WW3 Preparations: Amidst Drought North Korean Officials Raid Homes And Farms To Feed Army

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 71 comments

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    North Korean officials are ransacking homes and raiding farms in order to feed their starving army.  Not only has the drought taken its toll on the nation, but this newest harsh seizure of food is causing internal clashes between the civilians and the army.

    Soldiers for the communist regime had already been given long periods of leave in order to try to find food and make money to purchase food. However, it hasn’t been enough. Collective farms are suffering due to drought and poor harvests, leading officials to ransack farms and homes in order to find any stored food or money that might benefit the army, Daily NK reports.

    While North Korean citizens are used to officials searching for food and asking for bribes, their use of increasingly brutal tactics to feed a starving army has led to reported clashes between troops and citizens. Farms in the country have not been able to meet quotas, and in response, officials are giving them new assignments.

    “We are suffering because collective farms in our region did not have a good harvest last year and so we were unable to fulfill the mandatory quota for military provisions. All individuals who weren’t able to meet the demands have been receiving additional assignments since the very beginning of January,” a source in South Hamgyong Province reported to Daily NK. “This year, we have to postpone our farm work due to this ‘extremely urgent’ task of gathering food for the military,” the source said.

    In the past, individuals were allowed to take leave from farm work to obtain money for fertilizer or farm equipment.  But this year, any money is being used to procure food and other items for military use.

    “Last year, most of this region, including the Taehongdan, Pochon, Samjiyon, and Paekam areas, were not able to meet their military provision quotas. These demands are pushing people to their wits’ end,” said a separate source in the Ryanggang Province. “Sometime in spring, the collective farms that are behind on their quotas will have some of their constituents provide frozen potatoes, which are processed by peeling and drying before presentation to the authorities. But many also call the season the ‘time when thieves (in this case, the farm authorities) rear their ugly heads,‘” he added.

    Famine is believed to have previously killed millions of people in the hermit kingdom. The communist regime prioritizes sending food and resources to the military and high ranking government officials over its general population.


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      1. Let them eat cake…yellow cake

        • Good one.

          Funny how Kim Jong-Un is the only fat guy in North Korea.

          • “North Korean Officials Raid Homes And Farms To Feed Army”

            That’s the same thing they will do here. Try and take over everything. That law has been on the books since the thirties…

            • “The [communist} regime prioritizes sending food and resources to the military and high ranking government officials over its general population.”

              That’s always the way it goes. Civilians, especially the very young and very old and infirmed, are the first to be denied resources.

          • Maybe he will make a good meal for someone…. LOL

          • It’s the cheese, he loves cheese and it makes him constipated …. hence the fatness and the poor attitude!




        • I reckon that the Fat Un has promised his troops all the food they can loot in South Korea when he unleashes them. Along with whatever else they can grab. Those boys and girls sweeping into a modern world zone will have to contend with the absolute stunning differences in how people live in the modern world. But, they will feast first.

          • When the North Korean soldier escaped to the south he was eat up with parasitic worms. All he had in his digestive track was hard corn.

            Those people are starving.

            • < SK.
              < Unknown media organization.
              < "We have these anonymous sources that says…"
              < "North Korea has clashes between citiznery and army."
              < "A pink cucumber was found up a defectors butt."
              < "No hidden agenda or biaise here, we promise!"

              "OMG, it must be true, just like those moving Hollywood Holocaust movies!"


      3. +same here..we get raided in the name of “civil asset forfeiture” as well as getting raided for our tax payer dollars to fund our military..whats the difference? +plus we have had serious ecological destruction here as well like the dust bowl, radiation from nuke plants, all the aircraft and other plants that dump toxic waste out the back door, etc. +remember–those who point the finger have 10 fingers pointed back at them!!

        • Jake, anyone who raids my home for any reason will just get their stupid asses shot.

