WW3 Fears Spiked After Ground Shaking Explosion Occurred Over Russia

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A mysterious flash over Russia has spiked fears that the third world war has begun. Many were worried that the ground shaking explosion over Russia was that of the United States striking North Korea with a weapon of mass destruction.

According to the Daily Mail, the phenomenon was seen and felt over thousands of miles in Russia but was especially evident in three regions: Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, and Tatarstan. The flash was so bright, that witnesses said it turned the night into day.

Although some think the flash was nothing more than a meteor, others were concerned. “Probably it was the testing of some military weapon if even the ground was shaking,” said Firaya Zaripova commenting early Monday morning. “I saw the flash in Menzelinsk. There was also the sound of an explosion and then a vibration, I felt it,” said Ilnaz Shaykhraziev.

Another witness described the flash as an object breaking apart in the sky. “A meteor burned out, not reaching the lower layers of the atmosphere. Before this it exploded and split into many small pieces. That is why there was such a sound, which came to us in a few seconds. It’s a funny coincidence that such a rare phenomenon for our region has happened right over Christmas,” said Denis Rozenfeld.

 Russian officials and scientists were rather quick to deny there had been a Russian missile test or any reported space rock crashing to earth.  The flash also prompted fears that the United States attacked North Korea. And there has been speculation this week that North Korea was poised to test a ballistic missile or a nuke to mark tyrannical leader Kim Jong-un’s birthday.

“We saw this while driving – there was a vibration and the sound of explosion in the sky, awesome,” said Artyom Russkikh, as reported by The Siberian Times which collected witness statements of the flash on the night following Russian Orthodox Christmas Day this week. “What was it? A meteor, a rocket from space, UFO, North Korea?

Reports of similar flashes have occurred three times in 12 years in Russia, yet experts were split on the cause of the flash.

Yuri Nefefyev, director of the Engelhardt Astronomical Observatory, claimed atmospheric electricity was behind the eerie night-to-day explosion of light. “There are a huge number of effects linked to atmospheric electricity, many of which are not properly studied because of how rarely they occur,” he said.

Astronomers from Kazan Federal University in Tatarstan insisted there was a space link. “This was a bolide, when all substance burns in atmosphere and doesn’t reach Earth,” said Dr Sergey Golovkin, of the University’s Physics Institute. “It is accompanied by a loud bang. It could have been a fragment of a spacecraft that burnt, but normally it takes them more time to enter the atmosphere, thus they can be observed for longer. This was a bolide that burnt in the dense layers of the atmosphere which is why it was seen over such a big territory. We didn’t register the flash because there was strong blizzard on this night.” -The Daily Mail

Although no one is certain what this strange phenomenon was, the consensus and likely possibility is some sort of space debris. It was not the United States striking North Korea.

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    1. Deplorable Neal Jensen

      I wonder if that area in Kamchatka where the aliens automatic defense cauldrons were found, has been altered or suddenly cleared out from them firing up again. Just a thought.

      • Gandhi

        could have been an old chevy backfiring.

    2. Illini Warrior

      alot of naive and ding batty there if they think a nuke strike on North Korea would show 1,000s of miles away ….

      • Braveheart1776

        IW, we know it’s not NK. SK just agreed to let NK send a delegation to the Winter Olympics and Porky is still running off his big stupid mouth.

    3. Deplorable Neal Jensen

      Of course, TPTB say “We don’t know nuffins!”

    4. Kevin2

      If something of significant magnitude occurs that is misidentified and therefore misinterpreted, a chain of events can likely occur that very swiftly create a true threat / danger which would facilitate a response of like or greater force. The change in strategy from Mutually Assured Destruction to the literal madness of First Strike certainly increases the probability of the aforementioned scenario. So far the human race has been lucky. We’re governed / controlled by greedy ultra ambitious mad men.

      • Heartless

        You nailed it Kevin!! My thoughts went that way as well. Now is not the time to be ‘ass-u-ming’ anything. Either/any side of this stand-off with NK.

