YOU Have Been Targeted for Internment & Resettlement

by | Feb 22, 2014 | Headline News | 560 comments

This article has been removed at the request of the author.

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    1. Jerry

      Oh, crap!

      • What?

        This sounds like training for overseas peacekeeping.

        What probably happened is the head cheese of the Ohio NG told someone to make the training relevant to the troops, and said schmuck decided, “hey, let’s go after the gun nuts!”

        Good training gives a soldier a purpose that he/she can understand, whether that soldier agrees with it or not.

        When they are deployed, the training can then be modified to the local population.

        I cannot see this type of National Guard “training” going against the American people simply because military types are more apt to own guns and have a better understanding of their role in our country.

        Call me naive, but I don’t buy this story.

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          I’ve been “targetting” NOT to go.

          • Be informed

            One of the simplest and fairness things to do would be to leave people alone. Yet this is one concept that a terrible government can’t do. They just have to “do what is best for us”. BO and his cronies above and below him continue to meddle in aspects of our lives that are absolutely none of their business. If we don’t comply then we are assimilated. At least they will try.

            It is amazing to me how someone in the government or life can continue to try to F in people’s lives. It is not enough that they stick people with taxes to pay off ONLY the interest on an exploding debt that is going to exponential levels. It is not enough that they continue to shred freedom by freedom that is the backbone of the country. It is not enough that they continue to screw in other countries affairs that are absolutely none of their business. This is a definition of a terrible government that the Constitution was based on to protect the people from.

            It is throughly disgusting to see this play out. Look at over in the Ukraine. This country was part of the Soviet Union. The U.S. has absolutely no business over there trying to undermine or influence anything over there as much as China has no business trying to take over Canada or Mexico, which would lead to immediate use of the Monroe Doctrine and lead to WW3. Russia is the same as the Ukraine is over 800 miles on the western border of Russia. The U.S. is also screwing with China over disputed oil and natural gas problems with Japan, that is absolutyely none of their business. Yet there is BO and the U.S. right there F’ing in their personal affairs, just the same as F’ing in our personal lives just because we and many others choose to remain free and not bow down to tyranny like many of the masses have already chosen to do so.

            A bully, which the U.S. has become, eventually pushes those too far that cannot be pushed. Russia and/or China have the ability to completely end the U.S. in 30 minutes. Unformtunately as usual the people, that are also the victims of a rotten government, are going to be the recepients of those thousands of nukes sprouting mushrooms because this government can’t just leave others alone.

            • Kulafarmer

              The US has no business meddling in the affairs of ANY country,,,these assholes who feel the need to push their agenda should have to go there themselves, and with their family and friends first,,
              Oh how fast the backpeddling will be done when they are mandated to have skin in the game.
              NEVER DISARM!

              • Be informed

                @ Kulafarmer. Exactly. It is not their sons and daughters going over to another country to fight for the bankers. IF the U.S. goes to war over Syria, it will be to benefit the countries of Qatar and Saudi Arabia so they can ship their natural gas in a pipeline through Syria to Turkey to Europe. Imagine good Americans dying so those a$$hole shieks in Saudi Arabia and Qater and the mega wealthy bankers can get even richer. That is so unbelievably stupid it is beyond words to describe it.

                • Kulafarmer

                  4th generation warfare against those who would place us in that position, they get wacked first,,, let the protesters protest, but take out the trash that would so easily send our frinds, family, sons and daughters and their friends to fight yet another senseless bullshit war, they are the other side of the tinfoil hat wearing fanatics calling every single thing a conspiracy.

                • OutWest

                  People are constantly theorizing about
                  what they’re going to do this or that
                  to us, when or where, who or why.

                  All one has to do is put all the bullshit
                  theories aside and take a good hard look
                  at the death/internment camp the government
                  has been running right under our noses in
                  plain sight for years, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

                • WarriorClass III

                  The only Americans that should die are the ones in the leadership positions. Let them go.

                  If they start rounding up Americans to put them in camps, a whole new kind of hell will be unleashed that they never saw coming.


                • Braahaahaa

                  The U.S. doesn’t go to war for Saudi Arabia. The only nation who Americans die for are israel. Apparently, you know that but don’t care because most of you willingly kiss zionist ass because your fake bible told you so.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  What? says:

                  “This sounds like training for overseas peacekeeping.”

                  Everything the USG does “overseas” comes back to American shores. EVERYTHING!

                  “Overseas” operations are a beta test for the homeland.

                  Get your head out of your ass!!!

                • Paranoid

                  Dear NSA: I’m a poor turnip farmer all I do is grow roots to sell to the Government, below my cost. I sing: “Hail to the Chief ” before breakfast every day and vote a straight liberal ticket. I’M not the droid you want. I’m sure glad that’s settled.

                • Ryback

                  If this is true government contractors take heed, “Anticipation of death is worse than death itself”

              • Warchild Dammit!

                Kula,agree.Off topic you asked about using carbons in a recurve,of course you can but beyond the obvious of draw length you want to consider weight and vanes/fletches.I have not shot a recurve in decades though have friends who do and use carbon arrows,that said,you spiked some interest and did some research,in theory want a bit heavier arrow the formula being about 8-10 grains per pound of pull from what I can gather.You want,found and bookmarked(I think!) a few good sites on this subject.I liked the recurve you mentioned but you can definitely get a real nice recurve for about half the price,would consider unless you are sure you will use on a regular basis,without broken thumb and even almost decent weather shoot my bow4-5 times a week.I actually had a clue what I was doing would probably amaze me but just a shooter but not too bad.With practice is fascinating what one can do with a recurve,watched videos of a guy who in 1.5 seconds launched and hit 3 targets/3 arrows,way cool,good luck with bow decisions.

                • Kulafarmer

                  I really like the Hoyt Dorado, is a takedown and comes with a sling bag, real versatile,, will most likely get Al arrows though

                • Any Mouse


                  Carbon arrows can be had just as inexpensively as aluminum in some cases. Aluminum is to easy to damage for my tastes.

                • Blackcat

                  I shoot carbon arrows with my recurve and they work great. It’s been awhile since I shot my bow but the carbon arrows where awesome and far more durable than the aluminum arrows i used to shoot.

              • Regular Citizen

                Can we not all remember that anything we read, on the internet specifically, is all theoretical? Have any of you seen these internment camps with your own eyes? Have any sat in these meetings where our “evil overlords” are plotting our destruction? I doubt it.

                We live in a time where we are flooded with information unlike any other time in recorded history. I visit this site from time to time because I find it entertaining. I’m not saying it is bad to be prepared for the worst, or to try and educate yourselves through random internet blogs, but when people start talking about my own country as the enemy I find it all a little hard to swallow. Has the US committed atrocities across the globe over the past century? Of course. Is there mass corruption within our government? Of course. Has it always been this way within every major civilization since the dawn of time? Most likely. All of you on here who are so quick to resort to violence in your heads please remember that all violence breeds is more violence. And no, I’m not a liberal, conservative, libertarian or whateverthefuckelse people want to label each other. I believe that the goodness of mankind will prevail if we the people stand up for our rights in a peaceful, democratic way…. and no I’m not religious either.

                All I ask of those who take everything they read on here as scripture is this: this is the internet and everything written on these blogs is theoretical. Keep that in mind before you start loading your guns.

                • me

                  I have seen one, Chanute air base Rantoul IL. they demo’d the WWII barracks and put up a brand new L shaped 3 story building with a 20 or 25 ft double fence with turned in razor wire around it and a gangway between the two fences and a nice new incinerator building. what do you think that might be for…

        • 1braveheart

          What?, please wake up. Not everyone in the military is on the side of the people. That ‘head cheese’ of the Ohio NG sounded like an Obama supporter. all branches of the military are clearly divided concerning the tyranny encroaching this land. this govt. definitely has dishonorable intentions toward us and will eventually declare war against us. When that happens, it will be game on. Dave Hodges is a source I trust and always has good articles. I’ll take him over Infowars.

          • Daytona Matt

            Yet again brave, you’ve spoken for me. Thanks!
            Standing ready in Daytona

            • 1braveheart

              Howdy, DM. good to hear from you.

            • Maudy Frickett

              DM, how’s the traffic today?

          • Anonymous

            all we have to do is look at ukraine, venezuela, argentina. they are just EARLY warning on what’s about to go down. all countries have a diverse bunch that have differing opinions. look at that port city in ukraine today that said they were on russia’s side….there will be MANY more, but there will also be those AGAINST russia! hell, a BETTER country to compare would be afghanistan. they can’t get together on what to have for DINNER, let alone WHO to SIDE with…..only ONE thing’s SURE in this game….we aint even sung the national anthem yet, and it’s gonna be a double-header! TPTB are gonna need some BIGASSED OVENS!

        • Cbs

          Im glad there are people like u that see this for what it is. There are too many people twisting material like this for their own questionable reasons…good for you!

          • durango kidd

            If they come for me I will get three. If they come for you, try to get two. The numbers are with 100 million American Gun Owners.

            Engage your enemy if they breach your property line and if they are armed. English Common Law and the US Constitution is with you once they are within 60 feet of your domicile.

            The guy or gal with the most blue helmets at the end of the game is the victor!!! 😉

            • 1braveheart

              Good evening, DK. Regardless of our differences, I’m still going to be in this fight for the duration or until I’m dead. I’ll be taking out all I can also. Sorry I just don’t have your faith in the system. I just don’t see anything in it to give me any hope. But I do wish you well. braveheart

              • 1weakheart

                A brave heart should always carry hope-

                • 1braveheart

                  Weakheart, I always have hope. People can always have hope for something better. That’s why braveheart always has a ‘strong’ heart, NOT a ‘weak’ heart, weakheart.

              • apache54

                Amen to that and allot of us will be the to the end!!

              • Urban Dog

                Hi Braveheart. I am back from Germany and beat feet as soon as I got out of rehab. It appears I became dependent on booze from the alcohol wafting from your comments. Just a thought, when you say you are in it for the duration or until you are dead. Wouldn’t you just say “in it until I get killed”. Or die from the booze. Seems as though you haven’t changed and possibly even worse. I guess I am back for the duration or until I die. I will be in this the entire time regardless of dying or not. Ready in rehab.

            • Them Guys

              While folks debate continually of This & That, about That and This ruining the usa etc. Heres is More proof solid straight From The Tribes Own mouth, on their tribal agenda to subvert and destroy the dominant race of america aka whites….Nation Wrecking Via, Porn!

              Pornography, White slavery, sex trafficking, and the systematic promotion of sexual deviance, promiscuity, debauchery, homosexuality and transgenderism are all Jewish in their origin.

              As Dr. David Duke has documented, pornography and the systematic promotion of sexual deviance are weapons used by organized Jewry in their ongoing cultural, spiritual, and psychological war against traditional White Christian civilization.

              In his book “Jewish Supremacism,” Dr. Duke cites an article published in the winter 2004 edition of The Jewish Quarterly, a leading literary, cultural and political journal in the Jewish academic world, in which Jewish professor Nathan Abrams openly documented the Jewish role in promoting pornography as a means to debase, corrupt, and ultimately destroy White Western Christian civilization.

              Professor Abrams described pornography as “a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged.”

              Professor Abrams went on to explain that “Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority. Jews are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.”

              Which is exactly what Al Goldstein did in the pages of Screw magazine!

              Goldstein was a leading figure in the subversion, corruption, and destruction of traditional American morals, sexual practices, and culture.

              When he died, major Jewish newspapers lamented his death, arguing that “American culture will be poorer without” radical, debauched deviants like Goldstein.

              Could it be any more obvious how hostile and contrary to Christian civilization Jews truly are?

              • SSGT

                Its idiots like this that are blinded by hating Jews to the point where they don’t see the real enemy,because of being focused on ‘Jews’

              • Ed Phlegm

                There are 20 million Jews in the whole world. That’s it.
                20,000,000 divided by 7 billion means that only 0.286 percent of people are Jewish.
                David Duke is the Sharpton of the dull white. All problems go back to man’s rebellious nature and in every generation there is only a tiny remnant who see this.

              • Hillbilly

                Them guys, I don’t know the romans were a bit sleazy too. I’m not Jewish, but it seems to me that since the invention of alcohol, hasn’t everything been the jews fault?

                • Them Guys

                  Hillbilly: Pay atten. It is not stating that jews “invented” porn etc Per se…it Is saying that it has been them who has Used Porn, deviant sex etc as a “Weapon” thru, jewdeo commies invetion of the Frankfurt school of cultural marxisim to,… AS THE QUOTED JEWISH PROFESSOR HIMSELF Stated, “jews have used to destroy The Dominant Race of usa aka whites.”

                  FACTS: NAACP was and Is used as a Tool to subvert blacks into Militant antiwhites etc.

                  Femminist Liberation Movnt. Was and Is used to subvert Women, especially White women to hate white males, husbands, and if You are 40 yrs old or older You Know of All dammages done due to Feminazis lib bitches eh.

                  Faggots/lezbos/Dykes/Transvestites/Animal, human sex promotions etc has been and Is used to subvert and destroy all that was ever “good and Moral” about Americans in general.

                  And Everyone of these agendas were and still Are, Invented, Run, Staffed, orig Funded and begun BY jewish persons…NAACP Did have One single african black who was a bonafied CPUSA(komme party usa) member as the naacp media front man spoksman etc…but the Other orig NAACP Founders were All Russian jewish men, 5-6 of them total Plus one black as mentioned.

                  Same for femanazis, Faggot,lezbos etc…Gloria Stienmen, Betty Friedan(sp?) and several More, ALL jewish women, kommie marxists all, also.

                  Like somebody said here…Jews are such a small percentage of total POP right…So That proves My Case even More so!

                  When in EVERY “HOST” Nation these parasitical nation wreckers infiltrate, they represent aprox 2% total POP, yet in most if not Every subversive, kommie, antiwhite, destructive agendas of every srtipe one see’s jews over represented demographically as high as avg 90% to 99+%.

                  That tells any Honest observer that this Phenom cannot simply be said to be a “Coincidence”…especially when it has occured in Every nation that has Hosted their Tribe, and never seems to stop occuring again and again.

                  And that Tribe has always Used their small percentages of total POP as a defense! As in OyVey How can so small a group do so Much Dammages?

                  One can ask that also of the massive dammages capable by use of one little Pound of C4 Platic too eh. And yet the overwhelming Evidence in In and tallied, and it looks Bad…Very bad for That tribe of nation wreckers..

                  I do Not look for changes for the better of them neither as after 3000 yrs, of zero change it is Highly Unlikely now. I do Hope change happens to all the tribes goyim defenders and delusioanl naysayer gentile goyims, by their awakening to these important destructive issues. Time shall Tell.

                  I love these foolish ad hominim attacks against the post messenger(me) or against David Duke, when these fools are Unable to counter the evidence presented, nor can they muster any complaint of the jew prof who is being Quoted.

                  Foolish folks lacking in truth, rejecting ANY facts or proofs that counter their small minded, unquestionable defense of jews, just because its jews…Always seem to turn to Sol Alinsky Kommie Tactics. IE: whenever one cannot debate nor factually refute the message…Then attack whoever wrote or posted it!

                  That way they switch it all from the Truth or facts of the issue, into trying to get Others to join them in bashing the messenger…

                  Its akin to going to see a symphony piano player. And since the fools Hate Motzart’s music, they attack the Piano Player! Whom is Only playing the NOTES that Motzart wrote.

                  I cannot picture going thru life, thinking and “feeling” that no matter whats ever said, written, proven of even the absolute Worst of wrongs or evils perpetrated By Jews, even when Jews or jewish sources themselves Admit to it!. That no matter What, one Must always fully support jewish wrongs or evils, and defend them also even if say, it is a jewish person admitting they Lied about various Holyhoax issues or claims. or admit that YES 250 million innocent white and christians souls were Butchered, slaughtered like cattle, and mass Murdered in the absolute worst type of racial hatred by the jew mass murderers such as done in 1918 soviet etc.

                  Yet even if that number was 10 Times as many deaths at jewish hands…These foolish delusional clowns would still unquestionably defend and support all jews and all issues jewish…Would those same fools do such for ANY other group?…No! Of Course they would’nt! And if they did with any other groups admitions of atrocities or wrongs?…99% of all folks especially white or christian folks would scream to high heavens “how can you Possibly defend such?!”…but when its the jews issues, even that otherwise normal 99% who scream How can you defend such?…Even that group like duped Lemmings remain Silent which is akin to agreeing with and supporting those fool defenders.

                  They Hide behind slogans like “Silence is Golden!”

                  WRONG! Silence to Known wrongs or evils regardless if its about jews or anybody else, is NOT “Golden” Rather it is YELLOW! as in COWARDS are YELLOW!

                  Go check biblically that long Listing buy Paul of what type persons are NOT going to enter into Salavtion and Heaven…The very First, top of list, listed is…COWARDS!

                  God Hates Cowards!…Cowardly silence isnt golden it is Yellow cowardice. But Hey it only occures by that other 99% of folks if the issues jews or jewish so Thats good huh. That 99% silence group FUELS the Naysayers and delusional fools so the circle never ends…They all Know who they are too! And they Hate me for saying that

                  Since its about wrongs Jews did and jews Admit to doing though….Well Thats a different thing right?

                  Jews shoud Always get a FREE Pass no matter What becuase…….Yes?…Because? Speak Up! please describe such warped ideology of all Must answer for their wrongs or evils….ALL, except for jewish folks?

                  And these type fools crtisize me or Duke?! OyVey!

                  These fools are dumber than a Jungle full of Shwartza’s eh.

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              The durango kidd says:

              “If they come for me I will get three.”

              LOL… Hey DK, how much do you weigh?

              I’ll wager you’re too fat to sufficiently move thee; let alone bag three!


              • Kulafarmer

                Maybe he has a 338 lapua, if they are in line all hes gotta do is pull the trigger and that 300grain Berger match bullet will take em all down

                • wakeupfool

                  Yea, and if my aunt had balls, sh’e be my uncle.

              • durango kidd

                YMWW: I am six feet one inch, 235 lbs, and my sixpack is visible in the mirror when I am naked. That should turn you on you little faggot!!!

                Twenty more pounds than when I returned from Vietnam, but the additional weight is in my shoulders and chest. I work out everyday. 🙂

                • durango kidd

                  BTW, I bike three to five miles a day and that keeps my metabolism high and the weight off. have you ever seen a fat cyclist?

                  I do not drink soda or beer, and I eat mostly boiled eggs, fruit and vegetables, take supplements, and eat only lean red meat like roast beef three times a week; or honey BBQ chicken wings. Hey Honey BBQ chicken wings is my guilty pleasure in life! But only twice a week.

                  You should be so healthy. 🙂

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  The durango kidd says:

                  “If they come for me I will get three.”

                  LOL… Hey DK, how much do you weigh?

                  I’ll wager you’re too fat to sufficiently move thee; let alone bag three!


                • Urban Dog

                  Post a selfie. I would love to see a 75 year old dude with a 6 pack.

