“You Loot I Shoot… Stay Away” – Houston Vigilantes Emerge Amid Outbreak Of Looting, Armed Robberies

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Headline News | 61 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.com


    Inevitably every major metropolitan crisis brings out the best and worst of what humanity has to offer.  While hundreds/thousands of people have rushed into Houston following the epic destruction of Hurricane Harvey to help in any way possible, others have once again predictably chosen to exploit the misery of others by looting abandoned shopping centers, robbing empty homes and even breaking into the Houston Apple Store (by shooting through the front door).

    In fact, just last night Houston’s Mayor was forced to impose a strict midnight to 5am curfew amid “an outbreak of looting and armed robberies, in order to prevent property crimes against evacuated homes in the city.  As Reuters notes, the curfew came after, among other things, reports surfaced of people impersonating police officers all so they could tell residents to evacuate their homes and then promptly rob them blind.

    That proved too little for county officials who set up their own location as an outbreak of looting and armed robberies prompted the city to order an indefinite curfew from midnight to 5 a.m. (0500 to 1000 GMT).

    Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said late Tuesday individuals impersonating police officers knocked on doors in at least two parts of the city telling residents to evacuate their homes.

    Meanwhile, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo hosted a press conference earlier this morning to warn residents that his force is not going to tolerate criminals taking advantage of people in the community and that he is working with the district attorney to strengthen penalties for looting and is encouraging judges and juries to impose the maximum penalties possible.  Per ABC 13 of Houston:

    He said his officers arrested 14 alleged looters since Sunday. Those arrested will face stiffer punishments under a Texas law providing heftier penalties during a crisis, prosecutors announced Tuesday.

    “People displaced or harmed in this storm are not going to be easy prey,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said.

    Burglarizing a home would normally bring a penalty of two to 20 years in prison, but now brings five years to life. “This is the state of Texas. We are a welcoming city, but we are not going to tolerate people victimizing others,” Acevedo said. He said he will push for the fullest prosecution possible for any crimes committed during such a sensitive time.

    The Police Chief said his officers arrested a crew of armed criminals robbing members of the Houston community on Monday night. “They found them after a pursuit and took them into custody. He said officers also caught three looters at a Game Stop Monday night.”

    The owner of the Bronze Bar in Houston also shared a photo of her business with smashed windows writing, “My business that I’ve worked hard for was looted last night. I can’t believe people are capable of this.”

    Not surprisingly, some looters either did not get the message or have simply chosen to ignore it as pictures and videos of criminal activity continue to flood twitter.

    Meanwhile, other residents have simply chosen to become vigilantes, and take matter into their own hands…



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      1. Would be a great time to Thin the Herd. That’s right cull the useless eaters. A lot of those people from New Orleans’s Hurricane Katrina were relocated to Houston. Just shoot them. Lay waste.

        • Uh hey rufus, id be a grate time ta thin tha herd. Where do you dumbasses come up with these stupid statements????????????

          • Why is your dumbass on this sight?

          • You must be one of the scumbag looters, let them catch you looting and you will never loot or do anything again as you will pushing daisies, there out there looking and are armed to the teeth and will shoot looters on site, don’t be stupid getting killed for a TV is just plain ole stupid but then again your commit shows you to be just that…a stupid moron.

        • it’s a thought?

      2. “You Loot I Shoot” you’ve got to make sure you rhyme when communicating with certain groups or they wont understand you.

        • Daa didn do nuffins

      3. looters always get away with it

        • In some places they do but not in Texas.

          • Not sure which part of Texas you’re from but Houston is a 3rd world dump.

        • Not really, after Iniki on Kauai there was a rash of unexplained drownings

        • Gandhi, looters won’t get away with it in my case.

      4. Fucking crakers when SHTF we thinning them out taking this country to a new direction

        • It’s cracker, as in one who cracks a whip, not craker which is one who boasts or brags as you do. Learn to spell Negro or you might be eating soap instead of soup when the SHTF.

        • Yep, straight down the toilet, like everything else Blackie touches.

        • You earned your reputation by the way you act—————–like uncivilized animals. Try doing something constructive instead of taking what you didn’t work for. You have been given more opportunity than alot of poor whites. It’s give give give, don’t you have any pride. I know some blacks who are ashamed of the way some in their race behave. You will be treated according to your actions.

          • I see the racial stuff on many SHTF sites, but what a lot of white preppers do not take into consideration is the well known fact that 100% of the evil globalists destroying this world are WHITE. High IQ’s just seem to lead to more complex diabolicalness and ruthlessness.

