YOU ARE CRAZY: New Psychiatric Guidelines Target Hoarding, Child Temper Tantrums, and a Host of Other “Illnesses”

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    Approved Drug Cocktails for Kids

    It’s not a stretch to suggest that Americans are over medicated. In 2011 doctors across the nation wrote an astounding four billion medical prescriptions, amounting to an average of 13 prescriptions for every  man, woman and child in the United States.

    In the next few weeks the American Psychiatric Associations is releasing their updated fifth version their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5); the so-called ‘bible’ of psychiatric diagnoses. The new manual promises to take mental illness and the use of prescription drugs to a whole new level.

    You may not be considered “crazy” or “mentally ill” today, but under the new guidelines experts say half of us will be diagnosed with a psychiatric condition in the future.

    The odds will probably be greater than 50 percent, according to the new manual, that you’ll have a mental disorder in your lifetime.

    The increasing number of disorders comes about because some “problems” that were not previously considered to be mental illness were reclassified as such by their inclusion in the DSM—and it is the DSM that functionally defines mental illness in the United States.

    You see, in the DSM-5 the definitions for mental illness have been expanded to include a whole host of new symptoms and conditions.

    For example, under the new guidelines if your 6 to 18 year-old child throws a temper tantrum from time to time or has a mood swing, a psychiatrist could diagnose the condition as a “Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder” requiring professional treatment. Keep in mind that in psychiatry “professional treatment” almost always means prescription drugs.

    Are you over the age of 55 and have “senior moments” like forgetting where you put your keys? If so, then in all likelihood you have a neurocognitive disorder.

    Do you stockpile food, supplies or other items in anticipation of a disaster? If so, you may have what’s called an obsessive compulsive hoarding disorder.

    “The reality shows have raised awareness, but they tend to sensationalize the patients, and they rarely talk about treatment.”

    “The big change,” Dr. Saxena said, “will be an official recognition of hoarding as an important neuropsychic disorder that will increase screening, increase detection and diagnosis, and refer patients in for treatment.”

    While the new hoarding guidelines don’t specifically target “preparedness,” the fact is that some ‘professionals’ have already suggested that if you have any level of anxiety about the possibility of a major catastrophe, or your motivation for preparing for unforeseen events includes a distrust of the government, then you’ve got psychological problems.

    Now, with the DSM-5, they can officially diagnose you as crazy.

    Dr. Allen Frances, the author of Saving Normal, says that the new requirements will, “turn everyday anxiety, eccentricity, forgetting and bad eating habits into mental disorders.”

    The changes being introduced by the DSM-5 are nothing short of a sweeping overhaul of our mental health care system, and they will have effects that many experts can’t even fathom. But those behind the DSM, who work very closely with government experts, know exactly what they’re doing.

    Let’s connect the dots a little bit to get an idea of how this is going to have a direct impact on your life in the very near future.

    Under the new regulations set forth by the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, certain groups of Americans like school children, seniors, those on government health plans, active-duty military personnel, and veterans will be required to submit to mental health screenings.

    Page 1137 of the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provides grants for the operation of school-based health centers required to include “mental health and substance abuse disorder assessments” for children and adolescents.

    On page 1191 is found a section on Mental Health Screening that refers to a program called “Healthy Aging, Living Well”. Persons ages 55-64 are being targeted for screening activities that can include “mental health/behavioral health and substance use disorders.”

    Obamacare requires mental health services for many other groups.

    These include Medicaid recipients, addicts, mothers with postpartum depression, the elderly, and soldiers. There’s even has a section called “Mental Health in Small Businesses” which awards grants to small businesses willing to provide workplace wellness programs that encourage “healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, increased physical activity and improved mental health.”

    Are you starting to see where this is going?

    You’ll be forced by your child’s school, by the government, and even your private employer to be  involuntarily screened. And the psychiatrists who’ll be performing the diagnoses will be utilizing the criteria outlined in the DSM-5.

    According to the afforementioned statistics, there’s a 50% chance that those being screened will be found to have some type of mental health condition.

    But that’s just the beginning.

    As we know, once diagnosed, failure to take the treatment (e.g. medication) prescribed could then be deemed unlawful behavior, especially in the case of children.

    Not possible in America? Think again:

    Earlier this year, administrators from the Berne-Knox-Westerlo school district called Albany County Child Protective Services, alleging child abuse when the Carrolls said they wanted to take Kyle off the drug.

    As a result, the Carrolls are now on a statewide list of alleged child abusers, and they have been thrust into an Orwellian family court battle to clear their name and to ensure their child isn’t removed from their home.  “It’s beyond the point of whether he should be on it. Now it’s the point of them telling us what we’re going to do,” said Michael Carroll. “They’re telling me how to raise my child.”

    The schools are now using child protective services to enforce their own desires and their own policies,” said David Lansner, a New York City lawyer who has seen cases similar to the Carrolls’. “The parents’ authority is being undermined when people have to do what some public official wants,” Lansner added. “This thing is so scary,”

    It’s already happening, and with nearly 4 million children every year being (mis)diagnosed with ADHD, we can expect the numbers to rise significantly under the new DSM guidelines.

    It’s important to understand, however, that they’re not just targeting our children. They’re coming after all of us.

    The DSM-5, coupled with Obama Care legislation, will allow the government unprecedented control over lives.

    One such example is the targeting of America’s gun owners. Legislation is in the works in many states, as well as the U.S. Congress, that would require mental health screenings for firearms ownership. Should these bills pass, then about half of America’s gun owners would immediately lose their right to bear arms for any manner of “disorders” that could include stress, anxiety, depressed mood or even poor eating habits!

    And while gun control proponents would applaud the victory, what they fail to understand is that by green-lighting such a government intrusion, they are setting themselves up for future legislation that may restrict their own rights for activities that may include maintaining employment or caring for their children.

    Once a diagnoses is made the government will then have the ability to enforce it at the barrel of a gun.

    If your child is diagnosed with ADHD or separation anxiety disorder, and you refuse to feed them their prescription cocktail, then the government will step in and take your children under the guise of protecting them… from you!

    Likewise, you may one day be forced to be screened by your employer and found to be mentally ill (remember, 50/50 shot!). If you refuse the professional treatment that’s recommended, you could lose your job as a result. And because the Department of Homeland Security has been busy creating a Domestic No-Work List all prospective employers will know of your condition and your refusal to seek professional treatment.

    The possibilities, now that the door has been opened, are endless.


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      1. Dr. Quack dope and BO is going to be to blame for this already be poisonous getting that much worse. Poison the people and make them even more dependent on the government for their fix. Chemical dependence is one thing, but so is a psychological dependence. This government sucks rotten eggs.

        • I believe it is all part of the plan to keep the population medicated and ‘pacified’. Adding fluoride to the water also helps to this end. A docile population is much easier to control.

          “Research proves that fluoride is an extremely neurotoxic chemical which interrupts basic functions of nerve cells in the brain and can lead to Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), infertility, birth defects, diabetes, cancer and lowered IQ. The aluminum “tricks” the blood-brain barrier and allows chemical access to brain tissue.”

          • I believe it too, KY Mom. The system has been rigged to fill the pockets of the elite and wealthy.

            The satanic politicians have gone along with the system that keeps our children sick in body and mind.

            We are part of the problem because of “sleeping on the watch” and allowing the crooks to get into positions to run our system.

            The sickness begins with the toxic chemicals “added” to our drinking water and everyday foods. Next, look at all the prescribed medications.

            God is fed up with people allowing this to go on against his little ones, and I believe He has taken his loving Hands off our nation. The birth pangs are increasing for the return of our Saviour, and it is more evident by the recent events of death and distruction in the midwest.

            My prayers have went out for all those people, especially the little children.

            • I’ll go see the shrink right after the DC Gang goes first.
              I may be a little disoriented, but those jerks are
              candidates for the padded room at the funny farm.

              • So that’s what is wrong with Michelle. My apologies but after reading this article and having fought the system constantly labeling children as ADHD since the late 80s, I thought of this woman.

                • Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder: Michael Savage

                  • “Think fluoride is used by the rest of the world? France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Finland, India and Great Britain have all rejected its use after special commissions and health secretaries reviewed the negative evidence.”

                    Natural News dot com

                  • This is only one of obitchfaces back door gun grab sceams …
                    Everyone that admits they own any guns will automatically have a new mental disorder !
                    Remember doctors being Required to ask if you owns guns?

                  • Between the ever expanding legal minutiae and ever expanding psychiatric DSM, the Master Race will be able to lock up anyone they want.

                    The tribe has been refining these tactics since they murdered over 60 million Christians in the USSR.

              • What the lawmakers who let this happen don’t yet realize, is that THEY are in a position to get the same treatment. Oppose the administration? No problem, they’ll be ordered to submit to an eval. Once the diagnosis IS made, and it will be, no more opposition.

                I’ve posted many times, over several years, that the surveillance grid is mainly to squash government opposition, beginning with people who are in a position to actually make a political difference…i.e. congressmen and the heads of government agencies, including the military.

                I believe we are in this political hell because most lawmakers are being blackmailed, with the dirt surveillance turned up on them.

                • The definition of crazy is allowing someone else to determine your mental state, and then allowing them to force their conclusions and treatment on you.

                  If you allow the corp to examine you, then medicate you, you are by definition crazy.

                  • GC; You may like to read about the autistic boy on natural news, his Mother took him out of the state ran system,because they had told her he would never be able to ty his shoes! He is now studying Physics and has an I.Q of 170, higher than that of Einstein!

              • Great!Now that I’m crazy,I can get a government job studying and publishing “official” economic and inflation numbers!Roll on choom wagon!

              • And just why do you think they exempted themselves from Obamacare?

            • I believe it’s all about control and manipulation. Get you hooked on all sorts of narcotics and therapy. After you are under control they can detain you at will, take your weapons, and black ball your work history.

            • Once again. So 1% do some bad shit and God wipes out the Midwest. Full of people that did nothing.



              With friends like this who needs enemas?

              I beleive your concept of God needs a massive overhaul.

              • I hear voices inside my head, but I think it is just my metal fillings picking up FM. 🙂

                • Me too,
                  Uh oh
                  Had my earbuds in,
                  A little Shinedown,

              • THEGUY you must not have understood what JESUS said to
                the GALATIONS when the tower fell on the 18 unless you
                are born again the same will happen so if the ones who
                died were born again their out of this shitie world
                and if they weren’t their shit out of luck the children
                are SAVED and will never grow old

                • Swampratt: If this god of yours caused the tornado that killed 9 children, then he’s evil and not worth worshipping. If he just let it happen, then he’s impotent and not worth worshipping either. I know, this logic thing is a tough on you bumpkins, but it’s what the rest of the modern world uses for clear thinking, especially in science. Those poor children were crushed to death and your god could have doen something, but he didn’t. Yes, I’m back to taunt all you American savages who live in fear and superstition like those living in third world countries. You had such promise, but alas, you’re the laughing stock of the civilised world.

                  • Professor, By who’s definition of evil? When things go bad, God gets the blame and in your academic mind He becomes evil. When things go right/good, are you willing to give Him credit? Didn’t think so. Then why not ask God your question(s) because you’ll have an opportunity, if not here then later.
                    By the way, man didn’t define evil or know the term till God spelled it out for us. Biblically speaking; evil means rebellion. So then for you to imply that God is evil, are you saying He has rebelled against your definition of good or what/how He should do or not do things?

                  • Professor Higgins, God is good. When people reject Him they reject good. When people walk away from Him they walk away from good. God honors his gift of free choice to all us. If we want Him to leave He will. If we don’t want Him in our lives He won’t intrude.

                    Satan is always looking for opportunities to do evil. Without the protection of God there’s nothing to keep you safe. So without God bad things can and will happen.

                    Go search for the Greek “Permissive Imperative” tense. God permits/tolerates bad things to happen because of our bad choices.

                    Over 50 million babies have been killed since Roe vs. Wade. That one fact here proves that many in this country need to repent, ask forgiveness and start walking with God.

                  • DRD5508: I’m merely pointing out the flawed logic you religious folks employ when you discuss your make-believe friend in the sky. I can expalin things to you but I can’t understand them for you. I know that sad little backward creatures such as yourself are more comfortable with feelings (primitive brain functions) rather than logic (higher brain functions), so I will dumb this down as best I can. For the sake of arguement, lets say your god is real. If he allowed those children to die when he could have prevented it, then yes, he’s evil. Evil isn’t just what you want it to be, evil is doing something that you know will cause harm to innocent people. If your god couldn’t do anything, then he’s feeble and not all powerful. Either way, not a good candidate for worship. Tah tah.

