World War III: Are We Being Manipulated Into a Fight We Can’t Win?

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Headline News | 51 comments

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    Everyone is talking about World War III right now, and I hate to be the one to say this, but…all I can wonder is whether we’re being manipulated into a fight we can’t win. This is probably going to make some folks mad, but there are some facts, statistics, and unanswered questions that support my premise.

    Picture this.

    A clean-cut athlete from a wealthy family sees a skinny, underprivileged kid. The athlete wants to blow off some steam and look cool to his prep school friends, so he punches the skinny kid right in the face.

    Later, when the athlete is questioned by the school, he says that the skinny kid did something horrible, and thus, deserved the punch in the face.  Because the athlete is rich, well-connected, and the star of the football team, the administration and the cops opt to believe him because it makes it a whole lot more acceptable that he punched the skinny kid.

    But when the skinny kid gets home, he talks to his big brother. His brother may not be from an elite background like the athlete, but he is just as big and just as athletic. He has grown up hard, so he is way, way more aggressive. And he has friends. Big, aggressive friends who are willing to fight viciously and who have the skills to back it up.

    The big brother contacts the athlete and his prep school friends. He warns them that his skinny little brother has had enough. He is angry that they lied about his brother and that everyone pretended to believe them. He tells them that if they ever pick on his brother again, they’ll be answering to him and his badass friends.

    If the athlete has any common sense, he’s going to see that he and his friends are outnumbered, outgunned, and outmatched. No matter how “special” they think they are, how can they possibly win a fight against more numerous opponents that have the same skills and the same weapons, but more – many more – people to wield them?

    If you were the athlete, what would you do in this situation? 

    If you’ve been following the Syria situation, you probably understand who is represented in the cast of characters above.

    I don’t have a background in military strategies. I’m not a politician with special clearance. This may make me seem like the wrong person to assess the looming World War III we’re about to get ourselves into. But humor me while I share some of my research and tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

    This goes all the way back to President Obama.

    Back in 2016, I wrote an article titled, “Why Is Obama Doing Uncomfortably War-Like Things to Syria and Russia?” In that article, I wrote:

    You CANNOT just show up in another country and start calling the shots because you don’t like the way they do things.

    I have questions.

    • Is this just saber-rattling or does Obama really think he has the right to invade a foreign country, shoot down the aircraft of that country, and also shoot down the aircraft of an invited guest in that country?
    • Does he really think he would get away with it?
    • Is he deliberately trying to provoke other world leaders?
    • Does Obama actually want a war? Because this is how you get a war.
    • Is he totally insane?
    • Does he really think Vladimir Putin will sit back and say okay, fair enough, Barack, no biggie?
    • And getting into a p*ssing contest with Russia? What is he thinking?

    Provoking Putin takes things to a whole new level. It puts millions more lives at risk because what is currently a civil war could easily escalate into an international conflict with two superpowers on different sides. (source)

    And that was two years ago. What’s going on now is no different, except that China has Russia’s back who has Syria’s back.

    Trump is doing the same stuff as Obama.

    Remember how we all thought that Hillary Clinton would immediately get us into a war with Russia if she had been elected? Remember how we thought that Trump would actually be able to get along with Vladimir Putin?

    I think any of us who thought that Trump might be more anti-interventionist than the presidents who preceded him or the opponent against whom he ran have to admit that we’ve all been duped. Trump is just like every warmongering president before him.

    And for those who are still defending him: don’t you realize that your bias is just as bad as the one you blamed the Democrats of having when they supported Obama droning the crap out of the Middle East? Stop it. President Trump isn’t playing “4-D Chess.” He doesn’t have some wise plan to which the rest of us are not privy. He is just like the rest of them. Maybe someone else is pulling the strings, but the end result is the same.

    By making these ridiculous statements and trying to find the positive in a situation that has clearly gone straight to heck, perhaps you’re really trying to justify having voted for him. My friends, a lot of people voted for him and they all feel this way, but there comes a time when you have to see that wrong is wrong and call it out.

