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Yellowstone Nat’l Park Working to Remove Cell Towers, Microwave Dishes, Other Telecom Equipment, and Install Fiber Optics

B.N. Frank
June 4th, 2021
Activist Post
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This article was originally published by B.N. Frank at Activist Post. 

American opposition to cell tower and 5G installation has been increasing in national parks (see 123) including Yellowstone (see 12).  There’s finally some good news to report about this.

From National Parks Traveler:

Yellowstone National Park Working To Remove Unsightly Cell Towers

A tentative deal has been reached between the National Park Service and Verizon to remove an unsightly cell tower that stands on a ridge above the Old Faithful complex in Yellowstone National Park, according to the park’s superintendent.

Under the plan, the tower will be relocated “somewhere in the government area” of the Old Faithful area and “likely won’t be as tall,” said Cam Sholly.

Removing the tower will resolve some current “scenic resource degradation” it now causes, and should improve cell coverage in the Old Faithful area while also substantially reducing “the bleed over into the backcountry,” he said during a phone call.

“It’s actually going to shrink coverage, but it’s going to make it better in the area that it’s in, right there in the developed site,” Sholly said last week. The new tower likely is “going to be invisible to the public,” he added.

Elsewhere in the park, the superintendent said he wanted to relocate another tower that’s currently on a ridge above Mammoth Hot Springs to a less conspicuous site.

Sholly also has instituted a moratorium on additional cell towers in the park.

“We’ve basically made it indefinite,” he replied when asked how long it would be in place. “So I’m not even considering new towers.”

At the same time, park staff currently is reviewing public comments received on a plan to install fiber optic cable in the park.

“We’ll make a decision on that soon. There are some good comments in there,” the superintendent said.

Under that proposal, a fiber-optic network running nearly 200 miles would be brought into developed areas in the park to improve telecommunications and allow for the removal of microwave dishes and other telecommunication equipment atop mountaintops. The plan calls for fiber optic cable to be installed along existing park roads. Additionally, existing telecommunications equipment in the general vicinity of Madison, one in the Old Faithful area, one on Bunsen Peak, and two on Buffalo Plateau would be removed.

Going forward, Sholly said the park will not take a piecemeal approach to expanding cell coverage. Simply installing the “newest technology of the day” isn’t a sound approach, he said. Rather, he hopes to look for the best technology “that reduces the resource degradation of the past.”

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    Author: B.N. Frank
    Date: June 4th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      To the psychopaths that are terrorizing and torturing me, and to all of the lame government employees that I have notified at all levels of government and healthcare that are once again guilty of conspiracy, and yes, it is without question a conspiracy, because when that many people are guilty of gross negligence and derelict of duty, which you all are with what you have done to me, and also with the scamdemic and 9/11, it cannot be denied that it is a conspiracy to commit high crimes and treason! The media is equally guilty! Deny it until you are blue in the faces and just keep indicting yourselves on conspiracy to commit mass murder over the airwaves and in print media! Nature does not suffer fools kindly, as the saying goes! You are about to be in for the shock of your lives! It is only a matter of when and not if! 

      Torturing me is not going to change the fact that you are desperate retarded losers, so fucking desperate and retarded that you have convinced yourselves that the truth and reality are irrelevant, which means that you are by all accounts, out of touch with reality, and in total denial and delusional mania. denial is part of your disease! andrea iravani wrote this in grafton not mequon! what comes after denial? relapse! Shit for brains!  absolute control freaks, and completely retarded, and there is no God damned fucking way that I will give control of my life over to anyone, especially retards that are completely full of shit like you! and how do I know that you are retarded? Because you have convinced yourselves that the truth and reality are irrelevant and are too God damned fucking lame to realize that that is a no win situation! You really do not have to be a fucking genius to figure that out !  

      Andrea Iravani

      • Andrea.Iravani. says:

        For some strange reason, when I am searching on Google, at the bottom of the page, the town at the bottom of the search page changes from Grafton to Mequon, after more than one page at various times. This started fairly recently.

        Andrea Iravani

    2. Genius says:

      If you want cell service in a remote location your a total douchebag!

      • George C says:

        I have been saying for many years, technology would be the death of the human race……

        “When scientific knowledge and applied technology reach a critical level of advancement, without being informed by spiritual truths and guided by moral authority, the planetary civilization will relinquish its destiny to continue as it is.”
        ~ Cosmic Convergence Research Group

      • Anonymous says:

        Honk honk!!!

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      If it was intended by the psychos torturing and terrorizing me by using vault 7 hacking tools, sonic weapons with constant noise causing sleep deprivation, illegal black back jobs and constant illegal surveillance that have resulted in false imprisonmemt and illegal enslavement of me in my own home, constant stalking, charlatan illegal surgery illegally implanting rfids, micro-chips, or sensors in through my ears and nose while I was unconscious at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital on March 27th, 2014, formerly owned by Ex governor Rick Scott now owned by Ascension Health and medical treatment, which cause store alarms to go off every time I enter any store, resulted in a sudden inability to be able to cry, a sudden need for bifocals, rapid premature aging from the constant wi-fi radiation exposure, increased cortisol levels, inability to exercise in fresh air also degrading my overall health, inability to be in sunlight also degrading my overall health, inability to concentrate, or experience my emotions as they naturally are without an illegal electronic straight jacket that does not let me experience crying when I need to and normally had and would under a wide aray of circumstances in a rapid succession of severe life tragedies, alienation of personal communications that resulted from the hackings, depirivation of memories and my life as a result of the hackings, psychological terrorism and torture that has occured for over seven years non stop, constant gas lighting and psy-opping that is just sick as hell to do to anyone, vandalism of my person,  and defamation of character perpetrated on me through medical charlatan practices by denying that these have illegal charlatan practices have been perpetrated against me, or by refusing to prosecute the evil monsters responsible for the evil sadistic crime spree perpetrated on me, my life, members of my family, my dog, and my property, to have caused me to conclude that every God damned fucking one of you are sick, sadistic, evil, serial-criminal, insane, retarded, useless, destructive liabilities that the world would be better off without, Mission Accomplished! If it was all of your goals that are involved in this extrajudicial lynching, terrorism, and torture of me to convince me of that, you have been extremely successful! It was a process! I know my rights, and I know the law, and you and I all know that you are completely full of shit and that it is totally illegal on so many different levels which is well documented in the constitution, in addition to many other laws, including 2006 Wisconsin AB290! Go fuck the horses that you rode in on!