                  • Professor Higgins: You low life piece of euro-trash! You’re using my name for one of your tirades just to cause me trouble. It’s your own fault that they kicked you off that other site, I simply helped prove that you were dishonest and making things pesonal. You knew the rules and chose to violate them anyways. So this is your revenge? Keep it up and they’ll kick you out of here as well. Why don’t you go back to England and take that other British sissy with you, Piers Morgan.

                  • When people put the blame on God, they set themselves up for “chastisement”, “IF”, they are in the group of people that are deserving and needing a whipping to set them straight.

                    Some people are already gone so far that God doesn’t even listen to their words anymore. That position is a really bad situation to be in. When they really need divine intervention, it’s way beyond their reach.

                    I feel sorry for those that are out of touch with God and reality. The day of reckoning is swiftly approaching and the lost will be left to their own devices when the hammer falls.

                    All the preps and preparation in the world, for a SHTF situation, won’t save them.

                    Keep clinging to liberalism and self-preservation and see where you wind up.

                  • Dear Adjunct Imbecilic poser,

                    God is so potent, so good, loving and perfect that he even loves you, lets you lie to us and pretend to be a professor, watches as children die in natural disasters and does nothing because the most loving thing he can do is to give us our freedom. He sets us free to choose to be idiotic, dangerous, kind, loving or just plain pitiful because he loves us and knows we would do nothing for ourselves if he did anything or everything for us. The concept of true freedom escapes the logical mind as it is too empirical, too complicated for your simple logic. Believe and be saved fool or you shall burn in everlasting ignorance…

              • Well, the Old Testament God was a vengeful bastard, but His aim wasn’t so scattershot…senility? Don’t worry, they’re probably working on a medication for Him, too, the arrogant bastards…

                • DRD5508 thanks I am only saying what said some people
                  don’t understand GOD grave man grace meaning we can do
                  what ever we want but there will come a day when we
                  must pay up if it wasn’t for grace we would all be
                  DEAD people shouldn’t blame GOD when bad things happen
                  just like the storms man shoots things into the air to play with the weather and bad things happen don’t blame
                  GOD the blame is on us besides those children don’t belong to us they belong to him were supposed to take care of them and we don’t so he takes them back all the blame is on us not him

                  • Sorry Anonymous that comment was sent to DRD5508 by me

                • Anon, you heathen, you still got me laughing with your post. Thanks dear Anon, always enjoy witty humor.

            • The evils commmitted by men on other men have nothing to do with protection from god. Evil proliferates and cares nothing for what anyone believes. No spiritual protection has ever been afforded to this world or any other.

              • I create light and I create the darkness, I create good and evil. And where for have I created evil ? that men should fear before me.
                They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.
                There is no fear of God before their eyes.

            • “loving hands off our nation”.
              So what, slavery was loving and just hunky dory?
              Killing and stealing from the Natives was loving and just hunky dory?
              Not forgiving single mothers and forcing them to give their babies to strangers and closing adoption records was loving and hunky dory?
              Yes, a lot of bad things are happening now in this country by non Christian people but Christians need to fess up to the fact that they sucked to.

          • i think so too Ky mom

            BUT lets add the fact that some people are pushing soy in everything. soy milk soy protein soy soy soy its the next big deal.

            as my wife says if she wanted a women she would have married one. LOL
            her belief is too much soy has phito ? estrogen in it and makes females out of males LMAO but there might be some truth to it so many men today are just waaaay to feminine.

            wearing make up nail polish etc and dressing way to girlie girl silk scarves and such.i see men with lipstick for gods sake !!!

            i see men out with women and maybe that’s what these girls want but too me its just too swishy.

            she wont give me soy milk and i never liked it any way so its not a problem but a friend does and hes far too strange and no hes not latent gay. hes married and has 4 kids. but he has the softest skin and almost no facial hair. put a dress on him and a wig and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference.

            skittle shittin unicorn

            • There is absolutely ZERO evidence that soy has estrogen effects on the male body. Most of what you are talking about is attributed to genetically modified soy and other GM toxic garbage in your food supply.

            • SSU
              those are not men!!!!By God I said that!!!!!


          • i want to know what the hell’s wrong with A.D.D.i know i got it thats what makes me so driven ,and i like it ,i once heard it said that Edison had ADD and that if he had taken medicine for it ,instead of inventing the light bulb he probaly would have invented the pogo stick

          • Um, “mentally ill” folks can’t have guns… pretty crazy, eh?

        • No BI and I seldom contradict or find argument with your statements. You said “This government sucks rotten eggs.”

          It should read, This Government makes it’s people suck rotten eggs.


          • @ BigB. Even worse. The government sucks and eats rotten eggs and then makes the people shallow what comes out the other end.

            • Yep, that be the truh


            • Eeeewwww,

              BI…that’s just ‘TMI’ Friend…PLEASE, NO further ‘elaboration’ thereon…I BEG you!


            • BI,
              You have a gift for elucidation …

              I think I just threw up in my mouth…

            • Human Centipede, anyone?
              Sorry…. Couldn’t believe no one else had said it yet!!

              • ARRGGGHHH!!!

                …I’m dying here!…… 🙁


        • DHS has a mental illness, called- lets use tax payers money to buy items to repress the populace for when society falls apart, due to a tyrannical big sis/bro governemnts failures at actually governing.

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • @ BI
          You are right on the money. A great book was written by Dr. Ann Blake Tracy cataloging the effects of SSRI medication, and more importantly; what happens to these people who abruptly stop taking these medications. “THEY GO POSTAL”. The SSRI medication is passed out like valium was in the 1970’s. Sadly Benzodiazepines (valium, ativan,versed) are kids stuff compared to SSRI medication. When the SHTF and all these people cannot get their medication refilled. You will have your “Zombi Apocalypse”. Follow the money. Sadly, that is the trail that leads to the truth.

          Potato out

          • SSRI’s are not shit you want to mess with unless it’s a dire emergency.

            I used to dose on Saint John’s Wort and that’s a mild form. Too much will make you go into fraggin roid rage. As will dropping it without tapering it off.

            Clean water, sleep, and exercising until you drop will do more for you than this crap will on its best day.

        • Our current leaders learned the lessons well. It’s a fact that the Soviets used psychiatric hospitals to institutionalize and medicate their political opposition. This will first be used against combat veterans and patriotic gun owners to squash a very effective opposition to a violent takeover.

          See this. Note: I used Wikipedia rather than Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and other source documents because I don’t want moron trolls to attack the source etc. Wikipedia to them is holy writ, kinda like Bill Maher and John Stewart types.

          Basically, the Soviets said, if you aren’t a supporter of the Revolution (read: the Soviet thugocracy) you must be mentally ill. And that, my friends, is how it will unfold here in the US.

          • EB

            we are not there yet we just have the IRS target them,, seems to have worked too,,,,


        • Please! Have the collapse now before this government insanity gets worse! Take out DC with a mega-hurricane or something!

          I can count on my one hand how many prescriptions I have had in my 68 years, exactly 4. And one was when I was 12 and the doctor prescribed too strong a dose and it put me in the hospital for 3 days. That was also the only time I was ever a hospital patient. I take a daily vitamin/mineral and an 80mg aspirin every day and that is all.

          I’m glad I no longer live in the land of drugs and stupidity.

        • Psychiatry is always employed by tyrants. Another reason to home school.

        • Neurocognitive disorder applies to the IRS, Hillary, Olyer, Holder, and the rest. Just listening to their testimony. “I don’t remember” should be their new slogan. Just remember to use their lines next time someone from the GOV/CORP asks you a question.

        • I agree. But it’s worse than that. I work as a psych nurse and believe that those on meds, which cost a lot so our gov. sees this as money in the budget. But note most people on these meds have a much sorter life span.
          So is this a way to steal our money and then keep us from collecting soc. security??

      2. If you stockpile for a future disaster you are crazy. If you are crazy the nice young lance corporal will collect your family firearms … or else. Do you begin to see how benevolently disposed toward us our masters are?

        • That should read ‘how malevolently disposed toward us our masters are?’

          The Future will be better once the unprepared are snared and runnin’ scared!

          • you could’ve just inserted [sarcasm on]

        • So…. what about all the ants and bees in the country? Do they qualify as terrorists because they have more than a week’s worth of food in their hills/hives? Will they be declared “crazy” because they stockpile for the winter? Please… somebody stop the merry-go-round and let me get off.


            Two Different Versions…
            Two Different Morals

            OLD VERSION
            The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

            The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

            Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed.

            The grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.

            Be responsible for yourself!

            MODERN VERSION
            The ant works hard in the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

            The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

            Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving.

            CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food.
            America is stunned by the sharp contrast.

            How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?

            Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah with the grasshopper and everybody cries when they sing, ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green…’

            ACORN stages a demonstration in front of the ant’s house where the news stations film the SEIU group singing, We shall overcome.

            Then Rev. Jeremiah Wright has the group kneel down to pray for the grasshopper’s sake, while he damns the ants.

            President Obama condemns the ant and blames President Bush 43, President Bush 41, President Reagan, Christopher Columbus, and the Pope for the grasshopper’s plight.

            Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid exclaim in an interview with Larry King that the ant has gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper, and both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.

            Finally, the EEOC drafts the Economic Equity & Anti-Grasshopper Act retroactive to the beginning of the summer.

            The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number of green bugs and, having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the Government Green Czar and given to the grasshopper.

            The story ends as we see the grasshopper and his free-loading friends finishing up the last bits of the ant’s food while the government house he is in, which, as you recall, just happens to be the ant’s old house, crumbles around them because the grasshopper doesn’t maintain it.

            The ant has disappeared in the snow, never to be seen again.

            The grasshopper is found dead in a drug related incident, and the house, now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the ramshackle, once prosperous and peaceful, neighborhood.

            The entire nation collapses, bringing the rest of the free world with it.

            MORAL OF THE STORY:
            When the ethic and value of hard work and personal responsibility are removed from society, the result is not a good one.

            • Thank you. You made my day:)

              • You are welcome! 🙂

            • kymom
              good one,,well done


        • I’m not a hoarder of survival supplies, I’m merely collecting survival memorabilia as a hobby much like someone who collects baseball cards ^_^

          • Brilliant! Now I realize that what we’ve been referring to as our “pantry” for the past few years may qualify for “museum” status! Whoo-hoo!

      3. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

      4. An obvious attempt by the pharmacuetical companies to sell more product only now backed by the U.S. Government in the form of Obama Care. More manipulation and or proof of the relationship between big coporations and government working togeher thru lobbying of our elected and getting richer politicians.


        • BigB,

          Can you prove any of what you wrote?

          • @Flip D. Byrd,

            Are you serious? Let me ask a rhetorical question of you in return. Can you dis-prove what I wrote? After everything we have seen our representatives up to and including the President and his administration do to us in the last 10 years you can claim to believe that what I said is not true. Your question to me leads me to believe that you are a paid government troll. If not you are living in a fantasy world of your own creation.



            • The burden of proof is on you, you are the one who thinks that “Big Pharma” is out to get you, so prove it!

              • I have a question for you. With all the class action lawsuits and meds on the market being pushed on commercials, how are they not “out to get us”? It is about money and the bottom line. My son was on a seizure med that worked fine to control seizures. Doc really pushed this newer (more expensive drug) that would eliminate having to have a liver panel test (less sticks sounded good-big mistake in thinking). Within 2 weeks of being on it, he had a hemorrhagic stroke in his brain stem & died. (no stroke history)I am diabetic (not brittle) & metformin is working fine, yet every time I go to the doc to have the A1C checked they push getting me on Byetta or Bydureon (newer drugs-bydureon only FDA approved since Jan 2012 and both are more expensive as co-pays around $80). Byetta already has a class action lawsuit for pancreatitis/cancer and bydureon is second generation of byetta. I keep refusing to go on one of these and they act like I’m an idiot for not wanting these. Why do they continue to push unsafe meds and worse why are people not researching what they are being given and making informed decisions on what they put in their bodies? We must be our own advocates on our health and doctors are not gods. I failed my son by not using the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Never Again!!!