    There was no hard evidence that Assad gassed his people in 2017.

    Last time the media said that President Assad gassed his own people, there was no evidence. Just heart-wrenching, horrifying videos of little children foaming at the mouth and writhing in agony. I was sickened by those videos just as much as anyone else who watched them.

    But it was never proven that President Assad made the call to do this. I don’t know President Assad, but it sure doesn’t make sense that he’d gas a bunch of little kids to death, does it? I mean, what would he gain from that?

    Those who weren’t convinced were called conspiracy theorists and cast into a bucket with a bunch of unsavory Alt-Right types. But even in this critical article, I ask you, where is the proof? Senator Ron Paul produced this video at the time.

    As Dr. Paul said in the video, things were getting peaceful and someone didn’t like that.

    So, despite this lack of proof, Trump bombed them anyway.

    Then it was like deja vu all over again.

    Let me provide a list of facts:

    April 3: President Trump said that he was pulling American troops out of Syria.

    April 8: A gruesome gas attack was allegedly executed on Syrian civilians, complete with gruesome videos of suffering toddlers. Trump decides not to pull the troops just yet.

    April 9: Sen. John McCain blames Trump and says Assad was “emboldened” by his call to pull the troops. (But wait – wouldn’t Assad mind his manners until the US got out of his country? Why would he give them an excuse to stay?) In a series of tweets, Trump said:

    Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria,” Trump tweeted. “Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price to pay. Open area immediately for medical help and verification. Another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever. SICK!”

    April 11: Russia warns the US against striking Syria. Moscow’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzia warned Washington that it will “bear responsibility” for any “illegal military adventure” it carries out. (source)

    April 12: Sec. of Defense Mattis said there was “still no evidence” to confirm the gas attack but he believed there was one anyhow.

    April 13: So, without evidence, the US military bombed Syria in retaliation for the alleged gas attack. They struck 3 different sites.

    April 14: Russia was ticked and warned, “Such actions will not be without consequences.”

    April 16: Russia presented “proof” that the UK actually carried out the gas attacks. But we didn’t hear much about that, did we?

    Just so we’re clear, there was NO EVIDENCE that Assad gassed his own people but we bombed them anyway. In fact, we bombed them right before the investigators arrived to confirm or deny the claims that they had these chemical weapons. That’s not suspicious at all.

    Here’s Ben Swann with a full rundown of the gas attack.

    The US is drawing us into a massive conflict without any evidence. In fact, it seems like they may be hiding the evidence that would keep us OUT of a war.

    And this is what COULD happen next.

    Now, I haven’t got a crystal ball, but I have a few thoughts on what kind of Gordian knot the US government is pulling us into.

    And that is World War III – a WWIII it would be very difficult for the United States to win.

    I’m not being unpatriotic by saying that. We do have a very strong military, advanced technology, and billions of dollars to spend in the military-industrial complex. Heck, a lot of rich people would get a whole lot richer if a war happened.

    But here’s the problem: I’m being realistic and reality isn’t always pretty.

    China has said that they will be backing Russia, who will be backing Syria.

    Let’s look at the numbers:

    These numbers don’t include people who could be drafted – just the people who are already trained and in the military.

    In Global Firepower’s military strength index, which takes into account technology, watercraft, aircraft, and weapons, the United States is in first place. We have the strongest military in the world.

    However, 2nd place is held by Russia and 3rd is held by China. If they combined their resources, they’re far and away ahead of the United States. Our allies, France and the UK, are a distant 5th and 6th. Israel is way down the line at #16.

    I think you can see where this is going. It’s entirely possible that our government is picking a fight they can’t win. And of course, they won’t be the people sent to the front lines to defend the country, nor will their children. That will be what happens to the rest of us, who had nothing to do with bombing Syria in the first place.

    Maybe losing an ill-advised war is the SHTF we need to worry about.

