Wyoming Prepares Doomsday Contingency Plans “In the Event of a Complete Economic or Political Collapse in the United States”

by | Feb 25, 2012 | Headline News | 219 comments

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    Three million Americans, often ridiculed by family, friends and mainstream media for their paranoia, aren’t the only ones preparing for the potentiality of catastrophe resulting from natural or man-made causes. Recent legislation in Wyoming would open the door to studies into the possibility of far-from-equilibrium situations and SHTF preparedness plans that include alternate currencies in the event of a dollar collapse, redundant food distribution networks, preserving utility infrastructures, as well as raising and maintaining a well regulated militia if the situation calls for it.

    House Bill 85 passed on first reading by a voice vote. It would create a state-run government continuity task force, which would study and prepare Wyoming for potential catastrophes, from disruptions in food and energy supplies to a complete meltdown of the federal government.

    The task force would look at the feasibility of Wyoming issuing its own alternative currency, if needed. And House members approved an amendment Friday by state Rep. Kermit Brown, R-Laramie, to have the task force also examine conditions under which Wyoming would need to implement its own military draft, raise a standing army, and acquire strike aircraft and an aircraft carrier.

    The bill’s sponsor, state Rep. David Miller, R-Riverton, has said he doesn’t anticipate any major crises hitting America anytime soon. But with the national debt exceeding $15 trillion and protest movements growing around the country, Miller said Wyoming — which has a comparatively good economy and sound state finances — needs to make sure it’s protected should any unexpected emergency hit the U.S.

    Several House members spoke in favor of the legislation, saying there was no harm in preparing for the worst.

    Source: Wyoming Trib

    Those looking to prepare on a personal level for doomsday related events in an effort to avoid a Hurricane Katrina-like incident should take a page from the Wyoming legislators and consider individual SHTFplans along the same lines:

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      1. an aircraft carrier????

        is that for when Cali slides into the ocean
        and Wyoming becomes ocean front property ???

        • Hey, I can see strike aircraft but a carrier????

          • Dont believe what is printed in the Trib. They exist as a liberal mouthpiece and not much more.

            I am a Wyomingite and most of what is said in the article is true The aircraft carrier part and printed money part and all the other noncense is just spin by the trib to make it look foolish. Make people act just as you are doing. Wake up folks..

            In most of wyoming we have no building codes, no 911, no addresses and no problems with politicians. They are your neighbors here. They know that we know where they live. We only give them 40 days every 2 years for general use and 20 days every 2 years for budget. No more. This is to keep them out of trouble.
            Almost Everyone here is well armed and wont put up with much BS from any of our politicians.

            • Joe, Wyoming has become my new BOL. Grin

            • I have family in Wy Joe, so I could move there if I need to. The more my current state messes around with our lives, the more appealing Wy becomes.

            • Joe, I have family Wy, so I could move there if need be. That state looks more appealing all the time.

            • I have three brothers that live in Rock Springs and Green River and I called two of them about this article and what they knew about it. One knew about the bill and the other wanted to know more. The final analogy was what is this going to do for us? I said think about it. What runs straight through you guys? The I80, and what is on the west end of it? About 18 million whacks out of the SF Bay, if SHTF over on the coast, guess where they are going? They won’t go north or south and even that bunch isn’t nutty enough to try to go west. (I could be wrong though) I guess that means they are going to drive right through you guys on the I80. They are going to be lucky to get past Reno. The ones that make it past Evanston WY are going to be a little more than grumpy. You know having to leave Nancy Pelosi’s district and all. Gee; that will be so sad!! BooHoo!! I told James you had better stake out a good hunting spot, if this goes off they will be shooting anything edible in their paths. And then I thought for a second and corrected myself; naw, you won’t have to worry. They are environmentalists and they are unarmed, maybe they will call Nancy to rescue them. We thought that $32,000 was just a little light in the funding department on this bill and thought putting a couple more zeros behind it would be more appropriate.

            • What did they say that offended you?
              they seem pretty Pro survivalist.

          • There is a HUGE plume of magma more than 300 miles long stretching West from Yellowstone. It will make a great bay for the Pacific when the Poles Shifts to park the carrier.

            Just saying. Yellowstone Bay. Has a ring to it doesn’t it?

            • Edgar Cayce could eventually be right.

            • Joe,
              Finally got to watch that segment where David Miller (Wyoming State Legislature) set the record straight.

              Typical of a liberal progressive to put something ridiculous in a bill to try and get it killed!

        • Is it too much to ask for some sharks with freak’n laser beams attached to their heads?
          Really people, what do I pay you for?

          • I dont care what you say thats some funny shit right there Slick….hahahahaha

          • LOL!

            Good one.

        • Mom says you have to come in now.

        • Mac: [looking at a report] There’s just been a very serious penetration into our WOPR Quarter Pounder Order.
          Slick: What the hell’s he saying?
          Okie: Let’s have it in English.
          RICH99: I’ll give it to you in English – somebody broke into Daisy’s well-known system and stole the codes that’ll launch our missiles. That right, Ms. Daisy?
          Ms. Daisy: There’s no cause for alarm. The system won’t accept the launch code unless we’re at DEFCON 1. I can have those codes changed in less than 24 Canuk hours.
          Manos: Well, who did this?
          Daisy: I think the kid’s got to be working with somebody on the outside.
          RICH99: I don’t know what they’re up to, but I sure as hell don’t want our drones on the ground when it happens. Take us to DEFCON 3 and get the Black Imperial Death Star on the line…
          [looks around for Beef Cake ]
          RICH99: … where are you?
          Beef Cake: Uh, sir.
          RICH99: Oh, uh, and get me a report on those Iranian Soviet subs. I want to know what those bastards are up to.

          • Shall we play a game?

            Let’s play global thermonuclear war!

        • Americans are not good at geography.

          • *Some* Americans…

        • No, make that one aircraft carrier with wheel kit….

        • Hows the air up there? Pretty thick with govt. spray here..It’s going to be over soon for most..I read yesterday that if you havent prepared already…ITS TOO LATE…sorry

      2. An aircraft carrier?

        • LOL I got some Ocean Front Property in Wyoming…

        • I know WHO the carriers for..think about it.

        • Maybe they are going to enlist the services of the redneck yacht club to design it?