                • I’m so sorry for your loss. I agree with what you said.

                • Central TX Mom. I had to walk away after reading your post, it brought back so many memories. My son is now 30 going on 31 next month. Medications, hospitals and Docs I am well aquainted with (and the bills-$102,000 by the time he graduated from high school).
                  Allow me the privilege to share some thoughts.
                  1) You didn’t fail your son. You trusted supposedly knowledgable and professional people in areas, as a parent, that you have a lack of knowledge.
                  2) If your son had died on a school bus from a wreck, would that have been parental failure?
                  3) You did the best you could with what you knew. Trust your son’s life into the hands of God. For as with my son, God has entrusted these children into our lives as stewards of His creations.
                  4) Your love of your child exhibits the love God has for all of us.
                  5) Rejoice that you have a treasury of loving memories of your son and remember all the times you saw hope in his recovery.
                  6) After all the moments of doubt and fear during the early stages of your son’s illness you became stronger, wiser, and more equiped to help others that are also weakened by what they go through.
                  Finally: Parents like us aren’t the first or the last to go through what we have. Yet we can help others and it is okay to grieve, you take your time.
                  Love you Sis.

                  • Howdy DRD…and Central TX Mom as well,

                    Firstly, My Condolences M’am…I grieve with you; No Parent should EVER have to bury thier own Child…Mercy!

                    In the matter at hand…WHAT we see is the insanity of the ‘profit-motive’ ran amok. Can anyone SERIOUSLY beleive that what we see today DOES NOT indicate the abject failure of ‘Capitalism’ as it HAS come to be practised in our World today. Please to note that by that I mean ‘Crony Capitalism’ wherein EVERY regulatory body – at EVERY level – is fully ‘captured’ by the ‘special interest’s’ through thier lobbying of the Governance which IS supposed to protect the People?

                    I WEEP for this Country…but Also, I KNOW that a ‘NEW DAWN’ is now near…there YET remains tha Darkest part of the Long Night to be be seen through, BUT a New Light IS mear to hand…I PROMISE you all. Bear up as best you may and PREPARE yourself in ALL things…


                  • Thank you for the kind words and reassurance. He had multiple disabilities and I had always prayed whatever happened would be sudden and not lingering. I got the answer I wanted. He could have been stricken with pneumonia or any number of infections, he was already facing tethered cord surgery & was in stage 4 kidney reflux. If he had survived the stroke, the next 2-4 years would have been a slow painful death for him. In God’s way, He provided the kindest way. He went to sleep and never woke up. We were also able to make him an organ donor so even with his passing, he helped others. He was a light and bright spirit and in my opinion, the world lost a true angel on earth. Much love, C TX Mom

                • Cen TX Mom,
                  I am so sorry you had to experience such pain of your child’s passing, possibly because of a medication side effect. As parents we have to do the best we can, with what information we have at the time, to make decisions. Not one of us is perfect, and mothers are especially vulnerable to accusing themselves for everything thing which goes poorly. It takes time to stop blaming yourself for something not in your control. Medicine reacts differently on each person and you would have no way of knowing how a med would react to your child’s system. May the Lord bring you peace and comfort you in your loss.

                  • They know EXACTLY what SSRI will cause. They gloss over the side effects, but if you listen, these are stated in their commercials and on all the literature. Big pharma doesn’t even know exactly how these drugs affect the human brain. They use words like “presumed”, “thought to”, etc. Pfizer claims they’ve never lost a Prozac lawsuit, but that’s only because they have always been able to settle out of court. They even push these poisons as sleep aids, pain releif medecine, and smoking cessation aids. They figure it’s okay if their poisons cause somebody to go on a killing spree as long as they’re a well rested non smoker.

                  • Thank you.

                  • They know EXACTLY what SSRI will cause

                    Yes, for most people it causes less anxiety, less depression, and a better life.

              • I respond with your sceen name.

                Debate over.

                • Troll much?

              • Oh look! Another Obamazombie-focus group-toadie!

              • FLIPDBYRD you must be sallie an eisens brother

              • @Flip- then they would have to admit no one is out to get them.
                What fun would THAT be?

                Paranoia breeds MORE paranoia.

                • Sally ,
                  just this thought if you are a Gov’t. troll , I could be in the next cubicle , there are many of us working. In the sistem that DO NOT Agree with the way this administration is running things .
                  Like the above poster said a ” NEW DAWN” is coming . Which side will you stand on the people’s or TPTB? This is not being Paranoid , given the recent displays of political Excess , ie. the response of the militarized police in Boston , targeting citizens for their political beliefs . You would have to be blind or have the same agenda as the administration not to see with your own eyes what is occurring.
                  preparing for hardship is not an illness it’s common sense. I didn’t do my duty in service of this country to have it decend into the level of Third World Hellholes like the ones I had been sent to.

                  Your ilk are out numbered , most of us have been quiet , we work for the people of this country ,
                  And support the Constitution and bare true faith and allegiance to it . We take our oath seriously.

                  remember not all government servants are evil, some of us still believe in the founding principles.

                  time and history will tell .

                  Semper Fi 8541

            • Big b. I can’t disprove unicorns. That doesn’t mean they exist. Shifting the burden of proof and challenging to prove a negative kind of makes you a retard.

              • i do too exist !!!

                and i shit skittles fruit flavored

          • Flip, here is some info on this:


            also, “Obamacare Creates Windfall for Drug Companies”:


            None of this is by accident…

            Obamacare is designed to not only help drug companies sell their wares, but was written, in part, by non other than…. the pharmaceutical lobbies and special interests! Go figure…


            • Thank you Mac, I didn’t fact check what I said because I felt it wasn’t worth the time to prove what is/was patently obvious.


              • Amen. If they haven’t figured it out yet, they never will.

              • Howdy BigB!

                S’OK Brother…we all know what the Founder’s meant when they used the phrase ‘Evidently plain’. How’s goes it, elsewise Friend?


            • Mac, you are changing the subject I think. I’m really not sure if you and your merry band of nut jobs for real, or just a propaganda arm of Russia Today.

              • You must be one of obammas cyber warriors,
                Your doing a great job, thumbs up!

              • Seriously. Hard to get good help these days, isn’t it?

                Hint: Agree on some points then interject a subtle counter point.

                It’s really basic ya know?

                Well you should know. It took since the 1960’s to get this far. Forgot your own playbook?

                • it seems FLIPPER has read the Alinski playbook .

                • @ Theguy,

                  BRILLIANT ‘observation’ Friend…Aye, ’tis a DARK day when WE have to start remindin’ them of their OWN PLAYBOOK! The DAFTY’S are losin’ it!


              • No one on this site or any other site has to prove anything to you or any one else. so take your idiotic name and shove up your ass.

                • What’s wrong birdy?Don’t wanna use your other name no mo’?

              • I believe EISEN has a lot of relatives on this site

              • Flip D. Byrd, should you have said “I’m really not sure if you and your merry band of nut jobs ARE for real” instead of “nut jobs for real”?

                You know, it’s really insulting when you do not use proper grammar in your insults.

                Furthermore, RT Russia Today does not have a separate propaganda arm but instead has a news arm of the propaganda.

                The article is an attack on the over use of anti psychotic drugs not on the people like you who over use them so then there is no reason for you to be offended; however there is a new drug for that too. ASSENEX, ask for it by name.

              • Sounds like thou prostest to much.

                • protest is the word I was trying to spell. duh

                • A message to the spell checkers: “It is a poor and weak mind that can only think of one way to spell a word.”

              • @Flip- Yeah, notice that? The subject changes at least a dozen times in one articles responses.
                Did we get to earthquakes yet and how the world is going to break into three pieces?

                AFTER the “PTB” “Collapse” everything, and usher in the “New World Order” and establish “Martial Law” over every town and city in the entire Country.

                • yes the subject changes, that’s called a conversation.

          • Are you kidding me? Where have you been the last decade or so? Simply a list of links on this information would be longer than this article and all the comments combined. Shouldn’t be that hard for you to educate yourself.

            • Working in the medical filed for the past 30+ years, what were you doing besides selling burgers and fries.

              • Prove you’ve been working in the medical field for the past 30+ years… bird back at ya…

                • @ Byrd

                  “Big Pharma sales rep” might be stretched to mean “in the field.”

              • “medical filed” ???….. Does that mean your medical has been filled, filed, or you are in some sort of medical “field”?

                I was in the medical “field” too; for about five years.
                Yep, the groundskeeper for the local hospital. I guess that makes me more knowledgeable about “Big Pharma” than most.

                I call “bullshit” on your comments there , Flip d Birdie.
                Anyone, with common sense, knows that Big Pharma is in on the whole “elite” power and control thing,the NWO thing. Most are in it for the money at what ever costs.

                Most “BIG Corps.”, medical oriented or not; don’t give a crap about the average person or their children. All they care about is more $$$.

                I know your type. I have acquaintances in the medical field that would bite the hand of a kid in need, if it got in the way of their “big” paychecks. I do know some good nurses, though few, that are compassionate and caring, and deserve every dime they earn. But most will defend the crooked system they work for. Kinda like you.

                • “medical filed” ???

                  Everybody makes mistakes…even me… 😉
                  But not that bad …hahahaha…

                • could Flip d birdie be EISEN SHIT ???

              • Yeah, you’re a medical professional. You can’t even spell!!!

              • @Flip D. Byrd….

                In other words…you’ve been totally brainwashed.

                • And Walt is rational?

                  • Howdy LB,

                    …Walt?…Last I checked, HE’s FINE, Perfectly so…’nuff said…


              • flip d byrd selling crack is not medical

              • @ FDB:

                You are a proctologist’s assistant licking his instruments clean after every patient? We are in awe.

                Until 3 years ago I owned significant holdings in 7 major pharmaceutical companies. Six were diversified manufacturers. All made most of their profit overseas. One was a leading generic house. Two of the six former considered being sued just a cost of doing business. Admitted it in the small print in their annual reports.

                The war profiteer vermin aren’t the only dishonorable industry around.

              • Half of em couldn’t FLIP burgers.

          • Monsanto Protection Act and this article lines it out pretty well with the free gov money being handed out for psyche evaluations.

            Why have a commentor in any article on any site provide the evidence when it is easy enough to point, click and type rather than wait on an answer?

      5. The is an old saying which says, “The man who has himself for a Doctor, has a fool for a Doctor”. I’m sure for many at this site this article seems like one more conspiracy.

        The psychiatric profession was one of the first to become “political” in the 1970’s when they change homosexual behavior from an illness to a ” Life Style”. This was accomplished by a great deal of pressure from The Left.

        Having worked with many of them, they in general tend to be left-wing and atheist. I am certain that being a Christian will someday be listed as a disease state.

        Like anything else, there are good and bad in the group.

          • For those that don’t quite understand the reasoning…
            This is to expose the absurdity of flipper’s position…


        • @flip,

          There is also another saying. “If you hang out with Doctors long enough they will KILL YOU”. If it is true you have worked in the “Medical Field” for 30 + years, then I am sure you have come to this same conclusion. I know I have. To think that Doctors are the be all end of of Health is an ABSOLUTE Joke, What do they call the guy who finished last in med school ” Doctor “. I tell everyone to do your own research.

          Potato out.

          • No kidding, they call it a “practice” for a reason..they have no clue , so your the guinea pig

            • Howdy VRF!

              Yup…Medicine is the only FIELD I know of where it is NOT the case that ‘Practice makes Perfect’, apparently.


        • Take two 50mg Fuckitall and do not call me in the morning.

        • Sort of like the same fools that nearly killed my Dad after his heart surgery by putting him on 7 meds, each of which interacted negatively with each other?

          I researched that. And had them switch it. To roughly 3 or 4 that did the same thing not quite as well but at least they didn’t react to each other.

          Am I qualified? No. Was I shitting bricks? You bet. I don’t want the responsibility… but apparently there was no one else here. I could have killed him. But they definitely WOULD have killed him so I took the 30% chance that I wouldn’t as opposed to the 100% chance they would. He was reacting quite quite badly by the time I stepped in.

          Fool? Most likely. Dumb luck.

          I did at least run it by them.

          The problem is… when EVERYTHING becomes a sickness. I mean… come on, temper tantrum? Fucking… really???

          Hoarding? So then are the people in New York insane if they stockpile food now? Given they were dumpster diving for three months there after that storm?