                • laeagle

                  DK, good for you! You make a good role model. Too many people are getting side tracked from their primary purpose and are wearing so many blinders that they have trouble sorting things out. The Lisu use to say when hunting, “when you are going after the big game don’t get distracted be the smaller game.” stay focused!

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  The durango kidd says:

                  “I am six feet one inch, 235 lbs…”

                  Well then, according to your government (the CDC), you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 30, and are considered OBESE.

                  BTW, if I’m a “little faggot,” I guess that clearly makes you a fat faggot.

            • Warchild Dammit!

              Go for four
              Watch em hit the floor
              Go for five
              While you stay alive
              Go for six
              Now your in the mix
              Go for seven
              Now your in heaven
              Go for eight
              Your feeling great
              Go for nine
              That will do fine
              Go for ten
              As often as you can

              OK,enuff I guess!

              • REB

                As Chuck Norris supposedly replied when asked how many pushups he could do…”All of them”…I will take that same attitude concerning how many NWO enforcers to take down…ALL OF EM! ;)…if we all do that then ALL of em are toast…

                • JohnFornaro

                  Well shoot. At the Albemarle county fair a few years ago, the Marines had a little booth, and a chin up rig. Do fifteen chinups and you could get a free t-shirt.

                  I only could do thirteen. dang. I could do twenty five in hi-school, when I only weighed 150. ‘course that was over forty years ago.

            • spider

              Won’t happen… It’s too massive to pull off. Hell, this inept government of ours couldn’t even get water to those Katrina victims. How could they possibly house and feed hundreds of thousands of obozo haters.

              • REB

                I agree spider…its more than they can chew but in regards to katrina I think it was a matter of how badly they wanted to suckcede at the project…Id argue that if they start this fight theyll try alot harder at it then they did/would at any disaster relief project…its alot more important on their scale of one to ten…that said we can still wreak their plans! 🙂

                • Me here

                  I, too hope their reach exceeds their grasp and this is all a despot governments pipe dream.

                  The good news is, they have tipped their hand…. we can be ready!

                • spider

                  Yeah, I think you have something there with Katrina. The lack of help was a deliberate one. Old Bush didn’t give a shit about those people.

                • 1stworlder

                  Everyone talking about Katrina, did you not see that mayor Ray Nagan got busted for 20+ counts of corruption during that. Any additional money sent down would have just gone in his pocket.

              • Warchild Dammit!

                Spider,my guess is they can’t/wont,tis the point,this actually happens you know these are death camps,fight being taken there anyway you can as you have nothing to lose,they will kill you either way might as well die fighting.You can/have a chance help others to avoid these “final solutions”.

              • Barn Cat

                Katrina was a test case. FEMA deliberately kept everybody away who wanted to help as a dry run for the economic collapse. When that happens they’ll keep people in the cities and let nature take its course.

                I expect FEMA to take all the children from the schools and make people come to them to pick them up. People will be processed at large sports stadiums or shopping malls. It would be pretty easy to disarm everyone as they come in.

                • erv

                  That is the plan that is in place for our local schools. The plan was devised in case a shooter gets in the school. The place we are to pick up our kids is an easily secured with very limited access. I told my kids to not board the busses and to meet at our own agreed upon place.

                • Any Mouse


                  There are numerous stories of people getting into the New Orleans area immediately after Katrina to give relief. Most of them had high clearance off-road capable vehicles.

                  FEMA didn’t keep anyone out, they could barely get in.

              • wakeupfool

                You assume they have intentions of keeping you.

              • Steve

                Who said anything about feeding them?
                Or housing them for that matter?
                All that was said was “rounding them up”.

              • John_Allen


                You’re an optimist. Who says they intend to “house and feed” the dishonorably surrendered for very long? Three billion bullets divided by three hundred million Amurikans … multiplied by several thousand front end loaders to dig thousands of pits ….

                if I’m going to die anyway it’s going to be in a pile of spent brass. Some of their goons are going to die first.

                • LSB

                  Speaking of spent brass…after gunfights are over, us old women and kids can run around and pick up brass for reloading.

              • apache54

                Spider you may be correct, so IF they house all of them then what are they going to do with them !!! well think about what you said they plan on killing us!! wake up !!!

                • apache54

                  cannot house all of us! stupid auto write!

                • Them Guys

                  And yet a vast majority of americans folks believe that those nazis not only killed as many as 20 million total in camps…But they believe the nazis also FIRST gave 20 Million Shaved head Haircuts, delousing showers, and stripped PJ’s with matching slipper shoes to wear…PRIOR to Killing that 20 Million!

                  And the nazis had no other choice but to do such as fast as possible so nobody would get wise to their evils eh.

                  Does all That really make logic or sense? Not if You are the Thinking type.

              • SWFL

                They won’t care whether they succeed with the food and water, just the rounding-up and incarcerating. That is what they have practiced. No support logistics is a problem that takes care of itself eventually.

              • pioneer

                The government would be “insane” to try and put ANY/ANY number of American citizens in a concentration camp. The people (not men) in high government positions OBVIOUSLY do not know the determination of it’s own citizens. The first citizen/s being removed by “troops” would come under immediate fire.
                That will be the beginning of the end for this government. –I have to laugh out just thinking about them trying to arm those “other” fat ass government employees…first sound of a 30-30 and they would wet their pants and run home to momma…

                • unknown suspect

                  People said that about the Nazis to..

              • nameless faceless attack dog

                I don’t think they intend to house and feed us…

            • Paranoid

              PROFIT MAKING IDEA FOR SHTF. Get it together people there has to be a way of making money off the Blue Helmets. Anyone got Ideas?

              • REB

                …framing,then collecting bounties on obozo/nwo supporters?? JUST KIDDING!!!(I think?)

              • sixpack

                Turn them over and sell them as portable piss pots…disposable, type 1 each.

              • Hillbilly


                • SWFL

                  Already their current use.

              • slingshot


                Depending on what NATO/UN Country the invading forces are from, the Blue Helmets can be repainted and may be Kevlar or steel pots. Both will provide more protection than an open bare skull subject to fragmentation/flying debris.
                Did you see in Kiev those protestors wearing metal military helmets. How about those bricks flying around in the smoke.

            • jay

              Beware the law prior to any use of force! Laws in my state–which is not atypical–require verbal notice be given, to any intruders. This applies 1) no matter how many times they’ve trespassed before 2) no matter how many of them there are and 3) whatever time of day or night and 4) whether or not they’re drunk or on drugs.
              The intruders will have numbers on their side when it comes time to testify. Who are the cops going to lock up, you or the perps? You’re easier to grab, then the collaborators will loot your house.

              • 1braveheart

                In any post-SHTF scenario, jay, there won’t be any law. Cops will be at home wit their families. Dialing 911 will be useless provided that phones still work at the time. Judges, prosecutors, and even defense attorneys will be at home with their families. courts won’t be in session. It will be ‘anything goes’ and ‘no holds barred’. It will be do whatever you have to in order to survive and don’t worry about any consequences.

              • Montana

                What are you talking about Jay? They can have all the verbal warning laws they want. Dead men don’t talk and their relatives can’t tell the story half as well. Don’t follow stupid laws and say you did. “I told them to stop and also told them I would shoot their ass…5 times”.

              • slingshot


                That is the BIG PROBLEM. People who will do bad things and hide behind the law to go after you because you are defending your home after it all settles down. My solution is if they are going to act like that. VERMIN! Know what to do with Vermin? I want people who understand what is going to happen. I do not need people who will second guess actions. I mean after a firefight where we just saved our lives, to have a co defender say,

                “Did WE Really have to do all that?” ‘Maybe we went too far”. Think about the future implications of that type of those statements.
                You just saved his ass and now you have to worry about future prosecution because this Son of a Bitch feels Guilty about how it all went down!

                Not Going to Stand for This type of Thought Process.

          • 1braveheart

            CBS, welcome. You’ve come to the right place.

        • Kulafarmer

          I dont buy it either,,,
          Hodges borders too much on tinfoil hat, sorry, JMHO.

          • Them Guys

            You aint the only one Kula: look what Bro Kapner had to say of his opinion of Hodges info reports!

            FROM: Kapners Website comment sections at www dot realjewnews dot com article # 896, Feb 4th, 2014 “ukraine in Jewerys Crosshairs” Great expose of whats Really going down in Ukraine, how state dept Nuland(jew) woman is Funding it all to get a zio jew elected as next ukraine prez!….His site Has Photos of the TWO Boxing Pro Brothers that are Heading the Protest factions etc Wearing Jewish SKULL CAPS Proudly!

            If they so hate kommies why wear jewish skull caps? Is it required to get that $5 billion Cash from usa Victoria neulands(jew) state dept slush fund?…Hmmmmm…

            KAPNER SEZ:

            The FaTso Moron Dave Hodges Craps His Diarrhea Again

            Fatso ‘AJ wanna be’ Hodges reports that “FEMA contracted with Russia to have 15,000 Russian troops in America.”

            The fat arse also writes: “There are Russian sleeper forces throughout America.”

            The arse can’t bring his Zio Jew-loving self to name the Jews as our enemies.

            Instead Hodges beats his broken record that “The Russians Are Here!” “The Russians Are Here!” “Beware all you suckers who read my dribble on the Common NONsense Show…’The Russians Are Here!’”

            This MORON is giving us all in alternative news a BAD name. Not once does this disinfo agent Hodges provide supporting evidence for the diarrhea that craps out of his mouth.

            I have nothing but contempt for this flabby mouth jerk. Please tell him I said so. +BN

            Check out the several new articles at Bro kapners website noted above. Articles about Events in Ukraine, Many proof/fact Links, and proof that its another zio-jewish run swindle. Fact filled chock full if relevant info that Names names! Has color Photos of various protesters leadership that are jews or in Bed with zio jew agents aka goyim Sayanims!

            Great webiste for Naysayers to gain Real factual knowlegde that neither they nor others can refute with Any degree of factual honesty!…Wake Up folks!

            www dot realjewnews dot com

            More factual evidence than any person can read and digest in 5 yrs of constant reading. A to Z, Proof of zio jewish run Everything!

            Everything as in the Past 100 yrs of american demise.

            • John Q. Public

              Some of Hodges early pieces were rousing, but it didn’t take long for him to parrot the same breathless baloney about Muslims in the US government, the dangers of Sharia, Iran, and all the usual nonsense of the Judeo-Zionist media.

              As Brother Kapner and Them Guys have noted, Hodges shares a revealing trait with Alex Jones. Neither Jones nor Hodges can bring themselves to name the real looters and murderous enemies of good Americans. Muslims in the “US” government—what a gut busting laugh that is!

              As far as I am concerned, both Jones and Hodges are managed opposition, agents provocateur—period.

              • Barn Cat

                Anybody with an open mind would realize that Muslims are a serious problem in the government. Their loyalties are with Islam or the Muslim Brotherhood or Iran. They certainly aren’t loyal to the US government. There’s a temporary alliance between the ultra-left and Muslims because they both hate Christians and Jews.

                • jerrytbg

                  Replace “ulta-left” with oligarch and I’m with you… 🙂

                • Braahaahaa

                  There is no Muslims in the U.S. government. There is only one or two Muslim congressman. That’s it. Where do you get these things. After all this is over. Whose gonna be the next bogie-man that you are gonna make up so you can have something to hate? Will it be Chinese or Mexicans in the u.s. government? Who knows. If there were Muslims in the U.S. government, there would be much less bases and war in the Middle East.

                  Many of you fall for the same freaking imaginary problems. Many problems that people display here are just imaginary ones which people made up to stir up fear and hate. And the things is……Many people still believe these things!!

                  Seriously, I think that there is too much of this so called bogie-man, apacolypse crap that people are talking about. Than you call others crazy. You are only humiliating yourselves.

                • John Q. Public

                  @ Barn Cat

                  I recommend to you the concept of a DISCERNING mind.

                  Learn to use logic and critical analysis based on verifiable facts.

                  Your breathless worries about Islamic influence are a real gut buster. When Judeo-Bolshevism has subverted and occupied the Departments of State, Defense, and the Treasury since the 1920’s, when Judeo-Masonry has started TWO World Wars, when Judeo-Zionism has lied the USA into TWO Middle East wars, and is ginning up a THIRD WORLD WAR despite the overwhelming opposite of the American people, you tell us with a straight face that Muslims in government are the problem.

                  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, …

                  Tell us another funny one, Barn Cat.

                • John Q. Public

                  Darn typos and the spell-checker!

                  Should be: “…despite the overwhelming OPPOSITION of the American people, …”

                • jerrytbg

                  Don’t worry BC…

                  It’s difficult for some to not get lost in the maze…

                  I find it entertaining that some can grasp a concept to the exclusion of all others even when they are staring right at them.

              • jerrytbg

                “As far as I am concerned, both Jones and Hodges are managed opposition, agents provocateur—period.”

                Assuming that’s true, and I’m leaning in the direction myself, kind of makes you wonder what “they” really have in mind.

                Consider also that these laws are to accomplish two objectives…

                First, to keep us occupied…something to P&M about… with the added benefit of identifying those who will probably need to be dealt with after the “CHANGE”…and please, don’t discount it, literally coming from out of the blue…be it avian flu or fireballs on an unimaginable scale…

                Second, after the dust settles, giving the weak minded, amongst their ranks, the legal premise to do their bidding…


            • Tucker

              Dave Hodges fails the one and only test that is most important to pass, in order for anyone in the so-called ‘patriot movement’ to be considered legitimate.


                • jerrytbg

                  Pure diatribe…and you’re the one being critical of Barn Cat for not thinking? When you start regurgitating this stuff you show the puss that is your brain flowing from your mouth…

                  People like you are so consumed with hatred it’s sickening…

                • John Q. Public

                  @ jerrytbg

                  In the days of the internet, anyone and everyone can verify the facts for themselves, so the ritual name-calling and usual tricks have lost their mojo.

                  If you want to get any traction, you need to address the facts.

                • Anonymous

                  I would agree, again, that Dave is “Le pourvoyeur de porno qui est la peur”…

                  However, the guy you’re quoting, HA…
                  Do the “serious” research and bring a shovel…
                  You will find nothing but hate…

                  No need to tell us your favorite fowl…just enjoy.
                  I suggest lots of garlic.

                  I’m done with you.

                • jerrytbg

                  Yes John,
                  You should… do the “serious” research on your hero…

                  I thought the name sounded familiar…
                  I nearly “drowned in my beer” when his picture popped up…
                  OMG…nah…it couldn’t be!!!
                  Surly, “this” is not your only source…
                  But then again the flock IS large…

                  Rhet…..Why are all of you so filled with hate…

                • John Q. Public

                  You want to complain about sources? Let’s quote the rabbis and their Torah to document their genocidal Master Race creed.

                  “You are adam [“man”], but goyim [gentiles] are not called adam [“man”].” Kerithoth 6b

                  “The seed of the goyim is like an animal.” Sanhedrin 74b

                  “All Gentile children are animals.” Yebamoth 98a

                  “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”
                  Scroll down to the Commentary on Halacha 1.

                  Because of the publicity and criticism of this fundamental teaching of Judaism, the site scrubbed the commentary. Here is the site now sanitized for Gentile consumption:

                • jerrytbg

                  Ironic how it was me who stated that the vatican has lied to us for centuries…

                  Your tribe took it to a whole new level and based it in hate.

                  Now… I am done with you.

                • John Q. Public

                  @ Jerrybtg

                  Quote a Catholic authority who teaches hate and provide a verifiable reference.

                  Seriously! Find a Catholic authority that teaches the equivalent of the rabbis—that only they are human, so we should all be looted, deceived, and killed. Yes, quote a Catholic authority that teaches anything like the “love” that the rabbis have for us goyim.

            • JRS

              Kiev…hmmm…where have I heard that before?

              Oh, yeah…wasn’t that the center of the old Kharzian empire?

              Perhaps Nuland, her hubby Robert Kagan (PNAC), and the rest of the zionist foreign policy makers are becoming homesick.

              • JRS


                • Them Guys

                  Khazaria= The Jewnited Snakes of Jewmerika. Main HQ=TelAviv Israel. NY=Local HQ sector.

            • Hoopster

              There are Russian soldiers here. I personally know of one that lives near me. He is stationed at a large military base in NC.

              • Any Mouse

                There are normally Russian troops on Fort Bragg, its nothing new.

              • braahaahaa

                @Them Guys: Dude, people here aren’t going to listen to you because their christian bible orders them to support israel no matter how much war crimes they have committed and no matter how many innocent people they killed. This is how stupid people here are.

                • Them Guys

                  Braahaaha: I am well aware of their delusional brainwashings. But you did make one slight Mistake…It is NOT the christian Bible thats at fault…

                  Rather it is the Vast Massive Majority of americas Pastors of Today and the Past 50+ yrs, who have allowed themselves to be subdued, subjected into becomeing what the bible has Dire warnings against!

                  IE: Most pastors have placed CASH Money Above all else, and allowed themselves to be turned into Jew Tools as the Judiazers the bible and Paul warns us to avoid and Flee from like they were a true Plague! Because a true Plague on christians they indeed Are!

                  but remember…As long us Us Watchmen do our Job properly and alert folks to these serphants evils etc…Then we have done our job right…Once folks have been made aware of these issues, and they Fail to follow up and research or RE think it all…Its ALL now On Them!

                  They will be whom answers for their Failures to Heed advance warnings of who their’s and Christ’s True Real Enemys are. They are going to Pay a HIGH price in This life and world…as well as Eternally in the Next life.

                  And You can wager bet all you Own, every red cent that Thats precicely when the fools are going to say “Gee, Oh if Only I would have taken Heed, and instead of vile name calls of others willing to go Out on that proverbial Limb to warn me of these things, I Now would not be faceing so dire a concequence…They will have Enernity to dewll on it too…Right smack in the Middle of the real Home of those serphants and imposters Noted in, REV 2:9!!

                  believe you me! That tribe of REV 2:9 Is working overtime to subvert and take as many “christians” and non believers too with them when they return to Their father in hell, Satan!

                  Once warned, the fools reject it and their Own bibles messages at their Own perils…Too bad its that way eh…But the fools revel in falshoods it seems.

                • John Q. Public

                  The fools that call themselves “Christian” Zionists do so based on asinine exegesis of Genesis 12:3. IN DENYING JESUS CHRIST’S TEACHINGS about the Pharisees and their “twofold children of hell” proselytes (Matthew 23:15) THEY CANNOT BE CHRISTIAN.

                  “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee, and in thee shall all the kindred of the earth be blessed” Genesis 12:3

                  God made this covenant with Abram when he was a Gentile. There is more than one “Old” Covenant. In this context the Mosaic and Abrahamic Covenants are most germane. Judaizers intentionally conflate these Covenants to sow confusion among the faithful and to appear to elevate the synagogue’s damned position.