      Andrea Iravani

    4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      The Cookies Are Crumbling! Media Exposed as Spies as I Have Been Stating!

      The FBI subpoenaed the names and phone numbers but not the IP addresses of everyone that read a story over two FBI agents killed in a raid published by Gannett News, which owns USA Today, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Gannett refuses to comply, no argument on that, but why does Gannett News have the names, phone numbers, and IP adresses of everyone that read that article in the first place?! That is the story!

      Andrea Iravani

      • Hello Andrea.Iravani,

        They have the names and other info because those are subscription models. All internet websites (yes, even this one) collect your IP address and your location. They also collect what location you came from when you login and tracking cookies follow you when you leave. You can’t block some of them.


        • Andrea.Iravani. says:

          Since I happen to have a WordPress website, I happen to know that Website owners are able to choose what type of information they would like from their website users, and my choice was only the country that they are from. how many people read an article, and how many readers were repeat vistors to my website. I would not know even if a particular anonymous website visitor read specific articles or not. I did not know anything at all about readers unless they would comment or email me and disclose information about themselves that way. Since I happen to value the Fourth
          Amendment, I could not in good conscience ask any other
          information. I found out that I may be the only website owner that did that. I have also found out since then, that the majority of website owners own the website strictly for data collection purposes, and are lazy, mentally incompetent, psychopaths and total hypocrites, because I have been plagarized and impersonated many times by psychopaths that are totally aware of what has been done to me and have decided to exploit the situation that I am in for their own opportunistic personal gain.

          Andrea Iravani

    5. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Steve Bannon is trying to convince Trump to run for Speaker of the House in 2024. Obviously, Steve Bannon is a total idiot, since it is not a publicly elected office, and Trump is considering doing it, so, Trump doesn’t know that it is not a publicly elected office either. Or, Bannon is just trying to tell Trump not to run for president in 2024.Bannon probably wants to run himself. That is my guess. I won’t vote for either of them for anything. Trump should just focus on being CEO and President of Trump Enterprises, and just leave it at that. I do not think that he could get elected to that either, based on media reports.

      Andrea Iravani

    6. Anonymous says:

      5G. I don’t want to be around it. Short range – means: Many. Glad to live out in the country.

    7. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Notice to the retards in the surveillance state!

      Considering that the wooden bridge to the Temple in Jerusalem is failing, which was supposed to be a temporary fix and was constructed in 2003 after a support column had failed and has had several failed construction attempts to build a steel ans concrete bridge, and considering that the tech companies are dominated by Jews, which is factually  indisputable, and considering that these same Jewish tech Titans have pushed predictive programming on governments in a form of charlatan mystism quackery, which has been an obsession with the CIA prior to MKULTRA, and considering that the government was stupid enough to finance this quackery, it is high time that the government stops financing this Orwellian Bullshit! 

      Can’t the genius Jews do predictive programming for a bridge that won’t fail? Not that I support a bridge being built against Jordan’s sovereign rights, but I am just saying that if you cannot even develop a computer model to construct a fail safe bridge, you sure as hell cannot develop a computer program to predict human behavior! It is utter bullshit! I think that you are just claiming that you can do this, receive illegal contracts to claim that you are studying behavior, and what you are really doing is stealing intellectual property and actual property, and it is impossible to dispute that based on evidence!

      Andrea Iravani

    8. Joe Johnson says:

      If people can’t get Facebook on their phones in the national parks, they simply won’t visit. Without Facebook, Twitter and video games, there’s nothing to do for anyone under 40. We live in sad times and have devolved into a sad nation.

    9. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      According to Sputnik, Naomi Wolf’stwitter account was shut down for vaccine disinformation.

      While I am opposed to censorship, Naomi Wolf apparently claimed on twitter that Apple’s vaccines allow time travel, which sounds really cult like, like the Hale Bop cultists.

      Please do not be stupid enough to believe that a vaccine will allow time travel. It may kill you, but it is not possible to time travel at all, in any possible way, unfortunately. I would not be here in this present time if it was, and I do not think that anybody else would still be in this present time either.

      In order to time travel, you would have to not only have the earth in the same place it was at the given point in time that you wished to travel to. It is not stationary, or just revolving around the sun. The whole Milkyway Galaxy is also constantly rotating, and also moving directionally farther from other galaxys, and space has been expanding since the big bang. Theoretically, by traveling faster than the speed of light, it is possible, since what is observed over spans of light years through telescopes are no longer the same as they were by the time the light reaches the assisted or naked eye. If you were to see a destination many light years away, by the time that you arrive there, it will be gone. It is kind of paradoxical.

      Andrea Iravani

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