World War 3? Pakistan Vows REVENGE On India After Attack

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 19 comments

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    As the world quietly goes about their business, Pakistan has vowed to get revenge on India after an attack.  The tensions between the two nations are quickly spiraling out of control leading many to wonder if World War 3 will break out in the area soon.

    According to the Express UK, the devastating attack from India along the contested border known as the Line of Control (LoC) as tensions between the two South Asian nations flare, a retired soldier has claimed. The LoC splits the region of Kashmir, with Pakistan owning one side and India, the other. The region of Kashmir has been contested by both countries for decades causing high levels of tensions between the neighboring states.

    Fayaz Ahmad, a politician from the Kashmir region of India, stated that announcements were made over some loudspeakers on the Pakistan side of Balakote that have declared acts of “retaliation” will take place.  “They said that India has killed many of our soldiers, we will take revenge for it after we bury our dead today. People are advised to take safety precautions,” said Ahmad.

    Another resident in the region, Naseer Ahmad, spoke of “bombs exploding” and bullets being fired in the midst of heavy shelling. “All one could hear was the sound of bullets hitting tin or bombs exploding. The firing continued from morning till evening. We could see smoke from the hills around us. We are stressed. We don’t know what will happen when it will stop,” said the resident.

    On Sunday New Delhi said that Pakistan had been “punished” for its “misadventure”, according to Brigadier Y.S Ahlawat of the Indian Army.  “In a befitting reply, the Indian Army has retaliated accurately with heavy fire on the Pakistani posts which were involved in ceasefire violations,” Ahlawat said.

    Although India claimed that they were responding to aggression from Pakistan, an Indian resident in the area of the violation insisted that New Delhi started firing on its neighbor first. “The firing started from our side and then the Pakistanis also opened fire,” said the Indian resident.

    But both sides have been accused of engaging in violations to the ceasefire that is supposed to be in agreement along the contested border. Both sides also accuse the other of regularly violating the ceasefire agreement in the hotly contested area of the LoC.  Late last month, Pakistan terrorist groups were accused of “conspiring to wage a war” against India.

    Tensions between the two nations have led to actual confrontations and actions, sparking fears that World War 3 is just around the corner. Since February 22, the two South Asian nations have exchanged fire from both guns and mortars that have forced an estimated 2,600 residents in five villages to desperately flee areas of rising tensions. India recently disclosed that it was forced to evacuate “over 36,000” people from other areas along its border as ceasefire violations between itself and its neighbor continue to mount.

    While people in the United States eat Tide Pods and come up with ways to destroy the rights of others, war is breaking out around key parts of the world and most are unaware. And history has shown everyone that once a war breaks out, the US war machine can’t help but make sure they add fuel the fire. 


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      1. New and improved Tide pods are liquor flavored and vitamin fortified. For you people born after 1955, during the past 70 years, these two South Asian countries have been involved in four wars, including one undeclared war, and many border skirmishes and military stand-offs.

      2. no comment – not worth bothering when the majority of the comments are deleted …

      3. I don’t know where the photo came from but those fools are lucky they don’t shoot each other!! 3 shouldered, 2 high ready and one doesn’t appear to have control of his weapon. You really want to see something funny find some videos of the changing of the guard on the border between the countries. The real thing to watch here is China..

      4. I have prayed day and night for decades for a war between these two. It would remove some serious stress from planet earth if we could get the populations of these two countries down by half to 3/4.

        Look for China: China can hand India its ass any day of the week. The Chinese military is a 21st century/22nd century military; the Indians, on the other hand, still crap outside and don’t wash their hands. Infection and disease is the biggest killer in war. India would wipe itself out with a little nudge here and there.


      5. Screw um. Let them kill each other off, the world will be much better off with them gone.

        • My God!!! I hate to admit it; must be the devil in me, but I thought the same JAS. I’m so sick of trying to care about people who call me lying about …… everything. Pakis and Dotties both. Their countries are as the POTUS stated ‘Sh*tholes’, the overpopulate to the point of algorithmic impossibility to progress, they come here and steal good jobs and virutally all the damned Kwikie-Marts as far as the eye can see, they have a prejudice against the Caucasians here (and the blacks, Natives, Hispanics and any other Asians for that matter), are inbred due to consanguineous marriages, follow either pagan/idol worship or worse belief in a violent sand-creature’s words. No , I just don’t care about them. Let them nuke it out.

      6. …Can’t we all just get along???

        • NO Now that’s settled, bend over.

      7. WWIII..? Not a chance. These countries have been at odds with each other since their inception. Pakistan is the real culprit (dare I say Islamic). But their not insane like Kim Jong Un. They know any real escalation or all out war would lead to a nuclear exchange. Thus its all just political positioning and blowing smoke. Life is cheaper in these countries, so these skirmishes that kill a few hundred here and there on both sides are chicken feed.
        Nothing here….move on.!!!

      8. I’m surprised that the article never mentions that both India and Pakistan have been nuclear powers for decades. Hmmmm, neighboring nuclear powers that hate each other. I have spent time in both and the hatred is real. At least it used to be and I doubt they have made up.

      9. If they nuke each other, it will destroy America, since most of America’s companies are now off shore in India. I work for a fortune 100, and it would devastate IT.

        • Does this mean we would no longer get 10 calls a day where you can’t understand a word they are saying.

      10. There can’t be a war there. Who will run customer service for all the big companies???

        Just watch China here they are still having fights with India over the border, and China and Pakistan are allies. I have always said that this area would be a good place to start WW3, because there was a major war many years ago that never was finished. Now they have NUKES.

      11. Cow worshippers fighting moon worshippers. Interesting.


        • and those who worship the powerless god who was killed humans are watching from far

      12. Didn’t Gandi create Pakistan? Buy giving Indian Muslems part of India?

      13. Doesn’t Pakistan use HK 91s,G3s. 18 inch barrel loses velocity ,? Slow mag. Changes ,lousy trigger, very accurate, free floating barrel, overall decent rifle?

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