                  The Abrahamic Covenant was with Abram the Gentile and was a Covenant with him and his spiritual descendants. The synagogue of Satan feigns a carnal connection to Abraham, but Jesus damned that claim:
                  And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham for our father. For I tell you that God is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham. Matthew 3:9

                  As you’d expect, the science and genealogy corroborate what Jesus said. The Ashkenazim’s origins in European Khazaria also makes the synagogue’s carnal “Abraham” claim laughable.

                  To claim biblical support for their support of the synagogue of Satan (Apocalypse/Revelation 2:9 AND 3:9) the fools have to blind themselves to the entire Old and New Testaments to pretend that Genesis 12:3 says something it does not.

                  Notwithstanding errant exegesis by Protestant dispensationalists and Zionists, God was not speaking to or about Jewish people because there was no Jewish nation—Abram, not yet Abraham, was still a Gentile and God was speaking to Abram alone.

                  St. Paul affirms in Galatians 3:6-8 that God’s covenant with Abram, later known as Abraham, was made to him as a Gentile:

                  “As it is written: Abraham believed God, and it was reputed to him unto justice. Know ye therefore, that they who are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham. And the scripture, foreseeing, that God justifieth the Gentiles by faith, told unto Abraham before: In thee shall all nations be blessed.”

                  St. Paul further elaborates on the justification of and covenant with Abraham before he was a Jew in Romans chapter 4.

                  Why weren’t the Pharisees in the lineage of Abraham? (Matthew 3:9) Why did Moses ‘accuse” them? (John 5:45-47) Only faithful Israelites followed the law of God. Contrary to the claims of Judaizers, the Pharisees did not have “the moral law of God.” Instead, Jesus said that the Pharisees “voided the commandment of God for their own traditions.” (Mark 7:9) The Pharisees boast that theirs is not a biblical religion, but one of their own making. The majority of both the Old and New Testaments tells of the defection of the Israelites and Pharisees. It is true Christians who are the true Jews, the true New Israel, the true lineage of Abraham and Moses, the ones who are “blessed” in Abraham’s lineage. (1 Peter 2 2:9-10; Galatians 3:6-8, and Romans chapter 4)

                  It is by their fruits of war, genocide, usury, fractional reserve banking, swindling, and other crimes against humanity that you know the Zionists and their shabbos goyim who, IN DENYING JESUS CHRIST’S TEACHINGS about the Pharisees and their “twofold children of hell” proselytes (Matthew 23:15) THEY CANNOT BE CHRISTIAN.

          • Calgacus

            Hodges is infamous for linking unrelated stories and then adds in his speculative opinions to sensationalize tinfoil conspiracies that are weak from the onset. Did anyone falling for this crap read that document intro?

            How many acres would it take to house Americas citizens? How many buildings would it take? Has anyone seen crematoriums built yet? Or is the govt just going to dose us with a bio agent? Why would they need to round us all up if the end result is death in the first place. Think first. Put on the smart hat today.

            • JayJay

              What if the scientist, professors, and engineers are placed in the camps for protection and THEN the bio agent is used on us peons??

              • sixpack

                Regardless of how they intend to pull it off, I do sincerely believe this govt has evil intentions towards patriots and honest, law-abiding citizens.

                I do believe our govt has been taken over by foreign interests.

                I do believe we all have a duty to fight for our freedom and our country, with whatever means available and as necessary.

                I do not believe the world hates us as much as our own leaders do.

                What else is there to say?

            • Barn Cat

              It’s obvious that they aren’t going to imprison 310 million people. What matters is how many people they plan to send to re-education camps. They could use military bases or prisons to house the citizens that they want to keep alive. They could kill all the prisoners first. I’m sure they could use standard industrial incinerators to dispose of the bodies.

              • Yuri

                The current prison population is about 7 million. That would probably do.

                In a pinch, with camps (and no t.v., weights, or other amenities) they could triple or quadruple that number.

                I imagine that 7% to 10% would be way more than sufficient to eliminate any “radicals”. I’d say that 90% to 95% of the population is already pacified and zombified enough for their purposes as we speak.

                Was it Bill Ayers who suggested that 25 Million may need killing or re-education? From the statist perspective, he was pessimistic. Or, maybe, just greedy & bloodthirsty.

            • Tucker

              Here is another thing that always forms a big question in my mind, whenever I run across yet another one of these scaremongering articles by Hodges, where he continually pushes this idea that the criminal Communist cockroaches who’ve hijacked our nation are on the verge, any second now, to send out squads of DHS/CHEKA/NKVD/KGB jackboots to round millions of Amerikwans up, and load us all on buses and trains and haul all of our asses to these FEMA concentration camps.

              Okay, let’s for a moment assume Hodges is right and this round-up is absolutely going to happen. So, with this rapidly decomposing, multiculturalism poisoned, third world alien infested shit hole of a once great nation – that used to be 90% White European and very socially, culturally, linguistically, spiritually and racially cohesive before the evil jews who Hodges lacks the balls to ever mention got a hold of our immigration policy – already staring at between $18 and $100 trillion dollars in debt, where is this gang of jackboots going to find the money to feed, water, house, clothe and provide even minimal medical treatment for all of the kwanzombies who’ll be cooling their heels inside those FEMA camps?

              Or, let’s assume that these evil SOBs aren’t going to haul us all off to the FEMA camps – but, instead, are going to haul our asses in those buses and trains out to places in the countryside where they’ve already got gigantic trenches dug out of the ground – and they plan on just lining us up and machine gunning our asses, and then bull-dozing dirt on top of our bodies as we fall into those trenches.

              If the second hypothesis is more likely than the first one, how are they going to keep this quiet? How can they possibly cut off all forms of electronic communication – CB, Ham Radio, cell phones, GMRS, FRS, MURS, UHF, VHF, Shortwave radio, etc., so that word of what was going on wouldn’t spread across the country like an out of control wildfire? How would they stop people from using carrier pigeons, to transmit messages across large swaths of North America?

              And, once word did get out – the 300 or more million Americans who own firearms would decide to hunt down and execute every last slab of jackbooted, badge or uniform wearing, scum dog-shit and every politician or government bureaucrat would be apprehended and then surgically dismembered into tiny little pieces using chainsaws, power saws, machetes, and any other cutting instrument that the pissed off citizens could get their hands on.

              Dave never mentions any of these issues and he never bothers to provide any answers to any of the questions that we all have about how his dire warnings are going to play out. This tends to convince me that Dave is working for the system and his job description is ‘fear and scare mongering disinformation agent’. His goal is to keep us all shitting in our pants, scared out of our wits, and if we fall into this trap – and stay there long enough, we are all going to become basket cases and so terrified that we can’t think logically on how we plan to fight these totalitarian bastards.

              • Barn Cat

                I stopped reading that drivel after I read “evil Jew”.

                • Braahaahaa

                  That’s because you like to kiss their ass.

        • Cellar Spider

          Dear Government Trolls.

          Will someone please tell me why the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), whose mission statement says,

          “FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate all hazards.”

          Would Have Any Need For Or Be Concerned With…….


          As indicated in Army Field Manual 3-39.40, Section 1-40. ?

          Is there something you’re not telling us?

          • Kulafarmer

            For the same reasons that the federal government is sticking its nose in local food production,,,
            Real simple.
            Federal government is no longer benificial nor representive of the will of the people but has become a controlling bureaucracy that seeks to subjugate rather than support or assist.

            • REB


        • richard

          …….somewhere inside your brainwashed and fear riddled mind, you know there are just Too many coincidences,,and that freudian flap of yours ,deserves it,,so, yes, as you aptly suggest,,,,
          You Certainly Are Naive.
          try waking up:\

        • Lumpy

          I take it you haven’t read the military training manual referenced early in this story. The manual mentions that people will be interned for any number of reasons, specifically including “re-eduation” about the positive aspects of Federal Govt policies.

          • 1940justme

            just more fear mongering, the government has no way to take care of masses of people, they’re broke, pensions and other entitlements are being taken and cut every day.

            • JimB

              At the end of Weimar republic, wasn’t Germany broke? How did Hitler amass such a massive military when Germany was so broke?
              Just asking?

              • Barn Cat

                Germany had hyperinflation in 1923. Hitler came to power in 1933. There wasn’t war until 1939. They had time for the economy to come back. They also had a deal with the Soviet Union where they shared tank technology with the Russians and they made tanks for Germany before the war.

                • Them Guys

                  JimB: Germanys economy did not just ‘come back” like barn cats says…Anymore than USA or rest of euro and global GREAT depression era came back all on its own after a period of “waiting for it to return!”

                  What Hitler did, after 1933 when Worldwide jewry openly declared WAR against germany, and called for the Exterminations of Every german person globally. And jews demanded and got, most all nations and peoples globally to stop Buying any german made goods/exports, And to Stop exported Foods and All items formerly exported Into germany…IE Germans would see a full 2/3rds of germanys folks Starve to Death unless foods can be Imported Into germany. Hitler came to power a year after that in 1934.

                  His main first Act was to BOOT out Jewish Banksters, Take over all Banks, issue new german “marks” aka dollars, Baseing their actual Value/backing upon the Labor worked by germans, and the products created/made. Also a true honest Value was made for ‘service” labors performed.

                  Like a Plumber opens a drain in sink etc…Thats not a product germany can ‘sell” but that labor to Open a drain by the plumber did still have a “value” based on labor rates charged etc.

                  ONLY ONE single german Mark(mark like we calls it dollar bills) PER Actual established Honest values of products and Labor worked. Were issued by state bank.

                  AND EVERY Mark/dollar created was done with ZERO state debt, and ZERO Usury/Intrest owed as is done here in usa by swindler jew banks.

                  in LESS than 5 yrs, closer to 4 yrs! Germany was back to normal, went from high unemployment rate close to 40%, DOWN again to almost Zero % unemplyment rate.

                  germanys rebuilt entire nation that was prior demolished in world war ONE.

                  The REAL WWII Truths we were never told of, and still today are not told is that Hitler and his armys fought the spread of Communisim, because Stalin had aprox 5.5 MILLION red army troops ready to Pounce on and rage across entierty of Europe!…If Germans did not attack russians first and do great dammages to commie red armys.

                  Russian Bolshevisim is what really would have overtaken all of europe, then england next, then probobly aussies, finally usa and canada.

                  REAl Truth is Hitlers germans Saved europe from jewdeo Bolshevik Kommies doing the EXACT Same Mass genocidal murder sprees across all europe as they already DID in Russia since 1918, and continueing untill 1990.

                  instead of 250 Million deaths from jewish communist Bolsheviks, it likley would have been Over a BILLION deaths at the Blood Soaked Hands of jewish Bolshevik kommies whos thirst for shedding Goyim gentiles innocent blood knows NO bounds nor Limits!

                  You can research all of this stuff at several accurate Honest facts filled websites.

                  Where they use fully numbered/notated, documented, vetted, peer reviewed Facts in articles of True history, Witheld and HIDDEN for the USA americans folks ever since WWII began.

                  While you visit such websites be certain to VIEW actual scanned in Old newspaper archive Headlines as Far back as 1895, 1905, 1914, 1920’s, 1930’s and Finally 1940’s.

                  Headlines in EVERY usa and euro newspaper claming that “SIX MILLION JEWS” were Holocausted, or soon will be!”….I have discovered SIX seperate eras, within a grand total of aprox 45-50 year time frame, that World jewry Claimed six million jews got holyhoaxed.

                  Yet in Every era including WWII germany camps jews LIED!…Obviously jews LIED on all the Past claims Prior to 1940 eh….They also LIED in WWII era six million claims too…Its all well documented as the greatest HOAX of 20th century. Dont take My word go see for yourself!

                  We ALL have TWO Main Choice Options…#1 Keep believing LIES we all were told by Fed Govnt and MSM/Hollywood jew run opps….OR #2, Investigate Factual truth recently made avail thru Internet sources. And RE-Think it all.

                  Barn Cats obviously Made His choice to go with #1. but you can be smarter than he!

                  Real Truth of WWII is that Hitler was the Jew banksters Greatest threat EVER!…Because if the Other worlds nations found out How germany made so good a come back while Entire usa and world nations had Millions Starving due to jew bankster created great depression etc..

                  Well it don’t take a rocket fule genius to figurer out that ALL other nations would soon COPY hitler and germany andThat would put to END the FED banks, and ALL global jew banksters would be Ruined for Good.

                  But USA and its allies Britian and france and ussr Kommie jewdeo bolsheviks made certain That never happened and saved jew bankster swindlers….Look at todays 100 yr Long Mess due to jewish banksters and Usury intrest debt fiat cash eh…

                  Learn Truth! or remain fixated on Barn Cats method of worship of jew zio banksters swindlers and their cohort tribe….Folks like he are assisting banksterisim, and the soon to arrive antichrist systems also run by same zio jew banksters and their tribe.

                  I Hope this helps answer Your questions, Jim B.

            • lonelonemum

              It’s been done before:-

              1. The First Nations. Even here in the UK my 9 year old son is aware of the story of “The trail of tears”.

              2. Japanese Americans in WW2 were herded into camps.

              3. Gitmo Bay, Cuba. This is an abomination to anyone who believes in the Christian principles of a fair trial. It also represents a broken promise that Obama made before his first election to president.

              One of the reasons for the continual stirring of racial hatred in the states is that it prevents a united resistance against those who would oppress the people. No one does anything while the people being persecuted can be classed as different from themselves.

              Only a fool would assume themselves to be forever immune.

              • Anonymous

                The gitmo combatants should have been shot instead of housed with special prayer rugs, food, clothing etc. And your beloved UK is been over run by Camel Humpers and soon you will have massive riots and beheadings like Egypt.

              • Any Mouse

                Don’t forget about the Sand Creek Massacre.

              • Barn Cat

                Terrorists don’t deserve the same rights that a citizen has. Historically terrorists were always harshly interrogated and then executed if they were guilty. The same treatment should happen today. And yes, I’m a born again Christian.

                • Anonymous

                  You need to get “born again”, Barncat. It obviously didn’t work the first time.

                • John Q. Public

                  @ Barn Cat… “born again Christian.”

                  Yes, it shows… I’m parsing my Bible to find where Jesus exhorts us to torture “terrorists”… Oh, here it is…. Matthew 5:44…. OOOPS! That is not what it says, Barn Cat… once again a “born again Christian” offers insane exegesis and tries to pass it off as “Christian.”

                  But I say to you, Love your enemies: do good to them that hate you: and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you…And if you salute your brethren only, what do you more? do not also the heathens this? Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect. —Matthew 5:44-48

              • 1braveheart

                Lonelonmum, I always enjoy your posts and I know you mean well. But are you aware of the true history of your Royal Family? The British East India Company? the Boer War? All of the English atrocities against the Scots and Irish? My ancestors originally came here from Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace and they traveled here in the original group with Captain John Smith in 1607 and founded Jamestown. I have never been able to have any pride in my English heritage because of the crimes of the Royal Family, especially against the Scots and Irish. I have never understood English contempt nor hostility toward the Scots and Irish. Any explanations you can offer would be welcomed.

                • Them Guys

                  Braveheart: Thats what happens when not only do those Royals Inbreed, but they also have Mixed bred with Tribe serphants. I read that of 18 generations of the Rotschild bankster family dynasty…That 16 of that 18 gen’s have Married and bred babies with First cousins!

                  The Tribe also has done these inbred marriages for several Thousand yrs…Its a Fact that askanazi jews(Khazars) are suceptable to 5 serious diseases caused by inbreeding. It is estemated by Many doctors, shrinks, etc that as many as One in 5 khazar ashkanazi jews has at least one of those 5 diseases.

                  ALL doctors and scientists agree that its caused from many centuries of inbreeding. This factoid is easy to find and research about online.

                  Since its a DNA contained thing, it remains in Every gen afterwards. Its passed on. so logic dictates those Royals who mix bred with jews also now have that dna and pass it on to every new generation they in turn breed.

                  ps much of those dna diseases cause mental insanity troubles….Which has become more apparent within certain peoples of late no. Phycotic Behaviours comes to mind eh.

                  Deep seated Paranoia also! Example: carefull out there because theres an Evil Nazi hiding behind Every Tree! waiting to Pounce on some innocnet victim jew!

                  pss: relax!!! those nazis are now All Dead.

            • Patriot Mom

              1940, who says they are going to let all of us live?

              • Yuri

                Exactly, Patriot Mom.

                A goodly portion of all the ammunition that DHS and other agencies are hoarding could deal with the situation quite cheaply.

                I wonder if they’re also stocking up on shovels, or backhoes to dig and back-fill mass graves?

              • 1940justme

                Patriot Mom, who is they?? all this talk about the government putting masses in FEMA camps ect. is absurd, as someone pointed out, there are only about three million LEO and military all together and both have their hands full, the border patrol is tied up at the borders, homeland security have their hands full with outside and other threats, Marshals, and other Fed agencies have their jobs. local and state cops have their hands full just trying to keep a handle on the other criminals.
                all that along with the fact that 35% of them wouldn’t go along with putting people in camps or killing them.. you all can believe what ever turns you on to keep the fear in you mind but if I was you, I’d put down the crack pipe and just keep prepping fore real hard times, economic collapse and world depression at some point in time or prep for any natural disaster that could happen in you area.

            • Mr. Peabody

              They’re not broke. All they have to do is scrap the current monetary system, create a new one, and chip your ass. And if you refuse to be chipped? Well… that takes care of you, doesn’t it? What are you going to do? Grow a garden in your… er, their back yard?

              Sure they have a way to take care of the masses. If you find yourself in a camp, and you are a hard case… the last thing you will hear is that guillotine coming down. Less people to house and feed. You are aware that your government has bought and warehoused Billions in FRN’s of dried goods, cots, tents, and etc., right?

              Take a good look at Soviet Russia. China. Germany. E. Germany.

              Heck… how about North Korea?

              There are ways to take care of your ass.

              The government is broke! What a laugh! Who in the puck is the government? You mean those behind its curtain? You are being set-up and to stupid to see it.

              One day, you, or your posterity will throw your gold and silver into the streets… because it will be worthless. But never fear, there is always the chip.

              • buttcrackofdoom

                @peabody…when in the HISTORY of MAN did people “throw their gold into the streets”? i will go and google that to find the answer?

              • 1940justme

                better get back on your meds before the guys with the white suits come and pick you up.

            • sixpack

              1940justme, and just how many BILLIONS of government dollars have gone “missing” over the past few years? Money the govt STILL can’t find or explain.

              Where do you think that money went? Did it simply vanish into thin air?

              It sure didn’t go anywhere that we the people can see any portion of it at work.

              So, where is it?

              Perhaps you’ve hit upon the answer…”the government has no way to take care of masses of people, they’re broke, pensions and other entitlements are being taken and cut every day.”

            • Hillbilly

              Well if the government kills about 100 million I suppose they could seize their assets…

          • hayshaker

            lumpy if the govt did,nt educate people right the first time how they going to the second time.

        • Walt Kowalski

          Yes….you’re naive.

