62 Richest Rule Age of Inequality: “Today’s Elites Are Gods. This Should Make Us Angry.”

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    The industrialists, bankers and politicians tied to the oligarchy have coded the system to tilt the game in their favor. It is now a matter of statistical record that the “recovery” after the 2008 economic crisis was a transfer of wealth to those who already dominated the game. The poor got poorer, and so did the well-adjusted and middle class.

    The times are getting more difficult not just for those on the bottom, but for all who are not towards the top.

    Columnist Jeff Sparrow at the London Guardian wrote a column on the growing nightmare of inequality at a time when the economy will be sparing few from harsh conditions. The headline is particularly punchy:

    By every meaningful measure, today’s elites are gods. This should make us angry

    According to Oxfam, the wealth of those richest 62 people grew by more than half a trillion dollars since 2010, even as the wealth of the bottom half of the world dropped by 41%. That, mind you, took place in the period after the global financial crisis, during the years of supposed recovery.

    In other words, inequality increased massively when the economy was growing, with most of the new wealth created going to the rich rather than those who needed it most.


    What can democracy possibly mean in a society resting on such disparities … Today… the notion that our 62 god-kings can be in any way constrained or controlled by Joe and Jane Citizen dropping their votes in a ballot box is too ludicrous for serious contemplation.

    On the contrary, the multibillionaire relates to the pauper as predator does to its prey, with the vast human flock simply a resource that, in Pushkin’s phrase, can be “either slaughtered or shorn”.

    It’s about time to pull back the veil. It isn’t kindly old grandfathers in charge of a flawed paternalistic system; it is wolves voting on what kind of sheep to have for dinner from a global supply chain of gullible and dependent people who have few alternatives and little means of improving their circumstances.

    Sparrow says that they have become “gods,” pure and simple, the world’s titans now qualify among the gods:

    To update that list, add everything made possible for the wealthy by the almost magical technology of the 21st century. Once you do, it’s clear that today’s elite don’t need to imagine themselves gods. By every meaningful measure, that’s what they are. They have absorbed, via their wealth, all the attributes that religion traditionally attributed to divinities, even as the world’s poorest still endure conditions familiar to the labourers who constructed the pyramids.

    Such statistics should come as a shock: not necessarily a surprise but something more like an electrical jolt, awakening us to the global order we’ve constructed, now, in its everyday operations, demonstrably more unfair than any previous society in human history.

    There are those who, naturally, blaming the system on capitalism – scorning the billionaires and calling for a level playing field under socialism.

    Of course, the problem isn’t capitalism. That our society functions IN capitalism is one of the biggest deceptions we face. Like “Republicans” and “Democrats,” the term “capitalism” has become a mascot for the corrupt, embedded insiders who have rigged our economy as easily as they have rigged the political systems of the most powerful nations in the world. Certainly there is no free market.

    The Federal Reserve, a privately owned agency, controls the public money supply – and through quantitative easing and monetary policy gives the bulk of the currency’s kinetic energy to the big banks who dominate Wall Street, and in turn, steer or control the major consolidated industries that provide services in the private sector under the Fortune 100 companies, or who fulfill government contracts and steer taxpayer spending through public services for the collective hive of the masses.

    In short, the problem is crony capitalism, and the cronies aren’t 2-bit opportunists, they are managing the major trading blocs and vested interests of the entire economy.

    Socialism is but one predominant flavor of collectivism – large systems (public or private) which the “crony” billionaires growing in wealth have taken control of and learned to milk. When governments push expense and far reaching programs, they create a market for their favorite bidders.

    For instance, when Congress considered major cuts to the SNAP food stamps program, to appease public anger, it was the major banks, like JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, and Walmart, the dominant retailer, and major food groups who lobbied to keep and expand it. The debit cards that SNAP uses generate revenue from fees for JP Morgan; Walmart sees the largest share of spending from food stamp purchases, and the food industry – dominated by a handful of conglomerates – benefits as well.