          How about New Orleans?

          This goes beyond retarded. I can only interpret this as deliberately malicious.

          • Student doctors spend only 1% of their curriculum time studying dosing intricacies.

            Dosing is left up to the runaway pharmaceutical industrial complex!

            Dose a lot, win free cruises!

        • It goes like this—

          “The man who has himself for as doctor, has a fool for a patient”.

          • @ sixpack,
            It goes more like this: Anyone who refuses to TAKE RESPONSIBLITY for their OWN health, is not just a fool, but a complete f-ing idiot.

            Do not expect the healthcare industry to always have your best interests at heart. Cause it just ain’t true.

            Potato out

        • Homosexuality was dropped from the DSM after threats of violence. The deed was accomplished late at night when most of the opposition had already left the conference.

          • I hear that new “disorders” are added to DSM by taking a vote. How scientific.

            • You hit that nail on the head.

              For years there have been on a few who would comment about the high prevalence of fraud in the peer-reviewed medical literature. Lately LOTS of people are talking about it.

      6. Thanks to Mac and all you regulars here, I saw this coming. I just wonder when you Americans will do something about it. America sees itself as a world leader (mostly in the wrong things – no offence.) When are you going to lead the world in taking back your rights, your lives and the name you once had for not taking any S***? I look forward to it happening, as it may make our “Government” think twice about trying the same things.
        All the best to all the regs here.

        “You don’t win a war by dying for your country. You win by making the other guy die for his.”

        • “You don’t win a war by dying for your country. You win by making the other guy die for his.”

          PATTON ?

          • Yep

        • Howdy NsNB,

          The ‘taint’ runs deep these days, I’m afraid…nearly every mechanism that was ever installed to ‘Protect and Defend’ has been FULLY corrupted by the influnce of Wealth in this once-Great Country…Daily, it is ALL that can DO to not simply bow my head and cup my hands about my face and WEEP. That said M’am, there WIL be a RECKONING all too soon, which WILL spread out from this place to encompass the Entire World…

          Humanity is coming NOW to a realization, that being that NONE are so Worthy as to have an ENTITLEMENT to EVERYTHING…you of the ‘Blessed Isles’ know ALL too well what that leads to…ensconced, perpetual, generational ‘Privilege’…Soon that will be expunged from Humanity …I have SEEN THIS…Fare Thee well, Oh, and ‘Welcome to this place, as well, “Well-Met’!”


      7. Did anyone notice that people thought Ariel Castro was crazy? — not because of his temper or controlling attitude, but because he was seen taking large amounts of food into his house. So they thought he was a hoarder.

        Adam Lanza’s mother was a hoarder.

        So, now we see that if anyone notices that we are stockpiling food, we are either insane, terrorists, or we have sex slaves tied up in our basements.

        • Since the dawn of this civilization there have been “hoarders” and “crazy people” (twisted and possibly demonically possessed).

          The hoarders do it for different reasons, and some are just preppers that seem to fit into that classification. I don’t really care what anyone, especially TPTB, thinks about me and my “hoarding” a little food for a rainy day. They can go frig themselves with a sawbriar for all I care.

          There have always been slaves for sex, and there have always been those that do it unwillingly. Holding a person against their will for any purpose is wrong, and those not forgiven will find out just how wrong.

          I once, was a slave to sex by my own doing, but I would never think about holding another person for it. The part about two willing partners, is where the passion and fun is. Just sayin’.

      8. Forgot to mention – many thanks to BI and JOG for the EQ and solar information. Long may you keep it up guys.

        Not-so NB

      9. All the more reasons not to seek medical attention or discuss these issues with a doctor. I went naturopathic several years ago and have never looked back. Get in shape, take care of your body and don’t give them any reason to try to medicate you. It’s no accident that these diagnoses fall right in with attempting to further restrict you gun rights if you have any of these issues. Man, I hope they don’t diagnose me with some form of medicalphobia for trying to stay too healthy.

      10. Become a writer on the side. Blame any quirkiness on “research”. Tada.

        • lol…nice

          • rofl! taaa-daaa daisy, there you go!!! your quirkiness officially has a label.

      11. I am having a vision of my own. I see dead people. Deaths of people in positions of authority that is. I suspect it will be a very interesting future at the least. I myself am one of the “please don’t fuck with me or my family” types. I am getting a little tired of seeing what the government feels they have the power to do the populace. Soon.

        • Amen

          Around here, between the feds, and state and local govs, its even difficult to just live a subsistence lifestyle,
          Sorta sucks, they dont get the leave me alone thing.
          Seems pretty straight forward but……

      12. It also states “if after 2 weeks of the loss of a loved one, you are still sad and miss the person, you suffer from depressive mood disorder”. WTF! It’s been 6 months since the loss of our 11 yr old son, so I guess we must be bat shit crazy. I still feel sad and cry sometimes, I prep for natural or other disasters and don’t expect gov’t handouts or gov’t “rescue”(my oldest is autistic and no we do not receive gov’t aid or disability for him), and I don’t believe a word out of the gov’t. Yep, I must be crazy. I like being crazy, it’s fun.

        • @Central TX Mom,

          I sure am sorry for your loss. As a parent I cannot imagine such a thing. I am sure you are way past hearing the same old cliches but I am forced to say with all sincerity that my thoughts and prayers are with you.


          • Thank You.

          • God’s Blessings on you and yours C TX mom.

            I never goes away, it just gets better with time.

            Speaking of such…

            We should all give a prayer for Oklahoma…
            This should be a big teaching moment for all preppers everywhere. For truly they have had a SHTF event.

        • My hat is off to you, C TX Mom. May God Bless.

          • Thank you.

        • Central TX Mom,

          I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I can’t imagine what you have gone through.

          I pray you may find comfort and strength.

          Take care!
          KY Mom

          • Thank You.

        • Central TX Mom, I’ve done a few funerals for departed children which is the hardest thing to do, in the ministry. Personally, having to spend my son’s first 13 years in and out of hospitals, I see where no one can put a time table on grieving. No one!
          My heart goes out to you as well as my prayers. Hang in there, you have illustrated how deep your love for your child (hopefully children) is.

          • Thank you and yes I have a 15 yr old and 3 yr old as well.

        • Hang in Mom…

          • Thank you.

        • tx mom – am sorry your son went home early, but he’s not “lost”, you know right where he is 🙂

          • Thank you, and yes he was an angel on earth and now is an angel in heaven. Sometimes though I think I see something out of the corner of my eye and think, “he’s just checking on us”.

        • 2 weeks? I can’t picture ever getting past losing a child. Psychiatry is the only part of the medical establishment that routinely insists they have the right to treat people against their will. Your refusal of their brand of treatment is taken as proof of need.

        • We lost a child 20 years ago. and I still miss that child. first thing I think of every day.

        • I am so sorry for your loss!
          I. Just. Cannot. Imagine. The. Pain.

      13. It sure is nice that we have the Government to blame for every thing. What ever happened to a little self discipline. Very few people are forced to go to these doctors all of the time. And who forces these pills down peoples throat. And our children have been drugged in schools for a couple of decades, and who do you suppose allowed that, don’t suppose it was the parents! Sure couldn’t allow them to be spanked, much easier to just drug them up. Sure makes you wonder how we have become a pill society. Must be Governments fault. As they say people have the form of government they deserve. Unfortunatly for the so-called silent majority, we are forced to live under their rule. But then again who’s fault is that? Trekker Out. If You Really Don’t Need Em, Don’t Take Em!

        • @ Mountain Trekker,

          “Saracasm On”

          But if you don’t have your child diagnosed with these problems how will you explain thier failures in life? If you don’t have your child diagnosed how can you get them on some type of federaly funded program? If you don’t have them diagnosed what will you have to talk to the other moms about? Why can’t you people get with the program and become one of us?

          “Saracasm Off”

          The people I have described who have these attitudes and believes disgust me!


          • Tasteless and crass on.

            • @Little Bob,

              Wish I had a nickle for every time my wife has told me that. 🙁


        • Trekker, we’re a silent minority. The progressives are the loud in your face majority.

          • Chip, I’m afraid your right! I have heard about the silent majority for so long, that I just kind of parroted that line. That may have been true 50 years ago. I think the so-called silent majority have just always used that as an excuse to not do anything. Kinda like the Republicans are against deficit spending and the Democrats are against deficit spending, so how come we have a deficit? And that’s true in most thing in Government. Trekker Out. FREEDOM AT ANY COST.

      14. DHS has a mental illness, called- using tax payers money to buy up massive amounts of items to use towards the repression of the American Society when everything fails, because of a government hell bent on the destruction of this country.

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • DHS should have it’s own DSM-5 code. they are the BIGGEST hoarders of supplies, combined with the HIGHEST level of paranoia/anxiety of anyone in the country. does that get them a DMS-10?

      15. Let’s all sit down, crack open some cold ones, talk about our problems and light up some of that medical marijuana. Doesn’t surprise me BO and his goons are trying to go after our herbs and hops, they already have a monopoly on our bullets. Sounds like they have a sadistic obsessive compulsive hoarding disorder. They’ve already started abusing guns n’ ammo. Next they’ll move onto animals oh they already have and, finally people. This has all the classic psycho serial killer traits written all over it. The saying now seems to be keep your powder dry. I hope everyone does so. When all else fails. Give the deranged a dose of 55gr fmj 5.56x45mm and for the heavy weights a dose of 149gr fmj 7.62x51mm Now that’s what the doctor ordered! Remember dosage by weight.

      16. Soon you won’t be able to take a leak outside without getting pinched for “public exposure” and put on the sexual offender’s list…oh,wait…now where did I put that jug of moonshine and my Zig Zags?

        • Funny! If they can see me pissing off my walkway, then they have a telescope on me.

          If they catch me on a cold day doing it, they better have a microscope attached to the end of the telescope. At my age, I’m about an inch away from having to start squatting to drain the main vein.

          Either way, accusing me of “public exposure” on my own properties, would be a joke; and an invasion of my privacy. Any laughter coming from the woods at my peeing events could be linked to a severe case of lead poisoning of the trespasser.

          • @ DT,

            LOL, A true truism if I ever heard one. 🙂


          • Don’t tread- I am forced to take half a pill of viagra daily just to keep from peeing on my toes! sometimes meds are GOOD.

          • “They better have a microscope attached to the end of the telescope.”
            Now that’s REALLY FUNNY!!!! Thanks for the laugh!

        • That is already a misdemeanor–a mom was ticketed for her 3 year old doing it on their lawn.
          However, the question became…WTH was the officer doing sitting on the cul-de-sac? Stalking children??
          Didn’t he have a job to do?

        • Here, use my bong,

        • All the grass has died outside my back door.

      17. The best treatment for ADHD is exercise and diet. All the crap in food and lack of exercise is the major cause. Red #40 is the absolute worse, while medication may be necessary for some kids more severe issues there are better ways.
        Now my older brother is mentally ill and needs a lot of medication , an anti- psychotic is #1 .
        These new guidelines will turn into a witch hunt and they will use this to take away our weapons.

      18. I avoid doctors. I haven’t been to the doc for more than 2 years and that was just for a check up. They keep calling me to go for this test and that test but I just say I don’t have the copay and they quit calling. I guess my lack of “compliance” will soon get me locked in a padded cell.

        • I had to go to the doc once a year for a bladder medication I took for 29 years!!
          I stopped it last year; no annual doctor visits now.
          Yep, self wondering–how long was I on that mess and didn’t need it?

      19. “The possibilities, now that the door has been opened, are endless”

        And so are the number of knots you can make with Sta Set-X!

      20. Brave New World, 1984, and every other Orwellian nightmare combined. How many fingers do you see: III? I see three. Wrong! Electrical shock. There are four. How many fingers do you see: III? I see three. Wrong! Electrical shock. There are four. How many fingers do you see: III? I see three. Wrong! Electrical shock. There are four. Continue until, how many fingers do you see: III? I see four…….

        • Peter Parker- ME? I’d tell ’em that I see….. ,I,,

      21. @ Flip Bird: I believe the original quote was judicial/legal in nature: To Quote Abraham Lincoln: “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

      22. I guarantee you that its not half that would be diagnosed with a mental illness… it is every last person on earth. I read the DSM and that was before the new version. Even then there was a mental disorder for everyone and more like 3. Here is the worst of it though. There are no scientific or medical tests of any sort to prove any of them. Nope, not one. Nada. Worse yet… the shrinks write the book in the first place then diagnose you from it… It is totally a sham. They rarely offer talk therapy.. They just prefer to see you for 5 minutes, diagnose you with 1 or 3 issues, put you on addictive drugs and leave you there for life.