      3. Good for them.
        Hope more states are following Wyoming’s example!

      4. WOW! At least there is one state that is thinking ahead. Congrats Wyoming!!

      5. Sounds like a good idea. My squirrel friends have been practicing this for ages.

        • we been practicing a whole more you can’t see. you’ll know more when our plans swing into place.

      6. Cool for Wyoming…get one state on board in prepping and it can be a BOL for all of us. Imagine the OPSEC with a million plus network of like minded people, what a power to be reckoned with. I wanr one..!


        • not…damn…lol thumbs down puuleeezze..lol.

      7. Well Well Well, looks like that state just made it to the top of the Gov watch list.

        • Wyoming to be declared a terrorist tribal zone in 3, 2, 1….send in the Drones.

        • Wyoming is now considered a rogue state! I might be heading for the Wyoming border. 😉

      8. Not sure how Wyoming would use an aircraft carrier, as Wyoming does not have adequate waterways to the Pacific Ocean……maybe this article is a hoax, but I’m keeping an open mind.

        • Someday you will be called a great hero.

        • Obviously, the Yellowstone supervolcano will erupt and Idaho and Oregon will fall into the sea. Or the alternative is that the aircraft carrier can evacuate the entire population of Wyoming and move them to a different country.

          • 500,000 people in all of WY. That’s about the size of Tucson.

            • Hey DK, are ya from Tucson?

            • CC: No I am not from Tucson. Its down the road apiece and around the corner, but I have a been there a few times over the years.

        • Could be an anticipated means of protecting ships transporting their commodities, but that’s just a guess. Another guess would be that they’d like to band with other states that have coastal access? Form some kind of loose confederation maybe? There must be some rational for it. Aircraft carriers aren’t exactly ‘cheap’.

          • Well, considering the task force funding WAS $32,000, but someone ALREADY slashed that, it’d take a real BIG imagination budget-wise for committing to an aircraft carrier.

        • I live in Wyo. Not sure about Carrier but the rest of the story is true. I love this state. Even the Gals pack a 7MM. The concealed carry law is simple; just carry. Get a permit if you want. If not, carry anyway. People are nice and polite here,

        • There’s always the Red River Gorge, that might float it!!

          • Thats Flaming Gorge, my mistake.

      9. Whatever is being promoted or supported by government agencies, has it’s hidden reasons.
        Governments are no Good Samaritans, and surely don’t care about the well being of the people.
        Most possibly they want to protect their investment (that’s us) from some future event. It has to do more with strategic planning and long-term management.
        Do you own preps, don’t be fooled by them, and try to keep a low profile.

        • You’ve hit it on the nail! Why is the DHS involved?

        • Manos,
          I would trust a state government, especially Wyoming’s a lot more than I would the Federal government. Just wait and see, the Feds will try and block anything the states try to do like this. I have been talking to many of my local leaders here in NC to try and get them onboard with something locally. I haven’t made much progress yet, but something like this, if it moves forward and develops some legs, it will spur other states and municipalities toward action. God Bless em!

          • Highspeedloafer,

            Since i’m not familiar with the local governments’ ways of doing things, i cannot express an opinion.
            You probably are right, because every rule has its exceptions.
            And it will be amazing to see a government which cares about its own people.
            Generally speaking though, the system sucks. It is created by them, for them, and we are just a side effect.

            • No you are right manos….dont trust any politician federal or state….they have their own personal agendas and it isnt the people they are worried about.

            • Wyoming has constitutional carry, they have been heading in the right direction for awile.

            • There is an old saying about the command staff in the police department where I used to work at before I retired.

              Like some, dislike others, trust none!

              And since the command staff were basically politicians inside the department, I think that rule applies to all politicians too….


            • It’s a little diff here in Wyo. No State income tax, they get their money off oil, gas and coal. Most people take care of themselves. The helpless welfare person won’t like this state. When it’s 30 below and you have a 30 MPH wind, being homeless is not a good idea. Lot of people in this state don’t care what you do as long as you look after your own problems, You want to take drugs fine with me, you want to freeze that’s OK also.

            • Hey Paranoid;
              I have brothers that work in the patch, one made an observation a while back. He noticed that Green Peace and Earth First always did their protesting in July and August. He said; how come you don’t see those fucks out here protesting in January and February?

            • LOL Hammerun,

              If there’s anything filthy hippies hate more than work it’s the freezing cold.

          • dont let your guard down to the johnny come lately..

            Its a good thing to hear, but I’d want to see just who’s involved.

            trusting any government or politician is a step into the quicksand.
            dont let your opsec down
            watch and run silently

            • ^

              I wondered if maybe this is a ruse to try and lure preppers out into the open to garner support for this bill so they can be singled out, logged, and pillaged by the state(s) later on.

              Damn, forgot to put on my tin foil hat before I typed that.

          • As a tarheeler myself, I’d like to see a more common sense approach to the state’s plan for handling a catastrophic event. Maybe if we can run the liberals out of office, we might have a chance. It seems our, Obummer butt kissing Governor is stepping down, thank God.

        • manos I agree 110%. Trust isn’t one of my better qualities especially from the way our government has been overstepping it’s authority. The thought of why the States put up with Congresspersons not following the will of their constituents is showing me the State governments are just as bad as the Federal Government. I’ve stated this before in other comment sections and the law that I spoke about is just one damn good reason I DO NOT trust any State government and that is the Lautenberg Amendment of 1996. Just last night I had another one of my friends who lives in Maryland tell me he lost his 2nd Amendment Rights. About a year ago my buddy got angry and kicked his tv and broke it. His son 17 yrs old (spoiled punk) came out of his bedroom and approached him cussing and tried to hit my buddy. My buddy grabbed him and threw him on the floor and got him in a hold meanwhile my buddy’s wife called the cops on him. The cops came and arrested my buddy not the kid. Charged with Domestic Violence. I’m not sure of the outcome but he told me last night that he went to buy another sidearm and they denied him saying he was arrested for Domestic Violence. My buddy has hunted his whole life and that is his hobby and passion. He’s never been in trouble. Now he can’t own a gun. Now if our States were Constitutional this law would be repealed quickly but it hasn’t and this is why I don’t trust any government at all period. I could understand if he beat the living hell out of his wife and son to go to jail and have this record and restriction of guns but he didn’t hurt them. So if people think that the States will be protecting them they better wake up.