    Maybe the real SHTF we need to worry about is getting involved in a World War III that we can’t win. That’s not on most people’s list of TEOTWAWKI possibilities. It’s pretty much unfathomable that we would lose a war – it’s never “officially” happened in our history, although there are some hushed conversations about certain conflicts in which we certainly didn’t win.

    There aren’t very many scenarios we think about in which we wouldn’t eventually be the victor, and if we end up in this war, we may still “win” due to advanced technology and strategies. But the losses would be great as far as human life is concerned and things would always be different in the future.

    Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail. Hopefully, the fact that more of the public is beginning to see through the machinations of those who will profit from war will slow down the wheels that are already in motion. Hopefully, we can live in peace and let others do so as well. Hopefully, we can stop intervening in other country’s civil disputes and work on cleaning up our own house.

    But, historically, that seems unlikely.

    The information in these articles will help you to get prepared for World War III, however it ends up happening.

    Pay close attention to articles by Selco, because he is one person who has lived through a nightmare like this. Stock up on emergency food, figure out what you’ll do about water, learn about nuclear survival (there’s a whole chapter in my newest book) hope for the best, and plan for the worst.

    All we can do to try and prevent this nightmare is to be vocal about the fact that we DO NOT want war with Syria. Because Syria has a big brother and that big brother has big friends.

    What do you think?

    I would be very interested in your take on the Syria-Russia-China mess. Do you think we’re headed toward WWIII? Do you disagree or agree with the analysis here? Don’t go all Dunning-Kruger. Think critically, even if it goes against your deeply held convictions. Please keep it civil while we discuss this in the comments section.

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      1. The elected leader of the sovereign nation of Syria invites super-power Russia to defend its soil. Syria has not harmed one home on US soil. Yet the US is waging war on Syria, murdering, maiming, orphaning and displacing millions of innocent people. Where is the outrage?

        That is how lost Americans are. And we call ourselves ‘Christians’….

        • I hate to see us go to war, but it’s inevitable. The US has been the big bully of the world for far too long. Because of the arrogance of the US govt, other countries hate us more and more each year. We can’t sustain our actions against other sovereign nations. It’s coming. Our govt needs a good ass whipping anyway.

          • ” Call ourselves christian’s?” They are the biggest hypocrites ever! Why not just call ourselves (mostly) what the people here really are…. Stupid self absorbed sheep!

            CJ, The only way we can go to war is if the stupid sheep soldiers obey. If they stand down then no worries right? Brave as they are and defending our country they should be brave enough to say FU to the masters right? Enemies both foreign and domestic right? Do the right thing and NOT COWAR DOWN TO BULLSHIT RIGHT? As long as we have a bunch of coward stupid fucks for an army we are fooked!

        • Roger D you are correct. The criminals who are committing crimes against humanity are the Israelis, Saudis along with the imperial army of the USA under the command of the Zionist cartel. So basically you can say our best friends in the world are the criminal Zionists in control of our corrupt government and the barbarian savages who’s sole talent is to chop heads sitting on petrol Dollar.

          YeHowever we’ll see the ignorant Americans are cheering up for more killing. We are a 99& brain washed nation.

          • Oh but Christians think isrealhellies are the chosen ones ha ha ha ha… do as your ordered stupid sheep!

          • well, assad killed a bunch of kids, so it’s only right, as punishment, that we KILL A BUNCH OF KIDS!……wait, WHAT? does that seem wrong to anybody else?

        • It’s the jews that keep causing this shit to occur. Unfortunately, The jews have the USA. Making the USA look dumb.. Wonder why Hitler wanted to kill the jews.

          • They have been kicked out of over 100 countries… gee but they are soo nice and harmless. We fought on the wrong side of WW2.

            • Fought on the wrong side really, have you ever been to Auchwitz, I have. Saw an entire warehouse with a mountian of children’s shoes. Saw lampshades made out of human skin, you sir are as ignorant as it gets

              • Bigbluedrew… I actually got excited reading your post. The issue is what you saw was fictional but let’s say it was real, the number wasn’t high enough for a total cleanse.