      23. The trouble is, the ones that craft these “laws” are sociopaths/psycopaths themselves. They should be “evaluated” by a team of prepper hoarders and given a couple thorazines and a straightjacket to calm them down.

        • JRS, you exhibit great professionalism in your answer. Thumbs up.

      24. Touch my kids… and that hand will never touch anything again.

        This infuriates me. Congratulations, now you know what button to push.

      25. Howdy, Central TX Mom, sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my wife on Dec. 15, 1981, so imagine what my mind would be like IF you take a psychiatrist’s word at anything. They’re worse than medical doctors. i’ve always viewed psychiatry as an unproven, illegitimate science. I still think of my wife a lot and cry for her; that;s perfectly normal. i totally reject anything that comes from psychiatry. I’m probably on lists going back to the Clinton era, but I don’t care. psychiatrists,politicians, bureaucrats, and all other government employees who are against the people can go to hell. braveheart

        • Hi Braveheart, hope everything is settling down after your break in. I am sorry for your loss. I think it is a testament of the depth of your love that you still miss her and that honors her memory. Grief is a personal journey that we will always live with and incorporate that into our daily lives that hopefully will become a balance of happier times with the bittersweet knowledge that we loved them while they were with us and they knew it. (sorry about the run on sentence)

          With the DSM crap I worry about my oldest. We see a psychiatrist to manage his meds (yes, he NEEDS them). The good thing is we found one doc that is open to trying to get him off some of these meds. It will take some time and we may not be able to get rid of all of them, but we have hope. (autism, bi-polar, w/schizo affect – not fun). Now my 3 yr old is exhibiting some autistic tendencies but we are going to try to avoid meds if that proves to be true. I can’t say my life is boring though. Hope you have a good day.

          • Central TX Mom – My wife lost her sister over 40 years ago and the family still grieves. It’s not something you can ever get over, nor should you. My deepest sympathy.

            Regarding your 3 year old: Please investigate the connection between vitamin D deficiency and austism. Dr. John Cannell is the leading authority. You need to educate yourself because it’s exceedingly rare that a doctor is aware of the connection. You can start by clicking my name to watch a 45 minute video discussion by Dr. Cannell. Best of luck with everything.

        • Well I gotta give it to ya,.. at least you admit to being off your meds Bh !

        • braveheart, agre with you on the psychs. 1971 they seperated my sister and I and I’ve never had any use for them either. They aren’t even worthy to be called quacks. Frued and Jung were perverts and in need of medical help.
          Sorry for your loss, keep her memory as a treasure. You’re a good man braveheart.

        • Braveheart

          sorry for the loss of your wife

          our emotions are a good thing and not something to keep bottled up. they were placed there for a reason and its to tell us that were having problems. and maybe need some one on one time with family members to help us over the rough spots.

          to this day i still morn the loss of a girlfriend. but i don’t let it drag me down and make me go to a shrink. and the one time i did all he wanted was to put me on meds and take away my personality. i went with my new ( then ) wife as we were having problems with a family member. and this guy wanted to put me on meds and “quote mellow me out ” i am not that f*&%ing bad but i guess he thought he had another potential patient.

          he went thru a whole list of the side effects and told me that they wouldn’t be that bad but maybe Blowing my brains out isn’t that bad of a side effect ?? what the hell ??? not being able to play around when the little women wants NO F&%*ing way not being able to even think with clear thoughts because the meds will turn you into a zombie no way.having the feeling that your in some bees nest and hearing buzzing all day long fine side effect.

          so i agree with you all of psychiatry is nothing but pill pushing bastards.all docs want is us drugged and more easier to push around.make the people more dependent on the govt for there daily meds make every one go to there neighborhood meds center and get there weekly supply and woe be you if you take too many and run out before the week end

          has any one ever seen fifth element ? in the movie there is a dispensing unit on the wall for your daily 4 cigarettes and a reminder that “TO Quit is my goal ”

          its funny how Sci Fi movies can predict the future that’s possible soylent green 1984 IF WE LET IT HAPPEN

          and now with this shit in obummer care about do you own guns do you want to hurt people! we need to fight back. if and when i go to a doc for reg check ups and now they ask if there is any violence in my house or family i just look at them and say do i look like i would put up with some one hitting me ?? i am 6ft 4 in and 250 lbs

          not an easy person to push around

          skittle shittin unicorn

          • Years ago I was unemployed for a long time and couldn’t sleep. I went to the doctor and got a prescription. He said take it a little while before bedtime. I took it as he said. I didn’t sleep any better. The next day I got up, didn’t even dress, went into the living room, and sat in a chair. When my wife came home that evening, I was still sitting in the chair staring at the opposite wall. I was stupid all day and didn’t have a single thought go through my head. After several days of hoping it might work better, I gave up and flushed the medicine.

            Most of the medicines I see advertised on TV have worse side effects than the problems the medicines are supposed to take care of. I mean medicine for pain or something and the side effects include cancer and suicide.

            • Howdy ‘A’

              Umm She-it..that sounds BAD…as a note here, the entire class o those things which are centered on “Amytrypiline’ produce THAT effect almost without fail. Persons taking that report ‘fugue states’ ie, a loss of time…a continuous feeling of ‘drunkeness’ and also frequently a ‘detachment’ from those around them…

              …a previous experiaence I had with that (SHORT term) convinced me that there WASN’T anyone BIG ENOUGH to ‘make’ me take THAT again…good response I see, though!
              T’was the same as I did also!! Good THINKING!!


      26. Under the new regulations set forth by the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, certain groups of Americans like school children, seniors, those on government health plans, active-duty military personnel, and veterans will be required to submit to mental health screenings.

        Aaaand I’m out.

        Bye. I’m going to get you guys a nice fruit basket. From Iceland.

        • Theguy- all we have to say when “analyzed” is…
          Gov’t- ” Do you prepare for any event?”
          Us– “No,”
          Gov’t- Do you have guns?”
          Us– “No,”
          Use ANY question to your advantage. PERIOD.
          Don’t give an inch. NEVER talk about ANYTHING that will give them reason to suspect anything. If someone has an IQ of more than say, 45, you will have the advantage over them.
          OH- here’s another answer session– Gov’t-” I see through your postings on the internet that you may be lying to me”
          Us–” must be a neighbor stealing my Wireless signal”.

      27. Preppers are not crazy. We simply want to take care of ourselves and have personal responsibility and freedom…

      28. Off topic, but I need some help. I viewed a fraction of a video where 3 or 4 guys were talking about how America/world was going to experience a huge shift in economics, food shortages, fuel, etc. It was long and I did not have time to watch. Now that I have the time, I can’t find it!! I can’t remember their names, but they were professionals and there was no dramatic music, just the facts. I remember one segment, they were standing in front of a grain silo. I’ve searched Youtube, but can not located. Any help would be appreciated.

        • Without A Bisquit:

          The show is called Prophets of Doom on the History Channel. Five experts investigate various things that can go wrong with the economy, peak oil, water, civil unrest, etc. Click my name for a direct link to the 94 minute video on YouTube. Highly recommended for all preppers!!!

          • Howdy Prepper,

            …Umm, here’s another most don’t know about; “Peak Phosphates”. Not only doe smodern farming require Deisel for the ‘prime movers’ also REQIRES ‘fertilizer’ of multiple sorts in order to be able to extract the yeolds that we are now DEPENDENT on for survival. On eof those additives to the soil is “Phospahtes” which are a MINED substance, and whichj the reserves of the World are being delpoeted at a ferocious rate…without there having been any new identifed deposits of note in over 20 years…

            Needless to say things ‘get bad’ when people CAN’T grow the food to feed themselves, or the animals we harvest for meat either…


            • Just One Guy – Thanks for the heads up on phosphate shortage and the negative impact it can have on food production. In the ideal world, permaculture would be so widespread that mined artificial fertilizer would not b needed. However, in the real (imperfect) world we need such things. I was not aware of this impending problem but will definitely look into it.

              Note to Mountain Trekker: The video Without A Bisquit was asking about does not have the annoying background music that bothers you so much.


              • Howdy Prepper,

                S’Ok Brother…Don’t mention it. The noose, however, IS Tightening on SEVERAL fronts…the End appears ‘Appointed’.
                At least…so I now Fear…


        • bisquit, I’m off topic on your topic. But you made a point that absolutely touches a nerve for me. I always get these emails with youtube videos to watch from friends and as you mentioned, the Dramatic Music makes my blood boil, you have to turn it up to hear what they’re saying and the stupid music blows you out, so then you turn it down and you can’t hear what they’re saying.So I just delete them. I’m sure the people that make these video’s won’t read this comment and if they did they wouldn’t care. But I just had to throw it out there. Trekker Out. Anyone see the video, Turkey Rap!

      29. What is happening right now in Moore, OK is unbelievable and cruel. With the government lying about the death toll and all of a sudden 67 bodies disappeared, the amount of false hope for those families holding on are given probably false hope for them being alive. It went from an official count of 51 to 91, then down to 24 that perished. This is either the most f’ed count of idiocy ever seen or the government is hiding the number that died in this disaster. It is SACRILEGIOUS WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO THOSE THAT HAVE PERISHED IN THE TORNADO. 91 to 24 is a difference between night and day, and something that proves you cannot believe anything they say. No conspiracy theory is necessary when figures like this don’t add up.

        Either case, you CANNOT trust this government for anything. They are either so inept that Russia and China will have a cake walk with their invasions, or they are the biggest stack of lying pieces of mountains of horse shit that has ever been.

        HOW can you miscount 67 people, not 7 or 8, 67? This is pure garbage and does so much harm to everyone in a disaster zone like this when they find out that this is not true and that a family memmber or friend is actually dead. This government sucks, and a lot of this I blame on BO and these other mafia driven supporters and workers of the BO adminstration. Impeach and remove BO from office, IT WON’T happen because they will false flag an event to prevent this. I don’t put ANYTHING past this government. Even bio release of some super bug because the economy is ready to collapse. 0% trust in the government to do what is right for the people.

        • BI,
          I feel your pain, but I don’t think that in this case there is anything more than incompetence and human nature. The human nature is hoping for things to be worse than it is. In this case hopefully the actual counts come in low. The press loves these events. They smell money and sensationalize for ratings. Now the administration has got to be angling to find the best way to not let a crisis go to waste.

          • Howdy Gone2,

            Rest assured, after WE had the Joplin incident some bit ago here in Missouri…you simply CANNOT believe – ‘comprehend’ – the Carnage involved…that ANYONE later could actually ascertain much of anything is little short of “Miraculous”. For months later, all that transpired thereat was, in a word, “Chaos”. It is also the case that here, in the Midwest, that People are of a ‘better sort’, IMHO, than in most other places…there EXISTS a true concern for one another here, Broadly.

            Be patient, one and all, this is a TERRIBLE event… it will take some time to sort it through, to be sure.


        • This one at least isn’t a conspiracy.

          As someone involved in this disaster, the source is pretty simple. Multiple people in the field taking counts, passing them off to other multiple people combined with the sheer chaos involved with multiple on ground groups all trying to coordinate and collate trying to determine where to assign resources to save the most lives.

          As a result the same counts were added multiple times. Additionally the big number reported as 91 was a projection after someone came to a count of 51 and they said we expect another 40. And the blind press ran with it trying to score the most horror points so the advertisers on their stations and sites would get a good return for their money.

          Plain and simple, it’s a an issue with trying to come up with numbers while you have 15,118 press and government figures all trying to get something so they can go on tv and the web and report it. While other people are trying to dig people out of rubble so the real number doesn’t keep going up.

          • @ HisArmsWide. Yes, 10 or 15 off. 67! No way. Even then 51 being reduced to 24 is crap in my opinion. It is not even about the poor people that died, it is the government lying, AGAIN. The people that are now expecting hope, will have it dashed later.