    In short more “socialism” will not keep the rich from getting richer, and will not deliver us all ponies. However, the righteous anger of the many is growing, and likely to spill over in the wake of forecast financial gloom and disaster.

    Meanwhile the power elite – currently convened in Davos for their annual spectacle of global domination – are keenly aware of the roused rabble who shake their fists at ivory towers and clamor for radical change, by whatever means.

    They may not be satisfied with the threatening levels of instability; on the other hand, they have often ruled through chaos and crisis.

    Reportedly, Warren Buffet said:

    “Sure there is class war, and it is my class, the rich, who are making it and we are winning.”

    Read more:

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        TRUMP 46.6% (98,940 votes)

        CRUZ 28.47% (60,436 votes)

        RUBIO 7.55% (16,020 votes)

        PAUL 4.61% (9,788 votes)

        SANDERS 2.91% (6,185 votes)

        KASICH 1.99% (4,215 votes)

        CARSON 1.94% (4,124 votes)

        CHRISTIE 1.57% (3,336 votes)

        FIORINA 1.45% (3,077 votes)

        BUSH 1.28% (2,720 votes)

        CLINTON 1.21% (2,578 votes)

        SANTORUM 0.26% (552 votes)

        O’MALLEY 0.15% (328 votes)

        Total Votes: 212,299

        If they blow it up our skirts saying Hilery won.. you know its complete BS and its “time”

        • Sanders scored pretty high for a right wing poll.

          • I could vote for Bernie, if I thought they counted the votes…

            He’s the only dove with “a chance”. His foreign policy doesn’t involve droning children at a wedding and funeral. That’s good.

            He’s a consummate socialist, and his domestic policies will rapidly hasten the decline and collapse of the system. That’s good too.

            The sooner we can get through this culling, the better.

            • Cutting back during these tough economic times.
              Apparently Barack Obama was NOT talking about himself when he told the American people the following…

              “If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation.”
              -Barack Obama

              “But I want you all to know, I will NOT rest until anybody who’s looking for a job can find one — and I’m not talking about just any job, but good jobs that give every American decent wages and decent benefits and a fair shot at the American Dream.”
              -Barack Obama (2009)


              “Weekend Fundraising Getaway $2 Million Alone.”

              Judicial watch dot org

            • You do realize that no socialists, are going to survive the great culling, don’t you?

              • Scratch a liberal and you will discover a communist, pretending to be a socialist, posing as a progressive, and calling themselves a democrat.

                Eliminate ALL of them. 🙂

                • DK,

                  You are not wrong on this post. The question is how do you eliminate them (rhetorical)?

                  • The SNAP Food Program is just like Govnt backed Student Loan Program. It is a built in Subsidy Fix, to inflate Food Prices and Profits, just like student loans and college costs, all for our Fascist Big Agra and Food Corporations. Cut SNAP Cards and watch food prices get cut in half. Its a scam.

              • works for me.
                Roanoke all over again.

                I support natural selection, but it needs to be natural.
                Be brave, wait for the signs.

                It’s surprising how many problems solve themselves if you have the preps and the patience.

                Preps is the hard part. You need to understand what’s happening well enough to have some degree of prediction and control, but you don’t need to influence it directly…. unless/until it knocks on your door… then all bets are off.

                If you’ve figured out enough to have prepped well enough, that knock should never come. Stay alert, keep calm, keep your wits about you, pay attention. Time will tell if you were “paranoid enough”.

            • Hmmm

              Bernie Sanders has blindly supported Israel at every turn. He turns a blind eye to Israel’s ongoing slaughter of thousands of Palestinian women and children every year. Which means that in truth his foreign policy will continue to support the murdering of innocent women and children. Somehow or another I doubt those dead women and children would grant Sanders any leeway because he didn’t directly order their deaths.