        • The united states (us) is not waging war, it’s the puppet goverment, driven by the corporations.
          The profits that are made from cranking up the wasr machine are amazing, and the rich demand continued profits, they do not care about the US, the people, religion, beliefs. It is just about the money, always has been, they have greed, and power ambitions that can never be satisfied. they care not about the men and women that die in thier stupid wars, just the profits. This is History, proven over and over and it’s just repeating itself.

          • FREY

            The continuous cycle……

            • Then why do so many morons continue to sign up to be their mercinaries?

              • The pay plus, hazard pay, $100,000 a year if you survive.
                Plus UPLIFTS and do what you like to do.
                Sounds sick does it not

        • Well said.

        • I doubt you are a Christian, you sound like a sniveling liberal. Syria is in bed with Iran and they will try to eradicate Israel. Any truechristian knows the Jews are gods chosen. The us isn’t murdering anyone. Pull your head out and take a breath, then wipe the poo from your eyes and ears.

      2. Just how many wars for Israels’ benefit are Americans going to be suckered into. Have we not shed enough blood already, destroyed enough of the Middle-East, and left millions of refugees homeless for a nation practicing genocide on the indigenous people, who had occupied the land of Palestine for two thousand years. Wake up America to Israels’ plan of total domination of the middle- east.

      3. Let’s worry about the survival of our own country from the commie libs before we worry about any other country. Hell, they’re starting confiscation and the destruction of our Constitution and we’re worring about Siria!

        • Misfit: We lost in V.Nam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, so why the H does anyone think we’d win any war?

          • Laura Ann,

            We are both on the same wavelength. It seems that we get involved in everybody else’s war and forget about what is really important. We have to put our own country back together before we put others back together. You are correct that we have not won one war since Korea. The brave men and women of the Armed Forces would be sacrificing themselves for a war we should not even be involved in.

            I pray to the good Lord above common sense comes to the politicians and cooler heads will prevail and we begin bringing all of our troops home !

            God Bless!

            • Trump is just anothe MIC/isrealhell poopet. Why can’t fools understand that when it’s kicking their teeth in?

            • Trump is just another MIC/isrealhell poopet. Why can’t fools understand that when it’s kicking their teeth in?

          • Post Vietnam the goal is not to “win”. Winning requires the “victor” to rebuild the vanquished. The goal is to destroy effective cohesive government leaving these nations fragmented. With no effective central government negotiating payment for oil/natural gas is easy as there is no opposition. If you desire to put in a military base so be it as they can’t stop you. If opposition is forthcoming a coup from the CIA/UK changes “leadership”. Its about control.

            “War is politics by other means”.
            Carl von Clausewitz

            • The “goal” isn’t victory in the classic sense. No one wants to govern Islamic nations. The goal is to destroy their governments. A perfect example is Libya turning a nation with the highest standard of living in Africa into a Somalia like existence. This is the goal in Syria.

              “The political object is the goal, war is the means of reaching it, and the means can never be considered in isolation from their purposes.”

              Carl von Clausewitz

      4. While we celebrate the hard start to our country today remember the insanity 25 years ago of the govt. slaughter of citizens in Waco Texas and the insanity 2 years later of Oklahoma.

        Waco,never forget/never forgive.

        • WD, I remember well Ruby Ridge and Waco, and I’ll never forget/never forgive. Those atrocities were carried out by the same Deep State that controls our country today. That being said, it gets a little tiresome hearing the same chorus on here attacking the Israelis and I really wonder how many Patriots there are on this site that never seems to have a good thing to say about the U.S. but always seem to have a love affair with Putin. Trekker Out

          • Mountain Trekker….. seems you are boot licker of the ZOG. You dumb A$$$ the deep state is the Zionist cartels. Now get back to the mountain and jump from a cliff.