          • Gator,

            That was the result of the OJ Simpson murder trial, and they now put Domestic Violence on the same line as any Felony when removing your second ammendment rights. We were floored by the ruling, especially since they also made it a felony for ANY visible injury on either party in the dispute to be a mandatory arrest and seizure of all firearms. But it doesn’t stop there. The government (at least in CA) was also adding any misdemeanor battery charge to the list for no gun rights. A misd and you lose your 2nd amend rights. That was ridiculous!


            • In Texas, & possibly other states, the state can arrest a person on a misdemeanor and later “augment” the charge to a felony, even if nothing in the case has changed. I smell something stinky in that…. “quota” maybe ? 🙁

        • who would give you a negative vote

      10. Good for Wyoming for looking at all their options but…
        If a state is now thinking in terms of this NATION going under, that just does not sound promising. I know I should not have hope but I just keep wanting to. I know the facts say we are circling the draim but I just keep praying that God will have mercy on this nation which He has protected and blessed for so many years. There are still good people here. The bible has stories about God spareing the nations of the old testament for the few good God fearing people. GOD. PLEASE GIVE US A HUGE HELPING HAND. IT IS KINDA NOW OR NEVER! DON’T MEAN TO SOUND BOSSY AND IMPATIENT BUT NOW PLEASE!

        • Well-said, C.

          It caught my attention as well that a state legislature is looking at this. With Wy doing this, and other states passing laws making gold and silver a competing medium of exchange, it all lends support to everything talked about these days regarding the US’ future. It’s validating and frightening at the same time.

      11. Why on Earth would Wyoming consider having an aircraft carrier? Maybe someday if there are some pretty harsh Earth chnges. That one defies logic, kinda makes me wonder if this is even a real news item… Other than that, their considerations seem realistic.

        The whole concept of a US State taking such a serious step will beg a thousand questions….And generate a thousand worries for a thousand groups of people…Could be good, could be bad…

        • I want an aircraft carrier.

          • Will that be cash or gold?

            • credit.., the government isnt paying for them, why should we

            • If VRF gets one on credit, I want one too!

          • ~Slick~

            Me too! But I can only afford the red-neck version:……. ……trailer & an ultralight!

            • Would you like that with or without “pontoon’s?

        • Is probably good to get somewhat removed from a political colossus like the FED govt.

          And how big an aircraft carrier? Probably big enough to carry one aircraft – – maybe a drone?

          • I might hazard a guess that the aircraft carrier could be used to take supplies that are not available in Wyoming from other areas back into Wyoming and vice versa. Just thinking outside of the box 🙂

            • This is what I’m thinking. That if they are requesting an aircraft carrier they are thinking it is possible that the US government will be completely out of commission.

            • Wyoming is land locked in the middle of the country. Maybe they are going to put wheels on it.

        • Makes a nice post economic collapse museum piece, and the kids love it. Just ask the Russians.

        • Wyoming having an aircraft carrier, only makes sense if the folling is true: 1.There is, infact, cities built under the Rocky Mountains in Colorado for the Elitiest and their families for the day after. 2. They know more about the coming seismic events for the west coast and Yellowstone than they are telling us. 3. It will be used as a stationary city for TPTB, only accessible by aircraft.

      12. The American Redoubt.

      13. Hell, forget the aircraft carrier, might as well just go with the Death Star. It’s about as practical as an aircraft carrier in WY.

        • Well, let’s assume that they could get the carrier to Wyoming, just for the sake of the discussion. It could be used to generate power, act as a hospital, purify water, and be a seat of a functioning government.
          With its nuclear power system, it might be the only functioning city in the great state of Wyoming.
          Be well.

          • And a runway! Although most carriers need to be moving to launch aircraft. 🙁

          • VALID POINT !!! Thumbs up. 🙂

            But how do you get a carrier to Wyoming? 😉

            • Philadelphia experiment #2.

            • Lots of pulling and pushing tractors, more jeeps and dollies than you can count, pilot cars as far as you can see, and lastly, a SHIT ton of oversize permits.

          • People are thinking big like the aircraft carriers which our tax money pays for. Maybe this is a small aircreaft carrier which is only big enough for one aircraft.

          • Hard to picture getting an aircraft carrier over land. Dont think it can be done. However, considering Norad is there, and maybe they are tracking something other than Santa and maybe the carrier will float right up in thier backyard when its all said and done. They obviously know something everyone else doesn’t.

          • We export oil gas, coal, wind and electric power. From where I set I can see a refinery, a coal fired power plant and a bunch of windmills. I’m about 30 miles from a power dam. More cows in Wyo than people and as many deer and antelope as cows. If the end comes we drive everyone in the state that’s not on DHS bad list out of the state. All 8 of them. If we can find anyone in he stat that hasn’t got more guns and ammo than they can carry we lend it to them. Not sure what the polits have in mind to do that the public hasn’t already done. Except an aircraft carrier

            • OPSEC FAIL, Paranoid – I just triangulated you….

        • I think Gold Leader would have a problem with the Death Star….im just saying

        • Now, you’re thinkin’! I want one too!

      14. One major problem I have is that they want consider printing their own money.

        Printed money must enter circulation in one of two ways.

        One is that it can be spent into circulation by the State. When this happens, the State steals purchasing power from the public because the influx of new money increases the supply, thus diminishing the value of the money supply since it has no intrinsic value. The Colonies prior to the American Revolution experimented with their own money, called scrip, and it caused first boom and then bust, not to mention that is depreciated in value, leaving people holding the bag, so to speak.

        The second way it can enter circulation is to be loaned out by the State. This is the equivalent of the present Federal Reserve System where the banks create credit and loan it to the public, creating indentured servitude as the public pays interest. Plus this also creates the boom/bust cycle that any “out of thin air” money system does.

        There was a reason that the Founding Fathers when writing the Constitution authorized Congress to coin money and prohibited the States from making anything but gold and silver coins legal tender, and that reason was that they knew the destructive effect of printing money since they had done so to pay for the Revolutionary War with bad results.

        The fact that these politicians would consider paper money demonstrates either their ignorance or their evil character.

