..

              They are forever MENTAL CHILDREN> the koolaid was for them, they drank every last drop.

              • The selfish scum are the CEOs and executives that gave themselves outlandish golden parachutes while stripping away pension plans from their employees. They should all be swinging on a rope.

        • Wow!I am deplorable/a constitutionalist/a redneck(yankee version)and now am expandable/obsolete,just gets better daily!

          Nail,as a carpenter while skills needed now really tis amazing how the robot skills increase daily,really do see em doing fine work/pruning bonsai with a talented eye soon,eh.

          • All the federal government would need to do is invoke a bit of all of what is being discussed, and that would be more than sufficient to bring everything to a screaming halt (on every level of civilization that Americans are used to). And most of what is taken for granted won’t be around so much save for a few generators until the last of the fuel is miserly used for one last run.

            What I mean is that ALL OF THE EVENTS made to occur at pretty much the same time would bring about so damned much confusion that few to nobody would have a clue as to what to do, and that would mark their deaths (they would have failed to get OFF THE “X” you see)?

            Wow …there seem to be such a myriad of “false-possibilities” about to be sprung upon us, that we’ll not know the real from the false-flag and will likely not react to a damned thing, and confuse the hell out of them while we wait. heheh…

            Those solar-flares are surely timed, if they are indeed real, just as ironically as is Russia fleet arrival time, yet we don’t have control over the Sun as far as I’m aware of. I DO KNOW that three days ago there was a warning of a pending false-flag EMP that would appear to be caused by the sun but would really be caused by simple hacking (but nothing happened in our area).

            The closer we get, the quieter things are becoming, yet one can feel the seriousness being “jacked through the roof”, so …I’m prepped for about anything, survivable or not. But then again, that’s always been way so it’s nothing new for us.

            We met a couple that had actually found a cave locally just prior to the Y2K “event”. They said they had 100’s of buckets of long-term storage foods, rifles, handguns, ammunition and even four-barrels of kerosene in 55-gallon drums. They are not sorry that their investment turned out to be “foolhardy” as they learned a lot from “it”. This time around they’ve got the cave should they NEED one, and it’s well stocked if needs be, but most all of their things are ‘topside’ this time. heheh… If nothing at all happens they’ll definitely be some pissed off distant neighbors, but well stocked if it’s a harsh winter.

        • Where do all your customers work at nailbanger?

          Are they working for you?

          Your a little short sighted in your expectations.

      2. I guess the robots are going to work, get paid, buy goods and services and pay taxes. Or if there is know need for producers and consumers/or people, maybe we will not need robots. There are those who want you to fear and feed off of fear. People have lived with out robots for 100,000 of years. What’s to say we go back to that system. Then there could be a Terminator situation?

        • The Industrial Revolution was when manufacturing went from cottage industries, to a collective. Most of the low-level labor is probably, still performed by human hands — just done in bulk.

          Robots give us the potential for a second, Industrial Revolution, in which mass manufacturing is in the hands of the individual. The little person could theoretically leverage the machines for private benefit.

          We worry about these ephemeral elite. That can be anyone who has the initiative.

        • R. Lion, the plan to replace us with robots will never work so I don’t worry about it. They can experiment with them all they want, but it’s neither feasible nor sustainable.

          • I dunno Braveheart, those chicks at are selling upwards of $10 grand. I would have no problem making these ladies “as ordered” …they are used in nearly ALL XXX movies these days according to those in the business. (I only mention it as they are a simple form of a robot, but will damn sure get more and more sophisticated with time, much like that movie with “the wives” who were replaced by robots).

            Just saying…

            • Equorial. I’ll spend $10 grand on preps before I buy something like what you just mentioned. $10 grand would get someone more than a few preps…..

      3. If this is true, eventually survival for survivals sake will be the new job. That is what I’m working toward. The closer you get to keeping yourself alive without help from any outside source, the less you need an outside job. Then you thrive by having the assets to help others along the same path.

        • except for taxes.

          something our forefathers were against.

          today we have redcoats (badges) doing the same things as 1700s.

          people just haven’t figured it all out yet. BADGES are REDCOATS.