            I’m not a big fan of “The Walking Dead” TV show. But if you watch it it appears that fellow humans are more of a threat to each other than the Zombies are. Constantly there is someone who, despite the TEOTWAWKI that has happened, wants to dominate other people, to bully, to be a dictator, to be a predator.

            Who runs the ‘Urban Plantations’? White elitist Democrats like the Clintons, etc.. White Marxist bureaucrats created Hud Vouchers to move the Black population Plantations to even other cities, maybe one near you soon.

            The biggest most murderous despots on the planet were White. We as Whites, no matter what our tribal alliance, should recognize that. If we don’t then we accept more readily the despot, when he comes, just because he looks like us.

            I’m not trying to rattle cages here, but it’s something to think about. Essentially: Question everything.

        • You mean like your home Africa, the shit hole with the highest IQ of 60, start a war and see how it goes, you sub-humans wont last 2 days….and its crackers not crakers moron like I said 60 IQs

        • New Black Panther, you need to take that up with 100,000,000 gun owners who can literally wipe out you and your kind. Now what was that again that you want to do? Be careful what you wish for, boy.

      5. Houston is a dumpy crime filled sanctuary city. I Know because I used to live there until just recently.

      6. When I lived in Houston we were robbed of over $2,500.00 worth of merchandise…we could not even get the detective to return our phone calls. Good luck catching the looters Houston…you dirty sanctuary city.

      7. lots of bad blood gets settled during a crisis

      8. It’s heaven to them,good as sex,a damn deserted electronic store!Pure shit-sticks

      9. In Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots LEOs pulled back leaving zero security at gun stores which were quickly looted. Guns were handed out by gang affiliation, Bloods and Crips. The solution once the chaos ended was to enact more gun laws.

      10. It’s a damn shame that it comes to vigilantism. The politicians, civil rights activists, and the judicial system are who I blame for it. As long as you have these liberal judges going so easy on black criminals you have to expect more of the same. CSS is right. Now is the time to cull the herd. An alligator farm 2 counties east of Houston supposedly flooded and an unknown number of gators escaped. Shoot any apes who try to rob or whatever and let the gators have dinner. It’s a safe bet that’s happening to some degree now. It will be awhile before anyone learns the full extent of it. Dead apes tell no tales.

        • Getting tired of you white crackers always spewing your shit about us blacks all you crackers do is whine and bitch like females but always threaten to kill us but in reality you’re all terrified of us and I’m fucking glad can’t wait till SHTF. We don’t give af about no Army vets, no gun experience stupid mofos you bleed and shit like the rest last time I check y’all crackas not bulletproof after these statues come down y’all next we erasing y’all fucking history! ????‍♀️✊?

          • Yo Pantha, we had the same problem after Katrina. Cops long gone so the bro’s had a free hand, UNTIL WE BLEW IT OFF!

          • Can you run that through a translator? I don’t read simionics

          • Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha…oh man, you are funny. Actually, there are very few of us “crackers” afraid of you. We think you are all pathetic. We have no respect for you because you are not worthy of respect. If it comes down to you crawling out of your roach den to perpetrate your dream, there will be a major “thinning” going on. Then this country can move on without such a welfare dependent base and the taxes will be better spent.

          • Mr. panther, please watch the videos. Who do you see? White or black. And don’t try to blame it on Houston being 80% minority.

          • Either a troll or another stupid coon — you posted the same crap above, misspelled “crackers” and got punked.

            As far as the rest, I’m former Memphis SWAT and can personally tell you porch monkeys run like scalded dogs when a white man is armed too. ONE of us could, and often did, stare down 50-100 of you!

          • Hey, Panther, you gonna erase all our history including how we hauled you away from your brothers that sold you into slavery and brought you to America to give you a good life? Slavery wasn’t great but it sure beat the crap out of a mud hut and being eaten by lions. Now, we give you equal standing but all you do is whine about being held DOWN by the white man. Of course, there are situations that nobody is proud of. Generally, however, we treat equal effort with equal pay be that work or crimes.

            So, you want to thins us out huh? Who is going to pay the welfare bill? You think that money comes out of thin air? Actually, a lot of it does but its leveraged by tax paying WHITE people, mostly.

            You are like a spoiled brat. Momma don’t want to spank but eventually a point will be reached and us “crackers” won’t put up with your whiny stuff any more. We’ll just cut off the welfare then you’ll shut up. You’ll actually have to get a job. Soros won’t have enough cash to keep your foul mouth fed.

            • Don’t forget that Anthony Johnson (b. c. 1600 – d. 1670) was the first slave holder. By the way, he was from Angola.

        • DB: Amen. Take care of those savage apes and do society a solid!

