You Can Be Against Police Brutality & Looting and Rioting At The Same Time

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    It is possible for people to condemn all violence.  Just because someone says they don’t support the looting and rioting, does not mean they support police brutality. Just because someone says that the police shouldn’t kill people with qualified immunity, doesn’t mean they support looting and rioting.

    The mainstream media and those who still are stuck in the left/right paradigm want you to choose a side. Police brutality, or looting. It is possible to side with neither at the same time because they are both wrong.  What a surprise! They need you to choose to stay divided instead of standing up together against all violence and all shows of violence.

    “The state and its aggression, and the people the loot innocent businesses are not justified in their actions. It doesn’t even mean their both equal, it just means they’re both wrong and it’s easy to speak about both. It is a false choice, a false dichotomy to suggest otherwise,” says July. “Anybody that doesn’t have a brain the size of a coronavirus can actually hold two positions at the same time.”

    “People only see what the hell they wanna see,” said Eric July in his recent video. “If you can’t properly identify what the issue is, right, you look at the symptom…and you have this view of what the symptom is, you diagnose it completely incorrectly. And because you diagnose it completely incorrectly, you can’t actually come to a solution.”

    “What’s happening here…is you haven’t been paying attention,” July adds. Police brutality in all forms is wrong.  Violence committed against non-violent people is wrong no matter what kind of uniform you have on. It’s morally apprehensive and should not be tolerated. The same can go for the looters and rioters.  It’s wrong to destroy businesses and harm innocent people who have done nothing wrong.  It’s the same position.

    But it gets more sticky for those who have chosen sides – either side.  There’s a solution to the looting and rioting, and we’ve seen it first hand. It wasn’t the police that protected a town in Idaho from violent thugs:

    People are willing to stand up and protect each other against those who are committing violence and crimes against other small private businesses. But we aren’t standing together against the militarized police who brutalize people daily, not just when there are looting and rioting. Why do they get a pass? The cognitive dissonance by so many is hardly an excuse anymore. We all know committing acts of violence against non-violent people is wrong. It’s wrong when police do it. It’s worn when the militaries of the globe do it, and it’s wrong when looters do it.

    Just hold a moral position. That’s it. If you start to allow some a pass on violence because of badges don’t be surprised when it’s you or your guns they come for next, because that’s the next step in all of this. Martial law to bring in a New World Order, and your total enslavement.

    Larken Rose’s The Most Dangerous Superstition is an excellent resource for those who still think aggression against innocent people is conducive with a free society.  If you want to be free, you first have to free your mind, and realize not only what is going on around you, but who is taking your freedom from you.

    The primary threat to freedom and justice is not greed, or hatred, or any of the other emotions or human flaws usually blamed for such things. Instead, it is one ubiquitous superstition that infects the minds of people of all races, religions, and nationalities, which deceives decent, well-intentioned people into supporting and advocating violence and oppression. Even without making human beings one bit more wise or virtuous, removing that one superstition would remove the vast majority of injustice and suffering from the world.


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      1. “We all know committing acts of violence against non-violent people is wrong.”

        Radicals generally assume that you got your worldly possessions via a repressive caste system, ie, took it from the serfs or Indians or slaves, by force. It is the product of violence, from square one. What is historically the very *first* step, on occupying the land, if not to clear it of all immediate competition and to establish a defensible perimeter?

        YoungRippa59’s preview says that ‘the game is rigged’ — ultimately, under the implied threat of force, if you do not cooperate, willingly.

        You obeyed traffic signals, mortgages, turnstyles, sales taxes — and, down to the finest hairsplitting — because you thought there would be a physical repercussion, not because it was good for you, in any way, shape, or form.

        Did a prophet of the Living God anoint some Old Testament king with oil, or, who, in your opinion, should have a right to institute state violence against other people?

      2. In the Bible, after the fall of Adam, all of Adam’s descendants were said to be born with original sin.

        Do any of the people, in that empty lot, *not* believe they were born with original debt? These people with guns, do they have a right to exist, free-and-clear of any encumbrances? Does someone else have a higher claim to their persons, possessions, and wealth? Why aren’t you in uniform, if you believe in taking up arms, on behalf of the present world order?

      3. The predation continues in this shit hole country full of shitty people doing shitty things to other people through psychopathic predation. It is the only way that the brainless fucking morons can survive. Just another day in McCarthy Dahmerville!

      4. The predation continues in this shit hole country full of shitty people doing shitty things to other people through psychopathic predation. It is the only way that the brainless fucking morons can survive. Just another day in McCarthy Dahmerville!

        Since I can’t access youtube, I could not watch the videos. Is this what you meant when you said that things would start to get July?

      5. It looks like it’s 1968 all over again. Keeping with that thought the Buffalo Springfield song, “For What It’s Worth”, had an applicable lyric, “No ones right when everybody’s wrong”.

        1. George Floyd attempting to pass phony money.
        2. Officer Chauvin killing George Floyd.
        3. The PD / City’s first reaction protecting Officer Chauvin (as was done many times previously) as much as possible.
        4. Subsequent riots and looting.
        5. Law Enforcement ordered to stand down reaching a point of virtual capitulation.
        6. Advocating defunding if not removing law enforcement (especially in light of #4 above)

        1. Peaceful protestors.
        2. Civilians forced to protect their own life and property from looters and violent rioters.

      6. Defund the police. I favor defunding almost ALL government to constrict the size way, way down to as small as possible. Most bureaucrats and .gov toadies that feed from the taxpayer trough should go.

        I support the people seeing to their own defense like those in Coeur D’Alene.

        Was it the Boogaloo Bois?

      7. The antifa looters and rioters have too much free time on their hands. They should move farther north and buy a wood stove. The need to feed it will consume all their spare time and give them a new purpose in life.

      8. My doctor told me Junkie Drug Addicts like George Floyd have ruined everything and are the reason why he can no longer prescribe pain medications for my debilitating back injury.

        I said, “that’s fine, but what does that got to do with my problems”?

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