          • I guess it depends on the taxes. The property tax on my BOL is about one silver oz right now. Most other taxes are income or sales dependent

      4. Labor and management used be in a reciprocal arrangement, in which they literally did take care of your every need.

        As we supplement our incomes with primitive skills, and the incomes mainly go to rent-seekers, why did we need the management.

        I think I might have less bumps, bruises, and illnesses, if I was like the sedentary people on Wall-E, like the Medieval royals, who lived longer and grew a head taller.

        Do they provide that, anymore?

        You don’t have water to irrigate or offer us protection, as a part of the social contract. You pass laws against the hearth and the wheel.

        Partisanship and religions aside, that is a lack of objective morality, as when the founding deists referred to nature’s god.

        • We did nothing of the sort …bye now.

      5. Henry Ford III or IV toured the first Ford plant that had robotics in 1970 with UAW Labor Leader Walter Reuther. Henry said, “Walt, bet those robots won’t go out on strike”. Reuther replied, “They won’t buy any cars either”.

      6. AI and Machines will eventually takeover, and humans will become obsolete…or should I say, we will hand it over voluntarily. Much like we will be cashless soon; not by mandate, but by convenience. The terminator movies are the most prophetic films of our time. The only difference is there will not be a cyber-systems war that eliminates humans by nuclear apocalypse. We will simply hand over every aspect of our lives to machines, until we indeed are obsolete, and go extinct. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.!!!

      7. Like everything – it all depends on definitions we accept as the words we use.

        Look at the lemmings with their cellphones thinking that communication has improved between people – and they have forgotten how to talk to one another.

        Look at how much work our machines do for us – and how obesity and cancer have risen and activity has fallen.

        And now – progress…….. we progress to our own ends by assuming sloth, laziness and extra time to do…. what? nothing? is better.

        Sure, let it happen. There will be some few that can be happy with work-worn hands, wrinkled faces and who remember how to enjoy the silence at the end of a day of toil with one another between whom caring more is the thing most desired.

      8. Deer, hogs, gators, fish, duck, frogs, turtles, swamp cabbage. I got all of the major food groups covered, except bourbon. I wonder how many bottles of Dickel a gator hide will get me?

        • Probably plenty cause that’s some cheap rot-gut bourbon.

      9. Technology is a blessing and a curse.

        The truth is that even on the present day less people are needed to do many of the current jobs.

        Ironically less time is also needed to perform said tasks, yet corporate America insists on the 9 hour work day of 8 – 5. Employees are not rewarded for speed and efficiency and have to pretend their work requires 40 hours for fear of losing their job.

        It almost makes one nostalgic for the past; before factories and a consumer driven economy. Well – only for a minute. Because the past had it’s own set of problems and poverty if you will.

        Living in this world comes with a heavy price tag. Chronic business is a symptom of this place and what we have been taught is important. Even churches don’t know what spirituality is and live and die by the almighty tithe.

        Technologies that could give people the breathing room to explore their innermost selves are shelved. Though I suspect, as they do now many people would spend their free time mindlessly allowing others to tell them what they should feel, think, believe in and worst of all what is important in “our society.”

        Sometimes hear about some 12 year old who invents some type of free energy device, etc and the media gushes about how wonderful it is for about 3 seconds. And then it’s on to the next sound byte or story.

        Ironically most people think that these remarkable inventions are the exception, rather than the rule.

        Our universe is a living breathing thing. It is always giving us what we need to change the current nightmare we are living in. Unfortunately the elite are a clever bunch and so far have been effective at stopping these inventions, thoughts and ideas from gaining a foothold in mainstream society.

        What they forget is that like a tiny drop of water that pounds endlessly on a rock, eventually those very things they have suppressed for centuries will finally break through.

        The time for this is now. Each generation from here on out will be better than previous generations. We have entered the golden age.

      10. As long as they cannot find a place for the Kartrashians, Miley Cysleaze, Mahdoona “BJ for a Hilary vote”, and Lady Kaka, I’ll be ok with it.

      11. Solution to this issue: Make all equipment to run on Windows 98, Windows Vista, or just ANY of the Microsoft garbage.