          • The teams that train for breaching homes with discipline and commitment practice as a team over and over until they drill out their own mistakes. they have really great team work and discipline, well defined roles and gear; all to ensure their success in a raid.


            and especially

            I was airborne infantry and still train BUT I am humbled by trainers who have really been there. What I have learned is if these guys show up at my door, making sure my wife and children survive is job number one.

            the door is hardened to buy time to communicate to them to let them know we pose no threat and we will stand down and the porch is littered with little kids toys so they all know what they are stepping into. Most of these guys are family guys themselves, and do have a conscious.

            low level criminals intent on home invasion will find even modest home hardening will make for a trap for them and be the end of them, because it gives the home owner response time to turn tables on them. But its not realistic to imagine one homeowner can stop the entire SWAT team with less than a very serious front door, a kill box vestibule and concrete walled house with at least Miami-Dade Hurricane Rated windows.
            even then, the authorities WILL reinforce, and then it get more serious. so violence against a SWAT team is not advisable until they have become known criminals themselves and its truely WROL TEOTWAWKI.
            One man protecting his family CAN fend off even a group of armed criminal amateurs. The common criminal is intent on easy gain, a Hyenna, not a Lion. Criminals do not have a high tolerance for personal loss among their ranks (until very desperate for their own survival or acting out of blind rage vengeance.)
            Swat Teams and Military units function in a different mentality.
            For example: Anyone who was infantry knows the response to a near ambush is to charge into the enemy immediately and unleash a hue volume of fire. protecting your team requires a overwhelming response and they have drilled this over and over.

      4. Maybe the Russians and Chinese will lend a hand.

        • I don’t think so. The Russians and Chinese are positioning troops so that they can stop the influx of refugees that will pour out of North Korea.

      5. The NK people have to fight to remove Fat So Teenyweeny. Let the NKoreans starve until the people grow a set of balls. I am surprised Porky Pig Pelosi hasn’t demanded half the people of NK emigrate to America to become loyal Marxist-Entitlement voters. Suppose one of these two things will be next.

        • Maybe they should stop having kids. Can’t feed? Don’t breed.

          • Hasn’t stopped the blacks. It is kinda the opposite….

            • JS, agreed. It’s impossible to tell black people anything about anything. They damn sure don’t listen to white people.

              • “Can’t feed? Don’t breed”

                They’re not feeding them to begin with.

                Blacks that are into mainstream US culture have few kids by my observation. Welfare not only rewards irresponsibility but to a great degree it makes it possible. Watch the TV series Shameless, its likely presents a more common lifestyle than we care to admit.

            • That is due to all the “freebies and “food Stamps” that keep them fat so they can breed more of the same!

        • hard to rise up on an empty stomach

          • Actually and empty stomach is the most likely core reason for revolution.

            “Let them eat cake”

            • an not and

            • True. The most dangerous being is the one with nothing to lose when fighting back.

          • Even more difficult for those with full stomaches.

      6. One either fights as Patriots and take out the oppressive government — even if it costs lives!! Or cowards, like the latinas and Muslims do in the USA, they cross boarders and suck the taxpayers teats dry. Scum sucking yellow belly cowards leave their nation of birth because “it is so oppressive”

        • Then want to bring that oppression here, like Shria Law.

          People that cam to America in the olden days became “Americanized”. Remember when Ellis Island changed people’s names to make them more American?

          Shit, my town has bigger celebrations for the Cinco de Mayo than 4th of July.

          So much of Americanization.

          • Yep. People used to come here to be an American. Now they come and bring their old crap along with them to change their new surroundings to be what they want it to be then force it on everyone else as well. Try that in their old country and the the person doing it is jailed if not put to death.

      7. I suspect that the intelligence agencies of several countries are coordinating efforts to destabilize North Korea with the goal of fostering a revolution. From the bottom its facilitating the environment for government forces to steal and brutalize the civilian population, at the top false trails leading to suspect loyalty with the result being executions of staff. When the two groups figure their next coupled with letter agency operations the deck of cards crumbles.

        • Those people are so brain washed they won’t even consider revolution.

          Kim Jong-Un uses propaganda to tell the people they are starving because America is doing it to them. They believe him.

          • Its impossible to hide the world completely from people. The best (or more appropriately the worst) have tried. Those guards along the border as much prevent exodus as invasion. The exodus concerns wouldn’t be an issue if the people were that effectively brainwashed. The staff around “The Leader” is very vulnerable. Allow “interception” of some false evidence against the most loyal, if its accepted out of paranoia (which is likely) their executed. Little by little it all collapses as Kim don’t know who to trust. His staff fearing their next (with some outside help) decides to do away with “the leader”.