            I have seen the government knock down the magnitude readings of earthquakes in populated areas again and again. I have seen a 5.9 become a 5.3 in Oregon, because it scares people too much. Out in s california I have seen on the USGS sites knock down a 5.1 to 4.4. I can read seismographs and how much energy was released, and this was pure horse manure. The government was lying about the magnitude for purposes to not frighten the popluation too much and have less people wanting to move to or visit the state. Someone that was just a casual observer would not see this, someone with background schooling in this does. Other worldwide seismographs all too well prove the USGS being forced or willingly lying about the size of an earthquake.

            It is completely, my point, that the government is lying to us for whatever reason. Not the poor people suffering, which is awful. It is the same garbage with Boston area and the government acting like stormtroopers in people’s neighborhoods. You can’t trust anything that the government says or does.

            If the count was not right at 51, then someone should have corrected it. This number was out almost the entire day. The number of 24 from an EF-4 or EF-5 tornado at the points of destruction is way too low as this area looks in some places worse than Joplin. Besides this, everything that the government is saying nowadays is proven to be inaccurate later or a bold faced lie. That was my point, the government is not at all to be trusted.

            • BI

              I see where Obama is pledging urgent aid to the
              disaster stricken in Moore, OK now.

              It will be interesting to see if the survivors
              of this latest tragedy will have go to the back
              of the line of the still waiting victims from
              New Orleans, Joplin, and the East Coast.

              Talk sure is cheap in DC these days, Isn’t it

            • Howdy BI,

              See my missive to Gonetoolong above Friend, much is explained thereby…and Yes, my family has in it ‘First Reponders’ to the Joplin event… Patience in the face of that terrible Carnage IS warranted, I assure you.


            • My local paper is saying 51, while CNN still says 24.

        • There are simple explanations for that, the democrats were counted multiple times or they were using software provided by the electronic voting companies.

      30. Great article. Having been clean and sober in a 12 step program for more than 28 years, I have worked with a lot of people addicted to some pretty awful stuff prescribed by the phsychiatric profession. These so called doctors love to band- aid depression with pharmaceutical drugs, drugs which completely screw up brain chemistry, and long term, make the patient much worse, sometimes leading to suicide. It’s what keeps our rooms full. There are much better ways to deal with problems.

        Then you have all if this bogus ADD crap, and only in recent years. First, kids today sit indoors far too much, playing video games, with little exercise. Second, they’re pumped full of high carb junk food and sugar. Hell, I ‘d be jumpy, too. The answer is not Ritalin or some other crazy assed drug, but rather lots of outdoor exercise and a decent diet. But Ritalin it is, because lazy patents want quick fixes, and drug makers want big bucks.

        Yeh, I have heard all of the crap bout brain chemistry imbalance, and folks, 99% is crap. Peace of mind and self esteem comes from performing esteemable acts, like helping others. Diet also plays a huge role, but most Americans haven’t a clue about good nutrition, and could care less.

        Actually there have been many articles written about the influence of Pharma on the medical profession and medical education, and it is a warped tale which has destroyed countless lives. Big Pharma is evil in my mind, just like the health care legislation they wrote – The Affordable Health Care Act. By the same token, if people do not want to be responsible for themselves, then they have to pay the consequences.

        • Give them PE

          have them run around play ball run track do exercise etc. all PE and such was taken out for budget cut reasons what it really was the teachers were too damn lazy to actually watch the children for 45 mins

          Look at the lunches they serve in some schools but let some parent try and feed there children some decent food and wholly crap !! cant do that must take away the BAAADD sandwich and give this child our pressed chicken by products patty.

          all of these fat parents sitting around with Fat children and too many video games are a disaster in the making BUT that’s what the Govt wants.LOOK at Honey BOO BOO and her obese mother with the IQ of a sponge. and this shit passes for entertainment. it should be labeled Child Porn!!!

          children dependent on the Govt for there food and clothes and medical etc. all part of the Govt plan

          Stupid children equal stupid voters who will vote any way you want

        • Ralphieboy,
          You are so right about the Big Pharma guys…

          I worked for Big Pharma for almost 20 years, before I had to walk away or sell my soul. After having been promoted to management, I had my ‘test’…

          Everybody who works in a very large organization will get their own version of The Test… This test determines whether you are one of ‘them’ or not. In my case, it was to lie to my employees about an IPO stock deal. Everybody got screwed except management. They finagled a bunch of free stock options, at no cost to themselves.

          I failed the test by refusing. Then I was moved out of my nice corner office, given responsibility for a project that was a boondoggle and had no chance of success. When I was cleaning out the closet in the north forty, to turn it into my new ‘office’, I had the Epiphany… the culmination of everything concerning their business, they lie, they don’t care whether the drug has bad effects as long as they can sweep it under the rug. You can do anything with data, once the data goes from honest scientist or doctor up to ‘management’, those who have passed The Test.

          They were like this in the 1980’s…
          For full disclosure, the company was destroyed by its own internal evil battles, the board sold it out from under the scumbag management, to Glaxo. My BIL still works for them and is about to retire… he says the level of evil is rampant from top to bottom. But he doesn’t care, he only cares about his 401k, and the fact that its all tied up in their stock… I hope he gets out during the market peak…

        • Would you believe that the drug companies have been passing out free samples at colleges at least since the early 1970s?

      31. I’m a prepper. I’m a gun owner. I believe in free speech. I’m against unlimited immigration. I’m against the so-called entitlement programs. I believe people who commit serious and violent crimes should be put to death. I live by a set of rules called the Bill of Rights. Yeah, I meet all the criteria in their so-called guidelines. I haven’t been to a doctor for anything in 10 years and not going back, period! I make my own decisions concerning my health. I make my own decisions about a shrink, medications, etc. the shrinks can go f#$% themselves. braveheart

        • Amen,
          I too am practical. I would for instance give the SOB that held the 3 girls for 10 years a 30 day period to get the facts straight. Then I would euthanize him for no more that $5 taxpayer money. Cremate and move on. this bullshit of spending years and millions on this trash when the country is bankrupt makes no sense in my head.

        • You need Jesus !

          • I have Jesus. Thank you. I believe Jesus would not want productive members of his flock (homeless children, men, women, people down on their luck) to suffer because the needed tax dollars were spent on trash like this serial rapist and kidnapper.

        • Right on Braveheart,
          Same here on all accounts,
          Tell it like it is.

        • I used to drive truck, in order to quailfy you must go to a doctor and get a yearly health certificate. when they expanded the requirements to include a drug test and you send a copy of your health certificte to the state goverment ( agenda21?) I just quit my job. In my whole life the only time I went to a doctor was when I got a sliver of steel in my eye. and Ive been to the dentist several times.

      32. Chip, AMEN to your comments. braveheart

      33. Central TX Mom, I am feeling better today, thank you. I can’t stay in a foul mood forever. I’m sorry and disturbed to hear one of your kids are on medications; I pray you can somehow get him off all those medications. Studies have shown that there are NO benefits to any of those medications. i’ll NEVER get on any regardless of what anyone says. braveheart

      34. Ralphieboy, you make some excellent points. i starting hitting the bottle myself after my wife was killed. But it wasn’t long before i realized i was starting to become like the alcoholic bastard that ran over my wife. I didn’t have money for a rehab center, so i quit cold turkey. yes, it was tough, but not as bad as it could have been if i had waited longer. That was in 1982 and I’ve stayed dry ever since; don’t regret it for a minute. It’s difficult, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE, to give up a substance abuse problem. if you have the right kind of attitude and the willpower, it can be done. braveheart

      35. The psychiatric association is the only “medical” society in the world that invents its own illnesses. Do you have a bad temper? It’s just intermittent explosive syndrome. Hint: your “disease” must have three words to it. Three letter acronyms are so much cooler than any other set of letters.

        A lot of kids that are diagnosed as ADD or ADHD are the children of single mothers that struggle to control them. Most of them need to be taught self-discipline. They don’t need drugs.

        It’s all part of the war on boys in this society. They want to produce a generation of wimpy men who don’t trust themselves.

        • Barn cat many years ago my old man said the best thing for ADD or anything was a goodol ass whippin GOD said the same thing and hes never wrong and I got plenty of them

        • My wife works with a woman that has been described by some clown in the psych profession as having “amplified emotional response disorder”.

          The truth? The stupid bitch has bad manners and can not control herself.

      36. UMM – Um Ms DeeDee ,
        You application for a firearms permit does not show that you were on this or that medication when you were 3 Y.O . – Yet ,I checked with the database of your health history. I know that all information is private as regulated by the Affordible Health Care Act of 2011 passed by the government at that time. So – Guess what — DENIED

      37. I’ve got me a reall good psychiatrist, been seeing him for over 18 years! I reckon I pay aproximately $350.00 a month on him and there hasn’t been a single problem I have that we havn’t been able to work out together! Best money I’ve ever spent! He also doubles as my bugout vehicle, you see, ole Coffee’s my horse! I ain’t never given him a vaccination or had to call the vet on either of us in all those 18 years! We are both in tip top shape and did a 16 miler therapy session on mothers day north of Pheonix! Ole Coffee just turned 24 years old last month, he’s like a fine bottle of vino!

      38. The drug companies want you to be a lifetime customer,so they will create drugs for every (problem)..

        • Exactly; I read once the ads on tv about illnesses, conditions, etc. are suggestive.
          A large % of those watching tell doctor on next visit they have whatever the condition is.
          PUH–LEEZE people!! Wake up.

          • Halitosis was pushed by Listerine many years ago? Bad breath was suddenly a disease that needed treatment.

            • Period, not a question mark. Oops.

        • They create illnesses to fit the drug.

      39. The entire world is a fucking insane asylum run by lunatics and we preppers are the only rational people left, that’s why we are the targets. If the king says you are crazy then you are crazy… It is as simple as that so get over it. If your neighbors all say you are a witch and you must be burned at the stake then so be it. You must submit to be burned at the stake or be lobotomized and then burned at the stake… your choice. If the quack doctors say you have a mental illness and that you must be heavily medicated for the safety and sake of society then so be it. Take your medicine like a man and get over it. Now… there are lots of wannabe kings with guns and badges running around America today; there also are a lot of nosey neighbors, quack doctors and politicians too… all smugly and arrogantly trying to get a few more dollars in their pockets and make a name for themselves at the expense of each other, and all the so called crazies running loose, before some unknown extinction level event occurs. Since gun owners have been officially declared mentally ill that means there are probably 100 million gun toting mentally ill maniacs running loose too as well as a couple hundred million other crazies with yet undiagnosed mental illnesses (all defined of course, in the new manual). Between all the wannabe kings, nosey neighbors, quack doctors, meddlesome politicians and mentally ill gun owners running loose, there will soon be a great circus for all of us to enjoy both as spectators and participants. I can hardly wait!! LOLOL!! I heard a rumor that some viable DNA was recovered from the bones of Vlad the Impaler and some quack doctors in Europe in a secret lab in Transylvania are trying to resurrect him through cloning and they are thinking of combining his DNA with that of Charles Manson to create a new kind of monster for space exploration. They could grow the little tyke in a lab somewhere then run him for president of the United States. Hell!! that little shit would fit right in!!

        • I used to play chess with someone who worked at an asylum, Dorothea Dix Hospital, otherwise known as Dix Hill. He told me that the only difference between the inmates and the keepers was who held the keys.

          • In the ’60s I dated a girl who worked as staff at McClain Hospital near Boston. Where the rich liberals send their kids when they’re too screwed up to keep themselves fed and their exhaust pipes clean. She said the same thing.

      40. They haven’t seen crazy yet.

        Wait until they come to take my guns. Then they’ll see crazy.

        • Amen Brother,

          • @ Walt Kowalski and Kulafarmer

            Some day in the future a tax parasite will knock on my door. He will or won’t present a paper authorizing his mission. He will demand my firearms, supplies and or my person.

            I will refuse. I will politely tell him to leave. Backed by what kind of mechanized force and probably two dozen from his band of brothers, he will refuse to leave. He is executing “lawful orders” from “legitimate authority” as the tyrant’s suckups always have.

            What we have here is a forced choice. Submit or die. So I will open fire. Knowing my life expectancy will be maybe three minutes. I will take as many of them out as I can before I die.

            Unlike my neighbors I will die a free man.

            I owe a debt of honor to those 300 Spartans, whatever liberties Hollywood took with them. They are western history’s primary example of men who did the right thing for the right reason knowing full well what it was going to cost them.