        • If Trump is your man and your really a Coservative, you might want to do a little research. He’s not entirely Pro-Gun or Pro-Life or Anti-Queer or Against Universal Health Care and weak on Immigration. Go by what they were before they threw their hat in the ring, not by what they say now. Once in office they could very well revert back. In some respects he is alot like Romney. Trekker Out

          • Yup. That’s been what I have been saying all along. Sadly though, I don’t really trust ANY of the candidates running for president with the two main political parties. Trump is too much like a great used car salesman that tells you what you want to hear and what you should buy. What he doesn’t tell you is the fine print in the contract or that the car was pieced together from two wrecks to make one car. He’s too confident in himself and lacking in humility. Everything I have ever experienced from people like that in my life tells me to run the other way and that is why I won’t be voting for him.

            • Winston: Since electronic voting machines are rigged anyway and politicians lie just to get elected, most will be sitting the election out like last one because leftist Romney couldn’t be trusted. Any candidate that goes against the globalist agenda like Trump or Cruz, may be eliminated as a threat to the NWO.

        • Shit, these rich scum are going to die like everyone else. They loved money more than the Lord so they will be damned. I’d rather be poor here and have eternity.

        • I don’t think a Drudge poll can be considered accurate, just saying. It’s hardly random.

          • And Drudge only had 8 million visitors last year??? Did I read THAT right ??? 🙁

            • LMAO!!! No, I double checked. That was over 8 BILLION but I usually check it twice a day. 🙂

        • it was “time” a dozen or so years ago!!!!!!!!

      2. ht tp://thefreethoughtproject.com/74-year-old-man-dies-police-taser-traffic-stop/

        just keep putting up with it..

        these jerks have no idea what kind of back lash is someday going to rein down on this country

        and they will try to absolve themselves from it no doubt

        • All i know is if theres a bunch of gov turds roaming into my neighborhood barking orders peeps are gonna pay,,,,

      3. Mac, can you post an article regarding selecting the best gun for home defense. What factors to consider, because a person can only use on nug (that’s to confuse the PTB off) at a time.

        A person would want reliability and capacity. Capacity is more important than I had originally considered because home invasions often have as many as 4 perpetrators. My Mossberg 930 just has 4 + 1 but it’s very reliable. My Sagia 12, has 20 round drum but is subject to cycling problems. At least more-so than the Mossberg 930. Right now I just keep a Mossberg 500 next to me at all times because of its reliability.

        I also home carry as a back-up or until I can get to my primary.

        Mac, I know it is a complicated subject but it’s an important one. Which weapon is best for home defense?

        • Ask a thousand people and get a thousand different answers. I keep 2 Mossbergs
          close by. Both are loaded with buckshot. I keep a variety of pistols because I enjoy
          practicing. My personal favorite is a Glock 19. It is a small caliber, but loaded with
          quality JHP ammo. Accurate. Light weight. Reliable. No recoil, enables accurate follow
          up shots. Inexpensive ammo allows more practice time.

          • This.

          • Shot guns are usually what I recommend to people. They pack a big punch but because the individual pieces of shot are so small, they don’t over penetrate. This is of course a big consideration if you don’t live in the middle of nowhere. You don’t want to kill an innocent party during a self defense event.

        • Was at the range and a guy was smacking targets around with a Kel Tec pump, think it holds 10 in 2 different mag tubes,
          Mossy makes that 930 in an SPX version that holds 8, has open tactical sights and you can get those fitted with tritium sights, the 930 is real reliable, especially with 2-3/4″ slugs or buck,
          Add a real good center mass laser and you have a serious banger

          • Agree
            Shot gun

            • Whatever you can get your hands on, that works.

          • Kula, I may have to bite the bullet and get the Mossy 930 SPX because it does have the added capacity of 7 + 1. Plus it’s very reliable.

            I am seeing more armed home invasions involving 3 or 4 people, some armed with shotguns. In that scenario I am out gunned. Faced with that I would have to deploy gas grenades (you can get them online) and retreat to a safe room. Where I can use a gas mask and put armor on, behind sand bags.