            The days of such overt rule are ending. The new wave is what we have, letting the masses believe that they actually have a choice.

          • JS, that’s not necessarily true these days. A certain percentage of them have awakened and know the score but are afraid to say or do anything. A revolution is NK’s only hope for survival IMHO. Porky and Company need to go.

      8. china is the problem. They are helping north korea.
        No point of united nations if they wont place sanction on countries that ignore UN sanctions!

        • George Bush is the first President that I can recall that said the United Nations is worthless.

          Remeber when he called for a “Coalition of the Willing”?

          • JS, I remember when that POS said that. What he really meant was those willing to support the neocon madness of that era.

            • Prescott, GH and GW are role models for what’s wrong. Thats Yale “Skull and Bones”.

      9. me starve you long time

        pass the twinkies

          • They filmed that in the Philippines, I believe.

            • My friend who was stationed at Clark AFB called them LBFMs. He never heard the word “No” from them.

              • he would no if he didnt have the cash?

          • that was bravehearts mom, show some respect

      10. “Collective farms are suffering due to drought and poor harvests”.

        Collective farms are suffering because of collectivism.
        Same as Venezuela.
        Why the news agencies don’t continually make that point is beyond me. Western governments need to hammer that home also. Teach the kids where their socialist dreams lead.
        Idiots with a capital E.

        • Socialist dreams lead to socialist utopia.

          Socialist utopia equals suicide.

        • No doubt that the communist system is the greatest culprit but The Dust Bowl didn’t help the US in the 1930s either. Add nature and communist management and its a recipe with steroids for disaster.

          • Kevin2, you nailed it again. I wish my wife was still alive so she could tell everyone here what she went through under Castro’s brand of socialism in Cuba. It’s no picnic, to say the least.

            • I have been to Cuba several times and I am told that before the revolution it was one of the richest places around. Now no one does any more than they have to to get by. Infrascture is decaying and buildings are falling apart.

              The people are not lazy. They like to say it is a failed experiment that has lasted more than 50 years and it is time to end it.

              They have very little to fight back with as all their weapons were confiscated a LONG time ago.

              But the people are some of the nicest and most hospitable you will find anywhere. They are very creative as well, making do with whatever is on hand. They do not waste stuff like we do in this country.

              • Arby5, the Cuban exiles I knew I Miami are the same way. They don’t even ask for any handouts. They prefer to do for themselves just like we do. Under socialism there is very little to no incentive for people to work so hard. They’re not armed so a counter-revolution is out of the question UNLESS it’s at least part of their military that stages an uprising.

                • Wealthy nations with a thriving middle class don’t turn communist. The sales pitch works on the downtrodden. The best facilitator of communism is the ultra greedy capitalist. The US headed it off in the 1930s throwing labor a bone with regulating the financial sector, establishing labor laws and legalizing organized labor. The US had to repeatedly use its military muscle to quell populist revolts in Central America during the “Banana Wars”. USMC Major General and two time MOH recipient Smedley Butler wrote a dissertation about it. Cuba did educate its population far above its neighbors. A common Cuban can expect medical care, a common Haitian cannot.

                  Communism doesn’t work but neither does run away unregulated capitalism.

                  • dont forget the NRAs role in getting most arms banned or people registered with background checks too. thanks NRA?

                  • North Korea isn´t just not communist now but started off as non-communist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People%27s_Republic_of_Korea The Soviet-Union decied to work with it in its sector while the US abolished it in its sector, to establish a new regime, just like in germany were the Merkel regime is still aligned with the Deep State nearly 70 years later.

                    The majority of “communists” and anarchists in the west is middle class and upper middle-class suburban, trust fund kiddies that are allowed to get away with political violence.
                    The neo-cons that are now pushing for a war with North Korea to lose Trump the 2020 election? Former commies, especially trotskist ones.
                    Roosevelt and his regime attacked the massive wealth inequality to gather public support but did not attack the Federal Reserve, a cartel that was more powerfull than any 1920s billionaire.