            Before they can move to their end game we must first be disarmed. The only choice I have is how I’m going to die. Of starvation, worked to death in a camp. Kneeling beside a ditch with a bullet in my head. Or on my feet, fighting.

            There’s no doubt about the outcome, early or late. If I’m a dead man anyway I’m going down fighting.

            • @anonymous6.8…

              If every patriot does as you do, the tyrants will soon run out of willing agents to do their bidding.

              You will not be alone.

              • A little off-topic here. But not much. So…indulge me a minute and try to understand what I try to get across.

                I post the following with a bit of a tip of the hat to Eisenkreuz…..with whom I have considerable disagreement. It is not so much that he does not from time to time, have valid points…it’s that he seems to think that simply bashing the older generation is the solution to the problems that we face.

                While I have not so stated on this particular forum, I have myself complained that my generation is doing a great disservice to future generations by the nonsense that we have allowed go on in this country.

                I came across an article this morning that captures my thoughts and feelings regarding this…and what’s more….perhaps offers a path of redemption…or at least a means by which those of us in the “Boomer” generation can in some way atone.

                I’m going to post a link to the article…and then some quotes from it that illustrate my point.

       (copy the text and then paste into your browser url window.)

                Here’s the part of the article that grabbed me….

                “A couple days after the Spring concert I was flipping through the 650 channels on my TV with nothing worth watching when I stumbled across the 2008 Clint Eastwood movie Gran Torino. This was the third episode within the week that had me thinking about the future of my kids. It was his highest grossing film in history. Eastwood played a bigoted tough guy Korean War veteran whose Detroit suburban neighborhood had deteriorated into a dangerous gang infested Asian war zone. The movie did not follow the standard Eastwood plot where he kills dozens of bad guys. He grudgingly befriends two young Millennial teenage Laos refugees who live next door. He had lost his wife of 50 years. He was in his 70s and dying from some undiagnosed illness. I viewed the movie as an allegory for the generational sacrifice that should be taking place now.

                Eastwood’s character, Walt Kowlaski, decided to finish things his way. He realized the two Millennials would never find peace or have a chance at a better life until the criminal gang running the show in the neighborhood were confronted and defeated. He knew he was too old to kill six gang members singlehandedly, so he made a choice to sacrifice himself and be gunned down in cold blood in front of multiple witnesses so the perpetrators would go to jail and allow his Millennial companions to have a chance at a better life. He sacrificed his life for the good of young people who weren’t even related to him. This message has not connected with the elder generations who control the purse strings and political system in this country. The media propaganda machine supporting the existing regime continues to peddle a storyline that debt doesn’t matter, consumption is good, saving is for suckers, and passing the bill for unfunded entitlements to future generations is not immoral and cowardly. Walt Kowalski displayed courage, bravery, and valor that is sorely lacking in the elderly generations today.

                At the age of 50 I have a choice with my remaining 20 or 30 years. I can choose to keep accumulating material goods with debt, voting for politicians who promise never to cut my entitlements, believing deficits growing to infinity are beneficial to the economic health of the nation, supporting the military industrial complex as they wage undeclared wars across the world, applauding the Orwellian fascist surveillance measures instituted to give the illusion of safety while sacrificing freedoms and liberties and selfishly looking out for my best interests. Or I can stand up to the corporate fascist old boy regime and lure them into a violent response that will ultimately lead to their downfall. I’m willing to sacrifice what is supposedly “owed” to me on behalf of my kids and all Millennials. They don’t deserve to start life in a $200 trillion hole created by their parents and grandparents. It is disconcerting to me that more Boomer and Generation X parents are unprepared, unwilling or too willfully ignorant to forfeit entitlements awarded them under false pretenses in order to preserve a decent standard of living for their children and grandchildren. The Bernaysian propaganda programmed into their brains over decades by the sociopathic central planning status quo has created this inertia.”

                I did not select the name “Walt Kowalski” as my handle on this forum on a whim. The author of the above article eloquently captured the spirit that I believe those of us in this “baby boom” generation need to have.

                We owe it to our children and grand-children.

                We need to stop feeding the beast. And we need to make it clear that we are not going to be a part of the enslavement of future generations.

                  • A Stunning ‘Revelation’ Walt!

                    To be truthful, I had never seen Gran Torino…the standard ‘busy-ness of Life’, Eh? Thanks for elucidating your basis of the Choice of your monicker Friend…and Tip O’ the Hat as well. Our generation ‘Fucked-up’ to put it simply..and NO Eiz..that IS NOT an invitation to you to open your yap here…You’ll regret it IF you do…take MY word on that. 😉

                    Still, the following notion has played through my mnind more than a few times, of late…

                    Suppose that s “Divine Being” descended to the Earth, and seeking you out – as well as demonstrating the true character of that divinity – asked you a question…or rather, offered YOU a Proposal. To wit:

                    “IF you willingly ALLOW me to TAKE your OWN Life…you, individually, then I WILL stretch forth my Hand over the World, and in the Blink of an Eye ALL of Humankind’s problems will disappear, NEVER to return.”

                    Aside from any issue of that Being’s CAPACITY to do so or true intent to complete the bargain proposed truely, positing that this ‘Being’ could in fact do EXACTLY as it stated…What would be your response to such as that? Were that SO, then mothing of the Ill’s which of late FILL the World would remain…ALL would BE at Peace, Human dignity would Flourish once again…the very thing that our self-styled “Master’s’ seem to seek after the complete anhilation of moreso with each passing day.

                    Tis a DEEP question to be sure….In my Heart I would do so…Life is PRECIOUS to be sure…but what means the Life of One, if the MANY could GREATLY benefit therefrom the removal of…Obviously, such as that is OUTSIDE the purvue of ANY to say to another…as, “But do this..for OUR sake”, but would and only could be, instead an Individual decision….My life is Preciou to Me…but not so much that given the bargain stated that I would not withhold that which would render the World Whole and Complete, Finally…Again, tis a terrible question…is it NOT?

                    Dwell pon it Y’all…


                • Walt, great article; great insight and well said. Thank you for sharing and putting into words what many more think and feel.

        • If the Feds read your comments as you so often fear, they have seen bat shit crazy.

          • How does it feel to be totally stupid?

            Tell me….did you vote for Obama in both elections?

            Have you ever read anything that wasn’t on the “approved reading” list?

          • You trolls come up with such cute names.
            ‘Little Bob’, is that your hat size or your ‘other’ size?

          • I am sure that “Little Bob” is his nick name for his appendage.

      41. Central TX Mom, As others have stated, I truly pray for peace in your heart and mourn for your loss.

        To all in general, Mother Nature can do enormous damage. YouTube the story “Tsunami – Caught on Camera” by noeuro and watch it. It is heart wrenching to see the sudden loss of life. Be it the tornadoes in OK or the Tsunami of Indonesia or earthquakes or solar EMP’s the list goes on and on of things to prepare for.

        That’s what ticks me off to no end when I read articles like this. There is the tax code, the endless regulations and laws, the endless institutionalization of America…and it’s all for our own good…to keep us safe. Now they will say your kid has a mental disorder and you need to give him this drug or we will take him from you, make you a criminal and put him somewhere and give him the drug ourselves. You parent’s don’t know what you are doing, you need the government to help!

        When does it all stop? When do we as a nation roll up our shirt sleeves and go to work to fix it the old fasioned way? Rub some dirt on it and tough it out! I think many people run for office with the best of intentions in mind. I also believe that mom was right, you end up who you hang around. Good people run for office then hang around the politicians and are assimilated into the fold before they know what is going on.

        We need a spiritual revival in this nation.

        God Bless,


        • NP,
          Spiritual revival? In this country? We have been having one, haven’t you seen? The spiritual revival of darkness… and the Great Falling away… soon to become real trouble… a time of Jacob’s Trouble.

          This country is lost, if we don’t go down in fire and brimstone, then God needs to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah…

      42. Hey America,
        You want to put up with this shit, go for it!
        I’m not Putting up with this shit!
        If some 2-bit egg head tells me to take the pill
        or tries to give me the shot, he’s going to be spitting out a mouth full of splintered teeth!

        does that make me crazy?

        the U.N. small arms treaty will hit the senate floor soon.
        its time to prepare for that.
        dont forget to bug the hell outta your senators and “remind” them WHO will vote them out.

        i’m alittle worried that even if it fails the senate and house , obama will sign an E.O.
        this would be the end…

        • Do you think it will be a public topic of the MSM?


        • It doesn’t matter who we vote for. NONE of them represent us. Vote X out. Vote Y in. Makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE.

          Utah Data Center: this is just an exercise in blank verse, okay? Means it doesn’t hafta rhyme. Hypothetical recounting a dystopian dream out loud.

          Send them an empty rifle cartridge taped to a paper with their addresses on it. Dear Political Vermin: vote for tyranny your way. We will vote for liberty our way.

          You can threaten free men and women only so far before there’s blow back.

          Recent history showed what one determined man can do. What if there were ten thousand determined men in thousands of places?

      44. To quote my favorite intellectual, Archie Bunker, these “Psychiatrists” are all MEATHEADS…dead from the neck up!

      45. This is to get so many more citizens declared to have some type of disorders which will allow for local LEOs to walk er, I mean bust in, beat U down, taze ur wife, point ASSSualt rifles at ur sleeping children. Oh, and shot your dogs. That’s what goin on here. Semper Fi. III

      46. Its sounding more and more like Nazi Germany just before the mass slaughter/internment of the Jews… and they didn’t believe it could happen either!

        This is from the book, “The Long Summer”:

        “There were rumors of unfathomable things, and because we couldn’t fathom them we failed to believe them, until we had no choice and it was too late.”

        • The only question is; Who are the Jews this time around?

          • @Piper Michael….

            Your question:

            “The only question is; Who are the Jews this time around?”

            The answer:

            Go look in the mirror.

      47. Howdy, Kulafarmer and DRD5508, thank you for those thoughts, and DRD, sorry to hear about your sister. I’ve heard a few horror stories over the years about so-called mental institutions. As far as I’m concerned, people who have been forcibly put into such places have more honor and integrity than whoever forced them in there in the first place. Nobody will ever force me into a mental institute, prison, or anything else against my will, period! The people who promote all this BS are evil. There’s no redeeming them. i say put them out of their misery and be done with it. braveheart

      48. Howdy, Crabbe. I don’t care what any of them say about me. let them target me and come to me with evil intentions; my response will be the last “crazy” thing they ever see, period! NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      49. Half of the people in New York are already diagnosed with something.

        The SAFE Act allows the Cuomo government to pretty much take the guns from anyone who sees a therapist once. After April 2014 when the “assault weapon” registration scheme kicks in, they’ll be knocking on the door of everyone who registers and cross-checking with the mandatory psych profiles.

        Welcome to 1984.

        • Sees a ‘therapist” they are compelled to see?

      50. Let’s see…the government has a “no fly” list, a “no firearms” list, a “no work” list. What’s next, a NO LIFE list? This is ridiculous and is tyranny at its worst.
        We need a NO GOVERNMENT LIST!!

      51. From the Desk of:
        Steve Elliott, Grassfire

        I just got off the phone with our friend Gary LeBlanc of Mercy Chefs — an extremely effective relief organization that Grassfire partners with to help provide hot meals in disaster zones.

        Gary shared an important update on the massive, two-mile-wide tornado that has caused horrific devastation in Moore, Oklahoma.

        In the next 24-48 hours, Gary says he must purchase the supplies needed to immediately begin providing hot meals in response to what he expects will be Mercy Chefs’ largest relief effort of the entire year.

        Simply put, Gary and Mercy Chefs need the help of Grassfire team members urgently right now.
        I told Gary I would share this urgent need immediately with our Grassfire team members. I’m hoping Grassfire team members will step forward and help provide thousands of meals in the next 72 hours. Will you help? Please go here now.

        Long email–left out lots.

      52. @ JustOneGuy. Check out the earthquake map, it is incredible the activity. That southern portion of the plates is so active that I keep finding myself having to go back and plug in new information to see what has happened before. Each time the same location come up for very powerful earthquakes. I would now say that there is a 90% chance of at least a 7.2 by June 5. A 75% chance of at least a 7.6 by the same date. A 50% chance of a 8+. And a 35% chance of a 8.5+. That earthquake today at MacQuarie Islands has before lead to two 8+, and several 7’s before when the same spot has been hit.