            I just don’t see how a single person could successfully engage 3 or 4 armed invaders. I don’t like those odds, if I have a choice.

            • AK47 in arms reach always. It doesn’t matter how many there are. Early warning system so they will die when they first breach. Before that if I choose.

              • Yep ak or sks with 30rd mag the 762×39 will go through walls doors ect unlike a ar15 with 556 223 but an ar in 308 or 762×39 would be good either or if there is 3or4 of them and you do a mag dump towards them even if they get behind a wall or something you gonna get them

                • hope you aint got no NAY-BERS!!! they mite get dead TOO!! in a shtf moment, you may HAVE to do what you got to do…but for ME, it’s an 870 with magazine extender….i like it better than the 500(i own/shoot BOTH). the safety is right where it SHOULD be, on the trigger guard, not on top of the gun, where you have to take finger away from trigger to take off safety, and the slide release is on the wrong side for a right-handed person…it’s better for a left-hander….and i like the reliability, although both are ok….but no, my rifles are in the safe until the flag goes up…just sayin’…

              • I too keep a loaded AK ready . . . as well as 2 mossberg 500’s, one in the closet(pistol grip with 18.5″ barrel) and one in the bedroom, a 9mm beretta in my nightstand, a ruger .357 in the desk drawer, a M1A over the bedroom door, a remington 875 20ga on my wife’s side of the bed, a .38special in her nightstand, ruger 10/22s in the oldest three children’s bedrooms, and that’s not to mention what I keep in my study or down in the basement.

                What I would use would depend on where I was when a potential problem arose.

                The only time I’ve actually had to use a firearm in self defense was back in the south years ago. My wife ran into my study at 3am saying a black man was trying to get into our bedroom window. I grabbed my glock .40cal and spare mag (30 rounds total) and quickly cleared the upstairs of the house, had her defend the kids rooms with her M4, then grabbed my mossberg 500 pump and headed towards the perp. As I opened the back door, with glock holstered at this point, I pumped a round into the chamber of the 12ga and then heard the sound of a person running away through the leaves and bushes.

                Moral of the story is that I never even had to fire a round as the distinctive sound of a 12ga being chambered was deterrent enough. Oh and we never call the cops unless I had been forced to shoot him and my lawyer would’ve been called first.

                • Depending on where you live I would also suggest investing in motion detecting floodlights and a dog. We have a german shepherd, know all our neighbors well and the cars they drive, and have about a 1 mile private gravel drive to get here. Hopping barbed wire fences and hotwire in the dark probably will deter them from coming the last 1/4 mile on foot and the driveway and house have motion lights. It’s very attractive at night when the drive and exterior walkways light up and the barking german shepherd should prevent me from needing to use any of the previously mention firearms.

        • IMO
          A 12g shot gun is your best tool for inside the home for primary defense
          Many reasons for this educated choice
          There’s just not enough time for me to thumb it all out here

          I will say this
          Anyone that suggests a high powered rifle or pistol need to get reeducated on your liability when a high powered bullet misses or goes through the assailant and into your kids head that’s in the other room , or out the window killing your neighbor

          Nuff said?

          • What if you have no neighbors? What if your attackers are wearing body armor? How about knowing your own terrain and what angles to fire? Your 12 gauge made you dead.

            • “C”
              Take my word for it if you shot some one with body armor on at that close range, with 00 buck you will put them on their ass, and they will feel like they got hit by an 20 sledge hammer, and they will not attack you any more.


              • Thanks Sgt. but I’d rather put several 7.62 into their bodies since they are in my house attacking me in this scenario.

                • So they die.

              • y’all don’t forget to pattern that 00 buck you are using. i had a defensive shotgun class where we shot 7, 15, and 25 yards shooting 00, and i was amazed at how my pattern was almost the size of a slug until 25 yards…reminds me, i gotta get a DIFFERENT brand…i didn’t like that one bit…if i shoot somebody in the hallway at 5 yards, i want a spread, not a damn slug!..they use a gluey/sandy sumthin’ to keep them from spreading out with some manufacturers, ….not what i’m after….there now….all we got to discuss now is whether we call the cops after the perp is dead in the living room.