        • NC joe

          A voice of reason, common sense and critical and analytical thinking. resources in short supply here. Watch out, because you think and do not fall into sheeple mode, you will soon be called a libtard.

          • 1braveheart

            ncjoe, f#$% you! You’re the libturd so go f#$% yourself!

          • Walt Kowalski

            Hey Joe….we never see anything that comes remotely close to common sense, critical or analytical thinking in anything you post.

            And you could be the poster-boy for “sheeple”.

          • Smokey

            Fortunately, we have NC Joe and his hot air to balance out the equation.

            What would we ever do without his intelligence, mastery of analytical thought and superb ability to educate us poor heathen souls who can only hope to touch the hem of his robe as he passes by?

            Our lives would be so empty without him. Let us worship.

        • h5mind

          Historical accounts of the American Revolutionary War portray the Red Coats as foreign interlopers. In reality, they were often friends and neighbors to the colonists, most of whom also emigrated from England. It was their philosophical differences which made them enemies. I expect much the same this time around.

        • Eisenkreuz

          Well, once again you lost me at “Alex Jones”

          Where Alex Jones is….

          well, who knows where Alex Jones is, but it aint on OUR side.

          Money…. MOney…. Money…

          This article… yes, they will round up 100 MILLION gun owners and put them into a camp.

          Uh huh.

          • 1braveheart

            Oh, it’s YOU again. I thought Mac banned you from here. Move along. Nobody here wants to hear anything you have to say.

        • Ms. X

          If you are so naïve why are you on this site

        • Anonymous

          @what? says….. naive!………you ASKED for that!

        • tooslowtorun

          Clearly someone who has not been in the military within the last six years and seen first hand what kind of people are wearing the uniform nowadays, not all but most are easily manipulated and will believe and do whatever they are told without question

        • tooslowtorun

          @ what?Clearly someone who has not been in the military within the last six years and seen first hand what kind of people are wearing the uniform nowadays, not all but most are easily manipulated and will believe and do whatever they are told without question.

        • Professor Higgins


        • Professor Higgins

          What?: You’re are solid ground in your logical analysis of this ridiculous article. Lotteries “a tax on people who are bad at math”, much like the adherents of these paranoid tales who are incapable of doing even the simplest (arithmetic) mathematical computations. Others on this sites have rightly posted that there are not enough military and law enforcement personnel (less than 4 million) to even begin to round up a significant number of Americans (330 million), nearly half of whom are armed. Failure to understand basic arithmetic can lead to some rather foolish, and wholly unwarranted, conclusions. But then again, someone once said, “don’t confuse me with the facts, I’ve already made up my mind”!

      • shawn

        I NSA and Ocommie volunteer to have my head decapitated at a fema camp me nor my family do not want to be slaves to you and the satanic global elite. Please when you start depopulation start with the inbred 13 bloodlines of the illuminati.

      • Man on the inside

        Ok folks let’s look at the numbers. There are approximately 800,000-1,000,000 Federal, State, county, and local Police officers in the US. There are 1,350,000 active and about 860,000 reserve military personal (all services) in the US (with an average of 20% deployed overseas). That leaves at best about 3 million total Folks to come and “get us”. Of that 3 million about 35% would be used for logistics, supply, command and control, medical, and so on. Another 35% would be needed just to maintain policing and defense duties nationally. That leaves about 1.3 million left to “come get us”. But from all of this number you can deduct 20-30% of folks that will not “come and get us” and do the right thing. In the beginning they “come and get us” thing would work. Within a day or so the word would get out rapidly and then the fight would begin. There are 100,000,000 gun owners in this country. There are 5-6 million prepers. Each of these own on average 3 firearms and tons of ammo. Of the 100,000,000 million gun owners that are not prepers if 10% join “the cause” to stop the “come and get us” folks it is 15 million to 1 million. Even if China, Russia, Mexico, or Martians join the fray it is 15 million to 2 million. THEY WILL LOSE BADLY. I am not worried. We will prevail and in 8-9 months when a ton of Libertarians take office (2014) many of these rules and regs are going to go away. People are waking up to the nightmare and they are turning on the idiots who have built this mess. It will be a long road but stay strong and build good teams. Soon you are going to need them. Remember a city bus, a garbage truck, a front end loader, a dump truck, and a bulldozer make great tanks…. Prepare and use your imagination. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

        • OutWest

          Man on the inside

          Your optimism is commendable, and your numbers
          could even be close concerning us vs. them on
          a man to man basis.

          That being said, what you are missing in your
          situational assessment is their overwhelming
          mechanical and technological superiority.

          We haven’t seen the war machine pull out all
          the stops since WW2. What that war machine
          could do today unabated would level the planet.
          A worst case uprising in this country would
          only be a mere skirmish to them now.

          My heart would like to think we will prevail.
          My realistic side tends to contest that hope.

          • Bertha

            If communications are taken down, many will assume the worst. If people are on lockdown or afraid to go about their normal lives, the money river dries and the machine stops. How many foreign T bill holders would want to hold US paper?

          • Anonymous

            Yes, we are absolutely outgunned.

          • Sam

            Afghanistan, look at how the Afghans have resisted, disrupted and whittled down both the soviet and western militaries. Fighting tanks with hunting rifles is of course futile, but tanks cannot fight without a) people to man them, b) fuel and ammo.

          • DaisyK

            Sorry, OutWest,

            I posted my comment before I read your superior comment.

            I just started to read Chapter 1 and I see from the flowchart that “Armed Citizens” and “enemy combatants” are on the list to be interned, and “migrants” and “Stateless persons” are to be relocated.

            • DaisyK

              Instead of “Armed Citizens” I should have said “Armed Groups” and “Civilian internees”

              Check out page 1-2 of the Internment and Resettlement document highlighted at the beginning of the article.

              • OutWest


                I know what I wrote will go against the grain
                of many here and will bring down much hurt
                upon my credibility and question my patriotism.
                That I am sorry for.

                But the baldassed fact is I don’t even wear
                a wristwatch and they on the other hand know
                exactly what I am doing at this very moment.

                When I went out to the heart clinic yesterday
                for my annual checkup, the dirty b~~tards took
                my picture as I was signing in. Now what does
                that have anything to do with my heart?

                I am really starting to feel as though I’m a
                prisoner now without visible bars.

                • REB

                  OW… I for one in no way question your creds or your patriotism…I also happen to believe we can and will beat them but just because you bring up a different point in no way makes it unpatriotic…I would rather hear all sides/points/views then not…we are in a world of hurt no doubt…my point would be that all this is a big “psyce”ops play…not saying they arent well armed Im saying they are counting on that fact intimidating us into handing over our lives to them without a fight and Im praying folks in general wont comply…wont fall into that fear…I agree we are being fenced into a virtual prison on our way to an actual one if they get their way…all Im saying is dont let them buffalo you into surrendering on any level…not that you would…thanks!

                • sixpack

                  They tried to take my pic at the dr’s office once. I refused and stayed out of camera range. I made them take a copy of my long-expired driver’s license instead. I look nothing like that now…nothing. They’ll never use THAT against me, but all of the footage they got as I made my way through the hospital, was unavoidable.

                  To that end, they won. In the end, it won’t matter that they got my picture without my consent.

                • OutWest

                  Thanks Reb, you’re a true Patriot and you
                  can share space in my foxhole Anytime, my

                  I feel if we only look at one side of the
                  big picture then we are only half prepared.
                  This is no time for bravado or adventurism.

                  I mean, would a great general really discount
                  attack helicopters armed with 20mm cannons and
                  sidewinder missiles. I hardly think so. They
                  are already doing maneuvers in our cities as
                  the unaware are mindlessly dining on their
                  McDonalds Happy Meals without a clue.

          • Calgacus

            And what you are missing is the rational reason for any internment or resettlement. If the govt/military theatre wants us out of the picture, there are cheaper and more accurate ways. Remember your own words of “their overwhelming mechanical and technological superiority.” Why go the route of so much labor intensive human movement?

            • Calgacus

              My comment was for OutWest.

              Understand about feeling overwhelmed or like were fighting a losing battle but thats what they want you to feel. Dont give in.

              Why were you photographed at a clinic? Were you asked and did you submit to that? Did you object? If not, youre part of the problem. Should have turned and left. Not every clinic is falling for gestapo obamacare shit.

              dont cave. And dont let them beat you down.

              • JayJay

                He was photographed to stop fraud.
                There are those using other’s health cards and ID now.
                Fraud never stops.

                • sixpack

                  Yes, that is the excuse they gave me too. The reality is, they already had my pic in their database, in my file. As I proved, me showing ID meant nothing. My ID has been expired for about a decade. It’s all an exercise in COMPLIANCE…I DID NOT COMPLY.

                  I improvised, adapted and overcame on my own terms, no matter how small the resistance was. Even if nobody cared but me.

          • Paranoid

            They are unlikely to Nuke their own Tax base. A lot of their fancy weapons require Private people to work. Their highly complex systems will find they don’t work when the public doesn’t want them to. And they will run out of money very quickly. People go to work or they don’t. Consider the better case that most of this stuff is for the people that riot when the food stamps fail; puts a whole different light on things. Oddly We may be the people they are trying to protect, taxpayers.

          • Man on the inside

            Tell that to Vasily Zaytsev and his sniper team. He made a vastly superior force pay and he was just one guy…. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

            • Man on the inside

              Or the folks in Polland, or the folks in the Ucrain, or the Tellaband,or the folks in south africa,…. and so on…. if you are willing to fight for your freedom…. you will prevale….. ask Whilliam Walace….

              • Urban Dog

                Where the fuck is polland? Inside guy needs a lesson on countries.

                • 1940justme

                  so, he made a typo, no big deal, you need to learn how to hold a civil conservation

          • Walt Kowalski

            Neither us or the Russians were able to subdue the Afghani’s.

            I seriously doubt that the Russians exercised restraint in their operations there. And yet a determined resistance defeated them.

            Also….as has been mentioned, there will likely be a significant number of U.S. Military personnel who will not comply and many of these will no doubt mutiny. The Military will be in disarray in short order. No army can function effectively when there is significant defection within its ranks. So, we can anticipate that a good portion of the weaponry will be turned the other direction. If you have those sympathetic to the cause of liberty in close proximity to higher levels of leadership, it becomes even more interesting.

            You mention WWII. It took the U.S., Britain and Russia (and other allies) to defeat Hitler and Tojo. Can you imagine what the outcome would have been had say even 10% of the troops within just our own military had switched teams in the middle of the conflict? I suggest that would have thrown the whole outcome in doubt.

            Make no mistake about it…..if it comes down to the point where our own military and police are faced with betraying their own people, they will not do it with complete solidarity.

            • Man on the inside

              Exactly and it will make vietnam, afganastan, Staliengrad, midway island, or other examples look like a walk in the park… like I said I am not worried. WE WILL PREVAIL.

          • Yuri

            I think what Man on the Inside is missing is that lack of any organized resistance. An organizing which “they” can prevent, and have been preventing, with NSA.

            The technological superiority that is meaningful is not in tanks or MRAPs or Apache helicopters; it is in INFORMATION, and the ability to act before their enemies (i.e., the people) can get the second leg of our pants on.

            • Man on the inside

              We got hackers, IT guys (Acualy girls) and Comm folks (Including me) on our team. There are many other folks around the country that have formed teams…… the teams will lead and others will follow. Check your history… it has always been this way. Have more faith in yourself, your creator, and your team. It will be tough but we will be fine.

          • Kulafarmer

            You have a point sort of,,
            Yes they have a huge technological advantage,
            Can they redeploy it to CONUS?
            How much will be captured? Destroyed? Taken by defectors? Rendered inoperable by sabotage?
            Fact is the gov has had a difficult time at best with the draw downs of both Iraq and Afghanistan,
            Ie, inability to transport out hundreds of thousands of pieces of hardware,,,
            So if everything comes unglued as it were, with all these other new challenges how do you think they will be able to redeploy and mobilize hardware within our borders,
            Dont you think that certain foreign extremist elements will also try to exploit the break down ? Dont you think TPTB will be more concerned with these foreign elements than US citizens who are actually the true patriots and are actually acting in the best interest of our constitutional republic?
            Lots to consider

        • DaisyK

          To Man on the Inside:

          Do you really think those 2 million gov’t soldiers are going to be armed with AR-15’s? They will have machine guns, tanks, rockets, body armor, gas, drones, and who knows what else. We will have “assault rifles.”

          We need better arms.

          • Anonymous

            Are you a strategist? A once conquer said experts argue about tactics professionals talk logistics. So to answer your comments we have enough. Us Titan series soldiers will have the traitor’s at bay it’s to the people to reinstate the constitution.

            • lastmanstanding

              No, just a former gub employee now retired on our dime.

          • Eisenkreuz

            Daisy K- we need better arms to defeat all those high tech weapons?

            Better arms like the Afghanis that handed us our asses for the past dozen years..

            OK, so we need AK’s instead of ARs?

            Please. What next?

          • Beowulf

            @ DaisyK Any where you see illegal drugs or aliens you will find all the weapons needed. The same net works that bring those harmful things to USA can be used to ship the patriots what is needed.

          • Kulafarmer

            Well, why are the allmighty US military having such a hard time controling a bunch of folks with kalishnakof rifles and a few RPGs and IEDs? Apparently better arms doesnt necessarily translate to a decisive victory,,,,
            And when its Americans on Americans,,, how many will say OH HELL NO!

          • Man on the inside

            Several other teams I talk to have folks on their teams that are gaurd. They have better arms and will join us if the time comes. Obummer did not purge them all. Again… Vasilli whent up against the German war machine an kicked their ass. Its all about tactics… “the art of war”….

        • USCORP

          They’ve done it with far worse odds in the past. Ultimately it is the citizenry that tip the scales. Most here do not appreciate who and what you are dealing with. This will be a slow, painful process. Usually they start by bringing the economy to its knees. Planned shortages of food and water follow. Then an external and internal combined threat scenario comes into view. Tired, scared and hungry, the resistence begins to crumble because it does not have the support of the general public. New enforcement recruits come online at a record pace, many for survival and willing to do anything to get the old American illusion back. Independent contractors and brownshirts flex their muscles at this point, and foreign intervention is welcomed. A major false flag may be necessary to solidify the external threat, and it can be inserted at any point in the timeline where it has the greatest impact. Eventually the freedom fighters are named as the internal threat; timing again is variable and relative to the narrative.

          The real battlefield is for hearts and minds and for the core truth of what is being done to humanity and this planet. If you are focussed solely on your personal and familial survival, the battle is already lost. If you have not fully plumbed the depths of the deception and the real enemy (not BO, the liberals, the commies, the Chinese and all of that BS I hear regurgated here on a regular basis), then again, the battle is lost. There are no nations, there are no races, there are no borders. Humanity divided, will be repeatedly be conquered until it no longer exists.

          • Kulafarmer

            That collectivist propaganda is bullshit

            • USCORP

              Ah yes… a die-hard exceptionalist. Infatuated with his “way of life”, instead of with “living”. He even has neat terminologies for it… “collectivist”. How handy to be able to dismiss a concept that you fear and don’t understand with a single word, and then put “propaganda” after it. You are a sharp one Kula!

              • Kulafarmer

                Ill pass, stick to the way of life i and my friends and family have enjoyed for a very long time,,,
                Ill also stick with my honest opinion that that “one world” something larger than me is a collectivist pipe dream,,,
                Atlas Shrugged come to life, everything else is heading there so its no surprise folks like you will try to convince others its the way to go,,,
                Ill keep my liberty and freedom thanks and will no longer support any of this, not with my knowledge, nor with my work,, retired! Nobody said you had to have momey to retire,,, no money, no taxes, no problem,,,
                Who is John Galt

                • USCORP

                  What I’m describing doesn’t really exist in our lexicon. If anything, I’m proposing anarchism. Each person living and letting live. Taking personal responsibility for everything in their life (food, water, shelter, defense), while at the same time, being willing to invest in each other’s lives. It’s the most liberty and freedom you will ever experience.

                  A version of “collectivism” is pretty much what TPTB want, just like their version of “democracy” or this puppet “republic” known as the US.

            • sixpack

              We cannot beat a GLOBAL threat, while divided up into little groups, all fighting each other…no matter how many guns we have. No matter how many of us are willing to die for it.

              That’s like racing a V-8 on a bicycle.

              Personally, I’m not interested in going after the puppet they dangle before us…I WANT THE PUPPET MASTER. What that means is, you don’t bother cutting the strings—you follow the strings back to the one holding them.

              THEN you release the hounds.

              • USCORP

                Hear here. It’s always been about dividing the human organism. When our cells behave this way we call it cancer. We need to starve the beast instead of devouring ourselves.

            • db427

              I’ve read many of your posts, and agree with quite a bit of what you have to say, but uscorps has a good analogy here of ‘possible here to come’. he is correct in saying you’re a clever one, be clever enough to read the original again.
              the planned food / water shortages are already underway in California, he’s right on target.
              expect the unexpected is starting to ring bells in my head.
              kula, believe it or not, we’re on the same team.

          • db427

            well said, and thank you for putting my thoughts into words.
            preppers are not ready, they all feel’ that way for a reason. (running out for that last gallon of milk, have a generator, what a joke. even planting a garden will be very hard to hide, starving people will smell your ‘garbage’.
            I think we are all in for a rude ‘awakening’

        • buttcrackofdoom

          maybe the best thing to happen to america was obamacare. maybe NOW that people start to SEE what the gubmint has been up to, they will awaken from their slumber and see we can’t afford this crap. all the lies they have spread and the corruption is about to come crashing down around them, THEN we will see if they can save themselves from the wrath of the people….like in ukraine, afghanistan, venezuela….look there to see what will happen here,….and SOON! to many promises made to the people. weeks away from anarchy, maybe days. what a train wreck our economy is about to become.

          • slingshot


            Obama Care is the catalyst. There are many that will be hurt by this program. One way or another we will find out the true costs. Not the Money. The Human Factor.
            The intelligent people here see how it is going to affect employment and coverage. We have seen what it has done to existing coverage and co payments. How many do they need to sign up and many will pay the fine instead. Can the IRS collect the Taxes.
            Not a fine or co-payment. A Tax.

            We had 2 million sign up.
            10 million lost existing coverage.

            Nothing wrong here!

            • buttcrackofdoom

              yup, it will HURT many times more people than it will HELP! liberalism is a DISEASE! i think it was lincoln that said”you can’t help the poor man by bringing down the rich man” or sumthin like that. if they don’t have a nobel prize for evil yet, they better come up with one FAST for obama.

              • db427

                how about ‘don’t give a man a fish, but teach him how to fish’

      • buggymak110

        We are living in a SICK WORLD !!!!!

      • 97B

        No worries, just fight to the death and they will fear you. If you believe in God and his beliefs don’t be afraid for your a soldier of God.