        • Doesn’t your entire analysis hinge on the assumption that any alternative currency would be fiat? As you pointed out, states are prohibited from making anything other than gold and silver currency. I do not see how your conclusions are valid within that constraint.

          • North Korea is making US dollars by the millions..sure they are counterfit..but wait until it all gets into circulation

            • Hell, our govt. does it by the trillions. bet we’ll barely notice it once hyperinflation starts. Doesn’t matter if a gallon of gas is 20 bucks a gallon or 50, people aint gonna be drivin.

          • As a miner with a mine I vote all states make their own gold and silver coins.

        • Constitution says State can only Make Gold and Silver money. That’s fine with us here

        • It does not matter what the money backed with, what matters is the AMOUNT of money in circulation.
          And you are right about scrip, it was used by colonies and indeed did very well until the bust that was CAUSED by Britain dumping tons of counterfeit scrips. Their mission was to destroy the scrip (because their profits plummeted) and they succeeded.

          For those who haven’t seen “The Secret of Oz”, do yourself a favor and watch it. You’ll learn important and interesting things about our history and finances.

        • Last year I worked with some people on a model bill for electronic money backed by gold and silver…its being looked at in several states as we speak so it can be done …as long as its done right!

        • you’re assuming the alternative currency would be fiat.
          It might not be.,… it might be
          1) silver or gold, or
          2) paper notes backed by something tangible.
          For example: suppose the city of Rock Springs decides to cancel taxes to any landowner/homeowner with property they want to sell, up to a value of $30,000 US dollars, and then the city offers to buy the property for its appraised value but pays 10% over that value, if the owner will accept Rock Notes. The Rock Notes could be based on city-owned property values. (NOT the values of properties that are held by private or commercial owners.) And the city would only print a limited amount of these Notes — so they wouldn’t lose value. They would only be valid in the State of Wyoming. People would definitely start using Rock Notes because they’re backed by real property, not “the good faith a credit of the United States” like Dollars are. Any time a person wants to redeem their Rock Notes in actual land, they go to City Hall & put down some Notes. No questions asked, they then get title/deed to some land or property/buildings the city owns.
          Similar alternative currencies have been used in many places. Just do a search on it. New York, Maryland, etc. It gives a person hope.

      15. I’m way glad I’m not the only one who cught the bit about the aircraft carrier, Huh?

        • Distiller

          The amendment after the bill has the aircraft carrier nonsense in it..supposedly..

          Waiting for documentation..


      16. Let’s not forget, they are only setting up a task force to study the possibilities. Maybe someone’s prepper brother-in-law needs a job. Anyway, by the time they get around to doing anything it will be watered down and a probably too late. The most they will accomplish is getting discussions going which for the most part is a good thing.

        I was the only motorcycle rider or survivalist I knew in the eighties and today grandfathers are doing both so I suppose I am no longer unique. At least I had my provisions squared away before the throngs realized what was happening.

        • They’re already watering it down. They had $32,000 allocated for it and they already cut it in half. One analyst said that the “unravelling of the US Government is astronomically remote”. Really? Well, thats too bad because unravelling is being CAUSED by them and their handlers.

          At least Wyoming is thinking about it. …and as I always say, thats half the battle. Thumbs up for Wyoming…

          • The future is already coming down the road right at us. There is an ever increasing ‘barter’ type of underground economy that is growing by the day here in all parts of the United States. “I’ll paint your house if you’ll fix my car?” “I’ll do your complete lawn/yard maintenance for five years for free if you’ll straighten my kid’s teeth for the same price?”

            It will be a strictly barter type of economy in the immediate aftermath of any sort of a crash. You are going to need items that others want in order to trade with them for anything that you might need. I always stop and pick up another Zippo lighter whenever I have an ‘extra’ $20 bill in my pocket.

            After things have had a chance to further stabilize, 90% ‘trash’ US silver coins, pre 1965, Silver Eagles & Maple Leafs will be at a premium. Privately manufactured silver ’rounds’ may not be so easy to use.

            Wait for sales and stock up on socks, underwear, work gloves, etc. Playtex tampons don’t have an expiration date; my daughter suggested that one to me. I can always pick up three “travelers” (750 ml of spirits in heavy plastic containers instead of glass)for less than $60. .22 cal. ammunition & 9 mm, 12 ga. ammo will all have value.

            The idea is to have something that other people desperately want in order to be able to acquire that supposedly unavailable shot of antibiotics that your kid needs in order to live.

            So please give some thought to what you may want to put away to barter with. I also really like the little single burner Coleman multifuel stove from Walmart for around $40. $500 today put away into items for barter tomorrow could just save a family member’s life.

            God Bless and the best of luck to all who post here ….. yes, even you sometimes annoying ones also. (You know who you are) See y’all there in Barter Town!

            • MM, all good points. these days I look for not only items I can stock up for myself, but barterables as well. There are lists online of practical items to get and store.

          • NetRanger wrote: “One analyst said that the “unravelling of the US Government is astronomically remote”.

            Analyst, huh? Don’t you just love them?
            I bet people of the former Soviet Union were told the same thing just a few days prior to collapse.

        • PP: Have you seen the new Yamaha hybrid that gets 200 mpg? Looks like an old Schwinn. Demand should sky rocket for it soon.

      17. The aircraft carrier is to keep Utah’s navy from invading and stealing their new currency.

        • Is Donnie Osmond the Admiral of Utah’s Navy? If so, he can only hurt Wyoming with his smile. 😉

        • That made me laugh out loud!

      18. $32,000 for a study? Then they cut that amount? I guess the honorable representatives will be bringing their grandkids and crayons to work

      19. I think Wyoming would want a submarine too

        • Would it be Yellow? 😉

        • You stole words out of my mouth… 😀

      20. “And House members approved an amendment Friday by state Rep. Kermit Brown, R-Laramie, to have the task force also examine conditions under which Wyoming would need to implement its own military draft, raise a standing army, and acquire strike aircraft and an aircraft carrier.”

        Apparently Rep. Kermit Brown, R-Laramie considers himself more of a stand-up comedian than a conscientious elected representative. The proper headline reads: Rep. Kermit Brown Takes Dump On Preparedness Movement.