                • I would take the dead intruder into the woods and bury them deep. No law, no questions, no lawsuits from perps family, no losing your weapon and maybe being charged yourself. Keep mouth shut.

          • “A”
            You are correct about a High power rifle or hand gun. If you have that problem. For me I don’t have any kids here and my nearest neighbor is a 1/4 mile away.

            A hand gun for back up is better that using your shotgun as a club. But that isn’t a bad idea either.


        • “J”
          In my experience I have found that what ever you are comfortable with is what you should use.

          My wife likes her Saiga, with a 10 rd. mag, with 10 &1 00 Buck. We had a drum but it kept jamming. No problem with the mags. She has a back up Taurus 917 (15&1 rnds) for back up. She also has Boomer as a back up. 80 lbs. 1/2 Lab 1/2 Australian Shepard. You touch Mom he will eat you up.

          Now if I’m home I will use my Tactical Remington 1100 8+1 2 3/4 OO buck, USP 45 12&1, and A kimber 45 7&1. So good luck invading my house.

          I also have 45’s and 9MM in each room ready to go. They are in a safe place that only the wife and I know where they are.

          Aim Small Miss small

          • Sarge, I have had better luck with the 10 round Saiga mags. They are much more reliable than the drums. The Saiga when it cycles properly is about they most devastating close quarters weapon available to the public.

            I tend towards the 12 GA because more people are using body armor and like you said a 12 GA will put them out of the fight.

            Problem with the Saiga is I only load 8 so I can keep the clip loaded and not deform the top shell. I am unsure about keeping the bolt open all the time.

          • Sarge;
            Ho Lee Fuk. Are you and your wife the couple from Tremors?

        • You answered your own question, the best gun is the reliable gun.

          • Smokey, I started of with that simple philosophy; the best gun is the one that works when you need it. Trouble starts and is finished in seconds.

            So I went with simplicity, speed of deployment and reliability.

            However now I’m concerned about multiple assailants. So I now home carry my Governor and by Beretta 92 fs with 15 round mag.

            • That should do the trick!

        • The tools needed may vary on the event, as well as state law.

          To stand and defend my home, I like a shotgun. Primary round against home invaders is #4 buck, it’s lower penetration makes my neighbors safer. Police prefer 00 buck, they need longer range if the fight goes to the streets. If the fight ever must go to the streets I will use low velocity slugs.

          In an economic crash I want a reliable, reasonably concealable, handgun and holster. Life will have to go on and economic crashes can last decades, you can’t conceal a shotgun going to work or the store.

          If we have a total societal break down I’d want a different set. I’d like the handgun, or two, an AR and a 308, or 300 Win sniping rifle. I would try to never engage the enemy closer than 500 yards, but be ready to lay down suppressive fire as I run for my life to fight another day!

          So did I answer your question?

          • Plan twice, yes you answered my question.

            I have several nugs, a different tool for each job. For home defense, nothing beats the knock-down power of a shotgun and I am using PDX1 Personal defense ammo: 1) the PDX1 Segmenting slug breaks apart into three segment upon contact, limiting over penetration; 2) Winchester PDX1 12 GA Defender with a Foster Slug and three 00 buck projectiles (with lower mussel velocity 1150 vs. 1500).

            Dealing with the mag capacity limitations of shotguns (until I can afford a Mossberg 930 SPX) I will practice reloading and/or relying on my secondary weapons.

            Although, I am going to practice more with my Saiga because it offers the best of both worlds.

            • I have a Browning semi auto 12 gauge bird gun 28″ bbl.
              I picked up a 20″ barrel for it, an extended magazine, a tactical light, and added a riffled turkey choke.