      • Bryan Jacks

        The government isn’t the only one making a list. Did it occur to Dave Hodges that We the People are compiling our own list? Rest assured that EVERY cop, judge, prosecutor, prison guard and politician….EVERY one of them is on the list. Those who have violated the constitution will be hanging from lamp posts until the stench of their death encircles the globe. It took 18 days for the Egyptians to bring their government to it’s knees (and they were armed with only rocks). What do you imagine will happen in the USA? It will take only hours to bring down these thugs.

      • Ramadiron

        They better make a vidio of UN troops shoveling snow. If they start this shit ill just stop plowing my road!!!

      • rednek101

        OMG Do our camps have WIFI and cable? 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I already figured out the part about the dead bankers. When you’re a gang member of the Maffia, you never know when they will take you for a car ride…

        There is a book about how to become invisible. You’ll may want to read it. The author’s website is..oops! don’t have it with me. I’ll post it later.

        Some of the things he mentioned is to get a passport (it doesn’t include your address and is legitimate ID card). When you absolutely must show an ID, use this. Also, don’t give ANYONE your personal address. This should be only given to closest, most trusted family members/friends. Everyone else can use an address from other city, PO box, or whatever. (He explains more fully in his book.) Don’t use the little discount cards given out by grocery stores. And remember TPTB can locate you by your phone and hear stuff even when its turned off. Just take out battery when want privacy from NSA. (But isn’t this like all the time?!) Anyhow, its a good book for disappearing.

      • icetrout

        country will be like a burnt cinder when all is said & done… go ahead FedGov roll those dice !

        • Ken

          Sorry to burst your bubble, this is not happening at any level !

      • Ken

        Oh my God, that has got to be the biggest load of crap I have ever read !

    2. Bone For Tuna

      Push the damn button already! I am tired of the drama and waiting. Bring it on, I am prepped, loaded, locked and ready die taking out as many of their loyalist who want to peacefully incarcerate people like me. What I am tired of is waiting for the bastards on their time table. Bring it on mofo’s, take your medicine like a man.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        A lot feel this way, but won’t when it happens.

        • Man on the inside

          Feeling ya… but I think more than you know will stand up…

        • Them Guys

          HERES the Profiles of UKRAINES Protesters Leadership rivals etc…

          The Bloc is named “Maidan,” memed from the locus of Ukrainian independence movements, “Maidan Nezalezhnosti,” the name of Independence Square in the capital Kiev, the scene of violent protest demonstrations.

          • Vitali Klitschko: Boxing champion who leads the jewish funded Adenauer/German-backed liberal “Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform party (UDAR). (And He & his brother are who is in Photos wearing jew skull caps).

          Although hailed as a Ukrainian “patriot,” Klitschko has been living in Germany for the past 14 years. Yet the Jew-ruled West is hyping him as the bloc’s spokesman.

          • Oleg Tyahnybok: Fierce nationalist who leads the ultra-nationalist All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” party, (”Freedom”). Originally the Social-National Party of Ukraine, in 2004 Tyahnybok cleaned up its brand image from its original Neo-Nazi roots and changed its symbols.
          The party is alligned with Nick Griffin’s British National Party and Le Pen’s French National Front.

          • Arseny Yatsenyuk: Lawyer, economist who leads the center-right All Ukrainian Union “Fatherland” (”Batkivshchyna”) party.

          WHILE THE PROTESTS are plainly not spontaneous…with Klitschko flying in from Germany for photo-ops…a pretext for a mass staging of the rent a mobs was provided when Yanukovych tabled the “Association Agreement” with the EU.

          The agreement was to be an “association” and not an “accession” to EU membership. The EU forbids Ukraine membership so long as non-EU military bases are on its territory.

          Knowing this, Putin sealed the 2010-to-2042 “Ukraine Deal Of The Century” when renewing the lease of his Russian Black Sea Fleet’s port in Sevastopol, Ukraine.

          The aim of the jew run US State Department by its shills Kerry and Jew Nuland is to install a Zio-puppet in Kiev as Ukrainian president who will break the Russian lease.

          By doing so, Jewry would deny Russia’s strategic warm water port with access to the Mediterranean; would remove Ukraine’s obstacle to EU membership; AND would acquire the privilege of a NATO occupation of Ukraine.

          It’s a resuscitation of Jewry’s ‘Syria opposition strategy,’ reincarnated from its ‘Libya opposition strategy,’ revived from its ‘Iraq opposition strategy,’ ad infinitum.

          Jewry’s game plan didn’t work out so hot in those countries so they’re hoping for better luck in Ukraine.

          But Putin is too smart for jew ruined america.

          Already, many organizations in the Crimea are planning “secession” from Kiev and forming a federated republic under the Russian flag. Calling their republic, “Malorossiya,” (”Little Russia”), otherwise proposed as “Federal State Ruthenia,” Putin will have access to Ukraine’s agricultural breadbasket and the Lions Share of industries that drive the Ukrainian economy.

          No matter who the Jews install as their puppet in Kiev, Putin keeps his port in Sevastopol and acquires the Crimean “cornerstone” of his Eurasian Union with the best of Ukraine’s economy as an ipso facto member.

          PUTIN IS way ahead of the greedy Jews. He’s not releasing his crucial $15 billion bailout until a new Ukrainian government is formed.

          Let them have Western Ukraine if that’s what Jewry wants. Putin gets the best of the Ukraine and the Jews get a divided, chaotic, and weak economy in Kiev.

          Bravo Vladimir! You foiled the Jews once again!

          FROM: www dot realjewnews dot com

          Article of “Ukraine In jewrys Crosshairs” Feb.4th,2014
          article #896 (great comment posters there too!)

          PS: Why is usa state dept women Neuland, a jewish women, Funding those known Neo-Nazi protest groups leaders? I thought jews hate nazis and neo nazi groups eh?

          Oh Wait! I rekon as long as Fake nazis wear jew skull caps when posing for photo shots going Globalwide, Then its Okay as long as it assists zio jewrys evil deeds again…

          • sixpack

            Thanks for the research. I had found some of that already. I’ve said all along that this thing in Ukraine is not what is is said to be, much like all of the other takeovers around the globe. It’s all globalist lies. All of it. We found out it was all lies before, and we’ll figure it out again in Kiev.

            As a rule of thumb, globalist banksters always hate anyone who stands in their way, and that is the very person we should all support, no matter who they are painted as to the public…it’s always all lies.

            Sorry that some people can’t see past their blind hatred.

        • John South

          And the less emotional will.

      • NC joe

        Do you think before you speak or write? This is about as idiotic and you can get. If you are so ready to die, why not make an attack now? Or are you just a blow hard who will be crying in his own shit, piss and spit and the sound of the first shot? And what kind of an egomaniac are you that you think the government would come after you? You are nothing but a small minded moron full of hot air.

        • Calgacus

          NC Joker said Do you think before you speak or write? This is about as idiotic and you can get. If you are so ready to die, why not make an attack now? Or are you just a blow hard who will be crying in his own shit, piss and spit and the sound of the first shot? And what kind of an egomaniac are you that you think the government would come after you? You are nothing but a small minded moron full of hot air.

          Yet your small minded moronic response that was full of hot air reeks of govt shillspeak. Are you now trying to instigate violence against the government? If so, youd be considered complicit. Is that what the latest version of your troll book says to do, to ratchet it up a few notches and encourage violence? Isnt that how the CIA started things going in Kiev?

          • Any Mouse

            I can see NC Joe’s point. I get sick and tired of the testosterone fueled bravado expressed by posters.

            Its as if certain individuals become almost sexually excited over the prospect of the chance to try and defend what they think is theirs and it reflects in the language of their posts.

            And then there is the anti-semetic bs that immediately makes my eyes glaze over that are always associated with articles of this type.

            The author engages in a whole lot of speculation in this article. Without confirmable evidence as to many of the claims made here, I remain skeptical.

            • sixpack

              As long as they can keep you sitting on the fence, they don’t have to worry about you getting involved and rising up against them, now do they?

              • Any Mouse

                Who says I’m on the fence? I just refuse to participate in the author’s particular brand of subterfuge. I don’t feel the need to slap my dick onto the table just to prove who’s is bigger.

                If you want to step up, please feel free. Hang your ass out there and see what it gets you, don’t just talk about it, Do It! Pull the f’ing trigger already, everything else is nothing more than hype and bullshit

                Forcing my hand is inadvisable.

                • sixpack

                  LOL…mine’s bigger…

                • Any Mouse


                  It very well could be! LOL

            • DaisyK

              Sorry, I meant thumbs UP

              My finger slipped

            • Eisenkreuz

              Any Mouse- you got it. Well put. 20 thumbs up.

              I think some people get hard ons even talking about earthquakes here.

              Yeah yeah yeah…go ahead Mac and censor me.

              Ill show up under 300,000 other names instead.

              • 1braveheart

                Eisen, I said for you to go away.

          • Walt Kowalski

            NCJoe is acting as an agent provocateur. He’s no doubt a plant of some alphabet government agency.

            Regardless……some village is missing its idiot. And the troll has wandered far from his bridge.

        • 1braveheart

          ncjoe, you just told us something about yourself that we already knew.

        • Smokey

          Good work, Joe, egg someone else on to do the dirty work for you.

          You just got yourself a referral to the authorities.

          The other guys can thump their verbal chests, that’s expected. You’re across the line.

        • Ken

          You have said the only thing that make any sense since I started ready this article :}

      • Ken

        Like waiting for the end of the world! Sorry but it will not happen in this life time :}

    3. Montana

      Wars are going to be fought in cities and the mountains from now on. Makes sense to train in urban warfare. If everyone craps about these types of stories, you will drive yourself nuts. And yes, the military and police can use the same tactics against citizens. This is not evidence of nearing martial law. In fact, I would wonder why they would waste time training in jungles or deserts. My point is that this article and numerous similar articles are kind of stupid.

      • NC joe

        Another voice of reason. Maybe the collective intelligence of the country is not as low and many comments would indicate.

        • 1braveheart

          ncjoe, our ‘collective intelligence’ is superior to yours. You have NO intelligence. You’re just a troll.

          • Any Mouse

            Jeez, What? is correct BH, you spend more time and energy trolling the supposed trolls to the point of ad nauseum.

            Are you so conditioned, much like Pavlov’s dogs, that when you see a post by someone YOU consider a troll you feel compelled to indulge in mockery,faux outrage and childish outbursts?

          • Urban Dog

            There you go again brave. Someone has an idea that doesn’t fit the cloudy haze you call your mind and you go off. Normally you call them a troll, government agent, or a [email protected]&@$. You are old and getting tired. Learn how to make a point and sober up.

      • Any Mouse


        This article is designed to evoke a emotional response using some creative speculation.

        Think logistically people. The manpower/hardware required to attempt anything the author suggests in addition to fighting/defending against a pissed off armed percentage of the population using guerilla tactics is absolutely staggering.

        Think about it. It doesn’t matter if the individuals in the military are 1 or 10000 miles from home. If they perceive that loved ones are in significant danger from hostile forces, they will be in the wind, on the way home and military commanders know it. So in addition to a pissed off populace, you now have highly trained militarily trained personnel mounting a resistance.

        The logistics of such an operation relegate articles like this to the realm of the ridiculous.

        • JayJay

          Any Mouse–I have said this over and over.
          Rambo on the east coast rounding up those expressing their constitutional rights has family on the west coast that will be rounded up expressing their constitutional rights.
          If anything, these soldiers’ families will be THE FIRST to show their patriotism and resistance.
          They ain’t stupid.

          • Any Mouse

            That tactic wouldn’t work for long considering the advent of cell phones. Soldiers ALWAYS find a way to contact home.

            • Mr. Peabody

              Cell phones need cell towers.

              • Any Mouse

                No, they really don’t. At its heart all a cell phone is is a QRP radio that operates using vox.

                Cell phones are capable of peer to peer networking similar to an ad-hoc computer network add in the internet and a service like Google voice and you suddenly have an IP phone.

                Look up Serval, its fascinating.

          • Paranoid

            Actually that’s the problem.DC has become so insulated from reality; They are stupid. Look at all the stuff they are trying to do that won’t work. I’m afraid they will do some of this stuff; and yes it will be STUPID.

            • Walt Kowalski

              The mindset of the idiots in D.C. reminds me of the mindset of Hitler.

              At the very end of the war, Hitler sat in his bunker in Berlin, giving orders for the movement of divisions of his army that were no longer combat effective..and some of which had actually been eliminated.

              So while it may be true that the actual implementation of their plans may not be logistically possible… doesn’t mean that they won’t TRY. And in that trying….is where the nasty events will occur.

              • sixpack

                It’s much easier to try the impossible, when it isn’t YOUR ASS getting shot off in the process.

    4. KP89DC

      Just another check mark on TPTB list of objectives. Things will not remain as they are for long, buckle up the rides getting bumpier…


    5. Sgt. Dale

      They are more that likely watching all of us on this site.
      I will not go without a FIGHT. If I die you will know I took some with me. So you will have less to fight.
      If they do come my, GOD watch over you and yours.

      • Kulafarmer

        I wouldnt worry too much sarge,,,
        They will have far bigger fish to fry.
        I would bet TPTB are more concerned about the gangs and true radicals,, not so much a bunch of prepared and armed folks who just want to be left alone,,, its the free shit army and the legions of baboons and tacos who are already causing problems for LE in the cities all over the country…

        • Sgt. Dale

          From what iI know, is that they will use some of the Baboon squads and Taco squads against the middle class (black and white). Hell TPTB are already invovoled with seveal street gangs. They ahve them bring in the drugs. Do be suprised to find they will mix these squads with UN troops and Brown shirts.

          • VRF

            Fine , bring them , it will just make getting rid of them easier

          • Paranoid

            Sgt: You have been dealing with the scum for a long time. In YHO just how long do you think they will last if the public says; fuck this, and starts shooting? In my opinion they only last because the law protects them, They haven’t shot at target, ever, they just blaze away, and they would lose an argument with an eggplant.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Most will be gone in about two weeks. There will be a couple of groups that will last for quite a while. They will wipe out the weaker groups and take over their area.
              Where the Gang bangers have a problem is when the get out of their environment. They get out into the country their asses are ours.
              The ones that are left in the city will start to starve to death then they will come out to the country. I think this will take about 3 maybe 4 months.

              • Paranoid

                I agree, only I think the cities will be sucked dry in 3-6 weeks, at most. then what’s left Will come out. They will be mean, but not smart, with no logistical tail. That will end them in another 3-6 weeks as an “Effective” problem. In snow country I doubt they will make it out of the cities.

                • Anonymous

                  I hope you are wrong. If I’m right it gives us more time to prepare for them. I can see where you are coming from with your 3 to 6 weeks.

                  The 3-6ers could be some of the gang bangers that have been getting their asses kick out.

                  These guys will be ruthless, and no quarter should be given to them. The ones coming out after that will be “Demonic” They will be like rabid dogs. Just think Mad Max on steroids. These Zombies will take Large calibers, or head shots to take them down. This will be due to the drugs that they have taken or are on, or they have sold their souls to the devil.

                  I was leaning towards 3 months for the rest of them. You see there are Large warehouses (Logistic) set up around big cities to bring in items.

                  I have a friend how is a truck driver and he told me that about once every 4 months he runs loads of food and water to these warehouses. That was where I was getting my time frame.

                  It AIN”T going to be pretty when they start coming out of the cities. Now the question becomes what are we going to do with the bodies?

                  AIM SMALL MISS SAMLL

                • Paranoid

                  Don’t know, my thinking is; as far as drugs, they won’t be on them, they will stay where they are as long as they have significant drugs. The drugs won’t last long because the huge fights will be over them, first guy runs out will kill for more and only other people like him will have them. Gang Loyalty is a myth when all can see it’s falling apart. I don’t think the food warehouses will last, for the people in the cities, because mostly they are in the suburban areas about 30 miles out of center city. This is done so the long haul trucks don’t have to go downtown, the land is cheaper and the stuff is more secure. Those places will be taken over by the local PTB asap. I figure the big cities will be effectively out of gas, food and running water in less than a week. The people start drinking lake and pond water they will all be sick shortly, nothing bad unfortunately, but debilitating until they get used to it. So I figure with no Cops, no Fire Dept. The massive theft starts in a few hours, the fires a few hours later and the die off starts in earnest in 3 days. Top 20 biggest cities if you aren’t out in 12 hours you aren’t getting out. You cannot walk out of LA etc, they are to big, roads won’t work. It’s going to be a madhouse that burns itself out. Then the problem will be the rabble leaving the mess; they will have nothing but what they can carry, no plan. The suburbs are going to get mobbed. By the 10% that makes it out.
                  I maybe wrong but my thinking is it will be far quicker and worse than most do, but over very soon.No outside help, and very little Gov help will even try to get there. They will do everything they can to postpone it; by the time it happens they won’t have much left to help. Just keep your head down and wait.

          • Walt Kowalski

            The are going to use gang members?

            Oh my goodness…..I’m just thinking we are going to have target-rich environment.

            Ever seen gangbangers shoot? They look Iraqis.

            • sixpack

              I have to laugh every time I see that 9mm turned sideways…

              • eppe

                You know they do that?
                That’s the way it comes out of the box!!!!

                • sixpack

                  I always thought they were trying to maintain their balance—hat tipped one way, gun turned the other…pants down around their knees.

        • Mr. Peabody

          “I would bet TPTB are more concerned about the gangs and true radicals…”

          Did it ever occur to you that is exactly what they want?

          The average Joe and Suzy will plead, gyrate their loins, to be saved from… by who? And remember, the average Joe and Suzy, who owns a gun… hoorah… will never fire it at their saviors.

      • 1braveheart

        Good evening, Sarge, and I’m right there with you. If/when they come to my home, they better bring body bags for themselves. I still expect it will be the Obama army and/or foreign troops. When they appear on the streets, it has to be game on. Let them bring it on. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Man on the inside

          Braveheart… if and when take some out and then get out of Memphis,, Come north to the Pacific Northwest… we got room for ya… MI.

        • Sgt. Dale

          I’m really hoping they start in the city. This will give us time to react. I agree with you about Obullshit’s brown shirts, and UN forces, becasue they will loose a lot of the LEO’s and Military to being AWOL. Going home to protect thier families.
          Got acouple more pieces of land to look at will be down around the 22 of March.

          • Paranoid

            A long time ago a man named Abe Lincoln said: “Not all the armies of all the world can by force of arms take a drink from the Ohio, if we are united.” Well the public is one hell of a lot better armed now. A local army might get a drink, but they wouldn’t last past lunch.

        • Anonymous

          Braveheart… get off the bravado about fighting in your home. Thats not their tactics. You try to stand and fight in your home and they will incinerate you and your home from a distance. The only gunshot you fire might be the one you point at yourself. Run and fight on YOUR terms, not in your house on their terms.Gangs and rioters are a different tactic where you can fight from your home.

          • Walt Kowalski

            Have to agree with you on this one.

            The only way they will get me to fight at my home is if they surprise me and I can’t get away.

            Otherwise…’s shoot and scoot.