        The one north of this that happened after this lead to two 7.8’s after that location was hit before. The location at the far tip of the Nazca plate today, off of southern Chile lead to a 8.1, two 7.9’s, 7.6, 7.5, and 7.4. That is three locations today that hit today, that in the past lead to three 8+, and many high 7’s. I have never seen this before, not even close, Especially in such a short time span.

        The lying government of course will not tell the people, which are suppose to be their boss, why they are swarming around the New Madrid fault, which today was hit a 3 today near Arkansas. The New Madrid is absolutely affected by what happens to the south of it. The area pf Central America, espeically Mexico, to South America is a ticking hydrogen bomb right now. There are so many different indications that say something tremendous is coming there. Again and again, 22 out of 24 times now, in the past these plate boundaries were hit and Chile to Mexico got nailed. The Nazca plate has been going wild for the past 6 weeks, especially the western borders. This means South America is going to get hit bad.

        Then the volcanic activity over in eastern Russia. I say something similar to this in the Japanese volcano islands and other volcanic areas in the past 5 years. It could be eastern Russia as the mega quake coming, but it sure seems like Eastern China to India/Pakistan is more primed.

        I think this is what pisses me off the most, the government knows much more than they ever tell anyone and then they lie like manure in a cow pasture if someone shows the truth about what is really happening. Just like this article is about, they drug up everyone with chemical destruction to turn everyone into zombies. You know zombies are easy to control and don’t question anything. I question everything, and I attempt to find a means of figuring out what is happening and what is going to happen. The USGS and others in the guv.ment know, there is some terrible violent motion ready to happen. Too many times in the past the same locations have been hit and the same results, great or very severe earthquakes. I hope you and others will be okay when the dominoes begin to fall.

        • Howdy BI,

          Thanks Friend…I have been watching the ‘going’s-on’ seismically, and I was JUST coming over the seek out your opinion thereon…Beat Me to it , You DID!! 😉

          The string over the last few days which extends from the regions far off the coast of South America right into the coast is – to me, the NON-Expert here – somewhat ‘chilling’, surely that as much as anything is seen – clearly – to be a precursor to additional activity in the Chile/Peru region?…Folks, THEM Thar Andes Mountain’s exist for a REASON…LOTS of them, Eh?
          Oh!…and BTW, can you clatify fot me here tha nature of that fualt-line which has been so active these past few days…is that a strike-slip fault or otherwise? I am efforting myself to attempt a ‘visualization’ of things much as I suspect you do when ‘looking’ and thereby ‘Seeing’.

          Anywho, thanks for ALL the update’s BI…I WATCH them ALL Friend!! Till later…


          • I second that! Both of you keep up the good work and For Bless!


        • Bi, what is the website you look at for your seizmic info, i cant seem to find the usgs page i used to get info from,

            • Thank you sir, much apreciated, that second page was the one i couldnt find, damn computers, TOO MUCH info sometimes, just not the info you are looking for!
              Check out Ol Remus’ report from tuesday, some interesting stuff this week.

        • Don’t take wrongly, BI, but you are surely not the only one who can see this. With the massive resources at their disposal, our government surely knows all this and is withholding these things from us, and hence more evil than we even think.

          • @ Cornholeus. Not at all, I realize that there are some really quite bright lights out there. I just write a lot when I get totally fed up with the deception and utter bold faced lies that the government shovels down our throats each day. It is unbelievable how three Nixon style scandals are going on right now, and BO is still worshipped as God himself by so many. Thankfully we can still enjoy the 1st. Amendment and express ourselves, for now.

        • Bi
          Would the increased volcanic activity in south america mexico area be an indicator of increased build up of pressure between the plates there?

      53. Thanks to Bo for making me learn to prep.

        • Preppers will be considered Hoarders

      54. It is all about brain chemistry, and the need to take something. Dope dealers will give away free samples, just like the dope dealers of “legal” pharms will to get people HOOKED on their poison. Anyone that supports the pharm and quackery that is killing the population and turning them into obedient little zombies, FU, you are nothing but pure evil. From a quote in a movie, “you think your are some sort of rock star with your drugs, you are nothing but a grubby little drug dealer”

      55. Flip D. Byrd must be another troll. Eisen, regardless of his faults, does provide some good info on occasion.

        • BH,
          You are very charitable.

        • @braveheart…

          Eisencrap has not commented as yet on this topic.

          That’s the best contribution he’s ever made.

      56. Thank you for the excellent site.


        Not related to or married to Zoltanne. (Just to avoid any confusion)

      57. Sallie, fuck you. You and flip go somewhere else with your bs.

      58. You all need to know about an ongoing study that has found Parkinson like changes to people’s brains by the time they are in their mid 30’s from stimulant use in their youth, either cocaine or amphetamines. The study was looking at illegal drugs but seemd to overlook the fact that ritalin and dexamphetamine, which are routinely given to children are also amphetamines. I dread to think what society will be like in another 20 years when these kids grow up and find that they are dealing with a chronic brain impairment. Will there be enough healthy people to care for the sick in another 50 or 60 years time?

      59. filthy yoohs

      60. weird-everything that is bad for us, research shows a yooh behind it

      61. They will take my kids and\or my guns at the risk of their own lives. My kids will not get medication, i will not get medication and if they try to force it on me or them or my wife for whatever reason they will be met with force.

      62. I must thank everyone for their kind comments regarding the loss of our son. The outpouring is very uplifting and comforting.
        I feel I must clarify about my oldest. I realize psych meds are overprescribed and overused, but I still feel they have their purpose when truly needed. My 15 yr old has auditory and visual hallucinations, has an issue with reality, and some anger/aggression issues, (all of which go hand in hand with his diagnosis), in other words-his brain is hardwired weird. I did not like the thought of him being on meds, actually fought against them for a while, but he really does need them. We tried without for a while and it became a safety issue. Yes, we tried spanking, time-out, grounding, all the traditional methods, and we realized when he was about 3 something was really “off”. The anti-psychotic controls the hallucinations, and the others stabilize his “mood”. No, not doped up. He is as active as any 15 yr old, only he does have the social/emotional level of an 8 or 9 yr old though. With the right combo, we can reason with him and help him to understand actions & consequences. Again, I am not a fan of pharma, but it does have it’s place when truly indicated. We are fortunate the psychiatrist we see does sit with him & us for the visits and talk about how we are doing and any concerns or progress. She doesn’t just go “OK, things good? Here’s your scrip.” I do understand some will disagree with me and that’s ok. What works for us may not work for someone else. When dealing with a true mental health issue, every person is individual and a cut & paste approach does not work. Thank you again for your comments and support (even the red thumbs I’m sure to get for advocating some pharma).

        BTW….JOG & BI, truly appreciate the posts on seismic & solar. Your comments have led me to look into and read more on these topics to have a greater understanding of how these things can be interconnected.

        • Happy to help Central TX Mom,

          “The Lord showereth forth His Mercy upon us, Yea even as the dew covereth the grass in the Morn”…. and …”Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me ALL the Days of my Life and I will dewll in His House…FOREVER…”

          JOG *Grieved WITH You*

      63. I’m waiting for ‘Antisemitism’ to be categorized as the the most egregious of these psychiatric diseases.


        The alarmed critics of the Ritalin disaster are now getting support from an entirely different side. The German weekly Der Spiegel quoted in its cover story on 2 February 2012 the US American psychiatrist Leon Eisenberg, born in 1922 as the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, who was the “scientific father of ADHD” and who said at the age of 87, seven months before his death in his last interview: “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease”

      64. From the GCA 1968:
        (4) has been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to any mental institution;
        From BAFTE Letter May 9, 2007:
        “For purposes of a Federal firearms disability, ATF interprets “adjudicated mental defective” to include anyone adjudicated to be a “danger to him or herself,” “a danger to others,” or lacking “the mental capacity to contract or manage their own affairs.” For purposes of Federal law, “danger” means any danger, not simply “imminent” or “substantial” danger as is often required to sustain an involuntary commitment under State law.”
        Don’t want to make your child take his medication, you are “a danger to others,”
        Once you are classified as a Mental Defective you are put on the Federal Firearms Disability list and the firearms disability is permanent.

      65. I don’t know, seems to me there are a lot of people running around claiming with a perfectly straight face to believe in old Jewish fairy tails and tribal prehistoric oral traditions, along with an invisible supreme being that just conveniently agrees with all their particular prejudices and points of view to the letter.

        Seems to me any realistic definition of unstable, clinically deluded, or insane would have to include those folks especially when they use their bigoted “beliefs” to deprive others of their FREEDOMS!

        • Sorry you have never met with big daddy G and his Son J,

      66. Howdy, Walt. I’m also against Eisen insulting people here, but we’ve had worse, like ncjoe, finx, sallie, survival slut, government guy, etc. i’ve backed off ncjoe per BI’s advice, but all the other trolls are still fair game in my view.

      67. These people obviously suffer from ‘Obsessive Diagnosis disorder’ and should be hospitalized immediately and get a proper treatment!

      68. Central TX Mom – Six months is nothing. I lost my fiancee to the medical mafia more than 8 years ago, and I still miss her. I always will, though it gets a little easier with time. Certain things still make me cry (and I’m a 6 foot tall real man, not some wimpy faggot). The only thing that keeps me going is the certainty that we’ll be together when my time here is over.

        We were denied the opportunity to marry, to live together, to “know” each other in the biblical sense, to have children. Our entire future was cancelled by that poisoned needle and the scum that administers it.

        NEVER allow ANYONE you care about to be injected with ANYTHING on ANY pretext. The whole “immunisation” thing is a SCAM, and has been from the start. We can’t be blamed for things we didn’t know about, but once we do know, we have to learn to say “NO!” to any further abuses masquerading as “medicines”.

        (Not knocking you, Central TX Mom. Occasionally their poisons really are necessary, just not by injection)

        My love finds subtle ways of letting me know she’s still with me, still loving me. Give it time, and you’ll probably start to notice little things. I keep a photograph of her on my computer desk, and sometimes her expression seems to change as I’m talking to her. Ideas come into my head that seem to fit her personality more than mine. Small white feathers appear. We were always short of money, and after she was taken from me I started to find small coins in all kinds of places, indoors and out. I could go on, but it’s enough to know she’ll never leave me.

        Some people might dismiss these little things as wishful thinking, and perhaps they are, but they give me comfort, and that’s what matters.

        Nobody dies. Nobody is ever “lost” to us. We may be separated for a while, but we WILL be reunited at the proper time.

        As an entirely separate issue, the medical vampires kept me on opiates (for pain relief) for more than ten years, which turned me into a zombie. Towards the end, when I was nearly dead (couldn’t eat, couldn’t see clearly, could hardly walk, sweating for hours at a time), I asked them to put me on a non-opiate painkiller. They said there wasn’t one. They lied.

        Eventually, with the help of a very good friend, I managed to survive long enough to wean myself off the opiates, and I’ve been drug-free for about three years now. I’ve still got the pain I was taking them for, but I’m still here, and I’ve got my mind back (most of it anyway).

        Now I avoid the quacks like the plague they are.

        Few people seem able to make the connection between “medicine” (including psychiatry), the supposedly “illegal” drug trade, big business, banking, scum firms like Monsanto and “government”, but we need to realise they are all one. Everything is connected, and if it were possible to go all the way back, researching who really owns what, my personal belief is that there’s only ONE name behind everything that’s wrong in the world.

        ROTHSCHILD – also known as the devil incarnate.

      69. our only hope for freedom is a catastrophe so huge that government will be absolutely overwhelmed and the draconian methods they employ to try and cope with it will finally make them appear as they really are,the that point anyone so foolish as to identify themselves with that hated group will be thrown into the fire.

        • Yeah … right.

          “Gay” ISN’T a mental illness, but hoarding is.

          Ha ha ha ha ha! GOOD ONE!

      70. The only reason Obamacare was forced upon us was because anything in one’s life can be linked to one’s “health.” With the government controlling “healthcare,” then in the name of “healthcare” it can intrude in and control our lives to a much greater degree. “Healthcare” becomes the path to the totalitarian state so desired by the Left.

      71. Hush now, and take your mind-altering drugs like a good drone.

      72. It all started with “over the horizon radar”. The government gooks found out that the “wood-pecker pulses” controlled people’s thoughts, a fact Nicoli Tesla found out in 1919, but never published because he though it was “crazy”.

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