              For minimal expense I made my bird gun, into an awesome home defense tool. The turkey choke really tightened up the slug groups at the range. In training I double tap each target, shooting torso silhouettes, one to the chest, ride the recoil and pop the second in the head. I’m holding twin 5″ groups at a hundred yards with iron sights. When I practice lefty they drift to 7″ groups.

              People at the range love my shotgun. Downside to semi-auto is they tend to foul at about 50 to 75 rounds and then misfeed when firing low velocity rounds. Clean the magazine tube where the piston slides with a green kitchen scrubby, and it’s like new again. Somehow I don’t see hitting the 50 round line in a home defense situation, but if I did, I have high velocity slugs that keep on ticking, and have lots more penetration.

              • Long Guns are stupid in a house for self defense. Ever try turning around in a hallway with a long shotgun in the dark? Your gun needs to be shorter that your door or hallway is wide. So pistol grip riot Mossy 500 shotgun. Any hand gun is good, or mass fire power use a 5,56 pistol with a 60 round magazine filled with green tips. That should stop 4 intruders carrying shotguns. Also mount a laser light for point and pull the trigger. Either on the Mossy or Keltec PLR16 5.56 10″ barrel.

                • Ever heard of a folding stock?

        • Dude if you use terms like “home carry” and have a saiga with a 20 round drum you should already know what gun to use.

          • Green Tip, I value the opinions of many posters on the SHTF Blog.

            Plus, I have been struggling with the issue of capacity. I want to make the Saiga my primary but I just cannot because of reliability and it’s killing me. I keep the Mossy pump by my side because it’s 98% reliable. If things start breaking down, I plan on making the Mossy 930 my primary.

            In short, I am second guessing my decision to go with reliability over capacity.

            • If you are worried about capacity just have a .45 pistol with a 15 round mag as backup.

              For around the house carry I really like a Remora “sticky holster”, which I can tuck between sofa cushions, or tuck in my pants to answer the door.

              I can respect the feeling for capacity, I have a friend who fended of a gang of six intent on breaking into his house. He never had to fire a shot and they never got in, because he had them in a choke point ambush. Just as one cupped his eyes to look through the slider, he stepped out and leveled the shotgun in his face, there was no disarming my friend through a window and this guy was caught with his gun in his belt, but both hands around his face, my friend stayed with this guy between himself and the other six. That bad guy yelled shotgun and they scattered, never to be seen again.

              On the shotgun front, I now prefer 20 gauge, much easier to handle, and 90% as effective as a 12 gauge.

      4. The most important thing is the ability to put steel[lead] on target. Not too big, elaborate or unwieldy with a tac light for target ID [don’t kill your kids].

        Take it to the range and become comfortable with its operation and recoil including stoppages, it happens more than you know. Muscle memory is nice but takes awhile to grow accustom to.

        In the end if you can’t hit your target its just a big noise maker.

      5. Oh yea mine is a 12 gauge pump for HOME defense, once outside the home it all changes upon terrain etc…

        • Stealth, the older I get the more uncoordinated I become.

          Consequently, I shoot much faster and stay on target with the semi-auto. Watching me use a pump is not a pretty sight and under pressure anything more than pulling the trigger is really iffy. Thanks.

        • i can have any gun i want to protect my home, but that 870 remington shoots EVVVERYYY TIME i rack it back and pull a new one into the chamber and pull the trigger….semi-autos don’t ALWAYS cycle, especially if you use cheap ammo….and y’all don’t forget the ruger 10/22 for hunting after shtf…it’s quieter, and a whole lot cheaper to shoot

      6. For me I don’t care how much money they have and how many toys they have. We all know the more you have the more you want.

        Only 63 now. I believe 10 years ago there was 115. Are they eating their own? 5 years from now there will only be 40.

        For me I have Great health, a great Wife, great Kids, I have 3 hots, and a cot to sleep in. Warm house, Great dog, all my preps, Good friends. And most important I have made my peace with God, and I have Jesus as my savior! What more do I need.


        • Exactly!