      • Breathial

        All the armed forces, cops and feds = 3 million. Compare that to 100 million gun owners with 300 guns- all civilians. They can bring their armies + all the blue helmets, and they’ll STILL lose.

        Fuck ’em.

        • Man on the inside

          Yep.. Check my post above… acualy ran some numbers with a LEO freind of mine (who is on our team) who also has the keys to the national gaurd armory in our area…. Bad for them… good for our team…. he he he …..

          • Mr. Peabody

            “Yep.. Check my post above… acualy ran some numbers with a LEO freind of mine (who is on our team)…”

            And you post that here?

            • Man on the inside

              Yep… he on our side….

              • 1940justme

                at least he tells you he’s on your side, probably just a spy. old saying, you can trust your mother, but, cut the cards anyway

            • Any Mouse

              Funny isn’t it?

          • Urban dog

            Hope your numbers are better than your spelling and writing skills. He he he hee. Aculay and actually are very close….not

            • Man on the inside

              Urban… such a hater and yes my spelling sucks…. great at math, chemisrty, mechanics, gunsmithing, driving (on and off road), beer making, gardening, husbandry, electronics, wood working, and I am a pretty good bartender (an important skill in TEOTWAWKI). Have a great day Urban.

              • Them Guys

                Man on Inside Infos are usually spot on. So what if his spelling had a error or two?…never understand why some folks make a big deal of online forum spelling errors.

                A study a few years ago proved that as long as the FIRST and LAST letters of ANY word are correct, then most everybody reading it automatically upon seeing the word, is able to Instantly comprehend what the word really is.

                That study used an example of a few sentences that were really mispelled badly. Every single word was Intentionally Mispelled. BUT every word had the proper first and final last letter in each word of entire sentence…That study was correct, everybody who tried reading it was able to read it as they usually will read a sentence and they fully get the meaning and words correct.

                Has something to do with how a human brain registers what the human Eyes sees. Even if every word in entire sentence is badly mispelled, the Brain rearanges each word as its read into the Proper word as meant by the writer.

                Sooooooo….Why bother being a spelling CHEKA kommie policeman?

                try offering real nfo or debate. or if you disagree with the info, offer counter facts to honestly factually dispell or refute it.

                I bet these spell kommie cops also walk up to total strangers to tell them “hey did You know ya got a Huge zit on yer nose end?”…as if the zit person don’t already know of it?

                Hollier than Thou’s with spell issues.

                I Read and understand all Your posts infos Inside man! Keep up the good work eh! Alert us also if you ever get Real inside infos!!!

      • Daytona Matt

        Damn straight, fuck’n A! I second that! Awesome sir, just awesome!
        Standing ready in Daytona

      • Any Mouse


        You should know better than most that what the author suggests is logistically impossible. I’m disappointed that you haven’t refuted the article and have instead chosen to tow the line with responses like that.

    6. AC

      If you download the document, take a look at the plans for the ‘Displaced Civilian’ camp (page J-3).

      Now, ask yourself why a camp, nominally for housing people displaced by a disaster of some sort, needs guard towers, multiple nested fences, a maximum security area, mounted patrols, a visitation area, and why the ‘mortuary’ has armed guards.

      • 1braveheart

        AC, I have that manual saved to my computer since 2010. I have read it and it’s been verified to me by a military source I know very well.

      • DaisyK

        To AC

        That Displaced Civilian camp diagram reminds me of the Japanese POW camp at Cabanatuan during WWII. It looks just like the diagram in the Movie “The Great Raid.”

        Out of 60,000 POW’s from the Bataan Death March, only about 500 were still alive when Army Rangers finally rescued them.

        • JayJay

          Dennis Quaid–‘Come See The Paradise’

      • DaisyK

        They have guards for the food, too. And access to water (a well, maybe?) is in the Admin area, though I saw a water storage in another area (probably where the Democrats will be located.) But I think the two guards that are located between the mortuary and the medical facility are probably for the medical. There are lots of guards, though and lots of barbed wire and guard towers.

        Did you notice that a facility intended to 8,000 people is only 980 yards by 507 yards? That works out to about 1/6 of a square mile, if my math is correct.

        • DaisyK

          The more I read, the worse it gets.

          Detainees will have work assignments
          Detainees ‘should’ receive the same amount of water that is afforded US military personnel.
          Class II clothing is required for all detainees (whatever that is.)

          Page 5-3, “Collecting intelligence from detainees will support intelligence operations and be valuable to operational success. It is critical to plan for adequate HUMINT collectors to interrogate detainees…” There is an interrogation area in each detainee facility. Military police will guard detainees during interrogations.

          They will conduct medical, occucpational, and environmental surveillance. There will be monthly health assessments. They will document scars, tattoos, and enter the information into the Detainee Reporting System. Medical care will be limited to emergency care only.

          Medical interactions must always involve military police overwatch. Military police will maintain control of detainees during all medical interactions, including simple examinations. Medical personnel will provide military police medical information required in the Deetainee Reporting System.

          Where they refer to POC, that means “point of capture.”

          They will be examining all detainee equipment and documents.

          Any detainee who does not follow rules will be disciplined by military police.

          Detainees will be permitted to send two letters and four postcards monthly. Outgoing cards and letters will be read and may be returned to the sender to rewrite portions that contain deviations from regulations. Outgoing letters will be sent unsealed to the censurship dept. Among other things, they may not contain complaints or criticism of any government agency or official.

          That is enough for now. I need to rest.

          • 21Bravo

            What you are describing is the collection of Biometrics. This info will be put into a database. The will scan your finger prints, iris’s in your eyes. The army does this now in Iraq and Afghanistan. Look up the job: Biometric Intelligence Analyst.

          • lonelonemum

            They’ll ship the kids from the schools to the camps first. Do that and most parents are conquered.

            • REB

              I get your point but if my kids or grandkids were grabbed/hurt/killed itd make me fighting/killing mad…it may work that way more than they understand…it may backfire on them…brings out the mama/papa bear in most folks…2cents

              • Mr. Peabody



                “The program, which is to be launched state-wide, is supposed to gather information on students starting from the age of five to better “tailor education” to the needs of children.”

                NY State Hires Bill Gates Firm to Collect Data on Children


                Now, repeat:

                “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.” – Adolf Hitler

                Remember where you were? Here you are. Imagine where your children will be.

                “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”


                All Drugged Up: The Overmedication And Overschooling Of Today’s Youth


                There is a pattern, to what they are doing to your children… if you are willing to open your eyes.


                • REB

                  My kids are grown but never attended the public fools er… schools…they have in turn done the same with the grandkids…so in this case they have gained no ground no toehold in their lives…secondly while Im well aware of what TPTB are up to I wasnt talking about that…I was commenting on a point brought up by lonelonemum about “parents being conquered”by the schools grabbing the kids…and I stand by the statement I made I think it will back fire in many cases and they may be shocked at how violently that blowback turns out to be…folks here know I dont bluff and bluster and talk about how tough I think I am but I promise if someone lays a hand on mine they are in hell wondering what happened,no threat just a fact,thats all Im sayin…thanks…

            • Walt Kowalski

              Most, but not all.

            • Anonymous

              or mad as hell

          • BlueH20


            The Armed Forces have a logistical Order of Supply. Food/medical/*comfort items* are Class I. Clothing is in Class II, which also covers all personal items, such as tents. You can search “Classes of Supply” and several similar lists come up, some more detailed than others. NATO has a shorter list.

            The listing in the document may just be mil-speak, so rather than there being different classes of clothing, a comma or parentheses was omitted and it means that all clothing is subsumed under “Class II” supplies. It could mean uniforms or it could mean simple civilian attire, such as jeans/shirts/shoes.

            Logistics officers love lists and live and die by them. I must say that this all sounds more like a Federal prison work camp or POW camp. Note that water is listed as “miscellaneous” so the amount given as equal to that of the troops acknowledges that water may be adequate or rationed,”captured materiel” is also misc.. Also note Class X is ag equipment and economic development tools not listed in I-IX. The detainees will all work.

            And the progressives deride Sheriff Joe’s work camps?

            • DaisyK

              Thank you, BlueWater

              That was very informative. I will google “Classes of Supply.”

              Note that the document says that civilian water “should” be equal to the military. Not that it WOULD.

              You are right that the detainees will work. See page 6-32.

            • Any Mouse

              When I was in the Army years ago, we used to laugh that new personnel were classified as a class 9 item, the same as a pencil. I dunno if its changed much in 25 years.

          • sixpack

            Everyone needs to go find a copy of the prisoner directives for your local prisons (not jails) Prisons are run different than jails—YOU WILL FIND VIRTUALLY THE SAME LANGUAGE AS IN THIS MANUAL. Check it out with your local Dept of corrections. It’s the same, right down to the number of letters allowed to go out for each inmate.

            Now, tell me these facilities are not really prisons.

          • John_Allen


            Suppose the power elite ( intended ) that manual to fall into outside hands?

            What if the passages implying a long-term future for the detainees are just disinformation to lull us away from realizing the true purpose of the camps?

            Which is to exterminate most of us. Don’t get too comfortable with the idea that it will be similar to being in jail. In society as it is now, jail is temporary. Those camps will be a one-way sentence.

            There are millions of Amerikans who are quite agreeable to the totalitarian point of view. Who think, correctly in many cases, that they will be assisting the people in control. Don’t be deceived. The pro-liberty point of view is a minority even now when our future jailers are fat and happy. When they are nine missed meals away from starvation, and the tyrant has all the food, it will be “yessir, mister tyrant” by the millions.

            It is naive to believe that most people in the “projecting force” business will have any ethical or political qualms against doing whatever they are told. Most of them have no qualms NOW or they would have chosen a different livelihood.

            Resist being detained with everything you have. Because once you are, you have run out of options.

            • REB

              I like the way your mind works…suspicious,always questioning,always looking behind the curtain for the real story…never accepting the official story at face value…its a good thing to be very stingy with ones trust…tends to save one a lot of misery 🙂

    7. Shootit

      Bummer. Everyone has to eat, sleep, and shit somewhere. How is it working out for that dictator in Kiev? Maybe they are that stupid.

      • Tenet

        “Dictator”? You have really bought the globalist media line. Yanukovych is the lawfully elected president of Ukraine. Washington’s globalist groups, like the NED, USAid, IRI and the George Soros Foundation, have been funding anti-democratic groups in Ukraine. Now that the president in accordance with the law vetoed an agreement with the EU that banned economic cooperation with Russia (which is insane, since Ukraine and Russia are economically integrated), the globalist-funded groups started these demonstrations.

        Whose side are U.S. media and U.S. politicians on? The demonstrators. So they are all you get to see. You never get to see the many millions of Ukrainians who voted for the president – the majority of the people – and who want the democratic law to be followed.

        The president gave amnesty to the criminal demonstrators, even after they had killed NINE police officers with stolen army weapons. The president offered an opposition leader to become prime minister. He offered sharing power until the next election.

        And STILL the media pretend that President Yanukovych would be “anti-democratic” etc. EU and US politicians say, “Ukraine must have a coalition government (that’s what Yanukovych offered) and pave the way for democratic elections.”

        Note: by talking about “pave the way for democratic elections” they make dumb American viewers think there are no democratic elections already. They know what talking points dumb American sheeple are used to.

        • Shootit

          I was thinking about that possibility last night. Who’s Who so to speak. Was the guy in jail the scum, the guy in the Presidential Palace, or all of the above. Maybe none of the above. My main point was that if some “man” wants to try and play “dicktrator” in my sandbox he will meet the owner.

        • REB

          Without getting too deep into it,Id have to point out that barry the kenyan is also the lawfully elected president of the US federal govicorp…that doesnt make him legit or not a dictator…point is theres alot of facets to this and all conflicts that never get a clear look…2 cents

          • Shootit

            Barry is a want~a~be dicktrator. The following link is a great condensed Barry bio. raptureready com/featured/duck/dd111.html

            I think that the govicorp will collapse if they try to roundup a certain group of men. They will have to hide as their associates are eliminated. Finally they will be the ones spending time in the camps that they built for us.

            Just remember the hierarchy of this world… God ~ man ~ government.

            • REB

              True but for a wannabee he sure is acting the part…he may not qualify on a few points to be an actual dictator but the fact “he wants to be a tyrant” is enough for me to label him evil…thanks…

        • Smokey

          Obama is the lawfully elected dictator over here.

          Now what was your point, again?

        • sixpack

          Thank you. Anything the globalist media says, we should automatically believe the opposite.

    8. Educated Sinner

      I don’t know what to believe anymore. However with what is going on with the Military/Police and the huge amounts of ammo being purchased buy agencies like the IRS, Homeland, and even the Post Office, something is up?

      There has got to be a reason why the NSA has been collecting the data it has too.

      Common sense tells me that if I’m in a bar, and some huge Biker guy comes up to me and says, “Before the night is over I’m kicking your ass”, I had better start preparing for a fight.

      Make your whole life a prayer to God. Viva Christo Rey!

      • 1braveheart

        Educated Sinner, welcome aboard, and you made an excellent point. when an evil, out-of-control, illegitimate government says it’s going to kill you, you better take them seriously and act accordingly; i.e., prepare for war.

      • Any Mouse

        Keep an open mind.separating the wheat from the chaff can be difficult, especially on a site such as this.

    9. ptmama

      scary stuff

    10. wormdirt

      “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”
      -Ayn Rand

      • durango kidd

        “It is always darkest just before the Dawn.” – DK 🙂

      • Them Guys

        EU Issues First report on Corruption in ALL 28 EU states!


        February 3, 2014

        Corruption across the European Union’s 28 countries costs about 120 billion euros ($162 billion) per year — a “breathtaking” sum equal to the EU’s entire annual budget, EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem said Monday.(All converted to Shekels in israel no doubt)

        Malmstroem said the actual figure could be even higher, despite the estimate amounting to a little less than one percent of the bloc’s total economic output.

        “The extent of the problem in the EU is breathtaking,” Malmstroem wrote in an op-ed piece in Swedish newspaper Goeteborgs-Posten. “Corruption undermines faith in democratic institutions, drains the legal economy of resources and is a breeding ground for organised crime.”

        Presenting the European Commission report, the bloc’s first, Malmstroem emphasised the figure was “an estimation” and said the actual amount is “probably… much higher.”

        She called on member states to do more to stamp out the problem, saying: “The price of not acting is simply too high.”
        ( rafzen dot wordpress dot com/2014/02/03/120-billion-euros-162-billion-per-year-corruption-across-the-european-union/ )

        This is the first EU report, so it is just the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure

        • sixpack

          And we should be rooting for Ukraine to join that corrupt mess? I still do not believe that most Ukrainians fully grasp what they are actually killing each other for.

          I believe this is another Syria repeat.

    11. big country

      Ok first of all this was a good read. Now, when they go around trying to pull people from there home that believe in constitution. They will have a fight on there hands. So they’re not stupid,they won’t come and take you from your home. They’ll just start a war with us. All I can say is if and when the shit goes down give’em hell.

      • Anonymous

        If your family is being dragged from your home, the constitution is not your chief concern.

        • Walt Kowalski

          Anonymous…I think you missed the point.

        • sixpack

          I think they’ll use their technology to track some people and snatch them at a stop light from their cars, from their place of work or snatch their children from schools and/or daycare.

          They’ll move on people buying a soda at 7-11, in a bar or a restaurant. I think they’ll catch people long before they get into their homes where the firearms probably are located and obtainable.

          They may come for you while you’re cashing your check at the bank or making a purchase at the grocery store. They have all of the tech in place right now, to do all of those things. They can track you everywhere…they don’t need to catch you at home to catch you by surprise.

          It’s what I’d do, if I was in their shoes.

          • sixpack

            Imagine how many they could catch coming out of a gun range or ammo store.

          • Paranoid

            In that case they will catch my .38. Otherwise they would get the 9MM or the 30-06. But generally speaking how do they propose to sneak up on the whole 300 million of us? SOMEBODY is bound to notice.

            • sixpack

              It’s always the first hen on the right, who sounds the alarm when the fox steps inside…

    12. no justice

      We now know the enemy, and it is within us. The day comes when foreign troops are here in force, we go into code red, or give up. I think anyone going against the true patriots in this country better bring their “A game” with them, they will need it.

    13. 1braveheart

      I get so sick of hearing the federal scum talk about what they’re going to do. let them bring it on and be sure to bring body bags FOR THEMSELVES. I will act in my own self-defense. I will not be taken alive. MOLON LABE braveheart

      • slingshot


        They do not scare me anymore. In fact the urgency to get things in order has been completed. Sit back and wait. All I want now is to be warned to gear up before they knock at the door. I’m laughing at the thought’s of a re-education camp at my age. I would hope I will be able to have my wife in a safe place and not be involved in a firefight. Just Me and the Dogs.

        I was looking at the face of Obama on T.V. making comments on truck fuel. His Soul Is Burning. He is a Hollow Man. Very Dangerous.

        Not much better people in the wings. Too many failed policies. World is on fire. Drought, GMO foods, Vaccines, weather and the general public just wants their X boxes and Drama shows.

        • JayJay

          Scenes with the devil have been cut from the upcoming spin off of The Bible because of the actor, pictured in the miniseries, has an uncanny resemblance to President Barack Obama.

          Did you know this??

          I watched the Bible from Netflix–he looked just like an old Psychobama.

          • slingshot


            Yeah, I did see that and chilled me up some. Funny how things are presented in plain sight then removed.

          • sixpack

            yes, I did.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Then they will take you DEAD.

        “They” would probably prefer it that way anyway.

    14. fishandmud

      I have no doubt that all of this is possible, but I need somebody to explain to me why they need the camps? Why would they not just kill us? It does not make sence that they would feed and house us. As far as our guberment being capable of this, their is no doubt. Prep more, stay low, and good luck.

      • clint hospo

        I think they need the slaves to do the work. the rich wont shovel shit and fill gas tanks and do whats needed to produce things, they are going to need a crew to do the work. Make sense? Someone’s gotta do it and they will not.

        • fishandmud

          Yes it makes sense. Thank you, but over my dead body, and from my cold dead fingers.

          • Them Guys

            A Section of that 2004(?) US Senator warner, VA-Repub, Sponcered Funding Bill, to Fund Military/pentagon etc when GW bush was Prez. “Warner Defense Spending and Budget Bill” or something close to that it was called.

            Stated that almost, $500-Million of total funds were to go Direct to fund new FEMA “camps” as well as funds to Revamp and rebuild/upgrade existing closed down former Military bases etc.

            AND: In that Bills section on FEMA camp funding, it stated and NAMED, Halliburton as the SOLE corp awarded ALL of those massive funds. In NO-BID contracts.

            Halliburton was supposed to have aprox 5 yrs time to finish projects if I recall correct.