        “CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Events on the tenth day of the Budget Session of the Wyoming Legislature, Fri., Feb 24, 2012:

        AIRCRAFT CARRIER: The House adopted an amendment proposed by Rep. Kermit Brown, R-Laramie, to a bill that would create a task force to look into how to provide governmental continuity in the case of a disruption of federal operations. Brown’s tongue-in-cheek amendment calls on the group to look into creating a state military draft and to consider the acquisition of a state aircraft carrier and military aircraft.”


      21. im a letter carrier, there wouldn’t be a presidential candidate named mr. starky coming into the race would there? I’ve seen this one, it doesn’t end well. And watchout for anyone selling copiers….Just like the people who are preparing, the states who think they have something to loose are doin the same..good luck.

      22. mac

        A followup on that approved amendment on Friday is in order…state Rep. Kermit Brown, R-Laramie

        Standing army, aircraft carrier????

        What gives..?


      23. Why dose a landlocked state need an aircraft carrier?
        Hopfully to attack Califorina!

      24. so now is the government going to take away a states rights to own firearms?
        they so redily do it to a man..and for some of the shittiest reasons

      25. just where the hell do you get a name like ..Kermit?
        is his wife Mrs Piggy?

      26. Thanks for the prep links. I esp.liked the pedal a watt link. While I don’t want to undercut the sponsers, I am going to look into home engineering one of these. I think it could be useful to recharge small batteries when your panels are not getting sun.

        • JRS, any DC magnet motor can be turned into a generator with the addition of a couple of diodes. The problem with a home built model is almost always, the gear reduction system. Because most DC motors turn very fast, you’ll need a very robust gear reduction system, gears seem to work the best. My suggestion would be to start with an old cheap 18V drill motor, I’ve had success with them making reasonable power (1.7A @ 14 V)

          • countryboy….thanks for the ideas. I do have several cordless lying around. As for gear reduction, I was thinking of taking a 10 speed bike tire off and putting on a long belt to an old car alternator. Not sure if the RPMs in high gear would be enough for output tho.

            • An automotive alternator has to spin, pretty fast and takes an unbelievable amount of power to turn once the fields are excited, something like 5-15 hp! I’ve not been able to find a design using an alt that is efficient under human power, but I wish you luck.
              Even using a drill motor with built in reduction, it’s hard to get enough rpm’s, without it turning into a big massive contraption, lol.

          • Are generator-driven bicycle lights still available? I used these in the 70s. Don’t know what voltage they produced.

      27. I’ll donate a buck to Wyoming’s efforts, as long as I can get the keys the carrier on date night.

      28. Have to give Wyoming credit for being one of the few states even considering it.

        Everyone else seems to be sticking their heads in the sand.

        • Difficult to make predictions and Egor Panarin may have been a few years off but if it comes down to choices, I’ll stick with the north & Canada.

      29. Dont all you preppers in Wyoming fall for this shit..it could be a trap to bring you out into the light, let them awake on their own if thats whats going on for real..somehow i have my doubts.

        but thats what happens when government cant be trusted.(Doubt happens).Show me one time lately that we could trust anyone or anything from the government of any state or this country?

      30. If the SHFT as described in the article having your own Carrier Battle Group would be nice. I know many in the comment are making fun of Wyoming because they are land locked, but think about it. Most states in America are land locked, but we have carriers defending them all.

        With that mentality Wyoming could be the one to rebuild or save America. At first read it sounds crazy, but think about it!

        • Patriot One— I salute you SIR!! After reading( skimming through) these responses, I thought for a moment I was the only intelligent person here… I stand corrected. If I could give you a million thumbs up I would! I give credit to others here that they are informed (enough) to prepare. However I tire easily listening to most, brag or compare their preps as if compensating for a small penis. WE are in this TOGETHER.. not individually. We as a group need to stop bickering over trivialities and give information and help freely to others whom have not yet seen the inevitability of collapse. Wyoming is correct in the assumption that an aircraft carrier is necessary, simply to resume where the Feds leave us hanging in the breeze after a monetary collapse, caused by them. In the event that the Feds cannot or WILL not defend our nation, Wyoming will have the ability to roam the seas to be our defenses. Simply stating the desire to have such equipment does not relate to berthing the carrier within Wyoming.

          • Thanks LRD

            I think every State should have a carrier battle group.

            • I found out in the past year,that Ohio has a Navy that consists of one ship. Don’t have any details on it.

        • All fun aside, the reports from the carrier group that assisted in the Indonesian tsunami were pretty clear that having an all-in-one source of food, water, communications etc. is beyond helpful in a true SHTF situation.

          Apparently the press and some aid groups had to take refuge offshore on the carrier…and were big pests for the crew…but it was the only place where they could eat, drink and communicate with the rest of the world.

          Maybe Mr. Kermit read those same reports.

          just sayin…

      31. I like Wyoming. Great fishing, lotsa outdoors, and the grand tetons…..Who doesn’t like tetons.!!!

        • Personally, I love em.

          • I also like puppies with little pink noses…just sayin’

      32. They’re going to issue their own currency?

        Expect the Federal Goons to invade. Look what happened to Saddam and Qaddafi….and now Iran.

        All of them rejected U.S. dollars.

        • The bulk of the American N arsenal is in Wyo and MT. Perhaps attacking us might not be such a good idea.

        • quite possible… Idaho was going to coin their own silver currency (coins) but the Feds got in & squashed it, last I knew… Georgia had a judge that ruled Obalmer was unqualified to be on the state ballot, but the Fed gov ignored/scorned that; the state put him on the ballot anyway…& now is rewarded with the cash to build a new nuclear power plant. ( I hear. ) So yes, the feds do keep track & they do take action against the upstart states that try to actually stand up for their citizens and follow the Constitution….

      33. own currency, air craft carrier, stricke craft and draft? sounds like they are preparing for a civil war.

        • You say that Like it’s a bad thing….

        • And/or a flood of refugees.

      34. If what is comming as per all the end of the world jabber.. Actually happens.. It would really suck even if prepped out to the max..

        You would have to look at what’s happening in syria and realize how Evil people can be and also become.. In a wolf pack scenario.. Also take in mind.. These people over there are all use to living in hell.. All their lives!

        We are NOT use to this type of life here in the USA.. So my opinion is that what you see happening over there.. Multiply it X10 if it spilled over here..