        • deese gaters didn eet nuffin

      11. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSzCwfUkNCA

        nuff said.

        …same as it ever was….BA.

      12. Ask me how surprised I am at the fact that the majority are all ni66ers… Ask me…

        Should skin em alive with a dull rusty butter knife then drown them in a truck stop toilet.

        • Orion you probably walk the other way when you see black people your wife probably tougher than you I can’t tell you bitchmade hormones probably change inside your DNA

          • NBP, watch your stupid mouth about Orion.

        • yikes! drown in a truck stop toilet?. that is horrible?

        • The fact that the vast majority of all the perpetrators are of the african-american race surprises me about as much as my having a dry fart.

          • Blacks are an out of control cancer, actually they are the modern day Plague.

        • Noo…….make sure you roll them in salt or bleach them after skinning. don’t want to make gators ill.

      13. It’s sad that the good people have to die with the bad. I am sure of all the people who died in this hurricane some were the good ones.

      14. Looters are BLACK. I am so sickened tired of these typical, no good nigger$
        Hang them all to save America. Let’s take this country back to decent, civil times.

      15. Fucking crackers didn’t post my comment lmao I got you perkerwoods mad aha BLM+BPP+ANTIFA = NeW AMerica

        • The crackas did post it…

        • perkerwood?

        • = dead bodes stacked like wood and burned, trust me fool your out numbered and gunned 100,000 to 1 not to mention there a lot of thing in your mommy’s basement but brains is not one of them.

        • Perkerwood? What’s a perkerwood? You meant ‘peckerwood’, didn’t you? BTW, the BLM is REALLY Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter. No good people in that group.

      16. “You Loot I Shoot”
        This should be a LAW!!!

        Why is it some moron on the MSM will say well they don’t have the money so it is time for them to do this.

        If I had a store the only thing you will run out of the store with is a bullet in your ass.


        • …and when did protecting your property become “vigilante”?

          Is it the goal of ever liberal on the planet to smear every single tenet of self reliance?

          Is growing a garden “vigilante food production”?

          Is making your own power or not using any “vigilante energy production”?

          I’m sorry, but screw this. There is no vigilanteism. Stupid talk.

      17. With all of the tracking technology that has been developed in the last decade, doesn’t it seem probable that they could have a way to track the missing televisions?

        • Good point! Anyone who is in possession of said stolen property is a viable target. That way no one gets away with it. They were looters upon taking and remain looters when in possession of stolen property. THEY SHOULD ALSO BE SHOT. Once a looter: always a looter. Whenever possible it should be demonstrated that no one gets away with it!

      18. Vigalante – is a civilian or organization acting in a law enforcement capacity (or in the pursuit of self-perceived justice) without legal authority.

        so when is protecting your own property a form of vigilantism? The lefts way of playing with words..

        Now if people walked around and did this without being law enforcement personal then correct term, but this sign is by the home owner. Wrong choice of words and I submit on purpose…

      19. When the SHTF its sad but all you can do is shoot some people. If they are Black you have to assume that they could be a gang member or a Moslem. You have no choice except to kill them. If they are Hispanic you have to assume that they could be MS13. So, once again you have no choice except to liquidate them. Even White people, if they are there, then they were not prepared and if they are taking your supplies, they are probably starving and dangerous, so don’t risk it, kill them. You can’t take care of them without risking your own survival, SHTF situations can be brutal. You may have to kill a whole family just because the mother or father was an asshole. If it wasn’t for our fucked up government it probably would not have to be this way and this extensive and problems with looters and criminal assholes would be minimal.

      20. Looters should be shot on sight. Anyone leaving a building with property that is not theirs: IS A LOOTER! Have ready “witnesses” who “saw” the looter threaten a defender can be justifiably killed under the “Castle Doctrine”. Keep the story simple, with no embellishment, so that every “witness” is telling the same story. Ridding society of that vermin is a good step in “taking back” our country. People of all colors would benefit and most would agree and possibly participate in “THE CLEANUP”!

      21. Its the Trash from Ward 9 in New Orleans that fled to Houston. Kill them.

      22. Always,Always, it’s the Black Bastards that drag everybody down! Plenty of good black folks out there, but they are always getting screwed by the Niggas. The white people can’t stop the mayhem the Niggs cause, it’s up to the black folks stop them.

      23. I hope to hell they shoot everyone of these spooks.

      24. During the great Galvaston flood federal troops were sent in to restore order with orders to shoot on sight looters and other law breakers. Since many looters were black the order was to shoot black people on sight as it was felt they were out of control. It was a different time then. This from a book published a year after the event happened. Not a PC publication

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