            AND: THE Stated Reasons for FEMA Camp revitalizations, and buidling of NEW FEMA Camps, was stated for the reason of:…”it is expected that masses of mexicans and other hispanics are going to FLOOD across the Southern Border shared with Mexico, when finally AMNESTY for Illeagles, 11 million of them(more like 30 million!) Is Announced after Passage into Law etc”

            Therefore the Official fed govnt reasons for these “Camps”, which are not called camps in that funding bill if I recall right, is for an Overflow of Many More Millions of Illeagle mexicans hopeing to hurry into america to Beat deadlines and obtain amnesty citizenship along with that other “11 million”(more like 30-40 Million by now eh) already here in the usa.

            DISCLAIMER: I am NOT saying that I believe that is sole reasons for fema camps…It is ONLY what the actual wordings said in that finance funding Sen Warner VA,(R) sponcered Bill said its for.

            I DID Read that part of bill funds at another website back when it got first passed and many folks of both dems and repubs complained of NO-Bid halliburton contratcs due to VP Chennys ties to that Corp etc..

            So That seems to be the Main reason or excuse for fema camps funds and why to be spent etc…

            It is Possible that is the Truth, as there will be such problems if amnesty is anounced for illeagles here. Obviously Millions more mexicans will head across our Borders fast as they can hoping to achieve usa citizenship and come in under the wire so to speak.

            That section of funds bill also stated FEMA is who is going to assist US Border and Customs officials in the Processing if illeagles INTO usa citizenships. And fema camps are where that is going to take place at.

            Truth? False? I do Not know…I just Know what it stated the fema camps are intended for.

            That funds bill is probobly avail to read somewheres online I rekon, maybe one of our expert googlers here can find it and Post relevant section of it here…

        • Sierra Dave

          IMHO. And supported by many other facts. TPTB are atheists and leaving dead bodies all over invites disease/plague. A risk to their precious skins.

          Rotting bodies lowers property values.

          And just possibly. Their mercs might not like the idea of being mass murderers just killing and leaving bodies. In the mercs’ eyes. It’s justifiable shooting you if you resist.

          Also, it could be the mercs want a society to go to after the shift is up and have a cold one..

          • Tenet

            How “atheist” are those who read the Talmud, that says “When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2,400 slaves” and “Gentiles are animals given human form to serve the Jews”?

            The Talmud also says Jesus was the son of a prostitute and a Roman soldier. He was not crucified, it says. He was a radical rabbi student who was thrown off the roof of the rabbi school by his teachers, and that’s how he died. He is currently immersed in a pit of boiling excrement in hell.

            The media owners and politicians keep silent about this. Would those who are atheists (the only belief that doesn’t lie to you) keep silent about this heinous religion? No. Those who keep silent about the religion of the media owners and of AIPAC are not atheists, they are following the same civilization-destroying faith as always.

        • JayJay

          I think TPTB are desiring a systematic kill; then not so much hassle with disposing of bodies–thousands vs. millions??

          • sixpack

            They definitely don’t want the whole world to see the atrocity, before it gets fully implemented. Many other nations would not stomach it. I know nobody believes that but me, but I do believe that there would be hell to pay if our govt just started murdering it’s citizens en masse, right out in the open.

            I don’t believe the U.S. is immune to world pressures…we just think we are.

        • DaisyK

          Yes, Clint

          Detainees will be required to work. See page H-9, Page J-19, Page I-11 (Sec I-57), I-8(sec I-41), many more.

          We will be supervised by military police while we work. Work will consist of things like construction, agricultural work and domestic services. Page J-20.

          We will also be required to raise vegetables for our use. Page J-21.

          • DaisyK

            It will takea long time to plow through that Internment and Resettlement document.

            In regard to conditions for workers (slaves)

            It says that rules for detaineew/workers will include:
            No messages passed from one work detail/compound to another.
            No letters complaining about the camps or officials.
            Refusing to eat.
            Refusing to work or working in an unsatisfactory manner.
            Refusing to attend formations.
            Sabotage Equipment or facilities
            Assaulting other detainees or guards
            Attempting to escape
            Fabricating weapons
            Printing or circulating propaganda material.
            False accusations.
            Instigate disturbances or riots.
            Leaving messages for other detainees at food distribution points.

            Of course, failing to follow the rules results in punishment, such as fines, extra work detail, loss of privileges, restraints, segregation from other detainees, or removal to another facility.

            • 1940justme

              these posts get sillier everyday

        • lastmanstanding

          Amen Clint…they have always needed the producer.

          ALWAYS. The collectivist followers have ONLY been kept around for votes as everyone believed that voting could change the outcome. We now know that is BS.

          They will make the attempt to convert producers. They will eliminate those who have been USED to support their agenda. They never had any intention of keeping them around. Another reason why they print money and give it to the weak…they will not use their OWN money to fund this.


          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          • Kulafarmer

            Progressives and conservatives both need the producers, they will tax EVERYONE into oblivion to keep their scharade going, look for one off or recurring posession taxes as the middle class continues to decline.

      • Scavenger

        Why do they need the camps?…Why did Germany “need” Auschwitz?

        • Them Guys

          Germany didn’t need aushwitz, BUT since it was first Built 25 yrs Prior to nazi era, by russian bolshevik jewdeo kommies, to house and mass kill white christian folks from poland etc, maybe them germans figured they too can make use of that camp.

          At least germans never did a 1/50th the evils as those who built that aushwitz camp, jewish kommies, did eh.

          Plus even “If” germans really did kill that famous “six million”, (no they did not as has been proven elsewheres) but when one compares six million to jewish kommies mass killing of over 250-million…Well who really holds the record books Top Genodical freek killers spot?

          But that info wont ever be told of on any msm tv shows or hollyowwd movies made…Just the ukraine holodomere forced starvations topped 7+ million deaths within less than 18 months, that also was perpetrated/done BY jewish Kommie russians…That one event alone tops the Tribes fabled six million claims eh…Ironically we Never heard about That jew run event neither eh!

          I rekon when their Tribe owns and controls ALl global MSM-newspapers, magazines, TV and hollywood besides total control of all fed govnt etc, its easy to HIDE evils done By jewish bolshie Kommie russians eh…Damn Khazars!

          • Aurelius

            Them Guys, they do own and control all that you mentioned and, as you said, all three branches of government including the countless Bureaucracies. As for the “Six Million” which realistically were in the hundreds of thousands, these people died in the waning months of the war, when a kid riding a bicycle down the road would be machine gunned by an allied fighter pilot. No supplies, food, medicines or anything moved on the roads…, and so they died from starvation and disease. You probably know while many here don’t, that the Germans also killed six million Jews during WW1, but Jews didn’t quite own and control everything then and so Journalist’s proved that it was a lie, much like the German soldiers bayoneting babies after throwing them in the air was proven to be a lie. That was then and this is now and no journalist or anyone else would dare contradict what the Jews have taught them about the “Six Million” for lo, these many decades. Such is the power of the International Jew in 2014!

      • Lumpy

        Who said anything about feeding? Besides, once the Chinese no longer accept our toilet paper dollars, who do you think is going to make the clothing and shoes for TPTB?

        • sixpack

          They’ll continue to buy their fine Italian and designer raiment from where they buy it now—anywhere but here!

    15. McFrolie

      This article would be more on point if it didn’t just tie this to “the current administration”. Red – blue siding will not set you free.

    16. clint hospo

      Younger people yes use this website to keep you in check meaning alert and information, but don’t take this to heart too much, it will make you fear and effect your life in a bad way. We don’t know if 20 years of no riots in America will happen or if tomorrow will be the day. Nobody knows. They have a good idea. Learn as much as you can about survival,guns and other alternative weapons you can make etc. Food and water and guns are the top things to have. And please don’t think your going to run off in the mountains. For most that will and can’t happen. Try walking for practice with a heavy loaded gun with your preps and water even 5 miles and see how you feel. Id personally have different areas located and have my supplies there at never in one spot.

      If a collapse happens, dont ever get arrested or go willfully. They are corrupt now and in a collapse they could make up any story they want and steal all your stuff. Your stronger in multiples than alone in most situations vs. sniping etc. Practice holding a gun at home while watching TV and raising it to a target on tv quickly and relax. do over and over to help with muscle memory and how that gun feels. different guns will change your speed if you don’t practice for most people and less than a .10 tenth of a sec can make or break your life against someone else.

      Most important I think. If you get to that point where you have to fire against someone, most are going to freeze and have coristol flowing thru the body and your going to be jittery. relax and make it count the first time and shot. I’m saying you see people vs. police for example them shooting 12 shots both sides and nobody is being hit. Both sides are extremly nervous. Focus and block that out, you must and you can. Have that confidence and stay relaxed. Wear earplugs too if you can when times get crazy. That helps with flashbangs thrown into your home as well.

      Listen we all think differently and have our own beliefs. We try to help each other on here with true
      life stuff and we don’t always agree on here. If you get someone who doesnt respect an honest post ignore them, they are either a troll or immature and just wasting your time and all our time. True people will be helpful and honest. idiots will not be.

      • Man on the inside

        I showed the misses your post… she now knows I am not the only one that practices aim point while watching tv.

        Thank You

      • slingshot

        Clint Hospo

        Good post. Must not have fear ruin or run our lives. Until recently I was in a WIRED Mode. I am calm now.
        I have read all the articles that are disturbing. Understand what type of Government we have. The forces to be brought against us. How much more can they do to me? I am Prepared as best as I can be.

        • Man on the inside

          Calm is good slingshoot… live well and enjoy life while you can… me and the misses and our team does…. being Preped is like being dept free… it has a calming effect. Train to fight, train to win, and you will be calm.

    17. Sierra Dave

      If you can take just one out. It’s a win.

      One way to fight back… Keep some gas handy. Make them spend time forcing their way through hardened defenses. In said time, pour gas all over the floor they are coming into. Bust window. Jump out said window. Ignite road flare. Toss flare into gas as they come inside.

      I’d like to live to see a happy future. But if cornered, I might just go up in the inferno. Unless I get my trapdoor in the floor done beforehand.

      • clint hospo

        yes, gas is your friend. if you lose it and know your about to be taken over by dozens of enemy people have gas in containers all throught your house, even in open buckets if you have too if thats the last resort before you would lose it.

        Get creative with tons of booby trap ideas. If all of us did this to our homes (not the fire and gas) but come up with ways to slow them down or a weapon you made, make it happen. If all of us preppers can take out 1-2 bad guys it will be a win because there is over a million of us plus and we are prepared to defend ourselves. I know I have small width entryways in my home and i have 1′ rebar that will be staggered high low in the middle down the halls and entryways. There will be no possible way they could run in with a weapon, they would have to lift a leg, duck below it and on and on. Above that in the drywall right above them I will have another suprise come right down in that kill area when the time comes.

        • Sierra Dave

          Create a trip trap. Something solid like 2 x 4 raised a few inches off the ground.

          When they bust through your door. They are rushing in like a centipede. First one gets pushed through and goes down. The rest topple over him. Not an enviable position to be in and defending yourself from gunfire.

          Have the lights off. And when they go down, turn on some perfectly legal outdoor lights pointed at the entrance way.

          • JayJay

            Or a huge box of marbles with a 2 X 4 border to keep them from rolling elsewhere! 😉

            • REB

              Piece of 1/8th inch cable pulled up tight with a turnbuckle about 6’above the floor with a piece of plywood full of sharp nails/screws sticking up laying just past the tripper…those nails being covered with dog/cat/human feces material…face down on that and you got em hurtin…gotta think nasty,heheheheheh 🙂

        • slingshot


          Here is a nasty to deploy. Fish hooks on steel leaders. Add to Barbed wire and other mechanical warning devices.

          • slingshot

            The Kick In.

            A couple of sandbags at the base of you door increases warning time. You can also install long screws through the door frame and into the wall studs.
            If you are on a concrete slab, drill a hole close to the door jam and drop a piece re-bar in the hole.

            • JayJay

              Wow–I like the drilled holes with rebar–cheap and easy.


            • Man on the inside

              Like how you think slingshot… cheap easy and effective traps. keep them comming….. I have to get back to this hole Im drilling in my door…. (the missis is wondering what the heck im doing…. LOL)

        • Old Guy

          A trap door in the floor and a escape tunnel might be prudent.

        • Kulafarmer

          Threaded pipe nipples
          Threaded caps
          Waxed fireworks fuse
          Smokeless or black powder
          Duct tape
          Use your imagination!

      • Eagle Eye

        only works in enclosed spaces, and you need lots of gas.

        Too open and not enough gas and the floor goes woooof like a big dog and thats it.

        We used to scare an engineer at work with that trick repeatedly.

      • Any Mouse

        Think.. As with many of the plans put forth, this is just pissing in the wind.

        Turning your home into what you think is a stronghold is shortsighted. If I had access to military hardware and wanted to use it against a civilian population holed up inside their homes I would use something most people wouldn’t. A j88 tracked recovery vehicle, its big, very powerful and quite heavily armoured. It can roll through a house on a concrete slab without slowing down and the boom can be used to knock a house with a basement, right into the basement.

        Your house is concealment, not cover.

        • Sierra Dave

          Any Mouse. Methinks you’re pissing in the wind.

          The jack booted thugs are counting on a surprise assault. I don’t think the M88 is all that quiet.

          Nor did anyone mention using their house for a stronghold. We know that the house is weak. You my friend have created a straw man argument.

          Oh, Google cannot find a J88 recovery vehicle. Only an M88 recovery vehicle.

          • Any Mouse

            I fat fingered it, its the M88. Some of the posters here have previously intimated that their house was a stronghold and this conversation seemed to be a continuance of that meme.

            Actually the whole conversation is somewhat ludicrous considering that going house to house to round up the populace is grossly inefficient.

            • Sierra Dave

              I think most here know that the house is weak and bullets will pass through most of it. At best what we’re talking about is a delaying action to take some out and escape.

              I do have my doubts about them rounding up people. But then why do we have 15 cops doing a no-knock raid for minor offenses or because someone had a young Deer names Giggles that was already going to a wildlife refuge.

              www dot wisn dot com/news/armed-agents-raid-animal-shelter-for-baby-deer/21272108

              These massed police invasions are getting out of hand. Innocent people are getting injured and killed all over.

    18. lena

      you will never have to worry about stuff like this as long as you do what you are told, do not go anywhere you are not supposed to, pay what you are told to and accept what you are given.

      basically, a communist world where everyone accepts being ruled and controlled; those people will be just fine; those that do not; will have trouble.

      we’ll see if enough of america decides they dont want that life before its too late and it is enforced on them.

      given the last two presidential elections, i am not optimistic. too many in the usa seem just fine with taking what they are given and are quite okay with comfort over freedom and liberty.

      • Kulafarmer

        It sounds like you are ok with being a sheep?
        There are millions of us who are not so willing to abdicate our natural rights and freedom, those who are ok with being subjugated deserve what they get when they too are persecuted.

        • lena

          no, not okay.

          just saying plenty of teh usa has shown it’ll give it up for cable tv and air conditioning provided for by the govt. the people are already controlled pretty well thru the tsa, irs, nsa and now obamacare and they are just fine with it.

          the people that arent okay with it better start getting their act together, because if you think those who are okay wont give you up or look they other way whilke they take your guns and gold away froim you, you havent been paying attention.

          • lastmanstanding

            lena…USA…not a chant or a rant…please just capitalize USA or United States of America.

            Many of us are still here, are standing proud while fighting for the survival of family, friends and the like-minded.

            Good will triumph over evil…the earth wants good folks here appreciating her bounty and beauty.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          • Kulafarmer

            Got it,,,
            That will definitely be a problem

      • JayJay

        And then what, Lena? The gas chamber??>

      • SWFL

        I have no doubt that all of this is possible, but I need somebody to explain to me why they need the camps? Why would they not just kill us?
        – “Civilian intelligence”
        Then kill.

    19. Oathkeeper209

      Blue steel helmets? Use NATO Green Tips, you’ll have plenty to resupply if the job gets done right. IBA/IOTV’s (body armor)? Aim for upper portions of extremities to target arterial bleeding (brachial and femoral arteries), they bleed out in seconds with bright red bleeding, last i checked, combat medics and CLS (combat lifesaving) personnel are trained to finish the fight THEN address the wounded. Get captured? Turn to subversion of their believes, all it takes is the right questions to be asked to sow dissension among the ranks, that and you get free medical care and all that jazz, (they did promise healthcare cheaper than a phone bill). If police want to step first with their shiny new tacticool MRAP’s, hit’em with EFP’s, idk about you but im sure police do not have enough ISR assets to assess portions of roads that have been altered like we did in Iraq. Also, police aren’t trained for that, if they were and are what I’d call, oathbreakers, then fuck’em the same, hopefully the bastards freeze up with ptsd and flashbacks. As far as I know, Other countries and especially the US would have to maintain civilities to save face, especially on their own soil, which would be a good idea to also have a hearts and minds campaign of our own established prior to engaging, one thing that christopher Dorner f’d up on, was leaving his manifesto to the whims of the media. All it takes is a video shared on facebook/instagram to get the truth out, something MSM would have a hard time filtering and editting.

      • Man on the inside

        How to kill an MRAP:
        1. Block front and rear (city or school bus, UPS
        Truck,…) Use your imagination.

        2. Fire. Under the MRAP ( Tires, Pallates, 5 gallon
        pales of gas, ect.)

        3. .308, 7mm, .223, 7.62, 30-30, ect… as they exit
        the MRAP turned tv dinner.

        4. Go get two more UPS trucks and some pallets…

        • clint hospo

          speaking of the mrap, it has to have a weakness, the armor dont waste your time, but if you could drive a shot thru the angled luvors however its spelled into the radiator and let it overheat after 10 min or so. Thats the only thing I see able as of now or I can see.

          • sixpack

            they don’t drive too well on their sides or upside down…

            • Man on the inside

              As they found out the hard way During some of the protest in Egypt and Iran. The protestors accualy pused one off a bridge… awesome and funny video.

          • Oathkeeper209

            I prefer the EFP’s production better, EFP’s, explosively formed projectives can be made with smelted concave plate of copper,a piece of pipe from Lowes or Home Depot and ANFO or any explosive, when it explodes, the copper bends outwards into a missle, going through any heavy armor (general rule of thumb is the radius in inches is how far it goes through) the concussive force causes a shock wave inside the vehicle injuring everyone in it or killing them. Depending on the thickness of armor, you can disable a swat vehicle with one the size of a monster can and a trigger man. Tag the first vehicle, let them get out and run around like chickens with their heads cut off, THEN ambush with sniper fire. As for IBA’s, the standard IBA/IOTV has level IIIA plating, with additional level II soft armor to reinforce, anything ballistically better than a 30-06 AP round is needed.

          • Paranoid

            Little things; paint balls on the windows.