        Human preservation is a animalistic trait.. I hope to god we never have to use 1 can of survival food or shoot 1 weapon in our god given right of human survival.. But if faced with this I will have no choice but to do what I have to do to survive..

        Keep prepping my friends..

        • You are so right, The Realist.
          We are not used to uncomfortable conditions. We are spoiled by creature comforts and take them for granted.
          Many on this site think they are ready and keep saying “bring it on”, but the truth is – none of us knows how bad it’s going to get (or not?). One thing for sure: different places will have different challenges.
          I second your words about people acting like animals in SHTF scenario. Been there, seen that. And it’s not even a wolf pack, it’s more like jackals or hyenas. Hunger does a trick to human “civilized” mind – the civility goes right out the window. Few remain normal, many start acting like neanderthals. Add guns to that and you’ll have one ugly picture.
          I hope for a miracle and wish that nobody goes through this, but realistically, I don’t thing we have a choice.
          You all be safe.

          • I remember the first time (over 10 years ago), that I entered a grocery store, and the thought occurred to me at how fortunate and blessed we have been, and are. I looked at all of the produce and products and realized that most of the rest of the world does not have access to this. Then….I got to thinking about how vulnerable we are, and how easily all of that could be taken away and how quickly it could happen.

            That’s when I first started giving serious thought to prepping.

            Now….when I do the simplest thing…like take a hot shower, I realize that it could all be taken away in a day and that we could be thrust back into the middle of the 19th century. And actually, it would be even worse because most of our civilization was agrarian back then. Now….we packed into the dense population of cities where our food is brought in from thousands of miles away and when you enter a store, what you see is what you get. There is no stock in the back room.

            I am not looking forward to what is ahead for us. Because despite all the prepping we do, we all are going to need a whole lot of the one thing you can’t buy or store……..luck.

      35. Several House members spoke in favor of the legislation, saying there was no harm in preparing for the worst.

        The House members appear to be very tepid., or their lack of enthusiasm about their possible preparations…, but behind the scenes, I am sure there is a lot of talk and prepping going on.

        Wyoming., you have my blessing to take the lead on this situation.


        • I wonder if these are the same house members who voted for NDAA and the enemy expatriation act ? hmmmm

          • Does make you wonder.

            • There is a difference between the Wy. state house and the U.S. house of rep. One has nothing to do with the other. Just sayin.

          • Wrong House – that one’s in D.C.

      36. When I read “state-run government continuity task force” I was already skeptical. Any time I read or hear government continuity I think of the extreme measures the federal government is willing to go to so they can maintain control/power -why would the state be much different?

        While I would like to believe the state would be better then the federal government, there have been too many examples to the contrary for me to. I hope Wyoming does actually do something worthwhile with this idea, but I think that much like everything else the government gets into, it’ll be laden with so much red-tape it could circle the earth and be nearly useless in the end.

        • I keep thinking of that short lived show “Jericho” Wasnt the government set up in Cheyanne in that show? Yeah, I know it was just a movie, but considering our reality is stranger than fiction these days….who the heck knows. However,if they are just getting started with ‘studies’ maybe we have alittle more time than we thought. We could all use just alittle more time.

          • If that falls true, we better start heading for Texas then and not Wyoming since they were the corrupt ones!

            • No kidding, right!

      37. like what FED UP says but what an ironic number they used for the bill……..HOUSE BILL 85 …….and anybody who knows about THEIR numerology knows that 8+5=13 and 13 is a big number to them……what is the building number to goldman sachs….85 !
        Is this another ploy to get survivalists to the surface in a very remote part of the country ?

      38. The code is one letter to the left:

        drr,d ;olr noh ,sv od gi;; pg djoy

      39. 1. Wyoming secedes.

        2. New currency: Wyollar.

        3. Sells bonds to back currency with gold and silver +20 over spot.

        4. Forty acre homesteading plots for all relocating Patriots.

        5.All western states and The South follow suit ” ‘cept maybe Florida and Cali.

        6.REBOOT ….. ’nuff said.

        • I’ll start packing, as soon as I see any chance of your little list coming true. I always thought Wyoming would be a nice place to live!

        • To ALL,

          Please find, buy, read copy of book “Molan Labe”. I know you will enjoy it. Written by that famous author ‘Boston T. Party’. After you read it buy another for a friend or pass on your copy…if you can.

          A Wyoming, Redoubt, story you should (must) read. (MM)

          • Thank you and may I join you and recommend one more book?
            “One second after” by William R. Forstchen.
            I thought the author did a great job painting a realistic SHTF scenario with VERY realistic everyday challenges. This book should be a “must read” for preppers.
            I especially recommend it to the “bring it on” crowd.

            • I forgot to mention that “One second after” is not a “how to” book, but it will give you a lot of food for thought.

      40. I woke up this morning and logged on and had to read the article 5 times, I could not believe aircraft carrier was there. I read it over and was slowly waking up and again, what am I reading this right. lol

      41. OK, the aircraft carrier is OTT I admit and of course that’s what’s getting all the media attention. I strongly suspect the Star Tribune reporter (or as we affectionately call it here The Red Star) couldn’t help including it just to add that little bit of tin foil hat to a story that actually hints at the truth about the true state of the union.

        One of the many differences between us and most of the other States is how close the government still is to the People. – the way our founders meant it to be. I go hunting or shooting at least once a week with one of our State representatives and we talk alot of politics. I run into Senator Barrasso at least every couple of months (last time last Wednesday at my favorite restaurant) and told him to his face what I thought of his support for the NDAA at the local Christmas concert. My mother-in-law once called the Governor *direct* on one of his State Troopers’ lapses in judgement.

        In this case I have to assume these legislators are doing this because the folks they know and represent are concerned and have let them know it *personally*. Trust me when I say we’d all be better off with the Wyoming government running things.

        • I agree with you. thats great that you have that kind of connection with your senator etc. I wish we did. Im from Iowa but live in PA working for now. We the people is the way to go and not the government telling us we have to do this. having the people involved in beautiful. Im glad its like that for you.

      42. EAGLEDOVE,

        Aircraft carrier……. BIG JB HUNT Tractor(s) and a couple miles Of JB HUNT trailers—-operated by the weekly trained graduated recruits.