          I don’t want what they have.
          I don’t want to be responsible for all that stuff.

          I have a nice home, good hubby, wonderful children and grands.

          I have everything I “need” and most of my simple wants are fulfilled.

          God is my Lord and I need only to serve Him.

          JOY in HIM!
          Rejoice in Him always.

          Life is good in my backyard.

          By the way, I didn’t even read the article.

          • Thats funny Grandee,,,
            I didnt read it either, usually dont need to, just come here to shoot the shit with the SHTF family!
            Thanks Mac

        • Sgt Dale,

          Yes, they are eating their own. It has always annoyed me that anyone who had 2 quarters to rub together self-identified with the megawealthy. Believe me, even Romney looks like chitlins to them.

          • Even though we wish they were eating their own; here is a great instant view of what is actually taking place:

            the third world traveler dot com/new world order

            Excerpts from the book ‘The Committee of 300, the Conspirators Hierarchy by John Coleman. Wonderful map/diagram showing the intertwining of their web.

            Over the Committee of 300 is the Club of Rome. The rabbit hole begins with them. No longer will anyone have to wonder who is setting up the worlds demise into the One World Order. Enjoy the trip!

        • There ya go Sarge….

          We are quite comfortable. I don’t bother looking at those 62…but I don’t bother looking at the guys living in the street either. Wife and I started with nearly nothing, and have managed to built a good, sustainable homestead, have no debt, have a good amount of savings (not FRNs), plenty of preps, good health….hey, at this stage of life, what more can you ask for ? A G-5 ? No need of one.

        • Exactly! As we were going up to the land to gather eggs this morning, my spouse said, “Wow, I am so fortunate”! And he is right. It was 28 degree and snowing, and we had a bit of a walk because we want it that way, and this was all being done before we went to work. But the land is ours to reap the benefits. We get to eat home made bread and fresh eggs, veggies we have grown and meat that is not full of crap. And we trust the good Lord and know his saving grace. What more can you ask for?

      7. Mac, is there a concise list of those 62 people? I’ve seen mention of the before but only as a group. Listed and named individually, they could be a bit more “reachable.” That fact could then work in our favor if we prepare for it. That doesn’t mean we have to hunt ’em down and shoot ’em but that thought in the back of their minds might mitigate some of the tyranny they spread.

      8. When I look at these people, I don’t see elite. I see severe mental illness.
        Working hard to build a successful business empire is admirable. But when
        you put money before common sense and compassion, you have crossed
        the line into criminal insanity. As humble as my life is, I wouldn’t trade it to
        become a soulless “elite”. Many Wall Street bankers would be door greeters
        at Walmart if not for poor people bailing them out.

      9. Best home defense weapon: A sawed off pump-action 12 ga. shotgun w/ a 00 load. You pick the manuf….. 2nd place goes to an AK47, with a 40 round clip. Likely no survivors, as it should be.!!!

      10. WTF ???

        you mean to say trickle down economics was a scam ???

        who knew ???

        anybody with more than 2 functioning brain cells

        • Now tell us just how many of the 62 elites are Democrats.

          • The 62 elites have no party affiliation, they’re above that. Political party’s and the politicians they contain are just hired hands.

            Focusing on Democrat v Republican is nothing more than a dog chasing its tail.

            • “Trickle Down Economics” is one of the few accurate uses of political language as it implies, rightfully so, a trickle of wealth that unfortunately slips through hands as it migrates upward. It was proposed by Republicans and followed through by Democrats. One cursory look and one can see that its birth to adulthood involved the majority of both party’s.