        • Kulafarmer

          Dozer or loader…

      • Kulafarmer

        (body armor)?
        Thats why i am yorking on my ability to consistently hit the inside rings on an 8″ target
        If you can core a cantaloupe at 400-600 yds those plates dont mean much,
        Most of these thugs are utilizing ceramic level III plates,
        That doesnt stop multiple hits effectively when its a 308 or higher, not to mention the kinetic energy of impact if its a typical long range load will knock their ass down if it hits the plate even if it doesnt penetrate,,,
        300 WM? 338 LM? They are screwed,
        Yea sure they will be shooting back, so what,,, nobody ssid it was safe

    20. Wilson

      An interesting article and when time permits I intend to read the FM. Thanks for the link.

    21. Socrates

      Pay close attention to the ‘breaching saws’ and other rapid entry tools they use. I have seen them up close and personal. They are basically DeWalt power tools on steroids, meant to cut through wood or metal in rapid time. Would be rather unfortunate if the aggressors cut through 120volt A/C line and some plumbing at the same time. ZZzzap!

      There is also no doubt that ‘multinational’ troops will used as regular military are going to have a huge fallout when them find out they are ‘detaining’ U.S. civilians in direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which forbids the use of the U.S. Army for civilian police roles. Unfortunately, this has already been usurped by 32 CFR 501.4

      The following link from the FAS (Federation of American Scientists) divulges more information on the NDAA of 2012 and the ‘FM3-39.40 Training manual’ outlined in this article

      • sixpack

        Here’s a breaching hint for you—when up against a steel door or solid core door, don’t worry about the door. The door trim comes off easily and an ordinary sawz-all, ran between the two door frame studs will cut the 2-3 nails on each side. One or two more nails in the top and the door will fall in or out as you please.

        A steel door SEEMS intimidating, but MOST are still held in place by just a hand full of 16d nails that take seconds to cut.

        • Any Mouse

          Right and wrong. For most residential applications with a wood frame this is correct. In commercial or industrial applications with a steel frame, the frame is usually lag bolted into the the surrounding structure, usually 8 bolts. Some steel door frames may even be welded into certain structures.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Agree mouse,also in some units the frame is then after bolted filled with concrete.I worked for awhile on housing projects and this is what they did when they replaced the steel doors and frames.

            • Any Mouse

              Dad designed doors all his professional career, mostly steel commercial stuff. He designed some stuff that you would never guess it was steel unless you were told. I also saw plans for doors that were 3 inches thick and could take punishment from a 30 caliber rifle all day long.

              Most residential steel doors are only steel skinned for a better fire rating. Dad always said that a steel door in a wood frame was useless.

              • Man on the inside

                Exactly mouse… I have run 10 inch lag bolts through the frame to secondary studs. I cut open the top of our steel exterior doors and then ran two steel rods down them and poured in the concrete (made the door heavy as hell.) We added two more hinges and put pins in those. A bit more bullet proof and with a barricade bar and two good dead bolts it will take a bit more for the constable to get through. All my doors (three of them) require four to nine steps to get to. Sucks for my old ass knees but makes it harder to use the battering car to break through. From the outside they look like plain old doors. In the words of gomer plie … surprise … surprise…. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

    22. Breathial

      I view this with the same attitude as forcible confiscation of guns : CW2.

      The .gov thugs and every “friend” they bring, will leave in body bags.

    23. Be informed

      The U.S. government just can’t stay out of other peoples’ lives and leave them alone. They just can’t let others live their own lives and choose their own destinies. Everyone just “must” bow down to King BO and all those “in control”. Keep pushing Russia and China into a corner and this is the song people will be thinking of when mega SHTF:

      “99 Red Balloons” lyrics


      You and I in a little toy shop
      Buy a bag of balloons with the money we’ve got
      Set them free at the break of dawn
      ’til one by one they were gone
      Back at base bugs in the software
      Flash the message: “something’s out there!”
      Floating in the summer sky
      Ninety-nine red balloons go by

      Ninety-nine red balloons
      Floating in the summer sky
      Panic bells, it’s red alert
      There’s something here from somewhere else
      The war machine springs to life
      Opens up one eager eye
      Focusing it on the sky
      Where ninety-nine red balloons go by

      Ninety-nine decision street
      Ninety-nine ministers meet
      To worry, worry, super scurry
      Call the troops out in a hurry
      This is what we’ve waited for
      This is it, boys, this is war
      The president is on the line
      As ninety-nine red balloons go by

      Ninety-nine knights of the air
      Ride super high-tech jet fighters
      Everyone’s a super hero
      Everyone’s a captain kirk
      With orders to identify
      To clarify and classify
      Scramble in the summer sky
      Ninety-nine red balloons go by

      As ninety-nine red balloons go by

      Ninety-nine dreams I have had
      In every one a red balloon
      It’s all over and I’m standing pretty
      In this dust that was a city
      If I could find a souvenir
      Just to prove the world was here
      And here is a red balloon
      I think of you, and let it go

      • LSB

        This sounds for real…but I will press on.

      • John Q. Public

        @ BI

        You are a bright guy, so, for the life of me, I cannot understand why you seem not to see beyond the Kenyan puppet. Follow the money.

        You know the tribe by their fruits.

        The Kenyan bathhouse boy is the tribe’s inside joke. The tribe is leaving the black patsy holding the bag when they “pull” the economy the same way they “pulled” WTC7. They will be in the crowd spitting on their house boy having a good laugh at his expense. Mind you, I won’t feel sorry for his just punishments, but the Master Race will be waiting to do it all over again if the people can’t see past the synagogue of Satan’s puppets and shabbos goyim.

        • Be informed

          @ John Q. Public. All I care about are the end results with whomever is responsible. We are all screwed by those on top. Below these monsters we can just prepare the best we can as individuals. This is really what I am trying to say. Prepare as much as you can and be alert toi what is coming, because it is awful to say the least.

          • John Q. Public

            Laudable, Be Informed, yet real success depends on looking past the puppets to the puppet masters. So, when you correctly castigate the Kenyan bathhouse boy, be sure also to castigate his Master Race handlers and financiers.

            If our vision and mission stop at the puppets, the puppet masters will simply replace the puppets from the all-too-large pool of willing evildoers.

            Nuremberg 2 must punish puppets and puppet masters!

            Punish ALL the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

        • sixpack

          just like they let the two token blacks tell the most obvious lies for them in the bush admin…rice and powell.

          • John Q. Public

            Indeed! Satan and his synagogue have made evil an “equal opportunity.”

            • sixpack

              And they obviously don’t mind letting Al Jolson have the spotlight, all to himself.

      • Anonymous

        What about the German version?

    24. william pierce

      Phoc them, I will make their childeren orphans!

      • JayJay

        Tip: bleach has a short shelf life; 6 months at the most.
        Use pool shock, calcium hypochlorite, to purify water.
        It has an INDEFINITE shelf life if kept in the original package, kept dry, kept cool, away from air.

        • sixpack

          I already got mine put away. Thanks.

        • KY Mom


          Good info about water. A good water filtration system is a good purchase.

          We have an AquaRain Model 404 Water Filter (Model 404). It is stainless steel.

          It came with 4 filters. We are using 2 of the filters and have the other 2 still In the box.

          Aquarain products are made in the USA. This model can use Berkey water filters and Berkey’s can use these filters.

          My husband checked the specs on the AquaRain and said the filters are the same as the Berkeys, but made here in the US and cost LESS.

          The filters can be boiled and reused, so they are good for a long time.

          Granpappy had a very good article about water. About 2/3 of the way down in the article, he compares the Berkey and AquaRain.

          Hope this helps. Links are posted below.

    25. db427

      I have a question for all of you. where are the children right now in Ukraine?
      think about it, that is my ‘tip for the day’

      • Them Guys

        Has anybody else noticed that with all those mass protests in Ukraine, and us being told by some that its poor folks aganist rich bastards and filthy rich polititions etc, that ironically not One Single BANK has gotten Looted and robbed as yet?

        Gee I wonder if thats due to usa zio jewdeo state dept woman in charge of Funding protests in ukraine, Neulan, has told her zio sayanims there to make certain NO banks and NO jewish banksters get harmed?

        Ukraine banks are predominantly Jewish owned/run by at least a margin of 90% or better. Yet not a single banks been looted yet?…..When protesters are Flat Broke and have little to lose at this point?…Hmmmmm…

        EYE OPENING Articles on Ukraines protests, many Photos, Links, Proofs, of who, what,where,when and why are available to read at www dot realjewnews dot com…

        Also articles at that site cover every event from Prez wilson or prior, up to Todays 2014 events in america, and globally with tons of proven documented unrefutable evidedence that in most Every event and ordeal, One main specific Tribe has been always behind it all.

        But do not take my word for it…Go see the webiste yourself and You be the Judge!

        • NC2SC

          There is nothing wrong with jews.
          IRS targeting- Lerner and Shulman (2 jews)
          Federal reserve- Greenspan, Bernanke, yellen (all jews)
          California- Feinstein (jew)
          Owner of coca cola
          owner of MSNBC
          owner of Fox news
          Owner of everything you eat

          yes. we are controlled by Israel Zionist jews. and there is nothing we can do about it

          • JayJay

            All Zionist are Jews; not all Jews are Zionist.
            This is the problem of profiling??

            • lastmanstanding

              JayJay…how about simply bad zionist jews and good Jews.

              There are those who hide behind good things.

              • sixpack

                …and if it doesn’t apply, let it fly…

    26. blitz

      Not saying if the info was true or not, I don’t know. But for a good part of the video I saw the IL State Police training in and around an old warehouse. How do I know this? Grass growing up through cracks in pavement, standing water inside the building and what appeared to be rust at the bottom of beams in warehouse. That doesn’t look “new” to me. Good luck y’all.

    27. N.O. ;0p

      A once free american veteran last rhyme ~

      i’m keeping a list

      i’m checkin it twice

      of all the american political whores and traitors being naughty and nice

      i’m a american veteran (a lone wolf terrorist american traitor janet napolitano claims) with a anti-nwo-zog-aipac corrupt thievin murderin zio-jew gripe

      ain’t scared to bleed or sacrifice me to fight for my once free country against nwo-zog zio-jeeew tyranny

      i’m still in the 1984=1776 2nd america revolutionary civil war fight

      got me a bushmaster , glock , and big-o rambo knife

      willing to die for my once free country of america are you

      willing to trade my life and body for freedom of my mind are you

      ain’t sweaten it none son this is something i got to do before i die

      it’s a ragging fire burning deep within me that cries out

      freedom for me or its time to step up to that line in the sand

      take a stand take some of the traitorous nwo-zog with me before i check out and die

      i’m part of that breed you see

      it’s in my heart blood and bones

      it can be only LIVE FREE OR DIE for me .

      ~ n.o. ;0P (an original american freeman patriot)

    28. a canadian


    29. posseecom

      Mr Hodges

      We have been barraged with documents,movies,leaked manuals ,transcripts,non stop youtube videos,verified US Army docs for “internment specialists”, and “insiders” for years now regarding camp femas nationwide..yet no one has ever been inside one of these internment camps close up with a hidden cell phone or other recording device.

      No one has ever come forward with conclusive factual proof to substantiate this on going “conspiracy” despite the likes of Franchi,Jones,Quayle,yourself and others promulgating this scenario…

      Not that I don’t doubt that it exists ,or is in the planning, given the nefarious substantiated actions we have all witnessed over the years..

      Is there not one individual out of millions of the military,contractors,logistics,feds,who has physically been within the confines of one of these camps?

      If so, that would certainly give a bit more credence to your, and others, arguments as presented…

      Connecting the dots and conjecture are fine..but must lead to conclusively vetting the truth at some point..

      Thank you..


      • Cellar Spider


        Your screen name is uncanny, clever to say the least. because with regards to the use of military force on U.S. soil, it is ironically (screen name reference) the Posse Comitatus Act (18 U.S.C. § 1385) that strictly prohibits use of such military force.

        However, if you look at the scope of FEMA, it being understood as a civilian operation that occurs on U.S. soil, and the language contained within the Army Field manual connecting FEMA to Internment and Resettlement (a military operation), there is clearly a vehicle by which the restrictions imposed by the Posse Comitatus Act can be bypassed.

        And because of that, it cannot be denied that the concept of the FEMA camp has just grown up.

      • sixpack

        posseecom, why do you really need for some “mouth” to speak before you believe it? WHY would you believe what someone says, when you refuse to believe the actual documents themselves, put right under your nose?

        The truth is, you don’t WANT to believe it, no matter the source.

        • posseecom

          If you read my comment..I specifically stated that I don’t doubt that fema camps exist ..just why no one has ever produced video docs to substantiate the claims presented.


          • sixpack

            They have produced videos. Jesse Ventura went right up to the front doors in his video. The problem is, the discussion just shifts to “what are we really looking at”.

            Is that what this really is? How do we know that for sure? Can you prove it? How do we know this isn’t all fake? Etc…

            They never admit it. No one can ever prove it.

            …until they lock the doors after us.

            So it’s just the same argument, over and over again, no matter what kind of evidence we gather.

            I don’t think some people would believe it if obummer himself came out and made a public declaration that there are FEMA camps and the camps are for US.

            Then, we’d sit around and argue about who “US” is…

    30. N.O. ;0p

      once free america is now ruled nationwide as a fascist tyranny controlled police state

      in a state-of-war footing being controlled under soft martial law

      by a zog controlled puppet fake illegal alien non-american prez dicktator

      the nwo-zog and zio-jeeews aipac isn’t going to just stop bullying stop tax debt enslaving once free americans say ‘we’re sorry’ take their ball and go home

      these predatory greedy traitorous nwo-zog zio-jeeew f*cks kill our own once free american Presidents

      its inevitable

      sooner or later

      ‘their will be blood’


      n.o. ;0p

    31. posseecom

      error page not found 404

    32. chiller

      If anyone believes Americans would go quietly into the night…they’d be sadly mistaken. In my neighborhood, the first sign of this type of action occurring would be met by heavy resistance, spiraling into a full blown civil war overnight.

    33. southside

      @ Them Guys : You forget to take your meds or something ? Why are his imbecelic tirades tolerated?

      • sixpack

        Do some research and prove him wrong then.

        • Them Guys

          Sixpack: Southside cannot prove me wrong. And he/she Knows that! Why else do ya think such types always use ad hominim’s as attacks of the posting messenger(me)..

          Its all they have as ammo to refute facts and truth which some folks simply refuse to accept no matter what documentations provided.

          Whats Real scarry is those types also sit on Juries! And if they maintain same attitudes as done here…Look Out folks if ones on Your jury someday!

          Your lawyer can provide a boatload proof evidence of Your innocence…but if some jewboy fed prosecutor even one time claims You are a white seperatist, or nazi jew hater etc…These fools types are going to focus ONLY upon that name you were called and send You to prison forever.

          They also will Pat temselves on their backs and tell themselves “I am a SUPER CITIZEN for so defending jews, or blacks or any other minorities”

          It makes em all feely fuzzy warm inside to act that way.

          Come sunday they will be first inside church and Early to be able to tell their jewdeo zio christian judiazering preacherman what a swell jew or black defender they were!

          Indeed folks Buy that proud fool some Candy bars!

          Pavlov never in his wildest dreams thought his experiments training Dogs, could so swell be applied to Humans like these fools eh!

          just Ringy Dingy a jew bell, and like pavlovs dogs, jewdeo christian deluded fools comes a runnin!

          “here I am Rabbis! what can I do to assist Your evil plans today rabbi?” Cause Gods gonna Bless me Big time! (just ask the expert barn cat)

          • sixpack

            I know, that was my point.

    34. JRS

      There is no such animal as a “sovereign citizen”.
      Of course this term was coined by a US corporate judge in a courtroom where a sovereign has no jurisdiction.

      You are either a sovereign, with natural rights, or a corporate US “citizen” with privileges.

      Yes, law enforcement considers you to be a terrorist if you claim your sovereignty.

      If you have any doubts about that, go to the PoliceOne website and look at some of the comments by cops under “sovereign citizen”.

      Cops are enforcers for the state and do what they are told for a handful of .gov scrip. They don’t care about anyone’s natural rights.

      • sixpack

        Apparently, not even their own.

    35. Satori

      Doomer Porn Alert


    36. Warchild Dammit!

      This is really nothing new,many have watched this for awhile.Face it,double or triple folks killed by democide in the 20th century then all wars combined,was almost inevitable would occur someday in this region of the world.Just do the best you can to help others and fight by ALL means possible any who would bring this down on the citizens of this country.To the best of ones ability gum up the works of oppression,the longer dragged out and the ugly becomes apparent some on other side will realize they are on the wrong side and screw with the system from within.

    37. What?

      @ Mac Slavo

      Though I have been here only a while, this forum has gone from being fun and somewhat informative to a childish, name-calling, and somewhat racist-sounding testosterone replacement therapy for a bunch of people. Grouping people into categories and threatening those same people, as a whole, is basically what hate-mongers do. Do y’all not notice this?

      Reading the comments section after an article like this makes me sick, for the most part. The immature high-school phrased Life threatening BS is just pathetic.

      Mac, I am sorry, but after the juvenile crap I have read after the last few articles, but especially this one I have to admit that I actually MISS Eisen. At least we all knew Eisen was full of shit, unlike all the other “I’m gonna kill you” and “bring your own body bags with you” types that are currently on the comments section. I know why you got rid of Eisen, and I do agree with you on that matter, but I still miss Eisen’s response to the high school bully BS.

      I will miss most of you, but not the old fart in Memphis or the cop in N central IL or others who constantly throw out threats. I’m not hating any of you, I’m just sick of listening to all the testosterone replacement therapy bullshit.

      I’ll miss Okie, JayJay, KY mom, eppe, and many others. That being said:

      I’m gone.



      • 1braveheart

        What?, I’m sorry to see you go. I think you misunderstood some of the things Sgt. Dale and I have said on here previously. all we have really said is our positions concerning the articles we were posting on. We never made threats to anyone. We only stated what attackers could expect if they attack our homes. IT IS NOT ‘TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY BS’. We have only stated our positions on these issues and nothing else. I’m sorry for any misunderstandings and I’m sure we made ourselves as clear as possible. I, for one, did enjoy your posts. Sorry to see you go. take care. the ‘old fart’ in memphis

      • lastmanstanding

        Thankfully, we all still have the ability to make some choices…best of luck.

        If you have problems with not reading/ignoring certain posters…you’ll need a lot of luck.

    38. Old Guy

      Intered & resettled? this is nothing new. The same exact thing was done to the native americans. some fought back. Some tried to run away & hide. only the Seminole where moderately successful. For the most part resistance was futile then and will likely be the same today. Its a war on the US middle class. however the sheeple will go willingly. Starve the sheeple a little and they will give up all of their god given rights & freedom to be taken care of. Its pretty much over. Their isn’t now and hasn’t been a viable political or ballot box solution. So where does that leave us? my answer is don’t do anything the would endanger your immortal soul. Its very possible the evil folks are cooking up themselves a kettle of JUST DESSERTS? I think KARMA is our only hope.

    39. ROBER



      • VRF

        Is it supposed to read Beware a pale horse?
        If so , that be her

        • Anonymous

          Behold a pale Cow? Hillary Clit ton.