        • Kevin2

          My greatest concern is that in times of hair trigger crisis an event otherwise looked at benignly takes on a different appearance in a threatening environment. Think of it on a micro scale with police in the US, who for whatever reason feel threatened and misinterpret an action and shoot people who’s only fault is pulling up their pants at the wrong time. You can’t stand on a precipice indefinitely; its illogical. Something will happen sooner or later.

      • TheGuy


        For instance, SpaceX shits the bed…

      • ronna

        Bad old white men at that!

      • aklady

        If you’re not familiar with The Tunguska Event of 1908,
        that is exactly the sort of phenomenon which could
        create the conditions you describe . . .

    5. Concerned Citizen

      Who in the sam hell only knows folks…..

    6. Sean

      To hear a nuclear explosion in Russia, that occurred in N. Korea, one would need some sensitive listening equipment, or a spy satellite, or get a recording of it, because Russia has China in between it and N. Korea. Or maybe it would have to be a 1,000 megaton device, which we don’t have in our arsenal. I hope. I live near an airport, and fighter jets here routinely break the sound barrier, yet no one hears them in a nearby city of a million.

      • Gandhi

        my lawnmower makes noise like that

      • Kevin2

        Actually NK and Russia share a small border area.

    7. OhNo

      maybe it was the Spacex muskellite?

    8. Capt Dave Bertrand

      Any correlation with “ZUMA?”

      • OHgirl

        I was wondering the same thing.

      • gena

        I was thinking that. They claim it blew up…they think…somewhere….because it never went into orbit. And they claim they have no idea in the world what became of it. Does anyone really believe that?

        • JAS

          My exact thought when I read this. The government blew up the satellite to prevent any traces of it, when it didn’t make orbit. Or it was shot down and our government won’t admit it.

    9. flexiblefrances

      if a nuclear war starts I presume we will all know about it almost immediately, no ?

      • TheGuy

        Yep and we’ll forget all about it about 20 minutes later, if you know what I mean.

    10. swinging richard

      I believe the Russians less than our own politicians.

      • Static

        Mate as far as I’m caring to concern myself, they messed up ISIS and kept Assad in power which is a good thing (unless Libya looks better to you). They gotta have some level of trustworthiness.

    11. Dave

      It is a warning. Same thing happened before. The heathens haven’t a clue!

    12. Godsoldier

      It was just a little rock. The powers to be are getting ready for the big rock to come. Gonna know what the dinosaurs felt like at that percise second they realized oh shit….

    13. Bubba Love

      The Russians testing their EMP bomb maybe.

      • T-town

        That is the most reasonable explanation thus far Bubba!

    14. Press 9 for English

      Al gore had Mexican for lunch?

    15. YohanSmythe

      Or, is this what it was…falling back to Earth uncontrolled?

      “A highly classified U.S. government satellite appears to have been totally lost after being taken into space by a recent launch from Elon Musk’s SpaceX, according to a new report.

      The payload was suspected to have burned up in the atmosphere after failing to separate perfectly from the upper part of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the report said.”

      ht tps://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/01/08/highly-classified-us-spy-satellite-appears-to-be-a-total-loss-after-spacex-launch.html

    16. Traitor Hator

      Having a fully stocked bug out trailer in an outside storage outside of town might be good? Going over towing with an automatic transmission, Many say I had the fluid changed and problems started. Maybe because the factory fluid is good enough to go 50,000 plus miles . But the fluids the cheapo change place put in was crap? Bought some Pentosin at 22 $ per quart and an A/C Delco filter. You can bring it to a cheapo change place and they will do the work . But make sure they use yours by asking for the empty bottles or watching.

    17. ItsAllVanity

      Sorry. False AlarmI was snoring again. At least that’s what my wife says but I don’t believe her 🙂

    18. talawanda78

      That was NOT the US!! Will you please grow up! We don’t need bombs. We have modern technology for that. Bujes are old hat, first off. Besides, Trump has no plans on letting the US go to war. Why not get real news. NK agreed to talks, and for their first time in history taking up plans to start getting into the Winter Olympics. I cannot believe what I’m reading.. therefore I choose not to. Why not listen to Whitehouse dot gov and you’ll get the picture.

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