      11. #Snowmaggedon2016: Empty Store Shelves As Panicked Shoppers Ransack Grocery Stores

        h ttp://www.prisonplanet.com/snowmaggedon2016-empty-store-shelves-as-panicked-shoppers-ransack-grocery-stores.html

        and this is just because of a little snow
        can you even imagine what it will be like if TSHTF big time ?

        the average family in this country isn’t prepared for a
        5mph breeze much less any type of real emergency

      12. There was a time when wealth was viewed differently than today. In the post WWII era, there was a very high tax rate on what was considered to be “obscene wealth”. That rate could exceed 90% at some level. It was an era when the the still prevailing wisdom was that the top dog in a company, even very large ones, was paid no more than 20 times the rate of the lowest dog. There were anti-trust laws in place to break up too large entities that were becoming, (or approaching) monopolistic. The public good was still prevalent in the minds of politicians. The huge confiscatory taxation wasn’t in place to penalize entrepreneurs. It was to prevent the acquisition of obscene wealth, which the politicians of the time recognized would lead to the acquisition of obscene power and influence. As that generation of people faded from the political stage, the Republican party increasingly became in favor of free trade, trade without restrictions and lower taxation on increasingly higher amounts of wealth, wealth that used to go into company/corporate growth that lead to more and more employment and innovation. We the people benefited from this. Fast forward to today. Free trade screws American’s because a lot of other countries do not allow their economies to be undermined by such practices. With current rates of taxation, scores of billionaires have been created. According to Forbes, the 2015 list includes 1,826 names with a combined total of over $7,000,000,000,000. That’s over 7 trillion dollars. That doesn’t even reflect the holdings of the Rothchild dynasty, nor the worlds royalty. That is obscene wealth by any standard, but what’s even worse is the power and influence these people have in our world. They actually rule our world from behind the scenes and many politicians are nothing but puppets for these people. Today, the politicians in Washington, DC represent the best government that money can buy, and no longer represent us, “we the people”. Don’t be mislead.

      13. Not much to say on the topic other than the fact that they can kiss my ass crack before i get to the toilet paper. Hope i dind’t offend anyone with my language. They are parasites that needs to be removed from the planet, it being the host.



        • you COULD have been a little more polite and said kiss my “buttcrack”…hee hee!

      14. Depopulation. Coming soon to a town near you.

        • Just wanted to add… I would be hard pressed to know children were dying in my locality. I would live as long as I could to feed and protect them. Who knows what that would mean in the times to come, but I have already seen extraordinary things. God help us all to do the right thing. And if you don’t believe in a higher power, and all you do is based on your singular survival instinct- you face a dead end. You pass nothing on.
          Everyone dies. Even the rich and powerful. I will (I hope) choose a meaningful death after a meaningful life. No more could I ask. I will never, ever, take a life without knowing there were a myriad of reasons for that circumstance… without sadness. I truly hope we are far enough removed from the great chaos that is sure to erupt in our major cities- far enough removed that we are able to employ our defensive preparations to protect those we love and those who have been entrusted to us.

      15. God has a time and a place when he will deal with the corrupt, unrepentent rich people on the earth. They will howl for eternity in hell.

        1 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

        2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.

        3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

        4 Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

        5 Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.

        6 Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you.

        7 Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.

        8 Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh. (James 5:1 – 8)

      16. Speaking of evil rich.

        J K Rowling author of the “Harry Potter” series made her the wealthiest woman in Britain and a Billionaire.

        Apparently she is now neither of those things because she has donated so much money to charity!

      17. The current list of the richest individuals in the world is here:

        ht tp://www.forbes.com/billionaires/list/#version:realtime

        • The page loads a little slow because it has photos of each person.

      18. New game. Deck of cards..whose your choice for “Ace of Spades”?

      19. why has the people allowed what has happened to them, because they have been programed to self destruction, complacency, to do nothing in the face of tyranny.

      20. Seems like useless and irrelevant information to me.

        Comparing a native tribesman and his million mates in Africa, eating dirt to stay alive, is no comparison against Bill Gates employing a zillion workers.

      21. Socialism is government capitalism. “Capitalism” is corporate “socialism”. Liberty is a truly free, government-unregulated, customer-regulated economy in which those who get too big to fail will fail and be bought up in pieces by new small entrepreneurs at a “fire sale” after the breakup.

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