WW3: Taiwan Hold Drills In Preparation For Chinese INVASION

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    Taiwan is holding fire drills to prepare for a war with China. Fearing an invasion by the Chinese before 2020, Taiwan seeks to be ready for a brutal war with the communist nation.

    Taiwan’s armed forces will hold live-fire war drills in the Spratly Islands, according to the South China Morning Post.  The exercises will begin between 8 am and 9 am and will go from November 21st to the 23rd, on Taiping Island in the disputed waters of the South China Sea. The drill will involve firing into the sea and air in the area around Taiping Island, also known internationally as Itu Aba, using 40mm grenade machine guns and other weapons, officials of Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration said on Tuesday.

    The move is likely to further anger China, as well as Vietnam, which have both claimed ownership of the Spratlys. Additionally, Vietnam has previously accused Taiwan of trying to “upset stability’ in the region by staging live-fire drills, such as this one, in the disputed Spratly chain. Calling the Taiwanese drills a” serious violation of its sovereignty” and a “threat to maritime security,” China has warned it could send forces to take Taiping within two hours.

    Beijing has historically been angered by Taiwan holding war games to show its defensive strength in the face of persistent military threats from the mainland. Taiwan is considered by Beijing to be a wayward province to be unified with the mainland by force if necessary.

    Wang Kung-yi, a professor of political science at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei, told the South China Morning Post that China claims Taiwan as their territory. “Beijing’s sovereignty claim over the Spratlys is consistent with that of Taipei’s,” said Wang. “Any live-fire drills on Taiping only serve to reinforce the mainland’s sovereignty over the region, given that Beijing considers Taiwan a part of China.”

    “It is a routine shooting practice, which we have held for years,” Tsai Tzung-hsien, head of the public relations department of the coastguard, told the South China Morning Post.


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      1. Instead of us getting involved, how about letting the two countries settle it amongst themselves, rather than us being the policeman for the world once more!!??

        • China would pulverize Taiwan so bad there would be nothing left to invade.

          • Blinky, the Taiwanese are tough and have one of the best militaries in the world. They can and will make the commies pay a steep price for taking their island. And I still question the quality of Chinese weapon systems. They have yet to be tested in real war-fighting conditions. Sure, Clinton gave away all our technology to the commies back in the 90s but the question still remains: how well did the commies do with the technology? They’re not exactly innovative. They’ve been forced to copy other countries’ weapons, including Russian from the Soviet era. All of that remains to be seen.

            • D.R. I dig what you are saying but China has hundreds of ballistic missiles pointed at them.

              • Blinky, I don’t see any benefit to the commies of using a nuke on Taiwan. I think they want to take it by strictly conventional means.

        • If China would assume authority, over the starving savages of South Africa and Australia, maybe, China is also the destabilizing influence, in the Spratly’s.

          In my experience, in breaking up fights —
          You do not render assistance, ever, to an ungrateful party, no matter how unequally matched.

          They need to beg, formally, if not pay some tribute. There has to be some recognition of your moral authority.

          They want your protection, right?

        • About ten years ago, the US “INADVERTENTLY” sent a package of NUCLEAR TRIGGERS to Taiwan by mistake. Eventually they were all recovered and returned to the USA.

          Nuclear triggers are the most difficult component of a nuclear device to construct. No doubt they were disassembled, precisely measured, and reversed engineered, as planned.

          Chinese belligerence will be costly. 🙂

      2. RickE., agreed we should stay out of that if possible. We certainly have our own problems here at home. Most people forget that Taiwan is officially THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA, FREE CHINA. They are a sovereign and independent nation. They were one of the founding members of the UN until they were kicked out in the 70s and replaced with the scum commie mainland. I’ve known some Taiwanese in the past. They are much better quality people than mainland Chinese, the only Chinese I’ll even talk to. Mainland Chinese are evil.

        • DR, the world will greatly regret letting China become an industrialized power. Greed will be the NWO’s downfall, however, WE will be the ones to pay the price.

          Somehow the PTB thought the Chinese were interchangeable with White Christian Westerners. Boy are they in for a big surprise!

          • Justice, sad to say but true. All the same, their system will eventually fail. TPTB are definitely in for a big surprise about EVERYTHING.

      3. I came to the recent revelation that, until I can move to Idaho, I cannot stand a chance of surviving WWIII and/or an EMP so what preps I have in regard to that scenario will have to suffice. Also, prepping for WWIII is beyond my financial means.

        I live approximately 40 miles from Washington DC, consequently I am TOAST! I have to accept the fact and concentrate on prepping for an Economic Collapse.