      11. Just wipe out the CFR and be done with it. Those bone rack North Koreans look hungry, let em eat bugs.

      12. USA has collective farming over the past 50 years. It is a big Marxist Communist Famine waiting to happen. More and more, I see imported food from Mexico and South America. Whenever possible, I buy locally grown fruit, vegetables, coffee and rice from my own State or at least from within the USA. I support farmers markets. I buy real honey, not the adulterated fake stuff that has been diluted with rice sugar or thickened with flour. Restaurants that use their own harvests are excellent and can keep us all safe from a government obsession for control that always leads to disaster.

        Research THE HOLODOMOR, the Ukrainian created famine 1932, 1933. Watch the shocking documentary film about it on YouTube “Bitter Harvest”.


        • The USA did not learn from England during WWII.

          Just prior to WWII england imported 80% of it’s food from other countries.

          The Nazis knew this and did the U-boat blockage of the island in an attempt to starve the British into surrender.

          Most, if not all, of our food is grown somewhere else.

        • ” It is a big Marxist Communist Famine waiting to happen. ”

          As I have read the US scientific farming gets more yield per acre, nor milk per cow, faster and more abundant food production. This technology has been exported to the world with The Green Revolution of the early 1970s. While we do import food we still export more than we import. The US is food self sufficient and we haven’t even touched the capability of the suburban “victory garden” of old.

          The downside of our frankin food is taste. My friends wife from Belarus said, “Your chicken doesn’t taste like chicken, ice cream like ice cream”, so forth and so on. I think the science of increasing production has slowly altered taste and its gradual change hasn’t been recognized.

          • There are numerous other things being done to our food supply as well such as GMOs just to name one. I’ve noticed odd happen to my body when consuming some products that have been too tinkered with. Wheat is one example. If I eat a cracker imported from say Italy, I do not suffer certain impolite digestive problems. If I eat the same kind of cracker produced with US wheat, I must do so at great risk of social shaming.

            Another item is poultry. I usually get chicken from a store that carries humanely raised chickens. I cook it up in all sorts of ways and it tastes great. (I’m a good cook so that helps too.) Even my cats want some. The other day I picked up some chicken from a local chain and neither I nor the cat really want it.

            All this to say I know what you mean about franken foods. So looking forward to spring and farmers markets.

            • My wife just butchered 4 of our farm raised chickens yesterday. Nice juicy meat,natural color. So good even the gizzards are great. 🙂

              Got some little piggies about ready to go under the knife as well!

      13. Why does it always take so long for people to fight back. They always wait until they and their children are starving.

        Looks like sanctions are working. After the Olympics. So March looks like a good time for war.


        • So we will march in March? That works for me, I will be off work and at the cabin topped off with supplies.

          • Just ordered a few more solar panels, that for now go into the faraday cage. There is talk of a 30% import duty on solar panels, if that passes the price will surely go up considerably.

      14. The most worrisome part is how long Kim Jong Un, his father and his grandfather has managed to maintain power despite the pathetic lifestyle of the people.

        • The Korean War I think helped to strengthen his regime. They attacked UN/US forces in mass hoards and were killed wholesale. Their people see a foreign invader who killed them in abundance. Thats not a difficult view to spin into a mindset that they’re over there and want to kill us all. Repeat that in Joseph Goebbels style and it’s very believable. As the Korean War fades into memory the weaker that narrative becomes.

      15. The Army, Police and all armed government employees?

      16. Kim’s oil, food and training ammo is running out ? He has to do something? Now?

      17. On feeding. If you have a mask,snorkel,fins and a speargun. You might have an advantage? Old pneumatic spearguns can be taken apart and 30 cent each o ring changed with motorcycle fork oil added. Soak gun in penetrating oil for weeks first. Rubber band guns need big rubber bands. Good hunting.

      18. On feeding the kids? Old guitar strings make great snares? Set them out at night for breakfast?

      19. With the average height of the average North Korean soldier. Elevation problems will be compounded?

      20. Starvation is my ally. -Gen. Dougie “Give me some Marine’s” MacArthur

      21. < Daily NK
        < Sources in North Korea says…
        < Famines! Clash between citizen and army!
        < The Deep State is not trying to push a war to bring down Trump.
        < North Korea is on its last throes can easily be made to collapse if…

        This is an IQ test: if you believed all that, you failed miserably.

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