          • WC, I will NEVER forget that shit. Thanks for reminding me and making me pissed as hell again. I wish I could say how I really feel about that shit…. Cheers old man! 🙂

      5. If WWIII breaks out, forget about prepping. You can all kiss your asses goodbye. When those thermonuclear warheads are unleashed and rained down on the Continental US, there wont be much left of anything. Those that survive will wish they hadn’t.
        You see, in a nuclear world “war itself is the enemy”.!!!!

        • J


      6. I feel like just answering the question posed by the article title – “yes, we are.”. Between the morons in power, the lapdog and treasonous media, a country split between an ever-decreasing number of patriots versus idiotic liberals and head-in-the-sand ‘all is fine’ pinheads… we’ve got an almost laughable situation confronting us. I’d say we’ve got just a year or two max until something breaks.

      7. WWIII conventional? Ridiculous.

        At some point someone is losing conventionally. The loser decides to first strike with nuclear weapons. It may be tactical to “level the playing field” or strategic. The other possibility is the nation “winning” fears the nation losing will use nuclear weapons so they go to the first strike strategic use. The third possibility is false information is given to the either party stating that “we have PROOF that they are planning a first strike so the only option is to beat them to it”.

        There are many possibilities but starting a shooting war between the US and Russia has only a remote possibility of ending well.

        We’re witness to insanity.

        • If things reach the point on using or losing your nukes, what would you do? You can’t trust the other side to tell the truth about anything. You’ve been lied to continuously, cheated on shamelessly, encircled by your enemies — for freaking decades. The whole thesis of globalism is revealed for what it truly is: Total World Domination. What do you do?

          You push the button. Several times. “The Earth is evil. No one will miss it when it is gone.”

      8. “And thems that dies will be the lucky ones.”

        Long John Silver in ‘Treasure Island’.


      9. The strongest argument for a coming WW3 (for me) is derived from the Sodomite agenda in the West.

        If the generations who experienced the horrors of WW1 and WW2 were much less immoral than this one, how much more worthy of fiery judgment is the West today?

        It’s like we have sold ourselves to do evil. Everything is back to front morally; up is down, black is white, male is female, evil is called good and good is called evil.

        Want to take a stand for the Lord and refuse to bake cakes for perverts’ deranged mockery of the sacred institution of marriage? The state will punish you for that. We’re at the point now where we can’t even use normal speech to describe gender, lest we be branded “bigots” or “homophobes”.

        One wonders what is holding back the tide of wrath. Maybe, like the Canaanites of old, the West is yet to drink up its fill of abominable deeds before judgment comes. So you have to ask, what’s left in terms of evil? I am guessing genetic engineering that would enable two Sodomites to parent a child without a female’s egg. Or maybe the full legalisation of sex with children. It’s hard to see too many more depraved depths the West can plumb at this stage.

        Having said all that, I believe there might have to be a pre-war period in which God’s children (1) have a chance to get prepared and (2) witness against the risk of crushing wrath for the wickedness of our times, as a testimony for the Lord in advance of a highly probable coming affliction that makes the present Muslim invasion (itself a likely punishment) seem trivial, even though I see no compelling biblical reason to expect mass repentance in this era.

      10. Russia is not going to die for Syria. They will snort and growl but not die. Its all posturing and bad faces and that is all it will be. Each side knows that and it is all public relations to produce fear in people to get victory by inducing fear. Kind of like wearing war paint and making bad faces. Beat the drums dance around yelling shooting guns into the air Same idea.

        • STRONGBEAR


        • Thanks for being one rational voice among the many delusional comments. Although I agree with a few others in some (minor) ways that war itself is driven by greed and corruption, and not by wise decision making on the part of government, that very greed and corruption is what will prevent Russia from doing much more than snorting. Kevin2 is correct that the interest of Russia in Syria is not Syria, but the expansion of gas pipelines. Starting a war and losing the pipelines flies in the face of Russia’s overt capitalist agenda!

          As for the trivial analysis of Global Firepower’s index, if stats alone meant anything, all sports would be done by computer simulation. My fear isn’t the US/UK/France/Israel vs. Russia/China on the battlefield, it’s the outcome of a lazy miscalculation ANYWHERE in the world.