        Next question!

      12. Seems like all the Obama Hilary voters are the EBT or paper shufflers. That we can do without or can be replaced by machines? They are digging their own grave. It seems like it will be a long time before a machine can replace a carpenter , Electrition ,Plumber, roofer, or any other non shuffle papers job?

      13. Lone yes the Parasites Who don’t build ,grow or repair stuff are already not needed. The hard fact is the former USA making producingmiddle class isn’t needed any longer. There are third world serfs and peons who do more production work for half the pay. They don’t need the middle class production. They Don’t Need the Middle class votes, Its a war on the Middle Class. The middle class is slated for extinction. And The DINDUS and Wiggers are not needed also. So Race war is being promoted.

        • You are correct but it is even bigger than you say. We are talking about the end of ‘free birth’: autonomous human reproduction. This is over.

          A good example of the failure of free birth is Africa, where there is a population explosion but not an explosion in capability or resources. That means social, economic and environmental stress of epic proportions. We see the consequences already as they flee to Europe.

          Free birth will be eliminated because there is neither the time nor the resources to course correct from the failures of free birth. For example, Nigeria will never become a first world place: the math on that just does not work.

          Managed and scientific birth will be mandated and those who are not in possession of the correct documented proof of non-free birth will be no longer required in the economy. Those individuals will be sterilised and removed from countries.

          In their place, a new population will arise: better atuned to their roles and free of genetic deformities and diseases. It will no longer make any economic sense to hang on to people with low IQS, with diseases, who can’t behave well, who are ugly, etc. The welfare class is already so passed their sell-by date: nobody needs them.

          And, yes, middle class people who are obese, ugly, diseased etc., are also not required since they can’t any longer provide the wealth to sustain themselves: healthcare costs alone will ensure this. And this is a good thing: the obese, elasticated pant suit ugly woman sitting at the desk in some government office is no longer required, and will be ditched for a beautiful woman who can offer value-added aesthetic benefits to her job.

          We are now in the transition phase to this new world. The old industrial world gave us the free birth explosion. But that chewed up resources and harmed the planet. That phase now has to be ended for the sake of the planet and the future of humanity. We now need to move into a time where to be allowed to be alive is a privilege and not to be wasted on the unuseful.

          • Frank thoughts , if your vile vision of the future is true, i would contact the nearest predatory ,alien race and let them know humans taste great and are a good source of vitamins and iron. Come on down boys, and dont stop till were all gone cuz we have the bad habit of being tenacious. Once weve outlived our humanity,there is little point in our continued existence, right ? ….. Right ? Gotta go , walking dead re-run is on in 5..!

      14. It’s time to buy a solar telescope. The sun is a star. Becoming familiar with the changes in solar activity has real life consequences.

        I’m guessing this is a false flag, probably coordinated around some actual solar events. My guess is that they’ll use that technology that creates or projects images in the sky. All just Hollywood type fantasy, with media coverage 24-7, until people believe and fear and accept. What follows,?. Could be grid down. Could be Soros riots. Could be economic Sunami.

        Now, this deserves some popcorn. I’ll take mine with nutritional yeast.


      15. The Banksters and their minions are obsolete.

        “The poor people will always be with us.”

        Who are you going to trust, Jesus or those Country wreckers that had him murdered??!?


      16. They always get this stuff wrong. I work with scientists and have been involved in gene manipulation for over a decade. The future (which is already here; it is just not widely distributed) is like this: for the hot and heavy work, there will be robots and machines, much like we see already. Dumb, repetitive work but it needs to be done. Then there is the dexterous work: fine motor and cognitive skills, touch and atmosphere. This will not be done by mechanical machines. Instead, bio bots will do this stuff. Genetically manipulated human forms with specific tasks in mind. Like we breed dogs and cats for certain attributes.

        So, what will be the demand? The bio bots wil do fine food preparation, interior decorating, cleaning, waiting tables etc. And the biggest market of all will be sex health. They will perform these tasks up to the bio age of 30 before being reassigned to home care or something else where beauty does not matter. But up to 30, they will be having sex constantly.

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