        • I feel so much relieved now knowing how this could be possible., especially with the newly graduated troops. 😉

          American ingenuity at it’s best.

          Trying to remember the famous trucker movies; how about you Rubber Ducky!!!

          CONVOY was one movie. 🙂

      43. good for wyoming for thinking ahead ‘xept for the aircraft carrier…

      44. Maybe the carrier will be used to bomb Cali into the 21st century. I could go for a little constitutional carry lovin’ out here on the Worst Coast..

      45. April 28, 2011 at 5:09 pm
        Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill creating a state militia that she could deploy at any time, and for any reason.

        The bill, SB1495, creates a volunteer state militia, separate and apart from the National Guard.

        • Wyoming State Constitution

          ARTICLE 17
          Sec. 1. Of whom militia constituted. The militia of the state shall consist of all able-bodied qualified residents of the state, and those non- residents who are accepted into service, between the ages of seventeen (17) and seventy (70) years; except those exempted by the law of the United States or of the state. But all residents having scruples of con- science averse to bearing arms shall be excused therefrom upon condi- tions as shall be prescribed by law.

        • It’s not just about gun rights…
          Amendment II
          A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state……

      46. Who is easier to control,manipulate or eliminate ?
        100 thousand State run militia members or 100 thousand individuals scattered across the country side sniping NWO soldiers…

      47. Kermit Brown is a self centered attorney in Laramie, Wyoming. Send him an email letting him know he is a jerk. He added the “aircraft carrier” language to make preppers look like fools. He is a first rate cool aid drinker, so he through this in to make those supporting the bill actually look like fools.

      48. One fully stocked/loaded aircraft carrier on dry land = Tje Wyoming govmt’s and their cronies perfect secure bug out location… haha

      49. You need to understand The rivers are to shallow for a battleship and the distances to long for cannon fire. Got some big lakes, the Carrier would fit nicely.

        • PARANOID; “you look after your own problems.” liked that statement earlier from you. Needs to be a new motto to be told to the Nanny people.

          Also, there was a cartoon called Starblazers that made a battleship fly. I know anything can happen. 😉

      50. One for US preppers to be aware of cos it won’t hit your MSM till it’s too late.

        There is a NEW virus that affects cattle, sheep, goats, pigs etc creeping across Europe. It started near a virus research facility in Germany and causes infected animals to abort their young, or the young to be born so deformed they have to be put down. It is not thought yet to be transmittable to humans but as it is so new there is no vaccine etc available.

        Here’s a link that gives some info into what it is currently known:
        (for more info do your own research).

        If you are looking to be self sufficient for meat then it might be worth keeping a breeding pair of rabbits/guinea pigs just in case the worst happens.

        • Ya Ive been watching this….remember the hoof&mouth a decade ago over there…it was traced back to a lab drain near the farm where it started…it was used to destroy ole Britians farmers,and was used to try to destroy ours and justify NAIS(animal ID)…these people behind this stuff are EVIL…it appears history is repeating…the Brits need to be very suspicius of europe and their govt,just as we are on this side the pond.

      51. Good to see my adopted state making plans but I can tell you that many in the state are well prepared with supplies such as food, water source, shelter, guns and ammo! Did I mention guns and ammmo? The state government making further plans to ensure that its people survive a federal government fuck up will only help us make it through the coming mess.

      52. from what i can see the range from cali to wyoming is close enough for air support from a carrier for trshtf
        real shit hits the fan, if everything is in state you cant do much when things get to a certian point, nice to have outside help

      53. sorry done a bit more research on this new bug. It only affects cattle, sheep and goats as far as they know so far.

        Methods of infection have not been confirmed, but are thought to be via mosquito.

        There is unlikely to be a risk to human health, but this is not yet certain.

      54. All is well, ladies and gentlemen. Today is Sunday, Feb 26,2012, and my girlfriend just said something very sexy to me. She said: “Honey, will you put my shotgun in the car”. SWEEET!!. Gotta love a gal with moxie.

        She says her version of “Panama” by Van Halen says: I reach down between my legs, and ease the hammer back (ruger gp100, her everyday carry).

        Turns out, she is going to the range with her father tomorrow, he wants to try out his new S&W bodyguard and shoot shotgun.

        A family that shoots together, shines together.

        P.S. Its what you do when no one is looking that defines who you are.

        …..be safe….stay the course…go Wyoming…B

      55. I like the idea that its being discussed,even if its just to make fun of it…remember one of the first things your enimies do is mock you!

        I did some work with a model legislation group last year and one of the model bills was for states to have their own state based/controled militia because they lost control of the guards after the fed nationalized/federalized them(we had several states groups express interest in it)…the constitution didnt authorize the disarming of the states and the states certainly never agreed to be disarmed,so the states would not only have a right to do this but a lawful obligation to themselves to do so…Wyoming isnt the only one mulling this stuff over wether its sound money or militias its a series of subjects whos time has come again and for the sake of this Republic its none too soon.

      56. For me, a crucial part of this article is this:
        ~~~University of Wyoming political science professor Jim King said the potential for a complete unraveling of the U.S. government and economy is “astronomically remote” in the foreseeable future.~~~

        Now, aren’t you glad your child isn’t in his class; he must live on another planet; or one of those gated communities for the rich; or has a different definition of ‘forseeable future’???

      57. We must secure the Powder River!

      58. Off the subject but just had to make this observation.

        Tonight, I caught the tail end of the CNN interview provided by the now floundering Pierce Morgan.

        What ever happened to manners? I just loved Ron Paul’s answers as he corrected Morgan in every false statement –immediately. It was like watching someone we hate being bitch-slapped every time he either interrupted and or was wrong. Go get em Ron Paul!

        Y’all Beware!

      59. It’s good to see that a state is starting to plan for the inevitable instead of ignoring it. We need a new vision for America. This old crap is dead.

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at (http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )

      60. My hat comes off to the Wyoming people.

        Wyoming has the correct idea. Don’t count on the Federal Government, but rather prepare for disasters state wide like you would for your own family.

        Get all your ducks in a row and be flexible enough to adjust – because every plan needs flexibility and support from the people who are going to be effected by that plan.

        Excellent stewardship by the state legislature.