          WWI started because of an assassination of an emperor’s nephew (and it was a comical assassination at that!). WWII started because WWI ended with a poorly constructed treaty that crippled Germany, followed by an overly-eager appeaser kicking the can down the road. WWIII will be equally avoidable and outrageous when historian wonder how the hell it could have gone “that far”. That’s what is meant by a black swan. Syria is a bloody swan, not likely black enough to lead to anything.

      11. The united states (us) is not waging war, it’s the puppet goverment, driven by the corporations.
        The profits that are made from cranking up the wasr machine are amazing, and the rich demand continued profits, they do not care about the US, the people, religion, beliefs. It is just about the money, always has been, they have greed, and power ambitions that can never be satisfied. they care not about the men and women that die in thier stupid wars, just the profits. This is History, proven over and over and it’s just repeating itself.

      12. Russia is not in Syria for Syria. Russia has a vested interest in keeping and expanding its natural gas exports to Europe and obtaining transit fees for Irans pipeline use. Secondarily Syria would be taken over by Islamic Fundamentalists that are working their way (with US/UK/Saudi & yes Israeli help) into southern Russia and China. They are the insidious political/religious cancer that is effectively destroying nations converting the prosperous into a Somalia like existence. Interestingly this is in essence a domino theory that certainly appears valid. Its all an upside down twilight zone episode.

      13. The US gets defeated in their attempt to conquer Syria and the Russians in Syria. The American People do what they have become famous for — sitting on their a**es doing nothing.

        The US economy collapses. The US government doubles down and invades Mother Russia, and picks a fight with China in the Pacific. Tactical nukes are released on the battlefield. The US Navy is completely wiped out in the Pacific. The American People do what they have become famous for — sitting on their a**es doing nothing.

        With the US economy in complete collapse, the US government doubles down like a cornered animal, and unleashes the nukes worldwide. The American People do what they have become famous for — sitting on their a**es doing nothing.

        The End.

        • I try to put links up but I get shot down so youtube AIR RAID SIREN…………

        • Ok so what should they do? Vote them out? HA HA HA HA HA. Join the military? HA HA HA HA HA. Write letters of complaint to the govt.? HA HA HA HA HA. Drive to DC and attack them? HA HA HA HA HA. Yer a funny (but not too smart) guy blame-e….

          • Let me hear your idea of what I should be doing ok. I am more prepped than 99% of the people. Should I be a martyr for the plethora of morons in this country?

      14. bull crap, US will kick all their azzes at the same time

        • FL cracker you got that right! As for Putin, that puffed up KGB Thug, yeah he was tough when he had some poor Russian dissident in a dark room beating the life out of him, just like all the other Communist elites when they were murdering 40 or 50 million of their own people. I can love the Russian people, but not the Communist like Putin. Trekker Out. God Bless The USA!

          • The US has been tough fighting third world peasants that have beat them to stalemate of which one necessitating an exodus from Vietnam. Don’t give me the bullshit, “We could have won” because the Pentagons own stuff in 1967 later reported in The Pentagon Papers” stated otherwise. When it comes to thug don’t think the CIA wears a white hat. Ever wonder why more opium is being harvested in Afghanistan under US control than Taliban? Ever hear of an airline called Air America that transported dope for warlords in Laos?

            There is no “kicking asses” when both sides have approximately 1800 nuclear warheads each at the ready. This can spiral out of control very easily.

            “God Bless The USA!”

            Yes indeed, unfortunately the USA has been hijacked by the globalists.

          • God Bless the USA but we need to clean it up from idols like Mountain Trekker.

            • Definition of Anonymous- Lacking individuality, distinction or recognizability. To boil it down that means gutless. So Anonymous, just how bigga ol boy are you?

        • FL cracker……I would expect any intelligent comment from a hillbilly redneck from FL.

      15. Prepper sales must be down

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