Yesterday’s Beirut Explosion: Is The Official Narrative Solid?

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    I have a rule, and that’s to never buy the first “official narrative” presented by any government or mainstream media. Especially when it comes to situations that have caused mass death or mass panic. So, is the official narrative of the Beirut, Lebanon explosion solid?

    Probably not.  Nothing we are told is the truth anymore, so why on earth would the mainstream media and governments controlled by the banking cartel suddenly decide we deserve the real story? Plus, some things just don’t add up, much like the coronavirus scamdemic narrative.

    For those who aren’t yet aware, a devastating explosion occurred at the port of Beirut that left over 70 people dead and thousands wounded. Even though videos of the explosion continue to emerge showing the immense destruction that was caused, there seems to be little explanation for what actually happened as the media brushes it off as a simple ammonium nitrate mishap.

    The blast was reportedly heard as far away as Cyprus, some 150 miles away from the port, according to RTDespite the explanations supplied by Lebanese authorities, United States President Donald Trump apparently felt compelled to weigh in on the incident during a press conference Tuesday evening, suggesting that based on the explosion,”  it was an “attack, it was a bomb of some kind” after consulting with Pentagon generals.

    The official narrative says that “authorities” (people desperate to have you believe their narrative)  have traced the explosion to a 2,750-ton stash of explosive ammonium nitrate in a warehouse by the port (certainly not an Israeli missile, Lebanese and Israeli authorities, as well as Hezbollah, have stressed).

    If the official story is true, then why would Trump suggest it was an “attack?” Did he just misspeak? If it was an attack, why are others saying it’s just a storage mishap? The almost want attention diverted. Why? Things aren’t adding up already.  When something like this happens, it’s important to pay attention and be aware of it.



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      1. Mac, thanks for the thoughtful article and admonition to all of us. The MSM (Main Stream Media) has turned into a propaganda machine that wants ONLY TO PROMOTE it’s pre-conceived narrative. It is difficult for families trying to pay all their bills & TAXES to separate the wheat from the chaff.

      2. Not sure what is taking place with that in Lebanon, but it arose my suspicions as well.

      3. Operation Hidin’ Biden continues in full force, with DNC chair Perez saying that the responsible DNC takes coronavirus threat very seriously and will continue Hidin’ Biden and refuse to allow him to attend the primarily online DNC convention in 
        McCarthy Dahmerville. Whoever The psychopaths choose for the President, ( VP ) we are Doomed if it is war mongering Obama foreign policy neo-con Susan Rice, or fascist prosecuting attorney of small time ordinance violaters and aggressive imprisoner of children, Kamala Haris. So far the blood thirsty Rice and fascist imprisoner and child abuser Haris appear to be in the lead, with the ununique qualifications of being black women. As if Black Fascist War Mongering Wall Street supporting, TTP supporting, constitutional rights abusing Obama that evicted millions from their homes and unemployment, poverty, and inequality surged.
        Andrea Iravani

      4. The best coverage I’ve seen about this incident is at There’s a lot of speculation about other causes but one unconfirmed report that stands out is that hezbollah had some iranian-made missiles in storage in the port area. Ho hum.

      5. I still maintain these are the opening moves to World War Three. Most flights are down, city centres emptied of workers, people told to stay at home, to disperse.

        Doesn’t that sound like a brace for impact order? Like from missiles, air strikes, terror strikes etc??

        Nothing like getting young people freed up from working in restaurants, going to school, and readied for military service. Who needs theatre when you will have the theatre of war.

        I anticipate air strikes on Iran and North Korea to get it done before the election.

      6. Three thousand tons of amonium nitrate could NOT have been the cause. It looked, to me at least, like a low level nuke, possibly even an H bomb, maybe one of those that went missing over the years. Either way, this is not over yet, there are going to be major consequences for the whole world.

      7. It’s doubtful it was nuclear. No heat signature. Everything in the blast area would be burned to a crisp if it was a nuke. I’ve watched a lot of video of the blast and the aftermath and there is certainly a concussion wave but no heat wave.

        If a U-Haul truck of ammonia nitrate can do the amount of damage that occurred in Oklahoma City, think of what a large warehouse full of it can do.

      8. It doesn’t surprise me things are heating up between Israel and Lebanon. The Israeli’s have long said they would deal with Hezbollah.

        Israel will never tolerate a major military threat on its border. And the amassing of weapons and explosives by Hezbollah means Israel would strike back at some time.

      9. Just saw on instagram, at gunfufighting, a clip of it filtered where there appears to be something “incoming” at moment of explosion. Real or Fake, I don’t know, but very curious clip.

      10. Well, I saw that there was one such explosion in Syria too, Though, in this article it really looked like an accident.

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