        I would expect Montana and Idaho to follow the Wyoming lead.

      61. Not one of you asked the real question: Is one carrier enough?

        • Most of the time the comments on this site make me nervous, slightly depressed and more determined to learn. Your comment made me laugh out loud (got some quick, strange looks from co-workers). I’d go for a couple of carriers, though I’m not sure where they’ll make berth.

      62. Wyoming is listed as the most “CONSERVATIVE’ state.
        The most liberal states want to eliminate your guns, your Constitutional Rights, your religion and impose their religion on you, etc.Wyoming is the anti-thesis.

        Analysis here: COMMUNISM is atheist “”SOCIALISM.”” FASCIST/NAZISISM is OCCULT-New Ager WIcca Pagan Luciferian “”SOCIALISM.”” One has RELIGION and the other does not. Islamic armies march just like the Commie Russians and Nazi Germans–with the “Goose-Step”.
        ( Your Federal intelligence agencies are a complex mixed bag of both–in order to ”conquer the world”–and you by the way.)

        You would think Sarah Palin’s Alaska would hold the ‘Freedom ” title but maybe it is too close to Russia the air driven pollen of Socialism drifted east and smells clean to West Virginia and it stinks here pretty bad.

        Hurray for Wyoming . We need a CONSERVATIVE EXODUS.
        Call it the FOXFIRE FLIGHT -in the night.

      63. maybe the states will eventually wake up to the drain the Federal Government has become to us all, and kick it to the curb, or stop funding it..

      64. Nothing more than a bunch of corp officers trying to secure their jobs when it all collapses on them.

        This is from the “bill”

        (ii) Potential effects of a situation in which
        the federal government has no effective power or authority over the people of the United States;


        Funny, but under the LAW that is already the case. They are preparing for when the people realize it.

        • exactly..and thats why i put that comment up there on Feb. 24 at8:04 am as to whom the carrier was for..

          it aint for us..or to help us..

      65. Wyoming rules!!!! I grew up in the Big Horn Basin my Dad was a roughneck back during the 80’s oil boom went to school in Laramie (great town BTW), and we moved to Montana in ’96. I wish MT was more like Wyoming in the political sense cuz these politicians here are trying to be more like WA and OR than WY and the Dakotas. MT is years behind in exploring its oil and natural resources unlike our neighbors to the south and east. Wyoming gets it right with the bastard wolves too. they tell the Feds to go fuck themselves when it comes to managing them. Wyoming cares more about its ranching community that pleasing animal rights activists that want to destroy our way of life. I hope that we in MT will stop letting the liberal western half of the state dictate what the rest of us do cuz its gettin old really fast. Washington could annex Missoula and it wouldnt hurt my feelings one bit. Way to go Cowboy state I hope you will welcome me back home when the SHTF!!

      66. They know more than they are saying. There are many in power, that know what is coming down the pike but can not speak of it. They are preparing without mass panic.

        Take a clue from their actions, not their words. Something wicked this way comes.

        • I seriously doubt they know what is going to happen. They just know something is, and it is likely to be very bad, and certainly beyond their control.

          For the most part, the corp personnel are as clueless as the sheep they represent.

      67. To sum it up I’m concerned that they are concerned.

      68. MAC

        how come every time I post something with a link to it,,, it sits in que for moderation?
        Is there a way around this? Its a PITA

      69. Check the charts. The Baltic Dry Index is way down, the worker in the workplace percentage is way down, the US demand for gasoline and the US demand for electricity both way down. Actually, they all have the same pattern, a steep drop off that cannot be explained away by seasonal variations, etc.

      70. Wyoming isnt looking for this to be in their back yards..come on people

        I hear there is a place to anchor out ., just off the shore of DC..maybe thats the message?
        I dont know..very interesting to say the least.

        like I said earlier..who’s involved, whats their policy, and can you trust em?

      71. I imagine if Wyoming were to form a mutual self-defense pact with nearby states such as Washington or Oregon having a carrier might be useful?

        Or better yet the citizens of Washington and Oregon voted to merge with Wyoming and accept all the laws of Wyoming as their own.

        Seems to me the Federal government shouldn’t own any carriers they should all be owned by the states. Maybe then wars wouldn’t be started at the drop of a hat especially if the states had to be asked to help. Wasn’t that the original intent of the 13 colonies?

      72. An aircraft carrier is a globalist weapon. It’s an exporter of military might.

        All Wyoming needs to defend against threats from the outside is a few ICBM Silos.

        • And some rocket launchers, and 50″ cannons..and ..hell a battle ship..maybe a nuke sub or 2..and a hell cat or two, yeah and a Corsair..F-4U was its designation in the military bit tuff to land on a carrier so they say..but it was done, wonder if they ever had a URSN9?

          • Na…just a couple of ICBMs. That provides a threat. The state (Actually a then New Nation) can focus upon economic opportunities for her citizens as it should be.

            Look at what the primary focus of controlling the world done for the US. We got interesting monuments like the Vietnam and Korean War Memorials and more plots of Arlington filled up.

      73. LET’S GO! LET’S SHOW! LET’S RODEO!!!

      74. There are only a total of 12 US aircraft carriers in service for the entire US military. Why on Earth would a state like Wyoming need an aircraft carrier?

        Wyoming; the paranoid state!

        • Hoplophobia an a large scale a bit?

          do you own a gun? (you dont have to answer , we know)
          how big is it comparitively to the size of your property?

          now multiply that by the size of Wyoming, the state.
          I say ..every state go get em one!

      75. The bill should include the establishment of a state bank with no link to the Fed, a currency based on a basket of commodities and the actual minting of coinage from precious metals. When the SHTF, states need to do whatever it must to protect it’s citizens from a central government that has essentially become illegitimate (in my opinion).

        • States have a right to charter “state banks” and do. It wouldn’t be a stretch to have those state banks operate with gold and silver coins minted by the state, and bullion on account for large value transfers.

          Can you say “Utah!” ?

      76. Wyoming narrowly defeats measure to prepare for apocalypse
        Reuters story ..

        defeated 30-27

      77. how exactly will the aircraft carrier be delivered I wonder?

        • 30,000 drones will attach tractor beams to it, lift it up out of the water, and set it down with a “soft landing”, just like they did China.

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