        If WWIII will just hold off a few more years maybe I can make my getaway! Until then I have to be focused on preparing for a Financial Collapse.

        • From DC to Idaho,
          You are in for culture shock!
          My cousin lives in Idaho and constantly tries
          to get me to move there. You haven’t lived till
          you spotlight and shoot coyotes at 3AM, in the
          middle of a herd of cattle or play
          basketball wearing cowboy boots!

          • rellic, Idaho is a dream of mine and I hope I get there one day. I want to get away from the things of man and see God’s handy-work.

          • rellik: I used to live in Idaho and thinking of returning. With the continued invasion of Californians I realize it won’t be the same place…but, maybe I’ll get used to it. On another subject, while we can’t prepare for all contingencies – there are SO many potential disasters – I wonder if you’ve considered the possibility of a nuclear weapons strike on military and commercial aviation facilities in the state of Washington in the event we go to war with China, i.e. how downwind radioactive materials might affect Idaho (Boise), AND the possibility of eruptions from any of the numerous west coast volcanoes and how they will likewise ruin lives in Idaho? Frankly, I’m no longer so sure Idaho is the answer.

            • Idaho is beautiful (I especially like Hayden Lake) but it’s not the answer for all the reasons you gave and more: the temperature is just much too cold to be comfortable year round.

              There are a few spots in Arizona (and California, even New Mexico) where the four seasons are mild enough year round. A couple more places in each state are close enough together and have a large elevation difference which allows for mild weather with a short drive up or down the hill.

              Additionally, these three states are in the gold belt which creates a special opportunity for those looking to increase their wealth while most others will be losing theirs with the destruction of markets and economies.

              Something to be said for a small community with these attributes in SHTF as mobility will be limited. 🙂

          • Rellik, coming to DC from anywhere is culture shock. If a person makes it here and does okay, they already kinda know how to do it in reverse. I came from Michigan in the early 80s and even now miss it. I still have family there who’d love to see me back there in the thumb area but there is Detroit to think about.

            • Rellik, Justice, and Yahooie, my family near the BOL in north GA have been known to spotlight and shoot other wildlife in the wee hours of morning so I know what’s Rellik’s talking about.

        • If you want to survive WWIII get off the continent. Avoid Europe too.
          Ireland and Iceland might be okay.

        • Justice, I hear ya. I’m about 30 minutes (non-rush hour) south of DC and in a similar situation. There is an eastern redoubt area that is appealing to me and would be closer to son and grandkids for me plus easier to gradually set up. Meanwhile, I’m working on a plan for changing what I grow in my townhouse yard. Lots of experimentation to do until I get a place out-of-town somewhere.

          • Yahooie, the way things are shaping up you might be running out of time to relocate. If the ‘eastern redoubt’ you’re talking about is anywhere in the Appalachians I highly recommend that. My family has owned land in the southern Appalachians going all the way back to the colonial era. It’s definitely heaven. I’m headed back there this weekend for a month. If the cities blow up on election day I’ll already be out of harm’s way.

      4. As a people Chinese are very intelligent, much more so than most non-white Americans. Chinese tend to take the long term view and don’t like any “free spirits” Chinese are very racist, because diversity is a threat to their culture. I really don’t think China will start a war over Taiwan, they will just wait it out. Above all Chinese understand war is bad for business, a thing us Westerners haven’t figured out yet.

        • Rellik, I was very impressed by the Taiwanese I knew. But any Chinese who believe in communism are NOT intelligent. I’d like to think China won’t fight but they’ve been becoming aggressive and bullying their neighbors over the past 10 years. The Chinese just might get to the point where they don’t care anymore. Time will tell.

      5. So Trump wannabe warriors are primed for battle. Not bad for war business as they dream about their future and how much money they can rake in with only a tiny chance of dying. Civil war doesn’t have to go anywhere, like the first official civil war, it’s built from within. The same forced divide repeated over again.

      6. ANY attempt to invade Taiwan by conventional means (NON nuclear) would FAIL!
        If China felt she had any chance of success she would have done it years ago.

        • Old Codger, beach Landings are very difficult to pull off and China currently lacks the ability.

          • Of course! The task is far greater than ‘Overlord’, and Taiwan will have weeks of notice that the peace loving Chinese are gathering their forces.
            Taiwan’s missiles will blow the peace lovers troopships, LSTs, and paratroop planes to hell.
            A “turkey shoot”.

            China knows all that!

      7. Its not our fight.


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